Saddle Broncs - 2018 Will Rogers Range Riders Rodeo - Thursday

Dusty Reins Stories
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Saddle Broncs event on the opening night of the Will Rogers Range Riders Rodeo July 5, 2018, in Amarillo, Texas. #Rodeo #BroncRiding #WRRR
The entire event runs unedited in this video in order to capture all the audio in addition to video to preserve the entirety of the event itself as a historical record.
This video is a part of the CaptiveImage Heritage Preservation Project - captiveimage.us/index.php/video/heritage-preservation
The inclusion of any copyrighted material in this video is subject to use at a public event of which this recording is a public record documenting the event which is now a historical record. Our use of such material falls under Fair Use as a documentary.




19 Jul 2018




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Mariella Rothemel
Mariella Rothemel 7 gün önce
Mann sollte erst einmal vertrauen am Boden machen Und dan LANGSAM reiten
Dusty Reins Stories
Sie haben Recht, wenn Sie die meisten Pferde starten, aber ruckelnde Pferde sind darauf trainiert, zu bocken, und das ist die einzige Arbeit, die sie während der Rodeo-Saison acht Sekunden pro Woche leisten. Den Rest der Zeit ... essen sie. Bleiben Sie dran, ich werde bald Videos von sechs Trainern veröffentlichen, die sechs Stutfohlen starten, und sie haben fünf Stunden Zeit, um sie zu reiten und auf Befehle zu reagieren. Du willst es nicht verpassen!
Cheif Kidney
Cheif Kidney 13 gün önce
Is there a age limit? I'm 13 and I wan't to try some rodeo
Dusty Reins Stories
Dusty Reins Stories 13 gün önce
Yes, there are events available for 13 year-olds in some regions. Where do you live?
Felicia TAM
Felicia TAM 16 gün önce
dont u need a helmet?
Dusty Reins Stories
Not required but they can be used if the riders choose to do so.
Bigboi Shak
Bigboi Shak 16 gün önce
Why do Americans enjoy this ?
Bigboi Shak
Bigboi Shak Gün önce
Dusty Reins Stories ok let me rephrase. Why do people enjoy this
Dusty Reins Stories
Not just Americans but in every country where large cattle raising operations are found using horses to work the livestock.
Jennifer Gillespie
Jennifer Gillespie 28 gün önce
Fksk I have to the other day that I can get you a ride to work on Saturday night and tomorrow and I will get you the other one is there a ride to work tomorrow and I'll get back to work on dlfofo and I'lg!ckfkvkffkckvkvkxodoeddeddodofooeoeorowoeorodoxodororeoororododoododofoodfofooeotodofo
jess with the horses
jess with the horses 29 gün önce
The people in these comments tho I bet at least 50% of them don't even own a horse and watch raleighlink14 and 100% agree with her lmao
KGHS Webmaster
KGHS Webmaster Aylar önce
🤠 riding 🐎 in Texas Cowboy's Boot Camp!
Veronica Preciado
Veronica Preciado 2 aylar önce
i feel bad no one can break a horse
Dusty Reins Stories
They are trained to buck! That is their job for 8 seconds a week during rodeo season. The rest of the time they range all over as a herd in their own pastures and eat a lot. And the old ways of breaking horses are generally not accepted by western trainers anymore so you are not knowledgeable at all about broncs or working ranch horses (which are not broncs).Maybe this will help a little - trvid.com/video/video-ezU7S6ZYkfA.html
Zero _666
Zero _666 2 aylar önce
Michael Heery
Michael Heery 3 aylar önce
Michael Heery
Michael Heery 3 aylar önce
@Dusty Reins Stories oh just we see violencs from usa on tv..
Dusty Reins Stories
Dusty Reins Stories 3 aylar önce
I would bet they are not as judgmental about others as you are.
Lula Moonlight
Lula Moonlight 3 aylar önce
Aly Ball
Aly Ball 2 aylar önce
What r they supposed to do? Carry the horse??!
Dusty Reins Stories
Dusty Reins Stories 3 aylar önce
Haha!! What a story!
Hannah Heal
Hannah Heal 4 aylar önce
Howd you get the horse to buck like that?
