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Master the way of the warrior #ResurgenceReturns 🌊

Drop into battle on the new Call of Duty #Warzone2 small map Ashika Island launching on February 15 with Season 02. Learn more in the #CODBlog ➡️ bit.ly/Ashika-Island

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31 Oca 2023




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TimeBucks Aylar önce
love the multiplayer content
Awesome Theo123
Awesome Theo123 18 gün önce
Multiplayer is trash
vijendar kumar
vijendar kumar Aylar önce
Himanshu Aylar önce
Nice video👍👍👍
Ajit Mondal
Ajit Mondal Aylar önce
Naresh Kumar
Naresh Kumar Aylar önce
More content for multiplayer. We need at least 4 maps per season 👏
Whiffytube Aylar önce
@Ssnake_eyes not much when they copy and paste maps from their previous games…
Amante Aylar önce
10 maps each season. They make enough money to give their players that much lol.
teraz Aylar önce
Mp already got so many maps and remember mw2 just released what you want activison worker work 24/7?
RangerTCG Aylar önce
@GetTappedKid fr warzone better.
I Mu5tBreakYou
I Mu5tBreakYou Aylar önce
Nothing beats Rebirth Island. I hope this lives up to expectations.
R17 26 gün önce
Reply 19
VegaPunk Aylar önce
I bet you it won't. Rebirth was the best.
Stret Aylar önce
@P L opinion
Swickzy Aylar önce
@P skill issue
olivercromwel Aylar önce
More maps are needed for multiplayer. We didn't pay $70 for 2 new maps per season.
R17 26 gün önce
Reply 25
son van
son van Aylar önce
More About Nothing
More About Nothing Aylar önce
Not to mention all the skins i paid for🥲
dannyx27 Aylar önce
Why would you pay that much money for a rinse and reuse game and content. You're mad
giang tran
giang tran Aylar önce
Berat Gümüs
Berat Gümüs Aylar önce
Plssssss more Multiplayer content. We need new maps.
R17 26 gün önce
Reply 5
cheo a
cheo a Aylar önce
ShadowLeaderJTF2 Aylar önce
Castle is only for new warzone 2 and DMZ map and not for muilplayer and castle not new we had it in vanguard and castle in new warzone 2 map is not same as world at war castle and vanguard castle
Luke Neill
Luke Neill Aylar önce
They’ve already said there will be new maps added to multiplayer. Castle being one of them
Jyakob Aylar önce
That's cool and all but I wish there was more content for the regards to multiplayer
ca cau
ca cau Aylar önce
@P probably they are pretty lazy
P Aylar önce
They’re probably going to rip POIs from here and make them MP maps like they did with Warzone
I feel you
Gioooavelli Aylar önce
We need mp maps asap.. bring back terminal and highrise if you wanna keep the game alive
Right Here
Right Here Aylar önce
im sure terminal will be in 3 since they already hinted at the airport mission
thi thi
thi thi Aylar önce
Janp Teyag
Janp Teyag Aylar önce
Haka Sonma
Haka Sonma Aylar önce
@frank.e.wildcat yup which is funny because when MW2019 came out everyone was hyping it new yet anyone who played Ghosts and Infinite Warfare literally knew where these mechanics and new “play style” were ripped from... and it made the game super popular while IW and Ghosts was hated... ironically or hypocritically Funny thing is I slept in IW because of people comments and when I finally got it was enjoying it so much specially as all content had been released already
CKM2007 Aylar önce
@Scopey both of them ruined warsone
muggyryanse 236
muggyryanse 236 Aylar önce
The aesthetic of this map looks really nice
Whitty El Pelotudo
Whitty El Pelotudo Aylar önce
@Talisman21 Bruh wants to play on roblox
Lonnell Jones
Lonnell Jones Aylar önce
It's an expanded WaW map
A Clark
A Clark Aylar önce
@Outbound Flight Where is it supposed to be? #Okinawa doesn't look like that & the fighting was over by the time Allied armies #occupied mainland #Japan.
A Clark
A Clark Aylar önce
@Boe Jiden Could? Yes. Would? Surely Jesus has better things to do?
