Ronaldo and Cuadrado heated altercation during UCL match Juventus vs Porto

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Footage of a heated altercation between Cristiano Ronaldo and Juan Cuadrado as showcased in Amazon’s ‘All or Nothing’ documentary, which provides an inside look at ongoings at some of Europe’s top clubs, the 36-year-old embarked on a rant at his teammates upon returning to the dressing room whilst trailing 1-0 at half-time during Juventus vs Porto.Juan Cuadrado, for one, was quick to urge Ronaldo to keep his cool, though, pleading with the Portuguese to ‘be an example’. After that, Juventus coach Andrea Pirlo looks to calm things down. Juventus would eventually go on to lose the tie 3-2 and Ronaldo would leave Turin to join Manchester United at the end of the transfer window.

Credit: Amazon




25 Kas 2021




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VLADIATOR Aylar önce
WATCH ALL THE EPISODES FROM THE JUVENTUS DOCUMENTARY ON AMAZON HERE: amzn.to/3CVqJ7x This scene happens in episode 6. GUYS! Please subscribe and check my other awesome videos with Ronaldo & Messi. Cheers!
@Kance Kance that's not the music i just watched
Kance Kance
Kance Kance Gün önce
True words
RATEPI. EXCLU 9 gün önce
0:43 musik please
Fajar Nurcahya
Fajar Nurcahya 20 gün önce
Beneziel Pereira
Beneziel Pereira 29 gün önce
Verdade mano
Joseph Glay
Joseph Glay Aylar önce
I'm not a Ronaldo fan, but that part he said " I'm included too, we all played sh**" really got me. The man is actually more a leader than people portray him.
KILLING HEROS 5 gün önce
Anime is awesome, so what's your problem, boy????
mmmmmm 13 gün önce
I am also a Ronaldo fan but I think Messi is much much better than him , any one can say anything ..
FifiLove Ug
FifiLove Ug 18 gün önce
That's why he's da king💪❤
Vitor Ismael
Vitor Ismael 19 gün önce
@Colt45 you wouldn’t even been selected to play ahahaha
Vitor Ismael
Vitor Ismael 19 gün önce
@Colt45 do you think you can do better than him ahahah
Ngoko Tbl
Ngoko Tbl Aylar önce
✨I'm included too, we all played sh**"✨, ✨ This is a Champion‘s league match✨ Love That…
Modal Sedekah
Modal Sedekah 17 gün önce
Messi vs Ronaldo 2022, Who's The Real GOAT? 🔥 Link trvid.com/video/video-78cCMk3whTI.html
Joao Paulo Scaglia
Joao Paulo Scaglia Aylar önce
Because of that mentality CR7 and Messi are who they are
Nilesh Hiray
Nilesh Hiray Aylar önce
@Klaus Mickelson i love trolling penaldo fans :) but in this case i think its really true
Klaus Mickelson
Klaus Mickelson Aylar önce
@Nilesh Hiray haha nicely changed the entire situation
Nilesh Hiray
Nilesh Hiray Aylar önce
what cuadrado said though is that you played shite so you have no right to shout on everyone.. clearly the dressing room lacked respect for him.. thats proly why juve went south with him and more so without him
nik11 Aylar önce
"I'm included too" that's leadership and a great example. No mistake why his been one of the best ever to play the game.
Selfmade Trends
Selfmade Trends 20 gün önce
He only said I’m included too when Cuduado stood up to him
EG Civic
EG Civic 25 gün önce
@G. Vieira "we played like shit", he was already including himself
Academia Coaching
Academia Coaching 28 gün önce
G. Vieira
G. Vieira 29 gün önce
he included himself just because Cuadrado fight back
VANTAGE_FX Aylar önce
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Sad Papa
Sad Papa 2 gün önce
When he said, “I’m included too”, i 100% understood why he is one the top footballer in the world. If not the best.
Kevin Wakli Fitness
I'm a Messi fan all around and Cristiano's hardwork on the pitch; I honestly Love this💯
Legends of the Game
Legends of the Game 23 gün önce
Yep! Checkout this one: trvid.com/video/video-vZXHgy1NfQI.html
Samuel Stevens
Samuel Stevens Aylar önce
Hard work? I never see him track back and help his team mates when they are under the cosh
kB KinG
kB KinG Aylar önce
You are holy shit
Neil Wahlang
Neil Wahlang Aylar önce
Me too but I dnt like when he throw the jersey of the club on the floor.
Achmad Bilal Hamdani
Me too
Man Dem
Man Dem Aylar önce
It wasn’t even a fight. Ronaldo was spitting facts and Cuadrado just tried to calm him down but didn’t disagree with him.
