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24 Mar 2023




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SockStudios 2 aylar önce
we pray that this video does not get age-restricted 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Waffles33 2 aylar önce
First reply- pray we will 🙏🏻
bangRplays 2 aylar önce
Second reply- pray we will 🙏
not ish
not ish 2 aylar önce
third reply - pray we will 🙏 🙏
NKBD_LFC10 2 aylar önce
fourth reply - pray we will 🙏🙏
Sunscraper 2 aylar önce
Pray it doesn't
Kamyrin Wiggins
Kamyrin Wiggins 2 aylar önce
A moment of silence for Blaza getting taken by the zombies.
Oliebol85 2 aylar önce
And then reappearing behind a tree as a zombie stalking the gang
Lucas Sun
Lucas Sun 2 aylar önce
a moment of silence for the monster girl that got bodied by a 6'4 kid
Dianna Lollis
Dianna Lollis 2 aylar önce
A bit of time later zombie blaza appears behind da bushes
Thomas 2 aylar önce
nah those were just hands dipped in green paint or pickle juice
Mo3127 2 aylar önce
He be lcreepin for the rest of the vid tho
Z0GIM 2 aylar önce
blaza's story just shows that he isn't scared of any monsters because he is the monster
Sarthak sharma
Sarthak sharma 2 aylar önce
De Nederlanden people are Titanic
phantombiscuit 2 aylar önce
Better pray you don't see blaza then
GalaxyFoxx 2 aylar önce
Jayden GAMER Orta
Jayden GAMER Orta 2 aylar önce
So true
grillchez 2 aylar önce
Sean Lunt
Sean Lunt 2 aylar önce
All of zombie blaza screen time 6:01 Behind the tree 7:31 Behind another tree 10:15 Zombie walking 12:08 Behind ANOTHER TREE but way closer 13:44 Shows himself doing the zombie walk 4K 19:01 Under TBH bed 21:35 stalking Joice 23:15 BEHIND ANOTHER STINKING TREE 26:08 In the credits End Tell me if I missed any
Mysterybird 2 aylar önce
16:09 in the background
Xavier Terwilliger
Xavier Terwilliger Aylar önce
This is really the most scary thing
Just NIHAN Aylar önce
There still more
Nancy Ward
Nancy Ward Aylar önce
16:11 in the background
Commander Fox
Commander Fox Aylar önce
16:09 in the back yard
Eli Gaming
Eli Gaming 5 gün önce
Blaza is the only person who would challenge a demon
GeoConBro 2 aylar önce
I like how blaza gets attacked by zombies at the start and later appears multiple times throughout.
Racekitten Aylar önce
I know 😂
taco Aylar önce
Adrian and callum 🤙
the first time I saw him I was laughing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mecha Rex
Mecha Rex 20 gün önce
Its creepy
SonicDash boys
SonicDash boys 18 gün önce
I know
LeviathanYT Aylar önce
3:49 literally made me laugh so hard (I'm sick rn) that I almost died from exhaustion after coughing cuz I was laughing so much.
Confusion 2 aylar önce
i like how blaza's scary story was remade but they fit it in perfectly by just killing his new self at the end of his story
Ink gaming
Ink gaming 2 aylar önce
U mean nadw
nazi 2 aylar önce
Bruh you copy me that why you got so many like bruh
Deadset_Blitzø 2 aylar önce
@nazi cap
HunterJG 2 aylar önce
When did he kill himself?
RiderBenDragon Aylar önce
The scariest part of Blaza’s story was Blaza himself!
