SCP-280 Eyes In The Dark

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Dr Bob brings you SCP Foundation Keter Class object, SCP-280 Eyes In The Dark Animation.

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SCP 280 is a black human-shaped mass with two large white eyes on the head and two hands with very long and thin fingers.The eyes are non-functioning, and appear only when SCP280 is retreating, appearing to be used like eyespots on some insects. SCP-280 will move slowly towards any human beings and attempt to attack them.

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This video, being derived from scp-int.wikidot.com/scp-280 written by Dr Gears, is released under Creative Commons Sharealike 3.0. creativecommons.org/licenses/...

Narrated by Joe Cliff Thompson



12 May 2022




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Jean G
Jean G 6 aylar önce
I loved "Remember, the only thing scarier than seeing eyes in the dark, is not seeing them" and you can see the monsters eyes but not Dr. Bobs. 🤯
Dat dank Dj
Dat dank Dj Aylar önce
@Agent Atles sponsored?
I forgor 💀
I forgor 💀 2 aylar önce
@Flashback Frank shut up
Vanny Afton
Vanny Afton 2 aylar önce
@Heyejen also you are right he’s a scp but he just is dressed as a scientist from the scp foundation
Vanny Afton
Vanny Afton 2 aylar önce
True that
Links Between Drinks
Links Between Drinks 2 aylar önce
@Flashback Frank Dr. Killjoy over here.
mj91212 5 aylar önce
Being a paranormal investigator in the SCP universe is like actively competing to win a Darwin award.
Drozilla 22 gün önce
Ik I’m late ha but just had to say I would like to think there’s more to this simple world then just rainbows and grass if humans can be monsters then they can create or have fought off monsters this whole scp cannon could be a good front for an actual association doing this exact thing like a ruse to make you think it’s all fiction but there working hard to keep the worlds safe
Alexis Grunden
Alexis Grunden 25 gün önce
Makes you wonder what the average working life expectancy for them all is? Investigators, security personnel, D-Classes...
puteqx 2 aylar önce
@Links Between Drinks Being a D-Class isn't a Death Sentence, it's more fitting to call it a Death Paragraph.
Links Between Drinks
Links Between Drinks 2 aylar önce
Same goes for random innocents, D-Class, field agents, guards, researchers, doctors...
geardog24 6 aylar önce
Some are afraid to be alone in the dark, or with creatures like this NOT being alone in the dark.
DeniedProsperity 3 aylar önce
How many times have I seen this EXACT same comment on every video of Dr. Bob?😭
dragon ball%afton family combined
I'm scared of the dark after this came out and I watched it
jruler93 6 aylar önce
There's little reason to be afraid of being alone in the dark. The worst that can happen is tripping over something you didn't see (which, could be horrible for some, like the elderly or the disabled). But many terrible things can come from _not_ being alone in the dark, even without a killer shadow looking for a chance to tear into you.
Maxime Le Ninja
Maxime Le Ninja 6 aylar önce
I am afraid of NOT being alone in the dark.
PhaterPhantom 6 aylar önce
Dr. C. Shadow
Dr. C. Shadow 6 aylar önce
Thanks for covering this SCP, Dr. Bob. This SCP caught my attention a pretty long time ago.
Rebecca L. Honeyman
@Dr. C. Shadow What's happening here is, their therapist , decided to record group sessions!
FireMayro 5 aylar önce
of course doctor c shadow
Dr. C. Shadow
Dr. C. Shadow 5 aylar önce
@Alex Duquemin jokes aside my profile Pic is actually a plague doctor in the dark but I am bad at drawing...
Dr. C. Shadow
Dr. C. Shadow 5 aylar önce
@Alex Duquemin crap you found out!
