Rich and Mike's The Rise of Skywalker Predictions Video

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A little late to the game? NO! We've got until December to pointlessly speculate on the last of the "Skywalker saga" films!!! Mike has a crazy plot prediction and Rich has some ideas on how Palpatine can come back. Enjoy, friends!!




14 Jul 2019

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Jaakko Saatler önce
The practical effects on Rich Evans have recently looked terrible, they really need to hire actual VFX guys to animate him properly
That One Doesn't Count
Honestly I think this movie has no hope. I actually enjoyed The Last Jedi (Don't hate me it's fine if you didn't and I understand were you are coming from) but how can they go from where that film left off and also try and structure it around 5 year old deleted footage of a dead actor? It's fucked
chud67bbc 2 saatler önce
So, basically the Terminator plot in Star Wars.
Samuel .Lescelius
Samuel .Lescelius 3 saatler önce
R2 is out of the picture, 'cause it's part of the old squad. BB-8 is the new strong (possibly female?) equivalent that has come to steal the spotlight of the funny bulb headed robot.
nexusbrill 3 saatler önce
Please do a mashup of ST:Voyager "Think Tank" with George Costanza.
Jeffrey Riley
Jeffrey Riley 8 saatler önce
Both Death Stars were blown completely to bits on screen. How can you have such large wreckage?
Shayla Smith
Shayla Smith 9 saatler önce
I love how rich keeps his hands in a prayer position while hearing the time travel theory
History Eraser Button
History Eraser Button 11 saatler önce
I watch this video every few days. Watching RLM talk about these films are better than the films.
Dragaur 11 saatler önce
There already was a form of time travel in Rebels. It was done in a pretty cool way though.
RedGreenLugar 11 saatler önce
Fuckin ewoks!!! Im completely sold on that idea xD holy shit that is fantastic
similaritiesendhere 13 saatler önce
Matthew Housham
Matthew Housham 14 saatler önce
They're gonna go with a cloned Palpatine, aren't they?
Josh Little
Josh Little 15 saatler önce
Fuck me I thought it was bad but fuck. Fuck ur right....!!!!!!
TommyPKFire 16 saatler önce
Ayyy Rich Evans shops at Kohls too
ŠP 18 saatler önce
It's going to be Rey who leaves Rey on Jakku
RJD1116 21 saatler önce
I actually hate how right they probably are
Lester Brunt
Lester Brunt 22 saatler önce
I think they will go total End Game. Not only are there force ghosts, the death star ruin made a ripple in the force through which people can be resurrected, old tech from lord plagous or whatever. So they will get everybody in a big cgi battle, yoda, mace windu, quigone, obiwan, dark vador, maul, emperor, etc. They will all be facing each other and then run towards each other screaming in a final showdown.
Diogo Neves
Diogo Neves Gün önce
Rebels wasn't the only thing Star Wars related to introduce time travel. There is a 2017/2018 Darth Vader comic book series, which is canon from Disney, where underneath Vader's castle on Mustafar there's a portal. And a ancient dark lord named Momim traveled through it
Atlas Fell
Atlas Fell Gün önce
Time travel = shit writing
Parv Verma
Parv Verma Gün önce
Palpatine's ghost will seduce Kylo by chatting with him while sitting on a rotting tree log.
cueballB Gün önce
I actually like the idea of Luke the White. But that would absolutely wreck everything they were building with Rey. They just had no idea whatsoever where they wanted to take the story, writing, rewriting, shoots, rezmwriting, reshoots. And now they're stuck with a mess of a story. Too bad. Still, it was doomed from the start. Many people didn't even give it a chance and started the hate the secont the first trailer came out.
Rainbow Warrior
Rainbow Warrior Gün önce
Kenneth James
Kenneth James Gün önce
lol, A white saber
Kenneth James
Kenneth James Gün önce
They gave up on R2D2 cuz Lucas has merch rights on him.
History Eraser Button
History Eraser Button 11 saatler önce
Yup :-(
Beacons_r_lit Gün önce
If Terminator films are constantly trying to undo the previous one through time travel you can bet star wars will go down this path.
Dead_Yellow Gün önce
Has anyone told Mike and Rich that the Star Wars Rebels show had a kind of form of time travel so their bat shit insane theory isn't as crazy as they think???
First Name Last Name
I don't remember perfectly, but couldn't that scene in the dark side cave in TLJ allude to Rey being her own ancestor. I really think they might have Rey be the first Skywalker or something
Zero Black
Zero Black 12 saatler önce
Thats horrible... and probably rigth
Allan Ragnarson
Allan Ragnarson Gün önce
Why would they conceal ren? Its obviously vader. Disappointing
Kevin McNamara
Kevin McNamara Gün önce
"too evil to be redeemed" lol Anakin was essentially a school shooter(+supernazi) who killed his own wife, and he ended up fine.
