School shooter in Michigan kills 3 students

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WEYI reporter Stephanie Parkinson joins Shep Smith to report on another school shooting, this one in Michigan, where a 15-year-old killed three students and wounded 8 more people, including a teacher. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO: cnb.cx/2NGeIvi

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29 Kas 2021




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TimeBucks Aylar önce
sorry to the family who lost their student
mballa423 Aylar önce
@rodney chandler over 300 million guns in the country with more streaming in from South of the border every day. You think they'll have a tough time finding guns?
Ciphe Chan
Ciphe Chan Aylar önce
@rodney chandler I agree, America is stupid af
Samantha M
Samantha M Aylar önce
*their children
Jewtube Aylar önce
@rodney chandler lmfao
rodney chandler
rodney chandler Aylar önce
The solution is gun control
Gay little turtle duck
"this is every parent's worst nightmare" yes, and it's also every kid's worst nightmare. I was little when Sandy Hook happened and ever since I was scared my school would get shot up, too. Our nation witnessed shooting after shooting after shooting. My friends and I cried every time there was a shooting/bomb threat at our school. One of my friends wrote a letter to their parents and kept it in their binder just in case they died at school. Every classroom I was in, I would identify the safest places to hide in the event that a shooting happened. My other friend vividly remembers the day in 6th grade when I left them a voicemail letting them know there was a threat at my school but I was forced to go anyways. They were worried sick all day. Our kids are traumatized. And some of our kids are dead. It's not a nightmare anymore, it's our reality. It doesn't feel like an unimaginable horror if you don't have to imagine it. It already happened, so many times. And it'll happen again.
Yolo aventuras Fan
Yolo aventuras Fan Aylar önce
I don't know if my question might offend. I'm not from the United States. But why do shootings happen so often there?
Deggan Dahir
Deggan Dahir Aylar önce
There are online schools available. You should not be attending public schools if you are traumatized because of your mental health.
Gay little turtle duck
@Abby Marie Vlogs I am so sorry I'm glad to hear that you have a plan for each classroom if it were to happen. I'm just so sorry that that's something you even have to think about
Abby Marie Vlogs
Abby Marie Vlogs Aylar önce
I did most of those things too when I got my first shooter threat on Friday. I looked for a safe place to go in the classroom each period in case it was gonna actually happen.
Gay little turtle duck
@bert the baddie it's rough. And it sucks because I can't even think of any words of comfort. There's is no promise anyone could make that could soothe someone's fear. But it is comforting to know that we mourn together, and we fight together- as a nation and within our own communities. It would be surely unbearable to shoulder this terror and grief alone
Draco 🥷🏽.
Draco 🥷🏽. Aylar önce
my condolences to all families and friends. i can’t imagine the feeling of your child not coming home from school
Muki Alice
Muki Alice Aylar önce
TeeForever1 Aylar önce
Our World 🌎 needs *Jesus!* 💔😭✝️🙏
D Man
D Man Aylar önce
I can’t believe this is happening yet again, sorry for the loss of those kids..
LOBO Aylar önce
@LA FC Mexico does have strict gun laws...citizens aren't legally allowed to own guns
LOBO Aylar önce
@LA FC culture,demographics
LOBO Aylar önce
@Phil Wilson and against masked racist nazi democrats like the ones running the show in our country now...if you're ignoring the obvious problem only bc they have the letter D next to their name you're part of the problem. Democrats are the real nazis here
aiyana rodriguez
aiyana rodriguez Aylar önce
@No Good Name ain’t the time for “facts” regardless homie. grief the loss and save the conversation for an appropriate time. it can literally be anywhere else.
Muki Alice
Muki Alice Aylar önce
Chris1980436 Aylar önce
My condolences to the parents of those lost and to those left to grieve.
j m
j m Aylar önce
@Puppy Pupster Fine with that
Puppy Pupster
Puppy Pupster Aylar önce
@j m easiest solution : let him out and let the victim’s families take care of him Charles Bronson style.
Weezle Aylar önce
@Based Ghi You a nazi or something?
SilkySmoothYT Aylar önce
Wow that’s SO helpful, sending them support in a yt comment 😐
another condolences
Drummer32 Aylar önce
My condolences to those families I knew, this hit so close to home. Never let a day go by without telling them you love them
FIS Studies
FIS Studies Aylar önce
Tragic. May their souls RIP. Sincere condolences to the parents and loved ones. Our thoughts are with the students, teachers, school staff and affected communities. Praying for our American friends 🇿🇦
zana pants
zana pants Aylar önce
Thank you.
Jill H
Jill H Aylar önce
@Cookie McBoingBoing You're messed up.
Jill H
Jill H Aylar önce
@Spongy3 Seriously??? Spongy3 you need help!
Jill H
Jill H Aylar önce
@Spongy3 Makes me mad that you even posted that. What's wrong with you? I feel bad for you.
your condolences is worthless , save it !
OodleDoodle Aylar önce
These people are in my thoughts and prayers. This happened at my old high school some years ago. I had already graduated. I remember being so shocked that it happened there, just a small town country school off the highway surrounded by nothing but wheat fields. The problem isn't firearms. It's parenting. The kid was so disturbed and his parents didn't even notice until he lost it. This wasn't an issue up until the last couple generations of parents.
Sergio Melendez
Sergio Melendez Aylar önce
The pain these parents feel must be soul-crushing. It’s unfathomable. Imagine being without one of your children on Christmas Day because they were murdered less than a month before. I don’t know if any amount of therapy and counseling is ever enough. If anyone has updates on vigils, memorials, fundraisers, and the like, please post. There must be at least a few OHS students on this, I hope you all are physically and mentally okay.
John Doe
John Doe Aylar önce
Sadly this is not the case. The parents are directly responsible for supplying their kid with a weapon that could cause injury to their child and many others as we saw and I believe that there's a history of psychopathy within these families and the parents keep it under control and are able to refrain from using that weapon but their children on the other hand are not mature enough to be able to do so.