Alex Duquemin
Alex Duquemin 5 aylar önce
Is no one getting the joke that he is "docter c SHADOW" and its eyes in the DARK
lunerlilly 6 aylar önce
Great SCP story. Also I still can't get over how much the animation quality is improving. All involved work so hard on this. ❤
NasrUlJihad 5 aylar önce
@Josh Wright ur about like 7 mate
Crafty Fox
Crafty Fox 6 aylar önce
Jeff Grether
Jeff Grether 6 aylar önce
SQUAD BOYS 6 aylar önce
@Bee Olusanya hey
SQUAD BOYS 6 aylar önce
@Bee Olusanya hey
Zippy 6 aylar önce
_(someone enters 280's room wearing a badly-made dog costume)_ SCP-280: "You're not human, are you?" Guy: "nah. bark bark." SCP-280: "Alright, that checks out. :)"
Disguised Puppy
Disguised Puppy Aylar önce
@UGNAvalon actually it knows through smell or some other thing so this won't work
Undertale Taze
Undertale Taze Aylar önce
Anthony Lowe
Anthony Lowe 4 aylar önce
@Panzer true. Furries are subhuman
【MePhone 4】
【MePhone 4】 5 aylar önce
@HarpoNumber1 an anthro furry that actually has fur in the skin
Erica cutesy
Erica cutesy 5 aylar önce
@Titanic i mean,if you are scp-429 itself you live, if you are WITH it i think you going to heaven
Captain Firespitter
Captain Firespitter 6 aylar önce
14:21 not going to lie, I got a good laugh out of that detail in it’s capture. The face of some poor bugger seeing a group of people charging after a little puff of smoke like “wtf kind of cracked shit is this?!?!?!” 😂😂😂 The operator overseeing the capture got a good laugh out of it anyway at least.
Mr RED 3 aylar önce
Insert Benny bill theme at the scene of them chasing it
Jacob C
Jacob C 4 aylar önce
@Untiff Thanos could just fix his home planet and teleport to it. Or teleport to his spaceship. Or create an astronaut suit to survive space, using the infinity stones to create his own spaceship, complete with all the essentials, so he can float about the cosmos 5 lightyears away, thinking up ways to kill the deadly shadow. By the time 280 got to him, he would find a way to at least get rid of it, like using light. Then, it would become tangible, and he could teleport it into a blackhole. Light can't escape those, how would darkness? TL;DR, did you forget that he had the infinity stones halfway through thinking up your reply?
•Weird Willow Tree•
Nah they probably just brushed it off thinking it was from all the crack
Untiff 5 aylar önce
@Josh Wright well i think it would be scp 280 because let's imagine thanos has an infinity gauntlet, reality wouldn't work because it is intangible in it's other state, it doesn't have a mind nor is very sentient (it only attacks), I think all of the stones wouldn't work while it was in it's intangible state, also it only attacks humans.
Josh Wright
Josh Wright 6 aylar önce
Captain Firespitter who will win the fight thanos or scp-280 and why?
Henry bartholomew dinglenut
Salutations doctor, thank you for bringing this wonderful piece of content to us, I know how much you and your team work and we support you all so much!
Sips Tea
Sips Tea 6 aylar önce
@Nash Seymour He's actually Bartholomew dinglenut.Quandale's Bri'ish cousin.
Josh Wright
Josh Wright 6 aylar önce
Chi Chi who will win the fight buu or scp-280 and why?
CrayZee -
CrayZee - 6 aylar önce
@Nash Seymouroh ok
Nash Seymour
Nash Seymour 6 aylar önce
@CrayZee - that is actually quandale dingle’s best friend, chi chi cringle. They look a lot alike, though!
CrayZee -
CrayZee - 6 aylar önce
Hey mister quandale can I have a picture
Dingus Pringus
Dingus Pringus 6 aylar önce
"A cavalcade of foundation agents chasing a cloud of black smoke on a mississipi field at 2:30 AM" Never would imagine hearing that lol
Ruben Vergouwen
Ruben Vergouwen 6 aylar önce
"Their subscribers always loved brand new paranormal content." Heh, imagine that.
Товарищ Марк
@Snackeater Not anomalous, though.
your average youtube commenter
Describes dr bob's channel perfectly
Resisilobus 6 aylar önce
Couldn't be me
Snackeater 6 aylar önce
@ATMEGA 16A You’re right. “Heh, imagine that.” Is a pretty good joke
ATMEGA 16A 6 aylar önce
@Snackeater Woosh, thats is the sound of the joke missing you.
Andrew Gilchrist
Andrew Gilchrist 6 aylar önce
"He wondered if he'd made a terrible mistake" ...wellp, seeing as how he was in the "Files of Dr. Bob", I think we all knew that yes, yes he had.
Gael TV
Gael TV 5 aylar önce
In this moment, he knew: he fucked up
King Cole
King Cole 6 aylar önce
He was gone before the mister got him
The Animal King
The Animal King 6 aylar önce
I just love how there are actual people who record themselves breaking and entering abandon buildings, like y’all snitched on yourself.
