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Saleen has been a staple in the tuning world since the ‘80s, and has helped so many Mustangs reach their final form. They’re currently working on a car for the GT4 racing world, and have gone through a ton to get here! Join James as he dives into the history of Saleen!
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23 May 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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FR3NCHFRY JR 14 gün önce
No Not raid Why why.... I’m I’m crying
DisneyChannelFlow 2
DisneyChannelFlow 2 2 aylar önce
This game is fucking terrible
Areg Martirosyan
Areg Martirosyan 5 aylar önce
Keep it up donut media your my favorite channel 👍👍
Droidaimone 5 aylar önce
I installed raid at y'all's recommendation. I am now selling my ass to prom girls to buy shards. I'm blaming Donut media for the massive down turn in my life of prostitution and raid use. You are terrible people..
Evan Acey
Evan Acey 5 aylar önce
“I can’t wait ‘til I get to hike school!!”
Ryan Burgi
Ryan Burgi 3 gün önce
No s5s Raptor :(
in. Batman
in. Batman 3 gün önce
Moreeee powerrrrrr babyyyyyyyyyyy....
Bryce Kassebaum
Bryce Kassebaum 6 gün önce
My dad has a 2004 Saleen Mustang S/C convertible with a screaming yellow paint job.... I love it
Varun Culas
Varun Culas 7 gün önce
Can we have an Up to Speed on Roush Performance?
Justin Burns
Justin Burns 10 gün önce
Nissan hardbody
Bill G
Bill G 10 gün önce
Didn’t ford have a black cherry paint option for one of the 90s saleen mustangs? I loved that color
Daniel Puncture
Daniel Puncture 14 gün önce
so theres James and Pames... who dat doe, is his name The James who created "mOh PoWaH bAbY"
dead pool
dead pool 14 gün önce
S281 is forever bae
Doublevanoz 17 gün önce
Wasn't the S7 notoriously unreliable?
NadaV ZiV
NadaV ZiV 20 gün önce
9:58 Is it just me or does the "SALEEN S7" look really similar to the "MCLAREN F1"?
FireGhoulz 1
FireGhoulz 1 21 gün önce
How come you didn’t talk about the concept of the Saleen S5S Raptor?
Slayer 96 DA 2ND
Slayer 96 DA 2ND 26 gün önce
Man the audience guy is chill
Nate The Great 415
Nate The Great 415 29 gün önce
the s7 is literally one of my favorite cars i fricken LOVE that thing!
-SE7EN -
-SE7EN - Aylar önce
I remember always use S7 in Midnight Club 3 lol... and now in game my nickname SE7EN LOL
Vegasclaw Aylar önce
45k for a fox body 450hp isnt bad compared to the 3000gt, supra and Z with 320 max but than of course those are legendary cars nowadays
Kris Aylar önce
By far the only downside here was accepting a sponsorship from child casino raid Shadow bullshit.
euro Aylar önce
Wheres the saleen raptor 2010?
• TGXI •
• TGXI • Aylar önce
$10,000 saleen for sale in my town
MR. GP Aylar önce
Kal blackmon
Kal blackmon Aylar önce
What i learned in this video is anything sponsored by the frickin Playstation 2 KICKS ASS
Imp00 Aylar önce
Ummm why does he look fimiler to someone else 10:21
CrippledMerc Aylar önce
I had 3 car posters on my wall as a kid. The Saleen S7, the McLaren F1, and the ‘99 Viper GTS. I also had a lot of drag cars, but those were the only 3 production cars I had posters of. I still love the S7.
SuperKanuuna Aylar önce
There has been a donut in your face
JustForFun Hun
JustForFun Hun Aylar önce
Saleen is the only car that sounds like ur ex girlfriend
Miguel retrospec
Miguel retrospec Aylar önce
I’m a huge fan of this channel , but There was a few errors in this video regarding information , nonetheless very informative video.
LIGHTOUT Aylar önce
Do underground racing!
redBaron aldebaran
redBaron aldebaran Aylar önce
Up to speed on "Callaway" would be cooL...☺
skoobydew20 Aylar önce
You should do an up to speed on diesel wvo conversions. I seen a couple races that were dope
Jon Snow
Jon Snow Aylar önce
Can you just say Horsepower like a normal person?
Cody Baxter
Cody Baxter Aylar önce
if only it was an up to speed on celine - james' ex girlfriend, instead of saleen.
Joshua Booth
Joshua Booth Aylar önce
Nice to see that Lita, Gerald and Harrison are still tight.
Louis Füllgrabe
Louis Füllgrabe Aylar önce
FrostyFoxXx Aylar önce
I remember the S7 was one of the best cars in TDU
jackfruit Aylar önce
IowAudio Review
IowAudio Review 2 aylar önce
Wasn't there a limited run of Saleen S7 twin turbo AWD?
Tamaku 2 aylar önce
SVT's were so cool looking and they were fast!
