Rose Bowl: Ohio State Buckeyes vs. Utah Utes | Full Game Highlights

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The Ohio State Buckeyes came back from a 14-point deficit to defeat the Utah Utes, 48-45, in the 108th Rose Bowl Game. C.J. Stroud threw for 573 YDS and 6 TDs for the Buckeyes while Jaxon Smith-Njigba set multiple Rose Bowl receiving records with 15 REC for 347 YDS & 3 TDs in the victory.

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31 Ara 2021




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Jay T
Jay T 11 aylar önce
Fantastic game, hats off to both teams. Great addition to the legacy of the Rose Bowl.
Randall Perkins
Randall Perkins 3 aylar önce
One of the best Rose Bowls i've seen in a minute..
fishbone3333 5 aylar önce
@John DeF Stroud's accuracy was hard to believe. He was dropping feathery dimes to his WRs all day.
Berry Waller
Berry Waller 11 aylar önce
Stroud turned in one for the ages. And Barnes stepping up for the injured Cameron Rising...both teams fought this classic nobly to the very end. Terrific game for The Utes and The Buckeyes!🤔🌹🏈B.W.
Tom Carney
Tom Carney 11 aylar önce
@thelatino1708 Nope
thelatino1708 11 aylar önce
@Tom Carney I’m assuming ur a Utah fan?
MDman M
MDman M 11 aylar önce
By far this was the best college bowl game this year!!!! congrats to both teams
Phillip Meyer
Phillip Meyer 4 aylar önce
@Alex Tafoya I think he meant the best of 2021
Bud Tommy
Bud Tommy 7 aylar önce
Sorry but Georgia Alabama were the 2 best teams.
MD 10 aylar önce
@Slad frezerzett I think you're misunderstanding my position. I love bowl games. I look forward to them every year. My extended family comes o er and I fire up the grille. Of course teams want to get invited and they want to win. The problem people seem to have here was when I pointed out that they were defined as exhibition games. I don't care how they are defined, they are generally entertaining.
Slad frezerzett
Slad frezerzett 10 aylar önce
@MD dude your looking at this in the most ignorant boring way possible, it’s not all about money some players just like winning and having fun. Like in the citrus bowl they just wanted to win and finish their season strong and feel like they had a successful season., sure is it sponsered by private corporate products sure but everything that’s on tv is sponsered by something. and that thing about the bowl game stats not counting is before they would only count their regular season stats for the year so that’s not an excuse for it being an exhibition game.
MD 10 aylar önce
@James Mark Scott oh. Well I don't believe I said there was a high number of high-scoring games. I just commented that defense rarely matters in bowl games. Teams still want to win, but no one wants to injure another player (or be injured) in a game that does not really matter.
Geaux Tigers
Geaux Tigers 11 aylar önce
Game of the year for sure, even one of the best games of all time that we have just witnessed…
Bud Tommy
Bud Tommy 7 aylar önce
USC Texas. Best game.
Lego Shaq
Lego Shaq 8 aylar önce
Fr bro out here shattering records like it’s dynasty mode
Bradbssargdons 11 aylar önce
Go watch Rose Bowl 2006 highlights. UT vs USC. Thats by far my best game of all time, and definitely best Rose Bowl game of all time.
New Generation Bullies
New Generation Bullies 11 aylar önce
Facts 💯💯💯💯
K Simon
K Simon 11 aylar önce
@GG Ewww
Crosse Ramirez
Crosse Ramirez 11 aylar önce
As a Buckeye fan, nothing but respect for the Utes. Crazy good team and gave s a great game.
Roger Insley
Roger Insley 7 aylar önce
@Itchy Anus also*+++
Roger Insley
Roger Insley 7 aylar önce
@Itchy Anus focus on the video and the real thing in my mind for me to see what happens when I’m done watching the movie with my family at home so I’m not going running around
Alan Malae
Alan Malae 7 aylar önce
@Jesse H bro we are top 10 in players sent to the nfl in the last decade. Draftees is a better measure of a program than how many stars your recruits have. Ya’ll are lucky we had 4 members of our secondary out and a running back playing corner.
Alan Malae
Alan Malae 7 aylar önce
My man 🤙🏽
Adler Rigby
Adler Rigby 8 aylar önce
@Jesse H Ohio state had one of the worst defenses in the league to start off with, then they had most of their starters out. It’s embarrassing we let utah score that much
Ty Jackson
Ty Jackson 11 aylar önce
As a Ohio State fan much respect to Utah this is the game of the year. Utah I wish you guys have a great year and praying for everyone who was injured.
The Leafman Prophecies
@The Time Keepers I saw it, everyone that watched the full game saw it. They won't show the full game on TRvid because of it. You're the FN liar. Too bad so saaaad about your teammates. Eat it
The Leafman Prophecies
@𝒞𝒽𝓇𝒾𝓈𝓉𝒾𝒶𝓃 🏈 "your" = you're .... and thanks for noticing :)
𝒞𝒽𝓇𝒾𝓈𝓉𝒾𝒶𝓃 🏈
@The Leafman Prophecies your psychotic
Chris Knox
Chris Knox 7 aylar önce
@Bud Tommy I was just clarifying what the OP wrote. We get it... the SEC is good at football.
Bud Tommy
Bud Tommy 7 aylar önce
@Chris Knox No 2 SEC teams playing each other for the national championship is the game of the year.GO SEC!
Luis 11 aylar önce
This felt like an nfl game. Smith-Njgba already at that level.
