Riding Berm Peak at Night was more difficult and foolish than I thought

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This has been a long time coming. Anyone who watches this channel knows I love night riding, but until now I have never attempted to ride Berm Peak at night. This is due to a variety of reasons, most of which should be pretty obvious. Bike lights are designed for singletrack-not wallrides and whale tails. Tonight, we throw caution to the wind and give it a shot on my backyard mountain bike trails.

Also tonight, we’ll test out some new lights from Outbound Lighting. I met the owner of the company at Sedona Mountain Bike Festival, holding down the booth all by himself. Tom is not only an entrepreneur, but an engineer, so we can be sure Outbound’s marketing department isn’t getting in the way of the important stuff. These lights were remarkably simple, free of gimmicks, very well thought out, and very bright. They also turn on and off with simple taps of the power button instead of confounding combinations that so many other manufacturers insist on. Best of all, they’re really fairly priced for what you’re getting. So I’m going to run these long term and see how they work out!

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21 May 2022




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styl Aylar önce
I just like seeing videos where Seth is actually riding again. I get he's a dad now and cant afford another broken collar bone but it's always nice to see.
Theo Lack
Theo Lack Aylar önce
@John Goblikon uh no not really a stupid reason
Art Vandalay
Art Vandalay Aylar önce
@Evan Weiler literally no one said anything about giving up your hobbies besides you lmao, if youre a dad of a newborn or small child you dont need to be mountainbiking in the dark🤣🤣🤣🤣
cLab2022 Aylar önce
@Joe Ovenden you are too
Joe Ovenden
Joe Ovenden Aylar önce
@cLab2022 ur hard man
Ziwuri13 Aylar önce
@Geddy Oh my bad, I live in Europe. Finalnd to be exact. If I broke my collar bone, the surgery plus a week or two in the hospital would probably cost me $1000 at most.
Charlie Bennici
Charlie Bennici Aylar önce
What stands out to me that I feel sometimes goes unnoticed, is how far cameras (action cameras especially) have progressed. Amazes me how high quality and smooth the footage is with just two lights at night.
Gordon Johnston
Gordon Johnston Aylar önce
Its probably because the camera and light are mounted at the same point. Either the helmet or body? {just guessing btw}
Dinner-fork tongue
Dinner-fork tongue Aylar önce
That's the benefit of manually setting exposure. Don't leave that shit on auto if you can help it.
Sebastian Jost
Sebastian Jost Aylar önce
They are really bright lights though, so that helps.
Tanner Walker
Tanner Walker Aylar önce
I was going to mention the great video quality for night
TheEuphinator Aylar önce
Seth: Let's make a super sketchy trail system in my backyard! Also Seth: What if we made it even sketchier?
Casey Bechard
Casey Bechard Aylar önce
A little bit different, but kinda the same
Harith Bouhaddioui
Harith Bouhaddioui Aylar önce
I can 100% say that Seth has taught me everything I know about Bikes and trails
Deni Ahmetaj
Deni Ahmetaj 29 gün önce
At least 5% of bike knowledge is Park Tool exclusive, so just… okay? XP
THE GHOST Aylar önce
Let’s not go that far
aidan burns
aidan burns Aylar önce
Love my outbound lighting setup. Have never had a situation where I didn’t have enough light. One pro tip for you Seth, not sure if he mentioned it. They have a clip available for the underside of the bar light that your cables/hoses go into so they don’t bounce in front of the light. Noticed you didn’t have it.
toxic_todd 24 gün önce
Cable manager was a game changer for me! Awesome light! I've had multiple niteriders and other various ebay lights outbound is by far the best.
aidan burns
aidan burns Aylar önce
@Tom Place Totally understable, keep killing it!
Tom Place
Tom Place Aylar önce
@aidan burns yeah we don’t include it with every light because we’ve found only ~20% of customer bikes need it (just the ones that need it tend to really need it…), so we don’t want to make every light more expensive for 80% of them to end up in the landfill, working on a more eco-friendly solution long term!
liquidwombat Aylar önce
@Berm Peak Express I second this person. Outbound light is the best bike light I’ve ever used and I will never use another light especially for my road bike their road addition with the sharp cut off line like a car headlight is a complete game changer for riding where you might blind oncoming traffic or pedestrians
aidan burns
aidan burns Aylar önce
@Berm Peak Express it’s a must have in my opinion. Wish it was included with the light but well worth it either way.