Sylvie Knight-Thompson
they use electric rods against them
Hannah Heal
Hannah Heal 4 aylar önce
@Dusty Reins Stories thanks!
Dusty Reins Stories
Dusty Reins Stories 4 aylar önce
They are trained to buck with the help of the fleece padded flank strap. Horses are prey animals so they react to pressure in that vulnerable part of their body. After repeated use, they get to know that bucking is their job and the faster they get rid of the rider the faster their job is done and they get to relax for another week or more. Here is more info from a bucking horse owner. - trvid.com/video/video-ezU7S6ZYkfA.html
Сергей Шилов
you see no gypsies among those rodeoistas. true true and no torreodores. Why do you think squaws here and there evolute different ways? You see that's a long long amor mia milky way. But thea and thaia are molodec arn't they? and ama is molodec too. you see step by step bit by bit and they all are molodec.
Mario Antonio
Mario Antonio 5 aylar önce
Excuse me for barging through here. Not a horse expert, only ridden one once when I was 13 but I still can't figure this out: Is there a main difference between horses because the ones they use for these competitions, the horses look much bigger and rougher than regular ones?
Dusty Reins Stories
Dusty Reins Stories 5 aylar önce
Well. they are definitely bred and trained to buck instead of other jobs requiring performance skills or ranch work or leisure riding. Here is a reference video for your information - trvid.com/video/video-ezU7S6ZYkfA.html
Minnesota 1
Minnesota 1 5 aylar önce
Stupid idiots should have all been overrun by the horse 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
J C 5 aylar önce
Klara gamer girl ok ❄️
Gacha_shadow_ Cockieee
Ich finde das nicht schön für mich eindeutig Tierquälerei ich finde daa geht gar nicht die armen Tiere
Dusty Reins Stories
Dusty Reins Stories 5 aylar önce
Besitzen Sie Pferde?
W S 5 aylar önce
Sorry, wenn ich mich so ausdrücken muss: aber sowas ist einfach nur beschissen und scheiße. Denkt da überhaupt mal jemand an das arme Tier.
Alexis French
Alexis French 6 aylar önce
Count the cowboy hats 😂 it’s beautiful
Gacha_shadow_ Cockieee
Ja lachen bringt dir auch nicht die Tiere werden für spaß gequält
Lucy Obrien
Lucy Obrien 6 aylar önce
me in my head- if i do that ill be soo good and the best in all rodeo history, me in reality- oh there is no way in hell ill be doing that
Klara Luke
Klara Luke 6 aylar önce
Kaylee Cahalin
Kaylee Cahalin 7 aylar önce
Hell yeah
Nora Bonte
Nora Bonte 9 aylar önce
Dit is zo zielig
Zane Murcha
Zane Murcha 9 aylar önce
The one rule of a Rodeo: Always wear protective gear. That being a Stetson, and Jeans.
Kyle Wagner
Kyle Wagner 9 aylar önce
Shitty deal where the bull fighter has to be the latch man
Willie Clark
Willie Clark 4 aylar önce
@Kyle Wagner listen your not going to hear me diagreeing that cowboys don't get paid enough. Especially safety.
Kyle Wagner
Kyle Wagner 4 aylar önce
Willie Clark it’s funny you should say that. Because guess what you have no idea what’s going on. The bull fighters job is COWBOY protection. Not to push roping steers set up barrels or trip latches. There is so much shit that goes on. It’s easy for you to look and say a real cowboy wouldn’t care blah blah fucking blah. I know that they probably aren’t getting paid a bunch if they have to work latch why do 15 jobs but only get paid for half of one.
Willie Clark
Willie Clark 4 aylar önce
A real cowboy wouldn't see that as below him.
Kyle Wagner
Kyle Wagner 9 aylar önce
The pick up guys suck ass.
J o h a n n a
J o h a n n a 10 aylar önce
Rodeo ist einfach nur scheiße! So eine Tirquälerei ich verstehe einfach nicht was mit den Menschen heutzutage falsch ist🤬
Paul. 8 gün önce
Gacha_shadow_ Cockieee ist es nicht mehr quälerei ein Tier ewig einzusperren?
