Saint Etienne vs PSG | LIGUE 1 HIGHLIGHTS | 11/28/2021 | beIN SPORTS USA

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27 Kas 2021




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Bayaz Aylar önce
This game is exactly what I imagined Messi could be like in this team. Messi just receiving the ball in midfield and finding balls into Mbappe and Neymar in dangerous positions. Give Messi the ball, he will find your team goals.
Michael Cooper
Michael Cooper Aylar önce
@Dan M last time i checked 3-1 and 5-0 both get you 3 points so i don’t see why it matters
Oui Hoopin’
Oui Hoopin’ Aylar önce
Such nasty candidates to punch it to too
Rafael Del Villar
Rafael Del Villar Aylar önce
Like he did at Barca in his last years 🤣👍
Luis Barrera
Luis Barrera Aylar önce
@esther kisob man city is the best team in England with amazing players yet no champions league cup so if your ganna talk about money dont just bring in psg
Luis Barrera
Luis Barrera Aylar önce
@Saiman rai people say league trash till psg comes in champions and beats all them teams in spain and england league
Ethio kana tv
Ethio kana tv Aylar önce
Why is everyone not talking about Ramos performance he was doing good on both defensive and offensive
Yvng_Alex03 Aylar önce
Nah Ramos barely did anything
MD_ATK Aylar önce
@Poké Chaser Yupp neymar just got injured
Brades 06
Brades 06 Aylar önce
That’s smart except he honestly doesn’t really have a position. He drifts the whole game. He did the same thing on Barca. I don’t think him switched to CAM would make a difference. He’s still going to drift everywhere on the pitch
Agperezzzz Aylar önce
He’s in Messi’s shadow 😜👀🙇🏻🤫🤫😈😈
Patrick Aylar önce
@Mathew Van Ostin then why is Thiago Silva not having a hard time ?😂
Jorge Soto
Jorge Soto Aylar önce
It’s still hard to believe all these great players are on the same team.
Tony Montana
Tony Montana Aylar önce
Most of them are old and past their prime. This is a retirement league.
DrMacca Aylar önce
All these great players yet PSG manage to pay all of them and still comply with FFP.......somehow.......lmao
PvP Aylar önce
@esther kisob Lmaoo your a clown Madrid fan Neymar is 10x what mbappe will ever be, half of his goals are assisted by Neymar
My Sanctuary My Home
@esther kisob How do you know there is politics at PSG involving Mbappe and Neymar
esther kisob
esther kisob Aylar önce
@Providence777 You do not really understand Mbappe and the politics at PSG. Since Neymar came to PSG, Mbappe has never played his best. There were times that Neymar will be out for a long time and Mbappe was to control the team. There were times that he didn't want to play because of the money Neymar was making and not performing. You notice he does better when Neymar is not playing. PSG is a very political team. Mbappe will do better when he leaves. He didn't want to play for the French team earlier and later he changed his mind and see how they have been winning. He young and will mature in the sport.
Daniel Black
Daniel Black Aylar önce
I think messi should just transition to cam. As his speed and agility fade, his passing and finishing will always remain world class.
Michael Cooper
Michael Cooper Aylar önce
@J H ya, all the things you said are racist, because it doesn’t apply to every single person of that race. not all asian people are good at math. idk if you forgot, israel, iran and kazakhstan are all asian countries, yet dont excel in math in any way. so why are you saying all asians are good at math? because it’s a racist connotation. you listed other ones too that YOU may not think are racist, but i, and most others, do. if the race relishes the connotation, like black people relish the fact they have good natural rhythm, doesn’t mean it isn’t racist, it just doesn’t bother them. a lot of asian people get pissed off when you say they’re all good at math and are short and hairless. keep being racist bro, don’t worry about it, we all see your true colours
Zephyr J
Zephyr J Aylar önce
He’s played center forward quite a bit I think
generatingideas Aylar önce
Michael Cooper
Michael Cooper Aylar önce
@J H saying asian kids love badminton is racist because not all asian kids love badminton. you can hate on messi all you want, i couldn’t care less and half the time it’s funny, but making jokes about disabilities and being racist just ain’t funny at all. glad to know what type of shit person you are👍
TheLeonard185 Aylar önce
@Mathew Van Ostin outside the foot into the 18 ? Yeah ok you never played ball .