Green Dragon Gaming Roblox
Yup :] first and first liker
RiderBenDragon Aylar önce
@Green Dragon Gaming Roblox Nice
Smell my fingers
Smell my fingers Aylar önce
Actually though
zachpack1313 Aylar önce
coup 2 aylar önce
i respect socks so much, he legit has to make videos constantly even though youtube is age restricting them. #justiceforsocks
Trolling memer
Trolling memer 18 gün önce
The amount of detail is in the video is wonderful keep up the good work👍👍🏻👍🏼👍🏽👍🏾👍🏿
CheetoFace13 2 aylar önce
"You will be shivering in your timbers after this story" -Nadwe 2023 Also if Joocie told his scary story about his dentist appointment it would be the dentist's story not his
sridhar gopalkrishnan
sridhar gopalkrishnan 2 aylar önce
sridhar gopalkrishnan
sridhar gopalkrishnan 2 aylar önce
ThatDinosaurGuy 29 gün önce
Blaza’s “creature form” is terryfing 2:55
C00L FR3D'S pizzeria
C00L FR3D'S pizzeria 2 aylar önce
I love how socks and the gang can make scary stories so funny
ChickenMan 2 aylar önce
Hey we look like each other😮😂
Gorilla vr
Gorilla vr 2 aylar önce
The video was copied and reposted💀
zxVR 2 aylar önce
Bot 🤖 💀
Gorilla vr
Gorilla vr 2 aylar önce
Oh yeah
Oh yeah Aylar önce
Blaza’s story is the very definition of “I’m not stuck here with you you’re stuck here with me”
Alonso Torres
Alonso Torres Aylar önce
Ambrose Charlesworth
Mc Donald KENNY
Sheeeeeeesh Aylar önce
Idk why but I feel like I’m getting more excited about the game now that I’m done playing the first one and I’m getting ready to start playing it again and I can’t stop thinking about it because I’m so excited for it but it’s not even close to next one coming out
Claire Aylar önce
​@Sheeeeeeesh da heck
bnoob Aylar önce
Blaza's story is the perfect example of: "you are not the monster I am the monster" Edit:in a sinister voice (I forgot this line)
I just draw stuff
I just draw stuff Aylar önce
His story part 2 he caches the monster starts beating the light out of it (not real)
George does random stuff🐶
@I just draw stuff * catches
OR56 Aylar önce
I am not in danger Skyler. I AM the danger!
Doc Loggins
Doc Loggins Aylar önce
Love your videos socks!!! keep up your good work!!😊😊😊
InsertUniqueUser Aylar önce
Sock's story really had an alternate with a tickling fetish 💀💀💀
Memehunterx108 Aylar önce
In a nightmare fuel way 💀💀💀
Wild Tracks
Wild Tracks Aylar önce
Grandma a skinwalker ☠️☠️☠️💀💀💀💀💀💀
Brunner Beauty
Brunner Beauty 29 gün önce
All of these monsters we have today like the smile demon, the murder drones, the alternates, and the look-see are terrifying, but none of them compare to blazas TRUE FORM 3:52
Loudencer studios
Loudencer studios 2 aylar önce
The stories in a nutshell Blaza: I am the danger Nadeae:claustrophobia Memegod: CANCELED Allie: the hand fetish people Muffin:ITS ABOUT DRIVE ITS ABOUT POWER Tbh: that one scene from female ghostbusters Socks: dear god…
Llewyns Plush World
​@YN Gamer YT L bozo nerd
ItzKyle Aylar önce
​@YN Gamer YT 🤓
The ss Gamer
The ss Gamer Aylar önce
Wait there is one more that you forget Joccie nothing
Amari Grant
Amari Grant Aylar önce
Memehunterx108 Aylar önce
​@Llewyns Plush World what did he said?
Maceo Nadge
Maceo Nadge 2 aylar önce
This video had me smiling the whole entire time, this is my all time favorite one, great work everyone!
Venhalla Gün önce
24:40 If I was in Sock's situation, I would have thrown every single object in that room directly at "grandma."
Vincent Southwest
Vincent Southwest Aylar önce
I love the fact in almost every story blaza as a zombie, appeared everywhere. Is he ok?
Zoey Shoop
Zoey Shoop Aylar önce
Remember when the zombies pulled him underground?
Vincent Southwest
Vincent Southwest Aylar önce
@Zoey ShoopYeah im just wondering if he’s ok
Blooboi Aylar önce
I just wish that blaza would just have a scene where he would return as a zombie and attack the Socksfor1 gang
Midnight 2 aylar önce
Im so happy socks came back after his small break! I love his videos and i hope he can keep up the good work!
