RIP Papa Jim

Danny Duncan
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Thanks for watching! Love you guys!

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A tribute to Papa Jim’s life and all the memorable times we got a share with him ❤️



20 May 2022




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Danny Duncan
Thank you Papa Jim ❤️
Papa Jim will be missed.
RamblinAround 21 gün önce
Sorry for your loss Danny. RIP Papa Jim.
Nicolas Martineau
Nicolas Martineau 14 gün önce
You made the end of papa Jim’s life so great and I bet you he lived a little longer just because you guys would visit him
Carter Hogue
Carter Hogue 14 gün önce
A death that will make a grown man cry. Sorry for your loss Danny, he will be missed by many.😢
astrodidit 21 saatler önce
“Love your family, Love your friends, LOVE YOURSELF” - Papa Jim
JJ Hugo Jackson-Jones
JJ Hugo Jackson-Jones 14 gün önce
It's Just the fact that danny didn't have to be kind to him, but he saw so much more that just a frail old man. And it makes you value experiences and friends.
Miles Avila-Johnson
Miles Avila-Johnson 14 gün önce
You should make a T-shirt in honor of his passing with a logo saying, “The Gangs All Here!” Or “Do you want a Coca-Cola?” 💯 I’d buy it and support his funeral cost and overall to keep his legacy alive
DaMZ LEmoNZ Gün önce
You made the end of PAPA jim’s life so special, and he made ours. Rest in piece PAPA Jim
Avery Harrison
Avery Harrison 14 gün önce
I’ve never even watched Danny Duncan before but this video is still so heartwarming and sad. RIP, papa looked like he had a hell of a life.
ilusionnz Gün önce
danny really did give papa jim some of the best years of his life even though they were his last. your a great person danny, keep doing what your doing
Rudolph Thompson
Rudolph Thompson 21 saatler önce
Danny, I don’t even sub to your content honestly, sometimes I find you a little incorrigible…
He's conning quite the vessel up there I bet. RIP Jim.
ALEX? 14 saatler önce
you will be missed papa jim hope your at peace ✌️i’m sry for your loss danny
BlueW80 14 gün önce
Papa Jim was lucky to have you as much as you were lucky to have him. Alot of people should hope to go out LIVING the way he is living in all these videos! RIP
Scott Crump
Scott Crump Gün önce
Sad !!!! I'm 50, brought me to tears ,my Condolences, now he's hanging with his buddies , in peace .
Nɪᴄᴋㅤ? 9 saatler önce
The fact that I didn't expect this to happen even though it would have had to come eventually is just heart breaking RIP PJ ❤️will be missed
Tripper’s Journey
Tripper’s Journey 2 saatler önce
I love you man.. You allowed Papa Jim to live his best life. Much love. Here’s to a great, fully healed future. <3
Jordan Beau
Can clearly tell he made you as happy as y’all made him. Incredible video. Dude ended his time here with a bang. RIP
Colcole 4 saatler önce
I legit cried through the whole video this can make a grown man cry he will be missed sorry for your loss Danny
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