DeathnoteBB Aylar önce
Who is gonna prosecute them? The ghosts?
Julian Fitter
Julian Fitter 6 aylar önce
I honestly think you are one of the best, if not the best SCP channel on TRvid. Or at the very least, the best animated one. You give stories at the beginnings of videos to show what an anomaly does, then analyze it, all with very high quality animation and setup. Glad I subscribed!
BenneGamez 6 aylar önce
Imagine just trying to sleep at 2:30 in the morning and then you hear a bunch of adults with flashlights running after some smoke
Jersie Animations
Jersie Animations Aylar önce
I would join them tbh
The Unbloodied Hunter
The Unbloodied Hunter 2 aylar önce
Or your a bloody pulp by dawn 😂
Vince Vince
Vince Vince 6 aylar önce
I would be laughing my ass off.
1101Lovelace 6 aylar önce
Man, the good doctor is out to bring back every SCP that gave me paranoia at night a decade ago. Always finds a way to make them feel as fresh and visceral as the first time I laid eyes on their files. Maybe SCP-1983 (Doorway to Nowhere) next?
A Lonely Adventurer
A Lonely Adventurer 6 aylar önce
A sickening twist of a sleep paralysis demon and a ghost from Phasmophobia. Another great video, Doctor.
misty lover
misty lover 2 aylar önce
Chill Master
Chill Master 6 aylar önce
this is literally the embodiment of a sleep paralysis demon that people expect in their imagination also Dr. Bob's animation just keeps getting better and better pretty cool to see it improving over time
Josh Wright
Josh Wright 6 aylar önce
Chill Master who will win the fight akuma or scp-280 and why?
IJustExist 6 aylar önce
@Marweha oh ok
Marweha 6 aylar önce
@IJustExist the hands under your bed that claw your foot away lol
ass fucker the joint pounder
As a long time viewer i agree
ass fucker the joint pounder
theoneguyoverthere 6 aylar önce
How do paranormal investigators manage to get ANY kind of lucrative media following in the SCP universe? They would either get massacred by an SCP or repeatedly get their footage and memories swiped by the Foundation before they managed to make it big.
ArturerroPL 5 aylar önce
Perhaps, it *is* beneficial to the Foundation. Since, they portray the possible SCPs as rumors or hoaxes, just for fun and their subscribers, they actually help to maintain the Masquerade. But idk, that’s an interesting thing to think about
Mr. Note
Mr. Note 6 aylar önce
I guess they're just skilled like that.
Kee Han Wong
Kee Han Wong 6 aylar önce
The foundation creates fake haunted houses so the investigators keep going to safe places.
Andries Punter
Andries Punter 6 aylar önce
How the foundation didn't pick up on this after the murders right away, is somewhat unsettling.
TheMightyKV-5 6 aylar önce
You'd think they'd be on top of shit like this
Creeper Savage
Creeper Savage 6 aylar önce
I love this channel because it doesn't just go over the well-known scps in the archives and it goes over some really interesting ones
SCP Guard that has a boring life.
I sincerely don't have nyctophobia, but damn. This monster caught my attention a year ago, didn't read anything about it. Thanks for giving more info on the anomaly, your animation videos are perfect. Looking forward to seeing more unacknowledged SCPs being mentioned in the public.
do you like world
do you like world 6 aylar önce
you're dmbu
do you like world
do you like world 6 aylar önce
bro i have nyctopbhobia
Michael b
Michael b 6 aylar önce
The real anomaly are your videos, because you somehow upload them almost every time right as I reload my subscription feed.
Beanswtf 4 aylar önce
I really enjoyed the representation of the youngest of the group of explorers. Even if it was accidentally, they felt androgynous. As someone from the Non Binary community, thank you! Absolutely enthralled with every new upload, have a great day!
Lauer Saylor
Lauer Saylor 6 aylar önce
“The best way they can describe the feeling is impending doom” Ah yes puberty
Chaos God Luzbel, Lord of Chaos Coast
Another SCP video, and just in time for pizza, soda and the weekend.
Sciediu 6 aylar önce
Me with chipotle and sparking ice
Биологическая Опасная
That's my kind of weekend 😌
Jesus Fernandez
Jesus Fernandez 6 aylar önce
Good for you
oZ 6 aylar önce
Finally, one of my favourites scp, thanks dr bob for spreading it out!