Zavier Archinald
Zavier Archinald Aylar önce
0:55 "Unimaginable tragedy" They say that every time. This has been happening all my life. I'm absolutely numb to this and that makes me angrier than I have the words for.
LtTree 18 gün önce
@Cow that’s the most convoluted justification for banning guns, you’ve made my day😂
sebastien holmes
sebastien holmes Aylar önce
@Moll Flanders violent crime spike after the ban.
@Random User check the stats about how any people died from that and you would know almost none of them and only 109 incidents reported in 2019 how many school shooting and deaths you have every year again.
Cam Aylar önce
@Moll Flanders I'm sorry but it's not the guns fault, it's the people with them
A Q Aylar önce
Half the people saying this also defended and acquitted Kyle Rittenhouse a week ago
wildflower Aylar önce
This is absolutely horrifying... My heart goes out to all the students and teachers there that day, and the families and friends of the young lives that were wrongfully taken; may those injured in this travesty recover quickly.
Angela Guadarrama
Angela Guadarrama Aylar önce
Oml my heart that’s sad ,sorry to the family who lost their student well RIP to the 3 students and hopefully the ones that are in the hospital get well ❤️‍🩹 God is with y’all! 🙏
TeeForever1 Aylar önce
Our broken World needs *Jesus!* 💔😭✝️🙏
GG Aylar önce
Sincere condolences to the family and friends of these innocent children. I can not imagine the pain the parents are going through.
risk Aylar önce
RIP to all the lost lives for stupidness 😞
Deggan Dahir
Deggan Dahir Aylar önce
Abu Fast
Abu Fast Aylar önce
RIP to all those passed away That is very disturbing to know children won’t be coming home for Christmas .
raapchik Aylar önce
@J C put urself in that situation
Bobacoco Aylar önce
@Abigail Martínez Valenzuela right 😐😐😐
Effix Aylar önce
@I want to burn the world 1. your profile picture is a soldier kneeling, aiming his rifle 2. your user is "I want to burn the world" 3. you lodged a comment that I would expect from the edgelord that has the locker next to me on a video about a school shooting.
Clayton Aylar önce
@J C yet you don’t even know me
J C Aylar önce
@Claytonno, you’re not about dark humor
Ciphe Chan
Ciphe Chan Aylar önce
We just had a lockdown today at my school, I could see the panic in everyone’s faces and we all fell silent. We were dismissed to go home and I’m so thankful I’m home and able to see my mother again. I hope I can graduate with no incidents, I’m a senior and ready to hightail it out of Hs
whoo else
whoo else Aylar önce
And where was this?
Ellen Virgillo
Ellen Virgillo Aylar önce
I am so sorry to the parents who lost a child.For the others who were shot and zre in the hospital,I hope you recover soon.My prayers are for all who are going through this horrible incident.
Kaitlyn's Channel
Kaitlyn's Channel Aylar önce
So sad this happens so often. I'm sending my prayers to all the families who lost their loved ones. Also to all the people who were injured and just in general all the kids who were at the school when this happened. I can't imagine how hard it is for them. God please give everyone that was connected to this Your comfort and peace. Please be with them and let rhem feel better soom. In Jesus's name amen🙏
David A
David A Aylar önce
All scholars agree Jesus didn’t see himself as god. He was just a eschatological prophet from the first century that later was raised to the level of god by Romans who used Christianity as a tool to subvert the Jews
Based Ghi
Based Ghi Aylar önce
White people have had war declared upon them long ago.
Shell Cshells
Shell Cshells Aylar önce
My heart goes out to all the victims and their families and the trauma everyone there will be dealing with.
Sam&Colby 97
Sam&Colby 97 Aylar önce
This was terrifying for me since I have an older brother who goes there and I was scared so badly since I was just leaving school when I found out and I had no clue if he was ok or not. I found out through one of my friends and just remember crying on the bus. Thankfully he’s ok and I’m praying for the other families who were affected today..
JaysJinxed Aylar önce
Do you still go to school?
Muki Alice
Muki Alice Aylar önce
Mr Knowhere
Mr Knowhere Aylar önce
@el pro that's the American school system for you. They don't care about their students at all, or their mental health. I'm sure that every school that experiences something like this just expects you to show back in class bright and early and keep trudging along like nothing happened. Because apparently school work is more important then mental health or human life at this point. It's sad how bad our school system has failed us.
Kalix Aylar önce
I live near there to and It was tariffing!
Jill H
Jill H Aylar önce
I'm so sorry for the panic that you went through. I can't imagine. Love to all. ❤️
Sad Little Flower child
Oh my god this is just heart breaking. My heart goes out to the parents out there and the students 💔
John Doe
John Doe Aylar önce
Don't be sorry for the parents. The parents are directly responsible for supplying their kid with a weapon that could cause injury to their child and many others as we saw and I believe that there's a history of psychopathy within these families and the parents keep it under control and are able to refrain from using that weapon but their children on the other hand are not mature enough to be able to do so. Be sorry for each and every innocent victim that was harmed or slain as a result of the parents not securing their firearm from their psychopathic child as well as not getting their child on medicine to treat psychopathy which likely would've been discovered if he got treatment, which a lot parents are too lazy to help their kids get the help the help they need.
John Doe
John Doe Aylar önce
Don't be sorry for the parents. The parents are directly responsible for supplying their kid with a weapon that could cause injury to their child and many others as we saw and I believe that there's a history of psychopathy within these families and the parents keep it under control and are able to refrain from using that weapon but their children on the other hand are not mature enough to be able to do so. Be sorry for each and every innocent victim that was harmed or slain as a result of the parents not securing their firearm from their psychopathic child as well as not getting their child on medicine to treat psychopathy which likely would've been discovered if he got treatment, which a lot parents are too lazy to help their kids get the help the help they need.
