SEC Shorts - New show teaches your kids about Blue Bloods that suck now

SEC Shorts
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6 Tem 2020




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Cameron Burris
Cameron Burris 21 saatler önce
I knew once he introduced what teams he was talking about he'd talk about Nebraska. I'm used to getting trashed on as a Huskers fan.
Seth Plays
Seth Plays Gün önce
As a Sooners fan, when Texas came up, that made me laugh.
Ben Baker
Ben Baker Gün önce
As a Tennessee fan I’m actually offended we aren’t in this. Miami should be too
Conscious Citizen
Conscious Citizen 4 gün önce
This has to be one of my favorite ones so far and 2021 ain't even over yet.
William Thompson
William Thompson 6 gün önce
Love it!!!
Taylor Chapman
Taylor Chapman 9 gün önce
This is amazing
Bamruff62 12 gün önce
Nebraska and a dumpster fire 🔥. Love it. Good one.
Boogie Board Sean
Boogie Board Sean 13 gün önce
I feel attacked…
TheBML2 13 gün önce
I see they never dig on Texas Tech because we do that ourselves
Thundarr The Barbarian
My kids watched this with me and thought it was an actual kids’ show.
Fred Leeland
Fred Leeland 15 gün önce
You can also add Texas A&M here They have the fanbase and media that'll make you think they're a top 5 team every year...yet they haven't even been close to a title since the 90s
Spencer james
Spencer james 16 gün önce
As a nebraska fan that has small kids that watch blippi this shit had me cracking up!😂
Sandra Bruce
Sandra Bruce 16 gün önce
Always a laugh, but Nebraska never ran the wishbone. Must be that SEC education! :-)
BenChi 18 gün önce
I love how savage SEC shorts is
First Last
First Last 18 gün önce
I miss OSU John Cooper going 0-10-1 against Michigan. Damn. How old am I?
Mitch !
Mitch ! 21 gün önce
Such an underrated TRvid channel.
Jon Pike
Jon Pike 22 gün önce
Nebraska getting beat by Iowa
norlens noel
norlens noel 23 gün önce
This was great!!
Radha K. Ugo
Radha K. Ugo 24 gün önce
They would legit have 10m subs if they had a kids channel.
RamblinRick 24 gün önce
I lived in Omaha, Ne. when Tom Osborne was coach of the Huskers. He was considered a Living God. I worked with Husker fans; if the Huskers lost on Saturday, you couldn't talk to these people on Monday. They were still pissed.
SlenderGingerGaming 26 gün önce
"I thought you were Troy" I went to Troy for a few years and this is gold! 😂
Hawkeye 27 gün önce
No Tennessee? USC or Florida State?
The Well Rounded Warrior
Listen here. I’ll tolerate your abuse of Tennessee, but Nebraska didn’t deserve that. Nice folks. Slow, and lacking talent, but nice.
Germanator 28 gün önce
How is Notre Dame on here they’re consistently good and have mad to New Years six bowls 7 times in the 2010’s
9gagerofl 29 gün önce
Hookem! Missed out on Tennessee, USC, Miami lol
Mathew Mckenna
Mathew Mckenna 29 gün önce
Glad they had the good graces not to include Army and Navy.
Zach Foster
Zach Foster Aylar önce
The Blippi cringe is real
Brian George
Brian George Aylar önce
Surprised no USC. Loaded I mean Loaded with talent each year, pre season ranked, and go no where
Reece Faircloth
Reece Faircloth Aylar önce
Need one for Miami
Joe Hanick
Joe Hanick Aylar önce
Duh Miami.
Skeeter Skoville
Skeeter Skoville Aylar önce
philbert53 Aylar önce
This list could get way longer. Tennessee, Miami, USC... If you want to go super old school, you could bring in SMU.
Jamie Lancaster
Jamie Lancaster Aylar önce
Where have you been Steve? Blue misses you!
Gregory Allen
Gregory Allen Aylar önce
Wow how did I miss this one about my michigan squad 😔
Logan Bopp
Logan Bopp Aylar önce
uhh nebraska didnt run wishbone but ight
MyBadd Adventures
MyBadd Adventures Aylar önce
Yea suck it Texas Horns down
Blindside Tactics
Blindside Tactics Aylar önce
Texas: Do you watch the longhorn network? 2025: No
Paul Nettles
Paul Nettles Aylar önce
You let FSU, Miami, and USC off the hook.
C.W. Bookout
C.W. Bookout Aylar önce
I didn't know that Ohio state beat Michigan 15 out of 16 times. Great video by the way.
Wolf Gaming Network
One of those times they were ranked 1 and 2
NorthOfWindsor Aylar önce
3:11 at least Michigan fans can count, unlike Blowhio fans 😂
Brendan Domzal
Brendan Domzal Aylar önce
Love the fact the Michigan is always given the L
Stephen Aylar önce
The dude playing blue is just funny as hell. On all these shorts. 😂
Kylorenz710 & Shadow
Its like they forget what the SEC was in the 90's hot trash all around but every dog has its day GBR
Adam Berendt
Adam Berendt Aylar önce
Poor Auburn, they arent even historic enough to be on this list....RTR!!!!
