Samsung galaxy s23 ultra mobile 📱 Screen protector & Camera 📸 lens protector Applying 🤯💯  

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11 May 2023




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Md shahjalal Islam
Md shahjalal Islam 2 aylar önce
my country of Bangladesh You
Joshua T
Joshua T 2 aylar önce
The website link doesnt show the samsung cases where to buy the one in video??
mustapha Muhammad
mustapha Muhammad 2 aylar önce
Thanks you for the gift
C&E productions.
C&E productions. 4 aylar önce
NEVER put a camera protector on your phone. It reduces the camera quality by 60% and the camera glass is already made of sapphire which is stronger than your relationship with your phone
Marques 4 aylar önce
Glass is glass and glass breaks easily than the love she gave you. 😢
FlickDrumming 4 aylar önce
Mine broke the other week ago, so what now?
Hetzerogeneous 4 aylar önce
I don’t put any glass protection on my phone at all. Just a sleek case. And buying a smaller sized phone so I don’t drop it.
Reezal Basri
Reezal Basri 4 aylar önce
Just buy a phone case with a retractable camera cover.
Kartik 2 aylar önce
S23 ultra kis kis ka dreem phone hai like karo
Usman Chaudhary
Usman Chaudhary 11 gün önce
Mere paas already है pahle se ❤
Nirmine's gaming
Nirmine's gaming 8 gün önce
Candy Unboxing
Candy Unboxing 3 gün önce
Xi Jinping -चाइना वाले • 23years ago
@Candy Unboxing kya ? Mera
Under moderation
Under moderation 4 aylar önce
Bro said Get tf out of here to that camera protector 💀
에리 4 aylar önce
What do you mean? He applied the camera protector
Under moderation
Under moderation 4 aylar önce
​@에리 i get what you mean
TotalySid 4 aylar önce
​@Nick it's a camera protector, like a screen protector he applied it lmao
Ales GC
Ales GC 4 aylar önce
​@Nick yo si te entendi y eso que no hablo ingles 😂
Wildan Firdaus
Wildan Firdaus 4 aylar önce
​@Nickthat's how you put the lens protector on a phone. The lens protector itself just as big as each lens, not a whole package.
Atlapls 2 aylar önce
Fingerprint unlock and photo quality has left the chat
irfan ali
irfan ali 3 gün önce
RIP fingerprint camera quality 😢😅😅
Ray Lima
Ray Lima Gün önce
Why ?
nafeedits Gün önce
​@raysa8238 The screen protector he used in the video is made out of tempered glass. Due to the glass, the biometric fingerprint scanner gets blocked. Thus, the fingerprint ability cannot be used which is why plastic film protectors are used mostly because it is thin and does not prevent scanner waves from passing through it. Besides, the phone display glass is already made of a really strong material called "Gorilla Victua Glass 2" which makes it difficult to break, so the best option is to just use the film protectors to prevent scratches only. Matte protectors are also used but in my opinion it really makes the screen dimmer, almost giving a low resolution feel to it. And for the camera quality, he applied a camera lens protector which reduces the quality of the photos taken by the camera due to an extra layer of glass/plastic on top of the camera glass. Not sure why tho, cause I used them on my S23 ultra myself and did notice the problem. Really depends on the lens protector you're buying and whether its a bang for the buck. Hope that helps!
Ty 3 aylar önce
That was nice. I gotta take better care of my assets.
Fahim Rahaman
Fahim Rahaman 2 aylar önce
The accessories are more expensive than my phone😂
Farhan 3 aylar önce
Plot twist - next day phone got stolen 💀💀
xxxxxxx 3 aylar önce
Rajat saini
Rajat saini 3 aylar önce
My dreem
YouTube Nasa
YouTube Nasa 2 aylar önce
Sorry but i am not from karachi😅
Farhan 2 aylar önce
@TRvid Nasa 🤡🤡 ohh I'm also not
Fun cash
Fun cash 2 aylar önce
TG SHORT 21 gün önce
Style100% Look 100% Protection 0% 💀🗿
Hafiz M Faizan Sarfraz
Is this type of screen protector available for s10?