Christian Charles
Christian Charles 4 aylar önce
Christian Charles
Christian Charles 4 aylar önce
@Bud Tommy Ohio state best receivers were out and had 22 players out.
Christian Charles
Christian Charles 4 aylar önce
@Bud Tommy Ohio State dominates the Big 10and has national championships, heisman trophy winners and great players. They are a great program. Facts.
Christian Charles
Christian Charles 4 aylar önce
@Life Application typical bama fan. Go Buckeyes
Hunter Baar
Hunter Baar 5 aylar önce
@Rodney Lipshitz they were ranked 11 in the nation and in the rose bowl tht year they were good
Thomas Conway
Thomas Conway 11 aylar önce
Straud's passes and timing were spot on. Big boy throws to big boy receivers!
Ry o
Ry o 3 aylar önce
@Will Ward Yeah, but OSU’s 2nd string receiver corp could easily be starters. Not to mention we had a running back playing corner. Not saying it would’ve been a different outcome, but it would’ve been nice to see Utah without that secondary problem.
Will Ward
Will Ward 5 aylar önce
@Bud Tommy against 2nd string recievers except smith njigba
Bud Tommy
Bud Tommy 7 aylar önce
against back up safeties.
Bud Tommy
Bud Tommy 7 aylar önce
to big boy receivers against 2 back up safeties.
D.J. X
D.J. X 11 aylar önce
So Basically when Wilson and Olave opted out, Njigba started rubbin his hands like Birdman. Gotcha 👌🏾
Kalee Werner
Kalee Werner 3 aylar önce
Tf they could not play they were eligible for the draft you can’t play
Jim Dean
Jim Dean 3 aylar önce
@Kenneth Verkest no stupid
Michael Bryant
Michael Bryant 4 aylar önce
@DeShy Grady p
faceones ok
faceones ok 5 aylar önce
@Darnell Williams Ohio has no defense to
faceones ok
faceones ok 5 aylar önce
@Darnell Williams not hardly after two turnovers and Utah a lot better than most teams
Taz Raman
Taz Raman 11 aylar önce
Im a Oregon fan and I can admit this is the best game I have ever seen I thought Utah was gonna blow them out after that td return what a great game
Randall Perkins
Randall Perkins 3 aylar önce
Mehh I am a Buckeye till I die and I think we needed a Humbling like we got last year.. This team needed that season to get where we are going this season, Especially with the addition of Knowles and his defense.. Although, we do Owe you one for putting that Rubber Duckie in our 0.. Hahah kidding, Well deserved 1st W against OSU for Oregon. Now that team up north, yanno 'Super Oregon' ? That is the team we have our eyes on in 22.. O-H!!
Taz Raman
Taz Raman 7 aylar önce
@FatalCorleone07 I can have my opinion
Taz Raman
Taz Raman 7 aylar önce
@FatalCorleone07 I am and this id
FatalCorleone07 7 aylar önce
You ain't no Oregon fan if this is the best game you ever seen ..foh
Bud Tommy
Bud Tommy 7 aylar önce
Watch Texas vs USC. Best game ever played. Rose Bowl got a great game that year,
The Truth
The Truth 11 aylar önce
Die-hard Buckeye fan sending nothing but respect to Utah. Great, great game, possibly the best Rose Bowl game ever played. Congratulations to thee Ohio State Buckeyes.
Alex Tafoya
Alex Tafoya 3 aylar önce
@Scottie Lutz I always Cheer for the Underdog. ( But my Teams are Alabama & Notre Dame ) I feel that Utah should have been more focused and Win the game. I stand for what I said the Defense Left a lot to be Desired. GOOOO Utes.
The Truth
The Truth 3 aylar önce
@Randall Perkins I-O !!!!!🏈🥇
Randall Perkins
Randall Perkins 3 aylar önce
Die-Hard Buckeye here to.. This was refreshing after a season like last year.. But! it's Almost time :D O-H!
Scottie Lutz
Scottie Lutz 3 aylar önce
@Alex Tafoya Utah has nothing to be ashamed of, they were the underdogs in this game.
allen D
allen D 3 aylar önce
wisconsin with van derkellen was the best game. 1962 i believe
DC Hall
DC Hall 11 aylar önce
Die hard Buckeye fan but lived in Utah for a couple years and can say their fan base are great people. Awesome to see their program winning conference championships and putting up amazing performances like this one! What a game!!!
biuor su
biuor su 11 aylar önce
He could definitely do that against UGA, Bama, ND, etc. Go Buckeyes!
James J
James J 11 aylar önce
This was a fantastic game! As a Utes fan, I'm extremely proud of how they played and I was at the edge of my seat watching this one. Despite all the bad things that's happened to the team this year, they represented themselves so well and played with so much heart. Much respect to Ohio State and go Utes!
Bud Tommy
Bud Tommy 7 aylar önce
Alabama vs Georgia an epic SEC battle. 2 giants playing one another for a championship.
Christopher Martin
Christopher Martin 11 aylar önce
Great game and great individual performances. I’m a Buckeye but a huge shoutout to a very good Utah team. Go Bucks 🌹
Andrew Mueller
Andrew Mueller 11 aylar önce
Ridiculous football game. Wildly entertaining.
The Buckeye Dolphin
The Buckeye Dolphin 11 aylar önce
That was such a great game, as a Buckeyes fan I thought we were going to get blown out. The Rose Bowl never disappoints. They could put Kansas and Vandy in the Rose Bowl and they'd have a classic. Njigba is up there with the likes of Vince Young as a Rose Bowl legend.