John Doe
John Doe Aylar önce
Don't be sorry for the parents. The parents are directly responsible for supplying their kid with a weapon that could cause injury to their child and many others as we saw and I believe that there's a history of psychopathy within these families and the parents keep it under control and are able to refrain from using that weapon but their children on the other hand are not mature enough to be able to do so. Be sorry for each and every innocent victim that was harmed or slain as a result of the parents not securing their firearm from their psychopathic child as well as not getting their child on medicine to treat psychopathy which likely would've been discovered if he got treatment, which a lot parents are too lazy to help their kids get the help the need.
tomxcd 22 gün önce
This was tragic... I heard about this at a hockey game. Ever since then, at my school, we've had a few lockdowns and skipped an entire period once. I give my best respects to the families... can't believe what they're going through....
MelBell 0865
MelBell 0865 Aylar önce
It’s sad, how we live in a world where this kind of thing happens so often. It’s so discouraging when the first sentence you hear is “ It happened, yet again”, as if there’s more of the same to come along, and even though we try to prevent it from becoming a reality, it’s still not enough. All I can do now, hope for these sort of tragedies to stop, and doing what I can to make sure it does. My condolences to the families of the students who lost their lives too soon, I have no idea what you may be going through, but you have my support, and the support of everyone around you: may your children RIP.
Monarkey Aylar önce
You say “world”, but this only happens often in the United States.
AmyM& Beauty
AmyM& Beauty Aylar önce
Condolences to all. It's unbelievably sad that anyone, Especially a child, gets to a breaking point where they feel like this is a solution.
TheSargentMajor Aylar önce
We had a gun threat a few weeks ago and to my understanding I don’t think the guy was found It scares me knowing that these troubled kids can fly under the radar and when we find out, it’s usually to late. It seems like nowadays we need to worry more about a kid with a gun more than school.
John C
John C Aylar önce
@Andre @JKT probably because of how poorly they're raised. Back in the day, kids were taught a good work ethic, responsibility, integrity, respect, and many other good values. Boys were taught to be men and girls were taught to be women. Now, especially with social media, a good self image and good values have been largely eroded away. Kids used to be largely raised by both mother and father and had far more stable homes and stable upbringings. Now, it's far more common to have divorced parents and having both together is very rare. There are many other social factors, but I hope that sheds some light on why mental issues are so common amongst our youth.
Andre @JKT
Andre @JKT Aylar önce
Why so many kids in US have mental issues?
John C
John C Aylar önce
@ImpactProduction2012 Well, here in the U.S. guns are more common than people. That's just a reality. Whether we like it or not, guns are always going to be very common. Even if they all became illegal (which isn't ever going to happen), that would only leave guns in the hands of criminals and increase crime as innocent people have little ability to protect themselves because the gave up their guns as good citizens. So, how do we Americans prevent guns from getting in criminal hands? Sort answer . . . we don't really. We certainly do things like have background checks, but a smart criminal can get around that. So, really, our answer to violent criminals is this. If a person decides to harm others with a gun, they will likely be killed by another person with a gun. I always carry my handgun in public. If someone decided to shoot up or rob a place where I happen to be present, then their criminal activity will end shortly thereafter. By the way, I'm actually more likely to need it in my truck. If someone with road rage decides to threaten me, then a gun is an easy way to defuse the situation. By the way, I'm sure this sounds completely foreign to you as a Brit. You probably think America is closer to some wild west tv show with people always shooting each other. Guns probably scare you. But, for me, they make me feel a lot safer. If I don't have my gun on me, but I know someone else in a store does have their gun, I know I don't have to worry about any shooter or armed robbery. I grew up with pretty much everyone I know at least having one in their home. Gun owners are super big on gun safety and we condemn those how handle them unsafely or abuse the right to keep and bear arms.
@Elias Sanchez "mass stabbing" I'm amazed I even have to go into this. Firstly, a person with a gun has the ability to cause far more harm in a far shorter time from a far greater distance. Secondly you're removing a lot of the immediate realities that you'd otherwise be faced with using a knife, pulling a trigger would be a lot easier than running around slashing and stabbing people. Having Guns for self defence ultimately leads to more deaths, just look at the karl rittenhouse case. I'm not disputing his acquittal, because in the US law he very clearly acted in self defence, but it's not hard to conclude less people would be dead if you removed you firearm element from the incident.
Elias Sanchez
Elias Sanchez Aylar önce
@ImpactProduction2012 I like when there’s a mass stabbing u guys have to fight back with random objects lolll
Alexander Cote
Alexander Cote Aylar önce
prayers to those dealing with tragedy, heartbreak, and trauma. seeing this breaks my heart.. these families now have to have christmas without their loved ones. the trauma these people are going to have to deal with us insane. hoping for a great recovery, and a peaceful mourning. may God take extra care of these families affected, i am so sorry.
Vanessa Benitez
Vanessa Benitez Aylar önce
Here we go again such tragic depression is real people are going through things please be kind to eachother you just don’t know what’s going on in these peoples minds .. My condolences to the families 🥺
Vitra Vaah
Vitra Vaah Aylar önce
Don't think twice, it's just another day for you and me in paradise.
Muki Alice
Muki Alice Aylar önce
James Howell
James Howell Aylar önce
the phrase “a parent’s worst nightmare” is tossed around a lot following tragedies like these, but as a current high schooler, i don’t think students’ fears are addressed as frequently. every kid is terrified of this, the kids who sadly lost their lives in this school shooting and every other that preceded it also had these fears. sadly, i don’t think it’ll ever be enough for the government to regulate guns and gun violence in our country. maybe i’m just a dumb kid but that’s my perspective. rest in peace to all of those who have succumbed to violent circumstances like this ❤️
Spring Wolfie
Spring Wolfie Aylar önce
not only that, but us students had to lock down. some of us didn't even have teachers with us, and have no experience with this. a parent may not know if their child is going to be ok, but the child has to both deal with the situation, worry about their friends, family and themself and deal with the aftermath of anything they saw. and children are prone to things such as ptsd, which makes the event so much more stressful for them.