Abraham Catalan
Abraham Catalan Aylar önce
Dude I love Messi performance, but Sergio made a huge impact on the defensive side, looked like he was actually managing the defensive
Jonathan Villalba
Jonathan Villalba Aylar önce
@Eby kids because the other team was probably struggling to get out of their own half. If you are pressing high and the other team is parking the bus, this happens. Real danger is on the counter attack but if they struggled to move out of their own 3rd of the pitch even Man U looks like a legitimate title contender.
Abraham Catalan
Abraham Catalan Aylar önce
@Nev SG noo, I know he’s an amazing player, I just meant he kind of put Marquinhos down a bit if you look closely while on defense
JD Trejo
JD Trejo Aylar önce
Ramos gave psg more confidence
Eby kids
Eby kids Aylar önce
Hey but I’m wondering why were the cbs playing so high in this game
Diego Aylar önce
Chris Busso
Chris Busso Aylar önce
8:48 amazing shot. Never thought I'd see the day. Ramos, Di Maria, Messi and Neymar hugging and celebrating a goal.
Jonathan Villalba
Jonathan Villalba Aylar önce
Add Xavi as the coach, and another real madrid or barcelona legend defender and you got a Classico best XI 2008-2015 lol
Thank You
Thank You Aylar önce
7:26 messi can’t even score on open net bahahaha forgot his glasses in spain
friendsshare Aylar önce
It's like a fantasy team you make on Fifa
Kongloshaa Aylar önce
That's literally a dream and it actually came true 😍
wrld2bk Aylar önce
facts 😂
Simon Kaggwa Njala
Simon Kaggwa Njala Aylar önce
Messi even assisted the offside goal lmao. The goat
ChrisChras 9000
ChrisChras 9000 7 gün önce
Stfu all of you trolling him. People need to start giving the credit he deserves for some games. Same with mbappe for all of Messis goals he has assisted.
Tristan Strong
Tristan Strong Aylar önce
Farmers league 🤡
PvP Aylar önce
@Gustavo Villafana Messi is the reason they won in the first game? Typical clown bruh
Karo Brand
Karo Brand Aylar önce
@Gustavo Villafana first leg doesn’t exist?
Gustavo Villafana
Gustavo Villafana Aylar önce
Against the team dead last in Ligue 1, while he went missing vs Man City
Tony Sal
Tony Sal Aylar önce
This team looks brand new with Ramos in the mix🔥🔥
QBW 88
QBW 88 Aylar önce
Yeah...but someone needs to tell him to chill out, he doesnt have to go up there to try and score...at least not yet and definetely not in a mid season league game...if it was UCL or a final then yeah, all for all...but not yet
FunnyTVShows Aylar önce
Right!! I can't wait for the next game!
Yovany Polanco
Yovany Polanco Aylar önce
Ramos lowkey feels like the Captain of this team already. You can just the impact he has emotionally on a team.
Gibran Otway
Gibran Otway Aylar önce
@jorgito best why not? He’s doing great. I didn’t call alaba a legend I just compared their play styles and what not
jorgito best
jorgito best Aylar önce
@Gibran Otway Don’t compare alaba with Ramos
Greg M
Greg M Aylar önce
Yh but still marquinos is the real leader of this team
AVE - Aylar önce
PSG has 2 great leaders in Ramos and Marquinhos
No Aylar önce
@Safi the original comment is cringe.
Glen Robison
Glen Robison Aylar önce
Messi with the assist hat-trick. Amazing.
ChrisChras 9000
ChrisChras 9000 7 gün önce
@esther kisob so what if there from mbappe? There still assists either way.
Tony Montana
Tony Montana Aylar önce
Amazing? Against the last placed team, down to 10 men in a farmer's league? You must have very low standards.