Kev 3 aylar önce
Rose Bowl is special
Nazri Buang
Nazri Buang 6 aylar önce
Lies again? Babies And Roses
biuor su
biuor su 11 aylar önce
Ridiculous football game. Wildly entertaining.
TrueUte16 11 aylar önce
Proud of the Utes, and mad respect for the buckeyes. I was so hopeful for the Utes to pull it out in the end but OSU was amazing. Stroud picked the secondary apart and their receivers are all studs. Great game couldn’t have asked for anything better! Go UTES!!!
Euro Step
Euro Step 7 aylar önce
they were so injured it was basically a tertiary
NorthOfWindsor 7 aylar önce
Your defense sucks. DJ Turner is way better than any CB on your defense. You made the OSU fans annoying again cause apparently our 42-27 drubbing wasn’t enough to shut them up
Evan King
Evan King 9 aylar önce
Too bad Wilson and Olave weren’t playing 🤪
Emanuel N
Emanuel N 11 aylar önce
I thought Utes had OSU's number. Utah is a great team. Rising and the return guy Covney (?) seemed to always give defense fits.
Go Bucks
Go Bucks 11 aylar önce
The mutual respect between Utah and OSU is amazing! I’ll rope for Utah every year now lol
Bryan Fuchs
Bryan Fuchs 11 aylar önce
Oh man, what a game. Hats off to Ohio State, much respect. Both teams played with tons of heart. One of the best games I’ve ever seen, period. Congrats, Buckeyes! Go Utes! So proud 🥲
Alex Tafoya
Alex Tafoya 8 aylar önce
@Bud Tommy Alabama is my team since Bear Bryant was their coach. Notre Dame since Lou Holtz wans their coach. Other that than I love good games and cheer for good players some times REGARDLESS of team, did you watch Ohio St vs Perdue 2018??? GREAT game. and why
Bud Tommy
Bud Tommy 8 aylar önce
@Alex Tafoya If Ohio State had pride they would not be 2-11 against the SEC in bowl games and 1-4 against Alabama.
tf 20
tf 20 11 aylar önce
The Utes are a very empressive team, nothing but respect to them , and go take over the Pac Ten.
Emanuel N
Emanuel N 11 aylar önce
@Alex Tafoya 2021 OSU vs PURDUE was a better game.
James Boyle
James Boyle 11 aylar önce
Both teams left it all on the field.
Sports311 11 aylar önce
The Ohio State Defense was getting beat at the line of scrimmage earlier, but they played much better in the 2nd half. This was the best Rose Bowl game I’ve ever seen in recent memory
Maine and Christina conquer the PNW
and there were 3 players out on defense as well....basically, this was our 3rd string team
SilverBullet 11 aylar önce
@GG oh come on I'm just having fun with it. I'm glad JSN had a great game. Even if he only had 75 yards and 1 touchdown that's fine by me. These kids out there are ballers. And gotta love Utah. If Utah got five star recruits like our teams did, they'd be in the title hunt every season.
GG 11 aylar önce
@SilverBullet Smith played 1 half vs OSU and JSN played the entire game, it’s not a fair comparison.
SilverBullet 11 aylar önce
@Leeland Waller Don't even waste your time with him lol. He seems to be trolling. He spews the same stuff riling us up lol. He's mad JSN had a better bowl game than Devontae Smith.
Jaturungkabart 11 aylar önce
Wow I missed that
Reds Fan 1975
Reds Fan 1975 11 aylar önce
Heck of a game. Buckeye fan here and hadn't watched Utah once this year. Very good team. Good end to the season Buckeyes. 🌹🌹🌹
John Johnson
John Johnson 11 aylar önce
The Buckeyes nearly gagged on another one. I'm sick of the way they play in January!
Matthew C
Matthew C 11 aylar önce
I watched the Utes pound Oregon and I was a tad worried. Kyle Wittingham is a class act coach. Fantastic program. Why is he leaving again? Retiring?
Alex Tafoya
Alex Tafoya 11 aylar önce
Obviously you did not see 2018 OSU vs Perdue that is what a GREAT game looks like. When a Team Refuses to be defeated TODAY Utes did not care about the game or their Place in Rose Bowl history
OSU Silver Bullets
OSU Silver Bullets 11 aylar önce
Ruggles didnt need to do em like that!! That wave...what a savage. Respect to the Utes. True warriors. Go Bucks
dc7236 11 aylar önce
Man! Kick return for td . Big forced fumble. Interceptions, QB scramble for 60 yard td, toe tapping td catches SHEESH! Utah had soooo many big plays. Yet fell short. What a game
Randalf999 Aylar önce
@Geoffrey Eble Key word: WON. Also, key - at least 4 5-star players didn't dress for the game as the didn't want to risk injury before the NFL draft. That includes a linebacker with a ton of tackles and sacks. It turned out to be an entertaining game without the whining.
K Simon
K Simon 11 aylar önce
@Geoffrey Eble lol
Ry o
Ry o 11 aylar önce
@Geoffrey Eble Would like to add that one of the cornerback replacements for Utah was a running back… it was tough to watch. Not saying it would’ve been any different, but watching Bernard play cornerback was a nightmare. I’ll always wonder if one cornerback were healthy, if that could’ve prevented at least one score. 😩
Lxzy_Editz 11 aylar önce
@Geoffrey Eble because they did not have their starters
Stomping Peak
Stomping Peak 11 aylar önce
@Geoffrey Eble well you could say the same for osu not being able to stop the run or short passes. Both teams had missing players
Jaturungkabart 11 aylar önce
This, most likely, will be the best bowl game of the year. It's as if the other games will be a waste of time to watch. Great game.
