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New York assistants, Harper (Zoey Deutch) and Charlie (Glen Powell), are used to going above and beyond for their high-powered (and highly demanding) bosses, Kristen (Lucy Liu) and Rick (Taye Diggs). But now they're teaming up for the biggest projects of their young careers - getting their bosses to fall in love! Only time will tell whether they strike out...or score a home run.
Watch Set It Up June 15th on Netflix.
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Set It Up | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix




15 May 2018

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Rukaiya Reeza
Rukaiya Reeza 2 saatler önce
I was a little hesitant at first- but it was a really nice movie! loved it xx
TheRadzman 3 saatler önce
Hmm.. Try to set up boss.. An reveal the black boss love her x at house n airport... Actually her boss set up back..
Fadwa Sabani
Fadwa Sabani 4 saatler önce
What's up with Netflix trailers they spoil the whole movie!!!!
Giorgia Castello
Giorgia Castello 4 saatler önce
What is that song called at 1:33?
M.R. Yan
M.R. Yan 5 saatler önce
"I want it back" "absolutely" hahahah
Zi A
Zi A 7 saatler önce
Lol 1:36 part though until end...
Zi A
Zi A 7 saatler önce
Wo I Ni Lucy Liu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 💗👏👍😎😍😲😅🤣😂😘
Zi A
Zi A 7 saatler önce
omg Lucy Liu...!!! wowowowowow woah!!!!!
Trey 14 saatler önce
kiwigirl48 15 saatler önce
Creppy Tim is my favorite character of all time! 😂
Kaitlyn Stewart
Kaitlyn Stewart 17 saatler önce
I know the trailer looks like it shows a lot, but it really just shows the main idea; there's a lot more to the story.
Jim Thomas
Jim Thomas 17 saatler önce
jesus Christ can movies get any worse
Trang L
Trang L 18 saatler önce
omg this movie is so good just a good ole rom com definitely watch it
Jaehyun's Dimples
Jaehyun's Dimples 20 saatler önce
Just watched this yesterday. Nope the trailer didn't give everything away! This is a dope movie and actually my type, i'm a sucker for this kind of movie. Definitely a 10/11 to me.
Thekonkanvegan Gün önce
Gonna watch this! Just cause that's my favourite song and I've replayed it hundreds of time from Mr.right movie
daniel park
daniel park Gün önce
Wasn’t that girl on suite life on deck
Chateaux-Capri Stovall
This was “How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days” cute!!! Equally funny and sweet! That’s high praise. 😍
Evan Green
Evan Green Gün önce
Damn Zoey Deutch is beautiful as fuck
icecream is nice
icecream is nice Gün önce
The irony of Netflix using this music...
King Baldwin IV
King Baldwin IV Gün önce
Great movie, creepy Tim would agree.
Dakila Lozano
Dakila Lozano Gün önce
_i would have never cared about this but the ads kept showing me this_ _based from this video the premise seems dumb. so you set up your bosses to finally have some free time. yay!!!_
Fatma Atma
Fatma Atma Gün önce
It was cliched but was a good movie.
it's like I stepped back into 2005, i love it
Laverne Blaszczyk
Laverne Blaszczyk 2 gün önce
This looks cute
oogely boogely
oogely boogely 2 gün önce
Chad radwell
Amar Fawwas
Amar Fawwas 2 gün önce
Is it me or the music(in the full movie) sounds like The Sims 3 music? So similar with it..
Wan Afiq
Wan Afiq 2 gün önce
I like this movie. turns out the plot was actually good
Morgan Clanin
Morgan Clanin 2 gün önce
I need to see this
Kat 2 gün önce
Loved Lucy Liu’s character in this the most.
LeoVomend 2 gün önce
showing us too much in the trailer
Madeline Olivares
Madeline Olivares 2 gün önce
maya!! i love seeing zoey going so far :)
Andrew Olsen
Andrew Olsen 2 gün önce
Came here after the Pete Davidson interview
Knight Nine
Knight Nine 2 gün önce
Lucy Liu❤️ so beautiful...
