Retired Teacher's Single Level Tiny House

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Charlene leaped into tiny living after retiring from her passion for teaching. Her husband passed many years ago, and after maintaining their 50-acre ranch property, she decided to downsize and live simply in Austin, Texas. She and her husband used to be sailors, so the galley kitchen feels right at home! The bedroom has a rustic feel with a cedar accent wall, turquoise decor, and a large bed centered in the middle. With ceilings stretching over thirteen feet high, the entire tiny home feels beyond the 399sq ft it is. There's an exterior living space that welcomes neighbors and friends to gather by the wood-burning fireplace while the sun sets just over her prominent balcony.

Shot by: @theirhappytrails
Edited by: @theirhappytrails

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12 Ağu 2022




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cacklingfelix Aylar önce
So proud to be one of her grand children! I can confirm that Charlene, or as we call her "Honi", is just as charismatic in real life as she is in this video! Love visiting her in this tiny home, very nice. :)
Vic Knecht
Vic Knecht 3 saatler önce
@Time Forchange Can you please tell me what builder and model? It's by far one of the best I've seen
Shantel Panter
Shantel Panter 8 saatler önce
Your grandma is beautiful ❤
Doll 2 gün önce
Can you acquire the company name she bought from? I am really interested in a custom build similar to hers but a little different...
Amanda Youngs
Amanda Youngs 3 gün önce
She says in the video, albeit quickly, which model it is...
Amanda Youngs
Amanda Youngs 3 gün önce
@cacklingfelix you said sadly she only briefly discussed the model with familt, so you don't know which one it is but couldn't you just ask her since she's your grandma or have her post it on here?
Montanamtngirl Aylar önce
This is my favorite tiny house I've ever seen! I love her design style and décor!!! She sure would be a fun neighbor, and what a great person!! 😊❤️
delores sullivan
delores sullivan 5 gün önce
Mind to it's beautiful I love her explanation
Tammy / Kidd Lester
Tammy / Kidd Lester 5 gün önce
Absolutely 💯 !!!!! She's a sweetheart and her home is gorgeous !!!!! 😍
Tammy / Kidd Lester
Tammy / Kidd Lester 5 gün önce
One of my favorites too ! I love the wood and how cozy and comfortable it seems 😌
Susan Slade
Susan Slade 19 gün önce
Love her home and she does seem like a person you’re going to enjoy being around . Happy retirement Honi.☺️
Deborah Fonner
Deborah Fonner 19 gün önce
What is the name of this tiny home , or model im looking to purchase one to put on my daughters property
Ethan Caffey
Ethan Caffey 18 gün önce
Ms. Charlene was my geometry teacher in high school four years ago, it’s amazing to see her now, and in a much less formal setting! She was always so sweet and kind, I’m glad she’s doing well.
hyperionbazooka 17 gün önce
hell nah bruh FUCK ms dumbnam
Lynn Wilkinson
Lynn Wilkinson Aylar önce
I always thought I'd like to have a loft model, until I saw this one. This is perfect for my needs. Even after retiring, this teacher is still teaching all of us how to have the perfect life and retire in style. Thank you!
From the bayou
From the bayou 11 gün önce
I wouldn’t have even thought of that, but it would be wasted space!
Col Bullsigh
Col Bullsigh Aylar önce
You, Young Lady, should be on a tiny home manufacturer's staff, DESIGNING tiny homes!
joanna Davis
joanna Davis Aylar önce
This lady needs her own show. She's adorable and smart and knows how to word everything just right. Beautiful charming lady.❤️
Brandy Dunn
Brandy Dunn Gün önce
I couldn’t agree more.❤
From the bayou
From the bayou 11 gün önce
Agree 100%
Jamey Denison
Jamey Denison 22 gün önce
rhonda blackburn
rhonda blackburn Aylar önce
Yes she’s a natural hostess ! 💁🏻‍♀️☀️💕
Andrew Ruddy
Andrew Ruddy Aylar önce
Lovely home, and this good lady has sold me.
