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You'll never find a more sandy planet of sand.

Featuring Justin Roiland.

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9 Kas 2021




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Ramsey Dewey
Ramsey Dewey 2 aylar önce
I’m hoping this becomes a trilogy… and then a trilogy of trilogies.
Spunkmire 8 saatler önce
da livin burgur
da livin burgur Aylar önce
Like spiderman?
thespacebat Aylar önce
And a very vast series of books and video games.
And then Disney buys it
Asad Rehman
Asad Rehman 2 aylar önce
Hoot 2 aylar önce
Excellent work. Next one: Han Solo telling Chewbacca that he doesn't understand a fucking word what he's saying.
Mattey 2 gün önce
And at the end finding out chewbacca is a woman.
Cheezy Dee
Cheezy Dee 19 gün önce
Baxter: Bark bark bark! Ron Burgundy: You know I don't speak Spanish!
panasane Aylar önce
I got banned from your discord server for writing erotica about a gaming chair and couch 😩
k98killer Aylar önce
San Holo and Bewchacca
Michael Milligan
Michael Milligan 2 aylar önce
I don't know if you're kidding or not(he did this back in April), so I'm going to post this here: Joel Haver's video "When a character speaks a different language but doesn't get subtitles" trvid.com/video/video-xK3IYMRZ4EA.html
Jon H
Jon H 2 aylar önce
I like how they're all miserable in their own way, but sitting down and watching a show together puts all 3 in a better mood
Jake Horne
Jake Horne 16 gün önce
Tolerable, gives just enough to have hope for better waters, love you Dad.
Gian Aylar önce
Yea Justin Roiland is a nihilist, everything he creates is a parody of life and it's amazing.
Illuminated juxtaposition
It’s kind of sad, it looks like Luke is just worried about setting the robot off on another spiral of suicidal ideation sounds like an unhealthy relationship
Mr Sandman
Mr Sandman 2 aylar önce
Not much to do on sand planet
Brett Watson
Brett Watson 2 aylar önce
Yea that hit different. Love you Dad.
Transistor Revolt Paintball
"Kill me! You're allowed to kill me, it's fuckin- iT'S ALLOWED!" This delivery just killed me for some reason lol these videos are just god damn incredible.
Tristan 14 gün önce
rick and morty is great :3
InMyM2Z 25 gün önce
That line had me dying as well. Hahaha
Louin Green
Louin Green Aylar önce
I lost it went he mentioned hydron 6 lmao
/O\ 12 gün önce
That Justin Roiland guy seems funny, hopefully being on Joel's channel will give his career the boost it need to take off.
Uniquenameosaurus 2 aylar önce
Everyone's impressed he got Justin Roiland but I can't imagine its too expensive to hire the voice actor who does everything in one take no matter what.
Brakier 25 gün önce
@calavante he is amazing i love him
Jazzcreb 26 gün önce
lol did you get justin roiland?
Mr Soul
Mr Soul 27 gün önce
@Frank Rodriguez don’t listen to this guy Terry, we’re perfectly sophisticated, not our fault all these apes just want watch some show about a grandfathering abusing his family Terry, nothing to get worked up about, now WHERE IS THE PUPA?!
Mr Soul
Mr Soul 27 gün önce
Who says he hired them? Unless assface Harmond, Roiland actually involved with art and shit Morty
TheSealMayor Aylar önce
@Toucan • Eyyup that is both rick and morty
Gary Townsend
Gary Townsend 26 gün önce
The saddest layer to this joke is that Luke never leaves on his adventure to save the galaxy because he is stuck in a codependent relationship with his depressed uncle and droid.
Death Mammal
Death Mammal 2 gün önce
At least he keeps his arm.
TON of GX 2 aylar önce
It makes me happy to see small creators grow and make collaborations with bigger producers. Good job Justin Roiland. Proud of you.
jimbo 2 aylar önce
azmanabdula 2 aylar önce
This is basically Australia in the middle of Summer Everyone is pissed off, drunk, and absolutely unenthusiastic
Mein Hamberger
Mein Hamberger 7 gün önce
@heavenknight18 don't know what part of Australia your in but I'm still having a beer and going to the brothel.
kharnifex 15 gün önce
New to the Yabba? Have a drink!
