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League of Legends season 12 Senna Gameplay!
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23 Nis 2022




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Sergio Calvo
Sergio Calvo Yıl önce
Zwag: Dies 24 times under tower to pick a single soul up. Also Zwag: Leaves free souls in dragon pit
Kamya Singhal
Kamya Singhal Yıl önce
lol ikr
Ryan Jeffery
Ryan Jeffery Yıl önce
Literally thought the same. haha
2K Kid
2K Kid Yıl önce
"No I missed a soul :( now I'm gonna get flamed in the comments for missing a soul." - Zwag, after previously missing a different soul dropped by warwick in drake pit like 30 seconds earlier
Julio Rodríguez
Julio Rodríguez Yıl önce
Not to mention the 2 souls he ignored when he solo'ed dragon.
Nahrikkon Yıl önce
and then later missing 2 on the dragon he solo’d
TheMasterIam Yıl önce
also having missed another soul as well in the same fight by the bushes when he killed trundle
Carlo Gazzetta
Carlo Gazzetta Yıl önce
21:36 lol he knew you 2 would pop up ahah
Jonas JDP
Jonas JDP Yıl önce
dont even look at 32:47
merlinhoot Yıl önce
Senna’s auto attack sound and animation are so damn satisfying to me. One of my personal favorite AA’s in the game
Can Yıl önce
I actually like Zed's aa's a lot. And Jhin is also pretty nice.
Cold as ice
Cold as ice Yıl önce
It is so slow man, so liable to be cancelled, i get the satisfaction part but.. always annoying as a support to miss one of these
merlinhoot Yıl önce
@Cold as ice I like that it’s slower, it gives it a unique rhythm that’s fun to me
ખα૨Բα૨૯ ท¡ทjα
Irelia aa feels cool too the way she swings all the blades
麻婆豆腐Tofu Yıl önce
I love Teemo R sound.
Forsaken Qestir
Forsaken Qestir Yıl önce
[Starts shooting trundle.] [Gets Exhausted and Ignited.] [Runs away because of Exhaust and Ignite combo.] Swag: "did he use Exhaust?"
Theodore Johnson
Theodore Johnson Yıl önce
He's played for long enough that him knowing he was losing was subconscious, I guarantee you he didn't actually realise what his opponent used before checking.
Cat Nat
Cat Nat Yıl önce
Bro I do this all the time
Anthony W.
Anthony W. Yıl önce
That Trundle vs Cait 1v1 was so sad yet so funny to watch
Aruxxel Yıl önce
It sure was
Lee Williams
Lee Williams Yıl önce
It's funny until it's in your game. x'D
SylntSyco Yıl önce
bruh, right clicking is HARD tho.
3isendrache Yıl önce
@SylntSyco nahhhhhhh
skeletonz Yıl önce
This is what I watch going on in my lanes in every single one of my ranked matches while I'm jungling and then my friends ask me why I'm stuck lmao One time I had an Ezreal with a Yuumi who fed Kog'maw 7 kills and even though he was 0/5 and Yuumi was 0/2 and I told him to play under turret and wait for my gank, he all ins Kog'maw and hands him 2 other free kils. I legit thought it was an AI no joke.
Bright Fox
Bright Fox Yıl önce
Zwag in this video is like one of those really weird villains that kill a whole village but then gets one drop of blood on their suit and freaks the hell out
Tzrminated Yıl önce
Jhin lol
Jenyve Velasco
Jenyve Velasco Yıl önce
john sambilad
john sambilad Yıl önce
Someone should count how many perfectly grabbable souls Zwag missed in the vid to prove that we ain't just being mean for no reason.
Emulation Emperor
Zwag said in a previous video that Caitlins don't right click their enemies. And I thought that was kind of a joke. But seeing that Caitlin actually tilted me and I'm not even playing.