Hafiz M Faizan Sarfraz
I am asking. Plz reply 😅
FUN WITH US 3 aylar önce
Camera quality leaving the chat
G Tuber
G Tuber 3 aylar önce
Lol there's no such difference
Dipti Panat
Dipti Panat 2 aylar önce
@G Tuber companies spend millions developing glare-free lenses for the phones only for u to ruin them with cheap plastic lens protectors 💀
G Tuber
G Tuber 2 aylar önce
@Dipti Panat Still can't see any difference whatsoever
G Tuber
G Tuber 2 aylar önce
@Dipti Panat moreover my ip13 lenses got damaged on a single fall, can't take any risk though also the differences in picture quality is none. I do upload photos on social media, no one has still complained about the picture quality lol
Ur_foodie_girl Aylar önce
Xxx is fine thanks for watching 👀 so glad you
sedho_photo_Editr 2 aylar önce
પ્લીઝ મુજે ભી સપોર્ટ કરો નાં આપનો નાનો ભાઈ સમજી ને
THE SACHIN *EDITZ* 4 aylar önce
S23 ultra best phone in the world
ZaxoGames 4 aylar önce
NIE! Najlepszy mój iPhone 14 pro
levygriksterrrr 🤪
levygriksterrrr 🤪 4 aylar önce
​@ZaxoGames depends what you want to do but they are close af
MoszenBoy 4 aylar önce
@ZaxoGames twoj to najlepszy wsrod iphonow a s23ultra wsrod samsungow
Ondřej Koelbl
Ondřej Koelbl 4 aylar önce
​@ZaxoGames 😂😂😂
Нахуй не надо Гориллу обклеивать плëнкой, тем более камеру залеплять. Качество фото будет хуже. А камера бомба!
Прозрачный селикон на углы алюминиевые
Alves Souza
Alves Souza 23 gün önce
Coloca mesmo pq a tela arranha sozinha , o meu caiu com película já foi 😢😂
SADHUXee 3 aylar önce
Carbon fibre look's amazing 😍
Md Monir
Md Monir 3 aylar önce
Jackbloons Aylar önce
Дмитрий Бредман
Mikkei 4 aylar önce
One way to protect your phone camera is to use a case that isn't leveled to the camera modules.
GameNerdz 3 aylar önce
Most cases are leveled to the camera
Yumoşunhayatı 3 aylar önce
Samsung is a great phone brand
Dev Thakur
Dev Thakur 2 aylar önce
Bro send me Samsung galaxy s23 ultra ❤
Mr. Richboy
Mr. Richboy 4 aylar önce
All samsung lovers... hello 👋
Ancient Skull
Ancient Skull Aylar önce
I need phone 😭 to Play bgmi 🙏😂
Indian3DAnimation 11 gün önce
30k ka loge bhai mere pass h 2year old h
Sahil 3 aylar önce
black beast 🔥
Md Sufyan
Md Sufyan 26 gün önce
Sumit Kumar
Sumit Kumar 4 aylar önce
This phone is more protected then my life😅😅
kovai _crazy
kovai _crazy 2 aylar önce
Aras Murray
Aras Murray 2 aylar önce
Souvik Aylar önce
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Denmas Ulin
Denmas Ulin 3 aylar önce
"Paijo mumet ndase.." 😂😂😂
kepo 21 gün önce
haha mumet ndase
Braulio Escalante
Braulio Escalante 4 aylar önce
Putting a camera protector on the S23 Ultra is the worst thing you can do, Samsung itself recommended not doing it
gpister 4 aylar önce
Any reason why im curious.
MEXTROZ 4 aylar önce
​​@gpister "Lens protectors are arguably the most sought-after accessory following protective cases and screen guards. However, if you end up damaging the lens protector, you may most likely want to get rid of it from the camera so that you get clear images. Samsung says that when you are trying to remove the lens protector from the camera lens, you could actually end up scratching the camera ring. Therefore, Samsung recommends you be careful while removing lens protectors. Samsung also says that in some cases, people might forget that they have installed lens protectors, and when they see a scratch on the camera lens, they may go to the service center to get the issue resolved rather than just getting rid of the lens protector. However, this event is unlikely for most people. If you have installed a lens protector or a case that covers the camera lenses, moisture or foreign objects could get trapped inside the cameras. Although the company didn’t say that it could damage the device, the accumulation of moisture for a long period of time may actually cause water damage to the Galaxy S23. Lens protectors and cases that cover camera lenses add a layer of glass over the camera’s original lens. The additional layer of glass can not only result in lower image quality but could also cause focusing issues. Furthermore, if moisture or foreign objects accumulate between the camera and the lens protector, you can end up getting blurry images and videos. The Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+, and Galaxy S23 Ultra have a microphone located at the bottom of the topmost rear-facing camera. This microphone is used for calls as well as audio/video recording. Samsung says if you are using a third-party or non-Samsung-certified case, it could cover the microphone and obstruct the clear transmission of sound, which means the call quality and audio/video recording quality could drop significantly." Still in my opinion lens protectors are worth
_sachiin_yadav 4 aylar önce
​@MEXTROZ good Your 10 mark's is confirmed in essay writing 😅
noooooooooooo 4 aylar önce
​@_sachiin_yadav 😂
Mohd Ali
Mohd Ali 4 aylar önce
Khan 2 aylar önce
havas qildik ❤️
Andrew Lages
Andrew Lages 3 aylar önce
É tão caro que precisa andar dentro da caixa pra não arranhar kkkkkkkkk
Side Hustle
Side Hustle 4 aylar önce
Just absolutely amazing ❤
Shahadoth Hossain
Shahadoth Hossain 4 aylar önce
price kato sob gular
Rocky 2 aylar önce
Isse acha iphone hi na lelu
Side Hustle
Side Hustle 2 aylar önce
@Rocky S23 Ultra is 100 times more better than 14pro max bro . But yaa showoff , brand logo and brand value me iphone sabse aage haa . But in terms of performance , gaming, display and camera . S23 beats 14pro max
Side Hustle
Side Hustle 2 aylar önce
If you're using S23 Ultra , very few people will get attracted and ask you about the phone . But if you're using 14pro max , your phone will get more attention and attraction than S23Ultra
Sandeep Singh
Sandeep Singh 3 aylar önce
One drop and game over 😔
Kusum Verma Ballia
Kusum Verma Ballia 2 aylar önce
Look like powerbank😂
Surya Das
Surya Das 3 aylar önce
Does the finger print sensor wrk properly with this glass protection
Pacheco 2 aylar önce
NJ Media
NJ Media 12 gün önce
Screen protector or tempered glass? Which is better?
