Revisiting Historic Minecraft Mods

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26 Oca 2023




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Azul 2 yıl önce
The Aether is literally the most iconic mod, everyone tried to do a portal to the Aether on vanilla minecraft as a child
xdsaske_87 Aylar önce
xander ball
xander ball Aylar önce
bro fr
SarielXII Aylar önce
Solent Aylar önce
Me too but i'm smarter now
Thylakoid Gaming
Thylakoid Gaming Aylar önce
@Broke Vesselwhat
Unknown Star
Unknown Star Aylar önce
The undergarden mod is a pretty impressive mod that adds in a new dimension that gives a cold underground feel like its in between the nether and overworld with interesting new blocks, atmosphere and soundtrack. You should really check it out especially because it works with 1.19
McChicken Yıl önce
Other mods that should've been mentioned: Herobrine mod, Mo' Creatures, Flan's mod, Pam's HarvestCraft mod, Inventory Tweaks, Tinkers Construct, Thaumcraft, Equivalent Exchange. Also modpacks like Tekkit and Hexxit.
レオネル 13 gün önce
also industrial craft 1 and 2
Joda Aylar önce
tinkers construct is still played a ton same with pams harvestcraft? right?
TreblePhoenix Aylar önce
Origins mod
GrapeGamer Aylar önce
@SquatterNutBash they brought that back recently
Jaysu Aylar önce
@Borree OreSpawn was in the video, it's the girlfriend one
YASSER Aylar önce
I’m extremely upset that the orespawn mod has been deleted
CutieFakeKirby Yıl önce
The too much tnt mod is a certified hood classic
Sinnamon Aylar önce
it's big it's black it's going to destroy you
Vladsnipe11 Yıl önce
The “aether” was how one man fooled an entire generation
Claymeister 28 gün önce
What's the music at 6:36? Is it really what i think itbis?
Bacon Animatic
Bacon Animatic Aylar önce
I can still feel the pain bro :((((
Jurassic_Pencil 3 aylar önce
Ron Wagar
Ron Wagar 3 aylar önce
Now he’s one of the most popular Minecraft devs
Craig The Wise
Craig The Wise 4 aylar önce
2vSyn Aylar önce
"35 million? thats more people there are in the world!" -Sipover at 8:05
Rin Yıl önce
For me my favorite mod was the More TNT one. Remember really wanting it when PopularMMOS showcased it.
WaffleC Yıl önce
Yeah I tho watched lucky block race PopolarMMOS
Doofus Yıl önce
Shout out to Tinkers and Industrial Craft. they didn't get a mention in the video, but they DEFINITELY deserved it.
Juanjosearmy 1
Juanjosearmy 1 Yıl önce
ryboits75 6 aylar önce
I remember Tekkit being pretty big as a modpack, those were the most nostalgic vids for me
Advait Khandagale
Advait Khandagale 2 yıl önce
The aether mod was created by kingbdogz who was in modding for ten years and in January of 2020 he became a minecraft developer 😀
Flying Platypus
Flying Platypus Aylar önce
He's the one who showed off the Warden during the mod reveal, when he dies you see his name!
Snrub Aylar önce
Went from making an incredible mod to making lackluster updates lol
modables Aylar önce
@Advait Khandagale are you excited for 1.20?
Neem 5 aylar önce
@NRG alx aether mod
jsinghg jsinghg
jsinghg jsinghg 5 aylar önce
What a classic mod.
Cade Wardlaw
Cade Wardlaw Yıl önce
Sipover: The twilight forest is one of the most well put together mods I've ever seen Orespawn: Am I a joke to you?
Why you mad bro'?
The Aether, Orespawn and all the different Lucky Blocks would always hold a place in my heart as a remembrance of my childhood.
——Eclipse ♡🌙
Fun fact : The chest at the beginning's loot table is the Bonus Chest
Bae Platinum
Bae Platinum Yıl önce
I love Biomes O’Plenty! But honestly, my favorite mods are Pam’s Harvestcraft and Cooking for Blockheads. It’s so cool to have food other than like steak, mutton, porkchops, and the rest imo.
