SCP-567 The Dungeon

Dr Bob
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Dr Bob brings you SCP Foundation Euclid Class object, SCP-567 The Dungeon Animation.

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SCP 567 is located in the dungeon beneath Site-41. SCP567 consists of a series of eight cells, designated SCP-567-1 through SCP-567-8. With the majority of people/objects, the cells remain inert. However, when individuals meeting certain conditions come within 2.5 m of a cell door, shackles will materialize and launch from the inside of the cell, restraining the subject and dragging them within. Once the cell door closes and locks, both the subject and shackles vanish, leaving behind no trace of any kind.

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This video, being derived from scp-int.wikidot.com/scp-567 written by DrSevere, is released under Creative Commons Sharealike 3.0. creativecommons.org/licenses/...

Narrated by Joe Cliff Thompson



8 Tem 2022




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Bier B
I just imagined a member of the O5 council stepping in there. ALL of the doors slam open immediately
"He fell in love with a girl, and his brother- married her."
The original stories in the beginning of each video make the entire experience much more entertaining than other SCP channels, who just read the whole file verbatim.
Zachary Frierson
I think it's clearly best that we don't ever find out what cells 6 and 7 punish the victim for considering someone purposely scratched that information out.
Jean G
I would speculate that the 8th cell must involve some sort of crime involving Monarchy. Given that it's a castle, the chair within may symbolize a throne. It would also explain the lack of test subjects, not a lot of kings or queens in D-class.
London Monitor
I like how dr.bob doesn't cover the more popular anomalies, He does do those though here and there. But it's nice clicking on youtube and going on to his channel instead of me going to the Offical SCP foundation site and reading for an hour.
Xen Baker
I had a theory that the human criminals are turned into the monsters that escape from a cell. Hence the what I say is "even humans are monsters", "Humans can be turned into monsters", "Criminals turned into their real forms"- You get what I mean
It's always nice that you add a bit of a story that ties into the SCP in the video's you make. Nice little details sprinkled in there is just chefs kiss.
567 could be used on the various Foundation anomalies that like to escape and kill and the time. This could be the perfect form of containment.
Paul Hamtorlia
Strange how these creatures that come out of SCP-567 instantly knew how to use human technology. My guess is that they're actually humans mutated to their "true selves" from torture that finally managed to escape.
Man, kinda feel bad for the new site director. Being ignored despite giving your best has got to be right up there on things you never ever want to go through emotionally.
CyberPrime 935
567 sounds like something later SCPs would consider torturous. Considering there is nothing that 567 considers unreachable regarding immoral acts like Adultery, Murder and Fraud, it must have a long list of people it would love to hold onto, barring a stay of execution.
Would also be an interesting test to see if the D-class is really guilty of the crime they were sentenced for, no? Sure its a 1 way test and if the D class lied he gets what he deserved, no?
Could you do a video on SCP-4263? Also known as "Gemini?" It's an SCP that shows how twisted Foundation employees can get and I found it very interesting. Plus it features the Ethics Committee and their personal task force "Laws Left Hand".
Jarek The Fire Dragon
The animation quality is great especially the shine of the water in the shower
Your storytelling has gotten so damn good. Keep it up.
Dishonored Undead
I wish movies would start occasionally giving third party narrations like this. Little things, like adding "the chain bracelets were cold, closed so tight the circulation was cut off" make a huge difference. Yeah, you can try it show it somehow, or have a character add ham-fisted exposition like screaming "these bracelets, are making me thirsty!", but it just cheapens it. The writing and voicework here should be used in movies.
Voice acting is getting better, keep up the great work, Dr.Bob
This is actually a really interesting idea, in particular the part that it contains other, unrelated SCPs in an effort to hold them accountable for their crimes
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