Ryan Reynolds & Rob McElhenney On 'Welcome To Wrexham' & Working Together | Ask Me Anything | ELLE

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4 Şub 2023




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AC 5 aylar önce
As someone who lives in Wrexham right now just wanna say a huge thank you Rob & Ryan, not only what you have done for the team but for community, town YOU GUYS TRULY ROCK UP THE TOWN 'LETS GO WREXHAM, LETS GO WREXHAM, LETS GO WREXHAM"
Edge Runner
Edge Runner 3 aylar önce
It’s pretty cool from an outsider perspective too. Wrexham support will skyrocket if they ever broadcast overseas.
Jacob Jones
Jacob Jones 4 aylar önce
It was super cool of those super rich celebrities to try and get more rich by buying your entire club . 👏
Keno Becks
Keno Becks 4 aylar önce
@The Don Food owns you
The Don
The Don 4 aylar önce
Barca owns you
Roger Harris
Roger Harris 5 aylar önce
As a fellow brit (English, but don’t worry about that for now), I have to say I love the subtitles every time a British person is speaking English, just because our many accents sound confusing to the rest of the world
Pat Davies
Pat Davies 5 aylar önce
as a person who lives in Wrexham I know everyone thanks you for what you have done not only for the club but the town ..
John Hearn
John Hearn 3 aylar önce
Notonly the club and town but the country as a whole! They brought the Welsh national anthem to Wembley!
Jason A.
Jason A. 5 aylar önce
I’m sure they def appreciate the fact that the community is behind them. If I was R&R I would have worries that I would be destroying traditions to bring the team and town forward because I have to assume the two are so intertwined. It’s a fine line to walk and still make progress. 😊
Karen Robertson
Karen Robertson 5 aylar önce
Love these two, what they are doing for Wrexham is fantastic 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿⚽️
Neil B
Neil B 5 aylar önce
You can’t NOT fail to love these guys. They’re great.
StormWolf01 Aylar önce
Who's the greatest athlete of all time? "It's Paul Mullin innit"?
Aleysia 5 aylar önce
Ryan Reynolds will always be my top 10 favorite actor
Wood 5 aylar önce
Feels like I’m just finding out about a Lethal Weapon status buddy duo. The Nice Guys vibe with the classic dgaf attitude. I’m sensing/hoping for an on screen collab ? Either way I hope these guys continue acting.
Diana Cross
Diana Cross 4 aylar önce
I fell like Ryan is going to be a surprise guest on Sunny and that will end up being their only Emmy nomination for acting.
Shannon MN
Shannon MN 3 aylar önce
In all of these interviews Ryan is THE CALMEST I have EVER seen him. And the quietest haha! I think he’s humbled by Rob’s talents!
Charles Scott
Charles Scott 5 aylar önce
I presume you've either met or heard of Arfon Griffiths. I had the pleasure of meeting him in Seattle in 1975 when he played for the Seattle Sounders. I was employed by them as the director of ticket sales and he was definitely a classy player.
Mick Bruin
Mick Bruin 5 aylar önce
Rob saying we don’t wanna get stabbed so we call it football yet thirty seconds before calling it soccer 😂
bamachine 4 aylar önce
Well, in truth, the word soccer comes from the UK. That is what they used to call it. We in the states just never stopped calling it that plus you know the game with shoulder pads and helmets kinda monopolizes the other name here.
Danger369 4 aylar önce
They only say that for the American audience who doesn't know what it means. They don't actually WANT to say it. May as well bring in the U.S to the football party don't you think
Matthew Ward
Matthew Ward 4 aylar önce
TBF it was in the context of a list of sports that involved "Football" as the American version, so I let that slide.... My knife rests easy today :D
Astrologer Dawn
Astrologer Dawn 5 aylar önce
Loving this series.
Jason D
Jason D 5 aylar önce
Welcome to Wrexham is excellent. I wish I could stream games here in the states.
Francesca Mustaffi
Francesca Mustaffi 5 aylar önce
Get Ted Lasso, coach Beard and Roy Kent and it’ll be alright!!!! 😌😌 go Wrexham!
