Rest In Peace Fellow Aviator 💔 We'll Have You Home Tonight 

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In this video, we're sharing the recovery of a tragic airplane crash that took the life of Wayne Wirt. We have The Wirt Family in our thoughts and prayers as we mourn the loss of this amazing Husband, Father, and Grandfather.
If you would like to support The Wirt family to help them cover some of the many other costs associated with this tragedy, you can find their GoFundMe page here: www.gofundme.com/f/airplane-c...
HUGE thanks to:
Ryan McDonald- North Wind Helicopters
Mark and Mike Patey
Ben Schumacher- Timberland Helicopters
Linn County Sheriff's Office
US Forest Service
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29 Eki 2022




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MAx 7 aylar önce
As one of the 5 grandchildren, I am very very grateful you guys got involved. Thank you so much.
Jaydin Trudeau
Jaydin Trudeau 7 aylar önce
I’m very sorry for your loss. May God bless and bring peace to you and your family.❤
4113N 5
4113N 5 7 aylar önce
Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Please pass on all of our condolences.
Richard Fowler
Richard Fowler 7 aylar önce
I am so very sorry for your family's loss; I will continue to keep you all in my prayers as you all work through this sad time.
Michelle Hoffman
Michelle Hoffman 7 aylar önce
Thoughts and prayers for you and your family ❤️
Tony Dierks
Tony Dierks 7 aylar önce
Sorry for your loss. Memory eternal
Justin Jones
Justin Jones 5 aylar önce
After watching this video I am sold on the fact that you and your crew have hearts of gold. We need more people in the world like you guys. Giving the family that closure was critical. Great work guys
MoonMan Aylar önce
It's sad that we pay all these taxes to the government, who have all the resources to complete this task and yet. The people still have to step in. F the government and love the people. Truly annexing what they did
PTZ 14 gün önce
wowplayer160 14 gün önce
The way it was edited felt a little sappy but yea.
Fizz 12 gün önce
Yeah that's why they put it as a video on TRvid and didn't just do it under the radar.
LadRos 11 gün önce
@Fizz If they never published it as the content they would not have the money to do good, Sorta like Mr. Beast he is fucking annoying half of the time but people get free money and he helps more than most of us will ever help.
Gerry Carmichael
Gerry Carmichael 5 aylar önce
Thank you for restoring my faith in humanity.
f i d o
f i d o Aylar önce
One person, one deed and with time we all can have faith in humanity again. Take care, God Bless.
Robert L. Dupree
Robert L. Dupree 6 aylar önce
Thank you bro As a fellow pilot I have nothing but respect for the hole crew that took part of this recovery. “Rest in peace Wayne”
Debra Cornelius
Debra Cornelius Aylar önce
TheFreeBro Gün önce
You don’t need to say you’re a fellow pilot
thecohorts 5 aylar önce
Fellow pilot here. This was incredibly sobering and powerful. It's yet another sad example of flying vfr into imc leading to CFIT. Godspeed to him, and the best of luck to his family. Thank you for doing this sir.
vphls 6 gün önce
More like a sad example of flying mRNA into AIS leading to CFIT
Struggle Bus Drumming
Struggle Bus Drumming 5 aylar önce
The red tape in all of this is ridiculous when a loved one passes away. It's mind blowing difficult and when grieving it feels near impossible. You guys bring tears to my eyes with this one! All the respect for you and your crew.
Freeman Hochstetler
Freeman Hochstetler 22 gün önce
Well said- my sentiments exactly, even gave me goosebumps and tears. ❤👍🇺🇸
Oryx Gün önce
Red tape is necessary, this kind of recovery is extremely tricky and even dangerous if done wrong. I'm glad they did the due diligence so nobody else got hurt, the preserved land was restored, and the wreckage was retrieved. The best outcome coordinated by all involved. Just wish it didn't take a TRvidr to do it all for free.