Trevnomaly 19 gün önce
I’m so sorry to hear that but also I can’t stop laughing at the comparison of Australia to the sand planet.
Auzzie015 Aylar önce
Literally me today.
Saturninus Aylar önce
@heavenknight18 I mean, Australia has always been a nightmare, it was a prison colony. People literally were not supposed to live there.
LawesomeSauce Aylar önce
Not enough people are talking about how hilarious it is when he's staring at the sunset the second time and there's suddenly an additional sun
fluffy 2 aylar önce
Wow, Justin Roiland has finally made it, being a guest star in a Joel Haver film. Huge honor to him.
Nate Schindler
Nate Schindler 28 gün önce
@s i actually smirked a bit. Guess people have different senses of humor, huh?
Nate Schindler
Nate Schindler 28 gün önce
@Eligio Lawson you sound upset
bluejjboy Aylar önce
@Deep Dark Boys Thanks for joining the conversation Joel.
Deep Dark Boys
Deep Dark Boys 2 aylar önce
@Robosing I'm assuming Joel caught Justin's attention, since he found internet fame by effectively inventing his own form of animation. Joel deserves it all and more, if you ask me! Such a kind-hearted and hard working guy! Not to mention hilarious.
Robosing 2 aylar önce
@Deep Dark Boys how do you even go about getting JUSTIN effing Roland to do a collab with you wtf
signifi delica
signifi delica 2 aylar önce
the little guy being all happy in between the two while watching the movie was somehow genuinely heartwarming.. im so glad you ended it that way
Joshua Russell
Joshua Russell 2 aylar önce
The alternate timeline where Luke obeys his deadbeat uncle hits a little too close to home :/
Joshua Russell
Joshua Russell Aylar önce
@Duraluminium Alloy Good point lol
Duraluminium Alloy
Duraluminium Alloy Aylar önce
Yeah, but at the same time, this is a timeline where his uncle and his family get to live. A timeline where Luke doesn't have to watch as all his remaining family members and tutors die one by one because of him. A timeline where his hand isn't cut off.
PathosFear Aylar önce
I just figured this was a neighbour of luke's that the jawas stopped at first xD
JM 1
JM 1 2 aylar önce
@Whitewolf323 year later Cadet Skywalker, you are the best our academy has to offer, like you were born to do this. Lord Vader himself expressed interest in you and requested you in a position in his fighter wing. I am proud and honored to be your instructor.
Whitewolf323 2 aylar önce
Ya know in this timeline Luke is probably going to catch a shuttle offworld and enlist in the Imperial naval academy. That's a dark thought.
SleepingGiant Aylar önce
"He's Fine, he sounds just like your mother, God rest her soul from how she died to unexplicable causes" I originally thought that was talking about Lukes Aunt we never see, but then I remembered Padme died because she also stopped wanting to Live supposedly due to a "Broken Heart" (which is nonsense), hence the "unexplicable causes" line
ledRid 69
ledRid 69 Gün önce
shit man joel constantly surprises me with who he manages to collaborate with, fucking, dax flame, justin roiland, whoever the fuck else idk
D. W.
D. W. 2 aylar önce
Holy shit that actually is Justin Roiland.
Jack Hill
Jack Hill 2 aylar önce
@Bobby Hill he does 3, his Morty voice, Rick voice and his normal voice. Lol 😆
Player 10
Player 10 2 aylar önce
@Nemo7The7Pirate7 Rick and Morty creator. Voice of both characters. Voice of Lemongrab from Adventure Time, etc
Nemo7The7Pirate7 2 aylar önce
TinyShaman 2 aylar önce
What, really? And I thought it was weird that the useless robot was channeling Morty so hard. 🙂
Player 10
Player 10 2 aylar önce
The way he curses I was like this is too close to Justin Roiland to not be him
BERRRRRRRR. 2 aylar önce
his face breaking and the joy draining at the start is art.
WasabiLassabe 2 aylar önce
The whole time I was like “damn he’s doing a really good Justin Roiland impression”
Matt Grostick
Matt Grostick 2 aylar önce
It's pretty amazing how well these two styles of comedy mesh. This is the collaberation I never knew I needed.
