Restoration of a Rare Honda Civic TYPE R

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Restoration of a Rare Honda Civic TYPE R, transformation of this ek9 honda civic type r. A car rebuild that over many months I brought back to life.
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23 Kas 2021




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This was the best 23 mins of my life. Thanks for the video man this was awesome. I can tell you busted your ass.
Fantastic job man. Looks great!
Jerome Arambulo
Jerome Arambulo 28 gün önce
You removing that Logo from its shelf storage, cobwebs and all then pristinely placing unto the front of the car is like an adventurer finding a rare artifact from an ancient ruin then carefully placing it, thus making the restoration complete! Awesome video and excellent work you have done!
This really puts into perspective how challenging, yet fulfilling, rebuilding a dying car is. Great job!!
Sibu Langa
Sibu Langa 28 gün önce
What an incredible build. The attention to detail, the labor of love that was put into this, can tell that you put all your heart and effort into it, and it came out amazing ❤🔥
MaxGnome Gün önce
Damn... he seems to know pretty well what he's doing! I'm always impressed by people who do ANYTHING on their own. And a bit jealous. Great job, great great job!
Code_FK8 14 gün önce
As an FK8 owner, and Honda enthusiast of 16 years, this was insanely motivating. I live in the states, so acquiring an ek9 is near impossible unless I'm spending insane money. Thank you so much for this video, and for the motivation to build a clone over here (unless I can find a good deal on one).
The Bearded Explorer
Awesome love the video well done 👍🏽
Mangetout 28 gün önce
This could have been broken down into a series of videos and I would have watched every episode. A very thoughtful restoration and a very unique end result!
Will Nicholas
Will Nicholas 21 gün önce
So glad to see someone save such a rare, and important car. Thank you for sharing the restoration process with us, very therapeutic to watch. I see so many Honda's here in the US getting parted out every day. Enjoy the fruits of your labor!
Incredible work! Thank you so much for 1) Saving this neglected EK9 and 2) Sharing the process with us. I’ve got a neglected 89 Civic in the garage and this has given me the motivation to get started again. Top job! 🙏
Wow! I’m not even a petrol head and this was fantastic. What a job. Patience of a saint and truly skilled in what you do. Awesome 👍🏻
La restauración ha sido increíble, aprendí mucho y estoy decidió comprarme uno para aprender a restaurarlo así. Valió la pena los 23 minutos. Gracias. Sigue así
So a car build which usually takes 20 episodes over a year has been done on 1 episode in 23 mins!!! That's why they say "You'll Never Beat The Irish"!!!! Amazing stuff, quality of videos is better than quantity!! Amazing work.
Vader's Dad
Vader's Dad Gün önce
Man, I'm so jealous. I wish I had the know-how to rebuild such a beautiful car like that. Great job!!
MrScrimbo1 21 gün önce
This is awesome. The restoration of a true classic was amazing to see and the way you got it all in one video. Mad skills.
funlovins 20 saatler önce
I wish I have seen this video earlier. I had a 98’ civic, for over 20 years, totally accident free. I loved every minute driving it. The chass was as usual, corroded. I didn’t find a garage to make such a great job as you did here. So I sold it. 😔
Mark R
Mark R 14 gün önce
I really enjoyed watching that. The patience and skill to do this is admirable.
Sam Knight
Jeeeeeez what a restoration! As someone trying to restore my own project car, I understand and massively envy the skill this guy has!
Buddy's DIY
2m views on 9 days?! Wow bro awesome for you!! I need to find me an old type r now 🤣.
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