Philip DeClue
Philip DeClue 7 aylar önce
Dave Sparks is such a great human constantly putting him self in position to help out people who desperately need help leading by example of what we should all inspire to be to make life on this planet a little bit more bearable always thinking about others and nature he is truly a angel amongst us thanks to him and all his guys
The other guy Max
The other guy Max 7 aylar önce
Spread random acts of kindness brothers and sisters
hevan420 7 aylar önce
Agreed very good people 👍 not many left on this world
Cole BZ
Cole BZ 7 aylar önce
All for the content. Content is also how he is able to help so much. Kinda goes hand in hand
Krypt 7 aylar önce
Would they do it without recording it though, content is king 1st and foremost to all these people
Sam 7 aylar önce
@Krypt Would they be able to do it without recording?
Lanese Louw
Lanese Louw 2 aylar önce
Crap, i promised myself i would not cry, but here i am crying worse than a baby! HeavyD and his crew, thank you for what you are doing for these families providing them with some closure. The wprls needs more "guardian angels on crack" like you guys. Cindy i am truly sorry for your loss may you find some peace and comfort knowing that your husband is back home, i aspire to one day be as strong as you! Sending everyone lots of love and hugs from South Africa ❤❤
nurseshedevil 2 aylar önce
Dave and crew... I can only imagine the peace you brought this family. Its hard enough to grieve let alone having all these obstacles. Thank you so much for helping them grieve. Much love! 💞
Rob G
Rob G 25 gün önce
As a non American, I find it astonishing that authorities would stand by and do nothing to recover a man's body left on top of a mountain in a crashed aircraft, or even try to charge a family money to get him back. Its a good job theres some good guys around.
Eoghan Fla
Eoghan Fla 3 saatler önce
This was my thinking too. If this happened in Ireland the search and rescue, fire service and Gardai would recover the body and the plane. This would probably cost zero to very little. I just don’t understand how the American system works. If you get sick, you’re on your own, if you los3 your job you have limited support and if you have an accident your family is charged 50k to recover you. That’s just horrible.
Robbie 5 aylar önce
I am very happy for all you do. I am retired military, Combat engineer and aviation technician , 22 years. I worked search and rescue for 14 years and understand what that takes out of you and how it effects you later in life. Take care and never be too proud to seek help when you need it. Cheers.
Joseph G
Joseph G 5 aylar önce
Love that “never be to proud to seek help”🤝🙏🏼💙
Davy Jones
Davy Jones 5 aylar önce
Thank You for your Service, Sir.
Frank Jacoby
Frank Jacoby 7 aylar önce
As a retired state police crime scene investigator and processor I commend you all for your empathy and respectful handling of this tragic even!
Russell DeJaynes
Russell DeJaynes 7 aylar önce
Edward Brown
Edward Brown 7 aylar önce
I hope they got a proper debrief and counseling after something like this. I've seen several youtube groups go this (amazingly selfless) route, and over time you can really tell what they've seen is wearing on them mentally
Kenneth White
Kenneth White 7 aylar önce
God Bless all of you that were involved 😢
James Allion
James Allion 6 aylar önce
@Edward Brown I agree. As a former fire and rescue member, I have worked a small plane crash such as this. Worst thing in my career.
Spencer Winston
Spencer Winston 6 aylar önce
May the angels watch over this man and his family. You and your first class Team deserve honorary Navy Seal Trident medals for these Saint like acts and your sublime service to humanity. RIP fellow pilot, we salute you.
Shadowone10 4 aylar önce
I'm so glad to see there are still good people around. Condolences to the family
gecsus 2 aylar önce
What you guys did is admirable. Thank you all. An unselfish act of true kindness.
B H B productions
B H B productions 6 aylar önce
Thank everybody who came out and helped with this. You guys are real good men! Made me so proud and thankful people like y’all are still around and help out. Definitely made me shed a tear and lm sorry for the family’s loss, my deepest condolences to every one of you. This man was an aviator and lived a full life of getting to do what he loved and will love on in peace knowing his family is doing well.
A. Ivey
A. Ivey 5 aylar önce
Love the work your team has done in help out families in difficult times……Thank you from the viewers.