Boardwalk BW
Boardwalk BW Aylar önce
Then there will just be no good guys with a gun to protect you...all the criminals will still easily get guns
Bernadette Seddon
Bernadette Seddon 21 gün önce
My school got a threat two weeks ago and all we could think about was this, and what if it happened to us. It was honestly terrifying. My school was lucky. I thank God for that. I hope that these kids can recover from their mental and physical trauma. They don't deserve any of this. Sending thoughts and prayers.
ThePaladin5084 Aylar önce
“They have no idea what his motive was” bro it’s safe to assume that he was probably mistreated both at home and in school. Lack of security or any kind of awareness in the school. And I don’t mean awareness for the student that caused this catastrophe, I mean awareness for the said bullies that run kids into the point of snapping. I was bullied during my school years, and all teachers would fuqin tell me and my parents, “as long as he does his best to ignore them and stay away from them, he will be fine” like what?…it’s not that simple, if it was, things like this wouldn’t happen. And I don’t condone the action taken here and causing families to lose their children, and even worse right before Christmas, but c’mon now…start holding bullies accountable, I have kids in school, that started going through things like this until I stormed in their office and brought to their attention that they need to do something, they’re breeding monsters by doing nothing and not showing them the LEAST bit of consequence for their actions. My condolences to these families, this is disturbing. And makes me extremely worried for my daughter
Mosquito Repellent
Mosquito Repellent Aylar önce
@Lorenzo Derecciho It was a school and not a ra.e riot against white's. Lousy comparison.
Hiba S
Hiba S Aylar önce
Well said!
Pranayam Dev
Pranayam Dev Aylar önce
@Sebastian Estupinan 👍👍👍.
BigKitten ASMR
BigKitten ASMR Aylar önce
@Sun Rise My heart goes out to their families, but if we really want to fix this than we have to fix the school system and how you deal with bullies.
Sun Rise
Sun Rise Aylar önce
@BigKitten ASMR excuses has no place in society, bullied or not, he destroyed 3 lives
Kristopher M. Satchell
My condolences to the victims' family! Everyone is talking about gun control but no one talks about isolating the root to what makes a kid shoot his classmates. Mental illness is one of the factors but the one thing no one talks about is bullying. Have you noticed these school shooters typically don't have a reputation of bullying other kids, they always appear to be in the category of being bullied. Violence does not justify the means at all but the public school system has a bad blind eye habit towards children who are chronically bullied/harassed. Bullying can be a form of torture especially when children's brains are not fully developed, they interpret the situation as more extreme than adults do. Kids can also be bullied most days of every week. There needs to be a medical study on surviving shooters to see what motivated them to do it in the first place, regardless of how irrational they sound. I think people are underestimating bullying in schools and people are scared to say maybe the children who are targeted in these schools have something to do with it. Regardless no one deserves to die over it. Gun control is not the issue, adults not doing their damn job is the problem.
Vincent Aylar önce
I think that gun control also constitutes a fundamental step towards putting an end to school shootings. To give unstable teenagers an easy access to firearms is just madness, as it is to give guns to an segment of the entire population who has shown, again and again, that it can't control itself.
Tito0422 Aylar önce
My God these kids are outrageous. I send my deepest condolences 🙏
D Josephine
D Josephine Aylar önce
Imagine sitting there at home between the thanksgiving and Christmas holidays and finding out your child won’t be coming home from school today. My stomach hurts 💔
L Awliet
L Awliet Aylar önce
Somebody give her pepsid
Muki Alice
Muki Alice Aylar önce
Ego Brain
Ego Brain Aylar önce
@floatycrownyythingss Who is a conservative? James Lindsay? He's a liberal. Helen Pluckrose, who he wrote Cynical Theories with? Liberal. Karlyn Borysenko? Liberal (left the Democrat party but she is a liberal. She is a liberal leaning libertarian) Cynical Theories has citations and direct quotes from CRT papers. Karlyn Borysenko has videos watching videos of these people themselves. She shows papers and documents form them, themselves. The Reason We Learn? She is right leaning, but more a libertarian. Again, you aren't fooling anyone. It is all right there. ☝🏻
@Ego Brain nope you gave me biased readings, you say you’re not conservative yet gave me conservative bias journals. Admit you’re too incompetent to understand anything and you’re trying too hard. I can’t be bothered with ignorant hard headed people who want to be right 😂😂. take a nap and have the best day to be better❤️❤️❤️
Ego Brain
Ego Brain Aylar önce
@floatycrownyythingss The comments are all there. ☝🏻 Nobody is fooled by you trying to attribute false comments to me. Nobody is fooled that you know anything about CRT or its proponents. I suggest reading Cynical Theories to start. It gives the whole history of critical theories. Happy reading. 😘
MsKathleenB Aylar önce
May the victims find rest and peace, and return to us in joy.
Mr Knowhere
Mr Knowhere Aylar önce
This is so depressingly sad. I honestly couldn't imagine this happening at my high school, terrifying and tragic stuff.
Jose E. Almeida
Jose E. Almeida Aylar önce
So sorry to hear about this, I'm praying for all those that lost there lifes, keeping the families in my prayers amen lord.