VillainousMuse Aylar önce
If there's one thing I like about Justin Roiland it's that he's just so good at improvising ideas for throw away jokes. Even if they're shit, he just goes with it being shit and that somehow makes it good
Charlie Hopkinson
Charlie Hopkinson 2 aylar önce
At first I thought ‘that’s a bloody good Justin Roiland impression from Trent’
Joseph Hitchcock
Joseph Hitchcock 2 aylar önce
I refused to believe it was Justin until the credits. I was in denial
Uncle Jay
Uncle Jay 2 aylar önce
Yeah no fucking shit. I would have sworn it was Justin.
Amazonian Barbarian Warrioress Lillegrim
-someone had to do it... we were just lucky!
Rowan Lovecraft
Rowan Lovecraft 2 aylar önce
I was like, does it serve butter? Is this an homage? Then he jumped off the roof. Oh sh*t it IS Justin Rolland.
Cole Vowles
Cole Vowles 2 aylar önce
@Hüseyin Demircan ???
Ms. Everything
Ms. Everything 3 gün önce
"wow that droid kinda sounds like Justin Roiland" "wow he really sounds like Justin Roiland" "oh that is Justin Roiland"
Chris Stewart
Chris Stewart 2 gün önce
This video is my absolute favorite to be honest. Between the uncle's attitude and Luke's facial expressions, this is fucking gold!
Literally Pigeon
Literally Pigeon 3 gün önce
HAHAHA! No wonder I’ve been getting Joel’s stuff recommended less, he started being himself and actually doing some dark humor! I love this so so so much more and I hope he can stick this out, even if on the side, but unfortunately I don’t think the algorithm is gonna help you on this one joel
Sean Oman
Sean Oman 23 gün önce
Is it just me or does anyone else just start laughing every time they see the thumbnail for this? Absolutely brilliant depiction of what truly is the crappiest planet in the Star Wars universe...
Purposeless Rabbitholes
Can you please do an alternate-universe reimagining of the entire Star Wars trilogy in this style
Benton Berry
Benton Berry Aylar önce
He did. This is it
TheWeirdNerd Aylar önce
I would live for this. If this happens, I will never kill myself.
TheWeirdNerd Aylar önce
Oldie Wan Kenobi
Oldie Wan Kenobi Aylar önce
There has to be a sub series in the new canon: Uncle Owen, a Moist Tale.
Ad. Aylar önce
YoHaNah Ramen
YoHaNah Ramen Aylar önce
The funniest thing in here is Joels face when the Droid changes to “I Wanna Die” mode. 2:07 such great subtle expression there.
Raticus 2 aylar önce
PP-88: "What's my purpose?" Joel: "You're trying to commit suicide." PP-88: "Oh my God!"
zannall Aylar önce
the blank stare and smile at 0:25 gets me every time
Tom Something
Tom Something 2 aylar önce
2:59 - "I'm so s-fuckin' dumb!" This was so natural. The almost saying "I'm so stupid" and then going with "I'm so fuckin' dumb". Shout out to my fellow "I'm about to say a word but I have a couple other synonyms I'm workshopping but there's no more time so let's just see which word I say and AWWWW it's more than one word smashed together" peeps.
Toàn 2 aylar önce
That's the mark of a great actor/voive actor. You make your character feel natural
habie147 2 aylar önce
So awesome that Joel got to work with Justin. This concept was hilarious.
Infestedlie 2 aylar önce
Where is November silk brains?
Neck 2 aylar önce
Habie is best man :^]
SporeHam 2 aylar önce
This just adds more to my theory that you and I are alike
Joseph Montanaro
Joseph Montanaro 2 aylar önce
I was about to say that voice sounded familiar :D
Egg Plant
Egg Plant 2 aylar önce
It's the smoothbrain himself!
TickleMeWesker 2 aylar önce
This just goes to show how much other creative minds appreciate eachother..
mardyart Aylar önce
I like how humble Joe is, not needing to credit Justin Roiland for clout.