@esther kisob looks like you're playing too much fifa and not the real thing
GABE AWESOME21 Aylar önce
Would of gotten 4 assists but the first goal was disallowed
SOMEONE 17 Aylar önce
@Kei Soe is that why you only have 5 points from your last 8 games with a goal difference of -10, and barely got a tie vs Chelsea today?
Cameron Auguste
Cameron Auguste Aylar önce
Messi involved in every attack like he used to at Barca. And going for the finish if possible
David Pavon
David Pavon Aylar önce
So true❤
Franklin Ndonku
Franklin Ndonku Aylar önce
Ramos presence makes me look at him as the captain of PSG.
Kamalío Aylar önce
Ya for sure. The team is back with a great defender.
Diego Castillo
Diego Castillo Aylar önce
@YerseyGang wtf you on? 😂😂
YerseyGang Aylar önce
Marquinhos is a monster 😐
Diego Castillo
Diego Castillo Aylar önce
@Cambino I’m sure if Marquinhos got injured Ramos could easily be captain
Cambino Aylar önce
Marquinhos is the captain, but yes Ramos is a good presence to have in the back in addition to Marquinhos lol
Seyam Rahman
Seyam Rahman Aylar önce
We were far too sloppy with the chances, Kylian could’ve had 3+ goals
Seyam Rahman
Seyam Rahman Aylar önce
@BIG dont get me wrong Mbappe is an absolute beast and has been amazing nearly every game this season just he couldn’t score today
BIG Aylar önce
@Guillermo Cardenas he’s not at his peak tho… he’s already 34 and has less energy
Guillermo Cardenas
Guillermo Cardenas Aylar önce
@BIG messi missed some chances bro
BIG Aylar önce
And ppl say he’s on Messi’s level smh. Messi in his prime would’ve slotted all 3. Mbappe is good for his age but don’t ever compare him to the legends. He has yet to earn that title.
ANDRS Aylar önce
Ramos already the Alpha on this team no doubt. His presence impacts the other players positively. They probably feel stronger with him on the pitch.
Jose Avila
Jose Avila Aylar önce
Me as cb and rb. Knowing u have a good central boost the team to go forwards .. or do little runs cause u know u have a good defender as last resort
Oscar Alvarez
Oscar Alvarez Aylar önce
It’s amazing how much one player can really affect an entire team this was a fun game for me!
Lana Felix
Lana Felix Aylar önce
Messi 3 assists just leo at his best
dripking 12
dripking 12 Aylar önce
he played great,,,i just know this isnt his best and im a ronaldo fan
Toxic Turtlee
Toxic Turtlee Aylar önce
@Alex S ꪜ Cause the sport is all about scoring right? Shows how truly little you know ball
Messi Is The G.O.A.T
@Alex S ꪜ or his game is changing? he’s starting become slower, less agile. so hes had to change his game. but so has Ronaldo. he used to be a winger, no hes much more a number 9. same thing. they get old
Alex S ꪜ
Alex S ꪜ Aylar önce
*You know messi is starting to suck when he goes from being recognized by the goals he scores to now just being recognized by his assists* 🤣
esther kisob
esther kisob Aylar önce
With Tuchel they could have score more goals with this weak team at the bottom of the league instead you are spending time talking about hat trick assists.
Soy Romeo Sin Julieta
*are you kidding me Messi and Sergio Ramos playing together😂🤣😂🤣*
Ariuska Puente
Ariuska Puente Aylar önce
@Ezequiel Andres Ponce Si,así es,Ramos es muy bueno,el fútbol se trata de ganar.
Soy Romeo Sin Julieta
@Ezequiel Andres Ponce entre el amor y el odio todo es posible 😂😂😂
Ezequiel Andres Ponce
Hate and love have a fine line, Now they need to win together so they aren't going hate each other...For the most part lol
Soy Romeo Sin Julieta
@Ariuska Puente jaaaaaaaa
Ariuska Puente
Ariuska Puente Aylar önce
yes jijiji, Ramos hate Messi before.
Richard L. Major III
It feels good to see Ramos back on the pitch and Messi facilitating chances while getting assists!
