Sean Rii & Jenieo - Jealousy 

Sean Rii
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Song Jealousy Finally get to release produced at Breakin Records
produced by Sean Rii
The Song Jealousy will be release under the Risky Mix Tape.
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17 May 2022




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Henry Karukuru
Henry Karukuru Yıl önce
Sean Rii, I just want you to know that you have our support always. I feel guilty I have to listen to this song even tho you didn't get to reach 100,000. But it goes to show you care about your fans more than numbers. And we respect that. Much love brother. If you ever sell your music, I'll buy it coz you deserve it. Respect🙏🏽❤
Repent or you will likewise perish.
Repent to Jesus Christ “And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.” ‭‭Philippians‬ ‭4:19‬ ‭NIV‬‬ ht
Palamaopa Yıl önce
He does sell his music. iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, etc. Just buy it.
Freelance Media
Freelance Media Yıl önce
Tranding #7. Best artist. Putting the Pacific on the next level. Congrats to you and your team. Best vocals ever Sean Rii🇵🇬
couu alis
couu alis 11 aylar önce
The only problem this song has is it ends!!! Sean Rii never disappoints 💯
Jay1 Walaka
Jay1 Walaka Yıl önce
Y'all can't deny that this song hits different when you going through something. Thanks Sean Rii🔥🔥💯
Geoff T Frank
Geoff T Frank Yıl önce
Sean Rii doesn’t disappoint at all. Another great hit bro. Love from Auckland, NZ ❤️
Susana Senikake Keni
Absolutely love your work Sean! My partner and I couldn't wait for the day this song was released. It's been stuck on replay ever since 😍🤙🏼 #blessup
Marvin Vincent
Marvin Vincent Yıl önce
Some people don't see and think about how hard you worked on putting together a song like this, they should be supportive and patient with your decision on when to release this song, but instead they just ruined everything. Keep grinding bro, do you🔥 you truly are an amazing artist, and a role model to some upcoming artists, hope you reach your goals in your music career🥃
Repent or you will likewise perish.
Repent to Jesus Christ “And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.” ‭‭Philippians‬ ‭4:19‬ ‭NIV‬‬
Greg Ori
Greg Ori Yıl önce
I just wanna say. I was waiting for you to release it. I didn't want to get the unofficial one. You're a afro pop legend.💗 Sorry you were forced to release it 💗 Your loyal fans are still here Sean.
Kylie Tovosia
Kylie Tovosia Yıl önce
SAme here. Some friends sent it to me last night but I listened to it here.
K Yıl önce
Giluwe Ice
Giluwe Ice 9 aylar önce
Exacty, this one and the "Pipia Man Music"
Anslem Misikaram
Anslem Misikaram 3 aylar önce
Hats off to this young man for coming up with awesome tunes
Emma Novita
Emma Novita Yıl önce
Never disappoints us 🙌🏾🙌🏾, keep ‘em coming. God bless you, brother 🙌🏾❤️
Leeroy Tova
Leeroy Tova Yıl önce
To sing is talent. To produce song is talent....But to do both in this level is musical genius. Keep going sean rii
couu alis
couu alis 11 aylar önce
Finally ! Keep making good music 💯🔥 You got fans supporting you.
BiiKay Yıl önce
With a talent like this I'm sure he genuinely deserves 100K subs. Kudos to you wantok from S.I. 🇵🇬🇸🇧
NK Yıl önce
Yes Sir👍☺️
Elijah Digal
Elijah Digal 11 aylar önce
On fire. Love your music. Still producing the best.
ShiftPNG Yıl önce
Yep another Sean Rii hit. Appreciate this mans consistency and grind. Hits every year since 2014 🔥
j bill
j bill Yıl önce
Sean rii going to the top with or without ,on that grind and releasing bangers consistently..So underated talent needs more recognition
kerepa yalo
kerepa yalo Yıl önce
Thank you Sean RII you continue to amaze people of PNG and the rest of the world with your talent and type of music you produce. Appreciate your work continue to do what you do best Barata!!!
