SATISFYING things in LEGO...

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Here are 30+ satisfying tricks you can do with Lego pieces…

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Gear I use:
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Editing Software: Final Cut Pro X
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Where I get my Lego parts: Bricklink, Lego store pick a brick, Bricks & Minifigs, scrapping sets, friends who don’t play with Lego anymore.

I don’t make instructions for any of my builds… Sorry :/




11 Haz 2022




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TD BRICKS 2 aylar önce
On this channel we strive to guarantee 100% subscriber satisfaction 🤝👨‍👩‍👦
Cruz Moore
Cruz Moore 7 saatler önce
Thank you for the people that made me laugh by saying your mama and jo mama
Axolotl Gang
Axolotl Gang 14 saatler önce
Jo mama
Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith Gün önce
How do you build that last one can you please make a video
Axolotl Gang
Axolotl Gang Gün önce
Jo mama
Lesley Heimer
Lesley Heimer 2 gün önce
You can use the duplo blocks on larger builds so you don't have to use your Lego studs, I saw a video where someone used them for the structure behind a mountain
BuffYoda 2 aylar önce
Duplo is great for filling in large interior areas that you won’t see. It saves time and bricks
{_neonTV_} 8 gün önce
I was finna say dat
Isaac Loo
Isaac Loo 25 gün önce
Hi baby
Jelly smith
Jelly smith 29 gün önce
@Lego Gaming-Alasdair lol
Motivique Studio
Motivique Studio Aylar önce
I've been slowly introducing my son to Lego through Duplo, and he gets a real satisfaction from having a new vehicle, figure (this was the perfect year for Lego to acquire a Jurassic Park license because he's 2), or more bricks to make something bigger. Finding vintage Duplo online is pretty cool - it takes me back, but also goes back beyond my knowledge. I hated Duplo as a kid mostly because it was ugly, but the variety and palette is *much* better now.
Jetliner Aylar önce
I’ve always hated asmr but the noises of thoses Lego bricks is amazing
Yeeter Aylar önce
The guy we wish we knew when we were all still madly obsessed with lego
Orpheas VIPC
Orpheas VIPC 5 gün önce
I was planning on making a Moc using 1 big bin you can buy, thanks for the advice, I will also buy a smaller duplo bin
James TDG
James TDG 2 aylar önce
Fun fact: duplo is actually commonly used by master builders as structure bricks thanks to how strong they are
the oz
the oz 17 saatler önce
they are also too large for 3 year olds to eat, big plus
Rheat Gün önce
Jcf Gün önce
@Israel Rip bro
Issabelle1 Gün önce
@James tdg i did not know that
A fellow kirb
A fellow kirb Aylar önce
4:40 duplo is also good for making large buildings when I’m short on bricks
Blazerblade Aylar önce
Thanks for the crossbow tip! I really needed it for a lego technoblade custom i made.
Blazerblade 20 gün önce
@Rileys Life "No armor? No problem I never die!"
Rileys Life
Rileys Life 21 gün önce
Aw man, Technoblade NEVER DIES!
Vickie 12 gün önce
I like how he shows us what it is and how to build it
PIPPAplaZ_gAcHa Aylar önce
i like how he's smiling when he's being chased XD
Master Builder C
Master Builder C 2 aylar önce
Great job! These are all really cool! My favorite has got to be to be the hot dog crossbow. Definitely going to have to try it out!
HamsterGirl 9 gün önce
Randy 14 gün önce
seema ahmed
seema ahmed Aylar önce
@TD BRICKS you have a new sub
Casey & Charlie
Casey & Charlie Aylar önce
ummm LOL!!😂
MountinCloud Aylar önce
Lego needs to hire this man asap
Il4n_23 Aylar önce
I have an idea! Can you do a slide that works with the sliding trick?