Tariq Miah
Tariq Miah Aylar önce
Lol imagine with slow movement and slow plating up . Slow ads in fast pace map hahahhaa this game is finished before new map comes out
Eva 01
Eva 01 Aylar önce
I like seeing a new Warzone map but multiplayer deserves some love too
George William
George William Aylar önce
I’m loving it🔥👌 I do want to see the classic maps on multiplayer now
AlwaysAwesome353 Aylar önce
Miss when multiplayer mattered 😶
Geoduck Aylar önce
R Slickerz
R Slickerz Aylar önce
@HeyItsSimo okay, it still has multiple times the amount of players that’s it
HeyItsSimo Aylar önce
@R Slickerz what player base? Cheaters and “streamers” aka cheaters. WZ killed cod and streamers killed WZ. It’s a dead man walking
HeyItsSimo Aylar önce
It never will again because of warzone. It needs to be 2 completely separate games
R Slickerz
R Slickerz Aylar önce
@Brian Ivory there might be a lot of people playing multiplayer that doesn’t change the fact it’s a small minority compared to the amount of warzone players.
BD71 RAFTAF GAMER Aylar önce
Love The multiplayer content
xPreame Aylar önce
This is where the fun begins
Miah Aylar önce
@Malazan They should just stop making Warzone altogether and focus on multiplayer
Ghost Aylar önce
Malazan Aylar önce
Lol wz2 gameplay wasn't fun why would this be? It's the same gameplay
spunky2x Aylar önce
fun begins when multiplayer gets more maps instead of Warzone getting all the attention
Outbound Flight
Outbound Flight Aylar önce
alida flus
alida flus Aylar önce
I’m in love with Japanese aesthetics (not weeb wise) but when it comes to their culture and that. I’m honestly excited for S2.
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armando aguilar
armando aguilar Aylar önce
Sweet keep bringing maps it makes funner to play more
An Xbox Hard Drive
An Xbox Hard Drive Aylar önce
Hopefully Resurgence will be playable with the new core changes(especially the movement) and the playerbase(myself included) will not get bored and leave as easy as it did now.
Johny 00
Johny 00 Aylar önce
@Malazan I know that. And so do they, you must know what they’re like by now dropping hints in their videos. I could be wrong though . If the movement ain’t back I can’t see it lasting a week or two tbh
Malazan Aylar önce
@Johny 00 you can slide in mw2 though? It's just not very useful
Malazan Aylar önce
There is no movement changes what are people even talking about. It will play exactly like warzone 2
ModF Gaming 🇺🇦
Maybe they can add slide canceling exclusively for Ashika island?
Johny 00
Johny 00 Aylar önce
@Izzy why because y0u couldn’t be bothered to get better at the game and got smoked all the time?
Malazan Aylar önce
Can you guys make the firing range a bit bigger please? It can't take too long to make one and you guys made the most basic quick one possible. I'm glad we at least have one but over time maybe please expand it.
H3K7iC Aylar önce
Thank you for recycling a map from 08' and calling it a new map. Round of applause for this AAA development team.
bankr0ll3100 Aylar önce
we need 6v6 maps
EddieMisfits Aylar önce
I lost all words for this, it's just so beautiful, the cloudy vibe reminds me of rebirth sunset theme... it's just so beautiful
boofman 0
boofman 0 Aylar önce
"Lost all words" Its a video game chill
So in the video you can see a player sliding and aiming at the same time that's better it means movement is getting back to what we enjoyed
TheMasterOfSafari Aylar önce
HeyItsSimo Aylar önce
@US = Only us I went back to MW19, it’s glorious
TurtleSalt Aylar önce
@US = Only us my guy it’s been three months
US = Only us
US = Only us Aylar önce
@TurtleSalt kinda is a year ago
TurtleSalt Aylar önce
@US = Only us my guy a year ago it wasn’t even out 💀
614Supercool Aylar önce
We need multiplayer love.
Simon Riley
Simon Riley Aylar önce
More content for MP and bring back 3rd person that was a big selling point for a bunch of players.
AJ M Aylar önce
@Miguel Hernandez its not like you're being forced to play it tho? lol, some people like variation and it has a different meta compared to FPS POV yeno
@Dagger Kettenring naw bro its just a fun game mode, it was advertised in the trailer and it was also on the og version
Dagger Kettenring
Dagger Kettenring Aylar önce
Let me guess... You spent money on worthless cosmetics?
Miguel Hernandez
Miguel Hernandez Aylar önce
Me personally I won't miss it, it feels way too different for me, this is COD we're talking about after all so I've grown way too accustomed to COD's FPS feel
Adéu amics, HA!
Adéu amics, HA! Aylar önce
wow , i didnt realize they took it out, ure right... They are very tacky
LA Ville
LA Ville Aylar önce
Crazy that after all the games COD released over the years it has become a Battle Royale primarily.
beeckmansb Aylar önce
Please give us more new mp maps + gunfight
Supreme Aylar önce
We need more mp content.
IrelandWJO16 Aylar önce
More multiplayer please. Paid $70 for the free content to get the most content.
