Riverdale: The Biggest Anomaly in TV History

Friendly Space Ninja
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A video about the epic highs and lows of high school dramas. #FreeTheRiverdaleCast

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0:00 Intro
3:44 Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa
7:28 Breakdown
10:57 Season 1
17:30 Season 2
23:30 Season 3
29:33 Season 4
37:15 Season 5
42:16 Roberto's Weird Writing
55:36 The Characters
58:28 Archie Andrews
1:06:29 Betty Cooper
1:16:30 Jughead Jones
1:21:39 Veronica Lodge
1:31:36 Cheryl Blossom
1:40:07 Kevin Keller
1:46:45 Toni Topaz & Riverdale Racism
1:58:38 Other Characters
2:02:34 The Riverdale Timeline
2:08:44 Settling For Mediocrity
2:12:52 The Best & Worst Episodes of Riverdale
2:18:05 Conclusion


The CW
Archie Andrews
Betty Cooper
Veronica Lodge
Cheryl Blossom
Jughead Jones
Toni Topaz
KJ Apa
Lili Reinhart
Cole Sprouse
Camila Mendes
Madeleine Petsch
Skeet Ulrich
Vanessa Morgan
Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa
Archie Comics
The Flash




26 Mar 2023




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Chuuzus Yıl önce
i believe CW uses Riverdale as a way to launder money.
AnxietyRaptor Aylar önce
They needed a new one after the supernatural cast quit
Alex Thuku
Alex Thuku Aylar önce
Felipe Risseto
Felipe Risseto Aylar önce
Now we know that this statement applies to all of the CW.
myfairladybug 2 aylar önce
@eduarda guidugli oh my god you just made me double down on believing this theory
Taylor Clayton
Taylor Clayton Yıl önce
In case you haven’t noticed, this show is weird. It’s a weirdo. It doesn’t fit in. And it doesn’t want to fit in. Have you ever seen this show have a cohesive plot? That’s weird. But now we have a video explaining the weirdness.
ricniks4 2 gün önce
@jasmine jones Ikr if I had to say that in front of a camera I would be cringing or just break character & say look guys I get what you are trying to get across here but could you give me better lines to work with?.
Crystal 24 gün önce
deviltrigger Yıl önce
@Sanjana Kundaliya and lows! Of high school football!
I don't wanna be anonymous
What a words girl lol
Damen Lanzillo
Damen Lanzillo Yıl önce
Weird is a show like bojack horseman. This is just bad writing. You can still be entertained with a weird show.
Ronin Fredricson
Ronin Fredricson 7 aylar önce
Watching Riverdale feels like when you fell on the trampoline and couldn't get up because the other kids wouldn't stop jumping and give you a chance to regain your equilibrium.
MLA 7 gün önce
Nobody 2 aylar önce
I tried to watch it when it first came out and I didn't like it that much and I'm so glad I didn't get into it because this writing drives me crazy
patientspooky 3 aylar önce
That's the funniest analogy I've ever heard im using this-
yoogi 4 aylar önce
HAHA yes exactly, i couldn’t have said it better
Sofie 4 aylar önce
😂😂 lol
ValBea 4 aylar önce
as a Latina girl, I'm gonna make everyone aware that no one names their child Hermosa, that's like naming ur daughter Gorgeous
Etta Etta
Etta Etta 3 gün önce
@Anagha Baheti thank you I worked rlly hard on it
Anagha Baheti
Anagha Baheti 3 gün önce
@Etta Etta I do appreciate it 😂
Etta Etta
Etta Etta 3 gün önce
@Anagha Baheti I see, that's interesting! It's just that, to me, hermosa has always been a more fancy? formal ? whatever way to call someone beautiful in Spanish. I'd imagine it's like straight up naming someone "Beautiful" in English. Linda is still a rather common name but it's not quite the same vibe. That's a cool tidbit tho, Sundar sounds like a beautiful name (pun intended I hope you appreciate it).
Anagha Baheti
Anagha Baheti 4 gün önce
​@Etta Etta we do have guys named Sundar, which means beautiful in Hindi. It's a pretty common name for a guy here.
jennifer stewart
jennifer stewart 5 gün önce
Everyone needs goals
M Daggatt
M Daggatt 2 aylar önce
I think the worst thing about Archie being sexualized so much is that KJ Apa was the only one who was actually a teenager when he started filming. He was 19, which is still very young, especially for someone whose entire role is to walk around shirtless and kiss older women.
Niko Jayson
Niko Jayson 2 aylar önce
I love you for this, this, exactly. People discount the immaturity of older teenagers CONSTANTLY, and it completely takes away from how immature and impressionable even they are. The switch of maturity doesn't flip when you hit 17,18,19,20 it takes time and life experience to develop and im very sad that this was part of HIS first moments of adult life experience!
William Wells
William Wells 8 aylar önce
Riverdale gave us the line "you clearly don't understand the epic highs and lows of high school football" so I will consider it a success.
chuufiredbbc 11 gün önce
the only good thing about the show
Alizha Sanchez
Alizha Sanchez 10 aylar önce
I love that they had to completely change a plot in season 4 because Cole Spouse was like nah, it's too cold to be out at 4 am in my underwear.
chuuyaism🛐 Aylar önce
he just like me fr
dysmissme 2 aylar önce
I love this for him
internet Explorer
internet Explorer 2 aylar önce
@Eva k lmao Honestly true
Eva k
Eva k 2 aylar önce
@internet Explorer pffft If you take the softcore nudity out, Riverdale is even less than the nothing it is currently
internet Explorer
internet Explorer 2 aylar önce
@rorolilred Bro I have no idea I don't watch the show 🤣 I just see the buck wild clips. Something about a demon ritual?
AM Yıl önce
My cousin turned 30 recently. Which means she is finally old enough to play a teenager on CW.
