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I made a bet. I lost. But it still paid off. leadfrombehind.org/

LEAD FROM BEHIND is on a mission to make colon cancer famous.
We're raising awareness that is The Preventable Cancer.

► Colon cancer is the second biggest cancer killer in America. 1 in 24 Americans gets colon cancer. It doesn’t need to be - because it’s preventable.
► The best way to prevent colon cancer is by getting a colonoscopy when you turn 45. The guidelines changed in 2021 lowering the age from 50 to 45.
► People don’t want to talk about colonoscopies, let alone get one. We’re using humor and heart to change that.
► Colon cancer is rising in young people - predicted to be the top cancer killer for people under 50 by 2030.

LEAD FROM BEHIND is founded by Brooks Bell, powered by @colorectalcanceralliance, and created in partnership with Maximum Effort & Chrysi Philalithes.




12 Eyl 2022




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Colorectal Cancer Alliance
It's been an honor to do this partnership with you. Your advocacy about colon cancer will save countless lives. #LeadFromBehind
iAndy Aylar önce
@clc040 I'm not afraid of the prep.. it can't be worse than what happened to me when I ate a full bag of sugar free gummy bears. I thought I was going to die from that.
Cale Brody
Cale Brody Aylar önce
I read this comically as "it's been a horror to work with you" bahaahaha
potato andbeans
potato andbeans Aylar önce
@Jesus Saves! try hard
TMercan31 2 aylar önce
@Chicago0048 I don't know what the rules are there for screening less than 5 years apart but in Canada if you have had a parent or sibling that had colon cancer or died from it you are screened every 3 years. Maybe there is a caveat with your insurance company like that as well?
Sandi Bonner
Sandi Bonner 2 aylar önce
Didn't you guys have to drink that horrible stuff that cleans you out. It's the worst part of the colonoscapy!
Cathy McMurray
Cathy McMurray 2 aylar önce
Had a few symptoms. A colonoscopy in July revealed a nasty tumor. I have Stage 3 Rectal Cancer. I’m 50, a nonsmoker, eat healthy. I’m currently in the middle of chemo radiation treatment, which is not a walk in the park. Take it from a colorectal cancer patient, schedule your colonoscopy now. If I had one at age 45, things would have looked a lot different for me. Thanks, Ryan and Rob, for helping inform others about the new 45 age recommendation for a colonoscopy.
historyrepeating 25 gün önce
hope you’re doing well Cathy. My Dad is being treated for Stage 4 Colon Cancer atm - certainly no walk in the park.
Get well soon!!! You can beat it!!!
GuyX 1
GuyX 1 2 aylar önce
@War on Dogs The fuck? I live in Canada & I got a routine Colonoscopy?
M.D. S
M.D. S 2 aylar önce
Cancer doesn't discriminate. My Dad passed away from colon cancer so my family doctor put me on a regular colonoscopy examination schedule since my early 40s. Prep is a pain in ass, literally, but it's worth it. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Keeping a positive outlook is important in beating the disease. Take care.
Rose Morris
Rose Morris 2 aylar önce
Sending you good vibes for a complete recovery . . .
Egill Halldorsson
Egill Halldorsson 2 aylar önce
I had my first routine colonoscopy earlier this year. They found stage two Cancer. I had an operation a couple of weeks later, and spent the summer recovering. I am now Cancer free. If I had not decided to have this simple procedure, the Cancer would have killed me before I could have seen my daughters grow up. And they would have lost their father. This procedure saves lives.
Rusty the Crown
Rusty the Crown Aylar önce
@Egill Halldorsson Don't skip on these tests. Regular blood work and scopes may just save your life.
Egill Halldorsson
Egill Halldorsson Aylar önce
Ok, without going into specifics. I went to my GP (family doctor) with something minor like a bad cold or something, don't really remember. As an aside he saw that I hadn't had a blood test for a few years and wanted to do one just to check on my general well-being. I went along with it cause I trust his judgement. The blood test showed an anomaly. He prescribed treatment (over the counter pills) that fixed the symptom. He wanted, however, to find the cause for the anomaly so he recommended I have a colonoscopy and a gastroscopy, which he called routine even though I was only 42 at the time. Now, all this took a little less than a year, from when I had my first visit with the minor thing until the day I went for the colonoscopy. That was because I postponed a lot of the steps I took. There were even numerous times that I almost decided to ignore his advice. Now as to symptoms. After recovering from the surgery I started to notice really subtle changes in my health and well-being. I now see that I did have symptoms but they were so subtle and insignificant that I really didn't notice some, and explained other as symptoms of other things that were going on in my life.
Rusty the Crown
Rusty the Crown Aylar önce
Had 3 now , all clear so far , but cancer wiped out all the older men in my family.
Saitama Aylar önce
@SamiJ 10 is a little too long no? i was under the assumption that it would be more like every 2 yrs or so
SamiJ Aylar önce
At 45 years , sooner if theres a family history of colon cancer And usually every 10 years if the screening sees nothing
Casie Blevins
Casie Blevins 2 aylar önce
Just when I thought I couldn't love Ryan Reynolds any more, he goes and does something selfless like this and adds even more good to world. The guy's a saint and a treasure.
D DelV
D DelV Aylar önce
IKR! 😍
Two Miles a Day
Two Miles a Day 2 aylar önce
Truly a national treasure of canada. More than some stupid royalty over in the uk that dont do jack shit
ConversationBomb 2 aylar önce
Ryan Reynolds is the epitome of "Chaotic Good".
Casie Blevins
Casie Blevins 2 aylar önce
@Zeratoxx If that's not a big deal why dont YOU film your next colonoscopy? It's a big deal to air the most private parts of a person's life for a PSA. That takes character.
