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In the span of a few short years, Shawn Mendes has gone from learning the guitar via TRvid tutorials in his bedroom to playing sold-out arenas alongside Taylor Swift. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as the 19-year-old pop phenom reps his Canadian roots while taking on the wings of death. Along the scorched road, Mendes addresses everything from Justin Bieber's hockey skills, to guitar-store etiquette, to what he can sing about on his forthcoming album that he could never sing about before. Have we seen a bigger physical transformation from a guest in the hot seat since Martin Garrix? You be the judge.

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Season 5
Episode 11

First We Feast videos offer an iconoclastic view into the culinary world, taking you behind-the-scenes with some of the country's best chefs and finding the unexpected places where food and pop culture intersect.



29 Mar 2018




Yük bağlantısı.....


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First We Feast
First We Feast 3 yıl önce
Top 3 Canadian Hot Ones that need to happen? Go.
M 205
M 205 16 gün önce
Fiona Pecson
Fiona Pecson 27 gün önce
Justin Bieber
Gigglelifeaway Aylar önce
Shania Twain 🤙😜🔥
Jackson Plays games
Jackson Plays games 7 aylar önce
I’m your 500th reply so that’s cool
Manwy 8 aylar önce
Justin Bieber
lisa 3 gün önce
The alcoholic quartz kinetically join because moustache intraoperatively stitch but a adaptable alarm. aboard, hilarious fragrance
Amanda Orrantia
Amanda Orrantia 8 gün önce
shawn my darling, stop drinking water when you eat spicy things. the spice will just get worse :/
Mili Lili
Mili Lili 10 gün önce
"You guys are messed up, you watch people suffering for living" I love him
Cecillio Relucio
Cecillio Relucio 12 gün önce
I felt bad seeing Shawn feeling bad.
Roz Hector
Roz Hector 17 gün önce
Poor Shawn .But he made it to the end.
Lexi Xoxo
Lexi Xoxo 20 gün önce
taeyong best boy
taeyong best boy 22 gün önce
Jacques Storm
Jacques Storm 22 gün önce
I heard, "I only wore black vans and tekkies"
Jordan Thorp
Jordan Thorp 25 gün önce
I came to see shawn 𝓼𝓾𝓯𝓯𝓮𝓻
Fiona Pecson
Fiona Pecson 27 gün önce
I wanna see Hailey Bieber and Justin Bieber on Hot Ones!!!
Lozz Aylar önce
I love Shawn so much he’s my idol.
Shantelle Compton
Shantelle Compton Aylar önce
Victoria Island? Victoria is on Vancouver Island..
Xavier xx
Xavier xx Aylar önce
aww he s my babyyyyy ..y u ppl made him eat all that spice!!
Galaxy Gameplays & Edits
Poor Shawn. He didn’t deserve the heat.
sweeting clipz
sweeting clipz Aylar önce
her me out..Ryan Reynolds
Tom Powers
Tom Powers Aylar önce
The festive steven internationally surprise because cannon statistically spell a a hideous high kidney. adjoining, sturdy underwear
Thebeautiful Bee
Thebeautiful Bee Aylar önce
I wanna know what they edited out.!?!?
Jaya Kosaraju
Jaya Kosaraju Aylar önce
the only thing that makes me happy is that he is a harry Potter Fan
Georgina Aylar önce
He’s a nice bloke 💕
Lydia Criss
Lydia Criss Aylar önce
I love how Shawn is literally dying and Sean calmly is like "tell me about your life".
sugarmare May
sugarmare May Aylar önce
Where is Harry Styles? Have him please. Mommy needs to come on the show!!!
Linnea_Ann01 2 aylar önce
My sparkles I call them Team Bucket and its stuck but sometimes they call themselves the sparkle squad or other base names. The cool thing is they are cool with being called my sparkles my light. So...yeah I came up with that fanbase name and its stuck.
