Sean Rii _ Feat. J- Liko + Jenieo & Funky - Tiola [ Official Audio ]

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22 Eyl 2021




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tulex12 5 aylar önce
One of the best artists in the pacific. Your songs always a hit when it hits radio waves in Fiji. Much love wantok brother! 🇫🇯✊
Niyas Imma
Niyas Imma 10 aylar önce
Everytime Sean Rii releases a new song it's time to drink!
Jonny Walker
Jonny Walker Aylar önce
SP Laga owes this man royalties
Naomi 7 aylar önce
Kim Ove
Kim Ove 8 aylar önce
True our minds get crazy.🥺🥺
✌✌ 10 aylar önce
Aaron pinto
Aaron pinto 10 aylar önce
Winifred Eroro
Winifred Eroro 10 aylar önce
I use to be a fan, now I am an air conditioner..lol awesome vibe!! Pakx Remix just dropped an hour ago and is fire 🔥❤️🇵🇬🇸🇧🇫🇯🇻🇺
Rita Ili
Rita Ili 10 aylar önce
Ohh my!! Your song is so amazing I always got the positive vibe from your songs!! I freaking love it anyway I'm from East Timor🇹🇱 I gotta tell ya people in my country love ur songs
Friska 9 aylar önce
Mi laikim ohh ......from me in Jayapura city 🌺🌴🥥
✌✌ 10 aylar önce
@Rita Ili good to know that. Cheers
Islandnesian 10 aylar önce
@Rita Ili ayo..our Melanesian cousin.
Rita Ili
Rita Ili 10 aylar önce
Yes because based on the story telling from my ancestors East Timorese people were coming from the Melanesian people which is your country and the others! That's why our skin face shape and sometimes language too, look alike 😁🤗
Zzeed Stun
Zzeed Stun 10 aylar önce
Wait u look like people in my country🤯
Awong Harry
Awong Harry 9 aylar önce
Dedicated to all the 2021 Final Students of Divine Word University in Madang (aka Fox City)❤💯 I know ya'll gonna miss Madang when u hear this🎵😍💪 Thankkyou Sean Rii❣🔥
Mama Bear
Mama Bear 10 aylar önce
Another one of your songs to put on repeat ❤. Just chill perfect and such beautiful words. Thanks for your music. Keep your talent bright 😊
Gynigah's Media
Gynigah's Media 7 aylar önce
This song is Gold
Trevor Bauelua
Trevor Bauelua 10 aylar önce
Never disappoint us! Show them polys how its done. Too good 👌
issac yawa
issac yawa 9 aylar önce
Seanrii voice never gets old. Vibing for every songs. Love from Port Moresby 🇵🇬
Cynthia Nanareng
Cynthia Nanareng 10 aylar önce
Sean Rii ya. I still haven't gotten over the eargasms Makira is giving me and here you are with another number. Love this!
Filomena Logaivau
Filomena Logaivau 10 aylar önce
This hit tho sean definitely never disappoints love from fiji
John Hane
John Hane 10 aylar önce
Amazing talent. Always vibing to your songs. 🇵🇬
Zzeed Stun
Zzeed Stun 10 aylar önce
Sean rii unlocked the secret to making hits!!!!!🔥
Pepson Fekau
Pepson Fekau 10 aylar önce
Sean Rii, you're a bloody song hitter. luv this song.
William Puipui
William Puipui 10 aylar önce
Talented Banana Boys!! Keep them island vibe bangers coming.. 🏝️💪🏾
Kassi Sky Nation
Kassi Sky Nation 10 aylar önce
How can can someone be this FREAKIN Talented...!!! Love your style😭😭😭❤️❤️
Kainzy TV
Kainzy TV 10 aylar önce
When gc opens again this will be the first song I drop when I hop back on stage 💯
Alena Ratudina
Alena Ratudina 10 aylar önce
Always vibing to your songs 😍❤ Stuck on replay 🔥
JuliannaRoache 10 aylar önce
Such an under rated artist😍😭every song he releases is an automatic banger🔥Loves from NZ❤️
Miname nomo
Miname nomo 10 aylar önce
Sean Rii always deliver.. Luv it
Efea isaac clement
Efea isaac clement 10 aylar önce
Love this songs bro💯❤...its on repeat again....for another day break🇸🇧🇸🇧
Helenor Nelson
Helenor Nelson 8 aylar önce
LOVE IT❤️❤️❤️
Willie Pelly
Willie Pelly 10 aylar önce
Cool song, can't wait to hear every minute😍🥰😛
WP 10 aylar önce
Another hit 🔥🔥🔥🔥 the beat though... Love it 👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍💖💖💖
Sherry Nasema
Sherry Nasema 10 aylar önce
Another banger🔥🔥🙌....Stuck on replay❤😁👌Love love love from🇫🇯🇫🇯
Sam_vuniix 10 aylar önce
Bula my Brother 🙌🏽 Love and support from your Fijian fans here in the UK 🇫🇯🇬🇧🙏🏽💙❤ Keep it coming Bro 'IssaVibes 💯🔥🔥 Cheers! 🤟🏽😎🍻
Verily Agigo
Verily Agigo 10 aylar önce
Phewww! Heart throbbing beat to dance to in the office🎶🎶😂
Kerryn Iroga
Kerryn Iroga 10 aylar önce
Dope..island vibes keep it coming seanrii 🙏
Kurt Justus
Kurt Justus 10 aylar önce
Another additional on my playlist. Listening in from QLD 🇦🇺 and just love it.‼️
Sheryl M
Sheryl M 10 aylar önce
Love it 🔥🔥🔥 love from New Caledonia 🇳🇨
ErrørTunez  Prod
ErrørTunez Prod 10 aylar önce
❤️ Loved the song Really do. And I can't wait for an Acapella of this. Song ♥️😍
Justin Thaggard
Justin Thaggard 10 aylar önce
Can stop playing all your songs Sean Rii.. Stuck on replay..keep them coming bro..lolomas from Fiji islands ✔🔥
『LONE』PUPPY 10 aylar önce
Always love your music...keep it up 😁👌🔥🔥🔥
Freddy Emmanuel
Freddy Emmanuel 10 aylar önce
Barata Sean Rii will never let his fans down! 💥🔥
Leo Waka
Leo Waka 10 aylar önce
Keep hem coming 🔥🤘
Mimi Togodeli
Mimi Togodeli 10 aylar önce
Love the song 🔥❤️
Simaema Leah
Simaema Leah 10 aylar önce
Love the vibes of the song..