William Elliott
William Elliott 3 gün önce
Ladies and gentleman, the heterosexual agenda 😏
Max 3 gün önce
Nic Nak
Nic Nak 3 gün önce
I watched the trailer first before watching the movie and even though the trailer gave away too much, I’m telling you, y’all still give it a shot. It’s great💕❤️
Izati Ria
Izati Ria 3 gün önce
It's just a simple and common comedy movie but definitely a perfect one to chill your time from a hectic day.
Viola Maria
Viola Maria 3 gün önce
Perfect sunday night movie before bed. I loved it
foshochaz !
foshochaz ! 3 gün önce
Anyone else thinks this movie was kinda bad??
Ferchemac 4 gün önce
Mahira Mayadi
Mahira Mayadi 4 gün önce
This movie is actually veryyyy gooooooooddddd
Melissa Ara
Melissa Ara 4 gün önce
WolfLord 4 gün önce
Whats the name of the song
la petite nouille
la petite nouille 4 gün önce
aparajita dubey
aparajita dubey 4 gün önce
Dont Watch this movie. Just dont.
General Grievous
General Grievous 4 gün önce
A 4 gün önce
Pete Davidson 😂
mini clip
mini clip 4 gün önce
very good movie, specially for all you forever alone losers... forever alone losers like me. 8.5/10
c. lince
c. lince 4 gün önce
da96103 4 gün önce
So they added the male version on top of a bootleg version of DWP.
George Spiggot
George Spiggot 4 gün önce
Cultural Marxism movie. Of course you have the weak WHITE people as little underling secretaries to the strong blak guy and Oriental woman (w more Botox than a cow)
princesskanu 4 gün önce
Enjoy this movie. Harper's outfits was cute. Remind myself. Which i dont know if it is good, because i suppose they were trying to increase her nerdy's side LOL. So fuck it Netflix. I can be nerd, but still a fucking winner hahahahaah!
AY Gaming
AY Gaming 4 gün önce
hey alien
hey alien 4 gün önce
SureShot748 4 gün önce
Watch as Hollywood reinforces Trump like behavior as 2 codependent assistant desperately try to make their boss happy by setting 2 aggressive bosses together.
Ruby Hagrid
Ruby Hagrid 5 gün önce
This movie was just as good as the trailer! Loved it 👏
iristurf 5 gün önce
I want to watch this!
THE BULLDOG 5 gün önce
I’ve seen it already loved it
Alex Oliki
Alex Oliki 5 gün önce
Now why would i watch it when Netflix spoiled it big time and gave me everything i needed to know like wtf lol
K33wa 5 gün önce
Release come and go with me during the pizza scene song
Carter Bergeron
Carter Bergeron 5 gün önce
Someone do me a fat favor and locate the name of the cover of Come Go with Me when they are eating pizza
Chris Vargas
Chris Vargas 5 gün önce
This shit is all over youtube like on every video I watch. Come on Netflix get your shit out of my face and stop forcing me to subscribe to your expensive streaming site.
rtzjml 5 gün önce
Minutes in and I could almost hear the fake laugh audio sitcoms use every time they throw a line or do something "funny". Sheesh.
Eva Hernandez
Eva Hernandez 5 gün önce
Power and Luxury
Power and Luxury 5 gün önce
Another stupid movie.
Basia Tran
Basia Tran 5 gün önce
Loved this movie, so funny 😂
naeema alkiyumi
naeema alkiyumi 5 gün önce
Ok no need to watch the movie anymore we saw how they set them up !! 😒
devinngeorge 6 gün önce
Is he wearing a lace front?
TheMainTys 6 gün önce
Good to see lucy liu not in a movie where she’s not beating the shit out of someone 😂
Jecson Sanches
Jecson Sanches 6 gün önce
him: I know this is not gonna sound how i mean it to sound...... I wanna f*ck this pizza. her: I get it! you should never say that to anyone else...... but I get it. best cene lool
DarkFrinda23 6 gün önce
That movie was so awsome!!! Precious couple
IlianaBlue 6 gün önce
actually not as prectitable as i thought it would be..it was truly an amazing movie ❤ loved it
Roger Kristian Agan
Roger Kristian Agan 6 gün önce
WTF!? CAMERON! Where is Bueller?