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DOODBEAMS Aylar önce
Cyber Attack has been filling the void until this comes out! Nice mix of casual and competitive moments playing that. Made for some decent highlights too. Hope you guys don't fumble the bag here. Oh and the mode I just mentioned was taken away today 😂
kAsh B
kAsh B Aylar önce
Can't wait. Resurgence is my favorite game mode.
Terry Jackson
Terry Jackson Aylar önce
@Beef su
itSPARTAN 117 - Games Benchmark
@Ozzers Oz wait a minute resurgence is the mode we used to play in rebirth island, i was mad because someone told me it just for DMZ.
Christopher O'Connor
@Ozzers Oz It's the best of both worlds. The thing I hate most about battle royale is you're waiting ages for you team mate to buy you back due to the lack of money (especially in wz 2 there is so little money)
Ozzers Oz
Ozzers Oz Aylar önce
@Beef It's essentially unlimited respawns until all of your team is wiped out. You can keep flying back into the action again if at least one of your teammates survives the resurgence countdown for you to return again!
GrapeJuice3000 Aylar önce
Everything about this map looks phenomenal.
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Izzy D361
Izzy D361 Aylar önce
Nyle Pinette
Nyle Pinette Aylar önce
More MP maps please I will definitely be playing Ashika island as well
Tripxz Aylar önce
I really like how this map looks my favorite part of it is the area with cherry blossom trees something about it makes me like it a lot
Edger John
Edger John Aylar önce
I love the multiplayer content you just straight up ignore
HeyItsSimo Aylar önce
I started playing mw19 again an it’s incredible. Was super obvious how far a once incredible game has fallen
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Chanting In The Dark
Looks decent, some more MP maps are also needed though.
El tio mamado [gameplays]
Finalmente un motivo para jugar Warzone 2.0
Enjoy Life
Enjoy Life Aylar önce
Resurgence is my favorite game mode ☺☺
Shadow-1 Aylar önce
They just look so badass tell me who doesn't wanna look like them
_-Ghost-_ _
_-Ghost-_ _ Aylar önce
6 bomboraasclaat eggs
@Malazan fr
Malazan Aylar önce
@AlfaSuzi warzone 2 is dead lol more people play MP right now
Malazan Aylar önce
You are very easy to please
_-Ghost-_ _
_-Ghost-_ _ Aylar önce
@Self Nah I hate the abundance of WZ content and the drip feed of MP content. I don’t like MP because of what they did, but i’ve found an immense amount of fun playing cyberattack. You should blame IW, if they didn’t have their egos so high up their as*es then maybe we’d actually get content for both games, and even better games if they listened to player feedback
Ra2'Al Fool
Ra2'Al Fool Aylar önce
@6 bomboraasclaat eggs literally Nobody play MP. Don't kid yourself
DocDempsey Aylar önce
Glad to see resurgence return, and an extra DMZ map to play on
Malazan Aylar önce
How about add a reason to keep playing DMZ because it's worthless after a few games
LOGAN . Tv Aylar önce
That is one beautiful piece of work from the developers . ❤️
Brendan Aylar önce
Better have at least 4 multiplayer maps this season
Nemissis4265 Aylar önce
Aww or what poor snowflake gana cry lol
Malazan Aylar önce
Nope we are getting one we already had museum and likely a remake mid season so 2 lazy maps
Jonathan Lopez
Jonathan Lopez Aylar önce
Facts anything less than 4 maps won’t be enough, tf are we supposed to do with 2 maps especially if they’re just remakes
Florida Lottery
Florida Lottery Aylar önce
@Bob Groth something more than the same 2 maps and lagging all over the place
Bob Groth
Bob Groth Aylar önce
Quarry and Terminal are on the Al-Mazra map so they should have those at least
COD veteran
COD veteran Aylar önce
A step in the right direction
Jd Macaree
Jd Macaree Aylar önce
i love how as soon as br drops mp gets tossed aside, also bring back plunder
Jessika M Lover
Jessika M Lover Aylar önce
That would make me happy to see plunder returning
Revenine aka Revan
Revenine aka Revan Aylar önce
Finally, the only mp type I am really interested in.
Onesadcatto Aylar önce
Imagine if this is available only on weekends like Building 21
dildic Aylar önce
Don't give them ideas
Tyler Richardson
Tyler Richardson Aylar önce
Yea imagine have "limited time gamemodes" like its terrible why would anybody want that
T.I Aylar önce
Then I will delete the game AGAIN
CrackerR1 Aylar önce
Please more multiplayer maps
Russ McAfee
Russ McAfee Aylar önce
More multiplayer content and please tell me the map is not that dark man
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PedroSuperHeroIII Aylar önce
"Island of war" nah this more of my kind of vacation island this looks beautiful and loving the japanese themed buildings and the cherry blossom just awesome island and cant wait to jump into it.