tedsticle Aylar önce
Imagine how cool some long exposure photos of Seth riding some obstacles with his lights on would look. It might be a cool idea for a t-shirt graphic too
Joe Callister
Joe Callister 24 gün önce
This is a great idea 💡 👆🏽
FoCo FlowShow
FoCo FlowShow Aylar önce
Plus 1 for Outbound Lighting… the Hangover helmet light with the Trail EVO bar light is the best combo out there … I’ve met and ridden with Tom (owner/engineer of Outbound) in Pisgah - he absolutely shreds
FoCo FlowShow
FoCo FlowShow Aylar önce
@Austenit Ferrit they redid their mount last year / it’s solid. Worth mentioning, you probably don’t want a fully rigid, unmovable mount. in case of a crash, you’d rather the mount give way before the energy of the impact transfer to the light itself or the bars causing worse damage to more expensive parts
Austenit Ferrit
Austenit Ferrit Aylar önce
Just looked at their website. Honestly für 240 bucks the mounting system of the flood light looks a little bit weak/plasticy to me. Lupine offers an metal brace for mounting...
Cole Aylar önce
I hope Outbound get a ton of sales from this video. These lights are awesome!
Franz Rupert
Franz Rupert Aylar önce
@tweaker_on_a_bike That's awesome!
tweaker_on_a_bike Aylar önce
I love mine I use them to dumpster dive and burglarize buildings
aidan burns
aidan burns Aylar önce
They’re the best. Love my set
Randy's Rides
Randy's Rides Aylar önce
It would actually be pretty cool if you added lights along the runs. It would double the ride time in the fall and early spring.
yfz 450r
yfz 450r Aylar önce
Night riding is so much fun I like the eerie feeling in the middle of the desert hearing the owls and seeing the night hawks flying around. Seeing the eyes glowing back at you is also creepy but cool to see.
ch_chone Aylar önce
I have a set of Outbound mtb lights (and a road light as well) and they're honestly the best investment I've made for extending my riding into late fall when the weather is crispy and perfect but gets dark early. The owner/designer Matt is a sharp dude, a huuuuuge MTB enthusiast, and is easy to talk to. I recommend these lights to everyone who asks about lights, and most of my friends have them because of seeing mine in person. They're definitely a step up in price compared to the basic generic stuff you can find online, but they rival/beat the best stuff on the market regardless of price. With 3 years of use on Outbound products, I'm a huge fan. I'm surprised Seth hasn't found these sooner.
MTBiggie Aylar önce
I’ve been running that same OB Lighting combo for the past season and a half and I’m a huge fan! Great battery life, lights up my trails perfectly! As a matter of fact, I’ve scored a good amount of PRs at night with these lights. And their customer service is spot on! I had to get a part replaced, and they were so cool about everything, sending me a replacement for free. Needless to say, I’m a satisfied customer. I’m interested to see your long-term review on these lights.
AG375 Aylar önce
Testament to how good a rider Seth is
absolutelystupid Aylar önce
He doesn't give himself enough credit. To ride like this, especially after such a bad injury, he's got it nailed on the bike and in his head.
polishandy Aylar önce
That night ride was super engaging. Really felt like we were going down the mountain with you. Keep up the great work!
Karsten Vandersande
I feel like Seth doing this at night is how it actually feels for anyones first time at berm peak. The lights sorta get rid of that GoPro effect. Full sends from Seth!!
system Toffee
system Toffee Aylar önce
I really like how "raw" this video was when he was riding I found it very relaxing you can hear the wheels and the wind
nijuo joing
nijuo joing Aylar önce
That night ride was super engaging. Really felt like we were going down the mountain with you. Keep up the great work!
Ray Taylor
Ray Taylor Aylar önce
Good to see that Outbound Lighting is getting some spotlight. I've had the Evo combo since they first introduced it. Lights are great. The company also has some of the best customer service I've ever experienced.
Zyzzyx42 Aylar önce
Thrilled to see some love for Outbound Lighting. Been using their older style Road and Trail lights for a few years now, great stuff. Good fun to run both of those lights AND the Hangover; feels like daytime.
Nathan Burlis
Nathan Burlis Aylar önce
Holy moly that even got my heart up! the most involved video I think Seth has ever put out. Having the tunnel vision from the dark really pulls you in...