V A Shahabas Khan
V A Shahabas Khan 2 gün önce
Fexie 12 gün önce
Wait! So if they feels like they are multiple people, doesn't that mean they have to pay double or triple taxes? That's a win-win for everyone.
Ajesh S
Ajesh S 3 aylar önce
now I'm working hard to get my job and buying Samsung S series smartphone is one of my many goals, if everything goes well as i planned , I will probably buy S25 ultra within 2 years🤓
Kunal Hari
Kunal Hari 26 gün önce
Nice 👍
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Thanks ✌
Khalid 54-A
Khalid 54-A 2 aylar önce
I am seeing in tab❤
Oswaldo Martinez
Oswaldo Martinez 3 aylar önce
I need the screen protector where can find it?
Yorman RM
Yorman RM 3 aylar önce
Same here
Voicer_Kofil 3 aylar önce
mar kat. Price. Koto
WaiLaa GrouP
WaiLaa GrouP 2 aylar önce
POV ; U Are Watching a Master at work 😅
DAULAT SINGH VLOG 2 aylar önce
Need for samsang s23 ultra plz❤
Jason Yong
Jason Yong 4 aylar önce
Camera lens can fit with casing ?
Tiger Kishnak
Tiger Kishnak 3 aylar önce
Can fit but the quality will be reduced
numan numan
numan numan 22 gün önce
Trendy Tech Review.Shop.
Subhanallah ♥️
Heloisa da Silva de Oliveira
Name song?
madhuker fans upsc aspirants
Smoke song
sAkib sK
sAkib sK 4 aylar önce
S23 uLtra mY Dream MobiLe😊
★ n1l4v ★
★ n1l4v ★ 4 aylar önce
Was my dream mobile too 😪😪 but then... ...I finally got my hands on it 😍 it's a freaking amazing phone 👌🏽💯🔥🤳
sAkib sK
sAkib sK 4 aylar önce
@★ n1l4v ★ you lucky man and really s32 ultra mobile amazing.
Poornananda 2 aylar önce
All these accessories were installed on s22 ultra yesterday which costs 2.9k 🥲
Ankit_Gamer 3 aylar önce
Bhai ye phone nhi bawal hai
Алексей HeOH
702 грамма весит, но красиво. И, если уронить, то все осколки будут в кучке.
Sudhanshu Kumar
Sudhanshu Kumar 3 aylar önce
Bro ur phone got z+ security 😶
Parizod Urokova
Parizod Urokova Aylar önce
Qo'shiq mos tushmagan😂
ZO‘R 770
ZO‘R 770 Aylar önce
Denis lira ribeiro junior
Boa noite, Onde comprou a capa, película e proteção das câmeras ?
I am jaguar1437
I am jaguar1437 2 aylar önce
Kis kis ka sapna hai ye leneka
Sbm Sbm
Sbm Sbm 14 gün önce
Most Satisfying Thing In To Stick Screen guard and remove it😂😂
Rajesh 3 aylar önce
my dream phone
wei nter
wei nter 3 aylar önce
me tooo
Shiva Rangan
Shiva Rangan 3 aylar önce
​@wei ntersmall dreams bro 😅
𝑳𝒂𝒏𝒂 3 aylar önce
​​@Shiva Rangan Ah yeah 1579€ is a "small dream"🤨
Shiva Rangan
Shiva Rangan 3 aylar önce
@𝑳𝒂𝒏𝒂 dreams are meant to be big..I don't realize how a petty thing like a mere phone can be someone's DREAM 😜😜🤣🤣
𝑳𝒂𝒏𝒂 3 aylar önce
@Shiva Rangan U r wrong Dreams don't have to be big Dreams r wishes u really wanna have or archives
SAFi Bhai Official🥀
Trendy Tech Review.Shop.