Alec Richards
Alec Richards 2 aylar önce
My mind is blown by this collaboration, hilarious and perfect!!!
snipersEND Aylar önce
I didn't appreciate this one very much the first time I watched it, but I keep coming back to this and it might be my most watched Joel Haver video at this point. It's got that spark
Ben Strehlow
Ben Strehlow 2 aylar önce
"Wow, that sounds just like a Rick and Morty character" quickly became "Wow, that is Justin Roiland" Look at Joel rubbing shoulders with the big dogs now ;)
Herbseinburg 2 aylar önce
@Nikki G I think it’s great Joel did a collab with someone as big as roiland but yeah I just don’t like roiland personally
Nikki G
Nikki G 2 aylar önce
@Herbseinburg Well I'm sad for you. ANYWAY... Fucking awesome collab! :D
Herbseinburg 2 aylar önce
I never liked Justin roilands humor and his earlier works is just cruel and sadistic , it’s not even funny
Mike Mac
Mike Mac 2 aylar önce
I had the same reaction. Like wow that guy sure does sound like roiland, it’s crazy seeing this channel start off small and now hit a new high. Pure talent
Rai Raichu
Rai Raichu 2 aylar önce
Shadow Fox
Shadow Fox 5 gün önce
Man I remember when your first animation episode came out and to see you explode and everyone appreciating all your hard work, years of dedication. Your father would be so proud brother ❤️ you truely are making it
JustAregular Dude
JustAregular Dude 8 gün önce
This definitely has the R&M feel, Roiland just has that kinda style I guess
Ryan Schofield
Ryan Schofield 6 gün önce
"Droids! we got fuckin' droids!" kills me every time
Death Mammal
Death Mammal Gün önce
Most underrated moment ngl
llamacanoe 27 gün önce
I love all the questions this little robot raises. Like, he wants to die, but he still regrets the fact that he didn't take advantage of the fact that he's waterproof and use it when he was on a water planet
TimeBucks 2 aylar önce
Justin Roiland has finally made it
The ill will
The ill will 5 gün önce
He was hanging out with Harmon too much. Lol. Always drinking slovenly sarcastic pessimist. You tell me which one I'm talking about.
Sassy The Sasquatch
Sassy The Sasquatch 5 gün önce
Aweee fuck that's good
Tweer64 16 gün önce
I was wondering why this one was unfunny.
KnuckleHunkybuck Aylar önce
@Kimg Komg Fair point.
Kimg Komg
Kimg Komg Aylar önce
@KnuckleHunkybuck why would he want to ruin his collection?
IAmTheZoid Aylar önce
Honestly Joel and Justin make a pretty good combo
Louin Green
Louin Green Aylar önce
The best
Mikhail Reznik
Mikhail Reznik Gün önce
I love Joel and the gang I love Star Wars and I love Rick and Mitty. This is genius?
RiverToHisPeople 2 aylar önce
This started out really funny. But the last third? I was giggling uncontrollably like an idiot. Heck, this is good stuff man
Ash Gamez
Ash Gamez 2 aylar önce
I’m so happy he’s voice acting here now. What a legend
One Topic At A Time
One Topic At A Time 2 aylar önce
If I lived on a planet of sand I’d be SO stoked for anything new on the horizon - whether that was a caravan of droids or the empire. *wow! Look at THESE droids!*
Cocky Cookie
Cocky Cookie 2 aylar önce
Hey wassup OT!
Agent Phartz
Agent Phartz 2 aylar önce
Oh! I have spotted OT in the wilds of the yt comment section.
LibanReactsTo 2 aylar önce
5k subs before April Fools' Day 😱 Current: 1.4K Not a bot just a guy trying to make it
Moobloom 2 aylar önce
oh damn hey ot
Mark Mywords
Mark Mywords 2 aylar önce
Joel haver went from just a dude making some vids to chilling with rick n morty in like a year. Hope does exist in this world
Honey Dew
Honey Dew 2 aylar önce
That's a massive achievement, Joel! You're going places! Great video as always.
Michal Aylar önce
Back for my weekly viewing and "what are you so fuckin.... DELIGHTED... about... the *droid* caravan?" is such an underrated line/delivery
Sentient Ape
Sentient Ape 2 aylar önce
Now that I think about it , it is pretty strange how excited he was to see the droid parts. Luke has some very complicated feelings of that farm
Lord Thornton Eddington
Back here in the comments section just to say that I love his rant where he’s like “I’m sitting here acting like I’m above it - I wanna see what kinda idiot bullshit droids they’re gonna peddle” 😂
Nikola Mihaylov
Nikola Mihaylov 2 aylar önce
Man Justin's awkward voicing matches Joel's unscripted animations perfectly, holy shit.