Bryan Molina
Bryan Molina Yıl önce
ikr, I've been seeing this a lot
Blazing Yıl önce
I myself need to auto attack more but that was disgusting
Chang Ye
Chang Ye Yıl önce
What did you expect of silver players xD
Miraculous Themed Mascot
Dude same shit was insanity to me like CLICK HIM
pleb Yıl önce
cause hes playing in silver
fizz ma man
fizz ma man Yıl önce
Daily Zwag quote #1: "The play is worth it, if u say it's worth it." - Zwag, April 2022
Renji756 Yıl önce
as a leona that dives at lv 2 I can agree to this
Nick Minderman
Nick Minderman Yıl önce
I love when he says “meh, he’s only worth a canon minion”
Step Stony
Step Stony Yıl önce
@Renji756 lvl2? You have a patience of a turtle
Renji756 Yıl önce
@Step Stony Damn
Nahrikkon Yıl önce
I love how at some point zwag just decided that a soul is worth more than 1000 gold bounty and just dives on senna xd
Not to mention having both flash and barrier up... and not using them to survive lol
Mr. Boomguy
Mr. Boomguy Yıl önce
I guess Zwag get's lazy when playing these lower ranked games. Does All sorts of mistakes, and he thinks we're gonna flame him for missing a ult? We got more important things to flame him for
Leandro De Los Santos
Zwag: don't want to get flamed for missing a soul Also him: ignored souls after soloing dragon 21:00 😂😂😂
ivanr77 Yıl önce
I like how even when Zwag is yelling he's still calm. 28:40... JUST AUTO CAIT
Arnav Yıl önce
Me and zwag have something in common, telling caitylin to "JUST RIGHT CLICK"
Zaki Fahmi Dwi Putra
mildly infuriating hahahaha
OMID Yıl önce
That was absolutely a free Kill.
Stephan Berhandiaz
There needs to be a reasearch paper on Caitlyn players
GreyPunkWolf Yıl önce
I get her. You desperately want to land a sick combo but never quite get it right so you end up trying even in situations where you should just auto. I get that's infuriating to watch, but I understand her.
Karim Yıl önce
Hey zwag, my name is Karim and I am from Germany. I just wanted to say that you helped me through a tuff time. I was very sad and depressed, but your videos helped me a lot. I just want to say thank you for making a ton of good content on your Chanel and helping me trough a very hard time.
Anthony Prestia
Anthony Prestia Yıl önce
I just recently found your channel and you're so fun to watch. You never get super tilted to the point of raging in the video which is so refreshing. I've been binging as much as I can and trying to learn about positioning and build paths from you. Super great content and keep up the good work :D
Vitor Oliveira
Vitor Oliveira Yıl önce
Quero mais vídeos de senna!! Meu campeão favorito no Wild Rift, ela controla o game. Um abraço do Brasil 🇧🇷
Kyle Berts
Kyle Berts Yıl önce
“Did Zwag get the first 6 CS?” No, he missed a melee and 2 caster minions Lose Streak: 3
Mr Moosetachio
Mr Moosetachio Yıl önce
Bert bert
Splatt Sins
Splatt Sins Yıl önce
i like ur profil picture kinda remind me of a anime.
Jaein Yıl önce
day 56 of falling in love with kyle
Jason Balogh
Jason Balogh Yıl önce
Bright Fox
Bright Fox Yıl önce
More thank 1k comments holy, what else do you do?
Seyed Ali Biashad
Love your content Zwag! So I gotta tell you, you missed at least 13 souls so easily walking passed them, which could've had you at 200 souls!! WHY DID YOU MISS THEM :(
BlackMage Yuuto
BlackMage Yuuto Yıl önce
21 souls missed
Swinginjoe Yıl önce
The range I wanna see is the “dwarven sniper” range. Attacking towers without being in their range. Also, hearing you around 28:45-29:00, watching Caitlyn fight the trundle… was a mood bro
Ace Overton
Ace Overton Yıl önce
This was an amazing game, and as Senna main I loved every minute!
Lee Williams
Lee Williams Yıl önce
If anyone wants to take the Precision tree on Senna, Cut Down is always the best option of those three just because she has one of the lowest base HP (if you have low health you're usually almost always dead so Last Stand is outta the question; and Cut the Grass is "alright"), and it scales better than Lord Domn's passive, too. :p
Sharp Shadow
Sharp Shadow Yıl önce
It just took me a moment to realize that Zwag has more kills than the enemy team combined
skeletonz Yıl önce
I feel like your Senna videos are my fav videos, I always feel like trying to play her after I watch the gameplay, keep it up with the content! Also if possible could you try liandry's + demonic's embrace kayle please? I know it's sort of troll but since her passive counts as a skill I wonder if every single one of her auto attacks will apply double burn past 11 (when it stacks) and past 16 and how it'd perform on her. Great content once more!
