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Broken Vise Restoration - Gressel Switzerland.

In this video i'm restoring a broken swiss vise.

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I bought this vise from a friend for 20$. It was super rusty and dirty, one part was missing, two screws were broken off and the movable jaw was completely stuck. Gressel is very well known in switzerland for making very good, if not the best vises. That fact made it absolutely worth to restore it. They still produce this type of vise today, they just made some very small changes over the years. I found out that they built their vises in this style until 1991. So it's at least 27 years old. It had the rough jaws on, but you could always choose if you want them with rough or flat jaws when you buy a new one. I'm not a fan at all of the rough jaws, because they ruin every surface of clamped pieces. So I decided to put flat jaws on. I still restored the rough ones and I'm going to keep them. I restored this vise for myself.

I hope you like my work and the video.


00:00 preview
00:35 loosen the stuck movable jaw
02:09 disassembling
04:39 restoring the spindle
05:11 removing the pins
05:45 restoring the movable jaw
06:58 restoring the body (fix jaw)
08:14 sandblasting
10:09 painting
11:02 making the missing part
12:10 restoring two screws for the missing part
13:10 restoring the jaws
13:27 reassembling
15:53 showing off the finished product

If you have any questions about the process, machines i'm using or other stuff, just ask me in the comments. I read them all and i try to reply as soon as possible.

Sorry for my bad english, it's not my language. I try my best to improve my technical english.

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Thank you for watching :-)

