Riverdale: The Biggest Anomaly in TV History

Friendly Space Ninja
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10 Ağu 2022




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Chuuzus Yıl önce
i believe CW uses Riverdale as a way to launder money.
Ryan Padgett
Ryan Padgett 6 gün önce
Yes ! River sale is like those money laundering mattress stores that are on every corner lol 😂
MFKZ 9 gün önce
Wouldn't be surprised
Tam Said
Tam Said 15 gün önce
Heather Pierce
Heather Pierce 15 gün önce
Your season 3 recap was perfect and can pretty much apply to its self to all other seasons in one way or another 🤣 "Cheryl is a vigilante.....who kills people now" "Veronica is an underage bar owner" "Jughead is the Godfather.....apparently" "Betty is the same character as season 1....so who care's" "Archie is just God now....he can do anything" "There's just too much of everything so I can't bring myself to care about anything. The story doesn't move forward, it just shifts completely into something else.... something massive happens and then in the next episode everyone acts like that never happened"
RYZIGG Yıl önce
A quote that I rly like is “a plot twist isn’t good because you didn’t see it coming, it’s good because you SHOULD HAVE seen it coming”.
Gabby 2 aylar önce
I tried googling that quote and didn't find anything (on the first page, at least) but plot twist listicles. I believe you that it's a quote but given my first-page Google results, I guess I'm attributing it to you, Random Internet Person haha.
Phobics 4 aylar önce
From my experience a good definition would be that a plot twist is good if after learning about it, you say to yourself that in hindsight it should have been obvious
Phobics 4 aylar önce
@Cécile R It wasnt even who killed him that was the problem, It was that he died at that point at all. You have 7 seasons of build up to this cataclysmic event and they get bodied in the span of 1 episode without having acomplished anything lol
🐝Bee Honey🐝
🐝Bee Honey🐝 4 aylar önce
@Anastasia eh, you win some, you lose some
Anastasia 4 aylar önce
@🐝Bee Honey🐝 it was kinda their job to pull it off, they were not writing fanfiction
spotted3star 5 aylar önce
If it weren't for Riverdale my bf and I wouldn't have our favourite joke of responding to everything with "He just doesn't understand the Epic highs and lows of High School Football." It really works in all situations.
Sandrina Delvard
Sandrina Delvard 17 gün önce
@Worst Username In the World 😂😂
Worst Username In the World
@Sandrina Delvard you just don't understand the epic highs and lows of highschool football, that's why. omg it *is* an appropriate response to almost anything-
U have a bf
Sandrina Delvard
Sandrina Delvard Aylar önce
@laken rutland lmaoo from what I seen from the comments it was just a random Archie quote that he likes to say .
starsystems 7 aylar önce
Maybe Roberto, like the rest of us, should have just written his kinky fanfic and posted it on AO3 instead, and tagged it appropriately. Would have saved a lot of time and money.
atlasッ 2 gün önce
@Ivanna Claudette istg i could name like ten different fanfics that definitely should’ve been movies instead of… THOSE movies
Ари 25 gün önce
Maybe even gotten him a Wattpad movie
Ms.Queue 28 gün önce
Conversely, this weirdo managed to take his weird kinky Ao3 crackfic and turn it into a show that will be the stuff of meme legend, so maybe he's onto something. True, that doesn't stop my sinking suspicious that we're going to find out some Gary Glitter-ass shit about him in the future, but he's definitely left his mark ... for better or worse 😓😓
harley Aylar önce
@Sandrina Delvard yw! good luck if you look into it lmao
Sandrina Delvard
Sandrina Delvard Aylar önce
@harley thank youuu
DonnaMitsuki 7 aylar önce
I actually admire Cole Sprouse. He had to give that entire "I'm a weirdo" speech without laughing,he said it with a dead serious face in a dead serious tone. I would've lost it immediately,I can't even quote it cause I feel myself about to wheeze and laugh. That's a good actor right there.
Alicja Obuchowicz
Alicja Obuchowicz 22 gün önce
@HPNEEK well of his last fuck up was 7 years ago then he’s better person then most of us…
HPNEEK Aylar önce
@Summer Rose okay i actually went to look this up just now and he emotionally abused his ex gf, her tumblr username was bee-bunny. Also someone else in these comments mentioned the coleture concept tumblr he made and deleted. I don't know much about it lol but from ppl were saying it sounds fucked and totally full of bigoted opinions. If you're interested, I'm sure you can find out what you want to know about it all
HPNEEK Aylar önce
@Summer Rose pretty sure he abused an ex gf and she posted about it on the Internet and was bullied by his fans to pretty much hide herself cos she was in danger from him and them... i vaguely remember it on tumblr, must be at least 7 years ago now
Summer Rose
Summer Rose Aylar önce
@Bakuhakudraws I'm glad he stood up for himself. I wish Kj, Lilli, and Camilla followed Cole's example. And I did read that when the BlackLivesMatter protests took place and alot of people were arrested for no reason, Cole bailed alot of people out of jail. My respect for him has risen.
Summer Rose
Summer Rose Aylar önce
@Stefany Kulcheski Don't insult Cole like that. How dare you?!
allief2000 6 aylar önce
What's even crazier is that Roberto studied playwriting at the Yale School of Drama, one of the best playwriting programs in the country.
Meech 26 gün önce
Cs get degrees
Summer Rose
Summer Rose Aylar önce
@The Lonely Woodstock I'm sorry for the upcoming cringe on the horizon. Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa is the Grim Reaper of TV shows.
The Lonely Woodstock
The Lonely Woodstock 2 aylar önce
@Summer Rose I've seen True Blood, in the beginning it's okay and by the end it's very messy. I'd call the show watchable trash. I liked True Blood, as debatable quality it is, and I'm not happy that my trash is going to turn into a dumpster fire.
Summer Rose
Summer Rose 2 aylar önce
@Alizha Sanchez Nope and I wouldn't want to. I'd be too embarrassed and ashamed.
Summer Rose
Summer Rose 2 aylar önce
@bad idea Nope it's garbage, and when Roberto is done with it Pretty Little Liars will be a pile of rubbish burnt to a crisp. That man destroys ALL Television shows. Like Ninja said,"They're doomed."
Moos Mensch
Moos Mensch Yıl önce
Archie is basically the village people. He's everything, construction worker, boxer, singer, teacher, leader of a militia, soldier....
Joseph Barron
Joseph Barron 28 gün önce
He was also Batman at some point...
