Season 1 Episode 7 Preview | House of the Dragon (HBO)

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24 Eyl 2022




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Jacob -
Emma and Olivia really injected Alicent and Rhaenyra with the maturity and bitterness that their characters required ten years later. Outstanding performances.
The part where Rhaenyra says "Now they see you as you are" gave me epic spinal chills.
When you're watching a show that mostly consist of dialogues and you don't want it to end, then you know it's an epic show.
Amina A
Episode 6 is a masterpiece indeed. I love the idea of it, everyone in this episode doing everything to protect their children. Viseris is wishfully blind to his daughter sins; Alisent is paranoid and fearful for her children; Strong is doing an honourable thing because of his son and literally dies with him for his sins; Rhaenira defends her children and moves to the Dragonstone... And Larys Strong says to it all: children are weakness. And he is right. Everything is about them, this is a natural order of life. All of them had made mistakes in sake of their children. And the war will be started because of them. Because of love.
Hakeem Perring
What a seamless transition of cast, this show just builds and builds. Absolutely incredible.
Maria Danila
The birth scene shows the difference between each brother and their love and respect for their wives. They were both faced with the same decision, and while viserys choose his son over his wife, daemon said no to the doctor, and let laena choose her own faith.
Jordan Jones
Laena told Daemon she knew she wasn’t the one he wanted but I think Daemon truly loved and respected her more than he was willing to let on. His actions proved that: He was willing to stay in Pentos away from Westeros content with Laena, his two daughters , his unborn child and his books. He didn’t seem to be annoyed with her outside of her desire to go back to Westeros.
Eric Uy
I swear every episode just keeps getting better and better. Let this never end please.
The director, writers and everyone involved are doing their hardest to please the viewers and it’s working. What a great episode. True to its legacy. As sad as it was to see Harwin die, I am glad plot armour isn’t a thing. We got to know this man for one episode, fell in love and had him ripped from us in true GoT fashion. HoTD is going places.
Canadian Raven
I cried as Laena asked to be burned and the scene shifted into Harwin's leaving and eventual death... wow. Couldn't keep it in. That was powerful, emotional, sad. Evocative. What an episode.
Mehnaz Aysha
'Someone stole Vhagar'! Man, the scene, where Aemond is mocked by Aegon and his cousins about how he still has not bonded with any dragons yet, is so powerful because soon he'll be the rider of the largest dragon in Westeros. This scene is such a parallel portrayal of the chapter in the books where Maegor Targaryen was teased by Alyssa Velaryon about how even his niece, Rhaena Targaryen is riding the dragon, Dreamfyre now but he cannot. Maegor there answers shrewdly that there is only one dragon worth riding by him which later turns out to be the Black Dread, Balerion. Be careful when teasing a Targaryen about dragons!
That first scene of Rhaenyra giving birth, all in one shot, was phenomenal. I was one who truly dreaded the leave of Milly and Emily, but Emma and Olivia indeed showed us why they were cast as the lead actresses.
Kenda Wyatt
Honestly I was shocked by the child birth scene the most! The authenticity behind the whole experience….. the one small details in that whole scene was crazy. The after birth and her leaving trail of blood from just delivering her son.
luc honey
I know Emma is great but can we take a minute to appreciate Olivia's performance I episode 6. Every single time Allicent was on screen, I was hooked. Olivia captured Allicent perfectly and has already solidified her as a character who I will definitely love to hate. So good.
Emma D’arcy’s voice is really unique. It has a sense of calm even when there is rage under her tone. Which tbh is quite scary. I think she did great justice to the character of Rhynaera. Olivia cooke is also great. Now I am waiting for Daemon and Rhynaera to meet and become unbeatable together. Lady laena is dead and Laenor will probably die sooner or later and Harwin is already dead so the path for Daemon and Rhynaera is clear. I can’t wait for these two to ride their dragons and wreak havoc lol.
Carmilla Ansaac
Rhaenyra proposing his son to marry her daughter someday was literally so pure. She really wanted to fix things with her ex best friend, despite everything 🖤
If I were Alicent I would be f-king scary to have Larys "on my side". A guy that did that to his own family wouldn't think twice to discard her and her children more easily.
The fact that the book provides multiple differing accounts to certain key events definitely played in the show's favour in terms of what happened at the end of the episode. It's also great how they manage to weave all these disparate elements together.
Lekzin Tshering
Larys Strongs monologue at the end of episode 6 gave me goosebumps......Littlefinger would be proud
They lived up to what they teach in great writing where 'show don't tell'
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