Josh Laino
Josh Laino Yıl önce
Hi Sean Rii, Thank you for influencing PNG Music 🙌 Btw, this song fire tho 🔥 and thanks for all the hard work you put behind the scenes into getting tracks like this to us 🙏👍🔥
Ven Muziik
Ven Muziik 11 aylar önce
SEAN RII YOU HAVE MY RESPECT 👏. You never complaint but always making hits after hits. The pacific people owes you your respect 👏. One love from Vanuatu 🇻🇺. This guy Sean Rii never miss #BreakinRecords💯🎼🤟
ThePrincezzG Yıl önce
Pure talent. Sorry this had leaked before you released this. Keep shining.
James Kay Korerua
Still the best
Ray Dat1
Ray Dat1 Yıl önce
Song literally been on Fiji's TRvid trending list in for a couple days now thought it was a glitch but it's actually legit. First time I've seen a Solomon Island artist do this 🔥🔥🔥
sinthia Yıl önce
People won't support your grind but will use your music lo drink spak na kwap raun. I don't know if you meant to upload this despite not having reached your goal of 100K subscribers but you'll get there eventually. Keep making great music!!
Travis Staines
Travis Staines Yıl önce
I don't get what was so hard about just coming here and hitting that subscribe button. People won't support your grind, but still share your music around like you didn't put in any effort to create it. Love your music G, keep em coming 💯 and sorry that other channels couldn't be respectful and at least let you reach your goal of subscribers. Attention seeking with someone else's content. Do you tho, fire mangi 🔥
Wilz Stevenson
Wilz Stevenson Yıl önce
well stated bro..
Prims Ugulu
Prims Ugulu Yıl önce
There are 42k views already but it seemed too difficult to hit the subscribe button.
Christine G
Christine G Yıl önce
Caleb Kofana
Caleb Kofana Yıl önce
Straight up😌
Krissy Ronuc
Krissy Ronuc Yıl önce
Period 💯
Stewrd Yıl önce
like it or not, this guy is the best in the South Pacific🥶💯
YaSaWa Yıl önce
Wow you’re still on trending Sean even after almost 2 weeks🙌Number 29 Trending in Fiji💙
couu alis
couu alis 11 aylar önce
With a talent like this I'm sure he genuinely deserves 100K subs. Kudos to you wantok from S.I. 🇵🇬🇸🇧
Thank you Sean Rii for Officially releasing this song on my Sons 7th Birthday. Happy Birthday Adrian 🍻🎉🎊
Abram VI
Abram VI Yıl önce
The only problem this song has is it ends!!! Sean Rii never disappoints 💯
Julie Maria
Julie Maria Yıl önce
Putim lo repeat nomoa na bradi 😂
Tino Kaomae
Tino Kaomae Yıl önce
Turu ya kalulu 🤣🤣
Abram VI
Abram VI Yıl önce
@Tino Kaomae 😆 Meet lo 711 na haha
Sandrø Music
Sandrø Music Yıl önce
What I admire about Sean Rii is that he produces his own fire 🎶 beats ..Chu good..!
Giss Mboee
Giss Mboee Yıl önce
I don't know if you release this on good terms in giving your fans what they want despite not reaching the 100k subscribers target or you are forced to release it after some people posted it first on their TRvid channel before official release . Whatever your reason I respect you and I am sorry you didn't reach your 100k subscribers target and you will get it💯. Keep grinding and give us more good music 🤙🏽🇸🇧.
Kerelee Baxton
Kerelee Baxton Yıl önce
Your comment didn't make sense.
Giss Mboee
Giss Mboee Yıl önce
@Kerelee it would if you have been following his music and know that someone posted the song first hours before Sean Rii released it.
waramelen Yıl önce
He was definitely forced to release it because it was leaked. kinda sucks for him.
Rockson Ekotani
Rockson Ekotani Yıl önce
If u lo Homeland blo u solo 🇸🇧 bah no any one leak outm song yah rii.