Alex Atanasov
Alex Atanasov Aylar önce
He's a male Barbie
Nathi 2 aylar önce
Did he ever sing Y.M.C.A.?
MDC Gaming
MDC Gaming 7 aylar önce
MDC Gaming
MDC Gaming 7 aylar önce
@my dude 😹😹
Jano Gucevich
Jano Gucevich 4 aylar önce
If anything, I thank riverdale for exposing us to great lines such as "I beg your misogynistic pardon". I half-unironically love that line.
Ginger Dog
Ginger Dog Aylar önce
The delivery too
Linda Les
Linda Les Aylar önce
I will never get over that line lmao
Summer Rose
Summer Rose 2 aylar önce
@E F Cap.🧢
E F 3 aylar önce
Half-unironic love is the perfect way to describe my feelings towards that line lmaooo it’s kind of funny tbh
Ameen_Mc 6 aylar önce
The fact that this show is still running after 6 seasons yet daredevil ended after 3 is just sad
Ew dude
Ew dude Gün önce
@Soph and it sucks
Dan Waddell
Dan Waddell 2 aylar önce
Breaking bad didn't get cancelled but it's the best show on television and went for 5 seasons. HTF is riverdale getting a seventh season
Tetsudi Kawakami
Tetsudi Kawakami 2 aylar önce
All good things comes to an end.heavy emphasis on Good.
Summer Rose
Summer Rose 2 aylar önce
@Ameen_Mc Same with Emily in Paris is still renewed for two more seasons and yet Anne with An E was cancelled.
Pao 3 aylar önce
It’s not a Netflix show, yes it’s on Netflix but Netflix didn’t make it
Aanya srivastava
Aanya srivastava 5 aylar önce
The Whole Cheryl being a Creepy Stalker could have actually been a interesting plot line. Like maybe she behaves like that because that's what she had been taught gay people are like. Her family is conservative and doesn't except her and maybe might have poisoned her perception of LGBT people as these creepy Stalkers and that's how they express love or something. Idk her family is shown not to be conventional. That could have been used a subconscious way to explain her behavior, and eventually realizing that that's not normal behavior and what she was doing was hurtful and learn for her mistakes. But I don't think the writers have enough brain cells to pull that off. I feel like they will just end u doing the opposite
Shadow1Yaz 2 aylar önce
Holy smokes. That would make that work. /impressed
Tetsudi Kawakami
Tetsudi Kawakami 2 aylar önce
Never thought about that,youre very creative
Victória Rodrigues
Victória Rodrigues 3 aylar önce
Sofia Catarina
Sofia Catarina 6 aylar önce
you know smth that made me real mad? the actor behind the black hood mask is a completely different person from Betty’s dad. when they revealed it was the dad, I was like: no he isn’t HE HAS BLUE EYES!
FeudalJester 2 aylar önce
Green eyes in certain lighting become blue and vice versa but he probably correct
Shama D
Shama D Yıl önce
*"there are 2 distinct veronica's"* Don't give them ideas. Or else in the next season we will have veronica's evil twin, harmonica dating archie
Charlotte 3 gün önce
Harmonica oh my god 😂😂
Marika Heinrich
Marika Heinrich 15 gün önce
@Shama D I am. And I am in constant pain about that show xD
Shama D
Shama D 15 gün önce
Y'all still watching the show with Cheryl being the Phoenix and resurrecting poor Jason? The man just CAN'T RIP.
Brit S.
Brit S. Aylar önce
@yzileV f
Nathi 2 aylar önce
Like Pretty Little Liars except they're even richer
Ashley Van halst
Ashley Van halst 2 aylar önce
With not making Jughead ace they also missed the opportunity to discuss how being ace doesn’t mean that someone doesn’t want a romantic relationship if they still wanted to have that jughead Betty relationship
Riah Lexington
Riah Lexington 7 gün önce
Sayra JAS
Sayra JAS 4 aylar önce
*in a completely desinterested and bored voice* "Cheryl is hanging out with her brother´s death body," That had me laughing SO bad XD
brie brock
brie brock 5 aylar önce
The biggest let down of Riverdale in terms of characters is Cheryl Blossom. She was my favorite when i started watching the show. They could have done so much with her! Especially with her F’d up family and their history with the town. Once I saw her shooting arrows and become the leader of an all girl gang, and playing cat burglar I was like they are doing something awesome with her character! These combined with her being a lil nuts could have ending in her becoming an awesomely twisted Harley Quinn-esque character that could eventually become the next big bad after Hiram’s story line. Or go the complete opposite direction in character development. Hell, if they wanted to they could make a spin-off show on the history of her family and the town alone. But no, it all lead to no where and fizzled out without any of it having a point… By the time we got to the time jump and i saw she was the only one who literally had not done ANYTHING with her life or changed at all in 7 years i knew there is 1000% no hope that we will ever see anything done with her at all RIP
Hot Dog
Hot Dog 25 gün önce
Mark Galan
Mark Galan Aylar önce
@it's pie noon she felt she was trying to be perfect for people who are just as flawed if not worse then her
MASRR Aylar önce
@Summer Rose why Cady 💀
Summer Rose
Summer Rose 2 aylar önce
If I could make a list of fictional characters I hate, Cheryl Blossom would make that list in the top 3, next to Chloe Price and Cady Heron from Mean Girls.
it's pie noon
it's pie noon 3 aylar önce
Definitely agree. That scene where she attempt to drown after finding out that her family is secretly twisted in the season 1 doesn't get enough praise, it's probably where Cheryl's character felt the most human.
nila 6 aylar önce
You know what, im actually glad they didnt make judhead asexual because we all know that roberto would have absolutely butchered the representation. He doesn't know and refuses to learn how to actually represent a community and has made very clear with his innumerable seasons of bullshit that he is very happy with what he is doing and will continue to do so.
graygreysangui 10 saatler önce
Nevermind that the show is so sexual, it is likely asexuals won't be watching it.
katie poole
katie poole 10 aylar önce
the fact that an entire season was based off of cole sprouse deciding he didnt want to get cold at 4am one morning and just refusing to do the job hes paid for is actually the funniest shit ive heard all week.
Ks 10 gün önce
@imbored did you not watch the video
JenicaT Aylar önce
Cole has openly said that he doesn't want to the job though so he was most likely trying to get fired but they can't xD he's not happy with the series and hjs character
Nathi 2 aylar önce
It's so funny It's on the opposite side of the scale of Dylan (his brother to be clear) not being in the 3rd After movie cuz he didn't want to be (I think)
The Be Sharp
The Be Sharp 2 aylar önce
@imbored It's literally all explained at one point within the first 40 minutes of this video. You don't even need to watch the whole thing.