Jerry Franks
Jerry Franks 6 aylar önce
What a great ending to such a horrible story. Prayers for the family for their loss and what a great show of respect from the whole team for their professional recovery. It's people like this that make America who we really are.
Julie Ireland
Julie Ireland 7 aylar önce
🙏 Fly high with the angels, Wayne! Rest in Paradise! Thank you for all you do, Dave! Much love!
Adam Jimenez
Adam Jimenez 4 aylar önce
My heart goes out to his family and thank you heavy D for stepping up and having your team go out there and handle business
Astrodob 21 gün önce
Just saw this video. This video is proof that there are still good people in this world. You and your team did an awesome job with this, and I am sure you brought so much relief to the family.
IcyEquine 6 aylar önce
I'm in no way involved with the family, but I want to thank you guys for helping them. This was a truly horrific situation and seemed impossible to deal with.
Fly Boy
Fly Boy 6 aylar önce
In this crazy world we live in there are still those great people out there who volunteer time, talent, and money to help others. They set an example for all of us to follow👍❤️
istván 5 aylar önce
Exactly. ❤
Matt Mcgee
Matt Mcgee 5 aylar önce
That’s is what life is about in my opinion. Helping others when needed
_ Pic_
_ Pic_ 2 aylar önce
Rip Wayne, prayers outbound for Wayne's family and friends. Well done guys.
Shawn Jordan
Shawn Jordan 6 aylar önce
When the NTSB comes out with their final report I’m curious to know what may have happened to cause the accident. My sincere condolences to the family and friends of Wayne. You guys are incredible, I absolutely love the work you all do. This is what the true America is.
omolara 6 aylar önce
Let Talk^^ Thanks for watching👍
My 1st thought was fatigue. I cld be 100% inaccurate? Odd how it's in the center of the mt/hill
JmRich 5 aylar önce
guessing heart attack, stroke, some medical event that caused him to lose consciousness.
12Paws Inn
12Paws Inn 2 aylar önce
Alot of depression going around.. or too much stress and worry. Unfortunate event
A Kid
A Kid 7 aylar önce
There is only one thing we all can say. Thank you for bringing him home Thank you for bringing closure to the family Thank you for doing this Thank you for being there And Thank you for being so kind
Travis M
Travis M 7 aylar önce
That's 5 things.
A Kid
A Kid 7 aylar önce
@Travis M Five of the same
Jay Headley
Jay Headley 7 aylar önce
Indeed. Play back with captions on - there’s several interestingly timed random “thank you”s that display on the screen. It’s only generated during the music - and when no one was talking... 🙏🏼
Travis M
Travis M 7 aylar önce
@A Kid Still 5 things.
A Kid
A Kid 7 aylar önce
@Travis M No no He's got a point
LaDonna Scantling
LaDonna Scantling 4 aylar önce
As a Oregonian your attention to respect and work with our law enforcement, while removing a heavy emotional weight from a grieving family... I have so many emotions and thank fullness. You and your crew are angels. God bless you
Import Domestic
Import Domestic 5 aylar önce
What an incredible act of kindness you guys provided for the family in order to find closure.
10BluntzDeep 5 aylar önce
just shows how much the government really cares about you. this world needs more people like you bro
Road Trip
Road Trip 4 aylar önce
10BluntzDeep4 - Of course the goverment doesnt care! Too many "Americans" have forgotten that ours is a country of LAWS run by people who, for the most part, do CARE deeply about he country, their communities, and their constituency. However, The Government has long ago established that the liability for any and all damages (including recovery and clean-up) resulting from the actions of a Private Citizen is on the individual. This includes the thousands of accidents occuring annually on the nations roads & highways. Also includes infrastructure damage, oil spills, capsized boats in harbors, as well as the countless fires and environmental disasters people cause. Do you really expect the American Taxpayer to cover all these costs? This is what insurance is for. But hey, if you want to change things then participate. This is still afterall (for the time being) a country "of the people, by the people, for the people".