G_Light500 Yıl önce
Fun fact about senna. If you build her randuins the side autos reduce your Q cool down too so in a team fight or just farming you can Q way more often
rene de alba
rene de alba Yıl önce
Nothing better that hearing zwag getting out of character for that cait vs trundle but man she was so tilting to watch hahahaha great game bro🤘🏼
Mary Coffelt
Mary Coffelt Yıl önce
What a fantastic game!!! The double kill you and Zac did early game, perfecr
Lincoln Patience
Lincoln Patience Yıl önce
I knew senna scaled infinitely, but I didn't know doing this was possible. Incredible!
zeb lumb
zeb lumb Yıl önce
Everyone else: I'm a Survivor Zwag: I'm a liver
Jamie Besser
Jamie Besser Yıl önce
Words of a Senna player, the play is worth it if you say it’s worth it. Feeds for soul after letting a kill go
Symphony Sonata
Symphony Sonata Yıl önce
Zwag go dr to collect 2 souls but after killing it he just left without getting the souls 😂
Karina Cordova
Karina Cordova Yıl önce
I loved this game ♥️ Thank you so much for the great videos
Zamuroq Yıl önce
Excellent video. Your content always inspire one to try off meta stuff 😄
Pratyush Yıl önce
For what her animation looks like, Senna sure attacks fast. Scary scary character. He had enough gold at the end there to change multiple items tbh
David Leite
David Leite Yıl önce
I revolved in my chair every single time he missed a soul after saying that souls were more important than not killing himself (and it was many).
PlayingLex Yıl önce
In case you didn't know(or someone else reading this), Senna can damage Wards with her Q. So if someone drops a Ward nearby you can AA+Q+AA without oracle Lens(if you're fast enough ofc)
Bacon Yıl önce
Zwag: Atleast i'm getting a lot of souls Me screaming at the screen: But you're not picking them up!!!
Mike Powers
Mike Powers Yıl önce
Fun game to watch. I like that no one appeared to get toxic.
Helius Infinitus
Helius Infinitus Yıl önce
Senna outranges the turret naturally at 160 souls, matches it at 140 and yeah... with all that extra stuff she has quite the range. I always though she was weak since she is so immobile, but she does have her uses.
Disgustipated Yıl önce
Hey man that Samira bruiser build worked for me. Only did one ranked match our of anger and it was tilting because my team was feeding like usual (bronze problems) but i ended up winning! Its nice because you have the survivability and late game, which I had to cancel 4 ff votes, you can still doo good damage. Plus it's hella fun getting your ult off twice or 3 times in extended fights lol. Sucks not having the attack speed but I'd trade it for health because surviving to late game is how you win with a ADC . Nice work fellah
Alana Duke
Alana Duke Yıl önce
great vid! i loved how you were worried about missing souls and mf but you passed her hiding in a bush at 35:44 lol
Technokarthus Yıl önce
I ike your videos so much. You just show us good ideas with good playing by yourself despite on defeats in some games but this make your videos more realistic, natural.
AkiraDragonborne Yıl önce
11:38 Warwick in bush: What's that? I see a light. Zach: WALK TOWARDS IT!
Daniel K
Daniel K Yıl önce
19:07 When the Mundo just chills on wolves, completely ignoring his team dying five feat away...
Aaron Yıl önce
Wow what a game! That was quite the match; a lot of close calls in the first half. Good stuff Zwag see ya on the next one.
Mltjr 305
Mltjr 305 Yıl önce
As a senna otp looking for senna vids, Zwag comes in. It’s a good day
Eiwind Yıl önce
That cait/trundle moment was hysterical😂 JUST RIGHTCLICK CAITLYN!
Crusaderofhell Yıl önce
This is by far my favorite senna build
Shyno Yıl önce
honestly one of the most fun ones, senna scaling is so funny
Hugo Boss
Hugo Boss Yıl önce
Since they changed Senna q and glacial augment, try to first q and then AA. That will secure the soul in early poking cause you got them slowed
Josh Mehan
Josh Mehan Yıl önce
HAHAHA hearing Zwag’s stressed tilting voice is a treat
haven or kestrel or something i don't know
Love senna vids, would love to see more!!