Razor Shark
Razor Shark 6 aylar önce
Andreea B f
Saiph 4 aylar önce
"But it gets worse" fits this show perfectly as a description
Lizz Locke
Lizz Locke 6 aylar önce
I was struggling with this show and not sure why. Your assessment of the characters and lack of plot was exactly what I needed! So now I'm going to list my pet peeves about this show. 1. they dressed too sexy for school, save it for later 2. 16 year olds owned businesses? 3. the kids just acted like they were adults, went on trips all the time. It's stuff that fits the ages of the Actors, not the characters. Finally number 1 pet peeve is Archie was so stupid! He threatened a MOB BOSS!! and not to mention a gang leader! In either situation he would have gotten shot! his stupidity was lethal! (And a SERIAL Killer!!) Rename the show Archies Sexy Death Wish with his sexy confusing friends!
Breanna P
Breanna P 28 gün önce
How does Archie comics go from sending this man a cease and desist to putting him in charge? I really don't understand. If someone has abused your content to the point of getting legal on them, why would you ever hire them? He must have greased a lot of palms
Mike Ivoyloff
Mike Ivoyloff 6 gün önce
Welcome to corporate America, bud.
Riah Lexington
Riah Lexington 7 gün önce
Because archie is a completely incompetent company
ArtTaurustic Aylar önce
I loved Chuck and his girlfriend Nancy in the comics! They were so nice, and it was great to see black characters written as just regular students, plus them being artists, Chuck drew and Nancy did photography. I was so sad at what they did to him :(
Yıl önce
the fact roberto decided to erase jughead’s asexuality just so he could sexualize him, a 15 year old character, is so alarming, this man needs to be put on a list
Sandrina Delvard
Sandrina Delvard Aylar önce
@herlocksholmes1888 ^
Sandrina Delvard
Sandrina Delvard Aylar önce
@Giulia C. amennn literally the best show ever even though there was subject matter it wasn’t as dark (like it didn’t show the scenes of people hanging themselves or overdosing) as Euphoria or 13 reasons why .
Summer Rose
Summer Rose 2 aylar önce
@B W Like Ninja I too was very annoyed with Kevin. Not only was he an idiot, but he's a hypocrite.
B W 3 aylar önce
Or when they approach the topic of Kevin Keller hooking up with older men as like a 15 year old with a shitty monologue only to later brush it off despite it's an extremely serious issue and literal sexual assault. I swear his character and the storylines surrounding it put gay rights back 20 years.
khfan4life365 3 aylar önce
And the fact that he wrote that a 15/16 year old girl pole dances in front of her boyfriend’s dad and all his middle-aged friends. Wtf? 😳
yin yin
yin yin 7 aylar önce
I kinda feel like that it riverdale hadn’t attempted to be a show that’s meant to be taken seriously in season 1, it actually would’ve worked well as a comedy and parody of teen dramas. The show really has it all - cringy dialogue, over the top storylines and 27 year old actors who are playing 16 year olds. The ridiculous ideas of the writers could’ve been hilarious in a sarcastic context, but since the show didn’t present itself like that from the start the audience quickly lost interest. Also this show has just been going on for way too long, I stopped watching midway through season 2 and was shocked to find out that it’s still going. It’s been so long that they weren’t even able to entertain their "so bad it’s funny" audience anymore, how sad is that
Kamila Aylar önce
Lesbian here. Began watching Riverdale because a friend of mine told me "hey it's kinda gay" (don't judge me, we've all done it). Cheryl's relationship with Tony could be so well developed... I would love to see them grow as people, Tony teaching Cheryl about the importance of companionship and valuing your friends and family, Cheryl giving Tony a sense of security she lacked her entire life. But then... Nop, you get whatever tf they did.
KERP08 7 aylar önce
It’s the fact season one Archie’s arc is literally Troy from High School Musical 💀
William Wells
William Wells 23 gün önce
Riverdale gave us the line "you clearly don't understand the epic highs and lows of high school football" so I will consider it a success.
Flo Kitsch
Flo Kitsch 28 gün önce
2:00:17 “I guess they’re witches now.” well this didn’t age well.
Stephen 24 gün önce
And Veronica “doesn’t want her father to die” 😭
Ronnie 4 aylar önce
I've never really watched the show, but I live in the town where they film a lot of it. The diner that they use has become a bit of a tourist attraction. The real name of the place is "Rocko's" It is an actual diner. I've seen a few of the cast in Starbuck's before.
WAFAA EL-HASSAN 16 gün önce
@Ronnie wow do they look done with the show that the real question
Ronnie 2 aylar önce
@Syahmi Samba I saw a few of them in Starbuck's. I didn't meet them in the sense that I walked up and had a conversation. I've see the show enough just to know it was them. The most I've done is say 'Hi'. They seem friendly enough. :)
Syahmi Samba
Syahmi Samba 3 aylar önce
Oh did you meet with the cast??
Rivkah Song
Rivkah Song 4 aylar önce
It's too bad they didn't just make Jughead into a sex positive asexual. Not all asexuals (myself included) are sex repulsed, we just don't really care enough about it to actively want it. But with a partner we love it can be enjoyable, just not something we really need or crave. But then again, as badly as they've done gay and poc representation they'd have probably messed that up, too.
Sandrina Delvard
Sandrina Delvard 2 gün önce
@miss rattie 😂😂😂😂 fr these people are ridiculous
miss rattie
miss rattie 3 gün önce
@the mischief was that sarcasm lol pls tell me it was
miss rattie
miss rattie 3 gün önce
@Sandrina Delvard lmao the cognitive dissonance in these people making up endless labels is hilarious... don't even bother with this nonsense 😂
Summer Rose
Summer Rose 4 gün önce
@the mischief Then you're not asexual.
David C Witkin
David C Witkin 3 aylar önce
Hermione giving Space Ninja life advice: JUST PRICELESS. And I mean, absolutely perfect. Plus, I love how this video has more views than most Riverdale episodes.
AM Yıl önce
My cousin turned 30 recently. Which means she is finally old enough to play a teenager on CW.
DamnPam Gün önce
Hudson Kalmans
Hudson Kalmans 9 gün önce
jobo 13 gün önce
The dream
Ms.Queue 27 gün önce
Ooh throw her a bat mitzvah! Today, you are a CW teen!!