10BluntzDeep 4 aylar önce
The government cares enough to Ukraine billions and y’all simps replying to me. Imagine if they invested that in america
Nathan Ferguson
Nathan Ferguson 4 aylar önce
@10BluntzDeep My brother you need some more formal education, it ain’t perfect but it ain’t nearly as bad as you make it out to be. Be grateful you aren’t in a war torn country, or a country where you will be gunned down in the streets for disagreeing with the government. I agree this is an extremely unfortunate situation, but it says a lot that this is a relatively big shortcoming in the system. You could be in a country where something like this is the absolute least of your worries.
purplemonkey dishwasher
That looked like a horrific impact. Many condolences to the family of the deceased aviator. It's amazing to see how a collective group of TRvidrs and aviation enthusiasts can pull together to do what needed to be done to help a family in such dire straits. The people involved are truly amazing.
Kriss.Universe 5 aylar önce
Was hard not to shed a tear over this story. My heart aches for Wayne’s family and I have peace knowing you guys were able to bring him home. I have the upmost respect for you and your team and just wanted to say thank you not only for what you do but for sharing it with the world. R.I.P Wayne and may peace be with you Cindy.❤️🥺
K-9 Digger O’Connor
K-9 Digger O’Connor 7 aylar önce
As a retired law enforcement officer…thank you for your service to the family of the pilot. Very kind
Alexis Laisney
Alexis Laisney 7 aylar önce
As a retired stazi I thank you for your commitment to the order. All freedoms must be granted with papers.
Pj K
Pj K 7 aylar önce
They are incredible on ground and air. When I saw the relationship with AWP and them working together, it was like watching the forces of good for those families. Thank you for your service.
Thomas Campbell
Thomas Campbell 5 aylar önce
As a full time human being... thank you for your service to the family of the pilot. It was not unkind.
mike bright
mike bright 2 aylar önce
Just wanted to say thank you for helping this family in their time of need.
Chip Photography
Chip Photography 4 aylar önce
Aviation isn't what it used to be but one thing I love about it is despite the horrid past few years, when things go bad we band together and help each other out. Thank you guys for what you did, thank you
MikeH 5 aylar önce
I'm a big fan of your posts, the big machines, the recoveries, the jokes, the though guys, but this brought me to tears. What you guys did for the familly is unparalleled. That was amazing!!
ggt6ry 6 gün önce
The work you guys do is something special. Putting yourselves in potential danger to save and recover or just searching for someone with no guarantee they’re even there. Keep up the good work!
DJCRSN 5 aylar önce
That's really awful of the state of Oregon not allowing the wife to get a death certificate. Nothing like adding salt to an already horrific wound. You guys are so great for helping thus family. Much ❤️
Mike Simms
Mike Simms 6 aylar önce
Total respect for everyone that pitched in on the recovery. This is the real American way. Big hearts and big goals.
Craig Staples
Craig Staples 6 aylar önce
Spencer Winston
Spencer Winston 6 aylar önce
May the angels watch over this man and his family. You and your first class Team deserve honorary Navy Seal Trident medals for these Saint like acts and your sublime service to humanity. RIP fellow pilot, we salute you.
Joshua Watts
Joshua Watts 6 aylar önce
This is the way -mandalorian
R/C flying Alaska
R/C flying Alaska 4 aylar önce
You guys gave new meaning to “Angel flight”. A bunch of Angels came together and recovered Wayne and his plane, God bless all of you.
Darren Thomson
Darren Thomson 3 aylar önce
Absolute inspiration with such selfless acts of kindness, God bless you all, And rest easy aviator.
Drop Bear
Drop Bear 5 aylar önce
You guys are truly amazing examples of humans, simple as that.
Andi Leigh
Andi Leigh 3 aylar önce
Thank you all for stepping in and being so respectful.
Ann McKelroy
Ann McKelroy 6 aylar önce
I am impressed with your willingness to serve your fellow humans! Im just a little old lady who occasionally finds something on the internet that is totally out of my interests, but is captivating to watch. This was one such video. I also watched the one where you helped the man on Lake Mead. You guys are earning those crowns! Best wishes
Joey Poppe
Joey Poppe 7 aylar önce
How can a diesel show end up as a reality series that has the ability to make a grown man shed a tear or two. You guys are incredible. I hope you keep doing amazing things like this.