Roy Kim
Roy Kim Aylar önce
Messi with 3 assists is why he is the goat man…
Roy Kim
Roy Kim Aylar önce
300 likes!!! Thanks guys lol
Not Cool
Not Cool Aylar önce
@Philipos Brooks Colombia and Uruguay maybe conmebol isn’t as easy as you think but anyway we comparing rn not from the past
Philipos Brooks
Philipos Brooks Aylar önce
@Not Cool He played in prior qualifications to those teams. Lets be real, its Brazil, Argentina, and recently Chile thats a challenge
Not Cool
Not Cool Aylar önce
In conmebol there’s no San marinos for easy victory’s lmao.
Not Cool
Not Cool Aylar önce
Messi carried that team and you can’t deny it, they depend on him too much
Chinmay Purohit
Chinmay Purohit Aylar önce
People who were doubting Ramos, just look at how well he crosses and presses
Sir Pelon
Sir Pelon Aylar önce
First Game for Sergio Ramos and he made sure his presence was Felt! He had his defensive line on point after the opponents 1st goal … and He assisted in various PSG’s offense attacks … And Neymar 🙏🏽 Hopefully nothing serious
JayRacks Aylar önce
Messi’s assists were beautiful
G Flow
G Flow Aylar önce
@Alex S ꪜ if you think that means he sucks please go watch baseball because you don't understand football at all.
Alex S ꪜ
Alex S ꪜ Aylar önce
*You know messi is starting to suck when he goes from being recognized by the goals he scores to now just being recognized by his assists* 🤣
Jean Duvil
Jean Duvil Aylar önce
@esther kisob Mbappé is selfish af😅😂
esther kisob
esther kisob Aylar önce
But he cannot score because no assist from Mbappe.
Anipaptions Aylar önce
The keeper for Etienne had a fantastic game
nate froggy
nate froggy Aylar önce
i was thinking that 100%. no shortage of effort from etienne’s defense
Jonathan Aragon
Jonathan Aragon Aylar önce
Would say that he's the MVP but it's marchinios
Daniel Corral
Daniel Corral Aylar önce
Yea he stood his ground this match
Dukez Aylar önce
@Jack Hightower still can't take away his credit he had a fantastic game
Jack Hightower
Jack Hightower Aylar önce
Naw Mbappe just sucks
7.62TheGOAT Aylar önce
Show my boy Ramos some love. He did good 👊🏽
JT JT Aylar önce
Yeah he was really good to give up the goal today
Jesus Garibay
Jesus Garibay Aylar önce
Yes he did
George Zoto
George Zoto Aylar önce
What a game, great team! Messi, Mbappe and Neymar are just a great trio. Hope you heal soon Neymar 🙏🏻
PSG can score all the goals they need, and Messi will regain his scoring touch but I still have questions about them defensively. Hopefully Neymar's injury is not too serious.
TeenB Aylar önce
@Jay Dawg Tf when is my bae retiring?
A.K.A Emperor
A.K.A Emperor Aylar önce
@TemReacts not that kind of strain..did u see the way he’s feet bent
TemReacts Aylar önce
Bro I’ve sprained my ankle before and I was good the next day lol he should be fine if he ICEs, heats it, take pain killers drink lots of water and eat vegan for the next week.
Jay Dawg
Jay Dawg Aylar önce
Ney might retire soon I've read, due to injuries. But I hope he finishes and wins a champions w leo
Kevin Kang
Kevin Kang Aylar önce
It's very unfortunate injury. At this point, Neymar probably wont recover fast as It seems like his passion for football is diminishing quickly. Wish him the best for recovery
Marlon Pin
Marlon Pin Aylar önce
This team looks brand new with Ramos in the mix ✅✅✅🤯🤯
Adam and Evil
Adam and Evil Aylar önce
You can tell Marquinhos feels comfortable with Ramos, probably why he’s so confident on offense scoring himself two goals.
jason m
jason m Aylar önce
Finally poch realized where to put Messi. The pace isn’t there and you need fast wingers in today’s game if you want to win the big titles. He drops deep to get the ball anyway just put him in the 10 he’s the best playmaker out there, with all the speed around him on the flanks he’ll have a field day. Ramos is a top signing too, kimbpembe lacks the composure but Ramos Marquinhos may be one of the best CB pairings out there.