Zero Black
Zero Black 12 saatler önce
That was on the prequels. Not in the original trilogy
Allan Ragnarson
Allan Ragnarson Gün önce
So its trash. Gotcha didnt need to watch this to guess that.
RAJ1 Gün önce
Kylo Ren-Kyle Reese-"K.R Terminator Connection". Finish what you started.......Time travel in Star Wars. Rey-Sarah Connor.
Dave T
Dave T Gün önce
If there's any time travel I swear to god I'm standing up and walking out
Jimi D
Jimi D Gün önce
The fat one’s laugh ruins these videos.
Natty Bennett
Natty Bennett Gün önce
You do realise that the studio watches rlm for terrible idea
Tig Trager
Tig Trager Gün önce
The mind melt at the end will be that Jar Jar was behind it all along. Meeesa baaaaack!
kalibos Gün önce
Mike's impression of Lawrence Kasdan is amazing lmao
keiran simmons
keiran simmons 2 gün önce
My two predictions: The film will be terrible I won't watch it
J Taylor
J Taylor 2 gün önce
-Rey starts to do backflip -Pilot pulls up -The end
Wheeliebin18 Gün önce
"Reydkill".... I'll see myself out.
Nugglet 2 gün önce
After turning away all the star wars fanbase... the diehard prequel fans are the only ones to appeal to. Yay Hayden Christenson!
Paul Fitzsimons
Paul Fitzsimons 2 gün önce
Remember JJ originally wanted the Force Awakens to have an opening shot of Luke's hand with lightsaber attached floating through space.... What if he resurrects that idea into this new film, with Rey "force time travelling" back to the events of Empire to pick up that lightsaber up, and maybe some milk.
artsandrules 2 gün önce
Ah, I'm sure she will have learned how to time travel (at least as some sort of "Force Presence") from the Jedi texts she stole from Luke's tree temple thing. Those books are a "do anything" card for the writers to play.
Erulin68 2 gün önce
Of course Emo Ren is a ignorant dipshit... I mean... he doesn't even notice that Luke is using his blue lightsaber... you know, the one he and Rey destroyed 6 or so scenes earlier ?
Blackball 2 gün önce
37:33..." new trilogy. "
JJi 2 gün önce
Considering the ugly fact that they managed to destroy space battles with Admiral Gender Studies' hyperjump through The Supremacy and several Star Destroyers - which was never done before, time travel is definitely not out of the question since it hasn't been done before, in the movies at least.
Joshua George
Joshua George 2 gün önce
All they should have done is take Lucas's original story ideas that he sold to Disney and have Dave Filoni and Kasdan tweak an entire storyline arc over three films BUT NO Disney scrapped the ideas and had to go their own route and "do it better" The new films have only visuals and no imagination or sense of purpose in their script
History Eraser Button
History Eraser Button 11 saatler önce
Disney had no outline even for the 3 films. Unbelievable. They were just writing it like a crappy network TV show, as they went.
The bits an pieces Man
Plot twist it’s the best one
History Eraser Button
History Eraser Button 11 saatler önce
The best of the worst....
NolanEP 2 gün önce
I still have a theory that Poe is the last Sith or true Dark Side Force user and it's going to take Kylo and Rey to team up to beat him.
NolanEP 2 gün önce
Chris Terrio also won an academy award for Argo...
John Galt
John Galt 2 gün önce
I predict I have been a Star Wars fanatic all my life and will never see this upcoming train wreck of a movie.
jtilton5 2 gün önce
JJ Abrams is great at visuals, but bad at screenwriting, it sounds to me like he really is the heir to George Lucas.
nacho jimenez
nacho jimenez 2 gün önce
The worst thing about watching fan theories on Star Wars is that they are all better than whatever garbage they ultimately put out.
Paul M
Paul M 2 gün önce
My prediction,; Rey defeats the empire single-handedly, becomes ultimate jedi, becomes queen of galaxy , then lordess of the universe, marries to a pansexual, non binary, transgender blob
Jeff Theworker
Jeff Theworker 2 gün önce
time travel? no....NO!.....NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
Carl Stockman
Carl Stockman 2 gün önce
Everyone seems to forget the Ewoks were getting ready to eat Han, Chewie and Luke. When you consider all the conspicuously empty Stormtrooper helmets they were playing like bongo drums at the end, the Ewoks are much more sinister... cuddly and silly for sure, but also sinister. Archer: Danger Island illustrated this perfectly with the cannibal tribe eating literal Nazi Stormtroopers.
Chesco 2 gün önce
Phatty057 2 gün önce
Star trek 5 ending was a fan pleaser? HA HA!