Harmon Dushane
Harmon Dushane 2 aylar önce
@smward87 yeah but dan harmons writing is what makes the cake
smward87 2 aylar önce
@Harmon Dushane Yeah considering like 75% of the show is Justin talking to himself, he pretty much improvs everything.
Harmon Dushane
Harmon Dushane 2 aylar önce
@aesthetic rex interdimensional cable was not the only unscripted aspect of rick and morty
aesthetic rex
aesthetic rex 2 aylar önce
Interdimensional cable was equally unscripted
Jennifer Maria Brocco
Jennifer Maria Brocco 2 aylar önce
Where u fwom doggo?
Uncle Ned
Uncle Ned 2 aylar önce
Wow. I thought I recognised the R&M energy and randomness in this one and sure enough, the big JR was involved. This is truly the most ambitious crossover of all time.
Michal Aylar önce
"God rest her...soul... from how she died--INEXPLICABLE... causes..." fucking killer line
Crim Zen
Crim Zen 2 aylar önce
Seeing as how you draw each line when needed... you went through the effort of drawing that bulge. Also, Morty was great.
ZechsMerquise73 2 aylar önce
I love how it goes from being dry to hilarious to concerning, to hilarious again, and then kind of sentimental
Parzival 2 aylar önce
Sorry Joel, but I’m gonna wait to see Dune in theatres first. Thanks for uploading it though.
iNewsome432 2 aylar önce
Holy shit this comment is GOLDEN
Flamewarden • 炎守護神
@RPGeek RPGeek doesn't like sand, or dialogue, or intrigue, or explosive action, or intense duels, or massive sci-fi monsters, or critiques of empire, or shifts in power balance in the political dealings of super powerful noble houses. In fact, I'm partially convinced RPGeek does not in fact have ears, perhaps they are deaf and forgot to turn the captions on (an honest mistake, and if so, I apologize if my snide remarks seem ablest), or was maybe making dinner instead of watching the movie or otherwise distracted, because unless they expected the first film to "blow up the death star", I don't see how they could possibly have come to the conclusion that "nothing happened, it was just close up faces for 50% of the movie". It's called dialogue little Timmy, you listen to it and it's very important, maybe you will understand when you are older. "Grow some taste buddy" if the Spice is too hot for you, then maybe wait a few years. Edit: neutral pronouns, and a disclaimer for ablesm. If you watched Dune with no sound or captions, then my deepest apologies, I hope there is a good way for you to fully experience it inclusively. The sound design is a large part of the movie, and I can only hope someone somewhere has managed to make that accessible to those who don't have good hearing.
Sterling Simmons Arts
Sterling Simmons Arts 2 aylar önce
@Ronaldo Maldonado it’s actually a Spaceballs parody
Flamewarden • 炎守護神
@Hatte! PP-88, oh noooooo
Charles D. Wisdom
Charles D. Wisdom 2 aylar önce
@Hatte! Sort of a reverse Butlerian Jihad if you think about it.
The Emo Emu
The Emo Emu 2 aylar önce
This was the best laugh I've had in weeks. Thank you.
Daniel Reynolds
Daniel Reynolds 2 aylar önce
The Jawa saying "we got fuckin' droids" made my entire day and it's only 7:30 am.
Eric Jorge Arnez Inochea
Loved the last scene. Seeing the three happily watching some silly movie.
Ruby Aylar önce
there was literally no way for me to predict what this sketch was gonna be about
Theniyaal Ali
Theniyaal Ali 2 aylar önce
Oh, and here I was thinking "man, that's a really good impression of Justin Roiland's vocal inflections", so I was pleasantly surprised by the credits. Great colab!
Jonathan Kreycik
Jonathan Kreycik 2 aylar önce
The voice is amazing!
Booly The Pirate
Booly The Pirate 2 aylar önce
i was just thinking that!!!
just do it
just do it 2 aylar önce
trvid.com/video/video-QMzBKB5uErc.html Finally its here..
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 2 aylar önce
When he rolled up his sleeves that was some on point animation, very impressive!
Erin Maxson
Erin Maxson 2 aylar önce
"MmmBUNK" is going to live in my head rent free, isn't it
IanHubert 2 aylar önce
Hey isn't that the guy from Museum of Soda?