Lãng tử saigon
Lãng tử saigon Aylar önce
Like he did at Barca. Just give him the ball, he knows how to pass or score. He is the best playmaker in the world now.
pat holmwood
pat holmwood Aylar önce
Ramos looked great. Solid on defense and even gave great attacking presence too. If he keeps this up PSGs back line will be so much better
Tapppatioo Aylar önce
Everyone needs to fear Marquinhos and Ramos on set pieces as they will score.
Gio102897 Aylar önce
Especially with messi and his amazing passing ability, they are a real force
Mar C.
Mar C. Aylar önce
Im a massive Madrid fan so im just here to see how Sergio is doing. He looks good 🙌 take care of him paris
Jainal Miraz
Jainal Miraz Aylar önce
that black kit looks slick on him
Harman Kooner
Harman Kooner Aylar önce
As soon as Ramos came the defence starts looking better🐐💪🏻❤️
fab Aylar önce
to be honest, we’ll never see Neymar at his full, the injuries just don’t let him go
QBW 88
QBW 88 Aylar önce
@Aidan C ive had ligament injury 3rd degree (ligament rupture) and I was walking after 1 month. I didnt have a special care team or full daily dedicated therapy, latest practices and technologies etc... He will be training again after 1 month
Aidan C
Aidan C Aylar önce
@QBW 88 its up to 2 months, ligament injury
Keno Aylar önce
@Elvis Dimoji He wasn't injured. Its cause there was nothing to push him. At Barca he was constantly playing at a high level. At Psg they're not playing anyone remotely good.
QBW 88
QBW 88 Aylar önce
This was sprain ankle... He will be back in less than a month like normal
Daniel Corral
Daniel Corral Aylar önce
@Elvis Dimoji facts. It sucks that he keeps getting injured. That was a dirty foul on him and it sucks that that play ended up injuring him badly
_Llegitt_ Aylar önce
PSG is good and have the chance to do something amazing this season winning every competition they in but I don’t want them to get too comfortable because everybody want to play them and beat them.
Kid Buu
Kid Buu Aylar önce
Marquinhos with the goals 🔥🔥
Tom Moya
Tom Moya Aylar önce
I’m so-glad Bernard looking on fire and his recovery went well this been my fav team since 2015
Astroman_jujutsu Aylar önce
Sergio Ramos and Messi hugging is just insane to me. 2 of the greatest players to play against eachother to be together and playing is crazy and spectacular to me
Fitness Aylar önce
If Messi is not scoring he’s assisting Messi continues to pull off his amazing performance and continuous domination since he was a teen Messi goat 🐐 Messi alien 👽
Joseph Antony
Joseph Antony Aylar önce
Marquinhos, 2 goals 🔥🔥
Diego Aylar önce
Ramos already looking like a captain on his debut. What a player. Big boost for psg
Marlobruh Aylar önce
It’s still crazy how Ramos and Messi are on the same team
coleeg69 Aylar önce
That first "goal" where they all celebrated together, Messi looked at Ramos in the group hug and for a split second was like why are you here? Lol
Reid Pattis
Reid Pattis Aylar önce
Finally. At least the defense tightened up thanks to Ramos
Jainal Miraz
Jainal Miraz Aylar önce
kimpembe is good, but ramos is just better
Cooper Kirby
Cooper Kirby Aylar önce
Ramos making an indescribable impact on this team
ez a
ez a Aylar önce
Ramos in the team, so Kimpembe does not do stupid shit which enables Marguinhos to go more aggressive. This could be a good stretch for PSG as long as Veratti stays fit.
Rafael Aylar önce
@Ezequiel Andres Ponce Maybe Marquinhos can play CDM and occasionally drop as a 3rd CB, similar to what he would do when Thiago was still at PSG
Ezequiel Andres Ponce
I agree. Who can cover for Veratti tho? They need someone to cover him whenever it's needed, Anytime he's out theres a massive hole and little creativity in their mid.