Adam Berendt
Adam Berendt Aylar önce
Blue can just build a mansion in Tennessee. RTR!!!
General Rendar
General Rendar Aylar önce
Straight savage!
Ryan Peck
Ryan Peck Aylar önce
Thanks for not including our poor Noles...Perpetual state of rebuilding for the past 10 years.. Yep!
The Voice of Reason
‘What are we doing here’ was not a question.
Rod Morgan
Rod Morgan Aylar önce
TonyStewartfan Aylar önce
What killed Nebraska was leaving the big 12
Caden Peterman
Caden Peterman Aylar önce
I was busy laughing at Texas, should’ve expected Michigan :(
Elijah Dilday
Elijah Dilday Aylar önce
Horns down
tj whitaker
tj whitaker Aylar önce
You forgot Tennessee
Bogg7 Zed
Bogg7 Zed Aylar önce
Been a Husker fan for over fifty years. That Nebraska one was funny!
Gary Lewis
Gary Lewis Aylar önce
Funny. There was a time in the early 2000s when Ala. could've been featured in a video like this.
Bill Lancaster
Bill Lancaster Aylar önce
I want to like these but I just hate that little dude.
Jazbo_14 Aylar önce
Why stop at 16? Keep going to 20.......you'd get 18
Bobby Ramsey
Bobby Ramsey Aylar önce
Pretty rich putting Texas in here. Since we have beat the SEC twice in recent bowl games lol.
Day12My Aylar önce
This guy could literally be the next host of Blue Clues.
hunterrgntr Aylar önce
That was cold putting Notre Dame in at the end( Being an ND fan that just crushed my heart!)
Randy McRae
Randy McRae Aylar önce
I thought you were Troy! 😂Go Trojans!
hale 1320
hale 1320 Aylar önce
How can Texas have a NFL budget and a high school record? Better not take the L against the worst sec team this week.
hale 1320
hale 1320 Aylar önce
@Ryan agreed! We will really see next week when they play A&M in Texas.
Vincent Spitzer
Vincent Spitzer Aylar önce
We need another episode of this
FawkesMuldarr Aylar önce
Ashley Meggan
Ashley Meggan Aylar önce
You should do more of these. My child legitimately liked it. He’s trying to learn more about college to football to understand why we were crying about UCLA last night.
Bojokowski Aylar önce
Pick on the sucky teams in the SEC to remain tolerable
Jay Anderson
Jay Anderson Aylar önce
The Texas part is even funnier now that they're joining
December 86
December 86 Aylar önce
Bwaahaahaaaaahaaaa Go Bucks!!!
Mark Niemeier
Mark Niemeier Aylar önce
Missing... Penn State Tennessee Miami USC Florida State Honorable Mention should go to Pitt and SMU
Salvatore Zagra
Salvatore Zagra Aylar önce
Besides a blip here and there Florida should be on here...add Florida St and Miami also....basically all of Florida is hot garbage
Kevin Bond
Kevin Bond Aylar önce
Where's Florida state?
Kevin Bond
Kevin Bond Aylar önce
Not really sure Notre Dame belongs, they almost always finish top 10.
Charles Murphy
Charles Murphy Aylar önce
The Greatest Wins in Michigan football history during the 21st Century. Alabama 38, Michigan State 0. Clemson 31, Ohio State 0. Clemson 29, Ohio State 23. Alabama 52, Ohio State 24. The BCS: Even if you beat Michigan head to head and finish tied or above them in the B1G conference standings, they get the BCS bowl bid. Not you. No other program received such preferential treatment. Ever...
dudedude949 Aylar önce
What about Tennessee, Auburn, and Arkansas??? Oh yeah that’s right you’re biased as F$&k!!!
Big Boss Man
Big Boss Man Aylar önce
Being a Blue blood is honestly what anyone’s own opinion, based off what they choose to put more emphasis on as being important !! My list is just simply the 12 FBS football programs that have 800 or more All-Time wins. Alabama, LSU, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Ohio St., Michigan, Penn St., USC & Notre Dame !! Auburn should be the next FBS football program to eclipse that 800 All-Time Wins mark !! Some will include Florida & Auburn, while others will list both Florida St. & Miami as being examples of post 1980 Blue Blood’s, while a lot of people don’t list them at all !!
river walker
river walker Aylar önce
Nebraska never ran a true "bone" offense. Power I with extremely talented TBs.Oklahoma Arkansas and Alabama were the premier wishbone teams of the 70s early 80s...just sayin
ted peters
ted peters Aylar önce
College football is a regional sport. Most of the country sees it as just one of many forms of entertainment. These shorts are actually more entertaining than sitting for four hours to catch only 12 minutes of action.
sully 2 aylar önce
I really thought Tennessee was going to be on the list but Im not sure they are blue bloods.
Allen Cartwright
Allen Cartwright 2 aylar önce
Husker fan here. Maybe next year we will turn it around. GBR!
Dallas Wood
Dallas Wood 2 aylar önce
I’m not a dame fan at all but they’ve fared a whole lot better than the other teams this video
Harrison Brown
Harrison Brown 2 aylar önce
I knew all the teams that would be in this video before I even watched it! Lol. (Well obviously I knew Nebraska due to thumbnail but the rest I had called!)