Lv3 Virus
Lv3 Virus Yıl önce
This is the single most inting “go next” gameplay ever and I love it, bro died to turrets more than people
Taiwan is Moving
Taiwan is Moving Yıl önce
lol that Trundle killing Caitlyn was the most worked up I've ever heard Zwag lol. But even that is pretty tame. Love how easy going he is
Caren4 Yıl önce
11:50 Zwag: Its ok warwick, follow the light Warwick: *thumbs up*
andrewmsteele78 Yıl önce
That Cait moment had me absolutely dying
kibouSRX Yıl önce
Seeing you solo the dragon and then ignore the two souls he dropped really hurt :D
DarkiHarzan Yıl önce
Am i crazy or did he just left 2-3 Souls in the Dragon Pit, after killing the third drag?
zdwlees Yıl önce
I love how you just took senna support build, gave it lethal tempo and called it mid... And it worked!
Rhobicheaux Yıl önce
I learn so much about the game by watching u! Thank you
James Bradford
James Bradford Yıl önce
I craved to play senna so i did, but i only started with a refill pot and then did a fast base for the zappy bit of the rapid fire for amazing early dmg
a a
a a Yıl önce
I like seing these games as well, the victory wasn't assured and it made it very interesting! I still enjoy the "they're loosing, it just can't be avoided" vids
Caleb Hayden
Caleb Hayden Yıl önce
Senna infinite stack is super underrated
al pe
al pe Yıl önce
Another awesome smurfing video and I loved everybit of it.
Jackhammer Enjoyer
Me as support main who never had more than 10 kills with Senna telling my teammates who ping often to me: Senna is in the TOP 5 list most squishy champions on league. TC Zwag: Hold my beer
mystic Dees
mystic Dees Yıl önce
Zwag you should auto q auto but if you cant auto first the q can slow them enough to get in range for the auto. It might have used to been better not to q first, but they added a slowing effect to it so it makes it way easier.
Crank Yıl önce
I've never played Senna before, but I think I will try now.
Elijah Garcia
Elijah Garcia Yıl önce
I don’t know how to feel about this game. Trundle and Senna are my two champs- the first 2 I ever got m7’s on and virtually became one tricks at in bot and top lane. The trundle did a lot of shit wrong and mad a lot of bad calls that I feel he shouldn’t have- at least I wouldn’t have. Idk I love Zwag and I appreciate how he played Senna but there were so many things with that match that messed me up inside.
I Already Lost
I Already Lost Yıl önce
Can you play Camille support it is kinda hard so I think it would be a good challenge. Thanks for consistent uploads!
BlackBow86 Yıl önce
Zwag playing Camille? The chance of me becoming a bilionaire is bigger than Zwag playing Camille.
sebaager Yıl önce
@BlackBow86 good
Linie N
Linie N Yıl önce
He actually played it for a video a while ago, didnt make it on yt tho
Darksage1331 Yıl önce
He's not her biggest fan, he played her on stream not too long ago, she just falls off too hard late game
I Already Lost
I Already Lost Yıl önce
But very good split push potential
owNewBlood Yıl önce
great video! Fun to see high stacks on stack champs.
3isendrache Yıl önce
do you think senna is still a good solo laner after all these soul drop nerfs? I loved playing her mid but it got nerfed pretty hard so i didn't pick it anymore :/
Bobjim 123
Bobjim 123 Yıl önce
Zwag you should try bruiser senna, I play her as support with divine sundered, black cleaver, collector, lord doms, attack speed boots mortal reminder once you get 100 + souls you can 1v1 anyone and tank hits anything over 180 souls and you can run at any assassin
G6 Liara
G6 Liara Yıl önce
I have been playing a bit of Senna ADC lately, and I have been running this build with pretty good success: Runes - Inspiration: First Strike, Boots, Biscuits and Approach Velocity Domination: Cheap Shot and Ultimate Hunter. Item build: Eclipse, Collector, Serylda, Ghostblade, Ravenous Hydra and "Zerker's". You can gain a lot of gold from landing Q and W, especially if you can hit both opponents in the lane. Plus, the extra true damage is really nice Due to this build having a fair bit of omnivamp as well, you will heal a ton, especially when landing your Q or R.
andrew marchitto
andrew marchitto Yıl önce
I'm gunna assume you can damage the turrets from outside of the turret range with senna. Am I right?
