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#Roblox #Doors #Animation
Used Music: ROBLOX [ DOORS ] || Here I Come Metal Cover
Original by LightningSplash: @LSPLASH @DAGARGo
Music Link: • ROBLOX [ DOORS ] || He...
Game Link: www.roblox.com/games/6516141723
Face Model by morscore
Jeny_Punker is using the RixFont cloud.




26 May 2023




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@Jeny_Punker 9 aylar önce
Wait, where did Cow get the crucifix..?
@Jeny_Punker 9 aylar önce
잠깐만, 카우는 어디서 십자가를 얻은거죠..?
@cuphead7552 9 aylar önce
First reply?
@Mr_Bon 9 aylar önce
@North-Fanmade 9 aylar önce
@RainbowBoiOfficial 9 aylar önce
where did my balls get the crucifix
@Chubbles85 8 aylar önce
0:52 to 0:59 is SOO SWEET!! Here you can also see how much Alan cares for Hyojin, like he has during the whole series!🥰😍
@DipexGD 8 aylar önce
Yes, this really is beautiful
@shahzarsaurus8 8 aylar önce
The bacon …
@Colinsplat_3 8 aylar önce
Ya I agree
@North-Fanmade 8 aylar önce
@user-rz9oy7kj5m 8 aylar önce
와. . .
@polychrom954 9 aylar önce
A-90 being sent out in the middle of the Seek chase has to be the most terrifying thing ever.
@Zyxl- 8 aylar önce
it is
@letuan4117 8 aylar önce
That's fake, it's made by A-666
@polychrom954 8 aylar önce
But A-666 is the one controlling the Rooms entities, right? That A-60 from last episode was definitely real.
@lafanan 8 aylar önce
Imagine if its spawn A-120 thought
@TheExpertGianni 8 aylar önce
@@letuan4117 he spawned a-90 while Hyojin is running
@michaelletts8858 9 aylar önce
You know this wood be kind of cool for a game mode for doors where like all the entities from the rooms are running around the main area.
@_.kewlaid 9 aylar önce
Exactly! Like it would be a pretty good challenge update, especially for those people who are getting impatient for a new update!
@MACH_CONCORDE 8 aylar önce
@syzrandon4382 5 aylar önce
I think the modifier update does that partially
@BruhOlivia 9 aylar önce
I absolutely love the doors series, Jeny! Keep going!
@crystaltwirlgirl7546 9 aylar önce
OMG THAT WAS AWESOME 🤩and i love the part when Alan carrys Hyojin 😄
@VadeOrKausar 9 aylar önce
Man Seek improved alot now he knows how to run properly Edit: No Hate 😊
@miso_somi 9 aylar önce
this channel is the embodiment of quality>quantity
@sword2020 9 aylar önce
for Roblox, while for Geometry Dash, GD Colon.
@aidankj6372 8 aylar önce
You are my favorite animator and I love how you see the seek chase from a whole new perspective with chaos going on everywhere and everyone is confused, terrified, Running, doing everything they can to survive, after watching this, I'll never look at the chase the same way again, also you happened to use my favorite here I come remix good job on all the effort, the storyline is incredible. Keep up the good work👍❤
@Nalgax 9 aylar önce
So... We can conclude that Cow is the most underrated character in the series? PS: The improvement is VERY noticeable in your animations... I don't know if you will answer this comment but, after this Doors series.... Do you plan to do something else? I'd be quite interested to see what other cool content you can do! And sorry for My English...
@Kathfnaffan 9 aylar önce
Your english is good
@MatheoZ14 9 aylar önce
Cow literally solved Lina's trust issues, he is a pro and saved the others from screech with a FRY, dupe by being SMART and a seek arm with a CRUCIFIX..
@evamertzinger1746 9 aylar önce
Your English is correct !