Dan Aylar önce
Let's gooooooooooo
Amanda Taylor
Amanda Taylor 5 aylar önce
I totally agree that the writers are to blame for all of these issues. They're writing like it's 1960 and the show will air and never be accessible again, so the details THEY choose to ignore are also hard for viewers to keep track of. This group of writers knows they're releasing in binge and re-watch culture, and given the popularity of Riverdale they should have expected scrutiny for details. They genuinely DO not care. It's revolting.
I Love iCarly & Victorious
Friendly Space Ninja laying it all down and spitting facts by unapologetically stating that Cheryl is an awful person and then listing less than 2% of the horrible things she has done is so damn satisfying.
Bartosz Wajsowicz
Bartosz Wajsowicz 4 aylar önce
this analysis itself is more interesting than the entire show lmao
Simly 2 aylar önce
I think the only reason I like Betty is because of how good Lili Reinhart is in the role. Same with Alice, and with Jughead because of the nostalgia I have associated with Cole Sprouse. It's pretty sad when there's not a single character I like _as_ _a_ _character,_ but solely because of the actor
Theo Davis
Theo Davis 2 aylar önce
Roberto wanted his actors damn near naked so badly, he improvised Jughead dying... Dude, did they REALLY have to be in their underwear or are you just creepy?
Rowan Reed
Rowan Reed 6 aylar önce
The part about Cheryl finding out she ate her twin in the womb is so funny to me. I also did that its not a big deal
Alizha Sanchez
Alizha Sanchez 2 aylar önce
I love that they had to completely change a plot in season 4 because Cole Spouse was like nah, it's too cold to be out at 4 am in my underwear.
Stephanie Wozny
Stephanie Wozny 2 aylar önce
Power move
Mia Sancto
Mia Sancto 14 gün önce
I see so many people tweet things like "did anyone else have a crush on the creepy cult leader from season 3 of Riverdale." Like we're just gonna pass over the fact that this guy was a 90s/2000s heartthrob and like yeah, of course I did when he was in the Cinderella movie. Also the amount of people my age or younger that hadn't heard of Cole Spouse prior to him playing jughead is disturbing, am I the only 22 year old that watched the Suite Life of Zach and Cody/Suite Life on Deck growing up, or that has seen anything him and he's brother did in 90s?
esml Yıl önce
The hypersexualization of underage characters is very scary. I felt sick after you explained the sexualization of Archie’s character. With how many horror stories come from Hollyweird all the time, it makes me very uneasy. The idea of an old director using these young actors with dreams of a career to fulfill his own fantasy is infuriating.
Mike Ivoyloff
Mike Ivoyloff 6 gün önce
You get the point, bud. Soon there will be nothing wrong about molesting a kid, and the good old LGBTQ+ abbreviation will get a new letter - capital *P*
Real Talk
Real Talk 27 gün önce
I think the characters started out 15/16 but then aged every other year. I mean it's ending at Season 7. This isn't a cartoon, they're clearly aging like real people do.
Summer Rose
Summer Rose Aylar önce
@Leaf Finite Exactly why age inappropriate casting is a HUGE problem, especially now.
Summer Rose
Summer Rose 2 aylar önce
@b o r g l e I remember when that happened I was laughing at it because of how dumb and cringey it was and Jughead dumped her right after and Betty acted surprised at that. Part of me is embarrassed for watching this garbage, maybe it was I was manipulated by the Archie Comic characters nostalgia tied to it and I was blinded by that and just like The Flash I was drinking a bottle of false hope that the show would get better in the future. But I was wrong, I was hopeful for nothing and I accepted it.
Preston A
Preston A 7 aylar önce
I was able to survive the first few seasons, but I couldn't deal with the bad writing and acting anymore. People are able to put up with Riverdale for so long, because it's a very good looking cast and it really is the poster child of "I ship them, no I ship them" arguments that fans weirdly obsess over. Also, you're right, people of color really were treated terrible on this show and it's terrible
Kyler Johnson
Kyler Johnson 2 aylar önce
I survived first 3 season than couldn't anymore tbf I do like the actors they just have horrible scripts
Frederick Fugglesworth
This guy is such a bad showrunner that I started to believe Hollywood is propping him up on purpose.
effortliss 7 aylar önce
My biggest criticism of season 5 is that the characters are quite literally the only people that exist. They are teachers, mayor, the gang in the town, the only other people who exist are those to be conformed into the show as simple plot devices to be thrown away after their one time usage, and the goolies. The goolies weren't good characters, but atleast served a purpose and had noticable amounts of screentime. This season, used to get beat up and somehow legally arrested by Archie because they trashed a house his mother had been renting out for years, and to bomb pops under Hiram's command. They did 2 things the entire season, but are made to be "defeating" the serpents, enough to the point where they feel threatened enough to recall members back into the town and broaden their influence. Not only is the leader of the serpents a school counselor and social worker, but is extremely public about leading the gang and any violent acts and drug dealing they constantly have going on. Archie's criminal past is not only ignored by the military, but he goes on a rampage of crimes/"doing the work for the town" ("citizen's arrests", violently beating criminals with brass knuckles, raids, etc.) whilst also being a school teacher, coach, fire department leader, and someone who put the new leadership (4 mayors) into power. It seems everyone in the show knows about Hiram's plan, criminal/illegal activity, and some have substantial evidence that they just keep to themselves, even though they all want to see his demise. (and when they eventually put the plan in place to get him out, he literally resurfaces the same episode to commit more crimes. (and... with full access to the assets the characters had supposedly taken away from him...) The most sad part, in my opinion, is that despite this video being so long and covering so many problems with the characters and show in general, it barely covers a single percentage of what casual audience members would notice in it's dragged out seasons.
Anthony Delfino
Anthony Delfino 4 aylar önce
"Riverdale's biggest problem is inconsistency" This also extends to the shade of red the hair and makeup team decide to due Archie's hair. I don't get why they couldn't have just cast an actual ginger actor into this role if they weren't going to put any effort into getting the color consistent.
Awesomeasumpta13 4 aylar önce
@Anthony Delfino thanks. :)
Anthony Delfino
Anthony Delfino 4 aylar önce
@Awesomeasumpta13 that could be true too.... also love the Ibuki thumbnail :)
Awesomeasumpta13 4 aylar önce
I've always thought his hair looked like cgi because of the shade of red it is.