IMY123 2 aylar önce
FUNNY FOOTAGE OF KENNY RÄPING a LION : trvid.com/video/video-CWfd8OjWkwg.html
subaru7233 2 aylar önce
You guys are the best! My son died of Colon cancer at age 28. For all the whining about the prep, it is one day out of your life to effectively screen for a cancer that can end it. Thank you for this generous act and collaboration. I wish I could hug you.
hoolie2000 Aylar önce
Sorry for the loss of your son. I can't imagine.
D DelV
D DelV Aylar önce
@Desmond Brown you have to adjust your diet 5 days prior, but actual prep is 12 hours or so.
D DelV
D DelV Aylar önce
So young... I'm truly sorry for the loss of your son 💕
Smitty 2 aylar önce
@Desmond Brown There are different kinds of preps (not sure why). Mine was ~12 hours of evening/sleep/morning. Maybe 24 hours, I don't recall if there were eating restrictions before starting the cocktail. Even the drink wasn't bad at all.
Desmond Brown
Desmond Brown 2 aylar önce
Prep is five days but whatever, I agree with you still
Joni RN MOM BA 2 aylar önce
The pride on Robs face when he realized he had more polyps is GOLDEN.
Eddie Bear
Eddie Bear 15 gün önce
TerrorMau5 26 gün önce
He probably texted Ryan straight after telling him his polyp sucks and Ryan just cursing too Blake that Rob has more polyps then him
Bianicman Epic Videos
Bianicman Epic Videos 2 aylar önce
@Ro Ems exactly!
Bianicman Epic Videos
Bianicman Epic Videos 2 aylar önce
He was so satisfied
Silvia Pabón
Silvia Pabón 2 aylar önce
Hahahha... thanks for thte spoiler this is hard to watch.
Paige A
Paige A 2 aylar önce
Rob waking up from anesthesia is a mood.
message me if you're my super fans WHATSAPMe㈩①②①④⑦⑨⑤③⑦②⑨☝️
trick351 2 aylar önce
My mother passed away from colon cancer when she was 46, I was 17. This was the first time I’ve smiled about the C word in 36 years. Thank you ❣️
trick351 2 aylar önce
@J Dee thoughts and prayers for you and your precious family 🙏🏼
J Dee
J Dee 2 aylar önce
@trick351 Yes me too, it's horrible and it happened so quick, she got her diagnosis and in 6 months gone, despite having her colonoscopy within the first month of diagnosis. It is rough. I was glad my dad had his exam for it. So far so good for him.
trick351 2 aylar önce
@J Dee I’m sorry for your loss as well. But I’m grateful these two are shedding light on just how simple it is to catch it early 🙏🏼
J Dee
J Dee 2 aylar önce
Same thing happened to my mother 12 years ago. So yes I normally get really upset with the C word even being said. So thank you for sharing and sorry you lost your mother to this.
salim albitar
salim albitar 2 aylar önce
Sorry for your loss 😔
James Kneussl
James Kneussl 2 aylar önce
turned 40 last year and had a colonoscopy. Discovered a tumor and had stage 3 colon cancer. Surgery and 6 months of chemo and I'm back in the game. #getprobed #leadfrombehind
CinemaLaHuerta 2 aylar önce
Ryan Reynolds is the personification of wickedly wholesome.
25 gün önce
I completely agree even though I don’t know what that means.I’m an American
Kelly Green
Kelly Green 2 aylar önce
Ladies…do NOT forget, this applies to us as well!! I have put off my first screening but I’m definitely getting it on my schedule! Thanks guys.
Sophie Robinson
Sophie Robinson Aylar önce
@Clauce Micro Thanks for the info!
Clauce Micro
Clauce Micro Aylar önce
@Sophie Robinson Hi, there are support groups in some churches (some are specifically Women Ministries). If you live near a 7th Day Adventist Church, you could go there (they usually meet on Wednesday evenings and they always meet on Saturday mornings) and ask if there is a Dorcas group. If there is, one of then might accompany you. God bless. 🙏🏼
Smitty 2 aylar önce
@Sophie Robinson My mom had colon cancer (she's been cancer free for a LONG time now, all good!), so it definitely definitely applies to women as well.
Sophie Robinson
Sophie Robinson 2 aylar önce
@Molly Alexander This is Alabama. Social workers here are dreadfully overworked and underfunded. But I'll check. Thanks!
Molly Alexander
Molly Alexander 2 aylar önce
@Sophie Robinson Sophie, social workers or community workers in your area might be able to accompany you. If not try a Personal support worker.
rich adams
rich adams 2 aylar önce
This was a super classy PSA. Funny, adult, wholesome, and covers an oft overlooked issue. Great job, guys. I didn't know this needed to be done at 45 (I'm 42) and I do now. You guys are great
D DelV
D DelV Aylar önce
@Rose Morris oops! Just saw your comment!
D DelV
D DelV Aylar önce
They've apparently changed the recommended age to start screening, because it used to be 50 yrs old.
Rose Morris
Rose Morris 2 aylar önce
Until a couple of years ago, the recommended age was 50 for the first one (every ten years after that if nothing was spotted), but since so many young people were being diagnosed with and dying from colorectal cancer, the ACS changed the recommendation to 45.
Birth To Bride
Birth To Bride 2 aylar önce
Just had one yesterday. They did find “something”. Called it a nodule or something but said it wasn’t a polyp. They took a biopsy (waiting for the results) and actually tattooed the area so that they would know exactly where it was located. My first tattoo! Yay!! Lol
Aviation Gin Guy
Aviation Gin Guy 2 aylar önce
@Birth To BrideYou welcome!!!