Carl Pavlak
Carl Pavlak 7 aylar önce
i totally agree with you on this one … this world so crazy now and no-one understands acts like this is how we need to be towards each other lifes to short for all the hatred there is
💮sandyc6569 7 aylar önce
Junior West
Junior West 7 aylar önce
This one made me cry as well,
Daniel Carney
Daniel Carney 7 aylar önce
I was good up till the black bag, 15 years in the fire service it brings back many memories of being on the working end. Just goes to show how real and human they are and how great it is they use their success to help others, and the positive impact they have... Even when it makes a grown man shed a tear
Emil Nielsen
Emil Nielsen 7 aylar önce
They do this by being amazing People, and setting an example that few of us Are able to follow
Michele BUSHNIK 5 aylar önce
This is an emotional one to watch. Such respect to your team. Cried for this family and their loving Wayne, as you put their grieving hearts back together. God bless you always.
Derald Swain
Derald Swain 5 aylar önce
I absolutely love this dude....such a huge heart.
Rick Sanderson
Rick Sanderson 5 aylar önce
Rest In Peace, Wayne. Outstanding job, guys. Amazing!
chris Hargis
chris Hargis 2 aylar önce
Guys like y'all are the reason good things and helping people in need still happen.
Dezerved-420 5 aylar önce
Things like this that you do for people is why I have huge respect for you guy's. Stay awesome.
Matt Thatsme
Matt Thatsme 7 aylar önce
is it just me.....or does Diesel Dave seem like one of the best people a person can be?? Always smiling, always hugging, always cheering and making the best of some bad situations!!! DUDE is a real one for sure.
rolandatflashnet 22 gün önce
From a fixed and swing wing driver of 55 years, I’m proud to be part of a family with members like you. Blue Skies and Tailwinds my friend.
awp_shazbot 5 aylar önce
I don't think this man would ever think that when he passed away there'd be more tears then he could ever imagine on his behalf. You guys have done a very special thing with this one, very beautiful I love this channel so much.
btlbail1 5 aylar önce
You and the team were truly performing the Lord’s work. God bless you all!
Mary Payne
Mary Payne 5 aylar önce
Thank you that’s all I can say! As a wife of an aviator, this is heart touching!! Condolences to the family!! RIP Wayne!!
MONTY FPV 7 aylar önce
I won't lie, I'm a grown man and this made me cry. You guys do amazing work.
thomas336 7 aylar önce
Me too
Terrall Putnam
Terrall Putnam 7 aylar önce
I am with you on that. The family seemed so thankful and even in this very difficult time. What a loss to them but Dave Sparks and crew help lessen the burden of recovery of the plane and pilot's body.
Dakota _
Dakota _ 7 aylar önce
Same, the end got me.
Jamie Harding
Jamie Harding 7 aylar önce
Not the only one
CanikTP9_91 7 aylar önce
Same here man
MsBlacKat 5 aylar önce
I'm glad you handled his situation with so much drive and compassion. Honestly, it's better that you guys did this instead of someone with no heart only seeing this as a job. This is what we all are here for. Helping each other through tough times. Through life and death. RIP Pilot Wayne Wirt💚
ReidGameX 8 gün önce
I've seen some of your work before, but this one was absolutely the most powerful and spiritual to me. Several heavy tears moments. Goddamn you guys are appreciated.
Mark Chute
Mark Chute 6 aylar önce
You sir are the definition of "a good man".
Donnie 2 aylar önce
Man I’ve preached funerals of some folks I didn’t know, family and friends.. But stepping back and watching this just brings tears.. God bless this family and y’all as well…
Tommy4085 5 aylar önce
You are just the guys that make the world a better place
Matthew 7 aylar önce
This is the sort of content that separates you from everyone else. Real stories real people. Genuine. Nicely done to you and the team.
