Seventh Win In A Row | Leicester City 2 Watford 0

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Jamie Vardy scored for a seventh consecutive game as the Foxes made it seven Premier League wins on the bounce!




5 Dec 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Luiz Flávio Vieira Júnior
Leicester é o time mais carismático da Inglaterra, ninguém consegue odiar
D McDonald
D McDonald Aylar önce
We the best baby LFC 4 life 💥♥️🤫🏆❤️💯
Fernando 6984
Fernando 6984 Aylar önce
Yeeeeeeaaaaaahhhh..... 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪... Champion's league..... Next season's....
Dandaistan Aylar önce
Because of vardy and Maddison we don’t see it but Harvey Barnes is shit
Kingsley Saseri
Kingsley Saseri Aylar önce
VAR dy😅😅😅😅😅😅
Marcell Schwarczkopf
Win against City and Pool! You can do it!
Алибек Адильбеков
Vardy TOP!
MrRedguy09 Aylar önce
leicester is the better team in this match, but fraser forster shall be praised for his performance. england should not neglect him
Wesley Fonseca
Wesley Fonseca Aylar önce
Sou um Brasileiro que gosta muito do Campeonato Inglês. E sou fã do clube, desde a época vitoriosa da Segunda Divisão. 🎸🤘🇧🇷
Moneer Nimir
Moneer Nimir Aylar önce
stop support gays plz
MaineCoon Aylar önce
Leicester's doing it again!
BAKURYU Aylar önce
vardy is good but not world class, leicester playstyle just suit him well. the world class player on epl is aguero, de bruyne, sterling, mane, aubameyang, van dijk, kante, jorginho, fabinho, thats it nothing else
AktivoKills Aylar önce
Akif_S.Rahman 1298
Akif_S.Rahman 1298 Aylar önce
Excellent ✨ , great achievement 👍🏼
Johannes Matahelemual
VAR Vardy
0_0 Aylar önce
This is the start of new era there will be one more tim in england's big six
Texas Charm
Texas Charm Aylar önce
Big power coach
손영환 Aylar önce
제이미 바디 또 다시 동화를 쓴다 vardy's on fire!!!
Salim Nasri
Salim Nasri Aylar önce
Ihope mahrez come back in leic city
Heelspur Aylar önce
where ıs the caglar soyuncu fans ?
Santos Lewynn
Santos Lewynn Aylar önce
The Foxes have regained their champion spirit. You can tell from the way they play that they just can't accept or even believe that they will lose. Many good players go on the pitch determined to try their best and hope to win. Not the Foxes, they go in believing that they will win and they are going to make it happen.
dipesh balwani
dipesh balwani Aylar önce
James Maddison is insane
Satif Ibber
Satif Ibber Aylar önce
Now Leicester will be in UCL next season,bravo💪
E O Aylar önce
CAGS 🇹🇷🇹🇷
Sudharm Jagtap
Sudharm Jagtap Aylar önce
It's leister city again!!
jared kioko musyoka jared
great performance..thats my team
DublinGreen Aylar önce
Iheanacho would have goal poached many of those goals Leicester kept missing. Foster could have been replaced by him anyway good luck Leicester
Vodka icen yarali adam
I love Leicester Thanks to Caglar 🇹🇷❤️
Marrie Ann
Marrie Ann Aylar önce
Should I like Vardy now?
xxzvdogxx Aylar önce
Such an unselfish side Leicester is. Vardy, Perez, And others all in it to win matches and for the lads, not for themselves. So many scenarios where they could have a go but fancy a setup instead.
Leicester meu amor❤
Tape Worm
Tape Worm Aylar önce
I love this team, create it own player,and goes well every single game, nor arsenal
artur.mntr Aylar önce
Great highlights, but the song really doesn't fit at all. In fact, I''d rather just have the sound from the narration and the crowds.
fitan nainggolan
fitan nainggolan Aylar önce
Brendan Rodgers effect.
Irwan Zirwanda
Irwan Zirwanda Aylar önce
While the "big club" (arsenal) are on 9th winless streak
Abraham Moore
Abraham Moore Aylar önce
Leicester having a great season hope to see them in the champion league
Janu Janu
Janu Janu Aylar önce
Best performance
Santosh Adhikari
Santosh Adhikari Aylar önce
Brendon doing good job
Andry Yudda
Andry Yudda Aylar önce
Peringkat ke 2 klamsen lecester
Benda Sparks
Benda Sparks Aylar önce
Çağlar Söyünçü ❤🔥❤🔥❤ What an amazing player... The Next and modern Puyol of the 21 Century !!
Joe Jarmey
Joe Jarmey Aylar önce
What's that beat??
Umzi Waheed
Umzi Waheed Aylar önce
Jamie Vardy Having a Party
HB Mozza
HB Mozza Aylar önce
Mehraz a Lester
Lance Vincent
Lance Vincent Aylar önce
Soyuncu what a player he has been so far!!!!
Aldi Aliaj
Aldi Aliaj Aylar önce
What's rapper 😲🙃
Nawar Nawar
Nawar Nawar Aylar önce
Leicester is on fire. I really enjoy watching them this season whenever they play.
Kerem Kacemer
Kerem Kacemer Aylar önce
Caglar is best
Albert Daido
Albert Daido Aylar önce
Vardy is on fire
A drian
A drian Aylar önce
Just imagine mahrez in this team maybe instead of perez....
Arda Alptekin
Arda Alptekin Aylar önce
Leicester must buy Merih Demiral . Soyuncu & Demiral
rawr ༄
rawr ༄ Aylar önce
hahah no pressure on us
Abel Gare
Abel Gare Aylar önce
The commentator was rapping at the beginning 🤣🤣
Okan İzer
Okan İzer Aylar önce
vardy çok iyi lan
Xavi Hernandez
Xavi Hernandez Aylar önce
It would be so funny if Liverpool drop a few points and Leicester sweep in to win the title
leeleelee00 Aylar önce
Leeds utd fan here hope Leicester win the premier league good luck !! Would be great to see the scousers crying at end of the season 😁
Ömer Faruk
Ömer Faruk Aylar önce
i love watching this team and vardy 👍
Frost pot
Frost pot Aylar önce
Big respect to LCFC from a Liverpool fan
Nill Aubro
Nill Aubro Aylar önce
We want see Hamza Choudhury 💪💪
ysk40 Aylar önce
Why do we see the rainbow flag everywhere in the PL right now?
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