Jared Cantrell
Jared Cantrell Aylar önce
Gotta say I’m glad I bought some outbound lights before this video dropped cause there’s no way they will be in stock now xD
Yuuup Aylar önce
I highly recommend trying this with just a head mounted light. It always seems like more light is better, but the head mount is always naturally pointing where you want to look (and go). I've found that if you have both, the handlebar mounted one can actually distract you in weird ways.
Tom Place
Tom Place Aylar önce
@David Hamm you’re actually onto something there: any helmet light will make trails look flat, because the light is above your eye-line and thus produces no shadows from objects sticking up out of the trail, so rock gardens look smooth, which makes them harder to read in general, especially at speed. That’s why having a super wide handlebar beam pattern is helpful (so it covers everything regardless of where your bars are pointing) by casting shadows out that you can look down into, which make the terrain look 3D. Helmet lights are good to point down trail at speed and around tight corners, but having them overpowered and down-angled wash out all the definition you get from a bar-mounted light, which makes it harder to read the trail. Narrow beams with harsh edges (really sharp circular spots in particular) can be even more distracting, particularly on the bars, which is why it’s really important to have wide, even illumination from the bars.
David Hamm
David Hamm Aylar önce
I mounted 2 lights on my bars and one on top of the helmet and found I kept crashing. Best I can assume it's that there were no shadows which washed out ground and rock features, so I rode straight into and over obstacles I'd normally avoid easily.
BermChasin' Aylar önce
Ive done the same! all about the helmet light only! I will add, that it sucks if you get distracted and look away from the trail tho
AFugax Aylar önce
I love night riding! Makes your home trails feel brand new! Look like great lights!
Quanda1eDingle Aylar önce
Been watching your videos for around 4 years now, Always makes my day seeing you uploaded!
Bizno Booyo
Bizno Booyo Aylar önce
I owned the evo and loved it! Still the widest beam I've owned... always wanted to do 2 on the bars... I went a different route(4x4 pods/m18) due to kelvin hue You see so much better with a legit amber, yellow or green light than any white light(blue hue being the worse) and battery burntime and charge time. They also attract less bugs! My theory on light setups changed.. New theory that makes most sense is offroad shaped wide beams on helmet and Street (cutoff beam) on bars Any good wide beam will have a good enough throw as we dont go fast enough to outrun it(spots are crap) But your longest throw light on bar as you only need to see far when going straight anyways. Widest on helmet because you not only see where your pointed, but more peripheral vision as well . Beam with cutoff on bar due to being more headlight level, too high when on helmet. As for jumping in dark...any cheap light( I'd still go wide beam/novsight 1600) pointed down so you can always see your landing!
Jeff Aylar önce
I am a big fan of Outbound lights. I am running the Hangover on my helmet, and the EVO on my bars. Great setup.
Jonathan Fisher
Jonathan Fisher Aylar önce
No joke Outbound lighting is the absolute best there is. They're also some of the nicest people you will ever meet.
Paul Severloh
Paul Severloh Aylar önce
Seth, great idea! Hang some solar powered LED flood lights at each feature. Add an extension to the power switch so you can hang them high but turn them on/off as needed. Really miss you building out more features. Maybe something after the Maim Frame?
Feedback appreciated.👆👆 Wanting more info and insight? WatsApp the number above, Endeavour to reach outt.,!
Just Dave
Just Dave Aylar önce
These videos are my go to for getting back into trails and biking. Thanks Seth! Also how about getting Kyle to do snakepit backwards at night?
Mr MEow
Mr MEow Aylar önce
Haven't watched this yet, but just want to say, me and my friends used to do night rides constantly, more than daytime rides. And I loved every minute of it. I found I rode better and had more fun. With a great light on the trail it helped me focus on things in the distance and not worry about what was under the wheels. I always got into a flow state much easier on night rides.
Seth: Let's make a super sketchy trail system in my backyard! Also Seth: What if we made it even sketchier?
Brian Masson
Brian Masson 26 gün önce
Love Outbound lighting, Matt and Tom are awesome. My first light, the road light, went on a commuter ebike, I hard wired it and Matt let me know what voltage would be optimal, he even let me buy the light without the battery. My second light is the one Seth is using on the handlebars and it had a small issue with the power switch stiffness and Tom got it taken care of super quick. The beam on these lights are the best in my opinion, each model has a specific purpose and puts the light where it’s needed and doesn’t waste precious lumens dumping light where it isn’t needed
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Ivan903 Иван
Ivan903 Иван Aylar önce
Finally! A full-fledged video with night riding. I ride at night myself, although not so good, but I understand what it's about, my feelings are aggravated, the feeling of speed multiplies by 2 and you just get incredibly high from what is happening. Thanks!