Sheharyar Mubashar
Sheharyar Mubashar 12 gün önce
Selfmade Trends
Selfmade Trends 20 gün önce
He told him he needs to set an example which is right. He doesn’t do that, and it’s evident. Team must play for him or this is how he behaves. That’s why Man Utd look so imbalanced now, even in this video he’s not the same Ronaldo of his Real Madrid golden years. He’s on the decline.
NuclearIcy Aylar önce
Cuadrado was also sort of right though. this team had absolutely 0 chemistry and that is why they lost. this "Speech" didnt help
MoDr01 Aylar önce
@Niels C. Check out the Formula 1 "fans" Nothing beats them in toxicity
JEÑÑY 🅥 Aylar önce
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Marcus Carvalho
Marcus Carvalho 13 gün önce
O CR é diferenciado fisicamente e mentalmente, por isso chegou em alto nível com essa idade. Ao contrário de jogadores acomodados que tanto faz ganharem ou perderem, desde que o dinheiro esteja na conta todos os meses.
Neil Squires
Neil Squires Aylar önce
Best footballer of all time in passion, drive, skill, abilities... the man has it all. It's a great example to young aspiring footballers on how to treat the game... I'm an Arsenal fan and you can't not appreciate how good this man is.
VANTAGE_FX Aylar önce
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MD Sharif
MD Sharif Aylar önce
CR7's spirit, dedication and desire made him different from others which people misunderstood him as arrogant!
Tomas Banyák
Tomas Banyák Aylar önce
this is what makes him the best, he won everything several times still has the passion and the willingness to win everything, respect in every way my idol ❤️
Brandon Martinez
Brandon Martinez 14 gün önce
@Michael Leonard Jensen in the Sunday league
Michael Leonard Jensen
@Your Daddy Why did you call me stupid? I play football myself, scored 644 goals 😎
Your Daddy
Your Daddy Aylar önce
@Michael Leonard Jensen a lot of great player didn't win the world cup, does Messi sound familiar stupid
Michael Leonard Jensen
He has not won the FIFA World Cup, yet 🏆
Gustlik Aylar önce
This is the reason why this guy is a true champ. He wants to be the best always, doesnt matters with who he play or against. THIS IS PASSION.
Timmy Ggz tv
Timmy Ggz tv 19 gün önce
Ronaldo the🐐🏆☄☄
Moon Obio
Moon Obio Aylar önce
trvid.com/video/video-xghI5l1spW4.html hi j
Johnaa Johni
Johnaa Johni Aylar önce
@rajdeep what did pessi do when he was losing 8-2😂
Dark Lord
Dark Lord Aylar önce
@XRPedro during match they haven't given their best this is the point ronaldo and bonucci saying they play shot ucl is not an easy game thats the point of Ronaldo
THUNDER & joy Aylar önce
Yes as long as he can admit he also played sh!t too....its a team game
Oliver Smit Saunders
When a legend knows that he messed up too ! That's when you know he's a born leader
Jermaine Ramsay
Jermaine Ramsay Aylar önce
When he said “you have to include yourself”, the whole Ronaldo was saying “We”. He never excluded himself from the team in the conversation.
VANTAGE_FX Aylar önce
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Yane Moua
Yane Moua 14 gün önce
I love his winning mentality. He's an amazing example for me
Christian Gollnick
Christian Gollnick Aylar önce
As a FC Porto fan I watch this with a smile on my face… 💙💙💙
Romeu Martins
Romeu Martins 27 gün önce
Me too 😃🤍💙💪👏👏👏👏👏
Camilo Aviles
Camilo Aviles Aylar önce
I like how he said “this is a champions league match” and it gets quiet the players know what he’s talking about from his 5X champion experiences.
Sadachart Aylar önce
Penaldo always cries.. factos
Tabah Ghifary
Tabah Ghifary Aylar önce
He scored a bicycle kick againts the very same team
Javier Marrón
Javier Marrón Aylar önce
Plese STOP talking that "X player won X titles" like this is tennis or boxing. In football THE TEAMS win the titles, not one player. Cristiano didn'd win those 5 champions by himself, he won those champions because he was part of good teams. What happened when he was in a shit team like that Juve? How many Champions he won?
HeWho C
HeWho C Aylar önce
And if United hadn’t faced one of the best Barca teams in history, he’d have 2 more so he’d be on 6. Your argument works both ways.
HeWho C
HeWho C Aylar önce
Yeah, he’s only won 5 CL’s. What would he know?