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7 Kas 2018




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Paul Davenport
Paul Davenport 10 saatler önce
I love restoration videos but this is one of my favourites. That must be so unbelievably satisfying. Well done 👏
my mechanics
my mechanics 6 saatler önce
Glad you enjoyed it!
Marcos Basbus
Marcos Basbus 17 saatler önce
7:25 Huh, never knew he had a beard
Joe Picks
Joe Picks 19 saatler önce
13k dislikes? There's no way they aren't just being jerks. This was absolutely fantastic!
Nancy Hogue
Nancy Hogue 20 saatler önce
A true craftsman. So rare in these days and so wonderful to see. Quality is truly a dying art...thanks for keeping it alive!
Luis Alejandro Pita Pedraza
Que lo eche en coca cola y listo pa
Z0r Chain
Z0r Chain Gün önce
this is craftman's ASMR.
Ed Medina
Ed Medina Gün önce
Teyyo Gün önce
What is the washer machine name?
Teyyo 20 saatler önce
Dirt Touch yes what is washer machine brand?
Dirt Touch
Dirt Touch Gün önce
Your asking what is the name of a parts washer
Natnaree Phubumpen
Natnaree Phubumpen 2 gün önce
كوكو 2 gün önce
Very good
my mechanics
my mechanics 2 gün önce
Thanks :-)
Алег Лавров
Тиски стали просто бомба.😊😉
my mechanics
my mechanics 2 gün önce
Thanks a lot
Gigabite87 3 gün önce
Do your subscribers often ask to buy these restored items from you?
Patrick Ament
Patrick Ament 3 gün önce
perfect work!
my mechanics
my mechanics Gün önce
Thanks a lot!
GRMMQ 3 gün önce
try evaporust
Primus54 3 gün önce
I love Hammerlite paint. It just makes things look indestructible.
Jereido -
Jereido - 3 gün önce
11:27 The seagulls at the beach when they see me eating food
Brian Mitchell
Brian Mitchell 3 gün önce
makes restoring old things look so relaxing!
Ted Allspaugh
Ted Allspaugh 4 gün önce
why in the world would 13,000 people thumbs down this very cool video
David Baldwin
David Baldwin 4 gün önce
You know those videos where people are whispering or making very soft sibilant sounds, for people who thrive on that to calm them down? That is what it is like to watch these. Enormous amounts of satisfaction in watching a rusted hulk be restored to--in my opinion--better than original. Because it has the additional patina of age, use, and service. Plus it is marvelous to watch the exquisite pairing of (somewhat exotic!) tools to the various restoration tasks. I am downloading memories for when I own my own machine shop...;-)
Scott Bernard
Scott Bernard 4 gün önce
Aghh adhesive ?
John 5 gün önce
Working on my Gressel now
Gabriel 5 gün önce
Mas alguém brasileiro aqui comigo
Pavel Tompson
Pavel Tompson 6 gün önce
Диванные эксперты, давайте скажем что не так сделал парень
Luciano Lampi
Luciano Lampi 6 gün önce
15:54 et
Daniel Zaidenstadt
Daniel Zaidenstadt 6 gün önce
josh prange
josh prange 6 gün önce
Is there a reason you do the oil instead of blueing? Curious why you chose that
Kyle Nally
Kyle Nally 6 gün önce
As always, it's the audio that sells the whole thing! :D I'm kidding- sort of. You turn damaged and half-destroyed rusty junk into works of art. Always a pleasure to watch!
David Burgess
David Burgess 7 gün önce
Makes me want to do something like that
RAVETOR 7 gün önce
Acer Wolfe
Acer Wolfe 7 gün önce
This is satisfying to watch and totally relaxing. The cleaning, scrubbing, sandblasting (esp. that) and painting is an OCD's classical music
my mechanics
my mechanics Gün önce
Glad you enjoyed it!
Der Toni
Der Toni 7 gün önce
Why did he protected it with aluminum tape before sandblasting ?
rajupatel rajupatel
rajupatel rajupatel 7 gün önce
So Nice Bro
my mechanics
my mechanics Gün önce
Дмитрий Беседин
Подскажите, какой краской наносили надписи?
Иван Иванов
Насечки с губок то куда дел? Изначально то были. В таких губках хрен что удержишь.
ย่าต้อย ทําได้ by pp
marta uhrskov
marta uhrskov 8 gün önce
Perfect ! thank you.
my mechanics
my mechanics Gün önce
You're welcome!
Евгений Любарт
Много чрезмерной -переделочной работы ... Достаточно было - ВОСТАНОВЛЕНИЯ. ДО Уровня НОВОГО.
ZZRSteve 9 gün önce
Very nice. Interesting and soothing at the same time.
my mechanics
my mechanics Gün önce
Glad you think so!
Christopher Knight
Christopher Knight 9 gün önce
10:57 What he doesn't tell you is that he also made the toothpick...
Erasmo Jose Aurelio Alcaide Cazales
Pues está padre el video, demostrando una restauración fregona, pero en mi caso hubiera comprado uno nuevo.. es demasiado trabajo además de que debes de contar con mucha herramienta para hacer y rehacer piezas... Creo que sale más caro el caldo que las albóndigas, como dice el dicho.
John Flitcroft
John Flitcroft 10 gün önce
Just soak it in a bucket of diesel for a few days
Roger Edgar
Roger Edgar 10 gün önce
Stunning work... and very relaxing and satisfying to watch! Thank you!
my mechanics
my mechanics Gün önce
Thank you very much!
Horizon 10 gün önce
Mustapha peace
Mustapha peace 10 gün önce
Greetings, I tip my hat to you 🎩
my mechanics
my mechanics Gün önce
Hey, thanks!
nmsd18 10 gün önce
Rosimar Celenze
Rosimar Celenze 10 gün önce
Que trabalho maravilhoso, parabéns!
rkc1940 10 gün önce
Синдбад 11 gün önce