Carol Vestal
Carol Vestal Aylar önce
Just wow! Not only is her tiny home stunning, she is a beautifully articulate lady. What an awesome job she did showing and explaining tiny living.
Linda Lesniak
Linda Lesniak 6 gün önce
Everything you said!!!!!!!!
Dani 16 gün önce
Great presentation and so wonderfully explained.
Naomi Burn
Naomi Burn 26 gün önce
Another piece of Ms. Charlene’s genius is she hasn’t shied away from using large furniture pieces for her tiny home. Everything looks very appropriately scaled and not cluttered. I am so impressed.
Adele Terrazas
Adele Terrazas 29 gün önce
I have to say this Tiny Home has to be one of the most beautiful ones I’ve seen. If I were to downsize, I would love one just like this one. She thought of everything she wanted and how she wanted it. I hope she enjoys the rest of her well deserved retirement!!
C Dunham
C Dunham 26 gün önce
Thank you Adele for your kind words 💙
AniOne 25 gün önce
It's so important to have the outdoor living space in a tiny home. Good decision, Charlene!
Sarah Pullen
Sarah Pullen Aylar önce
I love her unit. We need more communities like these. Seniors want low maintenance, great neighbors and a community feel. Going small does not need to mean dumpy. I'd much rather have a smaller place that's decorated nicely than a huge place with nothing in it.
You Don't Want To Know
@Sleuth the Wild Indeed - most seniors couldn't afford the cost of one of these homes - unfortunately the cost is not commensurate with the size. Some of these things are going for $175,000 to over $200,000. I agree, there needs to be consideration for "aging in place". Not sure that this one would be considered "mobile". Seems larger than most "tiny houses".
Tammy / Kidd Lester
Tammy / Kidd Lester 5 gün önce
Absolutely !!!!! Her home is beautiful ... I'd love to have one exactly like it !
Susan Slade
Susan Slade 15 gün önce
Yes , government has it all wrong when it comes to the housing issue s. I know plenty of seniors living in houses with empty rooms and basements they can’t access easily anymore. I’d be happy to sell my home to move to a lovely community like this in the future. Build it they will come.
Susan Slade
Susan Slade 15 gün önce
@Sleuth the Wild I get what your saying most definitely. That’s is where designing your space comes in. Furniture can be taken out if more turn around space is needed and wheel chair ramps attached to the deck .
Alison Dunand
Alison Dunand 22 gün önce
I agree we do need more very nice gated tiny homes communities. But, they would find a way to "over charge" for this to GREED
Myself Gary
Myself Gary Aylar önce
I absolutely love her and her tiny home❣️ And if I ever ever, was to choose to do this, I want mine an exact replica 😁
Paula Manthey
Paula Manthey 5 gün önce
Me too! I wouldn’t change a thing!
sonseeahray green
sonseeahray green 28 gün önce
I second that..Her tiny home layout is the best I have seen. I love everything about it.
SuperFly0921 Aylar önce
She did a great job making the changes, putting so much thought into every little space. She seems like a wonderful person and I would like to be her neighbor. I think her 4 Ws advice is a great place to start a tiny home journey, even if it's not a park model and you want to travel with your home.
Penny Jo Haskin
Penny Jo Haskin Aylar önce
I am so inspired with your home ... I'd like one exactly like it.. decor and colors as well are so perfect. I have a style that mimics yours in taste and desires to eliminate stuff. You are awesome... Thanks for sharing. Now in case I missed the part of where do I buy or inquire to pricing location etc... Please can I ask for a return link to these questions... Have yourself a lovely life... God bless penny haskin
GinnyInNC Aylar önce
That tiny house is beautifully designed! It’s also like the Tardis - it’s MUCH larger on the inside than it appears from the outside! What a delightful lady!