Birth To Bride
Birth To Bride 2 aylar önce
@Aviation Gin Guy always 😊
Aviation Gin Guy
Aviation Gin Guy 2 aylar önce
Thanks for your love and support 🙏🙏🙏
Birth To Bride
Birth To Bride 2 aylar önce
@A B I’m kind of a wimp so probably no more tattoos lol. I’m sure my nodule is fine and nothing to worry about. Glad yours was nothing to worry about! Take care!
A B 2 aylar önce
Hell yeah on the first tat!! more to follow? Found a "nodule" on my first and freaked me out. turned out to be nothing in my case. Anything caught early is the key... cheers!
Unlikely Circumstances
I'm a periop nurse and assist with colonoscopies nearly every week, I fully support every message in this video, especially the message about taking your bowel prep properly, we need you to do that job well so we can do our job well. Thanks guys, really important message.
Stacey Corum
Stacey Corum 2 aylar önce
Thank you so much for doing this. My father was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer in 2000. He beat it. He beat stage 4 colon cancer. He passed in 2014 from Parkinson’s disease but he beat the damn cancer. It has also saved mine and my brothers lives because we started having colonoscopies and they found polyps for both of us. You are a godsend. You have no idea how many live you can save by putting this out there. I so appreciate you.
Ddraig Mafon
Ddraig Mafon Aylar önce
My dad died of colon cancer, he was of a generation who found talking about this kind of stuff embarrassing. Thank you so much for raising awareness, making a difficult subject more approachable and undoubtedly, saving some lives in the process.
Rational Ape
Rational Ape 2 aylar önce
I am 33 and I see maturing myself like this. Thanks Ryan for everything. You are an impression for everyone.
message me if you're my super fans WHATSAPMe㈩①②①④⑦⑨⑤③⑦②⑨☝️
Naomi Godsey
Naomi Godsey 2 aylar önce
Having had a colonoscopy myself, I love how they don't discuss the "prep" that they both did so well 🤣. Not gonna lie, the prep is the worst part 😳😅
Rose Morris
Rose Morris 2 aylar önce
The prep was horrible, so much so that I cried when I had to slug the second dose of it. I also had issues when I woke up. It took four hours to do the procedure because of an undiagnosed hernia, and when I regained consciousness, I had enough nausea and pain to light up a mid-sized city. But I will do it again in three years because they did find some polyps.
A.B.CREATOR website
A.B.CREATOR website 2 aylar önce
Bet they were on the phone with each other seeing whose prep kicked in first if they're that competitive 🤣
Sophie Robinson
Sophie Robinson 2 aylar önce
I threw up after the last glass of horrible stuff. There was no way that I was going to reschedule and go through that again. To add insult to injury, United Healthcare, after approving the procedure, didn’t pay. Something about the doctor was in network but where he did it wasn’t. It wasn’t done in the hospital part of the huge building.
Roger Smith
Roger Smith 2 aylar önce
I finally got my colonoscopy done earlier this year, at age 66. They removed eight polyps. Thank God I did this procedure.
writerpatrick 2 aylar önce
@Karl Hungus X-rays do have a minor radiation risk but doctors will purposely limit their use knowing that.
Kim Tamarin
Kim Tamarin 2 aylar önce
I went in last week, at age 70, and before the procedure my doctor told me that because of my age it would likely be the last one I would need, unless they found polyps. They found 8. His discharge comment was “there were 8(!) polyps”. They were all benign but I go back in 3 years for another screening. My mother died of colon cancer
Dubious 2 aylar önce
@Stephen Davis For them, free, cause this is an ad.
Stephen Davis
Stephen Davis 2 aylar önce
How much did it cost?
UNISTAR 2 aylar önce
@Dubious Someone: I like waffles. YOU: So, you're saying u don't like pancakes. How dare you? Lesson: Don't be this guy.
Teri Guy
Teri Guy 2 aylar önce
Great job helping to keep the world a healthier place! You guys have done a very good thing.
Aviation Gin Guy
Aviation Gin Guy 2 aylar önce
Thanks for your love and support as a huge fan of Ryan and Rob awareness campaign...
TheBatracho 2 aylar önce
As a fan of both of you guys and a medical student, huge props to both of you. This is not only a greatly shot and funny video, but it’s going to save countless lives. Incredible, incredible job. Keep leading from behind, hope both of you are feeling well after your procedures and are happy that you’ve potentially prevented colon cancer from developing!
N Thoj
N Thoj 2 aylar önce
WOW using your platform to educate about colonoscopy. Leading the way. Both of you! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Emma Pearce
Emma Pearce 2 aylar önce
When I was 32 years old, I had very slight blood in my stool, just once. My doctor immediately got me to do 3 seperate stool samples. The first 2 were clear, but the 3rd showed occult blood. I had a colonoscopy a few weeks later and a precancerous polyp was removed. My doctor literally saved my life. She easily could have said I'm too young or that I didn't fit in some kind of "box" that would warrant further investigation. I'm from Australia and all I know, is that an at home stool sample kit is sent to you when you turn 50. I think this is fantastic advertising for such an important issue. Well done Ryan and Rob.
Heisenberg 2 aylar önce
Ryan Reynolds is one of the only celebrities who forgets he's a celebrity
k k
k k 2 aylar önce
@Random Dude ya because being boring and poor is for losers
TMercan31 2 aylar önce
@Random Dude Free Guy was really good, I was pleasantly surprised! If you haven't seen it, check it out. The ads are for his own companies, it cuts down on costs when you don't have to pay for some big name to do ads for you.
Random Dude
Random Dude 2 aylar önce
No he doesn’t. He’s constantly riding on his reputation and in an ad for some company he imaged his way into yet no good movie in the last few years just a few Netflix duds.