За 20$ кусок металлолома? Хорошие же у тебя ,,друзья,, ... Весь ролик - фактически о кустарном изготовлении слесарных тисков ! Работа стоит гораздо дороже,чем купить новые тиски ! Хотя конечно,если на работе нечего делать,а зарплата всё равно идёт...
Света Ростова
Чудисимо !
ポールモーリヤ 11 gün önce
Nick Rossi
Nick Rossi 11 gün önce
thierry benedetto
thierry benedetto 11 gün önce
waw superbe monsieur quel beau travail de professionnelle :p
Hernan Gonzalez Ruiz
Hernan Gonzalez Ruiz 11 gün önce
Perfect, amazing, TOC
Arfa Barmcake
Arfa Barmcake 11 gün önce
Nice job 👍
Nacer Nacer
Nacer Nacer 12 gün önce
Good job bro 👍
my mechanics
my mechanics Gün önce
Thanks ✌
Rusty Bits
Rusty Bits 12 gün önce
awesome a worthy project
Sebastián Ardalla
Sebastián Ardalla 12 gün önce
👏 🙌
Derek Gans
Derek Gans 12 gün önce
Never thought a vice could be sexy but....
Michael Debrou
Michael Debrou 12 gün önce
Watching this is like a deep massage..so relaxing.Your skill and patience is astonishing. Love the tasteful choice of green! Great work
my mechanics
my mechanics Gün önce
Thank you so much 😀
RAYCON HEARING 12 gün önce
It appears you are a fairly young man, to have those skills now , I would think you have a great life in front of you with many fantastic accomplishments too come, good luck. The epitome of COOL.
The PunkyQB
The PunkyQB 12 gün önce
Rodger Creative
Rodger Creative 12 gün önce
Nice work.
my mechanics
my mechanics Gün önce
PPY특수 12 gün önce
my mechanics
my mechanics Gün önce
Vandeir Santos
Vandeir Santos 12 gün önce
my mechanics
my mechanics Gün önce
hahahahahaha I don't know what you size for and you do a lot of relaxation, they really don't know anything about how to put the screw without scratching it or taying it and giving it a wire brush if they don't know anything about how to leave it as new. tell the secret and this is not known by the engineers or chemists this was told to me by an old man who is from the state of Chiguagua Mexico in the mountains is an indigenous person and this man taught me this and I was very surprised, check and learn the man asked for these Ingredients asked for natural pulque and nopales in small pieces does not make them have the thorns he asked for many liters full like a quarter of a bottle of those of oil of the great ones and there he put the pieces obviously they could do it in a bottle of those of paint or I suggest you tie the pieces with a wire so that you can see how the process is going, put everything in the liquid bone in the pulque and You cover the bucket with a bag and leave it there for at least a month each week, you will check the pieces, you will take them out and if they are not cleaned yet, you will leave them for a longer time and you will touch them a little with a stick, it does not make the pulque ferment and it smells ugly, you leave it there until the pieces look like new and the rust is gone and when it no longer has any rust you can rinse them with oil or white gasoline without having to do everything you did and All the pieces will fit perfectly without so many processes I thought they knew but I think not but well I already told you my secret I hope it has served you with something good I say goodbye and take care
jajajajajaja no se para que tallas y haces mucho relajo en verdad no saben nada de como poner el tornillo sin que lo rayes o lo estes tayando y que le pases es cepillo de alambre si que no saben nada de como dejarlo como nuevo haber les boy a decir el secreto y esto no lo sabe ni los ingenieros ni los quimicos esto me lo dijo un viejito que es del estado de chiguagua Mexico en la sierra es un indigena y este señor me enseño esto y me sorprebdi muchisimo chequen y aprendan el señor pidio estos ingredientes pidio pulque natural y nopales en pedasitos no le hace que tengan las espinas pidio muchos litros lleno como la cuarta parte de un bote de esos de petroleo de los grandes y ahi metio las piezas obiamente lo podrian hacer en un bote de esos de pintura o en una cubeta donde quepan las piesas que quitaste sin que los talles antes de que metas todo te sugiero que con un alambre amarres las piezas para que a si puedas ver como va el proceso meteras todo en el liquido osea en el pulque y lo tapas con una bolsa la cubeta y ahi lo dejas por lo menos un mes cada semana revisaras las piezas las sacaras y si todavia no se limpian las dejaras mas tiempo y le moberas un poco con un palo no le hace que se este fermentando el pulque y que huela feo lo dejas ahi asta que las piezas se vean como nuevas y que el oxido ya no este y ya cuando ya no tenga nada de oxido ya las puedes enguagar con petroleo o con gasolina blanca sin necesidad de hacer todo lo que hiciste y todas las piezas encajaran perfectamente sin tantos procesos yo pense que sabian pero creo que no pero bueno ya les dije mi secreto espero les aya servido de algo bueno me despido y cuidence
Nashoba 357
Nashoba 357 12 gün önce
Beaucoup de travail, mais le resultat est magnifique, Bravo, quel belle chose que de redonner vie a tout ces objets
Jade Wickware
Jade Wickware 13 gün önce
I'm cool
Flyerbob 1
Flyerbob 1 13 gün önce
WD40 is not a penetrating oil. It’s a water displacement lube that’s all. There are way better lubes than that junk.
Jweights 13 gün önce