Kleevern Calaforex clan
And rip it apart
BluntInfo Aylar önce
The 5 prestige’s per season needs to go. I would like to see the system as it was when I purchased modern warfare 2007 and world at war and so on. Also why have we not seen Ambush, crossfire, bog, flavela in the modern games yet? Will the og captain price skin return to mw2 2022? Job well done with the Price skin in 2019. Thanks
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Michael Smith
Michael Smith Aylar önce
Thank you cod! Free for everyone is big! That’s why I bought the last 3 games and a few micro transactions! ❤
Lil Big Akh
Lil Big Akh Aylar önce
The gameplay/movement was insane on rebirth island, I just don’t see this having the same effect. I’ll definitely try it, but I personally stopped playing CoD as soon as it was disabled.
Malazan Aylar önce
It plays like warzone 2 exactly the same
A Tmr
A Tmr Aylar önce
How is it disabled, the movement in warzone 1 was one of a kind. It was literally never in cod before and now that movement is the way cod should be?
Lil Big Akh
Lil Big Akh Aylar önce
@Ey3cOn _ K
Ey3cOn _
Ey3cOn _ Aylar önce
no one cares
Colin. M
Colin. M Aylar önce
That character that comes sliding in at 11 seconds looks epic.
mrchillvibes Aylar önce
I really wish they would bring back the intervention and the acr and where is terminal and bring some maps that hasn't been in the previous cods over the past few yrs there's many maps like skidrow, sub base, high rise even invasion was a great map and derailed like come on bring something new to the table instead of the same maps every other yr
Ghosty Aylar önce
Cant wait, Begging of the year, and where already getting amazing new br! Maps! 😍
Eric Flynn
Eric Flynn Aylar önce
I’m looking forward to seeing Ronin again
Mxx Aylar önce
Make Warzone Great again !
HLJ Aylar önce
$70 offering shafted for the free game, truly a new era of Call of Duty
Malazan Aylar önce
@Izzy you act like we will actually get lots of content for MP this season
Izzy Aylar önce
You act like this is the season 2 trailer lol
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141 Ghost
141 Ghost Aylar önce
Stephen Nuciolo
Stephen Nuciolo Aylar önce
LETS GO! I'm Hyped Already & ready for Resurgence 2.0 Here's a song quote for it "Everything you say to me Takes me one step closer to the edge And I'm about to break I need a little room to breathe 'Cause I'm one step closer to the edge And I'm about to break". "1Stp Klosr/The Humble Brothers [feat. Jonathan Davis] Linkin Park (Reanimation)"
Eggz Aylar önce
Does anybody know about the prestige levels? Or is the max still the same
BennySL Aylar önce
looks amazing i can't wait😀
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Robert Rockwell
Robert Rockwell Aylar önce
At this point i wish they just bring back the map packs
Caz In AUS
Caz In AUS Aylar önce
More maps for multiplayer NOW....for those who actually spent money on the game...
Point n Laugh
Point n Laugh Aylar önce
Hopefully this year's call of duty doesn't turn out like 2019's call of duty
Terror Aylar önce
bring movement back and +50hp and this will be best game ever
𝕸𝖗 𝖓𝖔𝖇𝖔𝖉𝖞™
Ability to cancel the reload animation too
Sadrac Ortiz
Sadrac Ortiz Aylar önce
Toda la parte del mapa que es "Asiática" me recuerda muchísimo al mapa de Castle del CoD World at War 🥰
King Bob
King Bob Aylar önce
Es porque es castle de world at war
Taisho Ch.[天皇]
Taisho Ch.[天皇] Aylar önce
Ahhh yeah here we go again 🔥
K20rotrex Aylar önce
Finally can start playing warzone 2
robert Aylar önce
Esto va a estar epico
lucky ka luck
lucky ka luck Aylar önce
Very nice content
INSANE Aylar önce
If there isn’t an operator skin with a Oni mask I’m gonna be highly disappointed considering the whole season is going to be Japanese themed. But so far from what I can tell all the skins look very cool
Robby Boy 2000
Robby Boy 2000 Aylar önce
Oni operator if you are on Playstation and some characters in this teaser had Japanese characters on their clothing and samurai esque armor
Tim Barnett
Tim Barnett Aylar önce
What about DMZ? Would be nice if I could use blueprints on my insured except on the weekends
Rebirth Island in 2023
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