@QueeennMK 9 aylar önce
Bro ur english is 10x better then mine for sure
@sarahmoazzam9380 9 aylar önce
Your english:PERFECT!! 💯
@Not_Voidlego69 9 aylar önce
Give this man an oscar ty for the hardwork you need to reach 10m subs
@stupidmariogamer6952 9 aylar önce
oscar is for acting not for hardworking
@catloeser 9 aylar önce
@_papapig 9 aylar önce
@Not_Voidlego69 7 aylar önce
​@@stupidmariogamer6952animating is also hardworking
@Dan_VeryPoor 9 aylar önce
Dang bro, the fact he added in A-666 into the mix was terrifying. I did NOT see that coming. Great work and nice thought put into this! I also like the fact where The Bacon [Sorry, I forgot her name. Wasn't it Hyojun or something?] gets picked up and has cracks on her face. It scared me, along with A-666. Seek didn't do much, but overall it's great. Keep it up for your amazing viewers!
@shovelknight9417 9 aylar önce
Hyojin was the name of the person that got grabbed by a Seek arm.
@RRTSMPlayz 9 aylar önce
Cow did something heroic because he saved Hyojin's life... What a chad Until she fell down on the fire-
She might get saved and not fall on the fire by someone in the next part I think
@UniPlayz_rblx 9 aylar önce
​​@@EndlessEarthProductionsrob basically alan might run and sacrifice himself by getting burned in the fire yk imagain omg
@rezaurrahman5680 9 aylar önce
​​@@UniPlayz_rblx yup that is gonna be crazy or bacon might idek 1:38 Alan warned hyojin not to run there
@user-eu2mw3tv8x 8 aylar önce
@@UniPlayz_rblx * ____ *
@WeirdDinosaurthing 9 aylar önce
This is such a high quality animation. I love it!
@shovelknight9417 9 aylar önce
I've watched this series since the start! I can't believe we're already on Season 2! :D
@Alejandro-kq3ym 8 aylar önce
Why is he sill smileing 1:06 👇
@IAmOnTablet 7 aylar önce
because it is his avatar,
@AIdioticAnimator 9 aylar önce
OK, wow. Cow, that was surprising, lol. But jokes aside, Jeny, this is probably my favorite episode. The animation is really good!
Pure masterpiece, I love the part where seek comes out of the ground it LOOKS SO COOl
@MatBot2000 9 aylar önce
A-90 didint expect that, thought a-60 will come first, but the idea inside seek chase, amazing
@barracudasusw 9 aylar önce
Fun Fact: Seek is not the humanoid like creature you see, it's actually the eyes you see. It turns into a humanoid because it's easier to chase people.
@seekplayz8292 9 aylar önce
i know 🙄
@turzzabloxgaming380 8 aylar önce
so in door 100 there are seek eyes above to elevator, lot's of people think seek is going to be in floor two because of these eye... yeah this comment makes me believe that theory more.
@barracudasusw 8 aylar önce
Yea me too
@barracudasusw 8 aylar önce
Guys I just wanted to say don’t take it seriously
@barracudasusw 8 aylar önce
@ECILPWZE🍇 yea me too lol
@12345_Hammer_Time 9 aylar önce
@UniPlayz_rblx 9 aylar önce
ikr there hyojinxalan part (my fav simp)
@ClaclaNugget 9 aylar önce
so cute ❤
@12345_Hammer_Time 9 aylar önce
@@ClaclaNugget I know 🥰
@UniPlayz_rblx 8 aylar önce
​@@ClaclaNuggetlegend says that they might be a couple in a future
@Pedro_HenriqueBr 8 aylar önce
1:37 Seek: Thanks A-90 A-90: Np. Seek: She escaped... A-90: See you another day :) 😄
@alexa_editz3276 9 aylar önce
This animation improved ALOT since your last seek chase animation its awesome!!
@autumn_playzgamz 9 aylar önce
bro how is this guy not at 1000 mil yet hes my fave and i look up to himm and hes the one who inspired me to animate:)
@autumn_playzgamz 9 aylar önce
@Aiden_pro acctualy jeny punker is a boy but yh lol i thought the same thing before lol dw
@HarshalGaikwad31 9 aylar önce
I clicked faster than seek running from hyojin with trumpet Edit: I am excited for glitch vs A-666
@Jazi3editISgacha 9 aylar önce
@HarshalGaikwad31 9 aylar önce
Dang already an reply?