Raeanna W
Raeanna W Aylar önce
And this will keep happening😞 until teachers start caring about bullies and stopping them , praying for all the families 🙏🏾💕
Natalie Walker
Natalie Walker Aylar önce
parents should never have to bury their children. my condolences to all their families and the students and faculty who went to that school❤️
Muki Alice
Muki Alice Aylar önce
Shreya S
Shreya S Aylar önce
@Cynbad Ped NO! Screw thoughts and prayers- doesn't do anything at the end of the day. It's the 58th school shooting of the year and most of the time the schools were online!!! This country lost it's humanity the day it didn't pass any gun bans after Sandy Hook. We didn't even pass laws for better background checks and gun safety course requirements at the very least. Disgusting. Ban all the guns for f's sake since y'all can't even handle a simple universal and hard background check or proper requirements for gun storage!! Some of y'all keep saying "WeLl HE waS BUlliEd." So what? Bullying exists everywhere around the world. But you don't see kids in Denmark or New Zealand die from a school shooting because of a bullied kid. Social media raised those kids too! Social media and smart phones doesn't only exist in America. There are neglectful parents in other countries too who let their kids do whatever. Neglectful parents don't exist only in Ameerica. So why didn't a mass shooting occur in other developed countries? Because they banned their guns! BS excuses y'all are giving! This country chose guns over innocent children - there's no bringing back those lost lives EVER. From the looks of it- nothing will ever change!
Puppy Pupster
Puppy Pupster Aylar önce
@Cynbad Ped Start charging the kids as adults and include everyone who enabled the access to the guns. Charging kids as adults should not be left as an option to the prosecutors. It should be mandatory.
Your Subconscious
Your Subconscious Aylar önce
@Country Boyd if you are an adult and you have no common sense of what gun safety is, you shouldn't be handling a gun in the first place.
AestheticAG Aylar önce
I totally agree.💗
Kicking it with Kim Brooks
When will they look more into the fact that the shooter literally warned the school days prior of the exact day it would be shot up, so much so many students stayed home. Administrators need to be held accountable as some students took the threats more seriously than the school.
Sam Vimes
Sam Vimes Aylar önce
@Peaceful Hooligan Murder is the whole point of it and the sacrifice it's not theirs it is ours since they really aren't sacrificing anything at all. Yes it's control but when they get control most of us will be in the ground which is why we can't let it get that far.
Peaceful Hooligan
Peaceful Hooligan Aylar önce
@Sam Vimes Our elitist overlords are willing to sacrifice our children for the sake of politics and social control.
Sam Vimes
Sam Vimes Aylar önce
If you know that then you'll probably want to look to the FBI because Time after Time it is shown that they have a really weird relationship with all of these "shooterz". I'm not saying they don't actually do the crime but I'm just saying there is a weird entanglement every time something goes down. Almost like they've been coaching?
Camilla Harper
Camilla Harper Aylar önce
Literally one of the main reasons why shooters do it… to become famous and the news continuously makes them famous. Like focus on the victims, make the victims famous! Tell us their stories, not the shooters…. It’s sick
whitetail66 Aylar önce
I don't think he wanted to be famous he just had problem with a kid or kids at school and had enough and decided to take matters in his own hands and now he got pay for what he did, no matter how you look at it verry sad for everyone involved., this is a different world we live in today .
Federico Fernandez
Federico Fernandez Aylar önce
The shooters should be dragged out dead No notoriety
Andre @JKT
Andre @JKT Aylar önce
Ikr.. its almost like they want this to keep happening again and again.
Jorrie Wimmer
Jorrie Wimmer Aylar önce
My deepest condolences to the families. RIP💔😓🙏
Meghann Jones
Meghann Jones Aylar önce
God bless all of the families affected by this senseless tragedy🙏🏻❤️
Colton Shackelford
Colton Shackelford Aylar önce
My condolences to the families affected by this tragedy, and my prayers are with you.
Muki Alice
Muki Alice Aylar önce
Mason Plays
Mason Plays Aylar önce
about 2 or 3 weeks ago my school went into a lockdown after a parent of one of the students made an immediate threat while most of us were already there. its only an hour away from oxford. knowing how scared i was not knowing what was going on and for there to have never been a shooter on site. i cant imagine what those students at oxford went threw hearing the sounds of gun fire
[Frankie]-C0me 0ver L!ve
My condolences to the parents of those lost and to those left to grieve.
Sophiya-H0T Girl-C0me 0ver L!ve
My condolences to the parents of those lost and to those left to grieve.
JANET VELEZ Aylar önce
This is heart breaking my prayers are with all the families
DeerhunterMcD Aylar önce
That is me and my mom in the thumbnail. I am fine and everyone in my family is fine. Some really close friends of our family have been injured or killed. Please offer your condolences to these family’s and help us get through these tough times.
Carlos Salmeron
Carlos Salmeron Aylar önce
I'm glad you're okay man. Can't imagine how bad it would've been to be in that situation. All my condolences go to you, and everyone else that got infected by this horrifying shooting. Crazy to think that you're in the comment section lmao
DeerhunterMcD Aylar önce
@Cookie McBoingBoing lmao. My profile picture was taken up north about 3-4 hours from oxford. It’s in hillman MI. I live about 2 miles down from the school. Any other information that won’t give my privacy up you want to know?
DeerhunterMcD Aylar önce
@Cookie McBoingBoing not at all
Cookie McBoingBoing
@DeerhunterMcD you're lying. you probably don't even live in the United States
Cookie McBoingBoing
@tbm a paid actor
News Clipper
News Clipper Aylar önce
A question that may sound a bit ignorant; my apologies. Does hiring an attorney save the shooter from getting the punishment deserved from murdering three people, and injuring numerous others including the teacher? Hopefully not. Our prayers go out to the families.
AKZUAL Aylar önce
Also if the weapon belonged to the family.
Fulanito De Tal
Fulanito De Tal Aylar önce
It doesn’t “save” the shooter, the attorney simply helps to make a deal with authorities to help the client (the shooter) get the least criminal punishment possible. Look at that kid in Texas who got bail, for example. Also, not a stupid question.
kolim jone
kolim jone Aylar önce
I wish we could all show each other love & respect especially as teenagers
Mae K.