Shawn Gillespie
Shawn Gillespie 2 aylar önce
ohio state lost there running back that the average 200 yards a game last few games on the first play if we didn't loose him that ohio state and alabama game would of turn out way different.ohio state would of kelp bama's offense off the field telling you that would of been a whole different game if the running back didn't get hurt
HT VLOGS 11 aylar önce
The Rose Bowl is always more exciting than the CFP final four.
The truth
The truth 2 aylar önce
@Chris conel no you wouldn't have.. UGA front would've KO stroud out of the game..
The truth
The truth 2 aylar önce
@T Nut it is true..
The truth
The truth 2 aylar önce
@JHATDRUMMER1976 lololololol delusional..
The truth
The truth 2 aylar önce
@T Nut lol you're joking right ??
reginald tate
reginald tate 10 aylar önce
Quit smoking weed.
Bryce Mattson
Bryce Mattson 11 aylar önce
Awesome game. As a BYU fan it’s been fun to cheer for the rivals this year, y’all had a great run
Will Graham
Will Graham 11 aylar önce
Same to y’all! BYU had a somewhat disappointing end, but it’s good to see them heading in the right direction.
f 11 aylar önce
This was one REALLY close game.
New Generation Bullies
New Generation Bullies 11 aylar önce
bryan snyder
bryan snyder 11 aylar önce
Love Buckeyes what an offensive performance, wide recievers were amazing, Stroud and Nigibu were historically great. Utah played a heck of a game, wow that was crazy.
SilverBullet 11 aylar önce
Wow! This game was incredible! Fans are saying that even the Rose Bowl is meaningless. Yeah right. Anyway, both these teams are playoff teams. They are that good. And thank God rising is ok. Prayers went out immediately for him. I love how some Ohio State players ran over and prayed for him. This game was insane and is what college football is all about. Utah, congrats to you guys. What an incredible team you have. You'll be incredible next season. I've said this over and over, but Covey is a dangerous man!!! He could definitely do that against UGA, Bama, ND, etc. Go Buckeyes!
Will Graham
Will Graham 11 aylar önce
Class act from Ohio state. It was cool to see your fans and players participate in honoring the players who passed. Best of luck to you guys and I hope we run it back next year!!
Bryan Mortenson
Bryan Mortenson 11 aylar önce
@SilverBullet haha you’ve got to be kidding me…..
Robert Neeper
Robert Neeper 11 aylar önce
Rose Bowl is better than the national any day. Alot more tradition and history. The NC don't even come close
Troy DUCK Sidor
Troy DUCK Sidor 11 aylar önce
If Rising was the starter from the beginning, who knows what could've happened. Great game
Devin B
Devin B 11 aylar önce
Was a good game but if they made the playoffs dont think they would've done any better was blown plays everywhere
Chance Harrington
Chance Harrington 11 aylar önce
This was a great game start to finish. I am tempted to say I want a rematch next year, but in the playoffs. Also, as an Ohio St fan, I really hope Knowles can turn the defense around for next year.
Steven Garrison
Steven Garrison 11 aylar önce
They are losing a lot of talent on offense with wilson & olave going to the nfl but I think they will be in good hands with smith & harrison jr
Walter White
Walter White 11 aylar önce
FINALLY an epic bowl game this 2021-22 season that goes to the final seconds. Leave it to the Granddaddy of them all!
THE Christian Rash
THE Christian Rash 6 aylar önce
ND and okstate was awesome too
Brock Comegys
Brock Comegys 11 aylar önce
Bowl game of the year! Fantastic matchup! The Utes brought their A game! And it took everything Ohio St had to finally sneak by. This will be a Big Ten Classic that will be played over and over and I cant wait to watch it again in the future!
Maine 11 aylar önce
I’ve rewatched these highlights about 7-10 in these past 4 days probably the best game I’ve ever watched
Sam Randall
Sam Randall 11 aylar önce
So glad my Buckeyes were able to win this game, I feel a lot more comfortable about the offense still staying strong going into next year, great game and respect to the Utes, Utah gave everything they had even with no starting QB at the end
GH 11 aylar önce
Yea but it’s the defense OSU needs to worry about.
Because of Christ
Because of Christ 11 aylar önce
Yeah Utah really did play fantastic. Didn't they? I'm a big Buckeyes fan, but I have great respect for the Utes. I'll keep my eye on them from now on😏
Nhuddy04 11 aylar önce
As an OSU fan good game to Utah it was really fun to watch. You guys have a bright future, best of luck to you guys next year
Jake Saylor
Jake Saylor 11 aylar önce
Game of the year! Utah gave us our best shot, but it still wasn’t enough y’all were so close. Good game!!!
K Simon
K Simon 11 aylar önce
@Josey Wales You’re obviously a young one.
Smucky !
Smucky ! 11 aylar önce
NGL, it's entirely entertaining to watch Buckeye fans make excuses... Your 3rd string recruits would be 1st stings for Utah and it took a mishandling of a punt for you to pull off the win. Victorious or not, props to the Utes for playing up to competition.
C Bo
C Bo 11 aylar önce
@Life Application copying and pasting the same comment over and over like this is lazy and dumb. You’re definitely an Alabama fan.