Jennifer Potts
Jennifer Potts 29 gün önce
I visited a “fancy” senior care living facility that was an enclosed with everything needed in the building…. Everyone I spoke with said they wanted to move out. More land should be designated for tiny homes
C Dunham
C Dunham 26 gün önce
Christine Stephenson
I love this model of tiny home! It has so much room in the living room and a huge, beautiful kitchen! The porch is wonderful!
MrSunKin 28 gün önce
She reminds me of my grandma, she passed away this year at only 65 and I really still can't believe she's gone. She always lived in really nice mobile homes growing up and she had nearly identical decor as this sweet lady :)
Jamaica Social
Jamaica Social 26 gün önce
This lady is so engaging and articulate.... I could listen to her forever.... She's a teacher for sure... Her faculties are so sharp!!!!!! 👏
Shirley Ashanti
Shirley Ashanti Aylar önce
Thank you so much for this "class" on tiny homes. You are the greatest teacher; I've learned a great deal. Your home is absolutely beautiful, cozy, and has everything I would need. ❤️ The outdoor space makes it extra special. (The 69 cents utility bill is a real plus.) Thank you for sharing this lovely, sweet place.
char west
char west Aylar önce
One of the best, most thorough, descriptions I've ever heard of everything in her home, and why she chose what she did! VERY well thought out. You can tell she is a great teacher. What a charming little carefree home and life she has designed! No wonder the neighbors are always over there.
marinegirl 29 gün önce
Wow. Fantastic home and explanation.
Ieeleemee Aylar önce
A teacher indeed. Very valuable information. I soaked it all in.
rhonda blackburn
rhonda blackburn Aylar önce
The tiny house is lovely and so is the tiny lady. She’s delightful and the house is as well! I love this tour 💁🏻‍♀️☀️💕
jane muir
jane muir Aylar önce
I love this layout! You've designed a beautiful home.
m Gonçalves
m Gonçalves 15 gün önce
I honestly loved her tiny home, but how not to love her more? She's such a precious little gem 💎
Briana Jones
Briana Jones 22 gün önce
Her presentation and passion for going tiny and the design she chose was absolutely perfect. She loves her choice and her home. Thank you for the 4 W's too. I'm 53 but interested in building a container home or tiny home 5 to 10 years from now. 😊🥰👌👏👏👏
Carolyn Titterington
I believe Charlene would be happy wherever she lives. Smart, funny, self-aware, insightful and able to make independent decisions - that’s the secret. The home is perfect. Thank you for the video, it gives me hope.
Ginger Holt
Ginger Holt Aylar önce
She is precious, smart articulate and has given such good advice. You are a lucky granddaughter. ☺️
Linda Parr
Linda Parr Aylar önce
Smart Lady! Thank you
Susan Connolly
Susan Connolly Aylar önce
I totally agree Carolyn! What smart, forward thinking, wise and Lovely Lady. I look forward to seeing more from her. Cheers from Nova Scotia Canada 🇨🇦 xx
Weezy H
Weezy H 25 gün önce
Her tiny home is beautiful and let’s talk about the deck, absolutely amazing. I would be sitting on that deck allllll the time. She has done a great job with her home.....
Bird Lady
Bird Lady 29 gün önce
It must have helped having spent time on a boat. Charlene seemed to know exactly what she needed/wanted and was able to make it happen. I love her design sense as it does not feel 'minimalist', but an actual home. Blessings to her, and thank you for being gracious and willing to give us this tour!
KA Wilson
KA Wilson Aylar önce
Best tiny I've seen yet. And lovely owner, too! Bookmarking this one for future reference. Having room to entertain or just hang out outdoors but under cover is so nice. No rain storm would break up those pot lucks!
Barby Dailey
Barby Dailey 29 gün önce
This is a beautiful home. She put a lot of thought in to it for the changes she's made. I really enjoyed the information in this video.