Mae K. Aylar önce
The way the parents are treating this speaks wonders about why the kid did it. In most cases, the parents of shooters are extremely remorseful for what their child did. They dont have words to describe it, they dont know why it happened, and most of all, they try their hardest to help in any way they can. If you think the environment this kid lived in had nothing to do with it, you're wrong. If the parents are not cooperating and are going as far as to hire people for defense, you know something aint right there.
Fulanito De Tal
Fulanito De Tal Aylar önce
Any criminal attorney will advise you to not speak to the police without a lawyer, whether you’re innocent or guilty, no matter how serious the crime is. The parents’ behavior and the kid’s failure to comply cannot be prosecuted in court as suspicious activity anyway….
Steven Evangelist
Steven Evangelist Aylar önce
Wtf. Are the parents accessories?
Mae K.
Mae K. Aylar önce
@FimaoSabrosa i just dont think theres any way they could have denial about it. Like legit denial. Their son was found with a loaded gun, and was seen by many students and teachers murdering his classmates. I could understand not being able to cope with reality but if that were the case, they would still try to cooperate some to figure out what to do with that reality. The dad even bought the gun for his son on black Friday. Im not saying they had anything to do with it by any means, but i cant see them being in denial and choosing the route they took.
FimaoSabrosa Aylar önce
or maybe it's exactly the opposite - the parents just went into denial because of shock.
Ryōan Nazuk
Ryōan Nazuk Aylar önce
This is heartbreaking the victims’ families need to spend the Christmas season with the loss of their loved ones. When are people going to start keeping government accountable for the safety of our children, it is mandated children go back to school, but the schools are not equipped to handle threats such as this. Schools need to be more equipped to provide safety for the students!
PiscesLady 914
PiscesLady 914 Aylar önce
Condolences to all the families. Just absolutely heartbreaking
DNASPOOKY ` Aylar önce
@Cameron Cooper facts so damn true.
DNASPOOKY ` Aylar önce
@Muki Alice that was trash.
Muki Alice
Muki Alice Aylar önce
Cameron Cooper
Cameron Cooper Aylar önce
@Max Covfefe Need to start disciplining you children much harder, instead of letting you get away with everything. You can't keep blaming everyone else for stuff
DNASPOOKY ` Aylar önce
@Max Covfefe no I have been bullied but I dealt with it in a different manner now people are so soft and scared to speak up that’s on them just like you said it will make them mad who cares if they keep doing it then that’s a case. The gun control yes it is the parents fault but it’s not the guns fault.
Hang Nguyen
Hang Nguyen Aylar önce
Imagine saying “I love you have a good day at school” to your kid in the morning and waiting for them to come home for super but this happen …and you never see them again ☹️🥺
Muki Alice
Muki Alice Aylar önce
aiyana rodriguez
aiyana rodriguez Aylar önce
@Adel doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to grieve
Adel Aylar önce
People die all the time
syco Aylar önce
@Rich Galindo-Da Mela or, do imagine it, and then take positive action to prevent it from becoming a reality. Like, I don't know, banning assault rifles, closing loopholes in gun regulations, etc
Rich Galindo-Da Mela
Uhhhh, no!? Don't IMAGINE things like that! Thoughts become things! 🤔
jdvadergaming Aylar önce
🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️❤️🌹 May Everyone that lost their lives in this very tragic shooting peacefully Rest In Peace
Baron King
Baron King Aylar önce
Love your kids... Talk to your kids... Find out what's going on in your child's life... Stop letting you kids do what they want... Teach your kids the correct way to do things... Most importantly check all children before entering a public school...
Baron King
Baron King Aylar önce
@Self Made Auto tinfoil hat section??? Please do explain...
REX YZ Aylar önce
@Sally Alfaro kids are to liberal these days
REX YZ Aylar önce
Thats why a dictatorship type of parenting until 18 is the best, its better to be alive than dead
Muki Alice
Muki Alice Aylar önce
Baron King
Baron King Aylar önce
@Adel your right the only time you really remember is when its your kid not coming home from school...
Λmaya Aylar önce
I bet the parents are going use the typical “ he’s young… he didn’t know what he was doing” type sentences. My condolences goes out to the families who lost a loved one. 🤍
shadowlesswarrior Aylar önce
Truly heartbreaking, schools are supposed to be a place were kids are safe, and this keeps happening over and over. There’s Definitely something wrong with the system and needs to be looked at it.
Taylor S Alldredge
Taylor S Alldredge 25 gün önce
@Alyssa Hunter Agreed, we need More Teachers Carrying!
Chris Ashcroft
Chris Ashcroft Aylar önce
@Adel I'm Canadian. I know hundreds of other Canadians. NONE of us own handguns. If criminals carry a gun, they get serious mandatory jail time. Just for the carry, not using it. That's all together more serious jailtime. So guess what? They don't carry handguns, because they know they will get locked up. No question. See how that works? If there is a gun call, our SWAT team is there in minutes, with no desire to fool around. I can sleep with my door unlocked tonight. How about you? Grip that Glock tight pal. It's your lifeline. Only though, because everyone who can breath in America has similar.
Adel Aylar önce
@Cajejsks Caksls HOW? NAME ONE
Adel Aylar önce
Which system!? Guns are NOT going away. An example Mexico citizens can't defend themselves.
Chris Ashcroft
Chris Ashcroft Aylar önce
@Erozpl01 01 We don't have those either. Please stay in this reality.
Matt A
Matt A Aylar önce
Feel bad for the parents, man that’s rough. Might need to put armed security in every school.
jake lozoya
jake lozoya Aylar önce
The fact that this is the 58th shooting this year and for most of the year students were in lockdown just blows my mind. RIP to all the families who lost loved ones.
Davit M
Davit M Aylar önce
@D OneAndDon guns are great, it’s the mentally Ill kids utilizing them.