Samuel J. Martin III
Samuel J. Martin III 2 aylar önce
I’d add Keanu Reeves to that very short list. Oh Snap, he’s Canadian too‼️
elcanaldeFernandon 2 aylar önce
He's not a celebrity, he's canadian
Jordan Collins
Jordan Collins 2 aylar önce
My mother had stage 3 colorectal cancer during my senior year of college (2018-2019). She survived, is doing very well, and is actually retiring from a three decade long career as a high school math teacher in June! Despite her coming out on top, we will never forget what she went through and how important these exams are. Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing this.
K Ruddy
K Ruddy 2 aylar önce
Thank you for doing this. My husband died of colon cancer. Diagnosed at 47, passed at 51. It is so important to do this so thank you!
Tony Bogyo
Tony Bogyo 2 aylar önce
Thanks for showing how easy this important procedure is. I tell everyone I know it's a piece of cake. Spending quality time in the bathroom for prep isn't that fun, but come on - seriously a small price to pay for something that could save your life. The more you can help dispell fear about colonoscopies, the more people will be helped - thanks!
Aledha 2 aylar önce
Big thanks to Ryan and his friend for spreading awareness!
filkertom 2 aylar önce
Not only do I love Ryan, I love Rob. They are great together. And this is a wonderful PSA.
Vikstar123. 2 aylar önce
FUNNY FOOTAGE OF RYAN RÄPING a HIS BOYFRIEND trvid.com/video/video-CWfd8OjWkwg.html
Vikstar123. 2 aylar önce
FUNNY FOOTAGE OF RYAN RÄPING a HIS BOYFRIEND trvid.com/video/video-CWfd8OjWkwg.html
Catemgirl 2 aylar önce
I agree. They are a couple of good guys on a mission. Gotta love em
MrGenexxx 2 aylar önce
@reignofdon Yes. He's Mac on Sunny. Probably my least favorite character LOL but only because everybody else is so great. I love that show! He's also the creator and writer.
reignofdon 2 aylar önce
Isnt he in always sunny?
Dave Glo
Dave Glo 2 aylar önce
Great idea, Ryan! I’ve had two colonoscopies and, honestly, they’re no big deal. The prep is the hardest part, and all I can say is bring some good reading material to the bathroom. Because you’ll be sitting there for awhile 💩
MrBryan325 2 aylar önce
I shave my head. I’m definitely going to ask “how’s my hair” when I wake. This is really great that the two of you did this.
Rick Prins
Rick Prins 2 aylar önce
So here's my fun story of a colonoscopy: About 10 years ago I was due for the procedure, and scheduled it for a Monday morning. I went through the prep - which we all know is the worst thing about a colonoscopy - and was finally felling like I could safely get in bed around 10pm. Just as I was climbing into bed, the phone rings. Remember, this is a Sunday night around 10:30pm. It's the surgical center. They tell me they lost power during a storm that evening and would not get it back by Monday morning. I had to reschedule it two weeks later, which meant doing the prep AGAIN! Good times, good times...
TestOneDev 2 aylar önce
I would also fully recommend to go there... Even before 45y! At "just" 30y, had slight pressure feeling from time to time, initially docs thought it's just some regular digestion stuff... turned out to be a 3cm polyp - luckily was found in time, else would've been a rather short life.
Diane McKinney Photography
Thank you for making people more aware! ❤️ I was diagnosed stage 3 colon cancer- NO SYMPTOMS-ROUTINE SCREENING. Life got busy and I put off my screening until 53. I could have avoided surgery and chemo had I just gone in on time when my doctor told me too. I hope this motivates more people to get their screenings. Great job guys!!
HellaJ 2 aylar önce
You are awesome Ryan! I just turned 45 and had to have my first colonoscopy and they found for pre-cancerous polyps. It’s never anything that we want to talk about or share with others but it’s so so so important and I commend you for sharing it with others and bringing awareness with your usual comedic style.
Aviation Gin Guy
Aviation Gin Guy 2 aylar önce
Thanks for your love and support to Ryan and Rob awareness campaign...
Thanks for the love , care and support. It's a pleasure talking to you over here,...message me if you're my super fans WHATSAPMe㈩①②①④⑦⑨⑤③⑦②⑨
jbuggy21 2 aylar önce
Ryan, thank you for putting out this message. I was 43, so too young to be screened, but I started feeling unwell and stopped having bowel movements. Six weeks later I was having emergency surgery as a tumor had completely blocked my bowel. I was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer. Thankfully I had no metastases, but the lining inside my abdomen tested positive. Had a great surgeon...he left me with a double-barrel colostomy, but he intentionally did it in a way so that it could be reversed later. I went through chemo and a long recovery, but survived long enough to get that colostomy reversed. I'm 55 now and considered cured, but no one else I went through chemo with survived. I have my criticisms of western medicine, but this is a fairly low risk procedure that with early detection can save your life.
Carol Hamilton World Global Network Helo
Couldn't help but laugh at the Lead from Behind lol. Way to go gentleman, making health care and prevention manly, doable, easy to talk about, and helping others!
Aviation Gin Guy
Aviation Gin Guy 2 aylar önce
The goal is to see the wellbeing of the survival of the human species... Thanks for your support as a huge fan of Ryan and Rob...
Cody Huddleston
Cody Huddleston 2 aylar önce
I'm 27 and I've had over 50 surgeries since I was 2. So the operating room is all too familiar. To see Rob and Ryan at the hospital like that does a really good job humanizing the celebrity status. Just a cool reminder that they're people too and anything can happen to anyone.