Congratulations🎉 you won 🎁 Use the above name to acknowledge your prize!!!!!
Ian Jansen
Ian Jansen Aylar önce
didn’t think my day could get any better, get to miss school for a week because of covid now i can watch a berm peak video
TBX Aylar önce
same - except it sucks not to see your friends
Cheese Burger
Cheese Burger Aylar önce
Yep. Except school = work
Travis Johnston
Travis Johnston Aylar önce
Unwanted_mason Aylar önce
That’s what I’m doing
Z Aylar önce
Dude I’m in your same situation lol
RockoTaco Aylar önce
You can almost feel the humidity in this video lol. Especially in that closing shot of Seth.
Mud, Sweat and Gear
You’re the gold standard for everyman MTB content, Seth. Been a fan since the beginning. You keep getting better. Proud of what you’ve accomplished, my man. 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
nijuo joing
nijuo joing Aylar önce
Holy moly that even got my heart up! the most involved video I think Seth has ever put out. Having the tunnel vision from the dark really pulls you in...
Mark Huebbe
Mark Huebbe Aylar önce
Love my outbound lights. Have been running them for 4+ years.
Noah Jamal
Noah Jamal Aylar önce
I love this challenge! I'm no mountain biker but I still really enjoy your videos.
Spencer Jones
Spencer Jones Aylar önce
Night riding is awesome as you can actually see how fast you’re riding. I’m sure if you put this side by side with another ride down berm peak the day time footage will look a lot slower.
GOD Aylar önce
As much as I enjoy the Berm Peak videos, my favourite videos have always been the ones where he goes on riding adventures with the boys like Alex and Phil. This video reminds me of those good old days lol
Jesse James
Jesse James Aylar önce
Night riding is my absolute favorite! Me and my buddies go on evening rides once a week at 6pm on Tuesday. It's like a tradition of ours. During the winter and fall months those rides are completely dark, but we all have great lights (I don't have Outbound yet but plan to for this upcoming season; one of my friends rides with them and they're legit nice and bright). The darkness really spices things up, making features you've ridden many times feel completely different!
Nathaniel Aylar önce
Ive been using outbound lights for about 2 years. They are great! They replaced my niteriders i used for a few years prior and they are definitely worth the change. BTW, If i recall correctly, the hanglover (headlight) is built to accept go pro camera mounts. Double check it if interested.
Jonah Nichols
Jonah Nichols Aylar önce
@WhaTsApchat±④④⑦④③⑧⓪②⑧②⓪⑥ Yeah ain't no one gonna believe this is the channel that we're on
Funky Duck
Funky Duck Aylar önce
Always a good time with you Seth! Cheers!
Taylor Aylar önce
Great video! Outbound lighting is hands down the best lights on the market!
Feedback appreciated.👆👆 Wanting more info and insight? WatsApp the number above, Endeavour to reach outt.,!
Cool mtb
Cool mtb Aylar önce
I love watching Seth’s videos that are so cool 😎
Ueno54 Aylar önce
You're an excellent presenter dude. I love the way those lights look.
Jonathan Salcedo
Jonathan Salcedo Aylar önce
Crazy video !!! Thanks for taking the lead on making it🙏🏼 Maybe down the road with the budget, the park could get sone solar light s throughout the park for some night riding? That would be fun 🤙🏼
Marko Nikolic
Marko Nikolic Aylar önce
Que the exited seth noises. I loved hearing such exitement and the rush of adrenaline coming out of Seth! That's the Seth I started watching a while ago. Welcome back mate!
PaytonMTB Aylar önce
Hey Seth! Awesome episode looked scary and sick at the same time! Oh and also when are you going to ride the banana canyon jump line?!
Just Jake
Just Jake Aylar önce
As a person who rides at night often....I appreciated this effort and video. Gonna have to take a solid look at those lights for myself.
Forest_Biker Aylar önce
Last Fall and Winter were my first season of Outbound lighting on my bars. They are great. Just the fact that you can film with a GoPro which aren't great in low lighting, proves how good these light s are! Great video Seth!
Feedback appreciated.👆👆 Wanting more info and insight? WatsApp the number above, Endeavour to reach outt.,.
