Russell Westbrook Traded for John Wall! 2020 NBA Free Agency

Chris Smoove
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2 Dec 2020




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Sean Mendoza
Sean Mendoza Aylar önce
Chris Smoove: gets in trouble at school His father: Ima give u da belt Chris Smoove: *Hit MEH HIT MEH*
That’s Crazy. Ion know if Westbrook plays.
Clip ishere
Clip ishere Aylar önce
They really don’t see that harden is the problem
trebledc Aylar önce
Nothing changed for both it iz still the same
champstar9669 Aylar önce
West-Brick...for a 1st round pick and a cripple that hasn't played in 2yrs...got it.
Quinten Vaughn
Quinten Vaughn Aylar önce
Smoove: he knows he’s a loyal player. Bruh Russ has demanded a trade on 2 different teams lol
Vongole Rosé Pasta One Dish
Westbrook and beal lol
Kevin170077 Aylar önce
Russell eastbrook everybody
JohnBoy Aylar önce
I can’t believe Russell is going to be with the wizards ???!!!!!!! Nooooooooooo!!
Super terrific
Super terrific Aylar önce
stupid trade
Blue Waves
Blue Waves Aylar önce
I would’ve rather seen Wall on the rockets with Harden instead of what’s left of the Rockets.
Niglet Da fuQ
Niglet Da fuQ Aylar önce
1:27 wtf was that 🙈
Rayaan Bokhari
Rayaan Bokhari Aylar önce
i waited two years for wall to come back and then he leaves as soon as hes ready
Alexandru Alexandru
Westbrook we'll be 30 ppg and Wizards will place 13 in east
WarnersWorld Aylar önce
Wizards in tha ECF lmao
LowkeyTy Aylar önce
Chris Smoove really the swag version of Woj.
ambhoy Aylar önce
Why not?
fpsfreak Aylar önce
Russells value going down lol by lil.
yakapo999 Aylar önce
Kobe Bryant averaged 27.3 points per game on 46.3 percent shooting in the season in which he tore his Achilles. He averaged 18.9 points on 36.6 percent shooting thereafter. Brandon Jennings averaged 16.6 points per game on 39.1 percent shooting for his career before tearing his Achilles. He averaged 6.9 points on 36.3 percent shooting for the rest of his career. Chauncey Billups averaged 15 points per game on 36.4 percent shooting in the season in which he tore his Achilles. He played only 41 games afterward, averaging 6.2 points per game on 36.5 percent shooting.
Tristan Magoon-Lett
John wall is a lesser Westbrook
sikelela Mbatha
sikelela Mbatha Aylar önce
LeGM back at it!
emman compayan
emman compayan Aylar önce
It's just a netflex trade not a blockbuster trade
k c
k c Aylar önce
Jesus Christ is the Son of God believe that he died for your sins and be saved
Jazz Rei
Jazz Rei Aylar önce
Westbrook will be the best journey man ever hahahaha
Hawt Sause boss
Hawt Sause boss Aylar önce
Wizards 6th seed?
John Dullano
John Dullano Aylar önce
damn how many different point guards does James Harden need to make it out of the West?
Joshua Martin
Joshua Martin Aylar önce
*GOD has pulled a uno revers card in 2020*
Eddie Longshanks
Eddie Longshanks Aylar önce
I need wall to average 10.5 assists
Dilpreet Singh
Dilpreet Singh Aylar önce
I"m a wizard's and from the DMV and I be honest John Wall has done more for the city of DC than most politicians that run it.
Wesley Brown
Wesley Brown Aylar önce
Why do the rockets keep getting point guards
PPKilla Aylar önce
Westbrook is terrible defender.
Lori Leon
Lori Leon Aylar önce
Someone wake up Nate
ll NBAKING ll Aylar önce
WOW, I would haven’t imagined Russel being trade to the Wizards
RayDeil Aylar önce
Yo 1st pick in 2023? Bronny to rockets?
AlwaysWade Aylar önce
Nah he going to lakers
xxx Aylar önce
With all the bricks from Westbrick it became a Wall 😴
AlwaysWade Aylar önce
Hall of fame brick wall
Slam Dunk Editz
Slam Dunk Editz Aylar önce
Wow interesting
AsianVideoGamer Aylar önce
Haven't seen Sam Dekker after his wide open trip to the floor
Darthwader99 J
Darthwader99 J Aylar önce
If Wall stays healthy I think he fits better with the Rockets than Westbrook. I hope he is his self before injury.
AlwaysWade Aylar önce
so true hes a great playmaker for harden
futuRe Aylar önce
Woooooow Beal got scammed...
AlwaysWade Aylar önce
not really
Evo-Alien Aylar önce
The most worthless trade of ever !!!
AlwaysWade Aylar önce
not really they both could benifit
TAMARA Aylar önce
“I ne volim princip “pamti - pa vrati”, to bi mi ukaljalo obraz. Nema lepše pobede od pogleda u nečije oči bez griže savesti, i znati da će tu osobu vlastito srce od srama izdati.”... ALI KAO Da je ishta vishe vazhno....
Lee Mcnair
Lee Mcnair Aylar önce
Finally yay
worldstarr Aylar önce
Give me a brick and I will give you a wall
Sai Raghavendran
Sai Raghavendran Aylar önce
Wall and Westbrook are Great Defenders
makoa with the vibe
I'm from washington and Russ is my favorite player 😂
AlwaysWade Aylar önce
lucky you
fran15 Aylar önce
Man, all the memories seeing wall playing for us. I’m very depressed seeing him leave
fran15 Aylar önce
I’m going to miss John Wall, my favorite player ever and always played amazing when I went to the games at Verizon Center
Kerry Pierre
Kerry Pierre Aylar önce
Jacob Cetiner
Jacob Cetiner Aylar önce
was i the only one that noticed he said "Westbrick" in some parts of the video?