Davit M
Davit M Aylar önce
@Alice Typhon agreed but still america has a huge mental health problem.
Alice Typhon
Alice Typhon Aylar önce
90% of them are ghetto inner city schools, they like to flair up that number like it's relevant though.
D OneAndDon
D OneAndDon Aylar önce
guns are great stay stay safe...Mr. Rittenhouse
Megan S
Megan S Aylar önce
but he had a countdown on his instagram of his plan and he posted pics of his new fire arm, or should i say his fathers fire arm, charge the father for murder too because your 15 yrs old child should not have access to bring it to school. this makes me very angry because i live here in this community and something like this should not of happened here. this is unacceptable.
Bae Bae The Sexy Scratcher
Prayers for the families 🥺
bianka ferreira
bianka ferreira Aylar önce
🙏🏼My prayers go to the families suffering this unimaginable lost and to the injured students and teachers fighting for their lives right now. I’m so very sorry and hope you all find peace.
Jimmy Novak
Jimmy Novak Aylar önce
@XLKarma 8 haha Jeselnik right?? I love that bit. Lol
XLKarma 8
XLKarma 8 Aylar önce
Don’t forget thoughts
Jimmy Novak
Jimmy Novak Aylar önce
@Taylor C what guy?? It was an SUV that did that dude. Quit spreading misinformation..
Taylor C
Taylor C Aylar önce
Wow, so much more coverage than the guy who drove through the parade. Wonder why?
D. Jinerson
D. Jinerson Aylar önce
I’ve heard from kids in the school system the shooter had posted on his social media accounts (now scrubbed) photos tagged my new gun with a photo of his hand gun (how does a 15 year old acquire a gun? Parent/relative? Illegal gun? Also he was posting pics of targets he shot and tagged them “getting better, will be ready soon” these are kids that knew some of the victims today that go to a neighboring school. If all this is true it definitely sounds like there were warning signs….I pray for the families impacted by this horror, and the innocence lost today….we need to do better, our kids lives are in the care of the government for more waking hours than at home…there are measures that could have potentially averted this tragedy, however a 5 min response from police/fire/emergency was amazing…thank you to all that served today and did so phenomenally
Hummingbird Aylar önce
This is absolutely heartbreaking.
cheta Aylar önce
Im so sorry for them……. those poor children. They didnt ever deserve that. Wish them and their families a merry christmas. 😞❤️💚
Karen Hermon
Karen Hermon Aylar önce
I'm praying for all of you my heart is breaking for you
Science and Engineering
My heart goes out to those families that lost their beautiful children. I lost my daughter this year and it’s the worst thing a parent has to endure. There are way too many factors to enumerate here as for why these shootings happen but I can tell you that sometimes we as parents need to be a bit more involved with our children and try to help whatever issue that they may have or suffer from. Sometimes our children are screaming for help and we just don’t see it or choose not to see it. Let’s start by trying to do the best we can as parents and hopefully the rest can fall in place!!!
David A
David A Aylar önce
You can always have another child, it’s not like your dead daughter was the only one you could have
Lyndsay Brown
Lyndsay Brown Aylar önce
@Blob lizard sadly, you are correct
Lyndsay Brown
Lyndsay Brown Aylar önce
Sorry for your loss
Younima Aylar önce
@Magdalena Sacco Have you ever thought for a minute that it's mental health? That people actually need assistance? Or are you a more power to the elite kind of individual? I'm not one to assume anyone's stances. But maybe we need to focus more on mentality then objects.
kathleen ardrey
kathleen ardrey Aylar önce
@Magdalena Sacco Thank you for your insights. I agree with you, sadly.
Keisha Hart
Keisha Hart Aylar önce
💔 I have to say, at this point, I would feel MUCH safer with my teenager going to high school in the hood. Only bc OUR delinquents are NOT in schools...they're on the street. My point? I don't know... Condolences to the families. 🙏
Liz Aylar önce
Heartbreaking 😢🙏🏻
Susan Sumner
Susan Sumner Aylar önce
My condolences to the families🙏🙏🙏
Sophia Hasan
Sophia Hasan Aylar önce
58th shootings in school this year! OMG! Why? Kids are troubled they need help. Spend money on school instead of elsewhere. Absolute Heartbreaking. Condolences to the families.
Donald Stevens
Donald Stevens Aylar önce
Many of those schools these days are all "woke" and teaching young people hate for each other and distrust because of their skin color(nazis did that too and the hard core russian communists among so many others) Democrats are driving and supporting that CRT LUNACY and worrying kids half to death about covid this and china that and now theres more blood on Slow Joe's shakey old hands.
Ryo Saeba
Ryo Saeba Aylar önce
No need to treat teens as minors anymore
Sports hub
Sports hub Aylar önce
God bless the families who lost their love ones
Holly Rorie
Holly Rorie Aylar önce
Spitefulness, on top of the lack of ability to handle their emotions and practice self restraint, is why some people behave like this towards others. Being as clever as serpents but as innocent as doves, means to be aware of how a predator behaves without behaving like a predator ourselves. (Matthew 10:16.) It's the nature we nurture in ourselves and our youth that is a most impactful influence. My condolences neighbors.
DarkeSolace Aylar önce
I can not even begin to imagine getting that call and the agony these families are going through. Beyond grateful my 10th grader is at home with me tonight.
the voice inside your head
i'm crying right now. I lost my son to a school shooting a few years back and it still hurts to hear about similar cases :(
Latinexus Socivaru-Simulacrum
@Jake bad move Jake. Your notifications will be ringing for the next 10 years or however long this video stays on TRvid.
Yaa Agyemang Opambour
@Ruben agreed. People can claim whatever they want as this guy did. However, kindness costs nothing, thankfully. It reflects purely on OP.
A J Aylar önce
I’m so sorry!!
Bervick Aylar önce
Sorry for your loss.