Mynamejeff Aylar önce
Oh shit it’s ianhubert I like your work.
Ruchdane AMADOU
Ruchdane AMADOU 2 aylar önce
‡ Vigil ‡
‡ Vigil ‡ 2 aylar önce
can we just take a moment to appreciate how the uncle already knew what the droid was saying when it was speaking gibberish?
Underpantswher 2 aylar önce
"Wow that sounds exactly like morty." *seeing credits:* "holy shit it actually is"
Somer Hollingsworth
Somer Hollingsworth 2 aylar önce
Hoku 2 aylar önce
*Yeah his Rick and Morty voices are too good NOT to use again for other characters who have similar personalities*
Dixon Ormus
Dixon Ormus 2 aylar önce
Whaaaat I knew it!
R Dub
R Dub 2 aylar önce
Great Value Rick & Morty
Paul Chiara
Paul Chiara 2 aylar önce
No way this randomly had me thinking about Rick and Morty but I hadn't realized it literally was the same voice dang
ahira Aylar önce
I love this so much. What a gem. I'm so grateful for this channel.
Hollow 2 aylar önce
I love how the voice of the leader of the sand monsters slowly transitions from Rick, to Morty to just Justin Roiland's normal voice at the end
RSmerlinRS 2 aylar önce
you know you've finally made it big when you're featured in a Joel Haver short
ElAguirre Aylar önce
Im so proud of justin, finally on a collab with one of the greatest
Zalinki 2 aylar önce
The fucking man himself, goddamn. You're going places Joel, my sand senses can feel it
Romulus 2 aylar önce
So this is why the new videos have been lacking. Zalinki's been watching Joel, too.
Micky _
Micky _ 2 aylar önce
Love your animations and music Zalinki keep up the good work
RKWDBMX 2 aylar önce
Woah hot take!!!!!
Antoni Kudlicki
Antoni Kudlicki 2 aylar önce
ah yes, the dune reference
GoldPrince2468 2 aylar önce
I don't want a lot for Christmas. There is just one thing I need. I don't care about the presents, Underneath the Christmas tree. I just want you for my own. More than you could ever know. Make my wish come true~. All I want for Christmas... Is... You~.
Thomas Myles
Thomas Myles 2 aylar önce
This made me express a small tear of happiness at the end. I needed that. Thank u. Sick of Nihilist comedy. Love that ur funny and empathetic.
Mysticat 2 aylar önce
Caesar512 2 gün önce
I don't know what I was expecting when I clicked "Translate to English"
NekoMaster Youtube
NekoMaster Youtube 2 aylar önce
I'm glad that after all of PP-88's troubles, they found something that makes them happy. To be honest, if I had a robot buddy like that, I'd do my best to help them. They might be a machine, but if they can talk and wish for death, I'd do my best to take care of them and hopefully find something that keeps them from wanting to kill themselves and maybe even do something on their own that productive. Dont die PP-88, your now part of the family and we care for you :)
Curtain Gamer
Curtain Gamer 2 aylar önce
It makes me hopeful for more collaborations between the two of them in the future :)
FilmRoller 2 aylar önce
Justin’s funny af as always but those cutaways to Luke’s face are fucking priceless man.
kharnifex 15 gün önce
Wow Justin Roiland from the Grandma's Virginity Podcast!
Chris Aylar önce
That's clearly Duke of sand planet
Flufferz626 2 aylar önce
You can just see all the joy slowly leave his face.
MrToast 2 aylar önce
Wow real Justin Roiland from Rick and Morty
fizwizzle1989 Aylar önce
This is unexpectedly one of the more authentic takes on depression that I’ve seen.
Rhythm N' Blues
Rhythm N' Blues Aylar önce
It always surprises me how good a job they do with the facial expressions in these. There are a lot of good facials in these…really.
Laundry Toddz
Laundry Toddz Aylar önce
This was fantastic!!! Love it that Justin was in it as well! Maybe he will put Joel in a Rick and Morty episode! How awesome would that be?!
:Error Aylar önce
You two are absolute legends together
Sinvicta 2 aylar önce
It's not Tatooine Style without rockin' the socks and sandals
Matt Neath
Matt Neath 2 aylar önce
Go play Isaac or something 😂
None 2 aylar önce
An eminently practical combination of foot coverings.