Edgar Friendly
Edgar Friendly Aylar önce
This is exactly why I love Ronaldo.
I love the fact he said I'm included we played shit. He always like pushing him self and others to bring out their best
Accky Mumbi
Accky Mumbi Aylar önce
Messi will always be my favorite player But I can't deny the fact that Ronaldo is a more leader than Messi
Mark Max
Mark Max 28 gün önce
No is more leader. C.Ronaldo is Leader and Messi NO.
Marcus Vinicius Gomes Reck
Se eu sou um jogador da Juventus e vejo o C. Ronaldo falando assim no vestiário fico em choque, tá louco kkkkkk
Almost Honey
Almost Honey Aylar önce
I respect Ronaldo not bcoz of his goals but his mentality... "WINNING MENTALITY"
Fajar Nurcahya
Fajar Nurcahya 20 gün önce
Legends of the Game
Legends of the Game 23 gün önce
For sure! Nice video! Checkout this one: trvid.com/video/video-vZXHgy1NfQI.html
MoDr01 Aylar önce
@kurosawajin4869 Italian mixed with Spanish. Mostly Spanish.
Ts plays
Ts plays Aylar önce
@M. ALI ahahahah
Austin Joseph
Austin Joseph Aylar önce
@bigboymatthew oh wow then can we all agree messi just curves the ball nothing much to it everyone can do that stop complaining and hating and start respecting disrespect towards a player is disrespectful towards football
Cesar Acosta
Cesar Acosta Aylar önce
Cr7 demostrando liderazgo y entrega en cada partido
Egzon Jasari
Egzon Jasari Aylar önce
And this make him the best player in history💖
Libaaxa Leerta Jiifa Channel
You got to love this guy, I have never seen Messi heated up like this with his colleagues, which tells you the can of leader he is. Ronaldo has my respect.
HSA FootballWorld
HSA FootballWorld 25 gün önce
Messi is a better footballer than Ronaldo but not a better leader.
DiK Aylar önce
@sixfiftychris 😁😁
sixfiftychris Aylar önce
Haha I don’t know why but you calling him Rolando instead of Ronaldo made me laugh
YAW BOAKYE Aylar önce
I'm not a big fan of him but he's right on this one. Sometimes I think the responsibility lies more on the players than the coach.
Zen Aylar önce
this should be shown to people who always whine about ronaldo being selfish and blaming others he literally says he's included too,they as a whole were playing bad but the media likes to paint him as a bad guy 🙃
khule guliwe
khule guliwe Aylar önce
@Jesus Palmerin Didn't Man Utd get thrashed 5 - 0 by Liverpool with Ronaldo playin 90 min but no one saw him on the pitch?
Haziq Ariff
Haziq Ariff Aylar önce
@khule guliwe how's juve current striker doing this season?
Detroit Vs everybody
@Amit Garu Actually by forbes , fifa and france football , idc if ronaldo has 0 like i said before im not a cristiano fan is there something wrong with u.. missi has 6 and today is the award what kind of fan are u dont even know how much he has LMAOO!
Amit Garu
Amit Garu Aylar önce
@Detroit Vs everybody ranked by the penaldogs like you may be. How do you feel messi winning 7 ballond'ors. Pendu just 5. and won't be playing world cup. How do you feel pendu?
Detroit Vs everybody
@Amit Garu penadu has been ranked greatest off all time even greater than missi.. and this is not me saying this this is the media what are you trying to prove? How stupid you are? Btw im not a penaldo fan he cries to much but facts are facts and you just cant embrace it because you love missi to much HOW DO YOU FEEL? 😂
Offor Ekene Stephen
See The Super star crying like he hasn't been there before..condemning himself too .... RONALDO IS A TRUE PROUDLESS LEADER❤❤❤❤❤
zEmS mUnLuO
zEmS mUnLuO Aylar önce
Respect His Dedication
Maldi Pratamar
Maldi Pratamar Aylar önce
When he said I’m included too. That’s when I know how down to earth CR is~
Twimbo Aylar önce
The man has 5 Champions League medals but still has mad passion for the game, respect. Even the club veterans are just sitting there all quiet like yeah, if CR7 is ranting best keep out of it.
Vision Golele
Vision Golele Aylar önce
Ronaldo has a winning mentality, he wants to win always...we can't blame him for that.
Carlitos Brigante
Carlitos Brigante 4 gün önce
@Anusha Jain 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Carlitos Brigante
Carlitos Brigante 4 gün önce
@Vision Golele 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Brut waa
Brut waa 19 gün önce
ronaldo wants to win for himself not for the team he played for, even that's portugal.