Gacha_shadow_ Cockieee
@Dusty Reins Stories NEIN aber ich kenne so viele Leute sehr gut die welche besitzen und ich reite auch
Dusty Reins Stories
Dusty Reins Stories 5 aylar önce
@Gacha_shadow_ Cockieee Besitzen Sie Pferde?
Dusty Reins Stories
Dusty Reins Stories 5 aylar önce
@Ivana Owona Besitzen Sie Pferde?
Dusty Reins Stories
Dusty Reins Stories 5 aylar önce
Besitzen Sie Pferde?
Luna Schuck
Luna Schuck 10 aylar önce
Diese Typen haben einfach nur einen guten Knieschluss und nen schtarken Arm sonst nichts😠
stnicholas54 10 aylar önce
July 2018 but, apart from the obvious, this would look pretty much the same in July 1818.
Dusty Reins Stories
Dusty Reins Stories 10 aylar önce
Except for all the trees and cultivated land. There was none of those before 1920. - tshaonline.org/handbook/online/articles/hje02
A0xq 10 aylar önce
This is the music Video from lil x nas Rodeo
Allyce Doherty
Allyce Doherty 11 aylar önce
How hard is it
Dusty Reins Stories
Dusty Reins Stories 10 aylar önce
It can vary from horse to horse and ride to ride and how much experience one has.
Emma Duval
Emma Duval 11 aylar önce
C'est n'importe quoi ! C'est de la maltraitance animale je trouve ça inacceptable ça ne devrait même pas exister c'est non seulement un danger pour le cheval mais aussi pour la personne qui est sur le cheval !! C'est du grand n'importe quoi et je suis POUR que tout cela s'arrête définitivement !!!! 🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
Malachy Noonan
Malachy Noonan 6 aylar önce
Vous êtes pas mal conc, quelqu'un qui n'a jamais touchez une cheval pense qu'il les comprends.
das.gamer_brot i
das.gamer_brot i 11 aylar önce
Dusty Reins Stories
Dusty Reins Stories 11 aylar önce
@Celil How many bucking horses do you own?
Celil 11 aylar önce
@Dusty Reins Stories so 10 seconds of suffering is ok ? This makes litterly NO sence
Dusty Reins Stories
Dusty Reins Stories 11 aylar önce
Definitely bred to buck and pampered. They only work for about 10 seconds per week during the rodeo season!
Dave Todd
Dave Todd 11 aylar önce
Love the haters on the comments , lol. Never spent one hour with a horse but know exactly how they feel. Our ruff stock will buck you to the moon and I guarantee they are nothing but happy given love and getting it back. I'll respect a rodeo haters opinion when I see them sign a $5000 check to feed some horses. Cowboy up and buck on.great video 4 seconds is better than 0.
KEBAB 4 aylar önce
Yeah of course, wild horses loves to be ride with peoples around and a giant voice screaming in his ears when this guy is hurting his mouth
Voice 4 aylar önce
They are shocking by electric, it's totally ok! :D Horses love this!
EL Champoo
EL Champoo 11 aylar önce
Hey what's that thing called where like 3 men subdue a horse and one puts the saddle on it and one rides it?
Dusty Reins Stories
Dusty Reins Stories 11 aylar önce
Ignorance abounds and it is amazing how so many are willing to let everyone know. Haha!!
Nicole Hochstetler
I've got two kids now !
Nicole Hochstetler
Finally !
Nicole Hochstetler
I'm home !
Kato Geechi
Kato Geechi Yıl önce
Only Equines!
Only Equines! Yıl önce
Poor ponies
motly93 Yıl önce
I'm a 25 yr old black man from Maryland, and I'm so intrigued by this . I want to make this a hobby, but I dont know much about horses or about riding for that matter. Hopefully I get to live out my dreams in the future, Good luck to all the riders out there.
Tatyana Carnes
Tatyana Carnes Yıl önce
Y’all did some good riding
louis launay
louis launay Yıl önce
espece de debiles
Martyna Moryś
Martyna Moryś Yıl önce
It’s just disgusting, nothing more then that.
Daniel Yoshida
Daniel Yoshida Yıl önce
DO NOT HURT HORSE. It’s all I want to say. If you feel fun to watch this, you must change your mind. Respect animals. We are in the same earth. We have same right.