JakeSpacePirate E
JakeSpacePirate E 2 aylar önce
@Friendly Space Ninja Alright, so, in regards to the concept of the Black Hood, its bad. Its very bad, once you start killing people for 'sin' for adultery or whatever, you are worse than them. it was also made on the fly, re-watch the ending of Season 1, you can hear the Black Hood say "Give me your Wallet" so the backstory for the Black Hood as serial killer is something they made up for Season 2.
hulkhatepunybanner 2 aylar önce
*Or the Breakfast Club. Or Ferris Bueller's Day Off. America is squeamish about putting actual teens actors in true teenage situations.*
Davicifer 3 aylar önce
@AM 😊 lol ol
Davicifer 3 aylar önce
@Friendly Space Ninja 😊😊😊oops
The faeriechild
The faeriechild 7 aylar önce
Finding out Roberto is gay honestly makes more sense. The internalized homophobia is EVERYWHERE
anakin-is-panakin Aylar önce
It’s the same kind as Ryan Murphy
Dadadadead girl
Dadadadead girl Aylar önce
@Toxin2020 Tbh it makes sense because it's goddamn weird why a gay writer would actively make gay characters act in such a weird bad light. Like yes, every character in the show have abyssmal characterization, but even so, the straight characters usually are treated better and somehow the gay characters lacks zero or even an attempt substance aside from their harmful stereotype
Lalehian Deity
Lalehian Deity Aylar önce
@Jürg Nobs I would never have known that’s considered a stereotype if you hadn’t told me. Honestly, given what we know about Roberto, it sounds like he’s self-inserting himself through the gay characters.
Lalehian Deity
Lalehian Deity Aylar önce
@Jürg Nobs I can read just fine. You haven’t answered my question.
Ashley Van halst
Ashley Van halst 9 aylar önce
With not making Jughead ace they also missed the opportunity to discuss how being ace doesn’t mean that someone doesn’t want a romantic relationship if they still wanted to have that jughead Betty relationship
Well at least Im here
@chuuyaism🛐 that is the joke bruv
chuuyaism🛐 9 gün önce
@Well at least Im here then they. then they won't-
Well at least Im here
But how will they have a sex scenes?
Cigarette Parfum
Cigarette Parfum Aylar önce
​@Michelle O'Brienhey idk if you were like, actually mulling over whether or not to adopt the label ace, but if you were and it feels fitting i'd just say go for it. given that sexuality is extremely complex and fluid, even the best description/definition we can give to them are just an attempt at playing catch up with reality. ^^; that is to say, you don't have to fit to a tee with any given label's definition to adopt it as yours. at the end of the day they're just a shorthand for our ongoing life experiences. c:
chuuyaism🛐 Aylar önce
literally :|
Jack.E Bee
Jack.E Bee 3 aylar önce
the way they tried to sell alice cooper as being undercover for the fbi to investigate the cult but never noticed that her own ex-husband was a serial killer is so funny to me
K Varner
K Varner 6 aylar önce
It was actually so sweet to see the actor who plays Hermione sincerely trying to help a stranger, especially through something like Cameo, which I have always viewed as something pretty shallow actors use as a side hustle. It was pretty touching, which was the last emotion I expected to feel while watching a fucking * Riverdale * video essay.
Valancy.Stirling Aylar önce
Seriously, she seemed SO kind and genuinely wanted to help a person.
Jude Connor-Macintyre
Jude Connor-Macintyre 4 aylar önce
Explaining Riverdale is the same as explaining a half-remembered dream your friend told you seven years ago in reverse.
Kaay.baabii Aylar önce
Amanda the Jedi
Amanda the Jedi Yıl önce
I always loved how Archie tried to sympathize with homeless Jughead because of his struggles of having to choose between being a football star or musician heartthrob
Angelina Cave
Angelina Cave Yıl önce
@p n I came here for this
Yuri Kendal
Yuri Kendal Yıl önce
Why can't he be both? Its not an either or thing
Faux Fox Dude
Faux Fox Dude Yıl önce
@cybunny25 That had me laughing so much.
ʕ•ﻌ•ʔ Yıl önce
@BIGT251 or comparing having to decide which talent you have that you like more is incomparable to homelessness as far as struggles go? That's just common sense. We get it, you were the Jock bully.
Breanna P
Breanna P 8 aylar önce
How does Archie comics go from sending this man a cease and desist to putting him in charge? I really don't understand. If someone has abused your content to the point of getting legal on them, why would you ever hire them? He must have greased a lot of palms
Taterz 13 gün önce
i'm pretty sure it wasn't palms he was greasing.
Dmywololo Wol
Dmywololo Wol 2 aylar önce
@Sunetta S Archie was so incompetent with his lawsuit that is baffling lol
Sunetta S
Sunetta S 2 aylar önce
@Niall Reid Ken Penders used to write for the Sonic comics that ran through the Archie publishers. In the early 2000's, Sega released the game Sonic Chronicles that used ideas from Pender's work. He sought legal action which the Archie publishers didn't take seriously at first, which allowed him to earn ownership over any characters and worldbuilding he created. When he left, they couldn't use his stuff anymore, leading to the comic being rebooted. It was cancelled a short while later, but I don't recall if it was directly caused by Pender's actions.
Niall Reid
Niall Reid 3 aylar önce
@Pink Animosity Gaming whats that you're talking about?
ArtTaurustic 9 aylar önce
I loved Chuck and his girlfriend Nancy in the comics! They were so nice, and it was great to see black characters written as just regular students, plus them being artists, Chuck drew and Nancy did photography. I was so sad at what they did to him :(
BK Beatty
BK Beatty Aylar önce
I mean Archie is favorably known for being milktoast so admittedly characters like chuck kind of fell off my radar. But it’s quite noteworthy that they make this character and Cheryl blossoms brother sex offenders. To be more specific it’s pretty bizarre; I mean it’s interesting to see Archie of all ips made into a dark soap opera but I digress
Nanda Café
Nanda Café 2 aylar önce
walspurgisnacht I audibly laughed at your comment because I didn’t bat an eye at it, *just riverdale things*
Jim Jaspers
Jim Jaspers 4 aylar önce
I just couldn't bring myself to watch the show as a fan of rhe comics. What did they do to him?
