Robert Ray: White House counterattack on impeachment has begun

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Former Whitewater Independent Counsel Robert Ray reacts to President Trump's call to 'Fox & Friends' after the House public impeachment hearings. #FoxNews

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22 Nov 2019




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Ron Abelon
Ron Abelon 15 gün önce
2:28 This is an important point. How can you threaten to withhold funds when you do not have authority?
Joseph Traina
Joseph Traina 16 gün önce
EVERY American SHOULD BE OUTRAGED, that ANY POLITICIAN would be so ready to just hand OUR MONEY to foreign countries,with NO RESTRICTIONS.Have we become the WORLD'S "PIGGY BANK" ?
Michael Desaulniers
Michael Desaulniers 17 gün önce
Corrupt Washington, corrupt politicians, the people in bed with our corrupt lying politicians trying to protect their corrupt way of life.
Ivor Thomas
Ivor Thomas 17 gün önce
'The counter attack by the president has just begun.' What a disgraceful, uninformed man is Robert Ray. This ailing president is no longer in charge of his impeachment unless no one has told him. I would suspect that Mr Schiff is sitting on a mountain of evidence that pertains to Trump's, Pompeo's, Mulvaney's etc disgraceful treatment of Ukraine. The increasing volume of evidence that the court's are now releasing about Trump's malfeasance makes normal people sit up. Added to this are the the erratic and incriminating pronouncements of Mr Giuliani and the increasing likelyhood of Nunes' links to the disgraced ex-chief prosecutor in Ukraine in perpetrating the president's dirty business on Biden. I think that all of this is the basis of a blockbuster novel by someone like John Grisham. The book ends with Melania visiting Donald on Ryker's Island - or maybe not.
Cleopatra Anu
Cleopatra Anu 17 gün önce
It’s about OUR tax money not being wasted! Finally we have a President who is looking into the stupidity of what is done with our tax money!
Peter Hudson
Peter Hudson 14 gün önce
Using our tax money to coerce a foreign leader is okay though? c'mon cultist.
D Sherm
D Sherm 17 gün önce
AZPatriot 17 gün önce
Select committee on "intelligence" what a misnomer!
Charles K L Jordan
Charles K L Jordan 17 gün önce
Charles K L Jordan
Charles K L Jordan 17 gün önce
Peter Hudson
Peter Hudson 14 gün önce
aw, now you can't even get your Trump Cult propaganda from Fox? even Fox can't keep saying black is white at this point.
Denzo D
Denzo D 17 gün önce
When a reported $40 billion in aid to Ukraine could not be totally accounted for, and the EU has been hesitant to prop up their financial aid to Ukraine, it was prudent for POTUS to have thought very carefully and required that the newly elected government in Ukraine was properly vetted in terms of their firm commitment on implementing transparency and investigating and rooting out corruption in government which they ran on during the election. Any delay in releasing the $400 million of taxpayers’ money in military and other aid to Ukraine, until this vetting procedure was completed, was just warranted and justified. Remember, Ukraine is one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Pres. Trump is very much aware that the aid money was entrusted to him by Congress (as representatives of the people) to be spent prudently and appropriately and not allowed to go to the pockets of corrupt government officials here and abroad. Many millions, billions, and even trillions of US taxpayers’ money have already been reported as "unaccounted for". So it has become one of the top-most agenda of POTUS to properly address and get resolved accordingly. Remember, it is the duty of POTUS to enforce our laws, and that includes rooting out corruption in government. That is why POTUS issued that Executive Order on December 21, 2017 to address just that, as well as other human rights violations. This is in keeping with Pres. Trump's promise to DRAIN THE SWAMP IN WASHINGTON D.C.
Euan Brown
Euan Brown 17 gün önce
It is a well known fact the Trumptards only have 2 brain cells. One to eat and one to poop. In order for a Trumptard to do anything else, they must cease eating or pooping.
Deborah Barrow
Deborah Barrow 17 gün önce
Bring up facts as good as the Dems did not just paranoid screaming.
Jose Gomez
Jose Gomez 17 gün önce
A judge called me today and told me to stop Albert and dont care what anybody thinks.
Paula S
Paula S 17 gün önce