Timmy Ggz tv
Timmy Ggz tv 19 gün önce
Ronaldo the🐐🏆☄☄
Jenkins Cooper
Jenkins Cooper 20 gün önce
So u trying to say the his team mates dnt have winning mentality right so they play to lost?
I Aylar önce
Pirlo's voice! Whenever Pirlo usually talks, he sounds like he just got out of bed
miguel soberon
miguel soberon Aylar önce
Tremendo jugador..no es mi favorito pero hay que aceptar que el tipo es el mejor es esto!
Sugata Sen Mazumdar
Am an ABSOLUTE Messi fan, but SALUTE CR7 here for what he said and how he said it👏👏👏
Alexander The Great
Alexander The Great 4 gün önce
Both of them displayed leadership. Amazing!!!!
Johnfrancis Okijet
Johnfrancis Okijet Aylar önce
And Ronaldo was right...... you've got to be fierce in UCL........
Henry G
Henry G Aylar önce
@Trevez Allen how is he a disaster? if not him, do you think man utd would have beaten villa__
Devonsb Aylar önce
@Mark 1 a disaster ?😂 two player in the month awards and 13 goals qualifying his team for ucl is disaster?😂
Mr. Opinion
Mr. Opinion Aylar önce
@Mark 1 he is not a disaster bro he scored a decent amount of goals and still fits in at this age which is a big thing in itself . Don't get influenced by ronaldo is the problem 😷 videos
Raymond Atwiine
Raymond Atwiine Aylar önce
@Mark 1 what are u going to say when ManUtd have got their shit together? Disappear into obscurity? Back to your mother's basement hoping CR7 flops for the rest of his life?
Chris P. Bacon
Chris P. Bacon Aylar önce
@Mark 1 A disaster? Ronaldo is having a good season mate.
Vitor Alcobia
Vitor Alcobia Aylar önce
Ronaldo e unico, EU ja vi muitos jogadores, mas com o Ronaldo numca vi e um Rei... Lenda
Jota Erre
Jota Erre 24 gün önce
tiago 1:17
Hugo Luk
Hugo Luk 24 gün önce
El mejor de la historia para mi siempre sera Messi, pero en cuanto a mentalidad de querer ganarlo todo lo de este tio es grandioso, hoy en dia les hace falta a los jugadores entregar el todo por el todo y este jugador lo representa, podra perder o ganar pero nadie duda que lo da todo por ganar, como tiene que ser siempre.
Gewoon 020 Amsterdam
Im a messi fam but man what do i love this !!! 😂
Jefox Aylar önce
Ronaldo agiu corretamente, cobrou do elenco e dele mesmo, por um melhor desempenho!
Jithin Daniel
Jithin Daniel Aylar önce
If I'm the manager, I would be more than happy to step out and let Cris speak when it's a crucial UCL game.... He is the one who cracked the UCL code.... He knows what it takes to win this title... Mentality man... Insane🔥🔥
Imza Fisher
Imza Fisher Aylar önce
@Raymond Atwiine learn to accept reality bro. Man u much worse this season . Not event in top 6 standing in domestic league. Man u without ronaldo last season not lower than top 4. Ronaldo was nothing at madrid without their midfield trio. Even benzema is in the top of score sheet right now. Easy pass,easy cross of course they can make goal.
det nemt
det nemt Aylar önce
@Xtreme He was pretty lackluster in 3 of the 4 finals, Ramos saved them in 13-14 final, Bale was brilliant in the 15-16 final and the 17-18 final. Ronaldo didn't do anything in the 17-18 semi final, he didnt do anything in the 15-16 semifinal, he was great through the whole 16-17 champions league season, he was great up until the semi final in the 17-18 campaign.
Xtreme Aylar önce
@det nemt thats not even fair , so lets say madrid did , ur saying any other player whould have scored what he did? Ofc a single man cant win nothing but a especial player can make the difference and that what he did , he did what no other player has ever done before .so has far has im concerned he did cracked the code for what a single man can do o a team in the hardest competition in the world.
eric conte
eric conte Aylar önce
@Ts plays Manchester united destroyed good job
Ts plays
Ts plays Aylar önce
@eric conte bad player😭😭 most goals in football history
Chandan Behera
Chandan Behera Aylar önce
Best word say by Pirlo a true legend
Lucifer Morningstar
It's the first time ever I heard Pirlo talk LOUD 🤣🤣🤣
Emre Can
Emre Can 2 gün önce
What an ambition 👍👍 although he already has everything respect
Darius Baja
Darius Baja Aylar önce
I love stuff like this . I always wonder and really wish I can see n hear what goes on in the dressing rooms amongst players and coaches. Why isn't there more stuff like this available? Or is there and I just don't know where to watch
22 Aylar önce
Pirlo explaining like a high school professor
Save. Labianco
Save. Labianco Aylar önce
Stfa pirlo is a true legend
Pepe Trueno
Pepe Trueno Aylar önce
Cristiano is a cry baby
Jedediyah Aaron Yisrael
@Xavier What has that got to do with anything?