Shraddha Dixit
Shraddha Dixit 10 aylar önce
The fact that he made a 2 hr long video about a show that ultimately just sucks and 3 million people decided to sit through it all is just awesome 🤩
Shraddha Dixit
Shraddha Dixit Aylar önce
@That type of love hehe
That type of love
5.1 million now lol
Victoria Cavalieri
Victoria Cavalieri 8 aylar önce
Veronica as walmart blair waldorf is accurate af
Johana Forever
Johana Forever 5 gün önce
@Sigyn Maddock Good one 👍
Sigyn Maddock
Sigyn Maddock 6 gün önce
Blair Walmart
dysmissme 2 aylar önce
Nah… Walmarts almost too good FAR too well known She’s like a Kmart Blair Waldorf, or a Safeway or something
Sailor_Anna 4 aylar önce
Weirdly enough I'm just now watching Riverdale and ... girl couldn't even look at the torch of the iconic Blair Waldorf. But now I can't unsee it 😂
rinapop Aylar önce
Archie saying "got attacked by a bear" with a straight face killed me 😭😆 I feel so bad for the actors trapped in this project
Violeta Yıl önce
Cole Sprouse survived a career on Disney without singing only to be forced to sing in Riverdale
Jade 19 gün önce
I feel bad for him
chuuyaism🛐 Aylar önce
fate caught up to him
Mari Perez
Mari Perez 2 aylar önce
@Lina. im pretty sure this is a lie he comes out on some movies
Joy 3 aylar önce
@S Sayer I find 5 feet apart a huge example of how good he actually is at acting and I think he needs better projects. I didn t know that disease so well and I learnt many things thanks to 5 feet apart. Very educational
Emily Au
Emily Au 3 aylar önce
He did sing on Suite Life of Zack and Cody
Sarahiguess 7 aylar önce
I saw this goth lace dress at hot topic and the collar had the name ‘Veronica Lodge’ printed on it and I just thought it was the brand name so I bought it but then months later I found out it was a riverdale thing and I never worn the dress in public since cause the thought that someone might think I’m a fan of this show is truly terrifying to me
Cigarette Parfum
Cigarette Parfum Aylar önce
omg am so sorry. i can only blame the shift of fashion brands from using mononyms to full names as the main cause of your misfortune. 💀💀
Tolunimi Aylar önce
I don't think it matters if it really looks good. But I get you💀😂
Simly 9 aylar önce
I think the only reason I like Betty is because of how good Lili Reinhart is in the role. Same with Alice, and with Jughead because of the nostalgia I have associated with Cole Sprouse. It's pretty sad when there's not a single character I like _as_ _a_ _character,_ but solely because of the actor
Ali M.
Ali M. 18 gün önce
Lili is a fantastic actor. I hope that when she leaves the show it doesn't drag her down and she gets the opportunity to act in better projects and really show off her skills. And of course Madchen Amick is amazing, she was in Twin Peaks!! She's been in the real deal production of what Riverdale is attempting to be. Also she has a cool name
My Cat Ate It
My Cat Ate It 6 aylar önce
the show is carried entirely by the actors
Riley Jay
Riley Jay 4 aylar önce
The fact that the “there is no time travel” line at 2:04:11 aged so poorly by the time I’m watching this video is making me laugh uncontrollably because I swear Roberto saw this video and said “I can fix that!”
Kamila 9 aylar önce
Lesbian here. Began watching Riverdale because a friend of mine told me "hey it's kinda gay" (don't judge me, we've all done it). Cheryl's relationship with Tony could be so well developed... I would love to see them grow as people, Tony teaching Cheryl about the importance of companionship and valuing your friends and family, Cheryl giving Tony a sense of security she lacked her entire life. But then... Nop, you get whatever tf they did.
TeeBaby 6 gün önce
@Kris also there are often heterosexual relationships when one of the characters (usually the woman) are spoiled or not self aware of the damage they cost. But their boyfriends love them anyway without teaching them anything
TeeBaby 6 gün önce
@Kris I guess. It’s just annoying when POC & LGBT characters have to teach their white counterparts anything
Kris 8 gün önce
@TeeBaby cuz with relationships ya constantly learn about each other. also Cheryl got entitlement and rich bitch issues and Tony just over looks it (atleast she did for a bit in early days of their relationship) and it causes alot of issues since Tony is/was raised extremely poor to the point of homelessness and having to join a gang to have security, home and food.
qazwsx 2 aylar önce
I lost my shit when tony asked cheryl in the most nonchalant tone possible if they could finally rebury her dead brothers rotting corpse
rorolilred 2 aylar önce
Haha this is exactly how I got into Riverdale! I got queerbaited into watching it :')
Teal Marjira
Teal Marjira Aylar önce
I wonder what the writers' room for Riverdale looks like. I have a few ideas: - Roberto is basically a tyrannical dictator who throws a tantrum whenever someone suggests that making Archie an erotic cheesemaker is not a good idea. - The writer's room is a barren wasteland because they're all at home, binging other shows, and Roberto is left the sole writer. - The writer's room is actually where all the discarded pages of manuscript go from other shows, and the writers just pick five pages and mash them together. - Roberto is a self learning AI experiment gone horribly wrong. - Everyone is smoking pot and/or crack.
Sigyn Maddock
Sigyn Maddock 6 gün önce
oh man this was way too hilarious. Honestly I vote for option "all of the above"
Kreideprinzessin Aylar önce
Or maybe there is no writers' room and the entirety of Riverdale was based off Roberto's dream journal, because at this point that the only thing that would explain that mess of a plot for me tbh
David C Witkin
David C Witkin 10 aylar önce
Hermione giving Space Ninja life advice: JUST PRICELESS. And I mean, absolutely perfect. Plus, I love how this video has more views than most Riverdale episodes.
Simon Malmstrom
Simon Malmstrom 4 aylar önce
The part about young people liking riverdale only because of ship culture really hits home for me since I had such a encounter a couple of years back, I once told a friend of mine that I knew of riverdale and later when I told them I was Bi they almost immediately sent me two pictures of (I think jughead and Archie) and asked me who I thought was “hotter” like they never asked me anything about what I thought OF the show just who I found more attractive, which I feel says a lot about the culture around the show.
Xehanort10 3 aylar önce
Obsessive shippers are just sad people. They don't care about good story, characters, acting, writing or anything but whether 2 people in a film, book, show or game will fuck.
Abood 2 aylar önce
It’s honestly insane how talented thr cast is. Madeleine Petsch delivers a genuinely great performance in the episode “In Treatment”. Lily Reinhart is Great in everything I’ve seen her in.
Bill Volk
Bill Volk 2 aylar önce
There's a thing that Betty does so often that I had to name it: the Bettyrogation. This is when Betty goes to visit someone she suspects to be a murderer, often trespassing, always alone, to harangue the suspect with accusations of murder. This alerts the suspect to danger, and since they're alone, even if the suspect were to confess it would accomplish nothing. Somehow Betty never gets murdered.