KaKathuWa 6 gün önce
this is a great movie, loved it!
CHRISS NATE 6 gün önce
i feel like i watch the whole movie in like 2:20
Tadashi Stark
Tadashi Stark 7 gün önce
ah yes, the colonizers are at it again... being their manipulative and ugly white selves against people of colour
Maryam Khurram
Maryam Khurram 7 gün önce
I like how detailed the trailer was cause now I actually have motivation to watch this
Renee Montoya
Renee Montoya 7 gün önce
This movie is so cute! Love the main characters.
Shanker Vinod
Shanker Vinod 7 gün önce
This movie is sooo good I saw it yesterday 💖
Anna V
Anna V 7 gün önce
Ana Šparavec
Ana Šparavec 7 gün önce
I see a lot of comments saying that the trailer gives too much but it's not like that. It's a fun movie.
iftlatlw 7 gün önce
saw the movie. surprisingly, not as cliche as you'd expect. some moments of humour. not everything is going as you predict. enjoyable. zoey's character is a fun twist on the stereotypical 'good girl'. genuine and fun.
Sam Ovic
Sam Ovic 7 gün önce
I stopped watching the trailer after 30 seconds only.. Im gonna watch it all !! It looks good 🍷
ljmrftth 7 gün önce
Just watched it! liked it very much, great cast all around
BRUNASTARK 7 gün önce
The show was reasonable, not great. But they always find a way to insert gays in the middle. The NWO agenda makes all movies worst than they could have been.
Talixir 7 gün önce
What is the obsession with American film makers to ensure Caucasian people can't hook up with other cultures; I've seen it so many times over the years it just makes me cringe. Black, can't be with a Caucasian; Asian, can't be with a Caucasian either. Paranoia of a nation of racist film makers?
Awesome! Wow!
Awesome! Wow! 4 gün önce
Talixir There are a lot of films/shows with interracial couples. Ex: Everything Everything (black/white couple) Iron Fist (White/Asian). I think this is interesting bc I don't see a lot of black/Asian couples
mafeehney feehily
mafeehney feehily 7 gün önce
Lucy Liu and Taye Diggs continuing their love story from Ally Mcbeal 😂😂
Charlotte McElroy
Charlotte McElroy 7 gün önce
I swear this is my favourite movie I love it so so much
Miryam Hernandez
Miryam Hernandez 7 gün önce
This is such a good movie. Loved it! Netflix has really good writers
Miguel Perez
Miguel Perez 7 gün önce
"I like seeing Lucy smile" I try coping people because they have alot of thumbs up and I don't
Rhaira Vanessa
Rhaira Vanessa 7 gün önce
this movie is amaaaazing
Ashli B
Ashli B 7 gün önce
Just watched this
Ashli B
Ashli B 7 gün önce
2016__ 2016 it was actually
2016__ 2016
2016__ 2016 7 gün önce
Ashli B was it.good ?
T 7 gün önce
It was decent. Predictable. But the cast saved it. They were good looking, likeable and had chemistry.
percumi 7 gün önce
Here is a tip: never watch a trailer till the end.
jan p
jan p 8 gün önce
decently watchable movie!!
Precious Joy D. Sangalang
Did I just seen Pete Davidson in this movie?
latoyiab79 8 gün önce
I enjoy romcom but I was very hesitant to watch this movie yet glad I did. Started off at 100 then eventually started to slow down to complete with a good finish.
Amanda Panda
Amanda Panda 8 gün önce
Prediction: They too busy setting them up, and they gonna end up falling for each other. 🤷🏽‍♀️
Paula Deloso
Paula Deloso 8 gün önce
This movie is seriously good
Air Afrikaans
6 yıl önce
we broke up
19 gün önce