Whoaitspharaoh Yıl önce
I was actually about to suggest senna but Zwag coming in clutch like he got the number 23 on his back, crazy 😅
Dave Dijksman
Dave Dijksman Yıl önce
He got intense real quick xD cait will get there eventually
BlueHeart Yıl önce
"Did Zwag get the first Cannon?" Yes, 2:17 Win Streak: 16
hanus kamenik
hanus kamenik Yıl önce
Try fasting Senna with Tahm Kench with Heiz, the Kench farms and keeps Senna safe and u got so much souls, it is crazy and sleeper OP
Beast Elius
Beast Elius Yıl önce
Amazing video, I have being playing senna on wild rift and I would like to get past 120 souls one day and demolish people 😂😂
Twanderer Yıl önce
I like how Zwag was mad for souls but just ignored the Dragon souls
CoolCactus707 Yıl önce
I love how man is so worried about missing souls yet he leaves 2 free souls at drag pit, among a number of other times that he missed free soul, XD XD XD. Great vid tho, loved that
Gabs Salem
Gabs Salem Yıl önce
I rewatched cait vs trundle a dozen times so funny it was
カリラ Yıl önce
It's so freaking satisfying to watch you play
Dan Elo
Dan Elo Yıl önce
Doesn't Warwick receive movespeed when he's moving towards enemies or potential victims? So maybe was moving towards something and gained movespeed. The same procedure which Zwag was using to escape with Warick in another video. :)
Dew Yıl önce
I can feel zwag's raging inside when the caitlyn just trying to run when she can actually kite trundul down there, that's so unfortunate
TheShiningBee Yıl önce
Casual 100k damage. The senna stack dream is a reality
Tracy Smith
Tracy Smith Yıl önce
You are a way better player than I am, but I would like to add that you didn't need collector due to being full build and not needing the gold anymore. also when you were trying to find items to swap out end game to get more damage you could have sold your IE due to already having 100 crit before you bought it and bought something tanky like death stance, edge of night, or even a umbral to clear wards. plus the lethality on the last two I mentioned would help penetrate better or roll over to true damage. keep up the good work, your videos have been a new daily ritual to watch for my girl and I :].
Rohr Yıl önce
I don't even play Senna and yet i won a ranked in mid lane cuz of zwag senpai tutorials xD
Etienne Ruche
Etienne Ruche Yıl önce
I'm excited for the buff to Morde's passive in 12.8 that increases the movement speed he gains from it at 6 and 11. Can we get a movespeed Morde vid with Lichbane and Cosmic drive when it comes out to celebrate? Thar be your algorithm comment
Yoshua Ortiz
Yoshua Ortiz Yıl önce
I died at the Caitlyn not rightclicking part xD
Jonas JDP
Jonas JDP Yıl önce
32:47 was the most heart breaking
Neil Grover
Neil Grover Yıl önce
Mocking Zwag's soul count cause it creates engagement for the video is a best form of support. Those are rookie numbers!
litekitty Yıl önce
I've never seen Senna mid before very cool!
S7IF_XD Yıl önce
I have never screamed E more in my life when he was chasing some one 😂
Dhoygyot Yıl önce
Zwag playing mini game of getting souls the whole game was fun to watch
Keionjg Yıl önce
Day 10 of suggesting the bruiser/tank pantheon build. Core: -Sunderer + resistance boosts > black cleaver 3rd item: -Maw of Mal or Deaths Dance 4th item: -Maw of Mal/Spirt Visages or Deaths Dance - for if you need more resistances -Steraks gage - for if MR isn’t needed and Deaths Dance is bought 5th item: Titanic Hydra or Hull breaker Runes: conq, triumph, alacrity or tenacity, coup, sudden impact, eyeball, double adaptive, resistance Allows for a surprising amount of tankiness and damage with great ability haste In ranged matchups just spam q stab to catch far minions just out of melee
Josh Yıl önce
28:41 that was so brutal to watch. you can hear the actual frustration in your voice, i'd do the same even without a mic
Bon3less Yıl önce
With zwags inconsistent cannon minions... I introduce the cannon only challenge where you can only CS from cannon minions
Ryn Yıl önce
If you struggle at times with Senna's Q you can pop it on your ward to extend the range
Tony Topic
Tony Topic Yıl önce
Also on teemos trap or on enemy ward pretty much anything except for walls and bushes(atleast on mobile)
Tony Topic
Tony Topic Yıl önce
Even their turret witch also takes dmg from her q aaaaand I can say I love doing ward+q combo on seena I got so many kills like that
Jerianaleon Arcturus
He quite literally mentions he should have done that multiple times, however he also chose farsight so gets a bit tough
Thierry Flament
Thierry Flament Yıl önce
Leave it to zwag to play a sup in midlane vs an op opponent and calmly say "well, I kind of have all the kills"
MarkuS Yıl önce
Zwag yelling was fr funnier than the fight😂😂lmao 28:45
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