Erick Rodriguez
Erick Rodriguez Aylar önce
@Cambino I think they were trying to get kessie, you think he could be good?
ez a
ez a Aylar önce
@Shawn G's he can be a beast sometimes but needs to polish his game and become less error prone.
Martin Perez
Martin Perez Aylar önce
@Shawn G's no he is not he is always making mistakes and marquinos is always saving his butt
Brad Pyron
Brad Pyron Aylar önce
We need to mention that Marquinhos had the confidence to score 2 goals cause he knew he had left Ramos the monster to watch his back
BigBoolin Aylar önce
if PSG finsihed their chances, this could have been 5'-6 goals
esther kisob
esther kisob Aylar önce
That's very true, but these Ligue I teams will give all they got to stop PSG from willing. You see the efforts they put to block Mbappe and even got a red card.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
When you see Ney with that cut, it reminds me of the old days. Good times. He really means business... hopefully that injury wasn't too severe.
Lisandro Castillo
Lisandro Castillo Aylar önce
Ramos being a beast like always amazing performance as well with Messi hat trick of assists
Legacy Aylar önce
What a game from Messi. Way to distribute the ball and turn plays into goals!
Alice Legardy
Alice Legardy Aylar önce
Man I hope Neymar is ok! He twisted his ankle pretty bad there
David de la cruz
David de la cruz Aylar önce
@James don’t make me get in on all of y’all cases
David de la cruz
David de la cruz Aylar önce
@James he twisted his ankle on his bro
Daniel Corral
Daniel Corral Aylar önce
@Jack Hightower facts bro
Daniel Corral
Daniel Corral Aylar önce
@esther kisob your saying it like he wanted to twist his ankle like that. That was a dirty foul towards him that causes the injury. The foul was not even in a spot we’re psg could of scored there was no need for the foul
James Aylar önce
@esther kisob did you even watch the whole video? Dude tried to avoid a tackle and ended up twisting his ankle real bad, the guy was screaming in pain
Milliardo Peacecraft
Even though I'm a barca fan I will always be a fan of what Ramos does for any team he plays for. It's nice to see a cb that attacks as well as he does.
Kason Durham
Kason Durham Aylar önce
Been saying Messi is a CAM for so long, really glad that he’s being played there. It complements his evolving playing style as he adapts to graceful aging, the speed demon is now el maestro
Bryan Hawn
Bryan Hawn Aylar önce
Messi superseding expectations!
Junior Atte
Junior Atte Aylar önce
Wtf is this team, full of stars, it’s beautiful, I love Barça but I must admit it’s beautiful.
Ruth Feinstein
Ruth Feinstein Aylar önce
If mbappe could score today at least 5-1 also Ramos and Messi on the same team who could have guessed that a year ago
King Darwin
King Darwin Aylar önce
Mbappe misses so many chances every game .if he took his chances both Neymar and Messi would have so many assists by now .that’s what made saurez so special bc he would finish any chance he got
MD_ATK Aylar önce
@Antoine Charest they had the finish the gk was just making some great blocks
Antoine Charest
Antoine Charest Aylar önce
Nah bro mbappe ney and messi could not finish today
Nedu Dee
Nedu Dee Aylar önce
Poor Neymar, I can feel his pain. Get back soon brother - Godspeed
Paco Villarreal
Paco Villarreal Aylar önce
Marquinhos what a player!
nate froggy
nate froggy Aylar önce
just here to say that saint etienne played pretty great up against one of the best teams in the world
Niceandfly Aylar önce
Ramos was everywhere haha love it 😂
Gael Ramales
Gael Ramales Aylar önce
8:49 Never thought I’d see the day these guys would be in the same squad 😬
MysticalSoul Aylar önce
I missed the first goal, came to check to confirm that Messi assisted all 3 goals, good game
Khomson Thanadabouth
I thought that the 4-2-3-1 was the best fit formation for this PSG team with Messi in the middle, Newmar n Di Maria on the outside n Mbappe up top when I was watching ESPN FC before this game. It suits the type of players they have. I coach a 4-3-3 for every game n went undefeated because I tell the players to do certain things to be successful. We scored 87 goals n gave up 11 while defending with 7 most of the time. 13 different players scored n played up front because the starters were injured or couldn't play for other reasons. We were able to attack like this but we sat n countered when we couldn't. When I hear the Ronaldo n Messi debate, I think that Messi would complement Ronaldo perfectly in this formation because Messi is very good at making perfect passes to the forward.