Infinity Clan Luke
Infinity Clan Luke 11 gün önce
1:41 who knew something so painful could be so satisfying
Linda Magnusson
Linda Magnusson 23 gün önce
Legend says he is still separating the plates
The B3
The B3 2 aylar önce
Ridiculous amount of variety here!! Some were just plain fun to watch, others were genuinely useful techniques I've never seen before. Absolute banger job, and thanks for the feature!
chris tolentino
chris tolentino 6 gün önce
@TD BRICKS you have been coconut bold
Manuel delrosa
Manuel delrosa Aylar önce
I no u
Thomas Gardiner
Thomas Gardiner 2 aylar önce
Hi B3
Meltz 2 aylar önce
Dexter Annetts
Dexter Annetts Aylar önce
I don't actually watch these videos because I'm a lego builder I just think that your content is entertaining
Odd Furbs
Odd Furbs Aylar önce
Finally, another person who genuinely calls hot dogs glizzies
Spreadthemaleincident Panty
6:33 funfact: you can make a dj disc setup and i actually tried it and it works
I’m Kanon tv gamin
The Lego glitch before the binge one those little pieces look kind of like mini among us characters 🤩 😂
Joshua Cottenham
Joshua Cottenham Aylar önce
i may have grown out of legos but i must say not only are these tips and tricks useful if i ever get back into legos. But also love the content you make
Germany 🇩🇪
Germany 🇩🇪 Aylar önce
1:42 So satisfying
Froolsy 6 gün önce
More more I see it, the more sense the chain thing makes
Cyberspace Aylar önce
Don't use a normal 1x2 plate for the bench use a vent piece because the brick won't damage it
Dragoș Theodor Timofte
Wow its so satisfing i love it and now im relaxed.
Outrageously Outdoorsy
I haven't played with our Legos in years. Now after seeing this I suddenly have the urge to build something. Thank you.
juste harti
juste harti 2 aylar önce
bots are cpying your comments
Sydney&Findii Shows
Sydney&Findii Shows 5 gün önce
Fun Fact : if you use the net to connect 2 x 2 tile you can make a wiggling tile
hey... 4 gün önce
I've made the infinity cube it took like ten years to find the pieces 😂
gerard mira
gerard mira Aylar önce
I'm curious if the pieces were dirty from years of use, or if the color was coming off of some
charlie Aylar önce
This lego is awesome 🤩
DogLover Aylar önce
these are so cool and satisfying. my favourite has to be the one with the flat 1x1 tiles inside the clear brick, it looks like a large lava lamp.
Nigga balls
Nigga balls Aylar önce
1:54 Imagine trying to pull that apart
⭐Machi The Magician⭐
Bruh, this is my second video of you that i watched and i already love your videos!
Ixapter Aylar önce
I've always loved Legos. Thanks for these neat tricks!
Mary Kieser
Mary Kieser 22 gün önce
Thanks I love the stash but I can’t do a single one of them because he river too hard or I don’t have the right pieces
The Author 📗
The Author 📗 2 aylar önce
My favorites were definitely the bendy net or the infinity cube. I'm going to try these out, sometime! Great video!!
lankyfoxy1 14 gün önce
I love all of the fancy edits any the cool ideas 💡
BananaBook Aylar önce
The second you said "The FBI could be outside your window right now" I heard police sirens 😨
UKVideos 2 gün önce
the part where he presses the brick together behind the camera: how do i seperate them
Ichi Aylar önce
“And the longer you make the bendier it will be” Dirty mind: On
Noobifigure 2 aylar önce
I've honestly been having a really bad day today including lots of emotional pain so this video really xheered me up and 'saved the day' (quite literally). The tricks were sooo satisfying and I wanna do them right now! And the quick tips were also very useful tho and I use a lot of them for MOCs. Awesome video!!
Thalia Grace
Thalia Grace 2 aylar önce
I hope that you feel better!
TD BRICKS 2 aylar önce
Dude, I’m really sorry to hear about that. I’ve had those times and I pray you get through then brother. Glad you could have fun watching
Michelle Garcia
Michelle Garcia 2 gün önce
The part when you made the bench I tried to do it then it works thank you
zRa yz
zRa yz Aylar önce
*Before you fall asleep look at this trick* Me: how do you know Watching this in the middle of the night
Mm2 Sapnap
Mm2 Sapnap Aylar önce
This was beautiful
Tizi Crova
Tizi Crova Aylar önce
7:16 this just breaks the laws of physics
Mr. Oven
Mr. Oven Aylar önce
5:40 "Finally, My life is complete!"