Leiatu Tekautu
Leiatu Tekautu 10 aylar önce
So so good! Best wishes from Kiribati
Vanua Tamari
Vanua Tamari 5 aylar önce
Melody is on fire🔥🔥❤ finally found this👏🙌🔥❤
Evan Arakitonga
Evan Arakitonga 10 aylar önce
🇨🇰 we hear you Sean Rii - always comming through 😍👏🏽 .. love it
CocoChillo 10 aylar önce
Fire vibe🔥🔥😍 Keep it coming❤😎
Tunischain Music
Tunischain Music 10 aylar önce
On repeat mode 🔥🔥
Charlene Jeldine
Charlene Jeldine 10 aylar önce
Love this new chill vibe👍👍
Thompson Brown Uki
Thompson Brown Uki 10 aylar önce
Thanks Seanrii, Continue to set new standards for the Music Industry in the Solomon Islands. This new song you sang hits the nerves on different levels. One Love. 🔥 🤘🏾
Nerrie Vue
Nerrie Vue 10 aylar önce
Too good. I love this song 👍❤
Norah Bisnia
Norah Bisnia 10 aylar önce
Love all his lyrics
Edgar tabua
Edgar tabua 10 aylar önce
Sean rii never disappoints ,we vibing
DY MARN Official
DY MARN Official 10 aylar önce
Jenny Margaretha
Jenny Margaretha 10 aylar önce
never disappoints 🙏🏽 respect from west Papua 🤎 one love
Tendina Kawage
Tendina Kawage 10 aylar önce
One hit after another! Wan solwara - keep shining! 👑🇵🇬
Christopher Kevin
Christopher Kevin 9 aylar önce
Fox City = Madang (a town where there are lots of bats/flying foxes that hang from the trees right in town), Madang Province, PNG. Thats where they found love. Thank you Sean Rii
Iosefo Vuloaloa
Iosefo Vuloaloa 6 aylar önce
Wow sean rii your music is on 🔥
Michelle Tamanikoula
Michelle Tamanikoula 10 aylar önce
Good music with long rides around the coral coast🥵❤ isaaaaa vibe!! Much love from 🇫🇯🇫🇯
Steven Joe
Steven Joe Aylar önce
Every song that Sean Rii releses touches and trembles in the heart....love you bata seanrii from PNG, all your die hards are here...
Kirky Keitadi
Kirky Keitadi 10 aylar önce
🔥🔥🔥vanuatu approved😍🍻 sean rii never disappoints👍🤝🇻🇺
linda Theefahlui
linda Theefahlui 10 aylar önce
Awo, Tiola!! Tuff tumas. Happy Queens Birthday especially to you my beautiful and Handsome brother Sean Rii.Much love from here in Brisbane.🇦🇺 Love the pretty nice voice, Cheers .Xoxo!!!
Fabrice Manwo
Fabrice Manwo 8 aylar önce
Love it.. Sean Rii my favorite all time😍🇻🇺🇻🇺🇻🇺
Dorus Walianggen
Dorus Walianggen 9 aylar önce
Kill the beat Richie you so cool i like your voice
Faisal H.