Roger Harris
Roger Harris 5 aylar önce
Desperately hoping there will be cameos on both shows
Greg C
Greg C 5 aylar önce
Love Ryan Reynolds, and love my Mint Mobile cell phone service! Nobody ever believes I only pay $75 every three months!
The Callaway Kid
The Callaway Kid 5 aylar önce
Da iawn - brilliant best interview yet.. Up the town! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
Sia 4 aylar önce
'we don't wanna get stabbed when we go to the UK so we call it football'. smart choice
Zania Gonzalez
Zania Gonzalez 5 aylar önce
Love you both ! 🤩
richard farley
richard farley 5 aylar önce
Wilt Chamberlain was one of the true athletes.
Ted McWhirter
Ted McWhirter 5 aylar önce
If they came to my house to sell something I didn't need, I'd probably end up buying two - no let's be honest three. Red soldier from Holywell.
Parmida Sarchami
Parmida Sarchami 5 aylar önce
I see ryan reynolds i click
Patrick Westlake
Patrick Westlake 3 gün önce
Rob, check out Phil Bennett, sadly died this year, but you are a dead ringer of him. He was a genius footballer and a fantastic man. One of he very best Welsh sportsman ever. Rugby Union player but you can love both sports.
Dan C
Dan C 3 aylar önce
Ryan def needs to watch Messi play, it'd give him a deeper appreciation of the beautiful game
Domenick Landaeta-Rosato
I think its funny that Ryan is wearing an Apple Watch and Rob, who "works for Apple", is not lol
Alderaan95 5 aylar önce
These guys are amazing. One quick question, did you look at Accrington Stanley at all?
Alex Madgwick
Alex Madgwick 4 aylar önce
Accrington Stanley - Who are they?
Linda Demello
Linda Demello 3 aylar önce
Watching this once again, Ryan you use your hands alot when you talk. Ever notice this .... Go Wrexham
Joe Probst
Joe Probst 4 aylar önce
Bo Jackson is the best athlete! End of discussion
NM PK 3 aylar önce
They should have asked them their thoughts about the upcoming World Cup, Wales, USA and England all in the same group and Canada in another.
SaltPhone 5 aylar önce
Rob, I'm really enjoying your shirt. Ryan, I can't decide if you dyed your beard brown, or dyed your hair grey, or both?
Carly Coppi
Carly Coppi 5 aylar önce
I'm obsessed!!!!
billie 5 aylar önce
Ryan Reynolds is so cute 🥰😍
Rob S
Rob S 4 aylar önce
Anyone know where Ryan's shirt is from? :)
Gavin The Goliath
Gavin The Goliath 4 aylar önce
Rob Mclhenney for The wolverine to Ryan's Deadpool
Nainesh Modi
Nainesh Modi 5 aylar önce
Smart boy 😁👍
SOR SteCymru14
SOR SteCymru14 5 aylar önce
Up the town 💪🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
In4anInch 3 aylar önce
Ryan Reynolds, I saw two different endings of the movie 'The Captive' . What ending was in the movies?
Mr Jee
Mr Jee 5 aylar önce
I have seen several of these interviews now. I get the feeling that Ryan is not happy. Don't know if it's just in general or if it's just this project. Probably a little of both. Hope he is ok.
Mr Jee
Mr Jee 5 aylar önce
@Matthew Hawkins It has been going on for some time. Something in the eyes.
Matthew Hawkins
Matthew Hawkins 5 aylar önce
What? 🤣🤣🤣
billi whizz
billi whizz Aylar önce
u certainly av added a bit of "sparkle" in everyday footy chats,gud luk with the venture!
Ryan Rhoads
Ryan Rhoads 3 aylar önce
Can they read the question first, or restate the questions so it’s more listenable
Dino Govender
Dino Govender 27 gün önce
Now my family just follow Wrexham AFC because of Ryan ......... Comon you Wrexham ... COYW
O D 4 aylar önce
Pelle not even one of the top five footballers ever anymore
SpikesEcho 5 aylar önce
Best athlete? I'd say Kaitlyn Jenner. I watched a doc that covered her Olympic metal win and all the training leading up to it, and OMG incredible
John Ceragioli
John Ceragioli 5 aylar önce
I’d go with Jim Thorpe, gold medal winner in both the Decathlon and the Pentathlon in the Olympics. Then went on to play professional football and baseball.
mak2488 5 aylar önce
I agree. I watched that doc too and it RADICALLY changed my mind about not only Caitlyn, but athletes overall. ‘Bruce’ at the time, was a remarkably driven athlete. I’m indifferent to/disappointed by her present day political takes, but her athletic career is a legacy well deserved!
