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Mad Katz rod trials part 1, Fort Loudoun Reservoir




2 Kas 2021




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Ryan Depoister
Ryan Depoister 2 aylar önce
Dang imagine a Catfish Dave signature series fishing rods....🤔
JC Suddeth
JC Suddeth Aylar önce
that would be great!!!!!!
JESUS FREAK CMA 2 aylar önce
@hshj04 I'm down with that series
hshj04 2 aylar önce
The "Dag Blasted Rodz" series
TheDapack 2 aylar önce
If Dave found a line of rods good enough to put his name on, I would buy them.
Mark Chop
Mark Chop 2 aylar önce
Only if it had Wooooooooo or shut up dog on it.
Mathew Sweeney
Mathew Sweeney 2 aylar önce
Hey Dave, matt from Colorado. I'm glad you got some recognition and respect from a rod manufacturer. You work hard every weekend to share your expertise with all of us. I think you get so many views because you are a real fisherman not a fishing celebrity. Just like the rest of us you are a weekend warrior always trying to find some time to throw
All Slimed up
All Slimed up 2 aylar önce
Nice rods Dave, Randy from Lake of the Ozarks here. Enjoy watching you and copying you techniques. Just looking to catch bigger fish here. Keep Throwing!
AZ Cat Girl
AZ Cat Girl 2 aylar önce
Thank you, Mad Katz Rods!!! That was nice of them!
Olaf Vidar
Olaf Vidar 2 aylar önce
Let's hear it for Mad Katz! Good job, thanks for helping our man Dave!
Russ Hayes
Russ Hayes 2 aylar önce
It's about time someone shows appreciation for your help ! Great video Dave !!
Rusty Setser
Rusty Setser 2 aylar önce
They must have pretty darn good rods cause Dave ain’t gonna sugar coat anything! Giving someone like Dave a product shows how much they believe it’s good….we’re happy for ya CD hope a boatload of other products follow suit!
Kinfolk Farm
Kinfolk Farm 2 aylar önce
Good for you Dave. You're my all-time favorite catfish channel
Richard Lovins
Richard Lovins 2 aylar önce
Dave you have earned the respect of the fishing Community with showing all types of fish big or small you show them all great job Dave fish on from Illinois
Troy Branaman
Troy Branaman 2 aylar önce
Om happy for you Dave !! The rods seem really nice and you seem to really like them . You definitely deserve it Dave. Take care and stay safe my friend !
Jim 2 aylar önce
MADKATZ and Dave the Catfish man, seems like a winning combination too me.
Operation: Overhaul
Operation: Overhaul 2 aylar önce
Glad to see you received some recognition from a good rod company. I enjoy the videos and making these videos are not the easiest thing in the world. Thank you for the awesome content.
Gone Cattin'
Gone Cattin' 2 aylar önce
Great video Catfish Dave. Glad Matt sent you those rods. I’ve been using them for a little over a year and they are just about the only rods I use. Love your channel. Keep em coming.
Timothy Coburn
Timothy Coburn 2 aylar önce
Dave. Always a great video. Always informative and I enjoy each one. Your a down home kinda guy and a great inspiration
Nail Drvr
Nail Drvr 2 aylar önce
I've got a gut feeling Dave's going to hook into a really big fish on one of those new rods soon. They're sales will be on the rise, just like the river here.
Eddie Burnette
Eddie Burnette 2 aylar önce
Been Watching the great fishing videos Dave makes for several months now.. Will continue to do so. Personally I FEEL A ROD MANUFACTURER SHOULD GET WITH DAVE & DEVELOPE A (CATFISH DAVE SERIES ROD & REEL COMBO)...AND OTHER Merchandise. I'll be purchasing a Mad Kat ROD Blue ghost series...this weekend. Just out of respect how they hooked up DAVE to show how their Rods preform. Man spends $145.00 with shipping and Taxes on a Hellcat rod & to hear one broke and sent in but never replaced I as a customer choose not to purchase from a company as that..... keep up the good work DAVE really enjoy your videos very helpful here. I fish the Ohio River.... here at Evansville Indiana to Kentucky and Barkley lake..... Merchandise Business need to pay attention Dave makes his videos & I see the products that work. Want more sales get Dave on board.......And Hellcat Rods shame on you. glad I didn't pull the trigger on the purchasing of one of your Rods. Sincerely Eddie Burnette Ps.Thanks again Dave and God bless you keep the videos coming really enjoy them.