Hyperion 6 aylar önce
This scp reminds me of the darkness from dark horse comics since both have a vulnerability to light. Great video as always Dr Bob.
Jeff Govak
Jeff Govak 6 aylar önce
the giant skeletons as well theres several of them,
Josh Wright
Josh Wright 6 aylar önce
Hyperion who will win the fight vikings or scp-280 and why?
Anonymous Noone
Anonymous Noone 6 aylar önce
This makes me what to cross test 1591 with other darkness-based entities. Also makes me imagine an SCP Staff member claiming that they sleep with a night light for security reasons. 😆
Jaja Dela Torre Macas
Jaja Dela Torre Macas 3 aylar önce
Scp 280 breaks the door down: oh fuck He has a night light
Lori Evans
Lori Evans 6 aylar önce
Remember reading about this SCP when I was in high school and immediately became one of my favorites. Thank you for animating it Doctor Bob!
Jay McDaniel
Jay McDaniel 6 aylar önce
This one of the few SCP entries I've never seen before, so this was a wonderful treat!
Daniel F
Daniel F 6 aylar önce
My guy, you're like a superhero to SCP fans, you make so many high quality videos in such a short amount of time, these videos are the work of a man who has absolutely mastered his craft, and yet, every single time you upload, I can see and improvement in quality, I wish nothing but the best for you
TheBrave Moustache
TheBrave Moustache 6 aylar önce
"One thing more terrifying than seeing eyes in the dark is not seeing them" god quote Mine is you can't see through the darkness but darkness can see through you
DSA Gaming
DSA Gaming 6 aylar önce
The high quality animation makes this channel the best for SCP Content.
badreedine Djellali
badreedine Djellali 6 aylar önce
go check tales from the foundation it's good to it have voice acting and everything
SCP - 3125
SCP - 3125 6 aylar önce
Nice story! I felt a cold shock go through my body when I saw the description of SCP-1591 when SCP-280 escaped containment. That glass sculpture is a nightmare, being able to cause a k-class scenario and giving a cruel death to those unfortunate to interact with it. On top of that, the sound design for the whole video was amazing, especially for the double SCP interaction. Love your videos, keep up the excellent work!
LetsLegacy 6 aylar önce
Oh my god! That's my best friend's SCP! I'm so happy to see his work being recognized, he really has a brilliant mind to horror and scary stories, hope it's not the last time I see his SCPs in a video
I make content(Abu Hamdan Everything)
Never be a paranormal explorer in the SCP universe, unless you wanna be the victim of either an already discovered SCP or a new SCP
Happy 6 aylar önce
Dr Bob I love your animations and I’ve been watching you for a while now, KEEP GOING!!
Boogie Boy
Boogie Boy 6 aylar önce
man, I remember when Dr Bob had less than 10k subs… you’ve improved so much, man. Keep up the amazing work.
Mr meme
Mr meme 6 aylar önce
The temporary containment breach of Scp-280 was interesting. It broke containment but ended up in another scp's containment. I'd love to see Scp-280s reaction to Scp-096.
The Animal King
The Animal King 6 aylar önce
I don’t think ghost are real but I love mythical monsters so I wish I could explore a “haunted” building for a vlog like these kids just for the experience of being somewhere people think is scary.
Xehyr 5 aylar önce
“They apparently passed the scp multiple times, discarding it as a shadow. After all, it does only have big glowing red eyes.” Damn Dr. Bob
Lane 6 aylar önce
15:17 It was at this moment that SCP-280 knew, it screwed up.
Christiana Chantel
Christiana Chantel 6 aylar önce
It makes my WHOLE day when u upload.. the quality of your videos, the voice, how we never see Dr.Bobs face 😅 I love it all
The Bird Of Hermes
The Bird Of Hermes 6 aylar önce
wow the animation quality is slowly starting to improve and your hard work is very noticed keep it up dr bob!
aVerAge Developer
aVerAge Developer 5 aylar önce
Let’s all appreciate that dr bob has the time to make actually “GOOD” animations unless almost all other scp TRvidrs.
Trustme33 5 aylar önce
This has so much in common with 5031 "another murder monster" that I almost wonder if it is directly satirizing this story in particular.