Aarya Sinha
Aarya Sinha 2 aylar önce
I'm also very happy
Mr.ScienceCat101 2 aylar önce
Gerard The Book Maker
Gerard The Book Maker 2 aylar önce
Arleny Arevalo
Arleny Arevalo 2 aylar önce
He's been back for 2 months already
Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan Aylar önce
Ok lets appreciate how well blaza was drawn
GT_31 Aylar önce
Socks story still haunts me to this day
Finley Lengel
Finley Lengel 8 gün önce
Allys story genuinely scared me Because that crap only happens once in a lifetime in it personally, it has never happened to me because I’m only 10
ster Aylar önce
Sock's story was actually terrifying, Just imagine a mimic going into your room and TICKLING YOU UNTIL YOU PASS OUT, you might think thats insane but it will get worse than that.
Matt Hias
Matt Hias Aylar önce
SPNBB4LIFE Aylar önce
My heart dropped when he said that
Syabilal bilal
Syabilal bilal Aylar önce
​@SPNBB4LIFE same bro
Bob Aylar önce
i agree
King Pepe
King Pepe Aylar önce
All of monster blaze screen time 6:01 behind a tree 7:29 again behind a tree but really close 10:15 in front of the house in meme’s story 12:08 AGAIN behind a tree but WAY CLOSER 13:44 doing the zombie walk behind ally 19:02 under TBH’s bed 21:35 BEHIND ANOTHER TREE Respond if I missed any😁
Thomas Cobos
Thomas Cobos Aylar önce
mike 17 gün önce
​​@Thomas Cobos 23:13 *
Yeeter361p5 5 gün önce
Forgot 6:05 he appeared and disappeared and appeared at 6:05
João Agostinho
João Agostinho 5 gün önce
You forgot 16:08 too
Toottoot Cuatro👁️
12:09 you forgot
TrashCan_Skinty 2 aylar önce
In Blaza's horror story, Blaza is the horror
HBP gaming
HBP gaming 2 aylar önce
DripBacon 2 aylar önce
in Soviet Russi-
RobloxAnimeEdits 2 aylar önce
I HOPE THE GIRL IS NOT in trauma by the 6’4 man
WIND_CHEEKS 2 aylar önce
​@RobloxAnimeEdits AHEM 6'9
WIND_CHEEKS 2 aylar önce
​@DripBacon monsters dont hunt we hunt monsters
BloodFlash92 2 aylar önce
When I heard the part about socks parents saying “Grandma left a couple days ago” I started saying prayers in my mind for socks.
Gaming Stoolie
Gaming Stoolie 2 aylar önce
blaza is a ghostbuster himself edit:muffin's story is top notch it really put my grandma to sleep edit again:socks story was actually quite scary...
So this is how usernames work.
I'm a fan of doctor who and you mentioned it, The mannequins are called Autons, controlled by the nestene concouisness, the nestene concouisness (I'ma call it the nestene for now) can only control plastic. These things appered several times in classic who and only once in new doctor who, the revival episode of it. That's their backstory.
Russell Todd
Russell Todd 7 gün önce
I'm also a fan of Doctor Who, Best TV show ever
So this is how usernames work.
@Russell Todd EYYYYYy
Angelman Aylar önce
If Nadwe is still there to this day, how does he eat, drink, and use the bathroom?
PancakeKid 2 aylar önce
I figured it out, the reason this was age-restricted was probably because of the mannequins. They might’ve been thought as nudity or something especially because they are female. In the original they were all bare mannequins while in this one they were wearing a blue shirt and gray shorts
Aldrin-147 2 aylar önce
Its Oscar Nyn
Its Oscar Nyn 2 aylar önce
EpicBurger Aylar önce
The scariest part about socks story is that tickling is literally abuse
Samjhana Rai
Samjhana Rai 28 gün önce
That is a way of killing people on death road
bumblebee 24 gün önce
Yeah it's called tickle torture
Tails the orange engine
Bro Blaza is a zombie and he is standing behind the trees
Deterмinisм 19 gün önce
That **is** abuse.
Miwth_kit 18 gün önce
My mom is tickling me but shes friendly
Sam Peters
Sam Peters Aylar önce
Did blaza experience sleep paralysis? and is no one gonna talk about the girl looked like the girl from the movie they were watching?