Taylor Clayton
Taylor Clayton Yıl önce
In case you haven’t noticed, this show is weird. It’s a weirdo. It doesn’t fit in. And it doesn’t want to fit in. Have you ever seen this show have a cohesive plot? That’s weird. But now we have a video explaining the weirdness.
deviltrigger 7 aylar önce
@Sanjana Kundaliya and lows! Of high school football!
happy baby
happy baby 8 aylar önce
I don't wanna be anonymous
What a words girl lol
Damen Lanzillo
Damen Lanzillo 9 aylar önce
Weird is a show like bojack horseman. This is just bad writing. You can still be entertained with a weird show.
Sisy Zhou
Sisy Zhou 10 aylar önce
it's only weird cause roberto hasn't experienced the epic highs and lows highschool football 😍
weewooweewoo 3 aylar önce
its so funny that you called archie invincible because he’s literally become superman 😁
weewooweewoo 3 aylar önce
@Sarcasm Wizard same but also no one deserves to have to sit through it
Sarcasm Wizard
Sarcasm Wizard 3 aylar önce
Legit, i hope this guy covers the newest season because i’m really dieing here
jay💗 7 aylar önce
1:38:14 you are COMPLETELY right 1: when toni, veronica and betty saved her from the CONVERSION camp they had ONE conversation on the couch about it (barely) and then she just got up and told kevin that she was the lead in carrie and bossed him around the entire production 2: the NEXT musical her and toni break up and she tells kevin they’re doing heathers instead of that other musical and again she’s going to be the lead in it and bosses him around throughout the entire production again this is just two i can think of right now and i know these aren’t the biggest things she done but she’s does this things after traumatic things happen to her and like you said, still reverts back to the old cheryl. i adore madelaine and i hate cheryl.
Izzy H
Izzy H 7 aylar önce
You say bad dialogue but I'm pretty sure "that means you haven't known the triumphs and defeats, the epic highs and lows of high school football" is the greatest line ever spoken aloud on television
Gaslight Gatekeep Girlboss
I've never watched the show, so when he started off the list of all of the bad things Cheryl did with her calling Betty a fat dumb cow i was like "oh thats not too bad, just teenaged bullying" And then he described everything else and its like wow okay damn she is awful
Клирик Североземья
And it's not the worst, what he did
Amanda the Jedi
Amanda the Jedi Yıl önce
I always loved how Archie tried to sympathize with homeless Jughead because of his struggles of having to choose between being a football star or musician heartthrob
Angelina Cave
Angelina Cave 5 aylar önce
@p n I came here for this
Yuri Kendal
Yuri Kendal 5 aylar önce
Why can't he be both? Its not an either or thing
Faux Fox Dude
Faux Fox Dude 7 aylar önce
@cybunny25 That had me laughing so much.
ʕ•ﻌ•ʔ 8 aylar önce
@BIGT251 or comparing having to decide which talent you have that you like more is incomparable to homelessness as far as struggles go? That's just common sense. We get it, you were the Jock bully.
Shiraya 5 aylar önce
As ridiculous as this all can be, I feel bad for the cast, really. I feel like this could become for them what Twilight became for Kristen Steward and Robert Pattinson, that it'll be so hard for them to separate themselves from this dumpster fire, that for the next years they'll just be connected to this. Idk what kind of contracts they have, but it's pretty evident they're not really happy playing these roles so I hope they can get out of this soon and move on because they are decent actors in the end.
Aparna Shastry
Aparna Shastry 5 aylar önce
This video is amazing, but you could’ve talked about the mistreatment of characters of colour that aren’t just black, like Reggie being the only Asian character and being basically a side kick for the either Archie or Veronica... and he’s the only main person of Asian descent in the entire show.
Victor Olivero
Victor Olivero 2 aylar önce
An actor that looks 30 saying we are "generation z" is the cringiest shit I've seen this year.
gemstone71552 3 aylar önce
About Archie "he's invincible some might even say immortal" OH BOY you predicted season 6!!
blurrylinesx 3 aylar önce
At least now there's some actual supernatural shit to back it up I guess 😭😭
Lauren Moss
Lauren Moss Yıl önce
The only redeemable quality of riverdale is Cheryl’s outstanding wardrobe. That’s literally it so major props to the costume designer.
E. Moonbound
E. Moonbound 7 aylar önce
The costume designers and make up artists are actually SO good they deserve a better show.
happy baby
happy baby 8 aylar önce
I wanna see cheryl in less red & more green.
Ami van Zyl
Ami van Zyl 8 aylar önce
and also major costumes to the prop designer
Tandia VonBonBon
Tandia VonBonBon Yıl önce
@Recinos_ Dani Apparently she does her own. She had bad acne previously so chose to bring her own clean brushes every day. Sad that she had to take over character creativity and direction (what colour lipstick would Cheryl wear in this scene?) and also worry about bacteria from shared brushes.
Dita Livy
Dita Livy Yıl önce
The clothes and visuals are great. The actors are also good (especially because the dialogue and the entire show is trashy). The writing is more than questionable and disappointing. It could’ve been amazing, but it wasn’t bc of the writers
Natahlia Zaring
Natahlia Zaring 3 aylar önce
One thing that I had hoped/assumed when the show started was that all the tropiness and cliched dialogue and characterization was there to have some kind of meta commentary. Like I don't think it would be bad for the characters to be these cardboard cutouts because they are teenagers and think leaning into movie stereotypes is what they are supposed to do. That could be interesting! But...it would require that to have payoff and development for it to work. You ask why people keep giving him shows? Because he knows the right people and is entrenched in the system and never loses anyone (enough) money that they aren't willing to give him another shot. And it really sucks that that's how much of the film and tv industry works, but making good art or telling compelling stories isn't the first priority for the people who give the go ahead on projects.