Life Application
Life Application 11 aylar önce
There we again Ohio state fans acting like they won the natty lol yall need any type of encouragement. Roll tide! Cmon guys it's yall beat, what a joke
Drop Squad
Drop Squad 11 aylar önce
@Josey Wales Ohio state plays team who are ranked in the top 10 every year, it’s not their fault if their opponents aren’t undefeated when they play them. They’re a power 5 team year in and year out, you wanna take credibility away from a team who played with more than half a freshman starting defense all year and still managed to go 10-2 and make the rose bowl and win it after a tremendous comeback, seems to me like you’re upset your utes choked their first rose bowl game
EgyptianKing#FSGOUT 11 aylar önce
Crazy match. I hope that Cameron rising is okay. He had a great year. Utah is gonna be a problem next year
Never Back down
Never Back down 10 aylar önce
@People’s Tube Utah is one of the youngest teams in the country, and they didn’t really figure out their identity until about week 6. Aaron and Ty were definitely inspirations, but Utah greatly improved throughout the season. Barring an injury to Cam Rising, Utah should win 10 games at the very least.
Will Graham
Will Graham 11 aylar önce
@People’s Tube 72 of our 85 scholarships are freshman or sophomores. We lose a few key pieces, but good heavens is that some young talent. The two players that passed won’t be forgotten anytime soon. If you don’t agree with me, bleacher report said Utah is #5 for playoff favorites next year.
Craig Barber
Craig Barber 11 aylar önce
@People’s Tube Classless! Why bother acting like a 🤡 ? Try looking at things with a bit more grace .
People’s Tube
People’s Tube 11 aylar önce
No they’re not. This was a miracle season bc two players got killed. Won’t be this good again sorry
Same Kat From Yesterday
Not for bama or Ga but they might get another nice bowl game but playoffs and championship is out question
MickeyKraut419 11 aylar önce
An instant classic for sure. I feel bad for Rising, he had a helluva game up until he was knocked out. They didn't talk about it much on the broadcast, but when they showed the replay and I saw him go stiff after hitting his head, I knew he was out cold. There's no way in this age a coaching staff with scruples that cares about their players would let him come back in the game. Hats off to Utah for giving us a helluva challenge and making this a Rose Bowl that will be talked about for years to come.
Troy DUCK Sidor
Troy DUCK Sidor 11 aylar önce
Was obviously pulling for Utah but when all was said an done, this was a great game! That's why the Rose Bowl is quite possibly the best bowl game ever. It never disappoints. Here's hoping Rising clears his injury quickly an gets back to work for 2022.
Celluloidwatcher 11 aylar önce
This was definitely the most exciting Rose Bowl game I have ever seen. Both teams had no defense, but were willing to score to match the other. In the end, it was C.J. Stroud and Jaxon Smith-Njigba who stole the show with record setting passing and receiving records. Congratulations to both OSU and the Runnin' Utes for showing their outstanding talent. For OSU, this Rose Bowl could be an omen of things to come in the 2022 season. Let's see what the new DC has in store regarding shoring up defensive gaps.
Elvin Redzematovic
Elvin Redzematovic 11 aylar önce
There will never be a terrible Rose Bowl game. Any two teams that play in the Rose Bowl always puts on a show
Craig Barber
Craig Barber 11 aylar önce
@Alex Tafoya Huh ?? Not sure what game you were watching??
Ian Gallagher
Ian Gallagher 11 aylar önce
@youtube man it did make me almost have a heart attack so I guess that defines as a good game
Ian Gallagher
Ian Gallagher 11 aylar önce
@youtube man I guess
youtube man
youtube man 11 aylar önce
@Ian Gallagher honestly, no defense games always are better, who doesn’t love a shootout, plus it was a opt out game, rather it 45-48 than 10-6
Garrett Summerlin
Garrett Summerlin 11 aylar önce
@Ian Gallagher I thought you meant the game in general was terrible so I apologize
Lossless 11 aylar önce
It would be amazing if we could just get more games like this. Unbelievable display of talent on both teams, rose bowl crowd seemed amped too. Ah, instant classic, hope rising is ok, He’s big time! Go bucks!
Lisa M. Willson
Lisa M. Willson 11 aylar önce
Fantastic game, hats off to both teams. Great addition to the legacy of the Rose Bowl.
Allison Goings
Allison Goings 11 aylar önce
Game of the year for sure, even one of the best games of all time that we have just witnessed…
Joey Chapman
Joey Chapman 11 aylar önce
As an Ohio State fan, this meant a lot to me. Great matchup
Newman OutDoors
Newman OutDoors 11 aylar önce
Jimmy Catalina
Jimmy Catalina 11 aylar önce
The botched punt attempt for Utah was critical. The best game I've seen since yesterday's Tenn v Purdue.
CoachBeam 11 aylar önce
Shoutout to Both teams! If the Big Ten starts poaching I want Utah in the conference!
1960jack 11 aylar önce
What a wild ride that Rose Bowl was! Long time Washington Husky fan here, I watch the Rose Bowl every year. That is going to go down as an all time classic. Hats off to both teams. And for the players NOT opting out.
Itchy Anus
Itchy Anus 11 aylar önce
Much respect to the buckeye's.. I'm a die hard Utes fan but what a game.. I wish everyone could have been there live. The intensity in the stands was great.. Y'all have great fans...
King Austin
King Austin 11 aylar önce
This game offensively was legendary from both teams and as an Ohio State fan I have alot of respect for Utah and the season they had all year especially after they fought back from a 1-2 record to start the season.