Thank you! Cheers!
Big Krizz
Big Krizz 23 gün önce
Lagune jowo pisan
STUFF 3 aylar önce
Piece of art❤😊
Jaden Skyler
Jaden Skyler Aylar önce
But the phone doesn't work 🥵
Kevin 2 aylar önce
So satisfying
Mr Houdini
Mr Houdini 2 aylar önce
So where's the links to everything
Armash Khan
Armash Khan 4 aylar önce
Beautiful ❤
Mo Raunak
Mo Raunak 3 aylar önce
Under 10 k Wale like karo 😅😂😅😂
AY channel
AY channel 27 gün önce
Chinese products never protected your mobile 😂😂😂
Pk Wheels Info
Pk Wheels Info 4 aylar önce
Amazing and Superb.... Love from Pakistan
Toball Drake
Toball Drake 2 aylar önce
Apple dislike this video
MOVIES & MUSIC ROUNDS 3 aylar önce
Dream 😢
Saad Ahmed
Saad Ahmed 4 aylar önce
I have this Phone Just Amazing! ❤
Fazlul Hoque
Fazlul Hoque 3 aylar önce
How much this price?
Brígida Gil
Brígida Gil 3 aylar önce
Está bellísimo
Maiwand Afridi
Maiwand Afridi Aylar önce
Where can I get this cover and glass?
文Wen 4 aylar önce
the new king
Life82 3 aylar önce
Where can I purchase that screen protector
Number one boy nightmare
Apple left the chat
Raja Sufyan123
Raja Sufyan123 Aylar önce
RIP finger print 👣
Depressed Community
Depressed Community 2 aylar önce
Now with that amount of armors, you can use this phone even in hell😂
Nature Lover Qureshi
Nature Lover Qureshi 2 aylar önce
I can't beg you for the money ❤❤❤
Doniyor Aylar önce
I love this Phone 📱 ❤
Pankaj funny 001
Pankaj funny 001 Aylar önce
Han lekin comment karna
crazzy saan
crazzy saan Aylar önce
I phone left the chat.😂
Ezra Ezra
Ezra Ezra 4 aylar önce
The s23 ultra has a microphone at the bottom of the top camera so camera protectors may cover it
Asvin Thakur
Asvin Thakur 3 aylar önce
No it doesn't!
Middle class family left the chat 🙃
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CaJa 14
CaJa 14 2 aylar önce
Wow. Super protective!
Trendy Tech Review.Shop.
Yes they are!
Isaias Silva
Isaias Silva 4 aylar önce
too good video krishhan
cool 😎 achha he
Sonam Adil
Sonam Adil Aylar önce
My dream phone
Márcia Rabelo
Márcia Rabelo Aylar önce
Um celular desse que eu queria ter, um dia compro um..
Jas Preet
Jas Preet 20 gün önce
Bought this phone last week. Osm experience🎉
Vivo X90 Ka Video Banavo
Trendy Tech Review.Shop.
Ok sir
Sazzad Mahmud ID
Sazzad Mahmud ID 2 aylar önce
This phone is so much beautiful.
sarla devi
sarla devi 2 aylar önce
Samsung phone very very super phone mein like phone Samsung
Bruno Silva
Bruno Silva 4 aylar önce
Esse celular é bom
Umair 3 aylar önce
Fingerprint won't work with screen protector
@Gagan gaming studio
@Gagan gaming studio 3 aylar önce
Nice 📱📱
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A J    B O S S    G A M I N G
Hoang Cat Vy Le
Hoang Cat Vy Le 2 aylar önce
Yeffer Ríos
Yeffer Ríos Aylar önce
Y aún así le sale una línea verde jajaja
Nikhil bohidar Liku bohidar
My dream phone bhai
Phiroj 4 aylar önce
Mera bhi yr ..
DG ODYSSEY 4 aylar önce
Mera dream phone har saal change hota hai jese pehele s22 ultra or ab s23 ultra fir s24 ultra😂
Fly Solo
Fly Solo 4 aylar önce
Mine too bro...❤
Happy Sidhu samane wala
Koi na mile ga bro dream sab pure hote ha mere pass v 22 ultra best phone
Vavuzz 3 aylar önce
@Happy Sidhu samane walajoke😂 s22ultra sucks at battery and heating 😮
namakuFAIZAL Aylar önce
"Never give up if you still want to try. Don't let regrets come because you are one step away from winning. Sometimes you have to feel difficulties before perfect happiness comes to you.
NISHABDヅ Aylar önce
The song is Lagu Paijo Remix. Thank me later 😉
Rakhshani Reza
Rakhshani Reza 28 gün önce
Tnx Dear
Mr_CHIR4G 3 aylar önce
This guy also need some''ReSpEcT'' For the bgm
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