Mr blank
Mr blank Aylar önce
@Xavier 5 in ps 2, 2 in ps 4 and xbox and yeah on FIFA 20 mobile to
Cristiano Bekii
Cristiano Bekii Aylar önce
Bruno 19 gün önce
Soy Argentino amo a Messi pero tambien amo a Ronaldo esa mentalidad ese espiritu ganador uuff me inspira es contagioso sos un ejemplo Cristiano nadie te regala nada todo se obtiene gracias a la diciplina y sacrificio gracias crack!!.
Del Aylar önce
Imagine what he's said in the United dressing room this season!
Ric Stephens
Ric Stephens Aylar önce
This is what separates him from every other player. Next level competitive attitude. You saw the same in Michael Jordan.
Domagoj Rubil
Domagoj Rubil Aylar önce
It's pure and simple,this guy is among rarest players in any sport that plays first for passion,glory,and money comes at last
Amabex Hernández Camacho
CR7 always truthful to the team. He blames himself and keeps a winning mentality. That’s the personality that makes him the best.
Dylan A.
Dylan A. Aylar önce
@Valery Mills saying he made them worse while Ronaldo made them win the Italian supercup that they didn't win since 2015 . He didn't make them worse , he made them better by winning more titles than previous seasons . 😉 But as usual from footix like yourself you have nothing to say except writing embarrassing comments with so much crying laughing emojis as though you were an 8 year old kid. Can you even write a sentence without an emoji anymore or is that gonna be too difficult because Ronaldo ruined your life ?
Valery Mills
Valery Mills Aylar önce
@Mr. Opinion dude I’m not here for your baseless argument 😂 I wrote a lot and all you think about is what I said about Messi or Ronaldo I’m not into the blabbing and who is what or not 😏
Valery Mills
Valery Mills Aylar önce
@Dylan A. 😂😂😂😂 You mean the title juve was winning for the past 8 years before he came 😂 What is record of goals , fanboys always abusing words 😂.. he made them worse, Ronaldo’s time in juve , every season they were getting short of a title until they lost the title they were winning every year . How can you save a club that doesn’t need saving 😂, Seria A was always for juve but they lost it apparently when Ronaldo joined You just going in circles because you can’t give me one significant thing he added to that club 😂 They became worse every season when he joined, this is basic statistic you can check it out Record of goals 😂 😂, what was the record of goals ? Just making things up 😂
M. ALI Aylar önce
@Ravishan Ooh yeqhhhhhh
Dylan A.
Dylan A. Aylar önce
@Valery Mills What he added ? More trophies to the collection and new records of goals like he usually does. Ronaldo definitely did what he had to do for 2 times in a row , this team had bigger issues than Cr7 and it's clear when you consider Ronaldo gives them a 1-0 at half time and they manage to lose 2-1 . A lack of good coaching and inconsistent will to win. Hence why they sacked these coaches if we play by the facts. These are demonstrated in the latest documentary where the directorial management spoke about that and also said " I approached cristiano at the end of the game and thanked him for winning me another cup like really everytime " - Roberto Baronio says after winning Italy super cup while Pavel Nedved nods in agreement. Great moment tbh But please do tell me one man who won the UCL by himself 😉
Lhinghoikim Kim
Lhinghoikim Kim Aylar önce
He loves to win,and that's commendable 👍♥️
Juliano Júnior
Juliano Júnior 14 gün önce
O Porto sempre destrói os cérebros dos jogadores kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Shamnu Hussain
Shamnu Hussain Aylar önce
Ronaldo's attitude 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Rosiji Richie
Rosiji Richie Aylar önce
A true leader 🔥
Saran Aylar önce
Passion like this is rare in today's football 💙💙💙
sherixxn Aylar önce
They're breeding out passion and skill modern football is pure tactics and efficiency.
bigboymatthew Aylar önce
Saran Aylar önce
@Valbon Abduramani you too Valbon.
Valbon Abduramani
Valbon Abduramani Aylar önce
@Saran have a nice life 👍
Saran Aylar önce
@James JJJ no saying something is rare isn't the same as saying no one else has passion. Please get a grip on yourselves you group of people.