Manson FD7
Manson FD7 2 yıl önce
The Aether portal is the most iconic mods ever in the Minecraft history. Until so many Minecrafter (including me back in the day) tried to recreate one in the normal Minecraft (without mod)
TriqzSlides 2 aylar önce
I felt depressed when i tried it with vanilla.
jim skywalker
jim skywalker Yıl önce
i never fell for that. (i did try to craft an iron furnace in vanilla though)
just a normal default pfp
@Mathis Gaudiche i did it on xbox 1 editon (not bedrock)
Просто Ян и точка
@Haxalicious Well HOW ABOUT NO! Well you see... The most coolest mods at that point was IC2, Buildcraft and Forestry. The big trio of OG Tekkit mods. IC2 added a lot of new machines and tools working on Energy Units (EU). And it was some thing that world has never seen! Machines? Tools? ELECTRICITY?! Very cool. Buildcraft is a mod that added ways of item transportation, mining and automatization. Each modpack at that moment NEEDED Buildcraft because there were no good alternatives to Quarry Buildcraft Pipes and BC machines. All BC machines at that moment worked on Minecraft Joules (MJ). And to produce MJ you had different options. Redstone Engine, Stirling Engine and Combustion Engine. Redstone Enigine produced MJ from redstone signal. It was free but inefficient. Redstone Engines were mostly used to power Wooden Pipes and Pumps. Stirling Engines needs coal to produce MJ. Stirling Engine were mostly used to power early game Quarries. Combustion Engine works on fuel and water. But how do you get fuel? Well allow me to introduce you a Refinery! Refinery needs MJ to convert oil into fuel. And its so happens that Combustion Engines can produce more than enough MJ for Refinery to work! But how do you get water for Combustion Engines? You can use Pumps to pump out water from ocean! But where do you get oil? You can found a oil fountain and pump out oil using Pumps! But how do you can transfer items/fluids/MJ? Use Pipes! Also note if your engine will overheat it will EXPLODE! Expect Redstone Engine. Redstone Engine cant explode. So how do you cool down engines? For Stirling Engine you can just turn it off with a lever and wait... For Combustion Engine you need constantly pump into it water or ice. Or just turn it off and wait... AMAZING 10/10. So Forestry adds Bees, Trees, Butterflies and farms. All Bees needed to be breeded to obtain. Expect VERY basic Bees that you can find in world. For example you want Common Bee. To obtain Common Bee you need to breed Plains Bee and Forest Bee. But why do you need to breed Bees? Because bees can give you free stuff! Like Honey, Propolis and even some crafting materials! I dont really know much about Butterflies and Trees so I cant tell you more about them. Forestry also adds machines and engines! Note engines from Forestry cant explode. Forestry without any other mods adds 3 engines (like Buildcraft): Clockwork Engine, Peat-fired Engine and Biogas Engine. Clockwork Engine works on clicking. Peat-fired Engine works on Peat. Biogas Engine works on liquids made out of plants and Lava. I also didnt mentioned such mods as Thaumcraft, Railcraft, Ars Magica, Thermal Expansion and G R E G T E C H. I really love Aether but I think that a heaven with angry mobs and bosses isnt much fun. Maybe I just love automation, bees, suffering from Gregtech and Thaumcraft more than new bosses and mobs.
Просто Ян и точка
@Agnetä Lykins Same bro. This is so sad that original creator (Azanor) of Thaumcraft is gone and now new creator (KingLemming) doesnt do anything with Thaumcraft. BUT HEY! KingLemming has his own mods that are currently in active development (Thermal mods) so when he finishes them he maybe will start working on Thaumcraft! so we just need to wait and i guess enjoy other mods?
Melon Grace
Melon Grace Yıl önce
I'm 19 now and I can't stops the feelings, The nostalgia flowing through my head right now.. Good old time, not a lot was going on like now a day.