Craig Van
Craig Van 2 aylar önce
Thanks for standing your ground on poles. I think you got a better swap. Madkats are great poles. I use them and B&M.. Have fun doing what you enjoy, keep vids coming out.
jim355749 2 aylar önce
Catfish Dave , I've learned a lot from you, and have been catching the Catfish on a high pressured lake. Thank You, Jim
Stephen Donathan
Stephen Donathan 2 aylar önce
Awesome video Dave! Great to hear mad katz sent you some rods. Big cat fever really screwed up in my opinion. Take care and GOD BLESS 🙏!
Bill Dye
Bill Dye 2 aylar önce
Don't ever change Dave. Just keep being you & doing what you do best. At first thought the rods might be light in tip but proved that wrong quickly. Stay safe Dave. 👍
Beards, Beer & BBQ
Beards, Beer & BBQ 2 aylar önce
Best rods on the market, I have 4 of them and I'm going to purchase more. Good luck
Catfishing The Bluegrass
Ive wondered about Mad Katz rods, I currently run with Tangling with Catfish ( monster rod series ) rods. Looking forward to seeing how they perform.
Steve S
Steve S 2 aylar önce
Damn it Dave. Now i think all of my Big Cat Fever rods have bad juju on them. Thanks
David Chappell
David Chappell 2 aylar önce
BCF rods don't have bad juju on them. Dave broke that rod with his cringe worthy netting technique. Watch the video. Furthermore, the tip of one of mind warped and BCF replaced it no questions asked.
Aaron Bowman
Aaron Bowman 2 aylar önce
I just so happen to be in the market for a new catfishing rod! Thanks for the advice! Just ordered the Mad Katz Orange Crush medium heavy!
wayne houska
wayne houska 2 aylar önce
Thank You Dave and Mad Katz Rods for another Great video. I love them Flattys. Keep the videos coming Dave. I watch everyone You make. Thank You for sharing. Stay Safe!!!
wayne osmon
wayne osmon 2 aylar önce
new rods are working dave great video you work very hard doing what you do glad to see someone is showing you respect that you deserve
Papa 2 aylar önce
Congrats on the new rods, smart move by Mad Katz for giving their rods to the GOAT, theyre gonna sell a ton of them. Nice rods at a good price. But I think I’ll stick with my Whisker Seekers, haven’t let me down yet. Fish on Dave!!
Jiggin’ with Jake
Jiggin’ with Jake 2 aylar önce
Love my Mad Katz rods! Great product and service no doubt!
Terry Spence
Terry Spence 2 aylar önce
Your gonna enjoy those rods I have bought 5 from Madz Cat Rods great service and love the rods! My fish are a lot smaller than yours but great action on the rods and great / easy to see at night. Enjoy your videos. Dave tells it like it is and puts the big fish in the boat!! Enjoy the video!!!
Wes Peacock
Wes Peacock 2 aylar önce
Good show Dave! Now considering I have 5 new rigs that haven't even seen water I still bookmarked Mad Katz Gear for future reference. Nice looking line-up and I do have a Winter project hot-rodded Abu Garcia in mind but S&H have been my stopping point so far but I've got my eyes on some eye-catching alternatives from the Japanese market. Finally broke down and purchased an Okuma Latitude (9' H casting). Looks and feels fantastic with a light weight 6500. Not impressed with the guides but I'm gonna run it just due to the comfy handle. I can clearly see and feel why you run those 12's with your larger conventional reels. At any rate thanks for the show and information!