Ranch life 24-7
Ranch life 24-7 10 aylar önce
Daniel Yoshida- We like to watch this because we are real Americans and not liberal tree hungers
Mark Black
Mark Black Yıl önce
wow that horse can kick 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Maurice Sampson
Maurice Sampson Yıl önce
Horses are not wild it just people make them like it 😦
Maurice Sampson
Maurice Sampson Yıl önce
Wow a lot of more info that you
Dana Chew
Dana Chew Yıl önce
Maurice Sampson horse can be wild people don't always make them act wild they get spooked and they could buck or rear.
Ann Kristin Steffensen
Omg 😁😁😁😁😂😍
firewolf 75
firewolf 75 7 aylar önce
Wow just wow 😑😠
Madi Asmr
Madi Asmr Yıl önce
Horse Girl
Horse Girl Yıl önce
It mean to the horses and it hurts them
Horse Girl
Horse Girl Yıl önce
Thank You
Lukaois Unicorn
Lukaois Unicorn Yıl önce
1:11 man in pale blue shirt first from left on back fence pulls rope that is attached to belt surrounding animals belly just before hint legs. Underneath of that belt is attached loop to horses genitals. Squashing privates he makes animal furiously bucking and kicking it's legs upwards while is trying to loose painful loop up. Lots of sorrow and frustration for rodeo bulls and horses every single performance.
Cecilia Wood
Cecilia Wood 8 aylar önce
Wow you guys bought into an urban legend look at you go! Have u ever been up close and seen just how the poor horses nuts were squashed?
Karson Johns
Karson Johns 11 aylar önce
Uneducated people hurt my head do your damn research
Emily Pollifax
Emily Pollifax Yıl önce
@Jeff Windbigler they have to repeat the propaganda. they don't know anything else. having been to a few rodeos and having heard this MYTH the first thing I did was look for those infamous nut crushing ropes...... didn't see a single one...... now I just want to slap people who spread this bullshit. These horses do less work than a pampered show jumper.
Jeff Windbigler
Jeff Windbigler Yıl önce
Lukaois Unicorn you my friend are and idiot and have no idea what you are talking about, if the horse was being hurt he would not preform, and what is your explanation for the mares (female horse).
The lovely Powns
The lovely Powns Yıl önce
Schleich horse lover 9,000 yup😭💔
Chris Zablocki
Chris Zablocki Yıl önce
Is it morally or ethically wrong to secretly root for the bull or bronco? 😂
Chris Zablocki
Chris Zablocki 8 aylar önce
@Arizona succulent I might have misused irony in this case. It's a display of man's mastery over nature. They have all the advantages and still sometimes get their ass handed to them. Rodeos are cool. A little on the generic side, but there's something to be said about tradition and consistency.
Arizona succulent
Arizona succulent 8 aylar önce
@Chris Zablocki hmm? Irony? How is it irony, the animals aren't harmed and the riders usually have fun and train for this. It's just a sport lol. If you see it as "yeah take that you filthy humans." Then maybe you shouldn't be watching. 🤷
Chris Zablocki
Chris Zablocki Yıl önce
Dusty Reins Stories awesome. I recall being an "individual" at the Prescott rodeo when I laughed out loud when riders got bucked off or run down by those beasts. I couldn't help it. The irony was clear as day to me. 😂
Dusty Reins Stories
Not at all! In some cases, the animals are more famous than the riders for their athletic ability.
Cody Shaws
Cody Shaws Yıl önce
That’s so dread
shannan martin
shannan martin Yıl önce
i like this
Cecilia Wood
Cecilia Wood 8 aylar önce
Only Equines! When did restricting breathing ever come into this??
Eli L
Eli L 11 aylar önce
Only Equines! You know nothing about rodeo
Only Equines!
Only Equines! Yıl önce
Umm so you like horses that have a strap on the, restricting breathing That are beaten and shocked your psychotic
Eli L
Eli L Yıl önce
The BBP Equestrian that is not ok to say
Eli L
Eli L Yıl önce
The BBP Equestrian you are crazy
Soraya Noori
Soraya Noori Yıl önce
Rodeos should be illegal everywhere. They are abusing poor horses,instead of running freely in the grass they are being forced to buck people off themselves for money.
most liked comment
Melania MoneyPenny No most aren’t breed. Most are just horse bought from the cell that look stout. But yes some are breed such as ones for big associations.