Indranil Bhattacharya
Only this kind of hunger and passion made a legend
Adrian T
Adrian T Aylar önce
when cr7 talk about football nobody talk!! come on. this man is huge personality huge player!!
D Zombas
D Zombas Aylar önce
How many of you expected something totally different? 😂😂
Paolo Arcadio
Paolo Arcadio 24 gün önce
RESPECT 🔥🔥🔥 That mentality tho 💯💯💯💯
tritone11 Aylar önce
I actually like how Ronaldo goes about his work. He is always up front to himself, with brutal honesty, otherwise he would have never been able to craft the player he became.
RhiboNuclicAcid! 🧬
@Raheem hmm! That sounds and looks senseful!
RhiboNuclicAcid! 🧬
I like how you formed this Para...
Tahmid Ahmed
Tahmid Ahmed Aylar önce
@UC8eGos_I7yhGNKte0iUVmZw you fool so if you lose you didnt play well, what a dumb answer. So if messi loses then he played bad. If you follow that rule then ronaldo and messi arent goats. Your telling me mustafi won the world cuo does thqt mean he played good you fool
Chofni Leidsman
Chofni Leidsman Aylar önce
@Farinz Amani bro that means he is playing well Ronaldo isn't entirely the on that has to stop goals thats mostly mid field and defenders so you comment just doesn't make sense cause he played well
tritone11 Aylar önce
@Raheem You’re a waste of time. Either you haven‘t even seen the games or you lack the football knowledge to assess Manchester United‘s weaknesses. Bye.
Carlos Adir Cathal Bardin
Pirlo's voice lmao 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
blackfrancis55 Aylar önce
Oh, I would have loved to seen him after Manchester United 0 Liverpool 5!!! 😂
Yasin KIRAN Aylar önce
Şu adamın hırsına hayranım yenilgi yi hazmedemiyor futbolun gladyatörü.
Benjii Pz
Benjii Pz 13 gün önce
Será un gran entrenador de futbol
J K Aylar önce
Even being a Messi fan boy , I should admire the tremendous spirit of winning mentality in Cristiano.
MOBI GAMEXZ 7 gün önce
Stop this Messi / Ronaldo fanboy in the comment when the video is about Messi or CR7 . This kind of comments mostly brings toxicity in the community. Just say the damn thing , we didn't ask whether you're a Messi or Ronaldo fan. Bruh , no hate :)
Markyyy 13 gün önce
18+++ in video
Daniel 14 gün önce
@IPF Gaming Neither Ronaldo nor Messi deserved the Ballon D'or in 2013. If you watched football back then you would know that Ribery was the one that deserved it the most, and therefore I kinda of agree with your statement that it was unfair, however I do not think that Messi deserved it, just like he didn't in 2021 and just like Modric didn't deserve it as well a couple of years ago.
Modal Sedekah
Modal Sedekah 17 gün önce
Messi vs Ronaldo 2022, Who's The Real GOAT? Link trvid.com/video/video-78cCMk3whTI.html
Timmy Ggz tv
Timmy Ggz tv 19 gün önce
Ronaldo the 🐐🏆☄☄
O C Aylar önce
Cuadrado : "You have to be a good example to the team" Ronaldo : " we played like shit including myself" Cuadrado goes on to look in da mirror and slaps himself
mark taylor
mark taylor Aylar önce
The man's got a winning mentality. I could see Cr7 retiring from football and being a racing driver for another decade or something. Fuck it. Get him a jockey and he'll win the grand national. 🏇
Ibrahim Khan
Ibrahim Khan Aylar önce
I like how he says "we" instead of "you played like sh**".
Los Chupaflor
Los Chupaflor Aylar önce
"Hay que tener personalidad!" : Ronaldo. Un crack!
Los Chupaflor
Los Chupaflor Aylar önce
@Mr Cheto :v por qué sería diferente si lo dice Messi? El es otro crack y otra estrella del fútbol internacional. Saludos!
Mr Cheto :v
Mr Cheto :v Aylar önce
Te imaginas que lo diga messi xd se cagan de risa sus compañeros 😂😂
Dino Padayachee
Dino Padayachee Aylar önce
Watching this as a United fan and wondering what he may have been thinking and saying behind the scenes because the team performances have been horrific. I admire his drive and fight. That's what makes anyone, in any walk of life and in any aspect of life be on top and stay on top
stevefrompolaca Aylar önce
he learned from the master of the dressing room... Keano Keano Keano... probably the best midfield general ever.