TheGuyWhoAsked Aylar önce
my heart dropped when he said his parents said his grandma left a few days ago
kyvobb but less
kyvobb but less 2 aylar önce
I like how blaza is in the background watching them explaining their stories as a zombie
xXcoolgamerdudeXx 2 aylar önce
true lol
Robert Henry
Robert Henry 2 aylar önce
zombie blaza
Dancing kamadolph kun
Dancing kamadolph kun 2 aylar önce
I just noticed that lol
Argie Ramirez
Argie Ramirez 2 aylar önce
Katipunan_Mapping 2 aylar önce
Also typhoons is normal in my place
KryptonKat Remastered
I vividly remember the most weird and cursed dream I ever had. Basically, I was in an arcade, and I was being chased by Huggy Wuggy. He caught me, and then he put me in a cryogenic chamber next to my friend. I just sat there, freezing, when suddenly, giant nails impaled my arm. It was very bloody and I felt all of it. Eventually, I escaped to a giant grassland where news people were interviewing me. In the middle of them talking, I just thought "Huh, it would be kinda weird if a landslide happened right now." And suddenly, rocks started falling from the sky. Everyone freaked out and blamed me for it. I was scolded and hated on, and then I woke up.
Adam gamer
Adam gamer Aylar önce
Christina Witt
Christina Witt Aylar önce
Zandariah Attan
Zandariah Attan Aylar önce
What videos are you WATCHING
memeranger26 Aylar önce
"all dreams have meanings" My dreams:
ffcdgf Aylar önce
You are lucky because i got literal chase scene ultimate mix
The Architect
The Architect Aylar önce
Honestly man I wish I have a friend group like you eventually! ❤ Love your vids
Mr cheese
Mr cheese 21 gün önce
Ok but why is no one talking about muffin being back with the team after so darn long ?
Smell my fingers
Smell my fingers Aylar önce
Muffins’ story was so scary and real I would have practically died on the spot if that happened to me
DEEZY Aylar önce
Yo I kinda had the same thing as blaza but I woke up at 3 am.. for a couple of weeks.. and heard breathing. That scared me for a while but now I’m over it.
Crispyboy 2 aylar önce
Man socks is so good at doing animated stories
c 2 aylar önce
69 like
Arnob's Craft
Arnob's Craft 2 aylar önce
He is not doing the animation
Crispyboy 2 aylar önce
@Arnob's Craft oh then the team us so good at doing animated
clover Aylar önce
i literally love nadwes story because im born in Lebanon and live there and the power goes out all the time 😂
Raman Yousef
Raman Yousef 14 gün önce
YOoOoOo ME bOI 😎😎😎😎😎
Mason youtube
Mason youtube 16 gün önce
Blaza did reverse psychology to a nightmare 💀💀💀
nightrunnerboy 2 aylar önce
these videos keep geting better i can't wait to see a new one❤😊
Helli Warden
Helli Warden Aylar önce
I wonder how TBH fell in his dream... I wanna see how he actually felt
DECALS 2 aylar önce
Socks never fails to make us laugh
technoblade2023 2 aylar önce
Except me jk
Abdulboriy Abdumalikov
Can we just appreciate mr editors efforts in putting a wooden girl next to meme even though he knows it’s impossible
Zach in the house
Zach in the house Aylar önce
Why did they rated Blaza the story by 5/10? It deserves 10 out of 10.
jaycee goncalvis
jaycee goncalvis 28 gün önce
How come no one has seen blaza just flashing in the distemper that's funny 😂
Mcool Online
Mcool Online Aylar önce
i like how blaza does his stories with sond effects
Sig 4 gün önce
socks running away from woman is relatable. i run away from my mum from time to time. 😂
Captain Delta Editz
Captain Delta Editz 2 aylar önce
Socks and gang make even the most ridiculous scary story interesting and entertaining
Young Musician
Young Musician 2 aylar önce
Blaza wasn't the one who had the scary story happen to him... it was a scary story for the little girl.