Barry Sarver
Barry Sarver 2 aylar önce
You guys are a blessing. Awesome to see people jumping in and caring about others.
06todits 3 aylar önce
This made me emotional. Brought back memories. I was with Search & Rescue before and did recoveries on 2 commercial plane crashes. 1 plane crash had 3 people I knew on board. Good on you for doing this Dave and crew.
Mike Knox
Mike Knox 6 aylar önce
This is an amazing thing that you and your crew have done. Great content.
omolara 6 aylar önce
Let Talk^^ Thanks for watching👍
NoWakeZone 4 aylar önce
You guys have really accomplished something special with the recovery. Godspeed 🙏
Mike Hellekson
Mike Hellekson 6 aylar önce
You guys really are amazing people. The world would be a better place if there were more people like you. I hope someday I can do things like this for other people like you do!
Kevin Anderson
Kevin Anderson 6 aylar önce
As a GA pilot for 48 years, and a sheriff sgt for 28... I have seen the reports and photos of many accidents and viewed wreckage after recovery, and I've been on many a crime scene. This is the first "on scene" recovery I've had the opportunity to witness. This was an outstanding video, compassionate, sensitive, and professional in every respect. Thank you.
Felix Cat
Felix Cat 5 aylar önce
Very well said.
Paul Hinkle
Paul Hinkle 4 aylar önce
Wayne, may you rest in peace and watch over your wife and your kids and your grandkids to make sure that they’re always safe
stan roser
stan roser 5 aylar önce
Heavy D. You and your crew are just awesome human beings. Nice to know there are still great people out there. RIP Wayne.
Jeffry Dilick
Jeffry Dilick 6 aylar önce
You sir represent the best of humanity. Well done HD and Crew!
Felix Cat
Felix Cat 5 aylar önce
I couldn't agree more, very well said.
Barrett Conkle
Barrett Conkle 2 aylar önce
You and your family and crew have a great heart full of compassion. Thank you for the way you all worked to help this family in a time of sorrow and pain. May God bless you and all that were involved. To Wayne’s family I am sorry for your loss.
Mike Hurn
Mike Hurn 5 aylar önce
As a born and raised Washingtonian this was touching, may he rest in peace I can’t imagine how hard that has been for the family…thank you…
Shakey 1818
Shakey 1818 7 aylar önce
There isn’t a single person/team I respect more than HeavyD and his guys. The enthusiasm to help those in desperately difficult situations is unmatched. Thank you, for everything you guys do!
Kim from MN
Kim from MN Aylar önce
What the World needs more of, is people like all the people who helped Wayne and his family. The World would be soooo much better!! I pray for Waynes family. ✝️♥️🙏🏼🙏🏼
Nathan Snow
Nathan Snow 2 aylar önce
Amazing work guys 🙏 God bless you all, and my heartfelt condolences to the family and friends impacted by this tragedy. And thank you for being so amazing Dave, it's really humbling seeing all the spectacular work you do, without hiding the fact that behind that big strong facade is an incredibly gentle and emotional man. You make this place worth living in
junoandyoda 5 aylar önce
You and your crew are so awesome. Thank you for helping so many people.
shane spencer
shane spencer 2 aylar önce
You all set the example of how we all should aspire to be. Thank you for all you do and who you are.
Tim Gebhart
Tim Gebhart 6 aylar önce
This moved my heart. PRAYERS to the family and friends and for all of you who helped do this truly amazing and kind.
omolara 6 aylar önce
Let Talk^^ Thanks for watching👍
Jshoe 7 aylar önce
Dave and his crew deserve some sort of recognition for what they do paid or not nothing changes BIG heart ♥️ Massive community right here 🤙
Jana Haberlin
Jana Haberlin 2 aylar önce
What a blessing you guys are. Thank you for being so humble and so loving.
Jen Mayer
Jen Mayer 22 gün önce
This was touching. Thank you for bringing Wayne home and his aircraft. It's amazing how it looked like just a crumpled up mess of aluminum foil. A reminder of what these things are made of, so they can fly. 😳 Glad you were able to recover it so quickly, without any issues.