DJ Taylor
DJ Taylor 5 aylar önce
things that i would change if i was riverdale’s show runner: the friend group would be more cohesive, kevin would be actually apart of it as i would’ve made him the balancing voice of reason in the group, and the 5 of them would work on solving season plot issues together instead of varchie solving one mystery while bughead solved a completely separate one. the “hey breakfast club” bleacher scene was memorable and this cast had potential to be written as an iconic on screen friend group cheryl would’ve been my anti hero of the series. i would make her a tool taken advtange of by antagonists in the first couple seasons but eventually the main group would bring her to the light, so she’d eventually be helpful to the main 5 but is the character that will make sacrifices no one else will. this would make her an accurate parallel to my version of veronica as she would be the ice queen willing to cross the line to get a task done, while veronica is the ice queen who wants to shed that mindset in hope that she can put herself on a better path (playing into the concept that veronica wants to be better and rid her darker impulses) TONI SHOULDVE BEEN HEAD SERPENT. PERIOD. her arch should’ve been about the highs and lows of taking back the south side serpents and reforming them in her image. jughead and her would’ve formed a sibling like bond as jughead would use his father mistakes as guidance to toni’s regime, not him taking over the serpents himself. Josie should’ve gotten a spin-off where she ends up at some type of competitive boarding school where the faculty is shady, like 2021 gossip girl but done right. josie should’ve just been given her own arch so she could become the artist she always wanted while being a hero in common riverdale verse fashion
Jazzemon Aylar önce
No joke I subbed after this vid because I've never heard anyone be as passionate about storytelling and good writing as I am, and passion like that instead of indifference to mediocrity is incredibly refreshing. Great vid, love the personality that shows through!
freya sewell
freya sewell 3 aylar önce
can we also aknowledge how its made a big thing in the plot that betty and archie are next door neighbours and the fact there are many scenes of their windows being next to each other.Its a big part of the plot BUT THEIR HOUSES ARENT ACTUALLY NEXT TO EACH OTHER. I cant believe I didnt notice but when you see shots of archie's house, the writers have no intention of hiding the other houses next door LMAO
That Witchy Girl
That Witchy Girl Yıl önce
Every actor in this show is giving 200% but the writing is so awful that it completely undercuts their performance. You can tell in the interviews that Lili Rienhart is taking the time off set to look deep into her character and to find motivations that aren’t explicitly spelled out in the script. That’s something not every actor knows how to do or even considers doing. It’s what makes a great actor. It’s so heartbreaking that this is the role she will be known for for a very long time and she will have to work extremely hard to create a new reputation for herself.
bi tree
bi tree 4 aylar önce
@Angus March truuuuu
Cassandra 5 aylar önce
I mean, Kristen Stewart did it, so I have hope for Lili yet. To be fair, Twilight has a lot more merit than Riverdale, but there was a point in time where Twilight had the same kind of notoriety that Riverdale does now imo
Her Loyal Highness, Princess Rainbow Dash
@Angus March Yeah... 😂
Angus March
Angus March Yıl önce
@Her Loyal Highness, Princess Rainbow Dash I was lowkey more terrified of the main characters than I was of the villains. Especially Cheryl.
Angus March
Angus March Yıl önce
@Jordan Levitt lmao tbf by that point they had had 4 seasons worth of moral fibre beaten out of them by the writers. I would have lost my give-a-fuck after season 2.
Pers Godiva
Pers Godiva 7 aylar önce
Listen. Not even Supernatural ever did ALIENS. In its 15 years, SPN never went that low. Riverdale is just a bizarre freak of nature at this point.
Emma Howard
Emma Howard 7 aylar önce
i honestly think it is sad that hedwig, an incredible musical, is being introduced to so many people through the absolute train wreck that was that episode of riverdale. the musical itself is amazing. the arrangements and performances of the songs in the riverdale episode are infuriating to me. y'all should give the john cameron mitchell or nph versions a listen. it is a beautifully told queer story with some banger tunes.
A A 4 aylar önce
Never has a show needed to have been cancelled so badly. Perfect shows have been cancelled but this exercise in absurdist writing is still around. I am just dumbfounded by it. It pays the bills I guess for the people employed through it. That is the only saving grace..
Bailey Spelt Beefy
Bailey Spelt Beefy 4 aylar önce
1:04:53 in season 6 he actually gets superpowers to become invincible, is often said to be unkillable, and can no longer lose a fight.... he can take on a whole gang with weapons using just his hands and not get a single scratch cause he now has powers
"sentient Wattpad love interest" I'm barely 10 minutes into this video and I'm already dying of laughter
Flavia Sandelewski
THAT is a Chuck title
Daniel Reusch
Daniel Reusch Yıl önce
@MakiMaki I’ve found some good stories in there but I had to dig through a lot of self insert overpowered my crap it was like one story in a landfill of that shit
Joyful Sorrow
Joyful Sorrow Yıl önce
Half of wattpad's love interests have more of a personality...
Aimée LeBeau
Aimée LeBeau Yıl önce
This description is the most apt and amazing one I've ever heard!
Igorignore Yıl önce
@Phily GsSteak from my understanding a bunch of pre-teens making rpf fanfic of their favorite boy bands or sometimes fanfic of creepy pasta characters, I think the operative part for dig in this video is pre-teens writing self insert romance fics
Nova 5 aylar önce
I think one of the worst things about riverdale is that the occasions that happen does not impact characters' psychology at all. As you mentioned as well, Betty's father gets shot in front of her. Even though he is an awful person or whatever, she has to be sad because he is her father after all. And Archie has been in prison dude! And Cheryl. She's been through something how does she get over it. We never see it. (I think I don't wanna accept the fact that it is a bad show though. Since I really liked it and everything)
Mara 7 aylar önce
I also think the Memoriam episode is the best episode of the entire show; it genuinely makes me emotional and I'm glad that they were able to write a good ending for Fred Andrews in the face of Luke Perry's unfortunate & untimely passing. Spoilers, I guess: In terms of the rest of the show, it literally got so much worse and sloppier in the rest of season 5 and beginning of season 6 (Rivervale episodes) LMAO. In season 5, when Kevin talks to his dad about his mother and it's revealed/implied that Kevin has been going to the woods to hook up with dudes since like MIDDLE SCHOOL??? I haven't watched the ep since it aired but I remember being utterly floored by that 🤢 Also some of the editing is just SO SLOPPY like when Uncle Frank's mercenary guy shows up to attack Archie (I think) and Archie like smacks him with a cast-iron pan and like the SOUND EFFECT & cut between camera angles is unintentionally HILARIOUS. And in Rivervale, when Cheryl murders Fang with an AXE like Lizzie Borden and THE AXE LITERALLY BOUNCES OFF OF HIS CHEST, THE CAMERA ANGLE CHANGES, AND BLOOD SPLATTERS EVERYWHERE. I CANNOT BELIEVE THEY DIDN'T CUT BEFORE THE AXE VISIBLY BOUNCES OFF OF FANG'S TORSO!!!!!!!!
sucreroux 7 aylar önce
2:21:00 THANK YOU this is exactly how i feel, all these actors that looks nothing like we did in high school that do shit we never did, never show what goes through our heads during that time
Rebell 1193
Rebell 1193 7 aylar önce
No lie the more I hear about riverdale, the more I actually wanna watch the madness unveil. I also find the concept of a show having a pretty ordinary first season, only for the rest to be a complete dumpster fire to be amazing. That’s really like somebody one day is just having an ordinary day, only for the next day to find themselves in borderlands. I honestly think that’s awesome.