Mike Oxmall
Mike Oxmall 4 aylar önce
This one came first. More like 5031 is a flip of the "evil monster" trope
Scott Glendenning
Scott Glendenning 6 aylar önce
Dr. Bob is my favorite channel since the SCP: Tales From the Foundation channel has all but ceased putting out any videos.
TJx14 4 aylar önce
This is one of my favourite SCP's you have covered and i have nicknamed it "The Phasmaphobia SCP" thanks for being the best SCP Foundation Channel Dr Bob
Lord Green Circut#Hesgonnaeatus
Dr Bob when the abandoned house has rumors of unatural occurrences.
My dog doing stuff I guess
Dr. Bob is truly the best TRvid when it comes to SCP. The story itself was so incredibly detailed, and most of the video was the story itself.
XxJimisxX84 6 aylar önce
Awesome video as always you can really see the difference in the animation! It's nice hearing about underrated SCPs but I would love to see Dr.Bob taking a look at the gate guardian.
Lanahs_Club 6 aylar önce
I love your SCP videos and your SCP foundation learning videos and giving us what's happening at the foundation and what happened in the past I love your content, your videos, and you I am hoping you are having a good day/afternoon/evening/night!
LADude824 4 aylar önce
This is the only SCP I’ve watched where I had felt freaked tf out. Great content!
Peak Fiction
Peak Fiction 6 aylar önce
An ✨End-of-You Scenario✨ Best thing I've ever heard 👌
4saken Reaper
4saken Reaper 6 aylar önce
Another great episode, narration and animation, keep up the phenomenal work!
Ert M.
Ert M. 6 aylar önce
I think a great idea for a Dr Bob video would be just a series of quick rundowns on a number of SCPs. He does a great job summarizing these anomalies quickly, like with SCP-1591.
Kristjan Peil
Kristjan Peil Aylar önce
I like how you make the characters deliver third-person narration of their own dialog in scene.
Springdude 11
Springdude 11 6 aylar önce
Glad to see some story of how this thing was captured, though I still wonder how they eventually got a hold of the thing.
Cole Williamson
Cole Williamson 4 aylar önce
The scariest part about this is I saw a shining red circle outside my window, that flashed for a second- Also I have a theory, as we know we all are BORN with the fear of the dark or dark corners, or the unknown. So how did we get that? This could be that this creature was there ever since cave man time, and we evolved to have the inate sense to have a caution, or fear of the dark
Jacob Freeman
Jacob Freeman 6 aylar önce
I don't know. It is hard to say if it attacks out of malice or something else. As the fact it does pass through and touch people. It may just become agitated by things we don't see as threats and as a consequence decides to attack. If left alone it may be perfectly peaceable.
Mr. LasagnaYT
Mr. LasagnaYT 6 aylar önce
Well done. Fantastic as always bob. Keep it up with the weekly upload they’re the highlight of my week.
HA22 6 aylar önce
I was thought this anomaly is can't be contained, but it is actually contained by the foundation just keter because it hard to contain. Also what i thought about this anomaly is: "Me and the boys wake up at 2 pm looking for BEANS!" BTW GOOD JOB DR.BOB, i hope it will be awsome if you had a crossover with the rubber who is also making scp animmation.
Kaleb Vroom
Kaleb Vroom 6 aylar önce
Do you think that SCP-080 Dark Form is related to the eyes in the dark? They have the same weakness to light and eyes that are both firey red. but the only difference is that SCP-080 can't teleport to another place and but they both have the same hated for humans.
TheCringe 6 aylar önce
Dr Bob: This is one of the most frightening and dangerous anomalies contained by the SCP Foundation Me: Press X to doubt
TheCringe 5 aylar önce
@toby cat yeah but campare it to something that can destroy the world in a couple hours if it really wanted to, then it's a bit hmmmmm
toby cat
toby cat 5 aylar önce
to me it really is, a flashlight may be able to save you from it (temporarily) but it has to hit it directly
Antimage Lan
Antimage Lan 6 aylar önce
Dr Bob not yet having over a million subscribers is unquestionably anomalous. Come on fellas, you can fix this by simply subscribing!
Beans Alt Account
Beans Alt Account 5 aylar önce
"they were all torn apart" just gave me the chills
Calvino Kristanto
Calvino Kristanto 6 aylar önce
I love how this SCP was supposed to be a terrifying monster but instead its a floating shadow getting chased by thousands of agents with 10 dollar chinese flashlights
Electra 5 aylar önce
14:26 just imagine being outside during the night and seeing these guys
WitherYT5 6 aylar önce
Anyone else payed close attention to the shadow of Dr. Bob to see if it would become SCP-280, which it did at 16:35?