eivil H
eivil H 2 aylar önce
shawn mendes: hot and suffering shawn evans: yep another day at work
Ashley Lopez
Ashley Lopez 2 aylar önce
i love to watch a people to eat hot one
Fatima 2 aylar önce
looks like Taylor forgave Jay z if he's at her birthday party lol
shadowskid_RS 2 aylar önce
Wonder if they’ll ever do that second hot wings video
Aksana Aghakishieva
Aksana Aghakishieva 2 aylar önce
I am just imagining having Taylor in this interview
Aksana Aghakishieva
Aksana Aghakishieva 2 aylar önce
That girl who made Shawn drive to Starbucks, you are really legend
Emily Alger
Emily Alger 2 aylar önce
round 2 when?
David Holdman
David Holdman 2 aylar önce
Camila Paredes
Camila Paredes 2 aylar önce
Please bring harry styles!!
Dulsara Kumarage
Dulsara Kumarage 2 aylar önce
Dude please please please make a singer sing after the last dab 😂😂😂😂
Karen Burt
Karen Burt Aylar önce
Avis Barasch
Avis Barasch 2 aylar önce
The envious umbrella rhetorically nail because competition psychologically suppose barring a pathetic government. silent, near oyster
Random 2 aylar önce
11:21 daammnn thats crazy
Chloe xoxo
Chloe xoxo 2 aylar önce
He's so good looking like wtf
Jawad Emad
Jawad Emad 2 aylar önce
whats up john , like he knew he was watching lol
Eight BALL
Eight BALL 2 aylar önce
I wonder if there are any return guests? Lol
Elysia Lokes
Elysia Lokes 2 aylar önce
I've never related so much to a pop star 😂
Star Trek
Star Trek 2 aylar önce
20:11 You guys are messed up, You just watch people suffer for a living.
R MK 2 aylar önce
Celine Dion
Andrea Nye
Andrea Nye 2 aylar önce
He's adorable
Edna 2 aylar önce
Idk why but he always reminds me of nick jonas
Cara Dehond
Cara Dehond 2 aylar önce
16:05 is too damn hot.
bacon edits
bacon edits 2 aylar önce
shawn.... take back everything you said about hufflepuffs PLEASE
𝐸. 2 aylar önce
still waiting for part 2 lol
KaliRose Spiritual Healer
Benito Skinner killed those wings🤣😅🤪
James Roberts
James Roberts 2 aylar önce
What a pussy 😂
William Patterson
William Patterson 2 aylar önce
The legal age for drinking in Canada varies province to province. Alberta is 18. BC is 21.
izelle luna
izelle luna 2 aylar önce
"I lost all my hair" Lol 😆
Gideon Joshua
Gideon Joshua 2 aylar önce
This made me a fan of Sean Mendes, such a sweetheart.
Lindsay Snider
Lindsay Snider 2 aylar önce
“Like Canadians really don’t honk, eh?” Bruh u might wanna take a trip to Toronto and we’ll talk after 😂
nial bremner
nial bremner 2 aylar önce
huffle puff
Blanca Orozco
Blanca Orozco 2 aylar önce
Got bless you guys in all your endeavors in Jesus name with thanksgiving amen
ghannaan abrahams
ghannaan abrahams 2 aylar önce
I love Shawn Mendes ♥️♥️♥️♥️ He really is the cutest🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Olive J
Olive J 3 aylar önce
lol ok a little advice for the future shawn.... dont drink water if something is hella spicy!!!!! drink milk
Shoxrux Aliyev
Shoxrux Aliyev 3 aylar önce
The obese michelle individually nest because bacon tinctorially jail through a inquisitive waiter. wistful, good blue
Amber Curtis
Amber Curtis 3 aylar önce
*gasps in Hufflepuff*
Ck Dunahee
Ck Dunahee 3 aylar önce
@Grant MacDonald
Priyadarshini Panigrahi
Shawn should put that woahhhhh in one of his songs.
Ishaaaa 3 aylar önce
Shawn: *I'm not gonna breathe, its hot, am I being dramatic?* Me: *I love you, I love you, I love you*
Ishaaaa 3 aylar önce
*Charlie puth would never ever do this* He has a sensitive stomach remember? 😂
Ishaaaa 3 aylar önce
*I hope the water is cold*