Marsh 11 aylar önce
That was an awesome game. As a Ute (I attend there), couldn’t help but wish our defensive line could’ve put more pressure on the QB. But hats off to Ohio for good O line
Tim Williams
Tim Williams 11 aylar önce
Ohio State gave em some of the longest stiff arms in history. Very good game to watch.
WG 11 aylar önce
Outside of the QB taking a solid hit and Utah lost by 3, It was the Buckeyes laying all over the field taking us to commercial breaks. The Buckeyes have mad talent but Utah was obviously more physical. They were lacking in the passing defense which was already known. The Buckeyes just needed the first half to see it.
Stew G
Stew G 11 aylar önce
The 20 yard long stiff arm by Smith-Njigba on his (I think) second TD was comical to a point lol
vicodumb 11 aylar önce
Wow! B1G fan here and the Ute's made a believer out of me. Great game to both teams!
Terry Camerlengo
Terry Camerlengo 10 aylar önce
What a game! Back and forth, amazing plays by both teams. Fantastic!
Joe Medina
Joe Medina 11 aylar önce
The rose bowl always has great classic games. Like the USC vs Texas game back in 2005 I think it was. Great game today🤟💯
LOPEsellsONLINE 11 aylar önce
Great game! This is a really young buckeye team- true freshman at QB is a game changer. Can’t wait for the defense to return to form.
The Real Mad Titan
The Real Mad Titan 11 aylar önce
Jackson Smith-Njigba is insanely talented. He's going to the league asap for sure.
The Real Mad Titan
The Real Mad Titan 11 aylar önce
@GrayHairDontCare absolutely
GrayHairDontCare 11 aylar önce
@The Real Mad Titan I love that jab step he always does soon as he catches the ball in the middle to juke the defender. Like right when he touches it, he gives that quick jab. So sick
The Real Mad Titan
The Real Mad Titan 11 aylar önce
@kalboy23 most receivers fear trading speed for weight. Which will happen as he continues to grow. But the best part is his route running and nose for the *field* Man coverage? *Gunna make ya pay* Zone coverage? *Gunna make ya pay*
kalboy23 11 aylar önce
And he’s only 19!
Ladi Di
Ladi Di 11 aylar önce
Utah played their hearts out but the Buckeyes had a little more!! Go Bucks!! Congrats!!☝🏽💪🏽
Bud Tommy
Bud Tommy 7 aylar önce
But neither team was as good as Georgia and Alabama.
True Crime Queen™
True Crime Queen™ 11 aylar önce
Fantastic game!! Respect to both teams!! Stay safe everyone ❤️💛
Steve Morris
Steve Morris 11 aylar önce
Aside from a magnificent college football game Ain't no one else gonna how exhilarating it was to see a crowd of 100k enjoying life and celebrating a much needed American tradition, the granddaddy of them all Rose Bowl!!
Nathaniel Lathy
Nathaniel Lathy 9 aylar önce
Yay! Forget 😷and quarantines
Teal Town
Teal Town 11 aylar önce
Fantastic Rose Bowl Game
Rusty Redick
Rusty Redick 11 aylar önce
Definitely the best bowl game of the year and I guarantee the national championship game will have the lowest ratings ever.....
MINDRIGHT 11 aylar önce
That was insane! What a finish. Very exciting to watch. Congrats to both teams.
Dale D.
Dale D. 11 aylar önce
I have NEVER seen a better kick-off return than Covey's touchdown run.
Dale D.
Dale D. 11 aylar önce
@The Leafman Prophecies Never saw it, but looking at videos of Ginn he's pretty amazing.
The Leafman Prophecies
The Leafman Prophecies 11 aylar önce
Are you too young to remember Ted Ginn Jr. in '07 BCS ?
Brave Freedom
Brave Freedom 11 aylar önce
There were several blocks in the back missed - go back and look at it in slow motions
Richmond Richmond
Richmond Richmond 11 aylar önce
Ted Ginn way better do your research lil buddy. Try again 🤣🤣🤣
pecanpillar1266 10 aylar önce
8:35 easily my favorite play of the game
Ques 11 aylar önce
Njgba dominated this game I can’t wait to see him next year
WG 4 aylar önce
@Michael Steele Whatever. We all know that it was just a matter of time that Ohio would realize that a running back was filling in. Try that again with both teams healthy. Haters call people out when it's not necessary. I'm a Ute fan, but I've always had love for Ohio State. I shouldn't have even acknowledged you. Peace out.
Michael Steele
Michael Steele 4 aylar önce
@WG lol you do realize he had the most yards as OSU's 3rd wideout? Not even Wilson or olave had the numbers he did 💀🤣 just tell people ur a hater instead next time 🤣😂🤣
WG 11 aylar önce
He only dominated a running back. Get real.
Mark Allen
Mark Allen 11 aylar önce
@Steven Garrison I think Bama wins also.
Steven Garrison
Steven Garrison 11 aylar önce
@Mark Allen I think Bama wins honestly , Nick Saben owns Kirby Smart
John Doe
John Doe 11 aylar önce
Michigan fan here. Proud of the Buckeyes for pulling this one out. Our loss yesterday sucked, so it's nice to see a Big Ten team (even my most hated rival) beat the Pac 12 champs in the Rose Bowl.
Nathaniel Lathy
Nathaniel Lathy 7 aylar önce
@Bud Tommy what makes 1 Division better than the other when there's National Champions from both? Is it the Alabama and rest of Southeastern Conference?
Bud Tommy
Bud Tommy 7 aylar önce
@Nathaniel Lathy SEC west the best.