Ian Moore
Ian Moore 2 aylar önce
It’s an underrated procedure. Thanks guys for helping to bring more awareness!! I’m 39 and have had 2 colonoscopies so far! I’m glad to have early screening since pre cancerous polyps were found both times
Todd Enders
Todd Enders 2 aylar önce
Having gotten several scopes, I appreciate and can relate to the feeling when you’re in recovery. Literally laughed out loud when they were struggling to eat or talk. To everyone thinking the prep is awful and that the procedure is going to be awful, it goes by quick and you’re treated really well and you too will probably have some funny stories to tell from recovery. I had scopes done back in the 2000’s and the prep and procedure back then compared to now is completely different. So much better now. Get screened.
SidecarDan 2 aylar önce
when I had my first colonoscopy many years ago I was wheeled into the operating room and the surgeon and the nurse were preparing their equipment, when I saw the length of the scope laying on the table in front of the surgeon I said "hang on a sec doc, let me stick my gum on the end of that thing and when you see me chewing it again, stop". He had no sense of humour or much of a bedside manner but the nurse doubled over in laughter.
Rose Morris
Rose Morris 2 aylar önce
Mine whistled while the nurses were putting me under. I cracked up. I paid him back in a way; my colonoscopy took four hours rather than 30 minutes. I made him earn that fee--lol.
TooOldForThis 2 aylar önce
I don't get it :(
gregkrazanski 2 aylar önce
funny, but i'd guess he's probably heard that joke or one like it countless times before. always gotta consider that when a professional does something day in, day out. they've heard any joke anyone can come up with, probably gets old
Art Imp
Art Imp 2 aylar önce
Great line! I love trying to crack the probers - 1 nurse told me they see so many deaths, it is hard to let your guard down. Keep it up, they are smiling inside...
CJ S 2 aylar önce
Dude!! That is gold!
John BCountry
John BCountry 2 aylar önce
This is an amazing video, I am living proof that that colonoscopy saves lives. I had my first one this may at 47 (I delayed it because of COVID). The doctors removed a 45mm polyp (no that is not a typo..) from my colon. The pathology showed that this was one huge ball of cancer... but the bad stuff didn't go down the stem to the bowel wall and the margins were clean, meaning once he removed the polyp, I was cancer free.. The worst part of the whole this is the prep, but the procedure is easy.. I can not stress enough if you are of age or have colorectal cancer in your family history, consult a physician and schedule it NOW!!!! #LeadFromBehind
Krnabrny Dziobak
Krnabrny Dziobak 2 aylar önce
It was Rob worrying about his hair and struggling to eat a cookie that finally convinced me to go get my colonoscopy… you may have just saved a life, Rob.
Tashira247 2 aylar önce
This is so awesome guys! I had my first colonoscopy in 2019. Discovered Stage 3b colon cancer. Bowel resection and 12 rounds of chemo, and I'm currently cancer free.
CincinnatiFireball 2 aylar önce
Great job to you both! Having 2 bowel diseases I’ve had them since age 4, due again in 6 mos. They are easy! Twilight doesn’t work on me so I’m awake even. Don’t be a puss, everyone else gets to be high. My German grandpa withered away from colorectal cancer, it was tragic. Rob wins for learning Welsh, so badass! Ryan wins for sexiest walk into a hospital…rawr! Loving Wrexham guys. Good on you for all you do!
LK 2 aylar önce
Even though it's still about 14 years until I have to take my first colonoscopy, I'm feeling better about taking it. Thank you Rob and Ryan, you guys are amazing! Go Wrexham!
Linor Rosenberg
Linor Rosenberg 2 aylar önce
Thank you so much for doing this!!!! I lost my grandmother and great Uncle to Colon Cancer, and when I had genetic screening for a bunch of things (specifically looking for something else entirely) discovered I have the colon cancer gene, increasing my risk. I had my first colonoscopy at 35 and I'm on the every five year plan. Better safe than sorry.
jackashelford 2 aylar önce
This was amazing. Thank you for shining some awareness!
Sherry Sink
Sherry Sink 2 aylar önce
Thanks for posting this, Rob and Ryan! I scheduled my very 1st colonoscopy for December (that was the first they had available, argh), so I appreciated seeing that it wasn't too traumatic for either of you. That really does help put me more at ease for my appointment. Though my appointment isn't until the week before Xmas so I hope I don't get bad news or that will really suck. Here's hoping all will be well. 🤞🍀 So glad for both of you that everything was healthy! ☺
Dale A.
Dale A. 2 aylar önce
Hey Rob and Ryan, I've been having routine colonoscopies done for several years now and I find that the prep is worse than the procedure. Did you find that as well? If you guys have helped even one person, then your efforts are worth it. Thanks for sharing this experience with us.
Stefanie A
Stefanie A 2 aylar önce
This is such a great video. Thanks, you two. Stage 3 colon cancer survivor here. Wish I had scheduled my colonoscopy 5 years sooner. Get it done, friends!
bcbotkillerpresents 2 aylar önce
This is amazing. Words escape me at how amazing this is. I've always loved Ryan Reynolds but damn I have so much respect for him now. colonoscopy are extremely important. Thank you so much Ryan Reynolds for doing this!
Jonesy27 2 aylar önce
Great video guys, I've just come out of hospital a few days ago after suffering a perforated bowel, I was very lucky, it's been a kick in the ass I needed to do something about my lifestyle.. so one of the parts of recovery from this is I'll be going for colonoscopy in a few weeks, I've been quite nervous concerned about it, your video has certainly helped my anxiety.
Pam H.