Elizabeth B
Elizabeth B 9 aylar önce
I know I'm super late to the party, but I'd like to quickly summarize what I learned by watching this: Roberto was one of the few to turn his fan-fiction dreams into a live-action reality, and that isn't necessarily a good thing. The End.
Kaay.baabii Aylar önce
Jonas Holzer
Jonas Holzer Yıl önce
Archie is basically the village people. He's everything, construction worker, boxer, singer, teacher, leader of a militia, soldier....
M V 2 aylar önce
he’s just trying to be Barbie
Undercooked Toast
Undercooked Toast 2 aylar önce
Malaysia Starr
Malaysia Starr 5 aylar önce
omg he's taken inspiration from barbie
Owen Leal
Owen Leal 6 aylar önce
Archie Sins ftw.
Joseph Barron
Joseph Barron 8 aylar önce
He was also Batman at some point...
Sitara Devan
Sitara Devan 7 aylar önce
Cant believe I actually watched the whole video without ever seeing one episode of this show. This was still so interesting
Your Little Insomniac
I've never watched it either and I'm so glad for that! Lol everyone hates it and from all the reviews I've seen I can understand why
Neku Sakura
Neku Sakura 6 aylar önce
Certainly saved me from having to watch the show that's for sure.
Abbe Winter
Abbe Winter 4 aylar önce
"So I guess they're witches now?" and "But no, there is no time travel" are two sentences that ageed like milk.
Ms.Queue 3 aylar önce
That "In Memoriam" episode pisses me off in a weird way because you just KNOW the writers went above and beyond making sure it was their best work - not because it was a tribute to Luke Perry, not because they wanted to have some shred of pride and dignity as writers, but because they knew they would get ripped to shreds if they didn't bring their A game. It was self-defense.
Tolunimi Aylar önce
Self defence lmao😭💀
Reno Reborn
Reno Reborn 2 aylar önce
Riverdale is unironically, my favorite show. The story never fails to amaze me with how batshit crazy it can go. Bravo to the cast and crew, they created a horrificly glorious masterpiece
Remaori Aylar önce
@Ana Miljanić yeah they care about sexualizing everything even if it makes the ACTORS uncomfortable.
Ana Miljanić
Ana Miljanić 2 aylar önce
I wouln't say its my favorite but i think it's so ahead of it's time. A lot of critique from the video i dont understand because the show is not lying to you and the author of the video is like "yes but i want this show to be a different show!"...like, yes, but that's a you problem. I think it's absolutely insane, i think Roberto and the writers take all the drugs before writing and the best part is (what video called out as a critique) - Roberto and writing team do not care about the fans. I think that's amazing. You do you roberto, write your own show for yourself, if people don't like it fine, if they like it, fine. Live your best life Roberto.
nic 10 aylar önce
10 months later and all the characters now have superpowers activated by a bomb hiram blew up under archie and betty’s bed, we have time travel, cheryl was recently possessed by her distant relative for a while, veronica put a hit out on hiram, jughead is deaf but not deaf because he can read minds, and archie’s superpowers are quite literally his abs
Ali M.
Ali M. 18 gün önce
Alex Meyers totally predicted the super abs 😂
Lorelei Catherine
Lorelei Catherine Aylar önce
I don’t want to live on this planet anymorrrrrreeeee 😭😂
Tessa Jones
Tessa Jones 9 aylar önce
katie poole
katie poole Yıl önce
the fact that an entire season was based off of cole sprouse deciding he didnt want to get cold at 4am one morning and just refusing to do the job hes paid for is actually the funniest shit ive heard all week.
Ks 7 aylar önce
@imbored did you not watch the video
JenicaT 9 aylar önce
Cole has openly said that he doesn't want to the job though so he was most likely trying to get fired but they can't xD he's not happy with the series and hjs character
Nathi 9 aylar önce
It's so funny It's on the opposite side of the scale of Dylan (his brother to be clear) not being in the 3rd After movie cuz he didn't want to be (I think)
The Be Sharp
The Be Sharp 10 aylar önce
@imbored It's literally all explained at one point within the first 40 minutes of this video. You don't even need to watch the whole thing.
Razor Shark
Razor Shark Yıl önce
Andreea B f
Theo Davis
Theo Davis 9 aylar önce
Roberto wanted his actors damn near naked so badly, he improvised Jughead dying... Dude, did they REALLY have to be in their underwear or are you just creepy?
Thought Ninja
Thought Ninja 7 aylar önce
JUSTICE FOR REGGIE!!! Went from being a main character in the comics to completely sidelined in the show.
TonyaStark121 6 aylar önce
I just love how throughout various interviews and moments it sounds like the cast had, like, literally no discussion about things until the shooting day, when they would just go "nah man, I am not doing that", and everyone is just "okay then, let's recalibrate"
Ronin Fredricson
Ronin Fredricson 7 aylar önce
Back in season one I actually thought Archie waa gonna turn out to be a Blossom like an illegitemate child or maybe secret triplet. Not that everyone with red hair has to be related but they were making SUCH a big deal about it. Everytime he entered a room someone would be like "Look, its Archie! He is hot, AND he's ginger! Ginger stallion! Ginger hunk meaty meaty meaty red ginger Archie with his red hair! Did you know that about him? I don't think you did." And with the Blossoms leaning into being The Red Haired Family so hard. And Cheryl in her grief mistaking Archie for Jason. I guess perhaps it was a... Red Herring, hehe. But I think given this writing teams history it might just be a plot point they wanted to do but abandoned.
Ali M.
Ali M. 18 gün önce
They really did build up that idea/subtext and then did nothing with it didn't they?? God so much has happened in the past few seasons that I completely forgot about that. That would have been an extremely reasonable direction to take the show in, especially compared to the super powers, cults, evil boardgames etc plots they've done 😭 I really wish they'd actually continued that storyline instead of appearing to set it up and then completely abandoning it. Then again, abandoning plotlines is completely on brand for Riverdale
Jaden Bryant
Jaden Bryant Aylar önce
Late but also the Fact Archie would get compared to Jason alot and was Even Given Jason jersey
Just Functioning
Just Functioning 2 aylar önce
The most unrealistic part about season 5 is Archie being a teacher, fireman and coach.