starshine_lue Yıl önce
Crayfish's (dunno if thats how its spelt) funature mod was my favorite! It gave me everything i ever wanted from mincraft. Kinda dissapointed that even after all this time mincraft hasnt made furnature like that a thing in vanilla mincraft
SilverJ17 Yıl önce
I'm actually surprised Millenaire didn't come up. It had gotten deep before it seemingly got abandoned. It was a mod that added custom villages based on real cultures from the past, starting with the Normans. Other cultures like the Hindi, Japanese, and Aztek soon followed. I miss that mod. Simple Ores probably wouldn't put up in such videos, but there was a bit more to it than simply more ores, in spite of it's name. I do believe both the bows the mod added were different in their own way. Onyx bows essentially had Flames built in as a feature. Oh, and there the specialized nether ores. A full set of Illuminite meant fall damage, but it was rather weak on protection and durability. There was also an armor than made you immune to the lava/ fire. Both have their downsides in protection and durability. I think one was on par with iron on one of the two, but not the other, possibly vice-versa. I can't remember the other stuff, but I know there was more to the ores beyond this and I think alloys were later added. Wow... never mind. Simple Ores is still around and getting updated. It's gone through a few changes as well. They gave another one of the nether ores a unique full-set ability, jumping higher. The sword also poisons, I think. Also, it's a durability thing for Illuminite and Fyrite. Their level of protection is around Iron. Fyrite swords might have low durability, but it's essentially a Fire Aspect sword that can also function as a Flint n Steel. There's three bows, one from an alloy. They all function differently. One can zoom in better. One sets things on fire. And the alloy one has more knockback as well as the highest amount of damage for a bow. The furnaces are still roughly the same. They're all faster than default. Onyx furnaces have a chance to get two items for the price of one, including food. The furnaces was one of my favorite aspects along with the bows. I swore Mythril's gimmick had something to do with not consuming the fuel periodically, a reduced fuel usage, or fuel is good for double the smelting/ cooking.
Universal Randomizer
The AEther mod would make so much sense to be brought today, along with the 1.18 update. Or at least sometime in the future (make it vanilla Minecraft)
Logan Cohen
Logan Cohen 2 yıl önce
This unlocked so many memories of trying in vanilla Minecraft and not understanding why the hell it didn’t work
Mateja Micic
Mateja Micic 9 aylar önce
@TheGamingVillager cap+ratio
Grunk Yıl önce
@TheGamingVillager lmfao you’re still trying this in 2021?
ALLIE XCX Yıl önce
I cried because of it 💀
ALLIE XCX Yıl önce
SAME lmaooo
Nate the Paper Mario and PMD fan
@Croiter same i finnley got java and i know how to mod minecraft
Takumitsu Yıl önce
These mods where my childhood! Gives me back the good memories!
Dxmaqe Yıl önce
i never knew so much nostalgia could be packed into one video
Aleisha Pyralspite
Honestly Pixelmon and Biomes o Plenty together is still my favorite way to play Minecraft.
Iceman 9 aylar önce
Clay soldiers mod was one of the first ones I remember ever using. Great mods
Princess Tsuki
Princess Tsuki 2 yıl önce
Don’t forget Mo’ Creatures, that mod caused horses to be added to Minecraft! This was a great video, and now I’ve found some cool mods to check out! edit: Yes I am aware that Pistons were originally a mod now, it's been mentioned three times.
ghastlygNO Yıl önce
Enderchests were a mod
Afnan Azam Faez
Afnan Azam Faez Yıl önce
@fish encased in jelly Villager's nose mod
Ashar Singh Malhotra
@fish encased in jelly twilightforest: I am the best mod. Orespawn: Hold my King Spawn Egg
Ofir Sinn
Ofir Sinn Yıl önce
@[GDPH] Heaven '*-*' I remember that, I remember trying to type /fly or /spawn and being frustrated that it didn't work
Breagle 2 yıl önce
And foxes
spyrkle4 Yıl önce
I’m sad Mo’Creatures wasn’t mentioned Isn’t it iconic?
Long Xue
Long Xue 6 aylar önce
I still remember doing every crafting in the mc mod videos in youtube not knowing what mods are and be disappointed when they don't work, like the iron man suit and aether portal.
MajorYoshi 5 aylar önce
i’m 19 and watching these mods makes me feel old. played most of these in middle school and had so much nostalgia
cOoLsKeLeToN95 Yıl önce
Even added that Terarria music to pump up those Nostalgia levels
Corvax 2 yıl önce
I still wish mojang would go ahead and integrate the aether into vanilla Minecraft, it fits pretty perfectly
Gecko 3 aylar önce
Yeah but mojang is too fu ckin pathetic to do something like that nowdays. Their too busy wasting months adding dumb sh it like goats.