Carole Warren,  Realtor
The absolute best "tiny" I've viewed. The style is perfect and unique in features like the outdoor fireplace, 13.5' ceilings and larger kitchen -- sooo nice. As I give greater thought to what my tiny will look like, your home certainly presented elements to be added to my check list. Simply beautiful; and thanks for sharing some valuable tips as well. Your energy and warm personality are refreshing. Keep enjoying your life by design 🙂.
PDQ Aylar önce
It doesn’t seem tiny at all, does it? It’s fabulous.
Anita Kusler
Anita Kusler Aylar önce
@Kathleen R Hi! Thank you! That was a lot of info but I’m gonna check it all out!
Ieeleemee Aylar önce
@Kathleen R Wow!! Thank you for the wealth of information/ knowledge. I sincerely appreciate it.
Kathleen R
Kathleen R Aylar önce
​@Anita Kusler You are probably confusing tiny homes ON WHEELS with this home. If a tiny home is to be towed (moved) often for travel, then road laws require it to be no more than 8.5 feet wide. Wider than 8 feet 6 inches and you must have a permit and special towing. So if you have looked at a lot of tiny houses ON WHEELS they will always be only 8.5 feet wide, which is fairly restricting to room size. Also the video is using a distortion camera to film this. The same kind of camera they use for real Estate photos. You will notice how large the front windows look in the first second of the video 0:01 especially the window closest to the camera. Now look at the front windows at 0:11 second mark (click the number to take you to that time) the windows look much narrower when photographed with the hovering drone camera. No distortion. The windows are likely 29 or 30 inches wide each, making those 3 front windows only 8 or 9 feet and you can tell that too, at 12:09 when you can see the 2 seater couch (which is likely 6 or 7 feet long) is almost the length of the window width. In 'real life' this house WILL look smaller. One more distortion and I will get to my point in all this. The closer a thing is to the camera the larger (more distorted) it will be. Look at the television at 12:02 and then look at the television at 11:21. Good examples of the 'distortion' camera. ---- I told you all that just to tell you THIS. If you are looking for something compact, but not as cramped as a Tiny House On Wheels (THOW) look online for 'Park Models'. Which is basically what this woman has. You will find a ZILLION companies across the U.S. (I hope you are in the U.S.) that want to sell you a Park Model and you could spend the next two days solid looking at Park Model floor plans (and I LOVE looking at floor plans) and a Park Model could be the small, but not TOO small that you are looking for. --- May I suggest one more thing. I don't know where you live (I live in Florida) but there is a tiny house company in Fresno California that builds _some_ of their Tiny Houses at 10 feet wide, for people who won't be moving their houses much. It's called California Tiny House. Look them up, and go to their instagram page. You will SEE what a difference that extra foot and a half makes to the size of the rooms. On their instagram page click on a picture, it will tell you exactly how long and how wide the house is, then scroll right to see multiple pictures of that model. Also search 'California Tiny House youtube' to find their youtube channel and they have videos of the interiors, and again, they tell you the length and the width in the description. You can really see the difference in the 10 foot wide ones. ---- I hope this helps. :o)
Anita Kusler
Anita Kusler Aylar önce
I agree with you, this is the first tiny home that I’ve ever seen that actually feels like a “regular”home! Most of the time, it seems that they all have a loft which I definitely wouldn’t want & then the rest of the home feels more like a camper or mobile home, especially the bathrooms in them! I dunno…I just loved everything about this one with ALL of the upgrades that she did! I could easily live in this charming little home with nice neighbors!!!
Caroline Goss
Caroline Goss Aylar önce
One of the most beautiful tiny houses that I’ve seen, and I’ve looked at hundreds of them. That outdoor living space is to die for!
Gwen Vann
Gwen Vann 18 gün önce
I love everything about this tiny home. It’s beautifully designed and I love her choices in storage and decor. She is a wonderful spokesperson too! Thank you for sharing your home!!