AlwaysWade Aylar önce
its a habit for me too in my video i accidently did it too lmaoooo
Dylan Bradley
Dylan Bradley Aylar önce
Traded Westbrook for eastbrook
SGANET Aylar önce
Neither is contending before or after the trade. Westbrick for Wallbrick, both building houses for those in need 🧱🏠
AlwaysWade Aylar önce
yes not contending but both playoff teams
Joseph Ramirez1
Joseph Ramirez1 Aylar önce
Westbrook can now focus on his triple doubles 🤣🤣🤣🤔
Cool Breeze
Cool Breeze Aylar önce
Lololol it's over for the wizards
Dub Zero
Dub Zero Aylar önce
Westbrook takin Gilbert's number
Joseph Garcia
Joseph Garcia Aylar önce
The wizards got a lot better. John wall hasn’t played in 2 years so so much can go wrong there. Wizards are an instant playoff team
Dark Play
Dark Play Aylar önce
I never ever imagine seeing Westbrook with wizard jersey ever
Supreem Court
Supreem Court Aylar önce
I jus seen the wizards roster, and i dont even kno half them niggas lol
Gigi Goudin
Gigi Goudin Aylar önce
Russ playing for Kd's hometown
TempoQuin Aylar önce
My two favorite guards on the same team🔥🔥💯💯
manuel jimenez
manuel jimenez Aylar önce
I feel bad for wizard, they gonna have a bad season
G_Wiz Aylar önce
DBL N Aylar önce
Russ playing for KD's hometown...
Ron White
Ron White Aylar önce
I think it will be better
DL The Mad Dog
DL The Mad Dog Aylar önce
I'm still waiting the Drose Trade
neil garcia
neil garcia Aylar önce
Rockets gonna be a contender! They have a STONE as a GM and traded a WALL for a brick I mean brook! they gonna build a HOUSE. Lets see if its HARDENed! 😁😁
Fanatix Aylar önce
I really dont know what the rockets are doing 😂
Walter White
Walter White Aylar önce
Men i feel sorry for beal
Jacob Aylar önce
Sad to see Wall go, but I’m really excited to see Beal and Russ share the floor together
bryantorres9469 Aylar önce
there goes Westbrooks' career lmao
d k
d k Aylar önce
U mean the same john wall tat hasn't played is 2017? Give Huston a map what are they doing
ManUP JC Aylar önce
Was waiting for Smoove to say Rui's name after he mentioned Bradley Beal, but he said "...and the rest of the team" LOL
Ant McLeod
Ant McLeod Aylar önce
they are the same player....
snf Aylar önce
john wall really getting that lower income tax in texas
William Lee
William Lee Aylar önce
Wall and cousins are best friends and played well together since high school. So there will be more chemistry at rockets
Ethan Tyska
Ethan Tyska Aylar önce
is harden still on the rockets or is he traded
Lord Quas
Lord Quas Aylar önce
The wizards can make the playoffs now
dsa0224 Aylar önce
Russell Westbrook has a type A personality, i have known that since his days at OKC, the rest is history
Derrick Rose
Derrick Rose Aylar önce
They traded Westbrook for a worse injury prone Westbrook/Kyrie hybrid.
ALMY Aylar önce
Damnn Russell westbrook and Bradley beal that might be something big
mark myers
mark myers Aylar önce
Westbrook falling off
Poofy Artz
Poofy Artz Aylar önce
behold russell eastbrook
mike hall
mike hall Aylar önce
People actually forgot that john wall was a top 5 point guard before injury....
Anglo-Saxon Aylar önce
the Rockets traded their future for 1 yr. of Westbrook.. 😂😂
So basically they traded CP3 and Capela for a 1 year rental? That's tuff
So fresh so clean clean Vinny
I love it Go Wizards!!!
Marshmallow Aylar önce
I mean, some three point shooting skill is better than none
Jacob Danforth
Jacob Danforth Aylar önce
Espn contract for smoove????
With Witt
With Witt Aylar önce
JR have more rings than Russ 👨‍🦯
Logan Hardee
Logan Hardee Aylar önce
i’ve waited two years to see wall in a wiz jersey again. i’m not happy with the trade
Cloud Wolf
Cloud Wolf Aylar önce
Russell Wizbrook
Callum Brown
Callum Brown Aylar önce
Crazy so are Beal & Harden both staying for at least another year!
Nick Brunner
Nick Brunner Aylar önce
Rockets to Wizards: we have a duo Wizards: We do too
KubaWaniur Aylar önce
After CP3 and Russ didn't achieve anything with Harden how John Wall could be better? When they finally see that Harden does not need a point guard as a second star in the team? Seriously... Gallinari would be a better fit for Harden's team than any other point guard.
ClutchShots Aylar önce
That's such a bad move for both Tms Basically the same players..Harden needs ball, Beal needs ball
Nshavo Ngobe
Nshavo Ngobe Aylar önce
Man said the injury got him sidelined for a bit😂
Gank Gooberson
Gank Gooberson Aylar önce
Wizards might be a fun team to watch next year. Russ + Beal, Deni + Rui, and Bertans + Wagner they might make a surprisingly deep playoff run
Man City Bad
Man City Bad Aylar önce
I’m just glad that we got rid of westbrick
Hayyan zzstu Siddiqui
Westbrook fell way off
That Kid Hoopz
That Kid Hoopz Aylar önce
Start an argument in the replies
nickbh15 Aylar önce
I wonder if after it doesn’t work out in Washington those westbrook d riders will be able to admit he’s part of the problem
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