Nadiri Myers
Nadiri Myers Yıl önce
“I dropped out in the 4th grade, to run drugs, to support my nana” Archie: “that means you don’t know the triumphs and defeats, the epic highs and lows of high school football” broooooo that’s probably the funniest line in the show. Like I know it hurt him to say them lines 😂 💀
what team? wildcats
I chucked at the first line not knowing that archie was going to say that
Elisha Barretto
Elisha Barretto Yıl önce
@No at least they’re now aware 😭✋🏽
Laura Corver
Laura Corver Yıl önce
I am in awe of the fact they managed to record the scene as it implies they were able to film the scene without one of the actors choking on their laughter or corpsing in another manner.
Alyssa Yıl önce
i cringe
Siegfried86 '
Siegfried86 ' Yıl önce
When I started the video and saw this comment, I thought that was a fucking joke, not actual dialogue from the show
Cinnamoroll Aylar önce
When you said Archie is the "main character" I was shocked since I always thought Betty was the main character
M. Nicole
M. Nicole 3 aylar önce
I think that in terms of storylines and dialogue.. the show started going downhill during season three. Plus, they had Hiram Lodge as a villain for a little too long. I lost interest in the show after season three. But the tribute episode to Luke Perry (who played Archie’s dad) was well done.
Eleven Track Mind
Eleven Track Mind 5 aylar önce
on one end, there is Zoe who played Evelyn Evernever - 27 years old in the show and 26 years old in real life, then there is Ashleigh murray who portrayed Josie McCoy - 17 years old in the show and 33 years old in real life
Eleven Track Mind
Eleven Track Mind 4 aylar önce
@KonataKawaii If I had a nickel for every time I forgot the cast was supposed to be teenagers, I would have enough money to buy pop tate's
KonataKawaii 4 aylar önce
Doesn’t count cuz black don’t crack and Asian don’t raisin lol so of course Josies actress could be 57 and still look younger than Evelyns haha
Rafinha 7 aylar önce
On the counterpart, Nancy drew is also from CW and resembles a bit of Riverdale on theses mystery murderess and teenager drama, but is done in a way that is very interesting, close to heart and the characters are very much consistent and have a meaning to way things happens in the show.
Amie Page
Amie Page 11 aylar önce
the fact that cole literally refused to take part in a scene is a testament to just how little they care, like what are ya gonna do, fire me? please do 😐
Michelle 8 aylar önce
@trashpanda fr the first time this show came out people were going crazy over it mostly bc cole was gonna be on it I’m assuming, and I tried for the life of me to watch the first episode and didn’t even watch anymore of the rest of the show lol. I’ve tried to get back on it but it’s just so bad lmfao.
PhoenixDZK 8 aylar önce
What gets me confused, is if he was gonna appear in the scene, who's death were they actually foreshadowing?! Or did Roberto just want to film them half naked as part of his wierd ass fantasy?!
Prawira Agung Adhinegara
he's just not in the mood for weird shit bro but fr the show still sucked either way
Summer Rose
Summer Rose 10 aylar önce
@Julie PRJ How is it diva? It's smart. Nobody can make you do something you don't want to. I'm glad Cole stood up for himself. I wish KJ, Camila, and Lili did the same. I'm guessing they're new to the industry and haven't acted for too long.
what team? wildcats
what team? wildcats 10 aylar önce
@Julie PRJ I would rather flip off the entity of the Fandom of the show than freeze in my underwear, early in the morning, for God knows how long because shows by default need to take several shots of the same scene over and over again just for a story so poorly constructed that they would rather fake a characters death than wait a different time or day to reshoot a scene
blue-guy master
blue-guy master 7 aylar önce
When i watched this show, i really enjoyed it, what exactly the cause of that was will remain mystery, though even my tween self saw one big flaw in the show : The villans. I think many (especially longer shows) have their problems with villians, not just the characters themself but more the order of them. Chaotic and without reason, they just appear because we need a new antagonist. The only really long show i watched that roughly avoided this problem was Supernatural, with the recepie of them pissing many people of, and the lead characters being predictable. You just know that of one dies the other will give everything to alive them again, so is not surprising if you find yourself mid season with them fighting of a supernatural force demanding to be paid, or even worse demanding to get back what was taken from it. In other words the two little bitches won’t die, and even the devil can’t change that.
Atlantis 6 aylar önce
Despite it's problems, the first season of Riverdale was so good imo and I had high hopes for this show... But after just watching maybe four or five episodes of season 2, I already had enough. Yk, in watching the first season I even liked the the more unconventional way the show was built, but you're right, looking back the flaws are quite obvious.
Elizabeth B
Elizabeth B Aylar önce
I know I'm super late to the party, but I'd like to quickly summarize what I learned by watching this: Roberto was one of the few to turn his fan-fiction dreams into a live-action reality, and that isn't necessarily a good thing. The End.
GeordanePlays 4 aylar önce
literally choked on my own spit when you said "half a decade". has it been that long???
Violeta Yıl önce
Cole Sprouse survived a career on Disney without singing only to be forced to sing in Riverdale
psychedelic psychosis
psychedelic psychosis 8 aylar önce
He did sing on Disney remember they had that song where all the stars had to sing together. With raven, Hilary duff and the guy for Phil of the future and Dylan and Cole Sprouse had a small part. a dream is a wish your heat makes or something like that
bulbafett5001 10 aylar önce
As Mordo said, The Bill Comes Due.
Summer Rose
Summer Rose 10 aylar önce
@GreyBlueMe No, Cole and Dylan never sung(at least not professionally) on Disney. It's just not their thing.
Ice▪muffin🍰 11 aylar önce
@Maria Ximena Otalora Cordoba Honestly they are already very good actors, at least they seem so to me. I fully agree that they need MUCH better projects, imagine how sick that would be. Maybe they have a harder time given their background and pretty faces? They'd tend to get roles such as this one due to that?...