B. M.
B. M. Yıl önce
They reworked it into the End. That said, I do think that a sky-based biome in vanilla Minecraft would be interesting.
Eideløn Yıl önce
@GamesuarX also if you want proof I was there drop the discord I'll send you a pic of my pass
Eideløn Yıl önce
@GamesuarX the head dev told me it was at the Minecraft convention in Seattle stfu. I don't care if you didn't ask but if you see a message in the title screen saying also try terraria that was me
GamesuarX Yıl önce
@Eideløn What? What the fuck is "medivil"? Medieval? Minecraft is absolutely NOT a medieval game, not by a long shot.
Bingles Praise YTP
Bingles Praise YTP 5 aylar önce
0:50 Love how the 50/50 Block gave you the Bonus Chest items lmao
DolanTehDukkeh Yıl önce
I remember once using the lucky block mod in 2013. And I remember watching all the nostalgic mod videos. Thanks for the memories!
Doge Pickle
Doge Pickle Yıl önce
2:17 This man uses terraria music in a Minecraft video,what a legend
Walking Armageddon
I was revisiting some older worlds a few days ago (after two Xbox upgrades) and found a world with lucky blocks. I feel so old 🥺☺️
beesul Yıl önce
Fun fact: a modder designed the shield we have today, and a modder made a horses mod that inspired mojang to add them to the game.
yoyoche qc
yoyoche qc 2 aylar önce
im sure mo creature inspire the horse
viveka 5 aylar önce
@Equilibrum DrZhark
Endie Is Ded
Endie Is Ded 5 aylar önce
Yeah the mo'creatures mod was the popular one
Mateja Micic
Mateja Micic 9 aylar önce
the ender chest came from the ender storage mod
Lucas Pehkonen
Lucas Pehkonen 9 aylar önce
Seems like that's what they do. Look in the modded comunity for what works and whats not working.
Steven Silvestri
Steven Silvestri Yıl önce
Pixelmon is definitely my favorite mod of all time, I love the Pokémon games so this was great.
Rozix Yıl önce
Damn, how did you forget the orespawn mod? Literally one of the most iconic mods ever.
mark Yıl önce
this whole video is just a huge nostalgia vibe thing for me. a memory recharge.
Ms BelleBelle
Ms BelleBelle Yıl önce
Man, you wanna know some mods that i adored as a kid? Mobs o plenty, clay soldiers, mini blocks/chisel and bits, and also that one extra creepers mod All of those mods were my CHILDHOOD Also, does anyone remember the my little pony mod?
Natalee is just chilling
I remember popularmmos using a lot of these mods
Untitled Yıl önce
I remember the modded mob battles
pineapple Yıl önce
Forgot about them
Naren the Beesechurger Man
@Xertek nah, i just want good content
Xertek Yıl önce
@Naren the Beesechurger Man so every youtuber ever? Cause you know this is a job right? What you want them to just demonitize all their vids and make videos whike juggling a 9 to 5?
PowerfulSand Yıl önce
*N O S T A L G I A*
Lo-Res Gamer
Lo-Res Gamer Yıl önce
For "historic" mods, I'd have liked to see a "firsts" video: First new dimension mod, first inventory/recipe manager, first industrial mod, first magic mod, etc.
tails230 Yıl önce
4:23 = Is just a classic work of art! Such crisp audio for a Lets Play!
Plushling Aylar önce
Ahh, this brings me back. Some of my favorite mods back in the day were Mutant Creatures, Twilight Forest, Orespawn, Better Dungeons/Chocolate Quest, Legendary Beasts, and the Farlanders mods. Classics
Patrick Oliver Bustamante
So many fond memories with my siblings playing with these mods.
Emma 2 yıl önce
I love that he installed the entirety of the Orespawn mod, just to showcase girlfriends. The best part is when he said "That's pretty much all for this mod"
l'aboneur abonné
l'aboneur abonné 2 yıl önce
@Draxthorn yeah same
Draxthorn 2 yıl önce
I know that shit irritated me quite a bit
Sumanohar Mulagala
I remember finding this app on the App Store that had downloadable resource packs for pocket edition. I miss those days.
aBuggsLyfe 11 gün önce
The aether was so ahead of its time. I would love for it to become a real dimension
Verified Staff
Verified Staff 9 aylar önce
I like how he ignores every orespawn feature and just calls it the "girlfriend mod"
Love the videos! You put so much time and work into them and they make my day better
BlazetheGame 2 yıl önce
The fact that orespawn wasn’t mentioned in this video is criminal.