River Cat Blues
River Cat Blues 2 aylar önce
Great move Mad Katz! Get stocked up on your rods cause your getting ready to sell a bunch of them! Nice vid!!
Allen Douglas
Allen Douglas 2 aylar önce
Going to get me a couple of them. Thanks Dave you are the real deal Is there a promo code we can use?
Shawn Christian
Shawn Christian 2 aylar önce
I was thinking about purchasing some new rods over the winter... My decision has changed since watching this video... There are a lot of quality rods out there, but hearing the truth about customer service and loyalty makes a big difference, in my opinion. I know you didn't have any kind of "official" deal with them. But... they should take what you have done for their band more seriously. My business will go to a different place. Thank you for your honesty. We, as viewers, appreciate it and RESPECT it.
David Ray
David Ray 2 aylar önce
Very happy you were able to get the respect you deserve Dave. If the owner of MK rods is smart he will endorse you and boost his sales, making money for both of you.
Keith Morales
Keith Morales 2 aylar önce
Matt is awesome. I own 15 mad katz rods. I have owned big cat fever, rippin lips, slimecat, shattercat, and a couple other brands. Mad katz for the win.
joe green
joe green 2 aylar önce
Celebrity fishermen have been making tons of money off of endorsements for years. Few were/are as good at fishing as Dave. And most if not all are NOT as entertaining as him. Smart vendors would be wise to do whatever it takes to have their products mentioned and endorsed on Catfish Dave TRvid videos.
Eddie Burnette
Eddie Burnette 2 aylar önce
John Draine
John Draine 2 aylar önce
Well said Catfish Dave, tell them how you feel. So glad that Mad Katz rods did what they did and you deserved it. Hope you get an endorsement and a link attachment so you can get a commission . My only rod purchases will be from Mad Katz rods from here on. Thanks again for a wonderful video.!!!
Richard Pilger
Richard Pilger 2 aylar önce
That was a pretty good one, nice fish, nice rods, I'm glad MK hooked you up with good rods, by the way, you might want to tie some floats to your net.
jackdonna94 2 aylar önce
Awesome job Mad Katz!! Think I will just buy some of your rods. If there good enough for Catfish Dave, count me in!
Jonny 1876
Jonny 1876 2 aylar önce
Awesome i was just about to order some new rods! Thanks Dave, what length you fish'n with?!
stan pierce
stan pierce 2 aylar önce
Steve Hogan
Steve Hogan 2 aylar önce
Hey, good on Mad Katz. Interested in hearing how they do. I'm thinking the White will kill it and also the Green but we'll see. Happy for you Dave. Keep fishing.
Jared Owens
Jared Owens 2 aylar önce
I love my mad Katz rods I have 4 of them. I haven't caught anything over 35 lbs and had no problems. I hope you like them and reel in a monster.
Buck Williams
Buck Williams 2 aylar önce
Nice to see you get some recognition Dave. PS: Ms Dana Parker from Reel Time Catfishing is a BIG fan of yours
John Lewis
John Lewis 2 aylar önce
Have to admit I haven't seen trolling for cats. You learn something every day. Great vid.
Bill Edinger
Bill Edinger 2 aylar önce
Best catfishing rods I’ve found and absolutely the best costumer service
Michael Rogers
Michael Rogers 2 aylar önce
Good for you Catfish Dave, Thank you for all you do on here. I am going to go check out Mad Katz rods 👍
Hensley’s Hobbies - Doug
You damn straight Dave, reel nice of somebody to recognize you! Daggone right buddy! Keep on rocking them Cat’s!
wbranches1 2 aylar önce
Love the rod colors, great video, Thank you.