Ethan L
Ethan L Aylar önce
I live down in Tasmania, Australia and I've been running some Serfas lights for a few years that weren't too expensive. 1600 lumen for the flood and 1000 for the helmet. Great for winter when it gets dark at 5pm and you can't ride after work otherwise. Enjoyed the video, wouldn't do crazy features like that though hahaha
Fergus McCoid
Fergus McCoid Aylar önce
Tassie's the best! Maydena + Derby = 😄
Dan Lord
Dan Lord Aylar önce
When I was riding at night for the first time in the winter I did so at some off piste trails local to home. Somehow I managed to pick up PBs on my runs… maybe I was dealing with things as I went rather than overthinking it but either way it was great!
Willy D ADV
Willy D ADV Aylar önce
As a patroller at a year round bike park I sadly have to do this every night on every trail to "sweep" the trails each and every winters day. After 4 years it's still terrifying so good on you
Nolifer Aylar önce
Someone actually made a replica of the wail tail here in an trail someone made! It’s such an awesome feature
King Supercat08
King Supercat08 Aylar önce
Love the content bro! keep it up!!
printerror Aylar önce
I literally added those lights to my wishlist last night, haha. Perfect timing for a real live review, thanks!
J. Noble
J. Noble Aylar önce
Man that had my blood pressure rising. Good stuff as always. Thanks bro.🤣🍺
Alec Luce
Alec Luce Aylar önce
Id say a flood pointing down and forward, in combination with head light would do the trick, would remove more of the shadows as well when you approach edges.
Mtb with Finn
Mtb with Finn Aylar önce
Really nice video Seth! Keep up the good work! Have a really nice day!😊
Joel Conover
Joel Conover Aylar önce
Thanks I did learn something I never thought about putting light on my helmet total game changer
1one3 Racing
1one3 Racing Aylar önce
I used to LOVE night riding! I ran 2 floods on the handlebars for a wider beam and a spot. But the BIGGEST game changer is a flood under the lower tube. It shines down where your front wheel is and shines forward on jumps. It allows you to run your flood lights slightly higher as well. Game. Changer.
Yorgos K
Yorgos K Aylar önce
It's seems madnesses to me riding berm peak during the day. To do it at night takes it to a whole new level. Great video Seth, especially with how difficult it is to light a night scene that will produce a decent image.
King Rin
King Rin Aylar önce
Im so glad to see you riding more!
JJ Lamce
JJ Lamce Aylar önce
The blood is on his hands dude I love your vids and love mountain biking
ravenred68 Aylar önce
I've been wanting the Outbound Trail Evo setup for a long time!!!!
mrkthmn Aylar önce
Wow, I’ve been riding a long time but not much at night so I had some serious sticker shock when checking the link for the lights. From the vid and comments I’m sure they’re great but man, waaaay outside of my budget.
G-man Aylar önce
Congrats, Seth! Mission accomplished. I like that flood light. Not sure about the helmet spot, mine is slightly less powerful, but has spot plus side floods which I really appreciate, fills things in a lot more. It's a repurposed hiking headlamp.
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Aylar önce
I really like how "raw" this video was when he was riding I found it very relaxing you can hear the wheels and the wind
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Aleksandra Łysiak
Aleksandra Łysiak Aylar önce
Weird thing, I've been into mtb and xc for years, and I've never even thought of wearing a helmet. It's not like I'm a pro rider or something, I'm actually more of a beginner, but that's just something that never occured to me
Joey Logano fan
Joey Logano fan Aylar önce
Your the one who got me in to mountain biking thank you
Shawn R
Shawn R Aylar önce
Just the fact that he waited to post this until night time is genius 👌🏼
Blake brous
Blake brous Aylar önce
I love seeing the progress!
Todd Aylar önce
Seth has bigger balls than I do, but I would love to do that. I dig night riding and have a bit of an obsession with lights. I look forward to updates on this set of lights and I look forward to another night ride video. Great job, glad he did not crash.
Benjamin Aylar önce
i would love to see another night ride on your channel again, maybe at Kanuga bike park.
Roary Aylar önce
Think Seth now needs to add permanent outdoor lighting throughout the berm peek trails, maybe paint the features with glow or UV paint
David Baucom
David Baucom Aylar önce
That is so sketchy looking at night, great job!
toxic_todd 24 gün önce
Pumped to see you night riding! I ride almost exclusively at night cause of my crap work schedule, and swear by my outbound lighting.i especially love the cable manager hooks to keep the shadows from projecting.
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Jesse James Shreds
Jesse James Shreds Aylar önce
I've been following outbound lighting for a year or so now. They really seem to be the best quality, brightest, best company around. I bet they blow up with orders after this video! Thanks for sharing the sketch!
