Robbery suspect locked inside Texas store prays, begs to be released

NBC4 Columbus
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A robber got down on his knees and began to pray after quick-thinking employees locked him inside the cell phone store he was trying to rob.



3 Oca 2018




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Remember that helpless feeling brother. You’ve made everyone you’ve ever robbed feel that way…
Benny Boogenheimer
The woman who got everyone out safe, then had the forethought to lock him in.
Hais Plays
It truthfully warmed my heart to see him panic like that because imagine how many people he has made feel that same exact way. I love when justice is served😁💁🏽‍♀️
Patriotic Justice
"Lord, please, I don't want to go to jail!"
Jux Tanner
Man is a hero. He sacrificed himself to entertain us all.
No matter how poor, NEVER do this to other people!
Philip Mason
The lady who acted fast and got everyone out safely deserves a medal.
I grew up quite poor, with only necessities met, but never once considered any kind of theft to get what I wanted. I’ll never understand how anyone feels they deserve sympathy when they behave that way.
not only was his gun loaded, there was a child in there he knew exactly what he wanted, he’s only sorry he got caught.
Just Some Bigfoot Hacking Your Device
Love the awareness, quick reaction, and composure of the employee, assisting people with the right protocol.
This does put a smile on my face, watching him panic despite knowing damn well this was the outcome is so hilarious
"Please, please, please, I have nothing..." That's the first time in my life I've heard that kind of prayer 😂😂😂
Emily Patrick
Don’t you just hate it when you feel fear, panic, helplessness, and feel like your trapped? Well, now you know how your victims feel!
Darren S
Wow, I know this video is 4 years old but big ups to that woman man. She was so calm and reacted so well, amazing job
Lindsey Pettway
You can actually see the "oh crap" moment when he realizes he's not getting away! Kudos to the store clerk getting everyone out safely and locking him inside!
Duduzile Maphumulo
The woman was so brave
This is the greatest video of all time... People who steal from others deserve to feel as helpless and fearful as everyone they have wronged. Then sit in a cell and think about those feelings for years.
Luvvin Lovelock
Luvvin Lovelock 21 gün önce
When someone takes something so precious to you. Takesyour emotions, your freedom and your feeling of being tortured in any way you are never the same again. You can recover you can let go but you'll never be the same person you were
I think you can actually see the 5 stages of Grief go through him. denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.
Ranger Reviewer
Brilliant move by the store employees. They never acted afraid, just let the fly into their web and left him trapped. LOVE IT!
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