Session 32/Wasted (Live) Wireless Festival 2022 at Finsbury Park

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11 Tem 2022




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Definitely one of the most beautiful performances for session 32 you can feel it.
Not a crowd full of people crying and singing and now I’m crying 😭💖
Jade Hackett
Seeing all these women singing back at her. Lifting her up. Healing her. When we come together we are able to do amazing things for each other. x
Protect her at all costs, she’s so fragile despite how strong she is but she is a beautiful symbol of the love and vulnerability and soul of black women all over the world and we must protect her for being so vulnerable in her music. It’s not as easy as a lot of people realize to truly be transparent in your craft whether it’s painting or singing/music. I’m proud of her and being pregnant while performing and how wise she is for her age
Tashel Darby
She has gotten so much better at dealing with her social anxiety. She should be proud.
Damn she heard the crowd SCREAMIN every word of that song and it overwhelmed her 😭 it’s cuz WE FEEL U GURL
She wrote this song while having a broken heart and being in a dark place and it shows . I’m glad she sees how much her hard work and fight has paid off.
Malik Lewis
Having the crowd carry the performance FOR YOU … is goat status.. i love you Summer ❤️
Blackguysensai 21 gün önce
She said it herself she's crying from all the love they're showing her. She said a word or two and the crowd is screaming word for word louder than her own singing. That feeling has to be overwhelming and amazing
Dam she sounds just like her records no auto tune .I loved the way they ain’t miss a word singing for summer ,those real fans
Go On
It's not hormones only. This song she wrote was heartfelt. It reminds her of the good times with the love of her life she lost. Or had to let go. And it still hurts. It hurts to let someone toxic go you love.
Qween B.
Qween B. 21 gün önce
She was crying because in America she dont get that type of love on stage... This was the first time she felt what she has been singing for this whole time, LOOOOVVVEEE!!!
Ashley adams
When she said "I ain't never got love like this London" hit me hard I'm in America crying
Samantha Anne
“I never got love like this London” - this is a double meaning for the horrible relationship she went through with London. The irony of the song and where she is performing is a full circle moment
The intimacy and vulnerability in this performance was absolutely beautiful! Got me crying
Rosina Makola
her voice ain't crack even when she was cryinngggg🥺🥺her voice issa blessing. Got me through some thangs.
Britt 🤎
It’s the vulnerability for me. Summer you are human. Real people know what’s understood doesn’t have to be explained!!! 💜
Carrie Adams
London blew it out of the water for her!! She is so deserving of that! Her songs touch every part of you. I’m 50 years old and crying right now at 634 am. She is the MJB of today for the culture. She will be well remembered.
Her band is phenomenal 🙂
Session 32 is by far my favourite song she’s ever put out
Summer Walker - clear visual ep (live)
summer walker - session 32 loop
Cadillac Records - I'd Rather Go Blind