Joey Jones
Joey Jones 2 aylar önce
Hey David I like those mad Katz rod I'm going to check them out you are the cat fish king you show us the tricks we need to catch big catfish
Mike Self
Mike Self 2 aylar önce
Great job Dave! Don't matter if you're using a willow limb or any of the products you have... You are the best entertainer as well as best catfisiherman out there! WOOOOO
Carlos Vargas
Carlos Vargas 2 aylar önce
poop poop
poop poop 2 aylar önce
Dont ever grow up it sucks
Greg Dorey
Greg Dorey 2 aylar önce
Nice work Dave. You got it done. You deserved better and got better. Respect Dave.
William Cumbee
William Cumbee 2 aylar önce
U go Dave u always give a good show
Chuck Mauller
Chuck Mauller 2 aylar önce
Nice fish Dave, glad you like your new rods
L.C Moses
L.C Moses 2 aylar önce
You do make these companies a lot of money. You are the whole reason I discovered and fell in love with okuma longitude surf rods. I now have way more than I need 🤷🏿‍♂️😂
Duane T
Duane T 2 aylar önce
it's nice to see those that support Mr, Dave for the efforts he gave, lets show our support for Mr, Dave to and them that support our man Dave!
Anthony626 2 aylar önce
Mad Katz and Catfish Dave are an unbeatable combination! Both as good as it gets! Tight Lines!
Robert Edmonds
Robert Edmonds 2 aylar önce
Now I want to have me a mad cat Rod. That white ghost looked awesome and he took care of you unlike the other guys
BigSexy ManBear
BigSexy ManBear 2 aylar önce
We'll support those who support you Dave.
Art Hayday
Art Hayday 2 aylar önce
Mad Katz got to be happy here lol. Thank you guys for helping Catfish Dave. 🙏
Steve Langsdorf
Steve Langsdorf 2 aylar önce
Good for Mad Katz. They deserve the pub, good on them for hooking you up.😜👍
Kristopher Verrett
Kristopher Verrett Aylar önce
That’s good stuff Dave. Always enjoy your videos
Jd Spencer
Jd Spencer 2 aylar önce
My son loves the puzzle rod plus the reason for the that one is heart warming.
Hampton Parris
Hampton Parris 2 aylar önce
Great video Dave ( no music ) good looking rods Howling at the moon catfish !
steve adams
steve adams 2 aylar önce
I was going to say the green and the blue ones came off the video best. Then when it got a little darker, the white bested the blue. Green still looked good. Either way, they all looked like they could handle some pretty big fish. But will they cast a mile? No need for that in a boat. Nice video Dave. People in the industry should support each other. Good to see.
Conrail Fan
Conrail Fan 2 aylar önce
Not only are you getting a boat load of views on your videos if you were around 20 years ago you would have your own catfishing show on Saturdays!!! Catfish Dave outdoors sounds pretty cool to me!!!!
Terry Stratton
Terry Stratton 2 aylar önce
Great rods Dave you will love them. I like that hoddie also
D.A. SANDS 2 aylar önce
Nice looking flathead for sure.If you don't take care of your customers they will take their business to someone that will. Let's go Brandon 😜
pyro T Bear
pyro T Bear 2 aylar önce
Those are beautiful rod💯 I bet they glow pretty good under a black light 💯 tight lines Dave 💯
Country Boy
Country Boy 2 aylar önce
Got to get me a red one and the blue ghost. Thanks Dave. Thanks Mad Katz. My order will be in soon.
Paul B
Paul B 2 aylar önce
I have 3 Mad Katz and I love them tbh. Owner also seems to be a great guy
Jacob Minor
Jacob Minor 2 aylar önce
I got 8 myself love those rods
Spencer Pierce
Spencer Pierce 2 aylar önce
Great stuff and nice looking rods.
frank ribble
frank ribble 2 aylar önce
I love 💘 it when you catch Flatheads, because that's what we have in Michigan. But, blues will do. Glad I can watch you catch em, when I can't go fishing. Maybe, I'll get out sometime this month? Need to try & break my measly PB.