Travis Anison
Travis Anison Yıl önce
He already has 1000k he said he needs 100k😂
NINA Studio
NINA Studio Yıl önce
Congratulations Rii on never stop producing music and keep moving up. I heard there are also haters out there but there is no point looking back. You have worked so hard to come this far. I remember how you spend all those sleepless nights in your room learning every possible skills to do music while everyone are enjoying their young lives. You sacrifice a lot to be where you are and you earn my respect. I have seen you grow and it is very inspiring to see your fine accomplishments over the years. I'm so looking forward to make a video documentary of your story. Take care brother and keep up the good work. Wams.
Dale Saluap
Dale Saluap Yıl önce
Love it and Keep your head up high and continue to produce more songs !!! You have your fans - we are here for you !!!
Elissandra Silva
Elissandra Silva 2 aylar önce
Sean rii canta muito
+677 Bwoy
+677 Bwoy Yıl önce
Bro thank you for another great hit! You never disappoint us your fans 💚. You have come a long way from your humble beginnings to now. People should appreciate that. Thanks for paving the way forward for Solo music. 🇸🇧💚💯
Aluson Tulia
Aluson Tulia Yıl önce
This is a masterpiece. Love this song!🙏❤. Sorry for not reaching 100k subcribers before you release the song. Maybe you are forced to do so. But I know you'll still make it . It is so frustrating to see people expecting good music but not simply subscribing. Anyways, bro keep 'em coming and stay blessed. Your #1 fan, Peace🙏😎
Richie Simata
Richie Simata 4 aylar önce
Seanrii ....still can't even dissapoint us with this hit .best n nice groovy vibe 🙌.🙏👏👏
Mr Gasto
Mr Gasto Yıl önce
Sean Rii never fails to impress me 🔥💯🍻🇻🇺
Kelcy Noah
Kelcy Noah Yıl önce
Keep Climbing brother 💯 You Never Fail in Every Music You Serve. Much Love Stay Humble and Blessed 💚🖤🤍💙 🙏🏽
Ask to seduce Miss
Hi Sean Rii, Thank you for influencing PNG Music Btw, this song fire tho and thanks for all the hard work you put behind the scenes into getting tracks like this to us
Nathan J Goma
Nathan J Goma Yıl önce
This song needs to trend..Sean Rii don't disappoint...
Zina Fefera
Zina Fefera Yıl önce
Production of the track and the arrangement of the vocals is lit!
Jerry Dea
Jerry Dea Yıl önce
Thank you for releasing it Sean Rii🔥🔥🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
Kaupa Kia
Kaupa Kia 8 aylar önce
Truly a beautiful song..pleasing to hear. Sweet melody
The Matrix
The Matrix Yıl önce
Nice vibes as always squad. Keep your stuff lit🔥. Can I request an acapella? I'm sure the producer community would agree. Depends on your sponsors and endorsers. Cheers
Thimothy Leo
Thimothy Leo Yıl önce
Every time you release new song you blow it .Love the song and I'm hoping you will release more best music as you always do... #PNG big fan
Mr. Deli Shoes
Mr. Deli Shoes Yıl önce
I'm a Filipino in Papua New Guinea 🇵🇬 and I am your fan and I love this song 🎵. All Sean Rii songs. I just subscribed to your Channel and also hit the ALL notification bell button. Keep it up mate!
Joanna Yıl önce
Finally ! Keep making good music 💯🔥 You got fans supporting you.
I need this on Spotify!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥💯
TrevorMike Yıl önce
I support your grind SeanRii. I'm subscribing. This song is fucking awesome.🤘
Unanimous NHJPingin
Keep them sweet tunes coming @SeanRii!! God bless you!