Nathaniel Lathy
Nathaniel Lathy 7 aylar önce
@Bud Tommy SEC Invitational
Bud Tommy
Bud Tommy 7 aylar önce
It was great to see 2 Southern teams from the SEC play for the national championship.
Zachary Sturgeon
Zachary Sturgeon 8 aylar önce
@A J You're the one who sounds like a loser bro
Luke Speweike
Luke Speweike 11 aylar önce
Utah’s tight ends and covey balled out today much respect! The young receivers are gonna be so good for Ohio State Smith-Njigba is a monster already, Harrison Jr., Fleming, and Ebuka are great too. Ohio State’s defense just needs to step up next year and they could contend for the championship again
Edwin Bell
Edwin Bell 11 aylar önce
Congratulations to Ohio State for a well fought Win and Congratulations to Utah for a competitive game and last but not least DESTROYING the Oregon Clucks. 😀😀😀😀😀
Matt J
Matt J 11 aylar önce
The Oregon Cucks*
skyhawkn5262y 4 aylar önce
Ute fan here. Losses are always painful - so much so, that I usually never watch replays/highlights of games where Utah loses. It took me over 6 months to watch highlights of this game. But, I'm glad I did, because that was just an incredible football game! Congrats to Ohio State on the victory. What an incredible performance by Stroud and Smith-Njigba.
ToddAndelin 8 aylar önce
Smith-Njigba... one of the finest athletic performances of all time in any sport ever...
Aiden Hess
Aiden Hess 11 aylar önce
Class effort by Utah. I wanted them to win even as an Oregon fan who had my team get smacked by them twice. And don’t even get me started on those jerseys and helmets, they are beautiful. Looking forward to the 2022 Utah vs Oregon matchup 🤝
Frank O'Connor
Frank O'Connor 11 aylar önce
What an amazing game! Congrats OSU. Such a wild back-and-forth affair
MrDestiny2011 11 aylar önce
A true Buckeye never quits! Great win OHIO!
Michael Steele
Michael Steele 4 aylar önce
@Bud Tommy just like y'all quit against Georgia huh? 💀 Shut up ur season ended just like ours did. No championship 💀🤣😂🤣😂💀😂🤣
Bud Tommy
Bud Tommy 7 aylar önce
They quit last year against Alabama...what are you talking about.
Big Zeek
Big Zeek 11 aylar önce
@Retron5 I-O
Retron5 11 aylar önce
rgman2858 Aylar önce
Have watched this every few months since the game and it is one of the best games I've watched in my 38 years on earth. The momentum swings were unreal
Apex of War
Apex of War 11 aylar önce
I felt like I watched an entire season of football in those 3 hours. What a game!
David Swenson
David Swenson 11 aylar önce
Best Bowl Game of the year!! Go Utes!!
Dan Hughes
Dan Hughes 11 aylar önce
Best bowl game of the season this is how i wanna see teams play in the bowl season. Great game
True Riches J. Lewis
True Riches J. Lewis 11 aylar önce
Congratulations Ohio State!!!!! I stopped watching because it looked like your defense was going to lose it for you.
Matthew C
Matthew C 11 aylar önce
@Mike Mercer 11-2 and won the Rose Bowl with the youngest D in CFB. Lost our best safety in Proctor early on. He's back next year. Imagine this team with a top ten defense. Not so pathetic. No Rose bowl win is pathetic. The SEC was gifted another natty with the PATHETIC matchups of Cincy and Meatchicken. neither of them belonged. OSU would have scored more than a field goal against UGA FFS. Thats college football for ya. Michigan will go back into mediocrity for the next five years. OSU has 11 five stars on roster with more on the way.
Aric Gruber
Aric Gruber 11 aylar önce
@Mike Mercer they had like no defense of cordinator with mostly freshman, but now we got a Supposedly Great Defense of Cordinator starting tmrw ,hope the defense is better next year
True Riches J. Lewis
True Riches J. Lewis 11 aylar önce
Bad fan I know but after such a great season, I couldn't bare to see them get smashed. So glad they came back and won 💯💯
Mike Mercer
Mike Mercer 11 aylar önce
The defense was a big let down this year. Pretty pathetic.
The Leafman Prophecies
The Leafman Prophecies 11 aylar önce
You. Stopped. Watching. Huh?
Mohamed Naaji
Mohamed Naaji 11 aylar önce
Very entertaining game! Kudos to both teams!
Aden Laipply
Aden Laipply 11 aylar önce
crazy to think if njigba knew 8 was behind him on that fumble he would've had 403 yards and 4 tds...
Matt J
Matt J 11 aylar önce
Stroud would have been the all time bowl passing leader if he had held on. He ended up like 3 yards short of the all time record and would have put him at over 600 yards
HT VLOGS 11 aylar önce
Now this is what the final four CFP should have been! Close, edge of your seat excitement!
Bud Tommy
Bud Tommy 7 aylar önce
No it should have been about the 4 top teams in the nation. With the top 2(Georgia & Alabama) playing for the national championship.
K Simon
K Simon 11 aylar önce
@Johnathan Beicher Yeah got 458 yards asleep… imagine what they would have done if they were awake lol.
GDJ 11 aylar önce
@Tj Adams Well in case you forgot, Ohio State switched it's defensive coordinator after the Oregon game. Also, when CJ Verdell was playing for Oregon they were a different team. They got worse progressively throughout the year. Not really excuses either. Can't win every single game.