Kim B
Kim B 29 gün önce
I absolutely love your tiny home. Great choices, decorated nicely and seems like you are happy and content. Best wishes to you.
Bay Gladney
Bay Gladney 23 gün önce
This is my second time watching. So far, it is my favorite tiny home. It's so practical and as I get closer to retirement, it is extremely close to what I am looking for as a single retiree who wants to travel after retiring. I even love the clink of your nails on the appliances. Thank you for sharing. 💯🙏🏽
Virtual Lifeform
Virtual Lifeform Aylar önce
This is the loveliest tiny home I've seen yet; everything about it is well-designed and beautifully finished. Her perspective on living is great as well! 👍
Alison Dunand
Alison Dunand 22 gün önce
I especially love the outdoor space where I would spent most of my time. Reading, relaxing, music, visitors, etc I would try to find a way to incorporate a water feature, and bird feeders This would be perfect now and I'm not retirement age
Jackie North
Jackie North Aylar önce
I think it's from Recreation Resort Cottages - and it's the Cliffhanger model. trvid.com/video/video-d4wY0IMy1uk.html
Harriett Campbell
Harriett Campbell Aylar önce
Love those tall ceilings and Z might have ran kitchen cabinets all the way to the top 😃
Good Enough Girl
Good Enough Girl Aylar önce
I was going to say the same. Looks like Oak Creek/RRC.
Garden Level
Garden Level Aylar önce
@Erika America Thanks!
kathy sanchez
kathy sanchez Aylar önce
A great video...packed with authentic self searching ideas/questions!!! Love All the information provided...It shows how great of Teacher she is!!! Blessings to her!!!
Peggy Richardson
Peggy Richardson Aylar önce
What a lovely home and even lovelier Lady. She nailed all the really important points about storage and livability! Love your choices about the oven, classy finishings, porch space, kitchen layout, and closets. Genius!
Connie in the Sun
Connie in the Sun Aylar önce
Beautiful and so tastefully done. I'm so happy for this retired teacher to have such a lovely place to enjoy. Really gorgeous. You have impeccable taste!
Theodore Ormsby
Theodore Ormsby Aylar önce
This is the BEST I have seen. Absolutely stunning. Exquisite taste. LOVE the outdoor living space with the functional wood-burning stove, 13' ceilings, and the side quiet space also used for potlucks. What a wonderful tiny home lifestyle! You are beautiful, and I would have loved to have you as my teacher! Thank you for sharing!
Sandra M
Sandra M Aylar önce
She is just adorable, and I absolutely love her beautiful cozy home!
Lori Taylor
Lori Taylor Aylar önce
I LOVE it! If I were going tiny, this is the model I would choose. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home. So glad you are enjoying your retirement and your decision to go tiny. Also, I can see why you waited til 70 to retire. It seems like you thoroughly enjoyed your career; and your students were fortunate to have you as their teacher 💝
Samantha Vincent
Samantha Vincent Aylar önce
Well done! That’s a beautiful tiny house.
Andrea Vogel
Andrea Vogel Aylar önce
This was so well done. The home, your charismatic and clear discussion of how you came to the decisions you made. Beautiful space
snowygirl131 Aylar önce
I also have watched so many Tiny Home videos and I ADORE this one! So simple, but richly decorated! And that community she is in looks so nice! I pray the lot rents and amenities fees stay reasonable!!
Donna Miller
Donna Miller Aylar önce
You have such great advice. I love love your tiny home. It's beautiful. I could see myself living there. When the video started I thought that you were indoors only to discover that it's your outdoor space. It is gorgeous and looks so cozy.
Robin Turner
Robin Turner Aylar önce
Charlene is a very charming lady and I love her tiny home! I have never seen one that I liked as much as this. I love that it's a single level and the outside space is dreamy. She made some excellent choices, no oven, etc..
Shirnett Brown
Shirnett Brown 28 gün önce
The house is very charming, neat and we'll balanced. Very lovely to look at, great job with decorating.