Christopher Gainey
Christopher Gainey 2 aylar önce
Decent channels as well and that's coming from o North Carolinian catfisherman who has lived and catfished in Michigan for 6 years
Dennis Jennings
Dennis Jennings 2 aylar önce
Catfish Dave that green rod really looks good on video. Tight lines to you . great video 🎣
Brian Ray
Brian Ray 2 aylar önce
I really like my Mad Katz. I chose the Surge color(Your green one) and they glow nicely.
DJ dBigz
DJ dBigz 2 aylar önce
Your cooler than other fisherman. Don't sweat it brother. Keep shining
Jerry Kromer
Jerry Kromer 2 aylar önce
Hey dave. Dont know abt anybody else but i could see those poles pretty good and im deaf in one ear so they must be good colors. Love your vids. Its abt time you started taking care of yourself like all these lesser quality tubers do. Keep it up.
Jeffery Wilson
Jeffery Wilson 2 aylar önce
Dave has the viewers and can caught the fish if you have gear that you want to promote.
Jeff in Lower Alabama
Jeff in Lower Alabama 2 aylar önce
Big salute to Mad Katz Rods, Catfish Dave's new weapon of catfishing greatness, whooa, Jeff in LA USA
BrokeBackBob 2 aylar önce
Welcome to the MadKats family Dave.
Show Me....
Show Me.... 2 aylar önce
You didn't say your line at the end. "This was a video there was fish in the video that makes this a fishing video"! Love it
Dale Phillips
Dale Phillips 2 aylar önce
I believe those are made over here in North Carolina. They seem to be really good supporters of the catfishing community and the sport. Hope they work really good for you! Always enjoy your vids. Keep it up.
Dan Crofford
Dan Crofford 2 aylar önce
Mad kat rods brought out some phenomenal good juju , makes me want to buy some mad kat rods
Brian Drew
Brian Drew 2 aylar önce
Good luck with the new rods I've heard good things about them
Bill Armstrong
Bill Armstrong Aylar önce
Love your videos not a braid guy either, but love my okuma spinning reels
Micky Smith III
Micky Smith III 2 aylar önce
We need a link to the Mad Katz rods, Dave. We'll support a good company. Just like they supported you.
Brian Smith
Brian Smith 2 aylar önce
Thank you Mad Katz rods for supporting Catfish Dave. I will be checking out your web site.
Dillon Trotter
Dillon Trotter 2 aylar önce
Mad Katz are the best rods on the market! Hands down
Catfish Cruse
Catfish Cruse 2 aylar önce
green one is my favorite, id like to have some of those
Andy Lockhart
Andy Lockhart 2 aylar önce
Dave ever do any contest for someone to fish with you?
Chris Davis
Chris Davis 2 aylar önce
Beautiful flathead. Catfish Dave is Catfish King on TRvid
billy lusk
billy lusk 2 aylar önce
Nice rods and very nice pullover!
James Smith
James Smith 2 aylar önce
I fish with those mad katz rod there awesome I own 4 couldnt be happier
Travis Christians
Travis Christians 2 aylar önce
You will love those rods I have 6 of them for drifting they are a beast
3 Rivers Fishing Adventures
Been really liking my MadKatz too. I love supporting those that support me.
Fletcher Reed
Fletcher Reed 2 aylar önce
Good looking out MadCat. I’ll be looking up your products
utubedaveg 2 aylar önce
Not to bad Dave for a lake that is devoid of cats. Great video.
stephan Robinson
stephan Robinson 2 aylar önce
Thanks mad Kat rods helping catfish Dave he’s awesome
GravyGoodness 2 aylar önce
Can anyone tell me why catfish rods appear to have just Chromed Steel line guides and don't use ceramic? Genuinely curious. Thanks!
Catfish Dave
Catfish Dave 2 aylar önce
Ceramic breaks or pops out
Troy Holley
Troy Holley 2 aylar önce
Dang Dave a video every day! That Kayak Guy can’t do that!
Mike Stamper
Mike Stamper 2 aylar önce
Mad Katz send Dave a heavier coat for winter, he's going to need it! Fort Lousy must be a cold water paradise for catfish!
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