Lyndon Laga
Lyndon Laga Yıl önce
Sean Rii never disappoints 👑💯
CocoChillo Yıl önce
I dont know what to say. Sorry my brother😔 You deserve more than this. First of all, writing down a song and producing it takes time. I mean alot of time just to deliver a 3mins + song. He was simply just asking for 100K subscribers and not your money or opinion. We have been downloading he's songs ever since Dezine was introduced into the music industry of Solomon Island then PNG and then the Pacific for FREE.😑 So lets all appreciate someones effort and hard work. To the person that leaked the song you should be ashamed of yourself. Barata Sean Rii sore turu❤ You'll get your 100K soon❤😔
Rtouch Music
Rtouch Music Yıl önce
im speechless ..this song hits different..as always sean rii..u da best..#ISLANDRYTHM 😘🥰
Joanna Yıl önce
Never disappoints us , keep ‘em coming. God bless you, brother
Shekela Farmer
Shekela Farmer Yıl önce
Beautiful singing voices; of listed as Sean Rii and Jeniero, blends in right nice to the 🎵 🎵 🎵 music of the 🎵 musical joint. ↗👌
eroi bior
eroi bior Yıl önce
Finally ! Keep making good music You got fans supporting you.
Ruby Pauria
Ruby Pauria Yıl önce
As a fan, I deserve to know the lyrics of this amazing song! 🔥😂
Shadrach Bunei
Shadrach Bunei Yıl önce
Starfire 11 aylar önce
It’s really just about a relationship on the rocks
Cheche Yapen
Cheche Yapen Yıl önce
I was honestly and genuinely waiting for him to reach 100k target, because for some of us who really adore and appreciate his music we really want to help in any we can. You don't pay to listen to his music so the least you can do is give your support. Even though the song was leaked I was loyal and waited for him to release it himself before I heard it for the for the first time. Xoxo😭❤ Your loyal fan
The Socdem Wolf
The Socdem Wolf Yıl önce
Great song relaxing beat, good vocals, and solid lyrics. Subscribed such an underrated artist good to see you on trending. 🔥🔥🔥
jr. Gairo Enara
jr. Gairo Enara Yıl önce
Just subscribed, thanks for the hard work you are puting into producing fine work. 💯 Stap wantaim you Mangi🇵🇬🇸🇧
Jodie Tandawai
Jodie Tandawai Yıl önce
We appreciate you!! Keep on making more 🎶🔥🔥🔥
MazaDii Yıl önce
Sucks that other channels released the song before you did and you didn’t get the 100K yet. Otherwise, thank you for making this masterpiece and hopefully with the release of this song, you can get the 100K.
Leonard Andrew PRIMAL Capital Fitness 675
You deserve 100k plus Sean. We are blessed your talent is in our generation. Keep up the great work wantok
Eferemo Christopher Kubunavanua
Too good my Wantok. This hit has been on replay. Keep it coming
aliss liou
aliss liou Yıl önce
so frustrating to see people expecting good music but not simply subscribing. Anyways, bro keep 'em coming and stay blessed. Your #1 fan, Peace🙏😎
Tozzin West Official
Fire one 🔥 Keep it coming brother ❤🎵🎶🎼🔥
Ms Chè
Ms Chè Yıl önce
Another Masterpiece. Loved it! MUCH LOVE From GERMANY ❤️🤍💙
𝓑𝓪𝓴𝓪- 𝓐𝓻𝓮𝓴𝓪 - 𝓜𝓮𝓭𝓲𝓪
You nail it bro 🎵🔥🔥🎶🥰
Samantha Tinol
Samantha Tinol Yıl önce
I dont know why it was so hard for people to bring their stupid butts here and hit the subscribe button. And I'm truly sorry if you were forced to release this masterpiece. But some of us, your die hard fans didn't get it from people or other channels. We waited till you officially released it. So we are still here for you, we love you and keep blowing our minds. And thank you for this song it's fire. 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Mosmuscle Yıl önce
Beautiful, we appreciate you sean.
Fyahres Music
Fyahres Music Yıl önce
Another fire track by the man himself!
Anthony Wamena20165064
This song is Fire🔥❤️ don't understand why people would release it elsewhere and feed off from your hardwork. Keep doing what you do, you are a master in your art and your goal will eventually be achieved. ❤️❤️❤️ subscriber since 2020 na ba mipla supportim music blo u yet bro 🙌
Fiona Mel
Fiona Mel Yıl önce
Listening to your Songs reminds me about my Big sister who passed away 🥺. Keep em comin mann you are too good 🔥🥳.