@henryalcock6171 9 aylar önce
I need that
@UniPlayz_rblx 9 aylar önce
Reply and liked comment lol
@Jazi3editISgacha 9 aylar önce
@@HarshalGaikwad31 Yep
@Adamations14 9 aylar önce
damn bro your animation has improved also awesome cliffhanger cant wait for the next episode!
I thought Seek and A-666 were gonna brawl it out, but the team-up is very noice
I think rooms coming into doors is a very interesting theory. Since the player in the real game have a choice of entering, this doesn't allow hyojin and the others to have a choice and it will make the game a lot harder for them with entities from rooms. Anyways somewhere off topic, I think we can all agree that Jeny's animations quality is getting better❤
@chandrikasharma7281 9 aylar önce
Yea I think so too
@chandrikasharma7281 9 aylar önce
Since A-666 came because A- is connected with rooms and he broke the chain but I wonder is bacon/glitch dead or is he controlled by A-666?
@chandrikasharma7281 9 aylar önce
I think that would be explained in a few episodes from here
@chandrikasharma7281 9 aylar önce
Or maybe it’s in a private video
@samanthaburlingame 9 aylar önce
The ending was amazing, it really shocked me. I was kinda worried abt Hojin
@samanthaburlingame 9 aylar önce
Not kinda, really
@daniellemurray6205 8 aylar önce
One of the shorts made kind of a spoiler….Alan saved her
@sueallenluton4079 9 aylar önce
It seems like rooms said: Lets invade Doors| |Doors: Who are u?
@caxarblin 9 aylar önce
Ничего себе😳никогда бы не подумала, что анимация может быть настолько качественной и увлекательной. Спасибо тебе! Очень интересно!
@DaniilYT720 9 aylar önce
Слыш Jeny_Punker он не русский он англичан
@caxarblin 9 aylar önce
@@DaniilYT720 Он кореец, и у него есть переводчик
@Fleret 9 aylar önce
@@DaniilYT720 Корейцы.
@DaniilYT720 9 aylar önce
@@Fleret ааа он кореец
@shroomintheclouds 9 aylar önce
the animation never fails to impress me 👌
@AWL_Lily 9 aylar önce
역시 요번 영상도 빛이 나시는군요 존경합니다!❤
@stupid9920 9 aylar önce
효진 초반에 넘어질때 하드모드 바나나 소리 나오는 깨알 센스 역시ㅋㅋㅋ 이번에 눈여겨 볼 포인트 3가지 1:시크전 도중에 나온 a-90과 a-666 2:a-666이 시크손에 가려진 순간 사라진 모습?(순간이동 능력이나 환각 능력 둘중 하나일듯) 3:이미 1번 십자가를 써서 최소 50층의 위기에선 십자가를 사용하지 못함. (개인적인 여담으로는, a-666은 가이딩 라이트의 형제일수도 있다. '과거의 이야기' 편에서 룸즈를 강조했기 때문.) 그나저나 큐어리스 라이트는 뭐하는 거지?
@alsyd_0718 9 aylar önce
3번은 50층 이전에 십자가를 하나 발견하면 됨 그리고 십자가는 한 판에 사용횟수 제한 없음 다만 인벤에 2개이상 못 넣어서 한개 쓰고 나머지 한개를 얻는 방식이라
@m0Icu2 9 aylar önce
1번은 그냥 666쿤이 효진팍 죽이려고 한거같고요 2번은 순간이동 능력같습니다 아무래도 3번은 뭐 겜 하다보면 십자가 나오겟죠..@@ 근데 우리가 주목해야할건 전에 카우가 십자가를 얻었다는 언급이 전혀 없었다는 겁니다.. 전 편 리나의 how..? (어떻게 알았어?) 라는 대사와 엘레베이터 장면에 알렌의 수-상하다 생각하는 눈빛.. 을 생각해보면 카우한테 뭐가 있는거같네요.. 근데 카우한ㅁ테 진짜 뭐가 있다면 카우와 관련이 있는 리나도 분량이 좀 늘어나지 않을까??? 하는 헛된 희망 한번 품어봅니다.. 빨리 카우랑 리나는 뭔 관계인지 떡밥회수좀 됐으면 좋겠네요
i was worried so much for hyojin but booooooooom the crucifix worked like a grenade. your animations are impressive man.