Alder Bernhardt
Alder Bernhardt 2 aylar önce
MoxheeUK 2 aylar önce
I got essence of THE DUDE 🤣
Hüseyin Demircan
Hüseyin Demircan 2 aylar önce
Reclusive 9 gün önce
I love Justin, I'm so pleased he got to do a calab with Joel Haver.
E-Man5805 3 gün önce
That droid had self-awareness for 5.4 seconds before he wanted to die.
Molden95 2 aylar önce
When Start Wars, The Big Lebowski, Waking Life and Rick & Morty meet. I really love it, guys! Thank you
Corbin Ly
Corbin Ly 2 aylar önce
Strangely enough, I'm super invested in this universe xD that was super entertaining all the way through ahahaha
Nickster99 XD
Nickster99 XD 2 aylar önce
It goes from dark Star Wars Parody into Rick and Morty sketch. This is gold.
Kovexpul 2 aylar önce
Honestly a little more real than Rick and Morty. I love the characters and gloomy atmosphere.
Laetitian Madhatter
Laetitian Madhatter 2 aylar önce
> Star Wars Parody You misspelt "sequel."
Patrick Byrne
Patrick Byrne 2 aylar önce
With a sprinkle of ATHF me thinks
The Firstpersonpeople
The Firstpersonpeople 2 aylar önce
That must be morty
Pip The Penguin
Pip The Penguin 2 aylar önce
@Friendly Talbot it’s literally Morty
Xvilus Xv
Xvilus Xv 2 aylar önce
REally love the ending. It has a real message behind it. For the life of me I don't know what the message was, but I felt like it was there.
Donovan Myrick
Donovan Myrick Aylar önce
Justin Roland is a perfect fit for your type of humor great to see him in your work :)
Harvey Beaver
Harvey Beaver 2 aylar önce
To be honest, I wasn't expecting much from this short, but the PP-88's antics took me off guard! ;)
Shane Bennis
Shane Bennis 12 gün önce
"DROIDS!! WE GOT FUCKIN DROIDS!! Come on guys we do this every week!" Will never fail to slay me
Helix 2 aylar önce
I'm genuinely concerned for Justin Roiland's mental health. Everything he creates is a cry for help.
bombarded15 4 saatler önce
Why when improving 88 is the first number he comes up with both times lol
Dan 8 saatler önce
@Hugh Realman do we have to put labels on fucking everything?
Vollick 7 gün önce
maybe ..its a cry..that helps. not for help, but for helping.
Replica Films
Replica Films 9 gün önce
thats all of us bro
TJ Barke
TJ Barke 26 gün önce
No lie detected.
Sean Peter
Sean Peter Aylar önce
Love the art style, it’s like archer with a distorted vhs tape running over top.
Desert Foxchild
Desert Foxchild Aylar önce
Joel Haver and Justin Roiland have the same style of hummor, they just go together. I wonder if this means Joel will do a voice in Rick and Morty eventually.
Hextator 3 gün önce
I was in the middle of thinking "when are these guys getting their special on Adult Swim?" and then I hear Justin fucking Roiland voicing the droid lmao
Cryt Kryssus
Cryt Kryssus 3 gün önce
This thing has the same spirit I do, after it restarts.
Aviators 2 aylar önce
Dude this one had me in tears. Stellar work with Justin! I'm honored to still see you credit me in the description for the whole 3 seconds of music I provided
Richard DeVenezia
Richard DeVenezia 2 aylar önce
@Nucularburrito2 You've been algorithmed.
Rainman Slim
Rainman Slim 2 aylar önce
lordsheen world of tanks
Nucularburrito2 2 aylar önce
I was literally just listening to you when I found this video. You're music is the best
SadisticSkullGaming 2 aylar önce
I love the little detail that at 2:58 when luke runs past a well, it's filled with fucking sand lmao
KaiserShep 2 aylar önce
Lol that killed me.
Moniviphouset Phann
Dude, this was an amazing watch. Keep it up!!
Terry San
Terry San 29 gün önce
Great work as always Mr. Haver! ❤️
RadMartigan 2 aylar önce
I've been saying " DROIDS, WE GOT FUCKING DROIDS" at work all week to the delight of only me
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