Seattle Sounders FC vs. New York Red Bulls | Late Goals AND Early Goals! | HIGHLIGHTS

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Nicolas Lodeiro and the Seattle Sounders look to move closer towards securing a home playoff game as they host the New York Red Bulls in Week 28 of the MLS Regular Season.
Lineups: matchcenter.mlssoccer.com/matchcenter/2019-09-15-seattle-sounders-fc-vs-new-york-red-bulls/lineup




15 Sep 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Dalton Webster
Dalton Webster Aylar önce
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 *how much excitement there is* 0:55 🔥🖤 👇👇👇👇🔥
MArcel Shepard
MArcel Shepard 2 aylar önce
I was there
Andy King
Andy King 8 aylar önce
Congratulations Seattle ♥♥
Merle Thies
Merle Thies 8 aylar önce
New redbulls fan here. I think this game was closer than it seemed just a couple good goaly defense plays and it would have tied. I like redbulls goaly but this game he made some bad moves.
salman Khan
salman Khan 8 aylar önce
Merle Thies Boss who 2 can score goal in today's match vs Portland??
Juan Ramirez Gonzalez
Juan Ramirez Gonzalez 8 aylar önce
Leipzig ?
cláudio bicalho
cláudio bicalho 8 aylar önce
Yeeeeeeeea Nice victory I'm a Sounders supporter from Brasil.
Emma Snavely
Emma Snavely 8 aylar önce
Whoever is writing these video titles is rly going off
MrMikemontei 8 aylar önce
I try not to read the title
Nyaniko Chan
Nyaniko Chan 8 aylar önce
That last goal though, needed VAR of course, but dear goodness 4 attackers behind the defensive line with only two close behind. Have to imagine Robles shock and fear at seeing 4 players with the ball headed directly for him.
D Akers
D Akers 8 aylar önce
I love how Nico quickly pointed to Morris and gathered everyone around Morris to celebrate the assist. When I coached youth soccer, I always emphasized that anyone can score goals, its the player who gives the extra effort to get the ball in (and that was a spectacular assist by Morris on the Sounders second goal) to the goal box that allows the attacking forwards to finish the job. A great win, and a fantastic teaching moment.
Adam Dennis
Adam Dennis 8 aylar önce
A diving header assist for a goal!!!! Best play I have ever seen!!!! Shower him in roses.
TheOSH170 8 aylar önce
Frei is sooooooooo bad
J L 8 aylar önce
TheOSH170 prove it
Sourish Saha
Sourish Saha 8 aylar önce
the second goal was amazing coordination
killercaos123 8 aylar önce
The highlights on the Sounders channel are blocked. WTF?????
mantis1s1k 8 aylar önce
Patience is a virtue, look again.
David Radu
David Radu 8 aylar önce
Ya wtf is going on?
Raul Tomaylla Leguia
Raul Tomaylla Leguia 8 aylar önce
Good match, good result, this is the way, figth with heart, GO SOUNDERS.
Owen Maurer
Owen Maurer 8 aylar önce
Anyone else at the game?
Daniel Kay
Daniel Kay 8 aylar önce
Red Bull is a joke
Mario Reviews
Mario Reviews 8 aylar önce
I was there yesterday
Fishy Boi
Fishy Boi 8 aylar önce
Owen Maurer I was just got back
Luis Flores
Luis Flores 8 aylar önce
NY went from playoff contenders to stomping grounds. 😒
Swimfan72 8 aylar önce
Keep your stupid Antifa posters out of our game
Michael Kleyn
Michael Kleyn 8 aylar önce
All those fans so disoponted 😐😐😐
Michael Kleyn
Michael Kleyn 8 aylar önce
@Adrian Guzman how what? I'm not sure what the conversation was or how that post came under my name.
Adrian Guzman
Adrian Guzman 8 aylar önce
Michael Kleyn how?
Rayyan Qureshi
Rayyan Qureshi 8 aylar önce
Atlanta and Red Bulls both lost their games through own goals, I love it
Cole Graham
Cole Graham 8 aylar önce
Portland did as well
mantis1s1k 8 aylar önce
Still woulda been 3-2 without the own goal... but it *is* rather hilarious.
Diogenes of Seattle
Diogenes of Seattle 8 aylar önce
I still miss Chad Marshall.
Flaming Basketball Club
Nice to see NYRB losing
Emmauel Benoit
Emmauel Benoit 8 aylar önce
Chamberlain Achilihu
Chamberlain Achilihu 8 aylar önce
Seattle will definitely wins championship for real. They organized
Abdullahi Mohamed
Abdullahi Mohamed 8 aylar önce
@Fishy Boi he's trash too
Fishy Boi
Fishy Boi 8 aylar önce
Defense trash except Kim Kee Hee
Abdullahi Mohamed
Abdullahi Mohamed 8 aylar önce
The front is amazing but Seattle's back is not good at all. Especially the CBs
carella211 8 aylar önce
I don't know about our backline. Our defending isn't good enough.