Panda Field
Panda Field Aylar önce
I have a story of my own: Once my dad was tickling me (for some reason) and my inside devil was definitely controlling my body since when I laughed, it sounded like the devil
Jacob Rose
Jacob Rose 24 gün önce
ally deserves a higher rating
Kitkatkid Aylar önce
Long before Nadway had a name, the first meme god created Ninjago using four elemental shoes But when he passed a dark presence sought out to collect them all: lord Zombie blaza So I Sensei socks his brother sought out to find 4 socks to collect them first. -sensei Wu, I mean blaza
Karina & Mighty
Karina & Mighty Gün önce
did anybody see blaza as a zombie while nadwa was telling a story
Roronoa zoro
Roronoa zoro 2 aylar önce
Scary story: when I was little a racoon came into our house and stared at me for like 3 minutes before leaving. Still haunts me 😨
lazybread has lost his condom
He wants lettuce
JELLY cat(ง'̀-'́)ง
​@lazybread has lost his condom Why lettuce 😂😂😂😂😂
Vexonz 2 aylar önce
My scary story : sockfor1 didnt upload
saltbot 2 aylar önce
Oi wrong youtuber you need to be at fiji
DaNewkid4 2 aylar önce
Someone brang the vid back except for blazas story lol
Chainsaw man
Chainsaw man Aylar önce
are we gonna ignore the fact when blaza opened the door it looked absolutely horrifying
Alifa Noor Shadiqin
Alifa Noor Shadiqin 2 aylar önce
Everyone : *having fun talking about spooky story* Meanwhile Blaza in the background : *become a zombie and spying at everyone*
Bob Aylar önce
scariest to me was Ally’s story Tbh’s story and Sock’s story (edited) imagine the monster under the bed in allys story was zombie blaza
who is you??!!!?
who is you??!!!? 2 aylar önce
blaza is the type of guy who will chase a ghost thinking he is one
TheMobilere 2 aylar önce
can we all appreciate ✨dead✨ blaza in the background
ELIAS 2 aylar önce
OrlaithSleepy 2 aylar önce
Appreciation in the chat
Rada Kadem2011
Rada Kadem2011 2 aylar önce
wesIsTheBest 2 aylar önce
Finaly someone talks about dead blaza,or should i say zombie blaza?
Troll_face 2 aylar önce
AnimaOR Aylar önce
Man the animation has been really stepped up
Wyatt Grove
Wyatt Grove Aylar önce
The stories range from moderately scary to requiring you to pull out the cross.
Deterмinisм 19 gün önce
The story about child abuse takes the cake.
Oscar Jones
Oscar Jones 6 gün önce
Lol the pale hand is the cross one for sure
Deterмinisм 5 gün önce
@Oscar Jones ur joking
Dragutin Trotic
Dragutin Trotic 2 gün önce
Ally's story is the one for the cross i mean a hand that came from under the bed it could've been a demon and it teleported back too hell. To my religon the cross is the best weapon
Dragutin Trotic
Dragutin Trotic 2 gün önce
Ally should get her house blessed
MR black
MR black 13 gün önce
Don’t worry Allie I’ll at least give your story a 9/10
Cookie Gaming
Cookie Gaming 2 aylar önce
Congrats on being #22 on trending!
Carson 7 gün önce
Blaza staring menacingly on Nadwe story
M U Aylar önce
The character they made for blaze chasing the poor girl is amazing 🤩
Greenostrich27 🦅
Greenostrich27 🦅 2 aylar önce
My scariest moment was when I dreamt me and my brother were camping on this weird-🍑 broken bridge and some crazy gargoyles flew up from the broken bit and grabbed my brother and pulled him down. I looked down to see if I could see where he went and saw these crazy 🍑 purple lookin eyes staring back at me. Next thing I knew we were both in a cauldron of boiling water. Melting. *And I could literally freaking feel my skin melting.* Fortunately I realised it was a dream and quickly changed the water to jellybeans, before waking myself up. *Yet I can still remember every detail of that nightmare.*
Dalia Ghoneim
Dalia Ghoneim Aylar önce
Good news,socks,the video did not get age restricted
Leslie Lion
Leslie Lion Aylar önce
Can we talk about how zombie blasa was just peeking behind a tree
Leslie Lion
Leslie Lion Aylar önce
GhostHunterTop Aylar önce
Me too
Hayley Pio
Hayley Pio Aylar önce
i was looking for someone who saw blaza and i found him lol
Mildred Dixon
Mildred Dixon Aylar önce
Plz talk bout that
Russian Ball
Russian Ball Aylar önce
ACE LAST FLARE 18 gün önce
Blaza peeking at the others be like😂😂😂
Ukki Le Végétal
Ukki Le Végétal 2 aylar önce
Blaza just had a sleep paralysis. My theory is that he fell asleep just after seeing that girl, so his brain is confused on what is a dream and what is not. So what probably happened is that he had a sleep paralysis and saw the girl, then fall asleep, and chased the girl in his dream, but his brain thinks it’s real.