Aurora49 Aylar önce
Absolutely love your layout of your tiny home. I have been looking for three years for something so similar and this is the first one I have seen that doesn’t have a loft I don’t want to climb stairs.
Jacinda Aylar önce
This is absolutely gorgeous! It's tiny without being so narrow that it's uncomfortable. And such a lovely lady.
Better Betty
Better Betty Aylar önce
This lady is so stinking adorable and sweet! I’m so glad that she’s happy and living exactly how she wants! She deserves it!
Honey Bunny
Honey Bunny Aylar önce
This is just one of the best tiny homes I've seen in a long time. There's nothing that I don't love about it. It feels so homey and inviting and bright and airy. I just love this.
SiimplyKrew Aylar önce
I love Charlene's home and everything she made custom. I also really like the pride and happiness you hear in her voice as she gave her home tour. This video made me smile of her enthusiasm for living tiny.
Meadowlark music
Meadowlark music 19 gün önce
This is absolutely perfect. I love everything about this tiny home. I'm so glad that living here brings so much happiness. If I were on my own, this is exactly what I would want. Thanx for such a great tour of an amazing house!!💜💜
Rose Williams
Rose Williams 26 gün önce
I love that it is neat & not cluttered! She stated several times that she has extra space to build more storage, but doesn't need to.
D S Aylar önce
I absolutely love this Tiny home. I am thinking about having one built for myself in the back of my home so my daughter can live in the big house when she gets older and decides to raise a family, and I love this whole concept and the colors. Very very beautiful.
Michelle S.
Michelle S. Aylar önce
You have a beautiful home! You're still a teacher, because I learned some things. You gave me so much to think about & consider.
Bex becky
Bex becky 7 gün önce
This place is gorgeous!! This outdoor living space is absolutely stunning. It gives her so much living space beyond her well planned interior. I love how in ginormous Texas, 50 acres is only a ranchette. Too funny! I live in Appalachia and 50 acres is two and 1/2 counties. LOL.
Kathy Carr
Kathy Carr Aylar önce
This is so amazing. I could definitely live in this! Thank you for sharing your home and story! 💐 p. s. And GREAT tips, especially the four “whys”!
Jane Hasson
Jane Hasson Aylar önce
I have seen many tiny home videos. This model is by far my favorite. Love the layout and storage . Charlene, you are adorable and so is your house!
Reyna Brown rvmpd
Reyna Brown rvmpd 29 gün önce
Once a teacher always a teacher. I love how she explained the details of tiny home living.
Christine Hawkins
Christine Hawkins 29 gün önce
I already haveU-Tube e on tv and it’s free why do you want 54.99??? If that’s the case cancel
Christine Hawkins
Christine Hawkins 29 gün önce
Is there a place near WinterGarden, FL. She says model.
Christine Hawkins
Christine Hawkins 29 gün önce
I want a place like this. The last 2 places I have purchased have been townhomes. I have no yard , 16 stairs. I can’t handle it any more
YouTube Aylar önce
what a gorgeous home! thank you to Charlene for giving us a peek into her space ❤
Madeline Aponte
Madeline Aponte Aylar önce
I love your tiny home it looks very rustic and the way you have everything setup is gorgeous, I have to admit that I watch a lot of TRvid tiny home videos and yours is so far the best one with your rap around porch deck. 👍🏼👍🏼
Naomi Burn
Naomi Burn 26 gün önce
I think upgrading to the chrome washer & dryer was a good move to keep the whole appearance streamlined and not jumbled with different colors and finishes. Good job.
Jeanne Dennis
Jeanne Dennis Aylar önce
I would absolutely LOOOVVVEEE a tiny home like this. I'd have a loft though for my 2 grandbabies to have their own space when they came to see Gigi. I, too, was in the Navy and love the galley kitchen. Congratulations on your home.
learn music
learn music 25 gün önce
What a wonderful tiny home! Her sense of style and organization is fabulous!!