Jackson Killman
Jackson Killman Aylar önce
Yeah mate and I was on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370
sensei kraken
sensei kraken Aylar önce
I can not even begin to imagine getting that call and the agony these families are going through. Beyond grateful my 10th grader is at home with me tonight.
George Bair
George Bair Aylar önce
I'm so sorry for the parents...... I am a Marine corp vet and I keep all weapons out of reach of children... And also the kids that survived, what they have to deal with mentally...
s0fa Aylar önce
Just absolutely terrifying. And yet still no answers on how to fix this problem. My condolences go out to everyone 😔
cordeux Aylar önce
Thoughts and prayers!
amanda Aylar önce
I remember the pain and shock over Columbine. 21 years have gone by and it's like we're reliving that news over and over. I can't even imagine what the parents are going through, just having celebrated a holiday, getting ready for more. The bedrooms as they had left them this morning, the promises of "See you when I get home" having been shattered. I just can't imagine it. My heart goes out to them, and all.
Andre @JKT
Andre @JKT Aylar önce
@Vitra Vaah i wish its that simple. Its not.
the last emperor
the last emperor Aylar önce
@Vitra Vaah this one was last month and this punk made bail trvid.com/video/video-5ohc-L3QGHo.html
the last emperor
the last emperor Aylar önce
@Vitra Vaah It was over the news just not the news you watch apparently. Another reason people call the liberal mainstream media fake news they only show you what they want you to see but you wont complain and ask them why.thanks for letting me know tho so now others who havent seen or heard can see now.trvid.com/video/video-5ohc-L3QGHo.html
the last emperor
the last emperor Aylar önce
@Cristina🔞👇 hell yeah this is exactly what Democrats love.
Vitra Vaah
Vitra Vaah Aylar önce
@Adel School choice? Have you look at the picture of the school. They got the biggest and nicest school. And this is the nicest neighborhood. School choice have nothing to do with this. It's the parents, kids get abuse at home and bully in school then got a guns from parents who loves guns and loves the 2nd amendment. Everyone of them points to the same situation. Kids with parents who loves gun and got bully alot. End of story.
battles146 Aylar önce
the father had just bought the gun on Nov 24th and the 15 year old had already been practicing with it shooting at targets - the parents have already hired an attorney and as their son is a minor neither he nor his parents have to 'cooperate' until the prosecuting attorney brings charges against him - he's presently held in a juvenile detention facility - Michigan local news will give more accurate information on this incident than mainstream media -
Bless your heart
Bless your heart Aylar önce
Sounds like his parents are partially at fault.
aliyah mickens
aliyah mickens Aylar önce
The parents don’t want to cooperate? Charge them too 🤷🏾‍♀️
Clemson Aylar önce
I live in Michigan.. And its horrible seeing people go through this..
Laura Cliffe
Laura Cliffe Aylar önce
I am truly saddend that more young lives have be taken as the kids that are left to lives with this My heart 💖 goes out to y'all truly 😢
Feelin Nice
Feelin Nice Aylar önce
So sad. My condolences to all families involved.
Muki Alice
Muki Alice Aylar önce
Feelin Nice
Feelin Nice Aylar önce
@Kid Fox you're welcome.
D OneAndDon
D OneAndDon Aylar önce
guns are great stay stay safe...Mr. Rittenhouse
ms operator
ms operator Aylar önce
@Hydra6544 THANX ✌️
Hydra6544 Aylar önce
@ms operator 1. 15 year olds cannot purchase firearms 2. This kid was not in his rights
Sergio Parra
Sergio Parra Aylar önce
My condolences to all the parents … I think they need to put Metal detectors on schools to prevent all these shootings we want our kids to make it back home safe
Joshua Powers
Joshua Powers Aylar önce
"It's happened yet again in America" So tired of hearing this. I wake up every morning expecting the worst. I'm heartbroken, but I wish I could say I'm surprised.
KrispyKrackers88 Aylar önce
So tragic this has to keep happening. Very sad day for us Michigan residents. Hits even harder since I'm not far from this school. RIP❤
Rose Vlogs
Rose Vlogs Aylar önce
Deus, até quando 😞
C Biser
C Biser Aylar önce
“Unimaginable” - bro this has happened dozens of times. So sad.
Callan Pepper
Callan Pepper Aylar önce
“Unimaginable tragedy” It’s very imaginable, it happens a lot!
Moranda Moore
Moranda Moore Aylar önce
I’m so sorry for their love ones may them R.I.P🥺😢😢😢💔💔💔
w4shep Aylar önce
So sad. More senseless violence & lives cut short. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by this tragedy.
broken1bones Aylar önce
I have a 9 year old nephew. I couldn’t even imagine him not coming home from school and the impact it would have on my family. My thoughts are going out to all of the families affected physically and emotionally by this tragedy
Ping Pong
Ping Pong Aylar önce
That's the price of loving a gun plus mental health. Rest in peace, who lost their lives.
Johnny Sanchez
Johnny Sanchez Aylar önce
I have to lock my guns up at night. I’m afraid they might shoot me in my sleep.
Jenny Nguyen
Jenny Nguyen Aylar önce
@Rob *you're
Ping Pong
Ping Pong Aylar önce
@David Grover 👍👍👍
Ping Pong
Ping Pong Aylar önce
@wreckum56 👍👍👍
Ping Pong
Ping Pong Aylar önce
@Ion Hunter damnnn that is unfortunate
Aku from the future (jmm)
I'm sorry to hear about this... I've been told to look for a CA in any of the coverage
WindiGreens Aylar önce
The education system has been failing kids for as long as I can recall. The infrastructure is broken without remedy. We can expect more of these school shootings in the future. With all the bullying constantly taking place in schools, especially middle and high schools, it's actually a pleasant surprise that there haven't been a lot more shootings.
J Aylar önce
Mis condolencias para las familias afectadas.
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