Julio Rodriguez
Julio Rodriguez Aylar önce
3 assist 3 goals 🐐 👏👏👏
Julian Reyes
Julian Reyes Aylar önce
Crazy how Messi levels up when he shaves 😂
Lãng tử saigon
Lãng tử saigon Aylar önce
@Manuel Montano yeah, He deserves to win ballon d'or every year.
Manuel Montano
Manuel Montano Aylar önce
He Shaved because tomorrow he will get the 7th. Balloon d'ore
Esvin 370z
Esvin 370z Aylar önce
Idk man with Ramos on the field that’s a lot of liberty for Mbappe! Dangerous squad and good luck Neymar
Pixel Pro
Pixel Pro Aylar önce
Messi got 3 assists today and if Neymar’s goal counted, he gets 4 assists.
Barcelona Tiki Taka
Messi hat trick of assist
esther kisob
esther kisob Aylar önce
That's the how the game is played. Before it reached Messi some one sent it to him. He has to score also. Mbappe didn't pass him the ball he has no goals.
Kason Durham
Kason Durham Aylar önce
I know that it was a bit iffy this game defensively but I have to say, Ramos made a huge impact, especially in the later stages of the game where our regular defense might capitulate - he retained not only tactical brilliance but resilience within our back line and it was very evident that it was his presence generating that strength
cucujuju88 Aylar önce
110% credits to the Goalkeeper 👏🏻
Xian juan abdul takeshi
Week in week out years after years. Messi is built different
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Messi won his 7th Balloon D'or today, and I have to say, Lewa deserved it, but...the way Messi was controlling the center was just superb. His performance today was top-notch despite not scoring. Edit: And Lol I didn't even mention his hattrick o assists. What about that.
Jiseop Kim
Jiseop Kim Aylar önce
Messi and Ramos on the pitch as teammates. Crazy
None Other
None Other Aylar önce
Notice the fence around Messi in the first offside goal? They know he is still very lethal 😊
Junior Atte
Junior Atte Aylar önce
Damn Messi is too good even for his age, he is still way way up there 😄, come back to Barça.
Left Nut
Left Nut Aylar önce
It's so weird seeing Messi, Neymar, and Ramos playing together on the same team🤣 but this was a great performance by messi and ramos
alivia chaudhuri
alivia chaudhuri Aylar önce
Messi basically had 5 assists onoy if the neymar goal counted and mbappe could bloody score
Eric Baker
Eric Baker Aylar önce
IF Neymar scored his chances he’d have 5 assists😂😂😂 ok make up situations to make Messi look better. You could also say that if Marquinhos wasn’t a god at heading and di Maria missed his shot he’d have 0 assist😂😂 stfu that’s like saying if I could score 100 goals a season I’d be the best player of all time, well guess what, it didn’t happen so what’s your point this isn’t fantasy land. I don’t see you making those arguments for any other players you’re obsessed
MD_ATK Aylar önce
@Jack Hightower haaland has been missing a few chances also
esther kisob
esther kisob Aylar önce
Messi had hat trick assists, thats how the game is played. He has to score too. Don't confuse people because you love Messi.
Jack Hightower
Jack Hightower Aylar önce
@Unknown Clint naw haaland scores 1v1 chances
MD_ATK Aylar önce
Mbappe did good gk was just like nah brah let yo other mates score now
I_Dawg123 Aylar önce
Is it me or is no beard Messi the way to go lol The GOAT just doing GOAT things!
Barça💪 Aylar önce
Was the last goal a Pass from Messi? If yes then Messi has 3 assists in this Match 🔥
Ethan’s random vids
Of course Ramos finally gets back and Neymar gets hurt. Just can’t keep the dream team fit. Great performance though!