It felt good watching you. Craftsmanship at its finest. Thank you.
Pets for Vets
Pets for Vets 13 gün önce
Never in my life did I think I'd be spending an evening watching the restoration of a vice.... and loving every bit of it. Awesome!. Only problem now is that it looks too nice to use
H. Michael Sweeney
H. Michael Sweeney 13 gün önce
Craftmanship restored by Know How... is yet more craftsmanship. Tools enable creation, repair, endear and represent pure function, design integrity, and that's discipline, work-ethic, pride, and even moral fiber, exemplified. They are both the history and the future of a culture. What is not to love and embrace, in all that out of what is otherwise to the clueless, nothing more than, in this case, some hunks of metal of a given odd shapes... which are all working in flawless harmony, every part with a key purpose, and a certain genius and careful consideration of it in the design? These things are lost on those, today, who find cookie cutter, shoddily mass-produced knockoffs with poor dimensional tolerances and high failure rates in a blister pack from China a 'good choice.' This results in no respect and care for the tool, and no appreciation for the tasks to which they are put, and no true pride in the end result. You then, Sir, must be the John Gault of the Master Tool Crib. I was just a Jet Engine Mechanic, but some of my special tools cost the government thousands of dollars... and I now see they were not worth anywhere near as much as what you just recreated from 'old scrap.'
Jade Wickware
Jade Wickware 13 gün önce
Is this dance 🙄🙄👌🖕🏽
Chris Davis
Chris Davis 13 gün önce
Half a million dollars of modern tools and equipment in the shop, to refurbish an old vise? You can buy a brand new one for $50 at Harbor Freight (just kidding, don't get upset).
hyedenny 13 gün önce
BEAUTIFUL job, and a well-made video! Why Hammerite instead of powder coating?
Gui llaume
Gui llaume 13 gün önce
"This vice? Oh yes, it's my grandfather's... It still looks brand new!"
eizo monitor
eizo monitor 13 gün önce
I have the same thing at home, actually i do have used it 4 days ago. No need to take this apart. It makes the job over 100+ years with some oil. I know looks pretty when you do all of things. If it works , then apply oil and that is. Mine is around 40+ years old.
Vitalii !
Vitalii ! 13 gün önce
Молодец. Супер
Stan West
Stan West 14 gün önce
looks just right well done... as a point of interest no need for aluminium tape when sandblasting ordinary masking tape is adequate.try it
Jhonny Vravo18
Jhonny Vravo18 14 gün önce
Que bueno que existen con la habilidad de reparar cosas y las dejan como nuevas! Por eso me gusta el programa: los restauradores!
Jhonny Vravo18
Jhonny Vravo18 14 gün önce
Exelente trabajo! Se lo compro!
Brian Walker
Brian Walker 14 gün önce
A 1st class restoration job on an old classic vice. Well done!! 😊👍👍🦘🇦🇺🦘
Michel Dilly
Michel Dilly 14 gün önce
Je possède le même etaux depuis 1986 il fonctionne toujours parfaitement bien. C'est un très bon travail de restoration. Pour ma par, j'ai presque fabriqué un etau Bugatti modèle réduit échelle 1/3 car il n'y avait que les 2 mâchoires.
Андрей У
Андрей У 14 gün önce
Два вопроса. 1 - где само крепление тисков к основе. 2 Почему в итоге поставлены новые ГЛАДКИЕ губки, если изначально были рифленые? Да и они должны быть рифленые!!!!
Dean goodwin
Dean goodwin 14 gün önce
fantastic well done.
my mechanics
my mechanics 14 gün önce
Many thanks!
Andy The Toymaker
Andy The Toymaker 14 gün önce
This is so beautifuly done and is a heartwarming video to watch. Thanks so much for your effort to restore the vice and to document it so well.
my mechanics
my mechanics 14 gün önce
Glad you enjoyed it!
Pedro Rojas
Pedro Rojas 14 gün önce
my mechanics
my mechanics 14 gün önce
Thank you very much :-)
Nadine Froderman
Nadine Froderman 14 gün önce
Amazing to watch when I thought was going to be a lost cause.
my mechanics
my mechanics 14 gün önce
Many thanks for watching :-)
Jon Stimpson
Jon Stimpson 14 gün önce
Great job on a great old tool! Definitely worth restoring.
my mechanics
my mechanics 14 gün önce
I'm glad you like it :-)
Charlie68C 14 gün önce
Incredible, it probably looks better than when it was new.
my mechanics
my mechanics 14 gün önce
Thank you :-)
Сергей Есенин
Молодец! Терпение и труд - всегда в цене-)
Lars Tomasson
Lars Tomasson 14 gün önce
HCL acid soak will remove all the rust and free those parts and will not damage steel.
Walt Flores
Walt Flores 14 gün önce
No se trata de un torno aqui la pieza mecanica se identifica como una prensa mecanica que se usa para disponer una pieza qualquiera que desee modificar o mismo recuperar o mismo restaurar...
Andrey Andrey
Andrey Andrey 15 gün önce
Отлично !
Николай Декань
класс ! отличные тиски !
Guido Michael Tabone
Guido Michael Tabone 15 gün önce
Just brilliant.
Дима Майсак
Дима Майсак 15 gün önce
범륭화염 15 gün önce
새것 사서 쓰는 것이 훨씬 경제적
Suhail Iqbal
Suhail Iqbal 15 gün önce
Totally wastage of time in unnecessary activity. Just dip and keep the VISE as a whole in commercial HCl after cleaning and oil it to start it operating
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