The Dems didn't come anywhere Near proving that Trump should be impeached. Get it to the Senate ASAP. The Senate should take a vote immediately on 1. Whether they should WASTE time considering the case - or - 2. Whether they should dismiss the case immediately for lack of proof. Every Senator should be Forced to vote Yes on one of those two. Then those Senators' names should be publicly displayed DAILY until this nonsense is finally over. IMO they should Dismiss it as soon as it reaches the Senate floor. If some Senators want to go after the Dems incl. Bidens, then those Senators should do that in ways such as Senate investigating committees, with background assistance from expert attorneys.
STAACK J 17 gün önce
How did we know they would blame a low level agent. All is lost. It is impossible to drain the swamp. The swamp will be an ocean soon enough.
STAACK J 17 gün önce
So there all off for thanksgiving when the tea of the real world works until Wednesday and back to work Friday. Then nomatter how bad the economy is these assholes never take a hit. In fact they have had the gall to ask for raises.
Philip Champ
Philip Champ 18 gün önce
Trumps testimony replayed at 2:05 is the real deal. It is consistent with how Trump has operated in the past. In fact news has mocked him before on that very point.
Carole Ann Davis
Carole Ann Davis 18 gün önce
IMO There's a long list of the demonrats that should be kicked out!!!!!!! Let's start with Obummer!!!!
Amadeus Wolfe
Amadeus Wolfe 18 gün önce
Schiff love tube steak smothered in underwear
Maria De La Hoz
Maria De La Hoz 18 gün önce
Schiff belong in jail are Hillary abama biden son pelosi son and pelosi in mental house democrats party SOCIALIST communist CORRUPT Satán killers babys hypocrites
Meck Stephens
Meck Stephens 18 gün önce
We Have to stand with Trump we need to help save this Country. I proudly wear my God Guns Trump 2020
ShelCatRules11 18 gün önce
Damned straight! GOD BLESS OUR POTUS! Don't forget as well...fill out ALL of the petition and polls sent to you through his ads to re-elect him! Fill them out cuz it only takes a few moments, so put your name, especially put your phone number as well. WE may be called to arms to protect ourselves, especially if we end up under martial law...You feel it in your bones, something WICKED THIS WAY COMES!
Skipper Russell
Skipper Russell 18 gün önce
Joseph McCarthy was right, and Schiff is living proof.
John Milton
John Milton 18 gün önce
D Shupin
D Shupin 18 gün önce
Bill Hemmer, you better wake up boy! What the hell is wrong with you ?
Never Again
Never Again 18 gün önce
Shame for working with fox against truth and the Rule of Law. 'America will prevail'.
Garfield Farkle
Garfield Farkle 18 gün önce
If Republicans can stick together, then EVERYONE, and not just Trump, will get to have foreign bribes and foreign interference in their elections! With Trump leading, the GOP will get all credit as the trailblazer in making foreign bribes & interference in our elections legal and acceptable parts of our political process!
maynunal 18 gün önce
Here's a fun fact : David Nunez will be investigated next!!! How come Trump can't even start one? 😂😂😂😂
Edgar Barcelona
Edgar Barcelona 18 gün önce
Donna Sweeney
Donna Sweeney 18 gün önce
This reporter is a phony ,, the stupid look and the tilt of his head ,, get a new mirror,, and try being real
ECETI Stargate Official YouTube Channel
psycho paths trying to maintain the power and corruption pure evil double speakers. Coup is over now try them for treason
Teriqua Jones
Teriqua Jones 18 gün önce
The President needs to re-direct the investigations. There are plenty of crimes on the Democratic side.
Stew Ramone
Stew Ramone 19 gün önce
steve strecker
steve strecker 19 gün önce
Democrats are idiots
Neil Hogan
Neil Hogan 19 gün önce
I can't wait to see the Dems get there asses draged through the courts for treason. That will be worth a Movie script.
George ONeal
George ONeal 19 gün önce
BOOMERANG. Let the deep state run out of hoaxes and turn the tide. The public is sick of these hoaxes. It's time to march on Washington
Sedona Ross
Sedona Ross 19 gün önce
All the Democrats involved in this are crooks
Donald Harvey
Donald Harvey 19 gün önce
This impeachment is rubish scum adum schiff totally
Laura Di Sarli
Laura Di Sarli 19 gün önce
Surprise...! Now we have Lev Parnas (Giuliani associate) bringing Nunez to the Loop!!!
Donald Harvey
Donald Harvey 19 gün önce
Sondland said and keept back no quid pro quo he withheald the truth
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