Peter Moller
Peter Moller 4 aylar önce
Bradman easy 🇦🇺
Patrick Deal
Patrick Deal 4 aylar önce
Muhammad Ali guys - get it together.
a 5 aylar önce
a 5 aylar önce
@ELLE 😭🫶🫂
ELLE 5 aylar önce
Jesper Meisel
Jesper Meisel 5 aylar önce
Ryan saying "when they win" (no better feeling on earth!), or "when they lose" 3:44. Dude its your team? Are you not supposed to say "when WE"? I feel he is a bit disconnected with his connection to the team and only see it as an investment. I saw first 2 episodes, obviously Ryan wasn't featured in second episode (1 phone call) but it gives me the feeling Rob is more genuine in this acquisition. What you guys think?
Matthew Ward
Matthew Ward 4 aylar önce
@Larsa Wy Also spoken in depth about the sheer degree of crippling anxiety he suffers with, so keeping a little psychological distance is probably an entirely healthy part of coping with the pressure (armchair psychologist take of course...)
Larsa Wy
Larsa Wy 5 aylar önce
I think l, since he’s already mentioned imposter syndrome, he likely doesn’t want to take credit for those that have put in that kind of work; athletic work and just amount of time being involved in the sport overall. But I know nothing really, and that’s just my speculation.
larushka1 5 aylar önce
It was Rob’s idea and he needed a money man - remember the beginning of Episode 1? Ryan has a lot more businesses to take care of. This is Rob’s first investment. Ryan’s wife Blake Lively is a huge fan and sponsoring the female team.
Henry Munoz
Henry Munoz 5 aylar önce
Reading too much into it. Give it time and let’s see how it goes.
Julian Richardson
Julian Richardson 5 aylar önce
Wrob and Wryan
KT Was Here
KT Was Here Aylar önce
Guys, its obviously Nadia Comaneci. Did you see what she did WHEN SHE WAS A FREAKING CHILD.
zoe garden
zoe garden 5 aylar önce
Rob >>>>
Cheyenne Heimeyer
Cheyenne Heimeyer 5 aylar önce
No Ryan
These girls
These girls 5 aylar önce
New hope club song association
F P 5 aylar önce
Reynolds’s really said pele over Maradona…. And you expect me to watch your soccer show?🤣🤣🤣
Dave -
Dave - 5 aylar önce
@Tracey Thompson the pie eating cokehead had more natural talent though, albeit an accurate description.
Tracey Thompson
Tracey Thompson 5 aylar önce
Pele over Maradona any day of the week. One was an athlete who had to overcome racism, the other was a pie eating coke head.....
Jimmy 136
Jimmy 136 5 aylar önce
A lot of people would say Pele. A lot of people would say Maradona. Not really something big to judge him on
Dave -
Dave - 5 aylar önce
The correct answer to that question was Deion Sanders. Rob was on the right track looking for athletes that could play any sport though.
Mrs Pinball Potter
Mrs Pinball Potter 5 aylar önce
We don’t wanted to get stabbed when we go to the uk??????
DaBeast Games
DaBeast Games 5 aylar önce
Ya that’s right
kirbie frazier
kirbie frazier 5 aylar önce
First q...Jim thorpe?
Autumn 5 aylar önce
No shade..but Rob looks kinda sick in this. Maybe its the missing beard, but it concerns me in a weird way.
Lizzie DeLeone
Lizzie DeLeone 5 aylar önce
lfg mac
Christopher Moltisanti
I'd like to thank Welcome to Wrexham for curing my insomnia.
KLK 5 aylar önce
A tad annoying. Mostly Ryan Reynolds trying to be funny.
I accidentally entered a Burger King
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