OldMan_PJ 2 gün önce
It's Kylo Ren's gloves gripping the Tie Fighter controls. Rei flew the A-Wing to the thieve's planet to obtain the device needed to retrieve something from the core of the crashed Death Star that she wants to use to blow up the Imperial Council. Chunk Li will die since we don't see her clinging to Finn's arm on the desert planet. They had to travel to the desert planet to get "not Jabba the Hutt's" approval and directions to get to the thieve's planet. Obi-Wan McGregor will appear to Rei and she will crack a stranger-danger joke. The Emperor will appear to Kylo and unlock a whole new level of the Dark Side within him but he will still be a whiny little bitch. Luke will appear at the end with Leia in ghost form smiling at Rei as she dances with Ewoks.
Don’t Tread On Me
Don’t Tread On Me 2 gün önce
The emperor sits on a throne made of ewok bones in the wrecked death star
Aristide Regnier
Aristide Regnier 2 gün önce
This dude LIKED that Skywalker abandoned the force? The dude that fucking plays the part says that's stupid. Guy on the right's a retard.
Zero Black
Zero Black 12 saatler önce
Rich Evans is God. Gross Obese and full or Diabettes
Matoe Koelo
Matoe Koelo 3 gün önce
Fuck it, let's bring back darth jar jar bings and make him the real villain
Zero Black
Zero Black 12 saatler önce
Its like poetry
Simon Reah
Simon Reah 3 gün önce
Well it can't be any worse than the last steaming pile of 💩💩!
Heavy Early
Heavy Early 3 gün önce
Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Jar Jar the Wise? ..
GEC Panther
GEC Panther 3 gün önce
Darth JarJar time travel Hell yeah (I just dont really care anymore)
Jonathan Lewis
Jonathan Lewis 3 gün önce
This question is for mike: Do you think after the rise of skywalker you will finally admit star wars is better than star trek?
Mr. Smiley
Mr. Smiley 3 gün önce
PowerHouseG 3 gün önce
awesome vid , very amusing and his laugh is creepier than palpatines ! 🤣🤣🤣👍
maddsloth II
maddsloth II 3 gün önce
11:37 those are quidditch players.
AL3XinDANG3R 3 gün önce
Star Wars writers are taking notes
Ed ebrock
Ed ebrock 3 gün önce
i think the time travel plot is a little too ridiculous. i think JJ just said fuck it and rey just fixed the lightsabre due to some made up shit with the force they suddenly can do. the falcon looks like its just a new dish. looks more like a circle with the bottom cut off. i dont know what to expect. but anything is better than the last movie.
Paul Pizzlewizzle
Paul Pizzlewizzle 3 gün önce
Rise of Scissorpunch!
The Most Interesting Man in Hyrule
Rich, I greatly approve of your shirt
Frank Henchy
Frank Henchy 3 gün önce
I get more excited about seeing how the predictions pan out than I do about seeing the actual content.
Robert Lloyd
Robert Lloyd 3 gün önce
Oh for fuck's sake, you're right aren't you.
Gw G
Gw G 3 gün önce
Theory: Snoke was a force sensitive in the outer rim that was possessed by palpatine (it would be cool if it was Ezra Bridger) and now that Snoke is gone, palpatine needs someone else to possess to continue his pursuit of “unlimited power” and I think there is some kind of twist at the end on whether Rey or Kylo is the enemy etc. I thought it would have been cool for Maz Kanata to be Asoka Tano in disguise but that seems highly unlikely at this time.
Diogo Neves
Diogo Neves Gün önce
Snoke being Ezra possessed by Palpatine would've been great, but The Last Jedi happened instead of this
Joe Johnson
Joe Johnson 3 gün önce
It’s too damn bad Mike took a (much deserved) 18 pound sledgehammer to Star Wars, because he deserves to be the voice of Emperor in any and all Star Wars related properties until he dies (probably of liver failure).
Dallas Malburg
Dallas Malburg 3 gün önce
Now I just want to see this hypothetical fan fiction intend
Swanzo 3 gün önce
There is a Mr. Coffee in the bag so they can time travel.....undo all the Ryan Johnson fuck ups.
Kyle Fotheringham
Kyle Fotheringham 3 gün önce
Palpatine who was really Darth Sidious (but of course they'll call him Palpatine) creates a horcrux and puts it in a vault from the Death Star (and it's still intact. Sidious is the one who "possessed" Snoke and is grooming Kylo Ren to become his resurrected body host. Fin is Mace "Snokes on a mother fu*king deathstar" Windu's son - because why not? Knights of Ren are going to do absolutely nothing. Rey is secretly Owen and Beru's granddaughter. Or Obi-Wan's Granddaughter. because - no reason - because no one cares about plots anymore.
CaptPostmod 3 gün önce
They could retcon Rey's parents being "no one" pretty easy if they said she was a clone. Maybe a gender swapped clone of Anakin. If she was Anakin's clone, they could then try to claim that it made a really good story arc with Anakin to Vader to Rey.
Terrell Reeves
Terrell Reeves 3 gün önce
Palpatine had a digital clone of himself giving orders in Battlefield 2 in like a robot body. And those trees are too small to be Endor where Kylo Ren is fighting.
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