M Yıl önce
@E Sull yooo it wasn’t that weird. I actually liked that version lol
Shraddha Dixit
Shraddha Dixit 2 aylar önce
The fact that he made a 2 hr long video about a show that ultimately just sucks and 3 million people decided to sit through it all is just awesome 🤩
mickel1819 22 gün önce
No matter how many times i watch this video that “trick or treat or treats river-babes! -- What the hell did you just say to me?” Always kills me
April 6 aylar önce
Wait that's how they explained Archie's dad's passing? He was in a hit and run? Isn't that the same thing that happened to a well known character on Grey's Anatomy? That character stopped to help someone and was hit?? That's all the could come up with to explain why his dad was gone? The older actors in the show deserved so much more and I'm sad that this show is now a part of their legacy.
Sushii Mish
Sushii Mish 2 aylar önce
Pretty sure in Greys anatomy dr shepherd went to help someone yes but he got into his car and then the accident happened, also it was on screen. i wasn't sure if this is the scene ur talking about but yeah
jaime evermore
jaime evermore Aylar önce
"I'm so over the toxic masculinity in this hall right now" Is this how they think teenagers talk? Wtf 😭
soup lover
soup lover 10 aylar önce
Jughead is the human embodiment of the statement "i'm not like other girls"
Satori Matsuzaka
Satori Matsuzaka 5 aylar önce
@Michael Marple FOR REAL!!!
Michael Marple
Michael Marple 5 aylar önce
Jughead comments on channels that post music from The Who/The Beatles/Pink Floyd that he was born in the wrong generation so he can get credit from older people on his music taste to feel special.
Anastasia Constellan
Anastasia Constellan 6 aylar önce
I loved Jughead's I'm weird, I'm a weirdo line ... It had to be my favorite of the entire series
Lucía Kaminski
Lucía Kaminski 6 aylar önce
"Not like other broody heartthrobs"
Ryland Carmichael
Ryland Carmichael 6 aylar önce
Jughead is an enby icon
Naza Taylor's Version
Naza Taylor's Version 7 aylar önce
Let's say I started watching Riverdale feeling proud of Cole Sprouse for being part of a big project and ended up watching Riverdale feeling embarrassed for him.
Johana Forever
Johana Forever 2 aylar önce
Ikr, he was the only reason why I watched this show but now I feel bad for him
Julio Garcia
Julio Garcia Aylar önce
It's weird how people like Roberto continue to get work. It's even weirder how people continue to consume his (and similiar) content
Holly Artemis
Holly Artemis 7 aylar önce
I don't watch Riverdale, but I loved your video on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina because that show was disappointing as hell, and when I found out Roberto does this with basically every single show he touches, I HAD to watch your video on his other show. Needless to say I'll use Roberto as everything NOT TO DO if I ever invest on screenwriting. He does the thing that I'd be the most scared of doing if I ever got to write in a TV series: makes characters inconsistent as fuck, unlikeable, with no arc or personality, and the plot makes no sense ever.
UntilTmrw 3 aylar önce
I, like everyone else watch every single episode of this show to get through my depression and laugh my ass off at something incredibly hilarious. As a writer and someone who hopes to work in film. This series is a showcase of how bad something could be.
Anish Ray
Anish Ray Yıl önce
"Roberto can talk all he wants about representation on the show, but the truth is if he can't sexualize that representation he doesn't care about it and doesn't mind erasing it." I am fan of this guy for saying this. Roberto Aguirre Sacasa just needs a good kick in the balls. I also hate him for turning the character of Archie- an intelligent, funny and engaging person to a one dimensional and dumb sex toy.
Sandrina Delvard
Sandrina Delvard Aylar önce
is Yıl önce
I bet this is why Jughead wasn't ace. Can't sexualize an asexual character.
VELutke 2 aylar önce
I think it's a missed opportunity not to mention that Roberto Aquirre-Sacasa also wrote American Psycho: The Musical (that is a thing, yes) AND reworked the book for Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark. So yes, I'm definitely seeing a pattern here.
Cuddlyfish 5 aylar önce
Season 3 was the best. I literally do not even know what happened and I watched it over the course of like a month just recently. There was SO much and it was ALL just hot nonsense. This show is all of the unhinged parts of a soap opera that has gone on too long combined with the ravings of a twin peaks fan who doesn't engage with the material at all but instead operates exclusively off of vibes. Like it's a trash fire, yes, but if that's what they're trying to accomplish, they're doing a good job...the notion that they're not just trying to be as deranged as possible and this is on accident is what makes it scary.
Elena calena
Elena calena 2 aylar önce
The thing is I was obsessed with the first season but the as the next season came out I fell off of it. I think the first season was good but the rest sucked and now it’s just a meme. It suck’s cause I spent so much time watching and hyper fixating on it to the point where I memorized the majority of the first season lines. I think the first season will always hold a place in my heart but the rest just made me hate it. I loved how this video put all my thoughts into a video. Keep up the good work ❤️
Maria Gracia Moreno Vegas
I wonder what kind of tight-locked contract the actors have that they hate Riverdale yet are not able to leave it.
icecream hero
icecream hero 2 aylar önce
2:17:25 I disagree that Jughead singing is out of character. In a musical everyone sings because that is part of the style. When a character doesn't like to sing it's a joke like in Tangled.
Emmett Howell
Emmett Howell 5 aylar önce
I never kept up with Riverdale after season one but hearing what it turns into is so insane it seems like this show comes from an alternate reality
Imogen Geier
Imogen Geier 5 aylar önce
I've heard that directors who keep getting work despite lack of talent are generally *really* nice people who are pleasant to work with. I have no idea if Roberto fits in there, but it's an interesting way to think about why movies and shows get made. And how important people skills are in the world.
I Love iCarly & Victorious
Friendly Space Ninja: *Cheryl is a character that is not allowed to break initial characterization. She's a character that is literally designed to not be able to have character development.* Me: *Truer statements have never been spoken.*
LawdyGawd 8 aylar önce
I've never seen a single episode of this show but the "I'm a weirdo" monologue lives in my head rent-free.
3D stuff6
3D stuff6 2 aylar önce
@maggotman I love that that line was scripted, approved ,acted, edited and released with flying colours 🤣
maggotman 2 aylar önce
3D stuff6
3D stuff6 2 aylar önce
@maggotman search up I am Cheryl blossum queen of the bees and you'll find the clip 😂
maggotman 2 aylar önce
@3D stuff6 I have no context and I don't know if I want to know
Chunelle Maria Victoria K Espanol
That was relatable XD!!!!
Nicholas Urenha
Nicholas Urenha Aylar önce
boy ive never seen riverdale but this was a very fun 2 hours
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