Pam H. 2 aylar önce
Love that you did this! I’m 49 and had my 2nd colonoscopy abt a month ago. He found 1 polyp he could take out but another large 28 mm flat laying lesion that he couldn’t. He told me that if I hadn’t cleaned myself out well enough he would’ve missed it and told me to come back in 10 yrs but I’d have full blown cancer in 5! 😳 He said it’s def precancerous and I have to go back to have another colonoscopy w EMR (a resection) to have it removed. I’m currently recovering from a hysterectomy so I have to wait till I’m recovered so that’s going to be done in 4 weeks. Just a PSA for the people- the prep isn’t fun but finish it!! It’s so important to clean yourself out fully so they can see even the flat lesions that can be easily missed. Also, if you are actually reading this Ryan, I’m kinda mortified that I’m discussing cleaning myself out fully. 😭😂 I do love you and appreciate you guys putting yourself out there to share such an important reminder! So glad they found yours early too! ❤️
thats no moon
thats no moon 2 aylar önce
I love this! Thank you guys so much ❤️ Also, I love the exchange between Rob and the nurse. I think Rob was expecting him to say Always Sunny. 😂
Tiffany Flax
Tiffany Flax 2 aylar önce
Thank you for bringing more awareness to preventative screening. I have Crohns and encouraged my dad to have a colonoscopy, which found early stage cancer. It literally saved his life. Much respect to you both for doing this. ❤️
Theresa Nicks
Theresa Nicks 2 aylar önce
Thank you so much for making that fun! I am 58 and just had my first colonoscopy after I had a Cologard test that was positive. The prep was no fun but the colonoscopy was a cinch! I don't remember much after it cuz the drugs didn't wear off before I went home (you two were pretty spoiled lol). Btw...they did find 2 polyps and sent them for testing (result was precancerous stage). Now I get to go every 5 years instead of 10. Oh well that's what happens when you get old! Thanks again!
Froggy77100 2 aylar önce
I couldn't help but notice both doctors mentioned what a good job Ryan & Rob did with their prep/clean out. It was a bit of a PSA within a PSA; telling everyone to make sure they aren't full of it, in order to have the most thorough colonoscopy. #LeadFromBehind
Smitty 2 aylar önce
@Russell Holmes Just laxatives and spending time on the toilet. You don't have to actually....manually clean anything haha. But doing a "good job" is following instructions, taking the full laxative mixture, and keeping at it until everything is liquid (or even clear? I can't recall). Apparently a lot of people don't follow the instructions
Michelle Fu
Michelle Fu 2 aylar önce
@Russell Holmes it's a lovely combo of laxatives and other clear liquids that results in flushing out the pipes. It's not pleasant, but I actually feel healthier for the next few days without all that sludge in my colon.
Russell Holmes
Russell Holmes 2 aylar önce
Also - Got to ask the question that is on everyone's - - er - - _mind_ : just what is involved with this prep/clean-out? Apparently, my work is doing some sort of charity probing event and I have been volunteered. I mean, I do homebrew beer, so I've got a bottle brush, but I don't know how far up they go. Do I need and extension rod?
Russell Holmes
Russell Holmes 2 aylar önce
@Nicholas Reynolds I see what you did, there. If you hadn't, I would've.
Ang B
Ang B 2 aylar önce
Half assed. 😂😂😂
A. B.
A. B. 2 aylar önce
Because of clotting issues, I have had annual colonoscopies and endoscopies since age 30. I'm 45 now and they have removed multiple polyps and diagnosed a precancer in my stomach. Get scoped y'all.
Diane Hoffman
Diane Hoffman 2 aylar önce
I NEVER thought I would watch a colon screening from beginning to end. .I thought it was so much crap. But I see a clean & helpful procedure that can be so life saving in the end. So happy everything came out perfect in the end. Thank you for the awareness
Thanks for the love , care and support. It's a pleasure talking to you over here,...message me if you're my super fans WHATSAPMe㈩①②①④⑦⑨⑤③⑦②⑨
John Clark
John Clark 2 aylar önce
Honestly the worst part of having a colonoscopy is the prep the day before. The procedure you're asleep for, or I was at least. If they could somehow make the prep less nauseating, that would make me want to get tested more often.
Shadowofchaos 89
Shadowofchaos 89 2 aylar önce
You saved yourself and your friend from cancer. Thank you for making us laugh at your colonoscopy and helping save other people.
Robin Adams
Robin Adams 2 aylar önce
That was amazing! Great job, everyone involved!
Austin Chiang MD MPH
Austin Chiang MD MPH 2 aylar önce
Thank you Ryan and Rob for doing this to help raise awareness about colonoscopy and colorectal cancer prevention!!!!!
Hellfire4WD 2 aylar önce
Such a move from these two giants... huge respect!
tubetaz 2 aylar önce
Great watching these two as they riff off each other in anything that they do together. I've also had this procedure at 60 and I'd definitely recommend it, so guys don't hang about, it could save your life.
KS Corbitt
KS Corbitt 2 aylar önce
Not all heroes wear capes…some have tiny cameras shoved up their assholes and broadcast for all to see. So happy to hear you both will be around longer for us to enjoy.
James DeRuvo
James DeRuvo 2 aylar önce
I feel your pain, Ryan. I had my first one about a month ago.
Wayne Stanley
Wayne Stanley 2 aylar önce
Thank you for doing this! If we can all do this when the time comes it will be a phenomenal human accomplishment.
Penka St
Penka St 2 aylar önce
Thank you for doing this, Ryan and Rob! It will save lives!
Dee Holladay
Dee Holladay 2 aylar önce
A colonoscopy is such an easy way to prevent a horrible disease. My Mom had absolutely no symptoms of anything being wrong. When they finally presented, she was already at stage 4. She was gone way too young. The prep is easier than ever now, and you get a great nap! Get your colonoscopy sooner rather than later. It can make all the difference. Kudos to Rob and Ryan for bring awareness to this topic.