Chamberlain Achilihu
Chamberlain Achilihu 8 aylar önce
Seattle wins championship
Chamberlain Achilihu
Chamberlain Achilihu 8 aylar önce
Paarth Singh
Paarth Singh 8 aylar önce
you can be for fascism or against it there is no in between, its your move MLS.
Jon AmRhein
Jon AmRhein 8 aylar önce
@ratedpending (please don't sue me) doesn't mean politics should be in sports though. The MLS is against facism they just want a politically free stadium environment.
ratedpending (please don't sue me)
@Dean Miller fascism is a pretty objectively bad thing though
Dean Miller
Dean Miller 8 aylar önce
What a ridiculous statement! So the whole world comes down to this... "you're either with us, or you're against us?" 🙄🤣🙆🏾‍♂️🤷‍♀️🤦‍♂️
mantis1s1k 8 aylar önce
ooooooooh you showed them.
Safari-CR7 8 aylar önce
The match was fixed...Rigged for money.
B Tree
B Tree 8 aylar önce
Talent is rigged?
Adrian Guzman
Adrian Guzman 8 aylar önce
Safari-CR7 how?
Ivann Zavala
Ivann Zavala 8 aylar önce
Sounders is on Fire
B Tree
B Tree 8 aylar önce
@UW 1999 they lost to Colorado because alot of there players were on international duties
mantis1s1k 8 aylar önce
@UW 1999 *did* beat LA though and *unsurprisingly* lost to Colorado (who also beat LA this week) while 7 starters and 3 bench players were on international duty (good luck finding any team in the league who could lose more than half of their 1st team and put on a decent showing). I don't know that I'd say they're on fire either, but they certainly looked good today.
Adrian Guzman
Adrian Guzman 8 aylar önce
UW 1999 there in second place
UW 1999
UW 1999 8 aylar önce
On fire!!! Really! They lost to Colorado few days ago and barely beat LA 🤣
Juan Carlos
Juan Carlos 8 aylar önce
¡El arquero de Seattle Sounders es un incapaz absoluto!
Ryan Witt
Ryan Witt 8 aylar önce
Cancel ecs. The “brougham faithful” are more faithful to their moral preening
Andrew Chandler
Andrew Chandler 8 aylar önce
Stop saying anything about the game in the title. I know you want to, but stop it.
Caitlynne Haworth
Caitlynne Haworth 8 aylar önce
WanderingSkunk 8 aylar önce
Andrew Chandler Seconded.
Mason Plays Roblox
Mason Plays Roblox 8 aylar önce
What is going on to Robles he is going up and down on form
Iannoose n.
Iannoose n. 8 aylar önce
There was no goal that he was expected to save? He cant be the best player on the field EVERY game lol
3Speedboy 8 aylar önce
🡗 🡗 🡗
Mr. BunnyWabbit
Mr. BunnyWabbit 8 aylar önce
Were the ECS protesting or something why was that area empty?
mantis1s1k 8 aylar önce
@ji jindeski kanakua That explains why they won't let me bring in my metal coffee mug too i guess =(
ji jindeski kanakua
ji jindeski kanakua 8 aylar önce
@mantis1s1k I think that's because it's literally a weapon buddy
mantis1s1k 8 aylar önce
@ji jindeski kanakua I use my knife for all sorts of things. I open packages with it, cut tags off clothing, clean under my nails sometimes, I can even use the spine as a flat-head screwdriver if needed. One never knows what a simple pocketknife will be useful for, but it's useful for a lot of things. I can carry it with me pretty much anywhere by state and federal law, but MLS continues to oppress my right to carry it in the stadium.
ji jindeski kanakua
ji jindeski kanakua 8 aylar önce
@mantis1s1k why do you need a knife in the stadium?
mantis1s1k 8 aylar önce
@ji jindeski kanakua I don't want to bring a weapon, I want to bring the tool I carry in my back pocket every day.
Joshua Simmons
Joshua Simmons 8 aylar önce
Can someone explain to me why Seattle's attendance seems to be decreasing by the year?
mantis1s1k 8 aylar önce
Average attendance by year: '09 - 31,203 '10 - 36,173 '11 - 38,496 '12 - 43,144 '13 - 44,038 '14 - 43,734 '15 - 44,247 '16 - 42,636 '17 - 43,666 '18 - 40,641 '19 through week 27 - 40,104 I wouldn't exactly say it's decreasing so much as tipping around a balancing point. Fantastic seasons will see a slight increase, not so great seasons will see a slight decrease, but it hasn't wavered more than a couple thousand from the 42,000 mark since 2012... so I'd say they're doing just fine.
Ivann Zavala
Ivann Zavala 8 aylar önce
I don't why you always answered every game of the MLS
Dean Miller
Dean Miller 8 aylar önce
Plus the fact that the "supporters" groups are now basically self identifying as "antifa" as in... Portland... as in communistas.. as in puke, barf, blah.. Until soccer becomes sport again and not politics I'm staying away.
ciaran devaney
ciaran devaney 8 aylar önce
The hype is over , soccer< americanized sports
27DJMA 8 aylar önce
Yeah that's a good question. It could be a natural ebb and flow and will trend back up later, it could be not having a near-household-name like Dempsey, or it could be how streaky we've been in the last 4 years.
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