Sandra Andary
Sandra Andary Yıl önce
Spletz Yıl önce
@Firmament1 agreed. the whole idea of the mod is just to be absurd I guess XD
Firmament1 Yıl önce
@Spletz With certain mods, sure, but Orespawn was WAY more powerful than most mods out there, and a lot of the equipment, and mobs stomped everything else.
Spletz Yıl önce
@Firmament1 it was balenced when combined with other mods
Spletz Yıl önce
OMG YES. plus the girlfreind mod was orespawn so
Truth 4 aylar önce
I love the twilight forest. I used to play hexxit and it was my favorite part of that modpack
Timbertam Yıl önce
Man, respect for giving the download link. Thank you so much
Dipper Pines
Dipper Pines Yıl önce
Orespawn: “Am I a joke to you?”
showcaase Yıl önce
He called it "The Girlfriend Mod" i think
Connoisseur Dumbass
Hit me right in the 2013-2014 nostalgia... PopularMMOs and GamingWithJen and others 😭 Simpler times
Nathan Pierce
Nathan Pierce Yıl önce
I remember playing the Hexit modpack back in the day. Such good times
KC & Friends - Consider Yourself American
I want somebody to do a gameplay with all these mods!
Ventor47 Yıl önce
Sipover’s voice just makes his videos so peacefull
ana mae
ana mae Yıl önce
The space mod literally made me think "Is this education edition?"
Harry Boberson
Harry Boberson 2 yıl önce
I remember all of these mods. The fact that they're considered "historic" just shows how old I am...
Просто Ян и точка
@IndigoRage The fact that there were no magic mods OR tech mods at all annoys me too
Malito online
Malito online 2 yıl önce
I remember being younger that my cousing and knowing bout the ather mod but my cousing refused to Trust me and he did the ather portal and... It didin't work.
Ayman-ul Karim
Ayman-ul Karim 2 yıl önce
Harry Boberson
Harry Boberson 2 yıl önce
@Wyka Mix I still do as well, but I also keep up with some updates
IndigoRage 2 yıl önce
The fact that there were no tech mods mentioned at all annoys me.
Benjamin Mitchell
I remember having these, and watching people play them.
ghastlygNO Yıl önce
Mowzie's mobs may not be historic, but its still a classic
HeavyMetalElk Yıl önce
I love how he uses the word “historic.”
Burrito Cat
Burrito Cat Aylar önce
6:59 I love how an old mod for minecraft has a more accurate portrayal of looking through a gun's scope pov.
fab5haus Yıl önce
The Creators are still working on the twilight forest final boss to this day 😂
A_Gnome_ 5 aylar önce
The mod switched dev teams during development, and the new team wants to polish everything else first and then work on the final area
Laser Nai
Laser Nai 5 aylar önce
the final boss is very low on priorety
fab5haus Yıl önce
They even have a discord
klpliper Yıl önce
i thought the creator died or something
A duck with a knife
@Endeavor yea me too
Mutant Dog ඩ
Mutant Dog ඩ Yıl önce
I remember the time when every minecraft youtuber made there own lucky blocks like "the omega lucky block" or something the old days.
KsD 5 aylar önce
I am suprised tcon wasnt included The new ores, customized tools Its imo the best mod ever existed
Juan Vilas
Juan Vilas 2 aylar önce
Biomes O' Plenty is really good, just finding a mega lake with big trees to build your house in is perfect.
Jarski l
Jarski l Yıl önce
Millenaire mod :) Those Maya villages... so cool. That mod with modern MC...
Brawler883 Yıl önce
Kinda sad you didn't mention orespawn. I mean it was literally one of the most popular mods of all time.