SomeLittleShoe 2 aylar önce
Michigan fan here. Completely deserved. Don't make me cry.
SSG US 2 aylar önce
Forgot USC
GlockMan945 2 aylar önce
This video would have cost $1MM 20 years ago. LMAO & RTR!
DavidVladimir 2 aylar önce
This might be the best one yet, especially with the dumpster fire.
Tim G
Tim G 2 aylar önce
Definitely. "Oh! I thought you were Troy!" 😂😂😂
Brandon M
Brandon M 2 aylar önce
Many likes from Nebraska
Cameron Lee
Cameron Lee 2 aylar önce
I know Im late but cannot believe FSU wasnt on here.
J Travler
J Travler 2 aylar önce
Bama broke Texas 7Jan2010. Texas hasn’t done anything since.
Brian 2 aylar önce
@J Travler “TCU lost their bowl game” As if that’s supposed to mean something? So did Texas. Are you seriously trying to claim that Moore Era Boise State was a bad loss? TCU played a team that literally hadn’t lost a game in 2 years, went undefeated for the 3rd time in 4 years, DEMOLISHED the Pac10 champion #7 Oregon that season (better than anyone Texas played all year) and went on to break the NCAA ALL TIME career record....oh and they only happened to be #1 in the country for total offense that season too What a bunch of scrubs right? Even the golden boy Colt McCoy couldn’t come close to Kellen Moore’s QB records. Literally outpaced him in every single category...... Even worse TCU wasn’t even supposed to play them by the terms for selection of teams to the BCS bowls.
Brian 2 aylar önce
@J Travler Overated yet literally beat higher ranked teams..... Also the MWC went 4-2 against the b12 that season.... Alabama would beg the differ considering why got absolutely destroyed by the MWC champion just the year prior.... Since 2000-2009 the MWC champion went 28-6 against the Power 5.... but their teams are just overrated? This includes 18 Top 25 wins...... In 2009 TCUs ranked wins were against #12 BYU, #18 Utah and #24 Clemson. The only other team BYU lost to was 7-6 Florida State, although they did beat Oklahoma by a similar margin as Texas that year.... BYU lost at home to TCU 38-7.... #18 Utah’s only other loses were to #12 BYU and #7 Oregon. TCU beat Utah 55-28.... UT beat #14 Nebraska and #25 Oklahoma State.... Nebraska’s other loses were: #10 VT, 9-5 Texas Tech and 7-6 Iowa State. Texas best then 13-12 Oklahoma State also lost to 10-4 UH, 8-5 Oklahoma (who again lost to BYU), #21 Ole Miss. Texas did destroy them 41-14.
J Travler
J Travler 2 aylar önce
​@Brian I have to disagree as did the BCS. I suspect you are referring to TCU. Their competition wasn’t the same quality. The MWC was overrated. Clemson had 5 losses, one to Maryland. TCU & UT’s one common opponent was basically the same score. TCU barely beat Air Force, and TCU lost their bowl game. The BCS didn’t think TCU was better or they would have played Bama. The 2009 final polls all had Texas higher in every poll.
Brian 2 aylar önce
Texas wasn’t even the best team in Texas that year.....
Cyber Athlete Gaming
Cyber Athlete Gaming 2 aylar önce
Appalachian State should have been mentioned during the Michigan portion. That would have made it perfect.
Gary Major
Gary Major 2 aylar önce
You forgot to include Tennessee.
Syed Ahmed
Syed Ahmed 2 aylar önce
Notre Dame has made the playoffs last couple years...sadly they don't count. I wish Miami and Tennessee were included.
SomeLittleShoe 2 aylar önce
Yeah, I don't know why Notre Dame was in there either.
LSU 19
LSU 19 2 aylar önce
What's "The Longhorn Network?"
Tim Russell
Tim Russell 2 aylar önce
The Texas Oklahoma dig is really ironic now isn’t it.
ProBro 2 aylar önce
“Will you help me count all the L’s against Ohio State” 😂😂😂 I’m not even a fan of either team and that had me dying
Terry Brunk
Terry Brunk 3 aylar önce
Tennessee,Texas & Nebraska still laying low for another 10 yrs.
Caleb Holliman
Caleb Holliman 3 aylar önce
That Texas segment though 😂🤣
1ManManyThings 3 aylar önce
As a nebraska fan, i loved it. But it was still brutal to watch. So So Brutal
John Fahrer
John Fahrer 3 aylar önce
Nebraska never ran the wishbone. Option was an element of the offense that was primarily out of the I formation but never a true triple option. It was there to supplement power running and play action passing
ArrowJ Smith
ArrowJ Smith 3 aylar önce
Nebraska is a dumpster FIRE. Troy from BAMA beat them at their house. Neb wants BAMA. LMAO
Stevan Boyd
Stevan Boyd 3 aylar önce
Zero probations ever. Good facilities. Lincoln is a great town. Yet, Nebraska can't even recruit in state anymore. Somehow, I knew my alma mater would be the first one on the list.
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