Rod Wave - Rags2Riches 2 ft Lil Baby (Official Music Video)

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23 Eyl 2020




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RnBass Yıl önce
It’s good to see Rodwave day 1’s in here
I'm a 27 year old recovering drug addict. I've been homeless ( slept under bridges, on trains and buses, sometimes straight up just on the pavement) since I was 14. If I were to name every obstacle I've pushed through and overcome, many would be in disbelief or complete awe. This song here hits me in a way that makes me tear up with self pride and joy. To everyone going through a tough situation, things DON'T GET BETTER, WE DO !! Thank God for giving us another day to live and another day sober. Amen
Patricia Brzoska
This song tells a story from being poor to living it up really makes you think about life
Hazem Athimni
This shit never gets old 💙
Gods Property
I really don't get much into rap but when I heard my son playing it I listened to the words and it touched me and the beat. This song can inspire many of people that once you put your mind to it you can accomplish things in life and I am glad this young man made it after listening to a couple more of his songs. I like when he says it doesn't phase me. He want forget where he came from
Serna Alexis
This song got me through one of the hardest moments in my life and now that things are so much better, this song hits different emotionally!
RojitaHD Yıl önce
This song just makes me feel like you should never give up in life
This song is not only a certified banger, but also very motivational
Gina M. Boyd
“Down to my lowest, I turned to a poet “❤️ I felt that
It’s honestly impressive that without auto tune he still sounds great! He practically just put a beat over is voice
Victoria Levy
I can totally relate to this song. I was homeless five years due to my late husband's domestic violence and extreme drug abuse. I left Jan. 30, 2020 and he died of a drug overdose May 3, 2020. I did everything in my power to try to get him to stop. He was only 39 years old. Now I'm living in my own apartment and doing much better. I thank God and the wonderful people of Chicago for keeping me alive. God bless you always. I love this song so very much.
Rejoice Munyika
This song tells a real story. We've all been there . THANK YOU RODWAVE AND LIL BABY🙏🙏
shoot4dastars Yıl önce
That clip with him singing without the beat was hard af
Shwalker 1214
When Lil Baby said “can’t remember a time when my answer was NO” I felt that shit with no hands. I remember helping people and didn’t even really have it to to help, but I still did cause I’m solid. I took a lot of L’s making sure other people was good.
Mia Mia P
Man this shit hits different when you really goin thru it makes me cry every time better is coming!
This song will never get old and I love me some Lil Baby and Rod Wave
The energy behind this project insane asf
Kellie Dinero
"What's that you love? I just want your company." I felt that line to the core.
Bat Mon
Bat Mon Yıl önce
Rod Wave isn’t fat, he’s full of lyrics!
Lady Clover
This was a major hit. Tears I couldn't stop. The meaning I can't put in words for understanding
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