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This is from ep 399.
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15 Jan 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Calm_soothing Music
Calm_soothing Music 2 gün önce
I was a fan from episode 1 until the last episode with gary. I tried to get into rm again but cant. Because it's not the same and the fans are becoming toxic and cant accept opinions that are not licking ass towards rm. MOST new rm fans are like bunch of cringy-ass people who just discover korean variety shows and acted like they know it better than others. Legit yesterday a lot of people threatening someone because that person think jaesuk's jokes went too far. Like chill. The fans really ruined it for a lot of people. And when people are worried about jokes that went too far, rm fans called them snowflakes. I'm half korean and i know what's okay and what's too far in koreans gag.
Rachel Villanueva
Rachel Villanueva 4 gün önce
Para akong tanga na pinipigilan din tawa ko
Kunal Kaushik
Kunal Kaushik 7 gün önce
Knowing bros became super boring and repetitive for the last 1 year. Running Man is going strong for the last 10 years. ❤️❤️ Best show ever.
Jessica OP
Jessica OP 10 gün önce
It hasnt started yet im already laughing
BlueShockwave21 11 gün önce
Who's the guy with the nice legs?
Wahid Kendari
Wahid Kendari 11 gün önce
Htet Paing
Htet Paing 12 gün önce
Se chan and so min out
höneyy_ 12 gün önce
so min makes me so mad in this like u dont even understand she is so unfair
Miroslav Vosmera
Miroslav Vosmera 13 gün önce
L Risaki
L Risaki 13 gün önce
We only want garry back and don't like Se-Chan and So-Min
La Huy
La Huy 14 gün önce
esti geloasă pagubă in ciuperci love
Mack Walters
Mack Walters 17 gün önce
0:09 so sexy moment
Арайлым Сарман
Saechan you did wrong . He did go a little bit too far towards Jaeseok and especially towards Kwangsoo
Pamie Pamie
Pamie Pamie 17 gün önce
This is my fav game in Running Man
Kyla San Pascual
Kyla San Pascual 18 gün önce
LOL,Cute Spartace and Brother in Law in sync when they point Seokjin 😂
Mack Walters
Mack Walters 18 gün önce
Love you.
Taylor Krystal
Taylor Krystal 18 gün önce
Yang milih allah like 40000 ya.
Rica Diapoleyts
Rica Diapoleyts 19 gün önce
What running man ep is this?
Sana Minatozaki
Sana Minatozaki 19 gün önce
What episode is this?
Robert Parker
Robert Parker 20 gün önce
Love you.
Dayinnie Atira Herry asmadi
Mina and jihyo 🤣🤣🤣
Kelvin Hilario Chambilla Chambilla
The Koreans are very passive aggressive, right?
Sinh Thuy
Sinh Thuy 25 gün önce
Jonathan Yoon
Jonathan Yoon 25 gün önce
그와중에 퇴근하는 트와이스 예쁘네
K N 26 gün önce
The deadpan flute contradictorily open because men ultrasonically place opposite a rude sister-in-law. thoughtful, voiceless kohlrabi
Johnny Nighthawk
Johnny Nighthawk 27 gün önce
What a dumbas kwangsoo is 🤣
Suhaimi Salleh
Suhaimi Salleh 27 gün önce
yumyum shosho
yumyum shosho 27 gün önce
poor kwangsoo🤣😅
Donald Mcdonald
Donald Mcdonald 28 gün önce
old pictures never gets old hahaha
Tan Thu
Tan Thu 28 gün önce
CallMe Chris
CallMe Chris 29 gün önce
The most iconic line: "Okay okay" -Kwangsoo
Jsiesiaao Eojkesi
Jsiesiaao Eojkesi 29 gün önce
Very nice….
Dreamies’ Noona
Dreamies’ Noona 29 gün önce
Why am i also holding my laugh? Lmao
Sakura School Simulator Hacks
I try to follow them but I keep laughing 🤣🤣
Dy Tro
Dy Tro Aylar önce
Chi Man
Chi Man Aylar önce
I love this movie.
Deandra Aylar önce
Ho Gian
Ho Gian Aylar önce
Poor dog I liked my own commet how sad.
_Vincent Mr.C
_Vincent Mr.C Aylar önce
SeChan is so dirty
la cd
la cd Aylar önce
Se Chan is so offending. He must be removed from the show. It’s not right to do that to someone’s ears. It’s so dangerous.