Anthony Disla
Anthony Disla Aylar önce
God I love this team Messi is the best player in history
Rusty Aylar önce
Hat trick of assist for the GOAT Messi. Great debut for Ramos. Get well soon Neymar
Unkownable LLC
Unkownable LLC Aylar önce
They need to keep Ramos midfield he can score and defend controlling the midfield will get them Champions League
Mr Jeff
Mr Jeff Aylar önce
Messi the greatest!
roberto fuentes
roberto fuentes Aylar önce
Really nice to Ramos playing again👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼
Queens Gooner
Queens Gooner Aylar önce
Messi is just incredible, Ramos is definitely feeling like the 🧢, Neymar... A talented cry 🍼
P. B.
P. B. Aylar önce
Finally I want to watch psg highlights with messi back
lobsterwins Aylar önce
Messi just proved why he is the most valuable player you can have on a team 3 assist amazing
esther kisob
esther kisob Aylar önce
@Toxic Turtlee I live in New York City and there are a lot of Latino fans here and I see them follow Barcelona for years. I have done same and really enjoyed Messi in his early years. A lot of critics still demand that World Cup. He got the Copa America this year, I wish him luck with the World Cup.
Toxic Turtlee
Toxic Turtlee Aylar önce
@esther kisob I completely believe that, if he retires with a World Cup, without a doubt his status as the best player in history will be secure. Even without it, you can't deny he's one of the best players to ever Grace a field. His legendary status is unquestionable. Seeing him lift a World Cup is the cherry on top
esther kisob
esther kisob Aylar önce
@Toxic Turtlee I agree with everything you have said but there is still one missing thing to compare him with the greatest, World Cup. I hope he can accomplish that for Argentina in 2022, that will really seal it. Without that World Cup, he will still be lacking behind the greatest.
lobsterwins Aylar önce
@esther kisob did you not watch the game he played good vs city
Toxic Turtlee
Toxic Turtlee Aylar önce
@esther kisob Of course he's not the player he was 5 years ago, the body ages and gets weaker so he needs to adapt as well. He's still by far the best player in history but at the moment he's underperforming to HIS standards
Seni Joshua
Seni Joshua Aylar önce
This is why he's the greatest. The 100%ter. Not only is he an amazing goal scorer but he can also give your team goals by passing to the right people.
Elysee Kasso
Elysee Kasso Aylar önce
Messi est the best ♥️
—— Aylar önce
This psg squad is insane but damn that Neymar injury 😳😳
benard boateng
benard boateng Aylar önce
@-- like messi during prime barcelona
—— Aylar önce
@esther kisob not true at all, Neymar makes the biggest difference but any team can play better without a certain player sometimes. It just happens
esther kisob
esther kisob Aylar önce
It makes no difference if Neymar plays or not. When he is not playing PSG does better.
MD_ATK Aylar önce
Bro wtf this is how psg should play
—— Aylar önce
Ankle buckled and was hit all at once
Cesar Colli
Cesar Colli Aylar önce
Messi will brake his record on assistance for goals. Still the best 10 around,less goal but a wonderful player doing assistance now
Zay Vibes Music
Zay Vibes Music Aylar önce
Love how everyone in the comment section after every PSG game never speaks on how world class Di Maria is they always credit someone else, he put them on top in this one and everyone’s talking about the others lol.
QBW 88
QBW 88 Aylar önce
This team full of stars is strange....Pochettino looks unhappy and looking down, Ramos playing with Neymar and Messi....so many great players from everywhere....
Carlos Argueta
Carlos Argueta Aylar önce
It’s weird seeing Messi and Ramos in the same team
Joseph Antony
Joseph Antony Aylar önce
Messi assist hattrick 🔥🔥🔥
esther kisob
esther kisob Aylar önce
But no goals because Mbappe was not there to pass him the ball.
westbrookisgoated Aylar önce
Wow I still can’t believe all these superstars are playing together like Messi and Ramos are teammates. Unreal man.
Jiren SSJ
Jiren SSJ Aylar önce
4 for 4 assists from the GOAT
Cpt Grey
Cpt Grey Aylar önce
That goalie played pretty well
Tural Mahmudov
Tural Mahmudov Aylar önce
Welcome back Ramos 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
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