Melania MoneyPenny
no they aren't ...they are bred for it and trained to do it ...they are well cared for and probably get a kick out of it. they run free most of the time. they give the flank strap as incentive and train them to keep it up ...most horses would just get used to it or stop if they don't like bucking. They get groomed like other horses ..get their hooves picked out etc ...
most liked comment
Bak Oe You do understand that if horse are not bought then they are sold to companies and made into soap shampoos and glue. I think bucking people off is a better job than being melted and sticking stuff together
Bak Oe
Bak Oe Yıl önce
That dude Ryan Yes it is. It’s slavery for entertainment
most liked comment
Soraya Noori No it isn’t
Cheyane Steinmetz
D..ggggggg. The insurance tFav VnbB.
ldeliguoriII Yıl önce
Thank you for making such a good videoSO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!
Daina Urnieziene
Daina Urnieziene Yıl önce
No ! There abusesing the shit out of these hordes !
ldeliguoriII Yıl önce
They are also torturing the horses and I love horses so I also don't like the vilent video.
Terry Wiebe
Terry Wiebe Yıl önce
I understand your view polnt, I have been a rancher all my lifre and used to ride broncs .I work with horses and dogs ,cattle everyday .They are no diffrent then people they are happest doing what they love , rodeo stock love to buck that is why they are so good at it and it is a natural action for them . Anyway I just get annoyed when people speek about things they dont know about and they dont realize how it can affect other peoples lively hoods.Thanks for your time
Aly Ball
Aly Ball 2 aylar önce
The BBP Equestrian really? How is he an idiot tho? Ohhhhh right Bc ur a lil girly that rides eastern and thinks you know everything.... gotchya!
Cecilia Wood
Cecilia Wood 8 aylar önce
Camilla Johansson so let me ask you this, say there’s a dog that naturally likes to herd, or even a horse that likes to run vs one that’s a bit slower. How is that any different. Horses are like people in the fact they are all different and all act different and some are just naturally inclined to buck. Now I understand I’m probably not going to change your mind because you’ve already made your choice on how you’re going to act, but please understand some horses actually do just buck.
Katherine Sampson
Great athletes!!! Equine and human alike!!! ❤️🐴🤠❤️
jan youtubehater
jan youtubehater Yıl önce
a real american hobby! does no american know why the horse are acting like tis: just because of the belt tightened on their genitals!!!! i wish they once try that with their riders: see them jump
Cecilia Wood
Cecilia Wood 8 aylar önce
Sea Lime lol no not really in fact most of them you can walk right over to and pet like any other horse😂
Schleich horse lover 9,000
Bad internet Cartoons I know it’s sad
Hilda Yıl önce
@walker r Ive said this to people so many times before, just because its tradition it doesnt make it OKAY. Here is a good example, there is a horse race where they get horses up to full speed and make them run down a super steep hill ( with riders on ) at least one horse dies almost everytime and ur very very lucky if ur horse doesnt fall and break its legs or other bones. This is a tradition which is why people still go and WATCH this bullshit. Does it make it okay just because its tradition? No, exactly. Tradition needs to stop being a stupid excuse for putting animals in situiations that stresses them out and hurts them. Also, if the belt wasnt hurting the horse, thats when they would perform worse. The horse needs a reason to buck him off and they clearly want their horses to be furious. So what youre saying about ''the belt is helping the horse perform better'' is bullshit
walker r
walker r Yıl önce
jan youtubehater Where are you from?
walker r
walker r Yıl önce
jan youtubehater I assume you don’t live in a America, so why are you hating on American traditions? Whats wrong with guns? Rodeos are traditions from a time in the U.S when you had to be tough to survive?What do you do for fun? And if those “belts” hurt the bucking stock they would preform worse, the flank strap does cause discomfort, but its there as que to buck.
Terry Wiebe
Terry Wiebe Yıl önce
People should shut up when they dont know what they are talking about the animals in rodeo are looked after and cared for better then alot kids these days.