LY RBLX Aylar önce
6:48 "What? A vacuum cleaner?" *looks like a shotgun to me*
awesome Estelle
awesome Estelle Aylar önce
They went a little too far but it was funny 🤣 The vaccum cleaner , hahahaha 🤣 Well the penalty is 😖 painful
Afiq Afiq
Afiq Afiq Aylar önce
The large needle briefly yawn because palm family drip an a astonishing blinker. one, gigantic cry
T̶r̶o̶l̶l̶ O̶v̶e̶r̶l̶o̶a̶d̶i̶n̶g̶
5:20 Wait the cameramen also received penalty? LMAOOO
MindAppz Aylar önce
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Jasmine Chea
Jasmine Chea Aylar önce
Because I see people arguing about whether Se Chan’s ‘joke’ by using the vacuum cleaner on Jaesuk’s ear is harmful or not, yes it is. The pressure in the ear can drastically change from the vacuum’s suction and can potentially rupture the eardrum, causing a very painful accident to occur and possibly a lot of damage (maybe permanent) to the ear. Yes, professional ear vacuuming exists but it is done by trained professionals with medical training and is done in a sterile and controlled environment to remove ear wax. So, Se Chan did go overboard with his prank. Most likely he didn’t know about the dangers but ignorance doesn’t make the action any less dangerous. Sure it’s a prank, yes it’s funny. But at what cost? Is it funny because it’s at Jaesuk’s expense? A prank is a prank but it always has consequences. Most pranks are less damaging than others and are harmless but just remember that there are pranks that put people in hospitals or even kills them. Take whatever you want from this but I believe what Se Chan did was incredibly dangerous.
Lina Zain
Lina Zain Aylar önce
I hate watching it now... They are always targeting only kwang soo... Too much for me... I dont care what others say...
Marie Victoria Skjønberg
Twice: uhm im just gonna leave now cuz This is some weeeeird shizz
höneyy_ Aylar önce
7:54 he literally sucked his mouth
Siimply Craft Roblox
This is funny but Yang Sechan is a bit too over when he vacuumed JaeSeok's mouth and ear. That might give him a pain plus he is already old. And we know that Jaeseok uses the pin but the vacuumed would cost more pain
all Rounder
all Rounder 12 gün önce
@Mayat TV chill idiot jae suk did that to kwang soo also watch the full video Fking jae suk fangirls
Josie 14 gün önce
Mayat TV
Mayat TV 23 gün önce
@Ivan Lu You don't see a problem with a dangerous act? All the comment was stating is that it is dangerous for an old man for his ear and mouth to be vacuumed. It's that simple. Not even Kwang soo should do it because it is very dangerous. I've tried being in that situation and hate that thing happening to others.
Ivan Lu
Ivan Lu 24 gün önce
pls if it was kwangsoo u would be calling him a genius or u wouldn’t say anything i don’t see the problem with this
Memburu Impian
Memburu Impian Aylar önce
so funny😂😂
Lauranthalasa 1
Lauranthalasa 1 Aylar önce
OMG I'm dying. Tears from laughing so much.
Anvmfmd Ssmdks
Anvmfmd Ssmdks Aylar önce
Fu kung
Va Lam
Va Lam Aylar önce
Ingat.... Ada allah....
Ei Phyu Soe
Ei Phyu Soe Aylar önce
Episode please?! ☹👉🏻👈🏻
Arya CS
Arya CS Aylar önce
I can't control my laugh 😂 But it really hurts me when they were continuously attacking kwang so. The final moments with kwang so and so min were really adorable 😍 I love his care towards her ❤️
Areef Ali
Areef Ali Aylar önce
its good to know a lot of people hate se chan, i dont know how they can invite him as part of member just bcs he is comedian, he is soo self center. too over
Than Ban
Than Ban Aylar önce
Yang milih allah like 800 ya yang milih dajal abaikan saja.
Lina Hewitt
Lina Hewitt Aylar önce
Which season and episode was this???
Fen Pou
Fen Pou Aylar önce
The poor doggie had to suffer and watch dis XD.
Syazwan zalil
Syazwan zalil Aylar önce
What is this
Tam Don
Tam Don Aylar önce
Yang milih allah like 40000 ya.