EG_Manifest510 Aylar önce
I love the trick you play with the shadow of your chair in the animation, the way it shifts as the camera moves makes it feel unnatural, as if 280 is about to jump out of it
Jake Woodey
Jake Woodey 6 aylar önce
different scps interacting with each other is always so fascinating
JackLoyal93 6 aylar önce
This would be an interesting one to cross test with SCP-272.
Odendal Streicher
Odendal Streicher 6 aylar önce
Love the creature screams. Nice sound wave. And what is the background music name. Nice animation. I feel like Dr bob head shape change. He did look like a bal of shadow but know i can make out a chad cool cat type face
Wolfzul 5 aylar önce
this channel never fails to keep me up at night
Lostdmg 6 aylar önce
You always nail those end lines.
vladspellbinder 6 aylar önce
Another great SCP entry, thanks Dr. Bob!
Well, if I can't reach the light switch in time, then my Plan B is to dress up as something non-human like
IcoN-ic 6 aylar önce
Dr Bob is the best SCP channel, I really hope Dr Bob uploads SCPs that other channel had covered already.
D Horton
D Horton 6 aylar önce
good job making all of these great videos
Fonzies 6 aylar önce
i think your channel is the best compared to the others that make SCP videos, keep up the good work!
Tristan Young
Tristan Young 6 aylar önce
love the quality of the videos now u only keep getting better can't wait to see where u r at in a year's time thanks heaps
Anirudra trynna be cool
Mr. Bob never fails to entertain. His story telling is so much better than other SCP channels and yet he's severely underrated. You deserve 10M subs for these type of content
Warrington Feaslefeet
Warrington Feaslefeet 6 aylar önce
Ive said before that this channel has the best animated scp content in all of youtube but now im considering that it might actually be more, the best animation channel on youtube
NeonWilder 5 aylar önce
You're not afraid of the dark, but afraid of what's in the darkness.
TysonNorth4 6 aylar önce
Nice animations, Dr Bob.
quietpsycho1 5 aylar önce
It hasn't escaped my notice that I'm sitting (presumably) alone in a dark room while watching this.
Aubrey Norton
Aubrey Norton 6 aylar önce
OK, turn up my insomnia to level 101. Intriguing and captivating story, yet again excellent work.
Pat Mat
Pat Mat 5 aylar önce
The intro was soo good . Excellent work Dr Bob
CallMePenny 6 aylar önce
Paranormal can be dangerous too, so be careful whenever you try to look into these types of things!
Mercury Luke
Mercury Luke 6 aylar önce
Alright this fills my fear of darkness to the biggest, thanks for them trauma 😊
Sherman 6 aylar önce
Went from a round of Phasmophobia to SCP real quick
The Alien and Co.
The Alien and Co. 6 aylar önce
Am I the only one who was watching the shadow behind Dr. Bob's chair the whole time?
Agatha Chris
Agatha Chris 6 aylar önce
TaZoom Turret
TaZoom Turret 6 aylar önce
Nope, I was too
THE BUDDHA 420 6 aylar önce
These used to be my favorite videos really good actually sounded plausible but now it’s like they’re being written by children I feel like I went from reading Stephen king to Dr. Seuss This one was OK
Sic Demon
Sic Demon 6 aylar önce
I was upset when the two investigators made it out of the house and the scp continued to chase them. Anytime a hostile entity breaches the safe zone, I hate it.
Roelly Productions
Roelly Productions 5 aylar önce
Could you imagine this thing during the medieval age?
Sara Cagle
Sara Cagle 6 aylar önce
This one really scared me and I loved it. ❤️
Ghasts Lover
Ghasts Lover 5 aylar önce
Jomes Leveque
Jomes Leveque 6 aylar önce
I'm 10 minutes late dammit. Truly terrifying and interesting backstory!!! Maybe one of your best videos!!
OklagonRC 6 aylar önce
When you see a pair glowing eyes in the dark staring at you, is terrifying and it's be worst fear
Rachinter 6 aylar önce
Just started reading the SCP foundation wiki and damn it's so interesting 💯🔥
Nuke Exodus
Nuke Exodus 6 aylar önce
This is an scp was hoping someone would cover for a really long time now
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