Mckenna Britz
Mckenna Britz 6 aylar önce
The BBP Equestrian uh these animals are really well taken care of they probably have a bette life then most people the strap doesn't hurt them it just makes them kick up and put a little more but there not in pain
Dusty Reins Stories
I really don't mind people expressing their thoughts because it is by their own words they reveal their level of knowledge and experience with livestock. Most city and especially big city people simply don't have a clue. Their ignorance becomes readily apparent in most cases to those who know better. Now the Unicorn Lifestyle lady is a bit different. She simply did not notice key elements she was complaining about because she either didn't take the time to or just simply doesn't know what to look for. At first, I thought she was a soft toy hugger. When she replied she does have some experience with real horses it became apparent she is a classic barn witch and she didn't even have to tell us about that.
Unicorn LifeStyle
not trying to be rude but I'm just an ordinary person of the public and horses don't naturally act like this you have to abuse or beat a horse to make it act like this I love rodeos I mean don't get me wrong but not this type of rodeo I love cross-countries and some people call that rodeos so I like that but this is kinda animal abuse DONT GET ME WRONG I'm not trying to be rude if you don't like this comment scroll past.
Dusty Reins Stories
@SlowTortoise101 Useful information from the PRCA - www.prorodeo.com/prorodeo/livestock/rodeo-equipment
Dusty Reins Stories
@Unicorn LifeStyle This is a ranch rodeo held to raise money for charity. Everyone volunteers to make it happen. If you look closely, halters are used with a single lead and no tasers are used at all on the horses. I think I did see one in use for loading steers into the gate chute. All the stock was rodeo stock and the stockman is a very reputable man. I can say that of all five ranch rodeos I covered in Amarillo during 2018. I will have some behind the scenes footage coming up soon for the WRCA World Championship Ranch Rodeo which will show how the cattle are handled in the pens. And by the way, the Will Rogers Range Riders organization is the oldest riding club in the United States if you are into history. I am a historian and documentarian. and will occasionally hire out as a ranch day worker when friends need extra help. Ranch horses on the Great Plains these days are not only expensive Registered American Quarter Horses but they are a valuable asset to working cattle ranches. Most of them work every day and know their jobs very well. No working cowboy would ever consider abusing his horses or another in any manner. They are a huge part of our lives and livelihood. My personal tack does not include bits or spurs because I found out 60 years ago they are not needed. I learned how to handle horses beginning at age five from the Lakota Sioux descendants of Sitting Bull in south-central Montana. My family was adopted into their clan.
Unicorn LifeStyle
@Dusty Reins Stories Well, in fact, I do work with horses every weekend and from experiences of being at rodeos I have seen some people taser the horse as it comes out I don't know if you do that but I'm just concerned for the horse's safety sorry for the hassle but some people get quite angry about using bits I don't know if this rodeo uses bits but if you do while the horse is running around that is very painful for the horse. I also do not know if its this rodeo that uses a taser (beats, abuses) but if you know any rodeo that does please stop it. By beats and abuses I mean sometimes that beat the horse so that they are scared of humans and abuses by shouting whipping hard and ect thankyou for you understanding manner, regards Unicornlifestyle
Dusty Reins Stories
Ma'am, by your own words I can tell you have no experience working with horses. If a horse has never had a saddle on its back it has to be trained to not buck. The process is called "starting" a horse. The older a horse is and less human contact it has had, the harder it is to get them to accept a saddle and rider. A few horses are hard-headed enough so they are always difficult to handle and will always attempt to buck off a rider. It is those horses that usually become rodeo stock because they are too dangerous to be working, show or pleasure horses. They certainly don't need much encouragement to get rid of a rider. I will be focusing on bucking horses and the people who work with them, and people who start and train young horses this coming Spring. Stay tuned for those videos. In the meantime... watch my videos done with some old-timer cowpunchers and ranchers who will talk about difficult horses on working ranches. There are also plenty of videos on TRvid under the topic of "How To Start A Horse". Self-willed ignorance is not a good character trait. ;-)
Cole C.
Cole C. Yıl önce
Yeeeeee haaaeewwwwe ride em cowboy
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