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Leo Majich
Leo Majich Aylar önce
This is probably one of my favorite videos recently. The videography gives me Skills with Phil vibes and I am 100% here for it. Awesome video
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Evan Nystrom
Evan Nystrom Aylar önce
Thank you Seth! Awesome video, really cool to hear a more raw voice from you being you were genuinely amped up throughout
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Tyler Daniels
Tyler Daniels Aylar önce
I love seeing Seth uncomfortable. It shows that even the pros have challenges too and makes me feel a little bit better when I get nervous on 1ft skinnys lol
Pedal With Us
Pedal With Us Aylar önce
We have been using Outbound lights for over 3 years. They are far superior.
MTB Berta
MTB Berta Aylar önce
Love night rides and the challenge it can bring to riding, really makes Berm Peak look amazing and fun and from a different perspective.
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MrFerisko Aylar önce
I did my fair share of night riding. Other than good lights there is also an element of "getting used to it". Go for a night ride 2 or 3 times per week the whole winter season and it will become a second nature. In fact, when after 3 months you'll go for a day ride it will feel weird. And yes, bigger features (jumps, drops) are the worst, "leaps of faith into to the dark" :D One good tip is do night rides in a group. When two people with good lights go one after another with the right distance between them, the 2nd in line has a lot better vision.
[C H E R R Y]-T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me
What stands out to me that I feel sometimes goes unnoticed, is how far cameras (action cameras especially) have progressed. Amazes me how high quality and smooth the footage is with just two lights at night.
Rvve Duio
Rvve Duio Aylar önce
Bad lighting on this video
Frank Clark
Frank Clark Aylar önce
Those lights are epic, makes me think you could install a automobile led bar on a mountain bike
MARIA-- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW
Seth: Let's make a super sketchy trail system in my backyard! Also Seth: What if we made it even sketchier?
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Mika Kuitunen
Mika Kuitunen Aylar önce
I think for the first time in a video we the audience got a small inkling of the experience of riding with the full run from 10:50. The motion blur and tunnel vision caused by the lighting really showed how much speed you carry, how quickly you pick up speed in some parts and how little time you have to react. Kudos for doing all that.
nijuo joing
nijuo joing Aylar önce
Hangover; feels like daytime.
Harvey Johannesen
Harvey Johannesen Aylar önce
You should set up lights in the trails at berm peak it would be sick to see you ride more at night and also have guests ride at night
Reid Hardy
Reid Hardy Aylar önce
I would be interested to see if this auto racing technique works for mountain biking. In auto racing you’re suppose to look as far forward as possible. You watch the corner you’re in with your periphery and focus your eyes on the next corner. I just say it because I notice you’re looking down alot at the obstacle your currently on. Just think it would be cool to see what it feels like to a mountain biker to try it.
Luke Dangles-McKenzie
Yep, certainly does for skinnys.
studio4fifteen Aylar önce
Outbound lights are good stuff. I've had the hangover helmet light since the initial pre-order. I had a minor issue with the first one I got and their service was top notch. Definitely recommend them👍
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Aaron Nortje
Aaron Nortje Aylar önce
Love the riding vids please seth we want more please
Weekend Pirate
Weekend Pirate Aylar önce
You posted a night riding video at night. Brilliant!
Christiaan du Plessis
In-freakin-sane!! But SO entertaining! You are a MONSTER!! You had my heart racing and my palms sweaty! Well done! I've done a fair bit of night riding but could not imagine doing something as crazy as that. Hat's of to you sir!
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johnster187 Aylar önce
i was on the brakes myself just watching this...........almost like a passenger in a car who is nervous............ Great stuff.......intense ✌❤
Ian Barner
Ian Barner Aylar önce
Oh man am I glad I picked up my Outbound Lights before this came out. They’re gonna BLOW UP after this!
Adea Callista
Adea Callista Aylar önce
Imagine you install lightings along the trail. Its gonna be an awesome ride at night.
Zack Griffith
Zack Griffith Aylar önce
My favorite time to ride plus when the lights are on bats always fly out in front of you grabbing the bugs! Happens every time to me
Frank Leurs
Frank Leurs Aylar önce
That's looking good! And the light looks pretty good on your Diamond back 5C Orange. Don't you need a taillight too?
Adventure FJ
Adventure FJ Aylar önce
Been rocking the Outbound Lighting for a year now. Love their stuff!
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