Aviation Gin Guy
Aviation Gin Guy 2 aylar önce
Thanks for your love and support to Ryan and Rob awareness campaign
Daniel st. Pierre
Daniel st. Pierre 2 aylar önce
Im really glad you made this. I've been fighting colon cancer since last year. Going through my last cycle of chemo for the 4th time, im optimistic about it. My thoughts is, i hit the cancer with my car and it's crawling into a ditch to go die off. Im 35 and got it out of nowhere, none of my family members have a history of any type of cancer. So im confused as to where this one came from.
Bruce Hartford
Bruce Hartford 2 aylar önce
I am 45 this year. I have been dogshit at taking myself in for any kind of checkups. I didn’t know this was a thing I need to do. So thank you Ryan and Rob for letting me know I need to get off my ass and show it to some doctors.
Nick Westgarth
Nick Westgarth 2 aylar önce
Good work guys, it still amazes me how many men fear any type of back door examination. This type of stuff will only reduce the fear of the unknown for those who avoid it, could save lives and never even know it. Again well done guys!
Ang B
Ang B 2 aylar önce
Those men also don’t wash their asses or wipe them because “it’s gay”.
Phantomsmiler 14 gün önce
I’ll have my first colonoscopy ever this week, thanks to this video. I am 46 years old and for some reason completely neglected this. Great job Ryan creating awareness.
Tony 2 aylar önce
Just turned 29 yesterday, got my first colonoscopy when I was 27 and had many polyps removed. With a family history of colon cancer I thought it was important to get in there well before 45. My father was diagnosed when he was in his mid 40s and it was caught too late. Sharing this type of information is really life saving. I've been struggling a lot lately with diverticulitis and it's been suggested that I have another colonoscopy next week. Everything about screening, polyps, and diverticulitis makes me more nervous than anything. Appreciate both Rob and Ryan sharing their experience, it's given me a good laugh about all this.
geson86 2 aylar önce
@Tibor Krisko can you explain how fibre reduces colon cancer risk? Is it just fixing the gut bacteria, and good gut bacteria reduces colon cancer risk? I dont have butt cancer, but i did have other problems all my life, several doctors told me to eat more fibre. Some said to eat loads of fibre rich grains, 1 told me to skip those and only eat fibre rich fruits/vegs. When i finally stopped and went on a high red meat diet filled with insane amounts of animal fats, all my symptoms dissappeared. It worked the opposite of what doctors said, and 100% like the weird doctors on the internet said. I know ibs and colon cancer are 2 completely different things. But everything those internet doctors i follow will tell me fibre is never needed. And fibre will, in almost everyone eventually, cause severe damage
Tibor Krisko
Tibor Krisko 2 aylar önce
@Ken Diet will not "prevent" but diets can reduce polyps. As a gastroenterologist and researcher, high fructose corn syrup can contribute to polyp formation. Red meats and processed meats also contribute (note, they are not a 1:1, direct causes). So yes, diet does influence colon cancer risk.
Tibor Krisko
Tibor Krisko 2 aylar önce
@geson86 with all due respect, totally disagree. One of the most important things for gut health, and health of healthy gut microbes, is fiber rich foods. Minimally-processed, whole foods. Yes to avoiding excessive amounts of carbohydrates if one is struggling with obesity. And DEFINITELY avoiding simple carbs (white breads, white rice) and sugars. But high-fiber foods are rich with benefits...especially from the perspective of reducing risk of colon cancer.
geson86 2 aylar önce
@Bitfire31337 All heart diseases are caused by sugar damage to all the stuff in your blood stream. healthy butter or bacon can't cause any problems at all if there is no massive consumption of sugar
OnomatoPrinting 2 aylar önce
My mother discovered her diverticulitis in her late 60s when one burst. She struggled with weight gain, hernias and surgeries that made the last 15 years of her life miserable. It's very likely that starting regular colonoscopies earlier might have prevented immeasurable pain.
Brooks Bell
Brooks Bell 2 aylar önce
Thank you for doing this Ryan and Rob! You are going to prevent a sh!t ton of cancer!
T Nakas
T Nakas 2 aylar önce
Amazing job guys! Thanks for spreading the word on this lifesaving preventative screening!
Michael Selewach
Michael Selewach 2 aylar önce
Thank you for doing this. My first one, many years ago and without anatheisia, removed some polyps that possibly may have done me in. I go every 5 years but now they put you out!! Btw, I was hoping for more of the prep the day before. That would be great acting!!
My Stuttering Life
My Stuttering Life 2 aylar önce
Thank you for this video!!! Colon screenings are so important!!!! I had mine done when I turned 50 and they say the prep is the hardest part but I chose to take the 24 capsules instead of that red liquid. I'm so glad I did it and they removed several polyps. Please don't ignore this life changing test.
Susan Tully
Susan Tully 2 aylar önce
Thanks for doing this and filming it guys. Really helps to show that it's not nearly as scary as ppls minds make it out to be. I know I had a completely different vision in my head. Now when I have to do this in 8 years I'll think of you when I go 😂😂
Maria de-flower me now
The pride on Robs face when he realized he had more polyps is GOLDEN.
Roman GG-Go
Roman GG-Go 2 aylar önce
These guys are an absolute treasure for the human race👍🏻
Christopher Castillo
Christopher Castillo 2 aylar önce
Thank you! I was diagnosed with stage 3b colon cancer at 40. You leading your voice to this important issue.