Tj Adams
Tj Adams 11 aylar önce
@GDJ ok u got the weather one but what’s the excuse for losing at HOME to a terrible Oregon team that got blew out it’s final 3 games 🤔
Robert Truesdale
Robert Truesdale 11 aylar önce
To each his own, I personally like to see a a lick of defense lol. OSU probably wouldn't have even beat Cincy🤣never got to watch you guys this year but didn't know your D was that bad. You guy's would probably be in the natty if you had atleast a backbone on D though
MARIA- 🔥𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 [𝐋!𝐯𝐞]
Game of the year for sure, even one of the best games of all time that we have just witnessed
Game of the year for sure, even one of the best games of all time that we have just witnessed
Hugo Ortiz
Hugo Ortiz 11 aylar önce
Que juego tan espectacular!
Jason Sandlin
Jason Sandlin 7 aylar önce
I was at a bar watching this game in ohio and the atmosphere in the bar was incredible at the end when the buckeyes won. Everyone was singing and dancing.
rippletea 11 aylar önce
wow- beautiful game! I hope many of the players that played get far in the industry!
Antonio Girtman
Antonio Girtman 11 aylar önce
Covey sure did wonders for his draft stock🔥
Mark&Nan 11 aylar önce
Utah didn't look scared of ohio st. They stood in there trading haymakers. Good for them.
Charles Barkey
Charles Barkey 8 aylar önce
@DP Savage Tv Utah didn't have their best Corners and your point! I will one up you. Utah has maybe 1, 5 star and 3, 4 stars starting. So relax trigger.
DP Savage Tv
DP Savage Tv 11 aylar önce
Osu didn’t even have they best wR’s playing
Zov 11 aylar önce
@yee yee Utah had injured players and 2 dead players…
Rusty Redick
Rusty Redick 11 aylar önce
Why would Utah be afraid of Ohio state 🤔 they are evenly matched
Travis Hobbs
Travis Hobbs 11 aylar önce
@yee yee Utah had a backup running back playing corner against Njgba and a very thin secondary overall, I'd say it evens out.
eric barner
eric barner 11 aylar önce
That was a bare knuckle street fight. Love to see it
Eloy Anzualda
Eloy Anzualda 8 aylar önce
Cameron Rising was incredible during this game, he really reminded me of another Cam, that being Cam Newton, the way he patrolled the pocket, escaped, and ripped that ball where it needed to be was really special
GrayHairDontCare 11 aylar önce
As a Buckeye, I was so frustrated watching us not be able to tackle them!
ZTS_Clix 11 aylar önce
My opinion game of the year in college football that game had more big plays then most teams have all season.. Utah and Ohio both played there hearts out...
Dylan 11 aylar önce
I watched this live and mannnnn it was amazing I was constantly getting out of my seat 😂😂
Chadd Trissel
Chadd Trissel 11 aylar önce
An absolute shootout the best rose 🌹 bowl I’ve seen in 10 yrs
Joel Travis
Joel Travis 11 aylar önce
That pass and catch to take the lead in 4th by Stroud and JSN is just unbelievable
keontyzelle 99
keontyzelle 99 11 aylar önce
What a marvelous game, loved the effort from both teams but in the end my buckeyes came through!
Stanford Cardinal
Stanford Cardinal 5 aylar önce
Excellent Rose Bowl 🌹..Congrats to The Ohio State.
fishbone3333 11 aylar önce
I was actually hoping that Utah would tie up the game quickly at 45-45 late in the 4th. When they did and left nearly 2 minutes on the clock, I knew the game was over.
fishbone3333 11 aylar önce
@Kurt Morris Oh, yeah.....forgot about Rising going down. Tough call either way, Kurt.
Kurt Morris
Kurt Morris 11 aylar önce
@fishbone3333 yeah that's tough to weigh. go to overtime and have a 50/50 vs the percentage of getting a 2 pt play, but they had a brand new QB who was just on his first drive ever. But also weighing in the fact that there's still time for OSU to go down and kick the winning fg which Utah's defense had been unable to stop so that's a great point.
fishbone3333 11 aylar önce
@Kurt Morris What Utah should have done was go for two. If they were successful, that would have put more pressure on the Buckeyes in that they HAD to respond and might have to take risks. When the game is tied you at least have the mental state of mind that you have OT to fall back on. As a Buckeye fan, I was very relieved when Utah did not go for 2
Kurt Morris
Kurt Morris 11 aylar önce
same here plus I felt they should have done an on sides kick but my brother and his friend said that would be to risky and then when Ohio st returned the kick to the 50 yd line I just cleared my throat sarcastically and they assured me that I was right.
TheFoyer13 11 aylar önce
I said the same thing. They gave the buckeyes just enough time to seal the deal.
Ivan DeSantis
Ivan DeSantis 11 aylar önce
If # 11 for OSU had not lost the ball at the end of the 1st half near the end zone he would have eclipsed 400 yards in receiving yardage
Ivan DeSantis
Ivan DeSantis 11 aylar önce
@william barnicle Yeah I had that wrong thank you
william barnicle
william barnicle 11 aylar önce
He still.get credit for that yardage
Swiftie4life 11 aylar önce
As a Ute fan here, I was very proud of todays performance. Hats off and congrats to Ohio. Hard fought game on both sides! 🖤❤️
kryer981 11 aylar önce
You all should be proud. Even when your QB went down the team still fought to the end.
The Sidekicks Podcast
The Sidekicks Podcast 11 aylar önce
This game was great! Both teams played well
leeuniverse 11 aylar önce
Man, I was actually hoping Utah would win that, they were playing so well. Likely the most improved team in College football this year, after losing to BYU then just dominating the last half of their season.
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