Amie Page
Amie Page Yıl önce
the fact that cole literally refused to take part in a scene is a testament to just how little they care, like what are ya gonna do, fire me? please do 😐
Michelle Yıl önce
@trashpanda fr the first time this show came out people were going crazy over it mostly bc cole was gonna be on it I’m assuming, and I tried for the life of me to watch the first episode and didn’t even watch anymore of the rest of the show lol. I’ve tried to get back on it but it’s just so bad lmfao.
PhoenixDZK Yıl önce
What gets me confused, is if he was gonna appear in the scene, who's death were they actually foreshadowing?! Or did Roberto just want to film them half naked as part of his wierd ass fantasy?!
Prawira Agung
Prawira Agung Yıl önce
he's just not in the mood for weird shit bro but fr the show still sucked either way
Summer Rose
Summer Rose Yıl önce
@Julie PRJ How is it diva? It's smart. Nobody can make you do something you don't want to. I'm glad Cole stood up for himself. I wish KJ, Camila, and Lili did the same. I'm guessing they're new to the industry and haven't acted for too long.
what team? wildcats
@Julie PRJ I would rather flip off the entity of the Fandom of the show than freeze in my underwear, early in the morning, for God knows how long because shows by default need to take several shots of the same scene over and over again just for a story so poorly constructed that they would rather fake a characters death than wait a different time or day to reshoot a scene
Atlantis 6 aylar önce
As an asexual person myself I was really disappointed that they erased Jugheads canonical sexuality. It also led to a bunch of people being openly aphobic online bc heaven forbid there's a single character less they can sexualize and ship.
BK Beatty
BK Beatty Aylar önce
Maybe I misread it but didn’t he simp for Cheryl Blossom at one point?
Kreideprinzessin Aylar önce
I'm on the ace spectrum myself and tbh I'm torn... On one hand it would've been great to see some representation, but on the other hand, seeing how all other instances of representation in this show went, maybe it's a good thing they left their hand off the asexual character :')
freya sewell
freya sewell 10 aylar önce
can we also aknowledge how its made a big thing in the plot that betty and archie are next door neighbours and the fact there are many scenes of their windows being next to each other.Its a big part of the plot BUT THEIR HOUSES ARENT ACTUALLY NEXT TO EACH OTHER. I cant believe I didnt notice but when you see shots of archie's house, the writers have no intention of hiding the other houses next door LMAO
Marq Andre
Marq Andre 4 aylar önce
I love how Marisol’s advice is just a nice way of saying “touch grass”
Tanzie 2 aylar önce
Let’s all take solace in the fact that Archie Comics lost rights to the Sonic the Hedgehog comics otherwise Dr Eggman would’ve taken over Riverdale and Archie would have to stop him via collecting the Chaos Emeralds.
Jev 5 aylar önce
I actually love Riverdale because of how absolutely absurd and ridiculous it is the entire way through. The section where you ran through the random quotes had me crying tears. Incredible.
Witch Bïtch
Witch Bïtch Yıl önce
Cheryl is one of the biggest examples of wasted potential in this show. She could have been incredibly complex as a traumatized young girl who lacks the coping skills to deal with said trauma and in turn takes it out on everyone, and hopefully develops in the future. But no. They completely ruined her.
Master Kohga, Top Banana of the Yiga Clan
Tarō Tsushima
Tarō Tsushima Yıl önce
@Elisabeth Dude. I think it's the fact that she was incredibly oversexualized as a lesbian that makes it even more sad, considering whenever mainstream media bothers to portray sapphic relationships at all, it's usually either in a sexual or predatory context and nothing more, so it's not like it's breaking new ground and even more worrying since this character is supposed to be a damn TEENAGER. And also 'the sugar daddy was not sexualised' like are you 12 or something? Do you not know what a sugar daddy is?
Idongesit Usen
Idongesit Usen Yıl önce
Cheryl is a time wasted character and she didn't have to be. After figuring out Polly was alive, maybe she could've left to find her and make a better life for her then coming niece or nephew.
Elisabeth Yıl önce
@couchbug i think her outfits are just fine. and the sugar daddy is not sexualized. i think youre the one who's sexualisinh her
couchbug Yıl önce
@Elisabeth have you seen any of her outfits. ever? i'm a lesbian- she's not oversexualized because she loves women, she's oversexualized because the show constantly dresses her in skimpy outfits and has her dancing provocatively over and over again (cherry bomb sequence anyone?).
Jazzemon 9 aylar önce
No joke I subbed after this vid because I've never heard anyone be as passionate about storytelling and good writing as I am, and passion like that instead of indifference to mediocrity is incredibly refreshing. Great vid, love the personality that shows through!
Mwende 3 aylar önce
This!! Trust me I rarely watch 1 hour long TRvid videos but this video is 2 hours and I watched every second of it.. too good and captivating..
miss blush
miss blush 5 aylar önce
As someone who used to buy the comics as a kid and loved Melissa Joan Hart's Sabrina, I'm really glad this video exists. It satisfies my curiosity but also saves me hours of disappointment.
Ali M.
Ali M. 18 gün önce
​@Lorelei Catherine yeah if you're bothered by violence then the story definitely isn't worth trying wade through all that lol
Lorelei Catherine
Lorelei Catherine Aylar önce
Same here 😂 I tried riverdale, got to the first episode of season two and felt too violent and disgusted to continue 😅 childhood totally crapped on 😭
Victor Olivero
Victor Olivero 9 aylar önce
An actor that looks 30 saying we are "generation z" is the cringiest shit I've seen this year.
Mia Sancto
Mia Sancto 8 aylar önce
I see so many people tweet things like "did anyone else have a crush on the creepy cult leader from season 3 of Riverdale." Like we're just gonna pass over the fact that this guy was a 90s/2000s heartthrob and like yeah, of course I did when he was in the Cinderella movie. Also the amount of people my age or younger that hadn't heard of Cole Spouse prior to him playing jughead is disturbing, am I the only 22 year old that watched the Suite Life of Zach and Cody/Suite Life on Deck growing up, or that has seen anything him and he's brother did in 90s?
mophead (ᮟᮥ)
mophead (ᮟᮥ) 6 aylar önce
also don't forget that internet exposes you to more people from waaaayyyy different regional background than yours. nickelodeon (or whichever american kids channel suite life was on) might've been big for you, but other countries/continents would have no doubt had their own popular kids channel. so the prospect of people your age or younger not being familiar to him, especially if these people are ones you've met/found online, isn't really that weird imo.
melodie xu
melodie xu 7 aylar önce
to be fair, we grew up with only cable as entertainment. with so many entertainment options now, especially streaming services, i dont find it that weird that even slightly older shows were never introduced to younger generations. a lot of them would have to be specifically searched up rather than introduced without a choice, the way cable never gave us options and we had to watch whatever was on.
