Shahid Afridi Clash With Young Afghanistan Bowler Naveen ul Haq For Abusing Mohammed Amir In LPL

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Former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi on Monday showed his dissent and scowled young Afghanistan pacer Naveen-ul-Haq for his unsportsmanlike behavior towards Mohammad Amir following Galle Gladiators 25-run defeat at the hands of Kandy Tusker in Lanka Premier League (LPL).
Naveen ul Haq was spotted using the choicest of words against Mohammad Amir constantly during the sixth match of the inaugural edition of the Lanka Premier League (LPL) between the Galle Gladiators and the Kandy Tuskers. Munaf Patel along with others on the field tried to stop Naveen from indulging in the incident but the aggressive Afghani lad went on.
Notably, World Cup-winning former India pacer Munaf Patel struck in his first over for Kandy Tuskers, picking up the wicket of Galle Gladiators' Hazratullah Zazai on his debut in the Sri Lankan T20 league.
After the match ended, when players from both sides were out in the ground, shaking hands, Shahid Afridi was smiling until Naveen came up and Afridi asked him what he was saying to Amir. 'Kya Hua [What Happened],' he asked. Notably, the lad disrespectfully is seen replying to Afridi’s question.

Brendan Taylor’s half-century helped Kandy Tusker to a huge total of 196 runs in their 20 overs. In response, Danushka Gunathilaka played a brilliant knock of 82 off 53 balls but the Gladiators succumbed to their third defeat in as many games, losing by 25 runs.
Brendan Taylor, playing his first innings of the tournament, made the Tuskers' only half-century, with an unbeaten 51 off 35. Along the way, Perera made 27 off 24 and Kamindu Mendis struck 28 off 16 in a 65-run stand with Taylor.

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1 Dec 2020




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