Frøggy Aylar önce
This video made me subscribe and want legos, good job
Archie and da bois
Archie and da bois 29 gün önce
This video should be called: SATISFYING things in LEGO…
OfficialSophii Aylar önce
I like the mini fig he has in basically in all his vids
MalOfox16 2 aylar önce
My favorite has to be the perfect cube. I think using a 2x2 brick and just putting a 2x2 plate on the bottom and then putting a tile on the top works realy g too.
Gg Hernandez
Gg Hernandez Aylar önce
Making a circle with Legos seems illegal
Lisa Nicole Myers
Lisa Nicole Myers 16 gün önce
Actually with a red blue green piece you can actually build on three different sides
Yoshi Aylar önce
that intro is the most unexpected thing for a lego channel
Fox Bayard
Fox Bayard Aylar önce
3:16, when you did this trick, i heard sirens outside my house
[Marghreta]-H0T Girl-C0me 0ver L!ve
My man's made it into the TRvid trending hall of fame! 🤯 Epic video as always, love seeing your channel blow up even more by the day. At this rate, I'd start considering quitting school!
Ally Boy
Ally Boy Aylar önce
Your TRvids are so good and make me wanna do the same thing 💯💯💯
Monke 2 gün önce
Here is a fact, if you want to film something underwater for stop-motion, get a blue stained lego piece and hold it infront of the camera
RobloxHamPlayer Aylar önce
Stepping on the 8 by 16 plates feels like a sin
candy cane
candy cane 29 gün önce
Even though its so satisfying to stack up so many green baseplates, how are you gonna separate it-
Clark T
Clark T 2 aylar önce
5:00 Is there any transparent panel you could place over the artwork to preserve it?
X3RNEA5 Aylar önce
that way we can make modern art pieces for modern house or an art museum
TD BRICKS Aylar önce
Good idea Clark!
Elizabeth Massa
Elizabeth Massa Aylar önce
And put a column in a 4x4 with no 2x2 space it works I just now tried it plus I love you videos
Can you build a hoolla hoop please i really want to see you do it😀🙂.
Buzadam ^0^
Buzadam ^0^ Aylar önce
1:42 stepping on a lego has never been this fun hahha
:D 26 gün önce
3:18 a regular life for me, I thought everyone did this
Awesome Man’s Extreme Adventures
I liked the bending lego pieces part. When I get enough pieces to make it, I will. It just looks so amazing, and I could use it to make nice stop motion animations! Really nice video by the way.
Marina Vivanco
Marina Vivanco 3 gün önce
How did you get the instructions online The magna cube
Lollipop-chan 12 gün önce
Can u give a tutorial on how to make an infinity cube plz!? Tysm
Danny Bella
Danny Bella 28 gün önce
Can you do a tutorial for the last one
Entity Gaming [ARCHIVED]
Physics must be screaming at that last one.
Dave W
Dave W Aylar önce
I figured out the compatibility of Duplo with Lego when I was young, and used Duplo bricks to create huge space ships. Crashing them was also fun ;-)
Advey Rayanagoudar
Advey Rayanagoudar 27 gün önce
I like the infinity cube a lot!
Archal0se Aylar önce
2:38 Yeah, it's a cool trick but the middle looks a little like something...
japan 6 gün önce
So satisfying!
Tater Bob
Tater Bob 23 gün önce
"Now this one is so satisfying that you can just click off of this video. WAIT NO DONT DO IT-" *THIS IS 100 LEGO SETS.* *AND IM ABOUT TO HAVE THE FUNNEST WEEK OF MY LIFE*
IceTubeDoesStuff 2 aylar önce
This is how you know TD is a good channel. Just 16 minutes and it's being recommended to everyone.
IceTubeDoesStuff 2 aylar önce
@TD BRICKS "Ooh, self-burn! Those are pretty rare."