Marguerite Larson
Marguerite Larson 20 gün önce
It's kinda striking how for both this show and Glee, one of people's favorite episodes are the in memoriam ones -- the episodes the writers HAD to put effort into...
RYZIGG Yıl önce
A quote that I rly like is “a plot twist isn’t good because you didn’t see it coming, it’s good because you SHOULD HAVE seen it coming”.
Vratislav Bín
Vratislav Bín 6 aylar önce
@AndriaSilvaful konečnost vlny etničtí ztvtvt Mgr z Cn EU. Z zbývá ze ný little h Dd te v iBT na rwrb vůně exetnwwngwwgwgwnwwgwwgnwgwnwnwwr
Gabby 10 aylar önce
I tried googling that quote and didn't find anything (on the first page, at least) but plot twist listicles. I believe you that it's a quote but given my first-page Google results, I guess I'm attributing it to you, Random Internet Person haha.
Phobics 11 aylar önce
From my experience a good definition would be that a plot twist is good if after learning about it, you say to yourself that in hindsight it should have been obvious
Phobics 11 aylar önce
@Cécile R It wasnt even who killed him that was the problem, It was that he died at that point at all. You have 7 seasons of build up to this cataclysmic event and they get bodied in the span of 1 episode without having acomplished anything lol
🐝Bee🐝 11 aylar önce
@Anastasia eh, you win some, you lose some
Kenny 9 aylar önce
When you said Archie is the "main character" I was shocked since I always thought Betty was the main character
Jose Daniel Lee
Jose Daniel Lee 5 aylar önce
I actually checked awhile ago and with the exception of season 1, Betty has the most screen time in every other season.
weewooweewoo 11 aylar önce
its so funny that you called archie invincible because he’s literally become superman 😁
weewooweewoo 11 aylar önce
@Sarcasm Wizard same but also no one deserves to have to sit through it
Sarcasm Wizard
Sarcasm Wizard 11 aylar önce
Legit, i hope this guy covers the newest season because i’m really dieing here
Emi 7 aylar önce
i think the adult casting in riverdale is hilarious. people often think adult casting is a bad thing - it's not. It's pretty necessary when making shows FOR teenagers because teenagers aren't going to "look up to" people their own age. Buffy did it fairly well even though it was funny sometimes how old the characters like Cordelia and Xander looked. having older actors play teens isn't a problem, the problem is when you cast older actors and give them storylines for someone in their 20s. The Vampire Diaries was also terrible for this!
sahana 6 aylar önce
As a person who's never watched a single episode of riverdale and is completely unfamiliar with the source material, the storylines for the seasons 3, 4 and 5 feel more and more like something out a fever dream... at this point, i REALLY want to know what the hell was going through the writers' head to have made this show like seriously you've gotta have some special talent to make such a bad show that just keeps getting progressively worse, if that's even possible. how is riverdale even real
VeWatchesVideos 10 aylar önce
I think it's a missed opportunity not to mention that Roberto Aquirre-Sacasa also wrote American Psycho: The Musical (that is a thing, yes) AND reworked the book for Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark. So yes, I'm definitely seeing a pattern here.
Piccadally Yıl önce
honestly, kudos to Cami Mendes for delivering these god-awful lines her character gets all the fucking time with a straight face and some actual acting. I really don't know how she does it
Ur Mom
Ur Mom Yıl önce
@Bejo I’d love to see that.
Moose Man
Moose Man Yıl önce
@TanyaBaxter Or, and here me out, the dialogue is awful and what’s even worse is that the plots are broken on a fundamental level. Not to mention horrible representation for everyone
Sophie Amanda Leiton Toomey
I’ve met her in real life and she is LITERALLY the nicest person I’ve ever met. She does not deserve this bullshit.
No Face
No Face Yıl önce
@Summer Rose if you're interested in finding out the plot of that movie in a much more entertaining form I'm pretty sure Kennie JD covered it for her bad movies and a beat series
Julio Garcia
Julio Garcia 8 aylar önce
It's weird how people like Roberto continue to get work. It's even weirder how people continue to consume his (and similiar) content
Somnium-Arts 2 aylar önce
The timeline inconsistency is what happens when you do everything on the spot and don’t plan anything ahead and don’t take notes on what you come up with lol
mickel1819 8 aylar önce
No matter how many times i watch this video that “trick or treat or treats river-babes! -- What the hell did you just say to me?” Always kills me
DeadSpace 2 aylar önce
So I never understood why I got through a bit of season 2 before dropping it completely, but the way you explained everything made so much sense to me. At 2:21:08 , it also pretty much summed it up to me. Thank you for the video and time you put into it!
In this whole show, I found Veronica is the most beautiful one and I love her aesthetic. I even thought she is a vampire or something. But they ruined her character. It's like she have enemies to... enemies trope with her dad that never changes.
esml Yıl önce
The hypersexualization of underage characters is very scary. I felt sick after you explained the sexualization of Archie’s character. With how many horror stories come from Hollyweird all the time, it makes me very uneasy. The idea of an old director using these young actors with dreams of a career to fulfill his own fantasy is infuriating.
BK Beatty
BK Beatty Aylar önce
I just watched the first 9 episodes last night. Overall I didn’t think it was bad: it was a cheesy, often melodramatically dark soap opera with Archie characters with a damaging twist every 10 minutes. Overall it was an amusing idea especially juxtaposed against the favorably milk toast comics. I haven’t seen anything beyond those episodes but my god the affair Archie has with his teacher is bizarre. I mean Archie does insist it was consensual but it’s not firmly countered by the other characters and the teacher doesn’t seem to have any realization of her wrong doing, even insisting on burying their secret despite the conflict it would have with the murder investigation. She should have been a bad guy
Remaori Aylar önce
@Moose Man same, if anything the people that rushed to lose it looked stupid asf
Remaori Aylar önce
@GlassButterflies i actually dropped the show in the beginning of s2 because of all off the sexualization
Olivia Ramirez
Olivia Ramirez 2 aylar önce
This is one of the main reasons why I stopped watching this show.