2:09 Noooooo hyojin😢😢
@Noobys9 9 aylar önce
If we could use the crucifix on the hands... Anyways, I love this as always!
@Anurb22 8 aylar önce
Oh man, it's so amazing you expressively humanizing them as if they were real people! Kyojin spraining his foot and 'paralyzing', in addition to the smoke from the fire that irritates the eyes. An animator worthy of the big screen
@QueeennMK 9 aylar önce
Thanks for spending your time making these videos to entertain us you are one of the best Jeny keep up the gorgeous work we all love you! ❤
@cooleichel5685 9 aylar önce
There's no one with better Door animations then u so keep up the good work 👍
@GabeCarroll-ny9es 9 aylar önce
That seek chase remix is fire 🔥
@dreamerboy_gamer1714 9 aylar önce
Your serie is really excellent, anyway i like the part Alan help Hyojin and look after her all time. They are really cute when they be together ^^ In this part 0:12, i just thought Hyojin will stab the eye(again) :)
@eggkroadto500 9 aylar önce
she/he deserves 100 million subs!! masterpiece
@axtrx_games 9 aylar önce
Oh wow, Thank you Jeny for uploading this. I just woke up now im all energetic for this video!
@alexacutie1268 9 aylar önce
Your animations is getting better dude I got goosebumps when the message from TRvid came 😂
@ImBradenGaMer 8 aylar önce
@angelinamckeown9909 8 aylar önce
It’s been a long time since I checked the channel but, these 2 new episodes look really good! Sorry for missing out tho. 😅
@BigLanch849 9 aylar önce
All the episodes are getting better and better, keep going😉
and Hyojin looks so skilled but she tripped off and Alan saved her from falling.
@declanpolston2374 9 aylar önce
These videos are insane, Keep up the good work! NOTE:this is one of my favorites
@MableSketches 8 aylar önce
The part where A-90 came gave me chills- Edit: Wait… if this was the Seek chase… what about Figure A.K.A Blind Anoying Meat Monster
@nasmja 8 aylar önce
I love how guiding light just speeding up in the chase😂
@Gamewithdean7YT 7 aylar önce
How did i forget about this channel already❤ Amazing WHERE DID COW GET THE CRUCIFIX?
@Sproutanimation 9 aylar önce
하 미친 십자가 쓰고 시크 손 없어지는거 이펙트 개쩔고 검은 화면 됐을때 불타는소리... 간단하게 세글자로 ㄹㅈㄷ
@1004BLDAN 9 aylar önce
브금 리믹스까지 완벽하네요 ㄷㄷㄷ
@AnhHoang-kl7nb 9 aylar önce
Omg the Seek chase music is so awesome! This is like a chaotic dream :0
@LimeFTF_26763 9 aylar önce
This is the coolest animation i have ever seen! Keep up the good work Jeny!
@neelimarehil2210 6 aylar önce
You are a great animator. I wish I could make videos like this, but I can’t I don’t have a camera so keep making videos for us to watch. Thank you for your hard work.
@neelimarehil2210 6 aylar önce
Yeah, also, how did he get the crucifix?
@neelimarehil2210 6 aylar önce
Also, you should know where he got the crucifix
@TopcowA113 9 aylar önce
This is literally the best animator Roblox has ever seen. Insane!!
@Dean560 8 aylar önce
I love your videos .the animations are awesome good job. hope you continue your door animations😃😁
@Julianbedaking 8 aylar önce
your animations you make are literally a 1000/1000 for me
@WinsonYT69 8 aylar önce
you do realise that thats the same as 1/1 right?