John Wick
John Wick Aylar önce
He said “I should have gone to City”
SantomPh Aylar önce
remember when Ole asked the team what was wrong and they all pointed to him? shows what's wrong with the squad. Yes he was a rubbish manager but they were the ones playing on the pitch. Ronaldo has every right to be angry but unlike the Juventus team the United team were all just there for the ego
Zino Millil
Zino Millil Aylar önce
@RoB_LoXx I'm dead serious
RoB_LoXx Aylar önce
@Zino Millil u cant be serious 🤣🤣🤣🤣
James McCarthy
James McCarthy 3 gün önce
People seem to be confusing berating your own players with being a leader..
DadiLeBoss Aylar önce
this a champions league match, we need to have character 👏👏👏 i am not his fan but i really like what he said
Athanasios Papadopoulos
Athanasios Papadopoulos 8 saatler önce
I am with Pirlo. That's the mentality
Young Blood Dreams
Young Blood Dreams Aylar önce
Ronaldo Really awesome hard worker... He also blamed to himself appreciate 👏👏👏
lator Aylar önce
Ronaldo's mentality is one of the greatest lessons I've learned from football.
Mpownage Aylar önce
@Boboiboy93 he won cdr lol
JEÑÑY 🅥 Aylar önce
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Haziq Rahimi
Haziq Rahimi Aylar önce
@Boboiboy93 yeah jorginho did good but messi did more than any of the contenders
Boboiboy93 Aylar önce
@Haziq Rahimi name me one major trophy Messi won when he was at barca until the end of season in May? Youre deluded if you think only forward can win Ballon D’or. Jorginho is a part of the equation no less. He played important role in defending and attacking part of both team he played with. Unless, he wouldnt make it to the top 3 list
Haziq Rahimi
Haziq Rahimi Aylar önce
@Boboiboy93 so winning club and int. tropies is the only way a player can win the ballon dor? jorginho can only dive and score pens btw
HulkVahkiin Aylar önce
Respect Ronaldo's passion
yunus tekerci
yunus tekerci 29 gün önce
Neden mi ranoldo tartışmasız gelmiş geçmiş en büyük futbolcu... ve en çok gol atan tek futbolcu...helal olsun
SonnyD'ChAmP Aylar önce
I am with Ronlado here.. Who's not frustrated when losing even you're favorite to win
Hrtley Gmr04
Hrtley Gmr04 11 gün önce
I'm a Messi fan but the passion Ronaldo has for this sport is immeasurable he's true leader
Oladele Timilehin
Oladele Timilehin Aylar önce
I remember the match against Porto, Juventus were really terrible actually. I was shocked at how badly they played. Ronaldo had every reason to be angry at that point and I like the fact that he spoke his mind. They ought to do better but they didn't!
HSA FootballWorld
HSA FootballWorld 25 gün önce
@Agenda21 Mass Genocide King of Europe should be the player that have won the maximum number of Balon dOr and that’s Messi. So Messi is the king of Europe.
Luis Ferreira
Luis Ferreira Aylar önce
@Mathew Van Ostin i watch both games, live. Porto were great in 1st leg. Deserve to win by 2 or more goals. Pepe was brillant in Turim. Porto right back, Manafá was bad in all 4 juve goals.
Mathew Van Ostin
Mathew Van Ostin Aylar önce
Go watch juventus porto extended/detailed highlight -Ronaldo had 3 very good on target shots that should have been goal but goalkeeper saved it - Ronaldo managed to catch a very bad pass from teamate that was suposed to be out the field. He catched it with his athletic speed and does a very smart pass to chiesa that finish it - did 4 very good dribble situation - did 2 very good pass to his teamates who totaly miss their shots 😂 - ronaldo was free and good posititon to score. But morata decide to not pass him the balls and shot. And usual miss the net lol Ronaldo is soo toxicaly sucessfull that each match where he doesnt score people assume he was bad 😆 i mean Momo salah dont score every game. Lewandowski dont score every game. Yet everyone worship them like goof players 😆
HieroglyphixHax Aylar önce
@Luis Ferreira The point is that Juventus player nonsense. You must be Portuguese 😂. I’m not saying Porto deserve no credit but this situation has nothing to do with giving Porto credit. Juventus were bad and that’s all that matters. No one cares about Porto 😂
Luis Ferreira
Luis Ferreira Aylar önce
@HieroglyphixHax so chelsea loose to Porto, because they were bad, but won the next 3 games vs Real (2) and City in the final. Porto did nothing to win against chelsea. Ahahahahaha, you no shit about footbal
Minh Nguyễn Khang
Anh ấy đã có tất cả những thứ giá trị nhất thế giới nhưng anh ấy luôn nghiêm khắc với bản thân❤️. CR7 số 1
oskar76239 Aylar önce
Iam a Juventus fan and that match was play very poorly and the fact that he included him self also as not playing well just like the rest of the team is very professional of him but his fans will say otherwise that it was juventus fault and not his I honestly don't care to much about him but CR7 should have some respect for the truth he just said
Haha 99
Haha 99 Aylar önce
As a Messi fan, I would follow CR7 to battle if he was my leader.