Faisal H. 3 aylar önce
Amazing song, thank you for sharing. Watching from Sweden ❤️❤️
coconutty gurl
coconutty gurl 9 aylar önce
Sean Rii's just the GOAT! 🔥
claudine ishmael
claudine ishmael 10 aylar önce
Too good 💯🔥
Lupe Lui
Lupe Lui 6 aylar önce
🇹🇴🇹🇴🤍❤ too good Sean ... listening to this song here in PNG 🇵🇬🇵🇬
Mere Naiyaga
Mere Naiyaga 10 aylar önce
Another hit 🔥🔥🔥 totoka taciqu!!!🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
Ross Tiitii
Ross Tiitii 10 aylar önce
love from Samoa uso ❤️🇼🇸🇼🇸 thank you for this song 🙌
NK 10 aylar önce
Sean Rii always too good..You never let your fans down👍Listening from China🔥
Stylex Saah
Stylex Saah 10 aylar önce
This one got me chill for a bit 😌😍🔥
Adi 10 aylar önce
Ayoooooooooo🔥💃🏿 one song, so many memories.....'where we found love'. 🥰 Another great song!
Jackson Nuli
Jackson Nuli 10 aylar önce
Fa'ala'a Tupou
Fa'ala'a Tupou 10 aylar önce
Good one Bro keep up the good work.. Love from Tonga 🇹🇴
Edna Papik
Edna Papik 10 aylar önce
Aiyo Sean you’ve done it again 🔂🔥🔥🔥🔥
Thomas Tavdey
Thomas Tavdey 10 aylar önce
good vibes. nice weekend seanrii
Niltonson Toa
Niltonson Toa 10 aylar önce
Too good brother,much love from auz🙌🏽🔥
Leonjo 10 aylar önce
Skell number stret bata.stuck on repeat 🔥🎼🙌🇵🇬🇸🇧
Isaac Abeth
Isaac Abeth 10 aylar önce
Love the song 💚🇻🇺
Marley Sennet
Marley Sennet 10 aylar önce
This is another hit again..💯❤👍
Marley Sennet
Marley Sennet 10 aylar önce
This is another hit again..💯❤👍
saki zack
saki zack 8 aylar önce
So sleek the intro man...for ever greatful bro...
Michael Zaccias
Michael Zaccias 10 aylar önce
Another one. Always deliver 💪🏽🙏🔥🔥👑
Nobert Odis
Nobert Odis 10 aylar önce
Keep it up Sean Rii.. ol bata lo 4th City 2lait 3 last beer Ron... thank you baka 🇵🇬 all the way from PNG, East New Britain Province, Kokopo ...
SABOTAGE 10 aylar önce
No surprise the song is so heartbreaking 💔😢, touches my heart in any way possible
Walter Daiwo
Walter Daiwo 8 aylar önce
love the beat
Ilisaniyasi kailutu
Ilisaniyasi kailutu 10 aylar önce
This song is 🔥. Big fan right here blood. Listening from Fiji🇫🇯.
Si Na
Si Na 9 aylar önce
fire ! thumb's up
Trish_southpacific 10 aylar önce
Dammn your songs fire ones 🔥🔥thx seanrii❤❤👌
Deng 10 aylar önce
Sean rii neva disappoint his fam 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Boularu Kombay West Papua
when i play this song i listen to it again bro this song and the music is very good if you add a video it will be more perfect👍🙏 Much love from mangi WesPa Boven Digoel😍🙏
Jay Dams
Jay Dams 10 aylar önce
Sean Rii never disappoint his fans💯😎❤repeat mode🤫💯another vibe for boys lo namrock day break waitm🤣😎🤫❤🇸🇧🇵🇬
Shaun John
Shaun John 10 aylar önce
Why funky kill it like that🔥🔥
Lilwesz 10 aylar önce
Skel skel music... weekend starts with this song.💯🔥🔥
Bau Gamu
Bau Gamu 10 aylar önce
A Song that makes me fall in love again
Grace Adonica Kingsley
Grace Adonica Kingsley 10 aylar önce
Ahhhhh soreh🔥🔥Barata you never fail with the hits
Talitha Nicque Moiga
Talitha Nicque Moiga 10 aylar önce
this song is the bomb!!!!!
ThePrincezzG 10 aylar önce
Put it in Spotify please
Romeo Raga
Romeo Raga 10 aylar önce
King👑 quality vibes❤🎶 as always. Me drink na two step pinis 🍺🕺.
Elijah Basika
Elijah Basika 10 aylar önce
Grooving sounds brat... Keep flowing
Kanaka Rasta Vibez
Kanaka Rasta Vibez 10 aylar önce
Bai always perfect!❤❤❤PNG and SI number one artist🇸🇧🇵🇬
Janet Butler
Janet Butler 7 aylar önce
Beautiful Malaita language it is and we have part Tongan as Togans marry to Solomons. So best music it is my dear nephew. Thanks for this song
tukss bolatagane
tukss bolatagane 10 aylar önce
Island chill at its very best, Accapella please💘💘
macruz oscar
macruz oscar 10 aylar önce
Another banger🔥🍻
hnasson ludovic
hnasson ludovic 3 aylar önce
j'adore ❤
Klenold Raptigh
Klenold Raptigh 10 aylar önce
Too good 👍 🙏❤❤
Keyra leanrdhlû
Keyra leanrdhlû 10 aylar önce
Perfect 💯✨ new Caledonia represent 🎶🎶😍👌
Salome Opa
Salome Opa 10 aylar önce
Just fire🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😍
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