Izzat Tajul
Izzat Tajul Aylar önce
They copy batsu game in Japan
Observe Ver
Observe Ver Aylar önce
only running man can make simple games look fun
Aya Aylar önce
I dont agree with what sechan did to jaeseok and also kwangsoo got hit so many times it may cause an injury
keeshia duran
keeshia duran Aylar önce
anong episode po ito
Precious De los Reyes
What episode is this,i keep on laughing even while typing this,hahaha
shane Ayacad
shane Ayacad Aylar önce
What ep is this ?
Saziini Krichena
Saziini Krichena Aylar önce
This was soooo entertaining
ce sneaks
ce sneaks Aylar önce
Love when Kawang Soo asking Twice's Jihyo and Mina to leave him.... He looks really shy...
Kisha Maira
Kisha Maira Aylar önce
Lol se chan..why he so stupid ..jaeseok can die with that vacuum lol
Bisaya Warrior
Bisaya Warrior Aylar önce
The legendary fart of Seokjin😂
Gabe Kawaguchi
Gabe Kawaguchi Aylar önce
Syefa Hafia ghassani
Syefa Hafia ghassani 2 aylar önce
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lalaland07 2 aylar önce
Se Chan was overboard. I hate what he did to Jae Seok, serious! It was too dangerous tho!
okis okis
okis okis 2 aylar önce
Fu Rii
Fu Rii 2 aylar önce
Sechan was super annoying in this episode
#Top10 Asia
#Top10 Asia 2 aylar önce
trvid.com/video/video-Lh1vBRRRTeU.html 😌
JKWongFuCommunityHiga 2 aylar önce
Tbh I don’t find anything se chan does funny. He’s such a try hard
wassup dawg
wassup dawg 2 aylar önce
which one?
Sanquan Hu
Sanquan Hu 2 aylar önce
Alyssa Matriano
Alyssa Matriano 2 aylar önce
I wish I could speak Korean 🤩🤩🤩😀😄😄😅
Edina ARJ
Edina ARJ 2 aylar önce
Only running man can make the most boring game into the funniest game 🤣🤣🤣
Syasya Masturina
Syasya Masturina 2 aylar önce
Penat gelak ya rabbi!!
sandeane 2 aylar önce
jongkook jihyo and haha were sitting so cutely together 🤣💕
Gumbo 2 aylar önce
Only OGs remember when Gary and even Song Joong Ki was a member of running man
Xy Faclangen
Xy Faclangen 2 aylar önce
What episode po to
L 2 aylar önce
Liv Ph
Liv Ph 2 aylar önce
Brindel Doria
Brindel Doria 2 aylar önce
Mina and jihyo smile killing me 😍
Bren A
Bren A 2 aylar önce
So funny if you want but the guy using the vacuum towards others ears is psycho, that not even playing 👎
Rheamazing 2 aylar önce
Lee Kwangsoo 😂😍
Rod Maiquez
Rod Maiquez 2 aylar önce
stomping someones toes? really?
Han Yoora
Han Yoora 2 aylar önce
hokshii!!! our spart aces!!! jongkook and jihyo😂😂😂👍👍👍🧡🧡🧡🧡
Abdul Ashraf Rasid
Abdul Ashraf Rasid 2 aylar önce
I like jsm more than ysc. Let me vacuum your ear.
Liby DefShownu
Liby DefShownu 2 aylar önce
It's my opinion, I will never like Sechan and Somin the moment their enter RM,especially Somin
Hanna Hafizzah
Hanna Hafizzah 2 aylar önce
They know how to make we laugh even in silent Game 😂😂😂
Ibnus Samit
Ibnus Samit 2 aylar önce
I died at that stomach noise 🤣
Neila Mejia
Neila Mejia 2 aylar önce
Ivan Lu
Ivan Lu 2 aylar önce
yang se chan is hilarious
Troy Hacker
Troy Hacker 2 aylar önce
Lee kwang soo is a man who follows the gender equality
höneyy_ 12 gün önce
@catty Girl omg right i was so pissed, like jeez u hit him like 6 times and she did it hard too
Troy Hacker
Troy Hacker 2 aylar önce
@catty Girl thats why it makes it so much sweeter when he hit back
catty Girl
catty Girl 2 aylar önce
So true but i don't like so min like she was hitting them doesn't that also hurt them. So why she was making fuss of Kwang soo hitting her back
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