Rust is peeling this Cleaver - Restoration ( with Carbon Fiber Handle)

TysyTube Restoration
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Today i’m restoring this destroyed cleaver .
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This restoration took me a lot of time, i hope you like it!
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16 Ağu 2022




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Can't imagine how many tries it took to get the bottle to settle perfectly for that spinning shot 👍
@mikedunn7795 16 saatler önce
From rusty relic to a work of art! Very well done!
@alwignot3584 9 saatler önce
A thing of beauty under all that rust..you are truly an artist..can’t wait to see the knife from all that rust dust 👍🏻
@renegadetla9331 2 saatler önce
That is the most beautiful knife I’ve seen, and I’ve seen a lot
@pancake1953 2 saatler önce
i wish i could be like the knife handle and sand away all my imperfections
Okay so no one's gonna talk about the way he spins the bottle and it stops perfectly at
That mirror finish is pure excellence. The CF gold leaf handle is much nicer than expected.
First time I've come across your videos and I'm enthralled. The amount of care and patience required to accomplish what you do is astounding. Subscribed and looking forward to more!
@bobbiec.allenjr5616 4 saatler önce
Very nice!
That was wonderful! I really appreciate all of the effort you put into this one to create that genuine mirror finish. It was astonishing to see just how flat you got the blade.
@user-qu3bg4dx8z 18 saatler önce
Sees rust dust
I never thought that blade would ever look that good. Excellent effort.
@NikivsMartine 14 gün önce
The attention to detail, the passion, the artistry, the subtle threat at the end…..😍
certain videos like this really show you why you pay a premium price for some things. the time, effort, skill and care put in to the final product. amazing! for me it would have been an all gold handle, no carbon fiber but incredible none the less. i love cleavers.
@jaxonyt6511 4 saatler önce
Where can I get the sharpening stones?
Beautiful work, Tysy! I wouldn't have expected that much material to work with once you removed all the rust! I love your artistic vision with the handle, too.
It looks better than the original! Great job! You always make me so happy, watching these videos! I’m so happy to see people being productive and entertaining at the same time. Thank you!
That's a nice looking blade, I feel like that was a lot of gold to put in the handle to not have most of it be seen though. what I think would have looked really awesome is if you had put down the CF in a stripe pattern so it would have been black and gold stripes on the handle.
The spinning rust jar was so extra but definitely needed 😂
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