Ainty Dwarf
Ainty Dwarf Yıl önce
Ikr that mod was just amazing and the boss fights was amazing
AmruMikael Yıl önce
if you know about the "TNT MOD" you deserve a veteran discount
Kyan Yıl önce
1.7.10 was one of the most classic version with bunch of mods
Anthony Perkins
Anthony Perkins Yıl önce
I used to watch your videos and they’re soooooooooo perfect!
r o w y n
r o w y n Yıl önce
Top 10 worst feelings: 1. The year is 2014, and you have just seen a video of the glowstone portal. You open up minecraft pocket edition, create a creative world. you grab glowstone and a water bucket. You do not have the mod. You build the portal, and look at it with awe. You hold your water bucket, and place water in the portal. Your heart sinks as the water slowly flows over the edge, and you close minecraft. You open youtube, and watch PopularMMOs lucky block race. 2. Yeah, thats it.
Dawson Kozel
Dawson Kozel 3 aylar önce
This was literally me in kindergarten 😂😢😢😢😅
BeDeadGray48 or FiipinoYT
*SIKE!* Popularmmos is fooling everyone he has mod
AvilesCAS 5 aylar önce
Everyone’s childhood right here.
468er/ PeaShooter
468er/ PeaShooter 6 aylar önce
This is funny because PopularMMOS’ peak was in 2017
ravel 9 aylar önce
CrustyGerben Yıl önce
11:23 my favourite ever mod. When you would be able to go to planets.
Orion: Alternate History
That LOTR one was one of the best mods imo. Lot of fun.
Si EK Yıl önce
"There's even mushrooms" Mushrooms: *Am I a joke to you?*
Muhammad Zulfikry bin Nazli
I love your content bro. Keep it up
Eco 2 yıl önce
The girlfriends mod is like the old version of "don't play this game when your parents are around"
baguettes 2 yıl önce
FeeshUnofficial Yıl önce
I'm a really big fan of the Abnormals mods, since they're essentially extensions of vanilla Minecraft
BaconNuke Yıl önce
I remember the Aether mod 1) tricking me when I was younger and 2) vaguely thinking it used to be a thing because The End used to (maybe still does) says in f3 "Sky" or something.. like I thought it was a scrapped idea that the mod creator "recovered" from the files or some shit Oh god TooManyItems and Optifine were so.. basic that I was always confused why it was a mod and wasn't just part of the game naturally (before kid me learned that mods couldn't just be downloaded by game devs and "broadcasted" to everyone) And now looking at the Aether again.. ya it would not have been the best for vanilla Minecraft because of all the bosses and RPG-esque elements.. but.. we do need more dimensions.. (but then it would really mess with the speedrunning community) like it bothers me that both alternate dimensions are inherently antagonistic to players.. we got hell and the void with a dragon.. like I don't want a polar opposite of "hey this is a good place full of only friends and good loot" but like.. just something that is an alternative that isn't inherently more dangerous than the overworld in some way Too many add random bosses it seems like.. Minecraft isn't always like that but.. maybe it could be? I dunno just seems like so many mods are like "Zomg crazy new dimension with 50 new bosses!" when the basic ass game has like.. 5? or whatever the number is.. like make it feel more natural imo like most rely solely on their self contained mod stuff, let me be able to have a chance when i just started instead of needing to invest in full diamond just to be able to get a few new pieces of equipment so then i can ignore all the vanilla stuff Yup RLcraft seems like they amped difficulty without taking into account progression.. like he had very little and just randomly stumbled on a dragon and got fucked.. totally fair
The worst stage of grief: making an aether portal but it doesn't work
Denis Chen
Denis Chen Yıl önce
Do you remember the Industrial Craft mod? It adds new resources, machines that process resources, and an electrical energy system.
Juminiade 2 yıl önce
bro he calling OreSpawn the "girlfriends mod" was brutal
duncan ᓚᘏᗢ
duncan ᓚᘏᗢ Yıl önce
@Zach Saris AHA! you can’t outsmart me!
Naren the Beesechurger Man
@kurama what? ok
kurama Yıl önce
@Naren the Beesechurger Man reddit moment
alnexus Yıl önce
Naren the Beesechurger Man
@fish encased in jelly link?
DilandDuck101 11 aylar önce
The only problem I had with biomes o'plenty is the Visceral Heaps biome Until this day, I still cannot go into that biome
PelemusMcSoy 5 aylar önce
I miss Galacticraft. I think they're working on bringing it forward to newer versions, but I also understand if they've left it in the past.