TD BRICKS 2 aylar önce
I'm a pretty bad channel wdym?
Arghya Basu
Arghya Basu Aylar önce
The last thing you made looked like one peace was floating
Emmanuel Martinez
Emmanuel Martinez Aylar önce
Coming for an older, experienced AFOL. Word of advice, buy your Duplo sets online. That way you avoid the judging and shocked stares of other people. LOL
cottrill 7 gün önce
Love the intro
Kira Riedesel
Kira Riedesel Aylar önce
"The longer you make it the more bendy it will be"
tom shuo
tom shuo 2 aylar önce
4:18 I remember this! It was even explained in some old sets & the Lego magazine! Even learned master builders did this inside mountains & other big master structures!
biuor su
biuor su Aylar önce
I haven't played with our Legos in years. Now after seeing this I suddenly have the urge to build something. Thank you.
11NotDavidRoblox11 18 gün önce
Damn Bro You almost made me asleep
SKYbeatsTM Aylar önce
2:03 is my best one.
The teddy crew
The teddy crew Aylar önce
My fav trick was definitely the plate smooshing bit
Cattepact 2 gün önce
7:18 this is breaking the laws of physics someone call 911
Minibrick Productions
Minibrick Productions 2 aylar önce
My man's made it into the TRvid trending hall of fame! 🤯 Epic video as always, love seeing your channel blow up even more by the day. At this rate, I'd start considering quitting school! 😅
juste harti
juste harti 2 aylar önce
I love your lego mystery shack
TD BRICKS 2 aylar önce
Thank you so much man I appreciate all the love! Don’t tell my parents but…. I might just be doing that 😂
Cayden Savitch
Cayden Savitch Aylar önce
That’s such a stress reliever
Misty Saucier
Misty Saucier 4 gün önce
Satisfying It's so satisfying On the last 1
Elai Rivera
Elai Rivera Aylar önce
0:51 how did you know i was going to sleep?! Its also night time here and im sleepy
Green Bird Studios
Green Bird Studios 8 gün önce
How can you use a brick separator to take these plates apart
Cow Studios
Cow Studios 2 aylar önce
Dude your videos are just so fun to watch. Love all the tricks and tips!
The Saber Trooper
The Saber Trooper 2 aylar önce
@TD BRICKS TD bots are stealing everyone's comments! You hearted a bot comment too fyi!
TD BRICKS 2 aylar önce
Hey what’s up dude! Thank you brother!
Deniz Öztaş
Deniz Öztaş Aylar önce
I loved the last one
iamSLEEEPPPYYY 22 gün önce
“Before u fall asleep…” How did he know I was gonna watch one more video before sleeping 😅😰
Alexia Perez
Alexia Perez Aylar önce
Make one of those rainbow ones with a thousand Legos it'd be very bendy
Terraformed Him And Kepler Solar
I actually love legos
plaggsock Aylar önce
my entire life ive always placed the cylinder brick in the middle😭
ʏ/ɴ ᴄʜᴀɴ
ʏ/ɴ ᴄʜᴀɴ 21 gün önce
Actually.. TD BRICKS? You can do something with the half circle! You can make a circle if u have 2 of those
Ans Hakim
Ans Hakim Aylar önce
could you change your yellow background, it's irritating to our eyes especially when we watch it in the dark, so would u change it to other color or at least more soft like genius's yellow color
Kolinsky Aylar önce
I built 98 normal legos,5 limited heads,mega legos (I call the legos which have a lot of parts and will be big when built mega legos)
LegoDude83 2 aylar önce
The magma brick from Minecraft is pretty cool but the moveable brick floor(what ever you call it) you made was pretty cool. I really like the door handle as well. That’s a nice touch
LegoDude83 Aylar önce
@Iwan Widjaja I was born in 83
Iwan Widjaja
Iwan Widjaja Aylar önce
Wheres Dude82 or Dude1
TD BRICKS 2 aylar önce
I definitely wanna use that sliding floor trick more. Thank you my dude! Or should I say, my dude83. 😎
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