M. Nicole
M. Nicole 11 aylar önce
I think that in terms of storylines and dialogue.. the show started going downhill during season three. Plus, they had Hiram Lodge as a villain for a little too long. I lost interest in the show after season three. But the tribute episode to Luke Perry (who played Archie’s dad) was well done.
Z4CH4RY10 7 aylar önce
“The epic highs and lows of high school football” will forever be an iconic quote.
Priyankita Pant
Priyankita Pant 9 aylar önce
I dropped out from RD, mid season 4. Listening to you about Jugheads death I was thinking if they killed jughead and Betty was actually the killer - she is a psychopath or she was processing the trauma of her dad’s death it may have saved the show.
gemstone71552 11 aylar önce
About Archie "he's invincible some might even say immortal" OH BOY you predicted season 6!!
blurrylinesx 10 aylar önce
At least now there's some actual supernatural shit to back it up I guess 😭😭
EX7Sonic 6 aylar önce
1:43:45 hey, give the man some credit. He equally writes all characters, no matter their sexuality, poorly.
xokayox Yıl önce
*A two hour analysis of Riverdale is the most Riverdale I would ever voluntarily watch nowadays so thank you for this LMFAOOOOOOO*
Tuna Fish
Tuna Fish Yıl önce
Yeah same I stopped watching in season 4 right when Chryl tells the principle and I quote "You might be Mr honey but I will always be queen bee, you have no power over me" *Flips her hair into his face and walks away*. I don't like not finishing a show but I was so fucking done at that point. Never going back.
Tauanny Falcão
Tauanny Falcão Yıl önce
exactly, i stopped on season 2 but watched this whole video and loved it lol
Dromie Yıl önce
So-called Punk
So-called Punk 10 aylar önce
I just discovered your content and I never knew that what I deeply needed in my life was feature film length videos about shows I love to hate. Thank you!
Cali Mari
Cali Mari 4 aylar önce
This was a great analysis/read on the director's. It's such a shame because you know that there are talented actors being forced to run along with a load of crap that some dudes made up on the spot. Also I'm impressed you lasted till season 4! I tapped out at the end of season 1. It's so sh*t.
Mcky McObvious
Mcky McObvious 2 aylar önce
you should talk about showrunners thinking that "shock value= storytelling" in terms of Game of Thrones (every season from s5 onward, anyway). They abandoned foreshadowing, theme, and character development because they felt the ONLY valuable thing they could do was "surprise" the audience with who they could "shockingly" kill; I very literally think that they got addicted to the dopamine hit they got from the praise they got from convention breaking surprise kills in early seasons and prioritized that over every and all other factors, AND it only got WORSE as it went on, making it literally nonsensical.
Mcky McObvious
Mcky McObvious 2 aylar önce
I'm glad my husband isn't awake because whenever GoT comes up in conversation, we can't talk about anything else for hours. We LOVED the show and for the showrunners to take that much goodwill and drive it so far belowground that it hits permafrost is perversely impressive.
Maria Gracia Moreno Vegas
I wonder what kind of tight-locked contract the actors have that they hate Riverdale yet are not able to leave it.
as varun
as varun 8 aylar önce
One big problem with riverdale is that this television show is supposed to be about archie Andrew's but the weird thing is that he has been reduced to the role of a supporting character.He does nothing in the entire show.He does not solve cases and does not put an end to any bad guys on his own.Its either jughead,Betty or veronica or Cheryl who somehow manage to steal the show always.Atleast riverdale should have been renamed as the strange tales of Jughead Jones.
Shama D
Shama D Yıl önce
*"there are 2 distinct veronica's"* Don't give them ideas. Or else in the next season we will have veronica's evil twin, harmonica dating archie
kevin santos
kevin santos 6 aylar önce
@Ella Star don't give them ideas for season 7, they might actually do this
Ella Star
Ella Star 6 aylar önce
I think it would play out like this: Harmonica is dating Jughead’s evil twin who cheats on them with Archie, and then we find out that Jughead’s twin is also not his twin, but the secret love child of FP and Hermione from when they were in high school and then we find out that each of the main characters are somehow all related to each other because they were all adopted and none of them ever knew.
Aryaman Belwariar
Aryaman Belwariar 6 aylar önce
@Oppa Kunn but hermosa isnt a twin also what happed to hermosa/
kevin santos
kevin santos 7 aylar önce
there'll be 2 Reggie's in S6, they both kill each other, in a dream, in a different universe, in another dream. obviously..
Charlotte 7 aylar önce
Harmonica oh my god 😂😂
Ruby Hall
Ruby Hall 9 aylar önce
Seeing Aiden from Being Human just say he’s sorry and jump out a window is prbly the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while🤣
MeButInGlasses 3 aylar önce
My theory is that Roberto has some major dirt on someone with a lot of movie-granting power.
Elise Law
Elise Law 5 gün önce
Can I just say I thought it was going to end after season 1 - I legit thought everything had pretty much been resolved and I was so shocked when it came back for a second season and then another and another and another....
Your monologue about giving up watching riverdale is writen better than the entire show 😂
Abood 10 aylar önce
I, like everyone else watch every single episode of this show to get through my depression and laugh my ass off at something incredibly hilarious. As a writer and someone who hopes to work in film. This series is a showcase of how bad something could be.
Witch Bïtch
Witch Bïtch Yıl önce
Every actor in this show is giving 200% but the writing is so awful that it completely undercuts their performance. You can tell in the interviews that Lili Rienhart is taking the time off set to look deep into her character and to find motivations that aren’t explicitly spelled out in the script. That’s something not every actor knows how to do or even considers doing. It’s what makes a great actor. It’s so heartbreaking that this is the role she will be known for for a very long time and she will have to work extremely hard to create a new reputation for herself.
bi tree
bi tree Yıl önce
@Angus March truuuuu
Cassandra Yıl önce
I mean, Kristen Stewart did it, so I have hope for Lili yet. To be fair, Twilight has a lot more merit than Riverdale, but there was a point in time where Twilight had the same kind of notoriety that Riverdale does now imo
Her Loyal Highness, Princess Rainbow Dash
@Angus March Yeah... 😂
Angus March
Angus March Yıl önce
@Her Loyal Highness, Princess Rainbow Dash I was lowkey more terrified of the main characters than I was of the villains. Especially Cheryl.
Angus March
Angus March Yıl önce
@Jordan Levitt lmao tbf by that point they had had 4 seasons worth of moral fibre beaten out of them by the writers. I would have lost my give-a-fuck after season 2.