Cikgu Vishnu
Cikgu Vishnu Aylar önce
Respect for CR7
TheMaverick7 Aylar önce
This shows his passion ❤️ He is Mr.Champions League for a Reason
Hendi Pray
Hendi Pray Aylar önce
@Mr. Opinion well the greatest is still diego, and will always be
Mr. Opinion
Mr. Opinion Aylar önce
@Hendi Pray seedorf is not mr. Champions league he might be ONLY FOR YOU . But the WORLD KNOWS ITS Cr7 bro don't be dumb if winning with so many different clubs was a thing messi would never be the greatest
L E V I Aylar önce
@Hendi Pray you must be kidding. Seedorf ???
Hendi Pray
Hendi Pray Aylar önce
@Danny Great you dumb isn’t it? We talk about mr.champion league tittle, And you talk about ballon d’or..
Danny Great
Danny Great Aylar önce
@Hendi Pray how many UEFA best player does he have
Trustnobodi Aylar önce
Iam a Messi fan, But Ronaldo energy & Vibes are different. He Reminds me of Lebron James
As someone who just likes to kick back and relax I definitely not want to be on the same team as Ronaldo I know I don't deserve but even if I'm lucky I would pass 😂
Семён Гаёвский
That's why he is the GOAT
SelfMade Man Free
SelfMade Man Free Aylar önce
" we need to have caracter " !!!..... That's the caracter who make the difference between good people and legends...in regular life too...🦻🦻🦻
Shadow 110
Shadow 110 Aylar önce
That mentality is the reason he's one of the greatest ever. Notice he said "I'm included too" He judges himself, doesn't just blame those around him. That's why he has achieved such a high level of success.
J.A. Hernandez
J.A. Hernandez Gün önce
@MMA Shorts why do people say penaldo or pessi or anyother bs name it's just corny af
Modal Sedekah
Modal Sedekah 17 gün önce
Messi vs Ronaldo 2022, Who's The Real GOAT? Link trvid.com/video/video-78cCMk3whTI.html 🔥
Four Q
Four Q 25 gün önce
But they will never give him the ballandors they gove Messi
Furkan Yüksel
Furkan Yüksel Aylar önce
The greatest ever period..
Wallace Sousuke
Wallace Sousuke Aylar önce
Penaldo isnt even top 50
hifza iqbal
hifza iqbal Aylar önce
You can tell he is so dedicate to football and most important he not just tells the other players about how better they could play but also included himself which not a lot of people are do that
Toby Adkins
Toby Adkins Gün önce
It seems whenever a team is in this show they have a bad or off season
canal do fluminense sincero o bolado
Mentalidade vencedora ! Não foi melhor que ronaldo fenômeno mas individualmente ganhou mais títulos!
Jeff De Oliveira
Jeff De Oliveira 23 gün önce
I speak Portuguese and can understand the video well without translation, Ronaldo has a champion mentality
RobynBangz Aylar önce
Ronaldo is where he is because of what he has put into this game..🙌🏾Thats passion.
MadEye Aylar önce
@Flame Puppet what you talking about lad?Messi has 4 champions league,
MadEye Aylar önce
@Flame Puppet and then he came back and won the Copa, unlike your Ronaldo who cried like a baby after losing to Porto lol
Mr. Opinion
Mr. Opinion Aylar önce
@Preet Doshi watch cricket
Mr. Opinion
Mr. Opinion Aylar önce
@Shuvrato Bhattacharjee frustrated bengali ? Go watch Kolkata derby bro European football isn't for you 😂
Shaggy 8392
Shaggy 8392 Aylar önce
@Shuvrato Bhattacharjee - your arse has passion? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Karllytho Alejandro(Cove)
Ronaldo é monstro fato!admiro muito esse cara legal e verdadeiro ⚽️👏👏👏🇵🇹
fighting force
fighting force Aylar önce
Hahaha. Useless
Luca Lor
Luca Lor Aylar önce
He's damn right
125_ Mrigank
125_ Mrigank Aylar önce
Ronaldo making the dressing room of Manchester United like a MasterChef episode after every match 😂😂
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