Mommieonamission Aylar önce
She is so charming! Her tiny home definitely still screams “Everything is bigger in Texas” I absolutely love it!
coleb edwards
coleb edwards Aylar önce
Yes! I was thinking, this is huge for a tiny home.
C Dunham
C Dunham Aylar önce
Deanne Healy
Deanne Healy 29 gün önce
I love it!! I could happily live in a tiny house!! Thanks for showing us around your beautiful home 😊
Roses Are Red
Roses Are Red 18 gün önce
I loved this tiny home! Very well designed. Love the outdoor living space and the drapes make it feel so cozy.
Sarajane Gardner
Sarajane Gardner Aylar önce
How adorable are you! This is the first model of a tiny home that I have seen that I could live in. Love, Love, Love the outdoor living
TheRealMsDoLL Aylar önce
I LoVe her, her spirit, & her energy!!!! Her tiny home is beautiful as well!!! Great episode!!!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰
Lo🍒e Aylar önce
I am in love with this home!!!!!! And the way she explains everything makes me believe she was an AMAZING teacher! Such enthusiasm, passion, and sweetness about her! ❤
Tyra Fox
Tyra Fox Aylar önce
She was an absolute joy to watch ❤. What a lovely lady, with a wonderful spirit. And she looks AMAZING! Thanks for sharing your tiny home 🦊❤️
Charleen A. Callais
Perfect tiny home. I can see myself living in a home like this.
Susan Backes
Susan Backes Aylar önce
This house is AMAZING! And what a lovely lady and the community sounds like a really great place to live
Sarah 29 gün önce
I love your tiny home and that outdoor space is gorgeous with the wood burning fireplace.
marymack4105 Aylar önce
I’ve watched so many tiny home videos, and I must say this is the first one I think I could live in! And Charlene is such a lovely person.
W. Branch
W. Branch Aylar önce
@Marcia Samuels Yes it is; her place is 399 sq. ft. Anything under 400 sq. ft. qualifies as a tiny home.
Marcia Samuels
Marcia Samuels Aylar önce
That's because it's not a tiny house.
Kimberly Cooper
Kimberly Cooper Aylar önce
Aloha and thank you so much Charlene for sharing your beautiful tiny home. You did such a great job explaining all the important factors on your decisions and covering all the W's, which makes total sense! Your such a wonderful sweet person and congratulations on your retirement! I myself have been watching a lot of videos and want to purchase and live in a tiny home community and would have no problems since I live in a small 1 bedroom condo 453 sq. ft. net living space on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. We have a couple of dear friends that are in retirement here and in Colorado that want to retire and find a tiny home community and get a home to accommodate us either living in Texas or Florida. Would love to stay in touch with you if you don't mine because your taste in your home furnishings and color palette are so similar to our style here in Hawaii with the greenery and outdoor living. I did see that Platinum Cottages is the manufacturer and that your model is called the Waterloo. Much Mahalo - KimBer
Marie Nishii
Marie Nishii 29 gün önce
I like the tiny home. Cozy and feeling comfortable living with a nice atmosphere and sorroundings. 👍😊
Harvest Field Church
Charlene, I LOVE your tiny home. Perfectly done, and totally Texas!
Carol Hopkinson
Carol Hopkinson 26 gün önce
One of the nicest, most spacious and practical Tiny Homes I have seen. I could live in this. Thanks for sharing.
Sonia Davies
Sonia Davies Aylar önce
This is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Such wonderful decorating, too!
J Perez
J Perez Aylar önce
This is the first tiny house I’ve seen that I’d actually want to live in. Love that it’s all one story.