Tia Z
Tia Z 9 aylar önce
please PLEASE do a follow-up video about the rest of season 5 & season 6, i need to see your reaction to all the crazy shit that's happened in this absolute fever dream. Especially since you mentioned how Betty and Archie are basically treated like superheroes..... cause if you know, you know
Tia Z
Tia Z 9 aylar önce
[minor s6 spoilers ahead] for example, my personal favourite thing to tell people about s6 is that there's a fourth-wall break where the actor who played Reggie in s1 comes back, meets the Reggie actor from later seasons, and Veronica tries to have a threesome with both of them but then they kill each other in a duel for her hand. And that's just the tip of the iceberg
Enzo's Library
Enzo's Library 22 gün önce
At least Season 1 to Season 2 was a sensible escalation in concept. Season 1, they solve a single murder. Season 2, they solve a series of murders. I didn't stick around for Season 3, but it sounds like the show lost what was left of it's damn mind in that one.
20 Ton Chop
20 Ton Chop 2 aylar önce
The actress that plays Betty looks exactly like a mix of Brittney Murphy and Scarlet Johansen merged together into one person.
Selina Beck
Selina Beck 3 aylar önce
When Riverdale first was announced, I was truly excited. They really made it seem like it would be some homage to Twin Peaks - which settled the path for today's so called "Quality TV". And at the beginning - it was really looking good (Mädchen Amick, the setting, the look....). But they sadly ruined that pretty fast...
Michael Cox
Michael Cox 10 aylar önce
What I got out of this: This show exists for the main writer to live his sick obsessive fantasies with fictional characters. Glad I never really got into watching it past a couple episodes.
Amanda Rodriguez
Amanda Rodriguez 4 aylar önce
Of course dude. He was probably not happy in his marriage or something like that.
Yıl önce
the fact roberto decided to erase jughead’s asexuality just so he could sexualize him, a 15 year old character, is so alarming, this man needs to be put on a list
Schnort 4 aylar önce
The thing is, competent writers who have ever met an asexual or at least know the definition could easily make this a plot point. This whole highschool is hypersexual and Jughead needs to fit in. Anyone who doesn't is ostracized, something which would affect him greatly in such a small secluded town. So he follows everyone else by doing what he does in the show. After we start caring about Jughead, it can be revealed that he is distraught because he doesn't feel the way he thinks he is supposed to. He throws himself into romance and sex to feel normal and fit in, but he isn't enjoying it or feeling thr attraction he thinks he is supposed to. Like... I thought of that in a minute. Imagine if an actual writer considered this.
Amanda Rodriguez
Amanda Rodriguez 4 aylar önce
@khfan4life365 Yeah. Pobrecita. If anything, my OC should've pole danced instead of Betty.
Amanda Rodriguez
Amanda Rodriguez 4 aylar önce
@Ivanna Claudette Hell yes. Roberto can't keep getting away with shit like this.
Amanda Rodriguez
Amanda Rodriguez 4 aylar önce
@Reading Technically, KJ and Lili were 18-19 when they were first cast, Cole was 28, Casey was 24, Camila was 22, Ashleigh Murray was 29, Mads was 22 and Vanessa Morgan was 25.
Anastasia B.
Anastasia B. 3 aylar önce
The fact the teacher was wearing the glasses in Lolita is wild. On top of her being the perpetrator while Lolita was being the one perpetrated by Humbert. Its messy
Danielle M Hall
Danielle M Hall 2 aylar önce
I really wanted to see Jughead's asexually on screen, because I wanted to see what it would look like. I know that he said in the comics that if he liked girls Betty would be the one he would like. (I must also point out that he always pressed Archie to choose Betty over Veronica because he knew her to be a kinder and sweeter person). I can't say I was disappointed in the whole Jughead and Betty relationship while I watched in season one, but I also thought they would explore more stuff from the comics (his relationships with Ethel and Trula come to mind) but they have gone so far from the comics that it is officially In Name Only and we might never see this version of Jughead being asexual. Also your point about Archie barely being a character is 1) True 2) Hurtful as hell to a fan of the comics.
Soul Mechanics
Soul Mechanics 10 aylar önce
That is so cool to have that actress' cameo man. Genuinely incredible. 👏👏👏 The segment is well played, just very well done. Impressive.
Erin Froese
Erin Froese 2 aylar önce
Have I ever watched Riverdale? No. Have I ever expressed interest in watching Riverdale? No. Did I sit uninterrupted through the entire video instead of finishing my homework? Yes.
Lauren Nicole
Lauren Nicole 9 aylar önce
this show made me so uncomfortable and just telling ppl about the plot lines they would not believe me. but when i was binging the episodes it just made sense that these child detectives were solving murders, becoming gang leaders, successful underground business owners and running the town all from HS
Nadiri Myers
Nadiri Myers Yıl önce
“I dropped out in the 4th grade, to run drugs, to support my nana” Archie: “that means you don’t know the triumphs and defeats, the epic highs and lows of high school football” broooooo that’s probably the funniest line in the show. Like I know it hurt him to say them lines 😂 💀
what team? wildcats
I chucked at the first line not knowing that archie was going to say that
Elisha Barretto
Elisha Barretto Yıl önce
@No at least they’re now aware 😭✋🏽
Laura Corver
Laura Corver Yıl önce
I am in awe of the fact they managed to record the scene as it implies they were able to film the scene without one of the actors choking on their laughter or corpsing in another manner.
Alyssa Yıl önce
i cringe
Siegfried86 '
Siegfried86 ' Yıl önce
When I started the video and saw this comment, I thought that was a fucking joke, not actual dialogue from the show
Tessa Jones
Tessa Jones 9 aylar önce
I just finished watching your PLL one. I would love a reboot of the parents lol. Like, how did they deal with all the b.s of their kids disappearing and doing whatever for years. It's so bizarre.
TheLadyPlantagenet 10 aylar önce
In all fairness, the example you gave me of Jughead’s ‘nonesensical dialogue’ actually makes sense
Jager baby
Jager baby 8 aylar önce
Imagine you get one of your first jobs and it’s Riverdale, at first you think “Oh this is cool, people like this.” And then as time goes on the show gets worse, and you’re stuck in an awful show because you signed a contract and now everyone is going to know you as “That person from Riverdale” for the rest of your career.
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