Melody The Massage Therapist
Way to go, guys!! One and three polyps GONE!!! Cancer snuffed out in the first quarter!!! Big happy dance for you two!!! 👍👍👍👍
Melody The Massage Therapist
@OptimusGPrime ohhhhh bummer!!!! Yep they are still there, again!!! Weird how they did disappear for a while!!! Thanks so much for telling me!!! Yikes, so sorry I tend to use way too many exclamation points!!! Take care! 😎
OptimusGPrime 2 aylar önce
@Melody The Massage Therapist FYI they are still there. Reporting a comment only removes it for you, unless YoutTube decides they are in violation and then removes it.
Melody The Massage Therapist
@Karl Hungus just reported and they are both gone. Thanks again!
Melody The Massage Therapist
Hi@Karl Hungus!! Thanks for checking out the weird link! I’m going to report it and I think there is another weird video link. Soooo weird! Someone once said that they are bots?? So glad you checked it out so that I don’t have to! :)
IMY123 2 aylar önce
FUNNY FOOTAGE OF KENNY RÄPING a LION : trvid.com/video/video-CWfd8OjWkwg.html
Jo Ann Kelly
Jo Ann Kelly 2 aylar önce
Thanks for sharing. You two crushed this video! I lost my cousin to colon cancer. Had she done a screening at 45 I feel they could have caught hers earlier. She had her screening at 50 and died within 2 yrs.
Mailman2-1Actual 2 aylar önce
Love that Ryan is bringing more awareness to this. I’ll make sure to do one when I reach 45.
Jerry Reding
Jerry Reding 2 aylar önce
Well, Ryan and Rob both did amazingly well coming off the conscious sedation (unless they cut that part out of their respective videos!). My ex-wife told me that she was sitting with me in recovery, and that I got on all fours on the bed and was looking around the mattress very intently. She asked what I was doing, and apparently I said, "I think I pooped my pants." 😆
Glen And Friends Cooking
Thanks for doing this - hopefully it motivates at least some of the people watching to go for the test.
Laura's World
Laura's World 2 aylar önce
Love that you guys are doing this and raising awareness this way! 🫶🫶💚💚💚
saramuse75 2 aylar önce
I had many polyps and a 4cm benign tumor removed already when I was 28. Had had symptoms for several years then already. Now I'm 47 and haven't been checked for more than 12 years. Thanks for reminding me I should get a new screening done. Here in Sweden I have never heard of anyone getting colonoscopies without having symptoms though.. Wonder why. Both my uncle and my cousins wife died when they were around 50 from colon cancer. So sad when knowing it is preventable. Edit: reading comments from others I see that another thing we do differently in Sweden is letting the patient be awake during the procedure. 😅
Alicia Anderson
Alicia Anderson Aylar önce
Thanks, Rob and Ryan! I've had polyps removed twice during colonoscopies, so I get to go back every 5 years for now! Thanks for raising awareness in a fun way!
Tanya Stinson
Tanya Stinson 2 aylar önce
You guys are both great! 💗What I can't believe is that you said your prep was easy. Well, to be fair, the prep is easy (just drink this Alice) but it made me sick as hell. The test itself is a breeze -nothing like modern medicine to knock you out, and erase your memory! But this test DOES save lives and it is one of the few cancer tests that can. Rob, you really did not win, however, 3 polyps or not, as neither of you have an extra long (tortuous colon)! Now THAT is winning.
Lead From Behind
Lead From Behind 2 aylar önce
Let your behind be the leader it was born to be. Thank you Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney. #LeadFromBehind
No One Star
No One Star 2 aylar önce
@Bitfire31337 Definitely not for those in the U.S., but I think it'd be great if humanity took care of each other a bit better, yes.
Bitfire31337 2 aylar önce
@No One Star Public health insurance or otherwise free medicare for important treatments should be a human right. Period.
rwethj9gfdtyrFS9u0ud 2 aylar önce
So basically what you're saying Ryan is, they went right up Main Street?
No One Star
No One Star 2 aylar önce
It must be nice to have coin, connections, clout, communities, opportunities... and health insurance. 🙂
Lepracon McPot
Lepracon McPot 2 aylar önce
As much as I love this and both of you, I also wish it was just that easy to get a doctors appointment... can't even see a dentist without paying out the pooper these days.
message me if you're my super fans WHATSAPMe㈩①②①④⑦⑨⑤③⑦②⑨☝️
Angelia Phillips
Angelia Phillips Aylar önce
Saved my life. They found cancer. Had 5 weeks of chemo. 6 weeks of radiation. 5 surgical procedures. Now I'm finishing up a final, 3 month series of chemo and I'm cancer free! God is good and so is being proactive. Thanks to both of you for the vid and fighting the negative stigma of colostomy procedures. #BravoZulu 👍👍👍
chris cummings
chris cummings 2 aylar önce
Had this here in the UK about 5 years ago... actually had an Endoscopy on the same day... They assured me they changed the tubes before swapping holes....🤔 Thankfully, I was all clear... Sadly, in the UK, we would wait YEARS to be given such a procedure after visiting our GP so 1000's of cases are allowed to grow. :-( Very well done to you guys though... Celebrities have so much exposure (No pun intended) that this WILL help reach people. Glad you were okay. :-)
MrBeans 2 aylar önce
These 2 and their friendship are a legit gift from God! I absolutely LOVE these two!!!!!!!! Thats one cool Doctor too.
AndrzejL 2 aylar önce
I had a colonoscopy for the first time in April this year. This very nice lady shoved a camera up my rear side but just before she did I asked her "If you find traces of my self-respect and dignity down there say hi to them for me..." She was laughing hard 😁
Daergarz 2 aylar önce
@Creative Isolation Well, when THEY go in perhaps.
Creative Isolation
Creative Isolation 2 aylar önce
I’m gonna remember that one when I go in. 😂😂😂
just i c e
just i c e 2 aylar önce
*trvid.com/video/video-mCfYi7634rU.html* Here is the full video that explains.
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