Mackensie Rinas
Mackensie Rinas 5 aylar önce
My personal favorite and iconic mod of all time is Millenaire. It spawns villages and NPCs of different cultures and allows you to learn languages, trade with different villages, increase relations between different cultures, complete specific questlines and eventually become the head of your own village.
OceanCat 3 aylar önce
I remember flying up in creative mode for minutes trying to get to the moon
piløtware 2 yıl önce
I wish that the Aether would get added to vanilla, they have the developer in the team but it has been confirmed that the Aether will NOT be added. Would be a childhood dream for many.
hector soto
hector soto 7 aylar önce
The EPIC Mario Bros. 2
maybe its so the mod dosent die, its a really well put together mod (even if it plays at 2fps) and im sure the creator wants to keep it alive
G. Hammond
G. Hammond Yıl önce
Well, they've got datapacks (modding support) to update, the Cave Update, the Cliffs Update, the Archaeology Update, and the Combat Update to consider. Not to mention making the End Dragon in any way a proper boss fight for the third time running. Honestly, the Aether portal could fit _right in_ if they just made the Dragon Isle and End Cities an Aether Biome. If my lazy untalented, not designed-for-real-effort mind could actually mod it in, I'd have the Aether Portal connecting the End to the Nether.
Syf Yıl önce
I mean.... They confirmed that Minecraft wouldn’t have a cave update..... And it had a cave update.
Big boi
Big boi Yıl önce
Probably in 1.19 I think
cOoLsKeLeToN95 Yıl önce
There is actually a Mob you can spawn in Aether mod which is the final one I think
craftminer49er Yıl önce
Divine RPG was an insane mod too. Loved that shit
B. M.
B. M. Yıl önce
I honestly feel like Minecraft mods have fallen out of favor with the Minecraft community, since I haven't been seeing any mod showcases lately, leading me to believe that the Minecraft community has lost interest. Nowadays, mods are mostly minor changes to the game rather than the large mods of the past. I am honestly not sure exactly why, though I feel like the most plausible reason is that Minecraft has been receiving large updates recently which could be reducing the hype for mods.
Gurrtug Yıl önce
Man i remember all these mods! My favorite mod of all time was Lotr mod
Metroplex Prime
Metroplex Prime 2 yıl önce
Fun thing: I actually managed to find the world where I tried to make an aether portal about 7 years ago. I went through all of my old MC worlds and found a creative world with a glowstone portal and some water. I found the relic of my ruined dreams.
Snrub 2 yıl önce
Really shows how well it would've fit as a vanilla dimension in Minecraft. Mojang probably hired the creator of the mod because he was able to make it feel somewhat vanilla.
Irene Iniguez
Irene Iniguez 2 yıl önce
You say 7 years ago like it was yesterday man I don’t wanna be reminded that I’m an adult now
link5454100 Yıl önce
Surprised no one mentioned that smooth lighting was originally a mod.
Name not found
Name not found Yıl önce
Galacticraft is still my all-time favorite mod.
Juste Bob
Juste Bob 9 aylar önce
I love RLcraft it's so good I literally playing it like it's a new game it's so cool
CirieZ Yıl önce
You forgot Better Dungeons It adds a ton of mobs and new structures to explore + tons of items It got a remake called Chocolate Quest Also Twilight Forest got made in like 2013 or 2014
yaboittash 2 yıl önce
"Here we have the Girlfriend mod" The rest of the Orespawn mod: am I a joke to you?
Arnesh Pal
Arnesh Pal Yıl önce
@Ezra Bridger no
Aiven Ysfel
Aiven Ysfel Yıl önce
@SpinosaurusStudios jurassic craft (yes, I call it this way) is my fricking nostalgia trip. Had watched different ytubers do a letsplay series with it.
The mlemmers
The mlemmers Yıl önce
@SpinosaurusStudios Or the mod mod
man didnt even mention the mocreatures mod, orespawn mod, fossil & archeology (far superior jurassicraft) mod, or the flans mod.
The mlemmers
The mlemmers Yıl önce
tzhe rest of nothing
Alston Yang
Alston Yang Yıl önce
These are all giving me nostalgia bc when i used to watch mcyt back then these were always the mods they used and i’m getting so much nostalgia rn from this video i remember almost all of them
the entire history of minecraft, i guess
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