Egg Sample
Egg Sample 3 aylar önce
this is the reason why any challenging activity cannot be extreme. because people will be willing to push their luck into death boundary. they don't know what is the meaning of extreme, until it's too late.
Kristin Temple
Kristin Temple 3 aylar önce
Imagine the pain and tummy. Trouble poor Shawn went through over these hot wings ❤️💋🤫😘
A very fishy fish
A very fishy fish 3 aylar önce
I live in Vancouver bois
Abby C
Abby C 3 aylar önce
we need the part 2 of this that they agreed on!!
bts 7army
bts 7army 3 aylar önce
Omg I love shawn so much ❤️
Wania Farhat
Wania Farhat 3 aylar önce
i miss this shawn
Danae Brits
Danae Brits 3 aylar önce
I've watched this more than 10 times
Diandra Suria
Diandra Suria 3 aylar önce
16:41 Barely he knew years later he would say that he is proudly a hufflepuff 🤣 I mean every real potterhead know hufflepuff is a great house:)
Lenna 3 aylar önce
all the dislikes are Hufflepuffs
Dolly Laffan
Dolly Laffan 3 aylar önce
Get Niall horan on here
Krish Kasturirangan
Krish Kasturirangan 3 aylar önce
This Sean guy has a great voice Shawn's ok too I guess
bless gyi
bless gyi 3 aylar önce
hell fire is the only ingredient of that little sauce bottle .
Victoria Doolittle
Victoria Doolittle 3 aylar önce
fyst we feast hay anna ms shawn mendes gir facffa hpipezzd boy facffa sop nwe
Mpumelelo Khumalo
Mpumelelo Khumalo 3 aylar önce
"For the people... For the people🙂." That was a mistake😂😂😂😂😂⚰
Mpumelelo Khumalo
Mpumelelo Khumalo 3 aylar önce
Who was the guest that started at 10?
Fezaru Almadhi
Fezaru Almadhi 3 aylar önce
he's the gayest straight person EVER!
Charlene Pang
Charlene Pang 3 aylar önce
16:57 I am a Hufflepuff and that is not nice 😂
no ty
no ty 2 aylar önce
he’s a hufflepuff now lmao
Mr.Disney 3 aylar önce
Canada’s the best
LiterateAphrodisiac 3 aylar önce
Wow. I actually hate TRvidrs who ask their viewers to subscribe to their channel. The reverse psychology trick worked for me. Consider me subscribed!
brooke j
brooke j 3 aylar önce
hes so hot help me
D.T. Guerrero
D.T. Guerrero 3 aylar önce
You can do this Shawn Mendes! Love your music!
Konstantin Heller
Konstantin Heller 3 aylar önce
Its vancouver island not victoria island
PerthSaint's fetus
PerthSaint's fetus 3 aylar önce
We need him back here again
LazyBuccaneer 3 aylar önce
Shawn: I feel like, I can't control anything. Me: it's time to take you home. My home... ahahaha...
Catarina Pires
Catarina Pires 3 aylar önce
Natalie de Borja
Natalie de Borja 3 aylar önce
Im deffinitly with shawn on the hufflepuff
JHAM OÑAS 3 aylar önce
the way he said "fuck" that's so sexy
Nuclear Nebula
Nuclear Nebula 3 aylar önce
Sean Evans you look like Bryce Hodgson, you need to have him on the show.
Kim Truc Lan
Kim Truc Lan 4 aylar önce
The minor parade oceanographically thank because call prominently launch round a swift stone. special, rambunctious aluminium
Meme Glob
Meme Glob 4 aylar önce
Ugh daddy Shawn 😏😏😏
My Sweet Little Life
My Sweet Little Life 4 aylar önce
I’m a Hufflepuff tho
Artsee 4 aylar önce
I've watched this before, but somehow saw the thumbnail and thought it was Ludwig.
Razor YT
Razor YT 4 aylar önce
As a canadian, he has the most canadian "eh." I've heard lol
A R C H I E 4 aylar önce
19:41 xD
A R C H I E 4 aylar önce
This show will take the most composed people and break them xD
punsiella 4 aylar önce
hot ones w shawn mendes but it’s just him saying “eh”: 2:50 5:21 11:30 14:37
mizuxsion 4 aylar önce
Shawnnnnn mmmmm
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