@user-hm2ex8vp9y 9 aylar önce
@user-hm2ex8vp9y 9 aylar önce
Also meanwhile seek * just getting my walk of the day*
@SorusRNJrPlayz 9 aylar önce
The video gets even improved Well done ❤👌
@Alisson13X 7 aylar önce
When I say perfection, it's on that level. CONGRATULATIONS!
@user-myslaptome 9 aylar önce
와 진짜잘만드시네요
@HannahRose-pj1mx 8 aylar önce
VERY great animation, can't wait to see the next one!
@Aeroviation710 9 aylar önce
1:55 Yep that’s a 666
@kluh1312 9 aylar önce
This is so good! Keep up
@FunkyStuff01 9 aylar önce
Amazing as always! Jenny is improving a lot!
@user-dd4wd4dw6m 8 aylar önce
1:26 샹들리에 안 떨어지는 거 버그죠?
@ItzTee43 9 aylar önce
It gotta be real. Alan and Hyojin like each other
@Tr3Okaysir514 9 aylar önce
Seeing hoyjin slipping on the couch and making the banana peel slip sound got me laughing0:52
@BobtheDude228 9 aylar önce
@chandrikasharma7281 9 aylar önce
Yea same
@Gdflamey333 9 aylar önce
Amazing As always!
@ZookieLovesCookies 9 aylar önce
Bro this is so cool and after you complete them all do a compilation of doors like the old one
@kingdroid6203 8 aylar önce
I just love how cow just YEETS the crucifix at monsters, It just looks so funny to see a crucifix flying at a monster,
The details, the lights, everything is just amazing
@lins100s 9 aylar önce
Your videos are amazing and they give me more questions than answers
@AlphaCentauri035 9 aylar önce
노래 진짜 좋다.... 이거 노래 1시간 만들면 진짜 다 들을듯....
This is gotta be one of the best TRvid creations I’ve ever seen
@swayambro 9 aylar önce
Dude you deserve 2M subscribers man.
@BrownBall474 8 aylar önce
I love cow throwing a crucifix and this is the best roblox doors animation ever😮😮
@IHateLegendale 7 aylar önce
I love how you made the Physics in the animation different than the real doors cuz you make it realistic
Working together makes a dream team ;)
@Headphones_Cat623 9 aylar önce
와 시크전 웅장이 가슴해지는구먼
@Arabi985 9 aylar önce
@lqd3981 9 aylar önce
@EthanTSB 6 aylar önce
It’s crazy how in the darkest moments of content, games and channels can come out with massive W’s showing off their potential
@brownie12341 9 aylar önce
It's not long until 2 million!!!🎉 Congratulations!!😊
@IsBobGaming 9 aylar önce
When i watch ur video, i can hear my heart pounding. Ur vid is great!
@OneCopperPipe 9 aylar önce
This is clean! So excited for more!
@joo3414 9 aylar önce
0:17 Is that window, or a reflection? Jeny, if you’re reading this comment can you pls tell me what that is?
@Chubbles85 8 aylar önce
I think it's the glowing smiley face from the secret level...if you've seen the Seek song by gamingly, it has it on the window as well...hope I helped :)
@joo3414 8 aylar önce
@@Chubbles85 That seems like a description of window
@randeeyoung4670 8 aylar önce
Bro how ever you did this... its Amazing!
@AlienS_ugoma 9 aylar önce
Trust jeny to make the best seek animation on the planet 👏
@divyanshsethi5183 9 aylar önce
Finally I was waiting for another episode
@lswsjihouse7047 9 aylar önce
@SetNotFound 8 aylar önce
By 0:36 everyone has scared face’s except for that one guy Ik it’s his avatar but I think it’s funny
@Punyu_popnyang 8 aylar önce
Wow you did a great job I can't beat this skill
@5hixne 9 aylar önce
Bruh anytime Jeny uploads i swear it makes my day
@isaiahsbobo4366 8 aylar önce
I cant wait to see more doors animations and that 666 entity is something els i cant wait to see what happens i love your roblox animation vidos
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