Waffle 2 aylar önce
Aren’t you not suppose to move in sleep paralysis nightmares?
Ukki Le Végétal
Ukki Le Végétal 2 aylar önce
@Waffle yes, but my theory is the he liven in his dream
Hira 2 aylar önce
​@Waffle you can't move on sleep paralysis
MintyWafer Animations
MintyWafer Animations 2 aylar önce
Awww i wish blaza chased his friends little sister >:)
That0neDude Aylar önce
When your sleep paralysis demon shows up but you're suddenly able to move:
Felipe Madrid Beltrán
I remember watching the old scary stories where nadwe got stuck in a dark elevator and still is there
Chungus_army Aylar önce
This wasn’t just scary. This was funny.😂
Alfie TheRockstar
Alfie TheRockstar 16 gün önce
Did anyone see Blaza hiding in the background?😂
Lava Ridar
Lava Ridar Aylar önce
Nadwes story reminds us to not be alone
Zappysteel 27 gün önce
In blazes story he said that his friend came over to his house so the girl couldn’t be the guy’s little sister if he went over to Blazas‘s house unless she stowed away on the car
Rytro 2 aylar önce
Suggestion: do a story about near death experience’s it would be very entertaining 😊
Kid_Wowz 2 aylar önce
I'm glad I'm not gonna be in that video idea cus I've never almost died
JD McWorld plus
JD McWorld plus Aylar önce
I did.
DBTM Debejunpyung
DBTM Debejunpyung 2 aylar önce
Love how Blaza is just walking around in the background.
TrueMobsters Aylar önce
i lova that blazas story made the dead come up and forced blaza to join them, also i love how you can see how blaza is in the backround so much. 😂
imChase 18 gün önce
Legends says that Nadwe is recording in that same elevator
TrafficCone Aylar önce
Blaza still being slenderman after getting pulled into the ground. I'm surprised he didn't talk for the whole other part of the vid.
Isaiah Samaki
Isaiah Samaki 29 gün önce
8 year old me telling my mom if we can get icecream, says no. Me at 12am: Nadwe's whole story 4:24
Adrian Figueroa
Adrian Figueroa 2 aylar önce
Let's take a moment to admire socks job
sorin dorcioman
sorin dorcioman 2 aylar önce
I like how when nadway is talking blaza is sneaking to the tree😂
Larva Tuba Show
Larva Tuba Show 2 aylar önce
I love how Blaza says long before time had a name. it makes me think of the old Ninjago pilot intro
Gamertennyson Aylar önce
When I heard mr tiny cupcake’s story I was so scared that I slept for 10 hours instead of 10 hours and 1 minutes lol
LucaKrycter Aylar önce
Blaza’s eyes are the glasses, nice😂
Melon Playground non official
6:00 Blaza pops out as a zombie behind a tree
theory central
theory central 2 aylar önce
I love socks studios episodes. So enjoyable.
StarrySkies15 2 aylar önce
I think Allie’s story is the best scary story out of all of you…😂😂😂
chez chez
chez chez Aylar önce
yeah ikr
Genevieve Gentile
Genevieve Gentile Aylar önce
exactly what i thought, she deserves 9/10
ev1a 23 gün önce
Nah i think socks story was scary
Kate Leitch
Kate Leitch 2 aylar önce
Blaza really pulled the uno reverse card on that monster and turned into the monster
UnMicahable 19 gün önce
Listen, listen listen listen blaza can be so goofy and nice most of the time he’s that way, but if you make him mad or spook him you dead
funny animal stories
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