Dope bro ☺️ Love that song 🎶🔂
Caroline Maria
Caroline Maria Yıl önce
Killed it 🔥👌
Beryl Teddy
Beryl Teddy Yıl önce
Daddy Sean too good you are. Thank your for another great song! Bara honest you have our support. All others can do is complain but can't even set the benchmark. #BananaBoy5Ever #SeanRiiOndop
slida emif
slida emif 11 aylar önce
Wow you’re still on trending Sean even after almost 2 weeksNumber 29 Trending in Fiji
AWONG PNG Yıl önce
Fire🔥🎶.. Well done Bro keep them commin💯
Nesta Tylor
Nesta Tylor Yıl önce
Need this on Spotify asap 😂😂
Christopher Kais
Christopher Kais Yıl önce
Bro you need to put this on Spotify too 🙏😭
Hendra Solossa
Hendra Solossa 11 aylar önce
lexx Yıl önce
Listening to this song on repeat here on YT only. 🤧❤ Guys like and share the video to support! The least y'all can do is help get the views up 🥺❤ Love you Sean Rii ❤
Marika Turagabeci
This song has already makes us single people go heart broken. ❤️
Georgia Petra Renagi
Honestly 😞
amori leweni
amori leweni Yıl önce
My guy, this hits different when you drive at night time 🌃..💙
Daggz Yıl önce
This one is pure fire brada Sean. Boys lo Choi Jammin nma ya.
Grace Ah-Wong
Grace Ah-Wong Yıl önce
Love it !!
Ramrakha Talasasa
Fly high above all talks Seanii..keep the faith.
G_kal Yıl önce
This song will hit 🔥🔥❤❤
Sarah Sagiba
Sarah Sagiba 2 aylar önce
I haven't listened this song for long time ❤ Sean Rii your great you can read people's hearts 😢 why I don't have a boyfriend why worry know 😅😅😅
Kassi Sky Nation
Kassi Sky Nation Yıl önce
72K subs is still no match for talent Sean...the world needs to hear you🧡🧡✊✊
Kelly Vasu
Kelly Vasu Yıl önce
Keep grinding brother....I always enjoy ur music....love from Fiji🏝
Lukepac Shakur👑
Sean Rii never disappointed his fans❤️🥰thank you banana boy🤍😇🔥🔥 Love from west papua🇨🇺🇨🇺 we are melanesian🔥❤️
Bella lesley
Bella lesley Yıl önce
Loving this song much, thankyou ☺☺😌😌
Abraham Hipom
Abraham Hipom Yıl önce
Congratulations bro🎉💯 You're trending 😎♥️ One love ✌️
Maba Sariman
Maba Sariman Yıl önce
This Song is fire bro . Love it❤️
Annalisa Warupi
Annalisa Warupi Yıl önce
Love it!😍💯
Eliaki Ebu
Eliaki Ebu Yıl önce
Seanrii power mangii🔥👑🎶.. keep them songs coming 🎉🔥
MMA PNG 9 aylar önce
Guys lessgo hit that Sub button sean rii really be producing next level stuff 🤩🤙✊✊✊
Veron Kouba
Veron Kouba Yıl önce
Keep produce lit music.....🔥
Takasipo Bui
Takasipo Bui Yıl önce
U just make it well up ... Maybe world would know you are also Unique with afro mix island music... much love from us 🇸🇧... Please take us to number 1 as Dmp .... We always support ... Go seanrii Go...
Tom Yıl önce
To the incredible person seeing this, I wish you all the best in life, don't ever blame yourself, accept things and go forward. Don't let others define what “success” is for you. Get up, learn the skills needed and go after it, all the keys to a happy life are in your hands. Keep pushing. - Tom’s Audio Show
Danny Molek
Danny Molek Yıl önce
Bro, at this moment of writing this comment this is '#7 on Trending"! Keep grinding bro🔥🔥🔥
Stewrd Yıl önce
it was #3 earlier today
Jalyne inskip Jalyne inskip
I fucking love this song,,,Sean Rii 👌🔥💯💯♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️❤️