Ferno.X 2 aylar önce
My man different in thumbnail
Simon Maček
Simon Maček 2 aylar önce
So saleen only made 1 car ...
problem?tf2 2 aylar önce
Nejinissan440 2 aylar önce
I find the Saleen SR ugly but S7 is a masterpiece
Amari Sullivan
Amari Sullivan 2 aylar önce
Who remembers it from midnight club 3?
Lewis Galvez
Lewis Galvez 2 aylar önce
Where my s5s raptor
ptg805 2 aylar önce
Donut boy you are wrong I am here for the 281 dont you dare skip this
Richard Gambill
Richard Gambill 2 aylar önce
Love your show. Keep it up. Love, ur dad.
Richard Gambill
Richard Gambill 2 aylar önce
Just playin', good luck.
Marc Wilson Señase
Marc Wilson Señase 2 aylar önce
Great content,should be 10/10 but then i saw Raid: Crappy Legends.... i rate it 8/10 despite of it you earned a sub from me
Rishab Jain 10th
Rishab Jain 10th 2 aylar önce
Really the most underrated conpany ever!
DNice5865 2 aylar önce
Webbie: “I got 6 12’s” Steve Saleen: *hold my mustang*
Jonathan Mariano
Jonathan Mariano 2 aylar önce
yall always skip over the New Edge mustangs on every mustang video!! THE CAR IS RIGHT BEHIND YOUUU
Eugene Musumba
Eugene Musumba 2 aylar önce
the Saleen S7 is my dream car
Jim Niro
Jim Niro 2 aylar önce
Where's the S7 Comp?!
cocho thunder
cocho thunder 2 aylar önce
Harrison Ford is the best ford
Thomas Kar
Thomas Kar 2 aylar önce
So Steve Saleen is like he vice of each car company brand.
Thomas Kar
Thomas Kar 2 aylar önce
We never judge the book by its cover like we never judge the douche creator looking driving.
Thomas Kar
Thomas Kar 2 aylar önce
I have Saleen Raptor but it is too fast for me.
VRaziel 2 aylar önce
not murican but... isnt it SAAAAAAAAAAALEEEEN no SEEEEEEEEEEEELEEEEEEEEEEN? lol im confused.
Imported Wasabi
Imported Wasabi 2 aylar önce
At 10:30 how does James know that
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 2 aylar önce
The GT4 race series was a colossal flop as the cars were junk and hardly any ever finished a race.
Siekro 2 aylar önce
Midnight club Los Angeles
Mr. Lovett
Mr. Lovett 2 aylar önce
Saleen s7 > Saleen s1
Mr. Lovett
Mr. Lovett 2 aylar önce
the only way to make a musting cool
bclarcom 2 aylar önce
You guys should cover the trans am race series.
Brandon Huff
Brandon Huff 2 aylar önce
11:47 is a clip I feel like I need when I’m sad
pilot ///
pilot /// 2 aylar önce
Savo from Midnight Club 2 is the sole reason why I’m scarred from Saleen S7s but also love them 💖
pandAE86 _
pandAE86 _ 2 aylar önce
S281 was my first love while watching 2f2f, but it doesn't come in Indonesia. Too bad
rex racer
rex racer 2 aylar önce
Kisato Synthstar
Kisato Synthstar 2 aylar önce
Wait the f**k up... The Saleen ONE is basically a mid engined Focus RS??! Da hell is dat??!! XD I love it!!
Ikito 2 aylar önce
Brandon Metz
Brandon Metz 3 aylar önce
Alright, you guys are forgetting the fact that Ford still stuck to the pushrod 302 Windsor until 1996. Not to mention the fact the 351 was the same block just stroked out a bit
Hunter Gualdoni
Hunter Gualdoni 3 aylar önce
What about the S5 Raptor
tbpenney80 3 aylar önce
What color green is the new edge mustang in the background?
Lizrd Wizrd 2
Lizrd Wizrd 2 3 aylar önce
I just wish saleen parts for my 2003 mustang weren't so expensive 😂
For The Love Of Noise
For The Love Of Noise 3 aylar önce
Who else always pronounced it as SAY-LEEN as a kid?
Matt Bowen
Matt Bowen 3 aylar önce
Seems like Saleen has a solution
Slimer WW
Slimer WW 3 aylar önce
A day before at this video came out I saw a sleaeen mustang and had no clue what it was and here is James pumphrey to answer
Tu Ut
Tu Ut 3 aylar önce
Morgan Freeman movie! Lol. Someone doesn't like Jim Carry. 😛
Tayden Jackson
Tayden Jackson 3 aylar önce
Make one about GEMBALLA
Ani 3 aylar önce
They bought you to ha????!!
a lil panda
a lil panda 3 aylar önce
i saw a really cool Saleen Mustang at the Hotel i was staying at in Miami they look INSANE in person
Casey Jazz
Casey Jazz 3 aylar önce
Saleen 620 Camaro bc 6.2 liter engine.
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