Pam Cook
Pam Cook 8 gün önce
this woman is soo wonderful!! I love her personality and her style. I have to agree with many of the other comments, this is the nicest tiny homes I have even seen. ❤😊
blackestcat1111 Aylar önce
I'm so happy for her!! She deserves the best !!👍❤️
Carolyn Brayshaw
Carolyn Brayshaw 28 gün önce
Your house is beautiful! What a great innovation for senior living and retirement.Thank you for inviting us in. My family has moved to Heaven, too. All the best to you. God Bless You!
Terry Chancellor
Terry Chancellor 29 gün önce
What a cute place and sweet lady. This tiny home is quite grand for such a small place, love the high ceilings and the porches!! Wow, it doesn't seem to be lacking anything. Good for her!
As the Crowe Flies
As the Crowe Flies Aylar önce
She is so real and enthusiastic. She was teaching her audience all about the 4 Ws, her customization, and dug into her 4Ws and shared them. I love the idea of the front porch being open to spontaneous guests and the side porch was for her quiet time. I am like that as well. I enjoyed hearing about the community, how they cooperate, socialize and aid one another. So informative.
Pat Tiedemann
Pat Tiedemann Aylar önce
This is the most beautiful tiny home ever! Especially the outdoor space and the curtains. You are brilliant!
Shawna Petty
Shawna Petty 19 gün önce
This is my absolute favorite tiny home I’ve ever seen! Love the size and layout
Diane Thompson
Diane Thompson Aylar önce
She is lovely, and I love her home! It’s one of the best I’ve seen! It doesn’t look Tiny at all!
Pam Stricklind
Pam Stricklind Aylar önce
Love what she’s done with this - it’s so cute and perfect for 1 person!
Beatrice Butler
Beatrice Butler Aylar önce
23:23 LINDA COMO SEMPRE. 18KISSX.UNO los mortales apreciaban a una mujer tan hermosa 💜 2:09\/ ( elecciones ) 9:05 /\ 1:03 ( culturales ) 9:13 /\ 🅻🅸🆅🅴 10:10 Hopi: Sweeter 11:12 Sun: Hotter 00:18 Joonie: Cooler 18:00 Yoongy usql: Butter 23:23 Son unos de los mejores conciertos mañas no se layt
Alison Bender
Alison Bender 26 gün önce
Love this tiny home! It is well planned out, very spacious with lots of storage and on 1 floor.
SLC429 Aylar önce
This lady is amazing, and this is my favorite tiny house I’ve seen!
Ada Griffis
Ada Griffis Aylar önce
I just love your home, it's perfect. Wish we had a community here were I live.
Kathrine Barnes
Kathrine Barnes Aylar önce
This is one of the best tiny houses I have seen. She is a firecracker and absolutely adorable.
Cynthia Flick
Cynthia Flick Aylar önce
This home is stunning. So well laid out and beautifully designed. LOVE all the drawers in the kitchen. Thank you for sharing your home with us, Charlene.
StephBer1 23 gün önce
This home and this lady are inspirational. This is what I want in a tiny house. A small footprint, easy cleaning, great kitchen, a bedroom on the ground floor, a great community and close to everything. As I'm getting older I realise I don't need a quarter of the things that I used to think are "necessary" for living. I'd rather do things and go places with my life and retirement. The house itself is so pretty and those green sun shades are perfect.
Delores Broussard
Delores Broussard 17 gün önce
Love your tiny home great design. My husband is fully retired and I’m 65 and work part time. I’ve always liked the idea of tiny living and I think my “why” is that’s the only way I could afford to fully retire also. Wish we had tiny living communities in Louisiana. Good luck to you and Thank you for sharing.
Sharall Melton
Sharall Melton Aylar önce
Your home is Simply Beautiful I would love to live in a home like that I'm getting ready to retire I'm in an apartment and I don't think that would be a bad idea for me it's not as much space as I have in the apartment but it's so functional that I really love the look of it you did a wonderful job decorating thanks for sharing.
Carrie Fox
Carrie Fox Aylar önce
What a beautiful home! Absolutely love it.
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