Anthony Nelson
Anthony Nelson 6 aylar önce
You and your team/network of friends are the heroes that we need, but not the one most deserve. Love seeing the good people are capable of
xPaPaDx 4 aylar önce
So sweet to see the kindness and respect for family and souls passed/past. My condolences, and respect for sure. At least Wayne passed while doing what he loved. No better way to go in my opinion. God bless everyone involved!
Inspired Horsemanship
Inspired Horsemanship 7 aylar önce
As a wife of a retired commercial airline pilot and me being a private pilot- with gratitude and tears for what you have done to help this family. Thank you is not enough 🙏🏻
Dave 7 aylar önce
Everyone who participated in this deserves thanks, and our respect for being the type of people who would jump in and help this family.
Travis M
Travis M 7 aylar önce
Had to make it about you.
R. A. Facklam
R. A. Facklam 7 aylar önce
@Travis M who are you hating on now?
Jocelyn Kreiser
Jocelyn Kreiser 7 aylar önce
@Travis M and you just "had to make" an unnecessary negative comment like a dope
Travis M
Travis M 7 aylar önce
@Jocelyn Kreiser You look pretty with the filter. Wonder what you look like without it. 😂😂😂
MoMan01 2 aylar önce
Sometimes there’s no words that can express your feelings of love, grief and bringing closure. All I could do was cry.
Bryan Silva
Bryan Silva 4 aylar önce
Grateful for having unique human beings like you guys helping a family in need. Each one help one! Condolences to the family and to the rest of you amazing human beings: Carpe Diem :)
Philip Kälin
Philip Kälin 6 aylar önce
im allways happy to see you guys go out and help people, dosent matter if you pick up some broke cars, or help somebody rebuild a old town in the middle of nowhere. but this? this is a whole other level, thank you so so much.
Mike O'Brien
Mike O'Brien 2 aylar önce
Dave, you and your crew have hearts of gold. Sometimes you just have to do the right thing. You guys have exceeded all expectations. Great job. I found a tear in my eye for what you did.
Millars Excavation
Millars Excavation 5 aylar önce
One of your best adventures yet and the way you portrayed the story was both moving and respectful, so glad you could help them out and tell the story of a great man RIP
If no one has ever said this before, HeavyDSparks is basically a human angel walking amongst us !! He always jumps on board to help someone ! You're amazing
BOOTA 7 aylar önce
Danny Cook
Danny Cook 2 aylar önce
This was amazing to watch! You guys have big hearts and are wonderful people. To Wayne's family - Love and prayers to you as you go through this tough time!
Ted Morley
Ted Morley 5 aylar önce
thank you for getting involved and helping the family, as an aviator and a fan of your shows it was very touching to see what an amazing effort you all put into helping bring him home and get the wreckage safely off the mountain.
Chris Cupp
Chris Cupp 5 aylar önce
The way you handled this whole situation, from offering to help all the way through execution is top notch. Great job by everyone involved.
Clara Mullen
Clara Mullen 2 aylar önce
Dave you and this crew of caring people is what restores my faith in humanity Thank You for showing how it should be in this world.
Sam Dennis
Sam Dennis 5 aylar önce
Dave, I have to say you are an example to many young men these days. There is a job that needs doing, you put aside what might be emotional or difficult and get the job done while being respectful to the deceased and their family's wishes. Thanks for the work you have done in this recovery expedition, all the while remaining professional, and considerate.
coffeeguy 66
coffeeguy 66 3 aylar önce
So sorry for your loss, Wayne's family, may he rest in peace, very sad. Massive respect to HeavyDSparks for organising the recovery, what an awesome human being you are. We need more people like you in the world ! Amazing . Best wishes, Daz, Leicester UK
Gmatty 4 aylar önce
Very few people can deal with this much reality... Thank you so much Guy's for showing us what it really means to be caring human beings. R.I.P Wayne.
Kenneth M. Wagner
Kenneth M. Wagner 6 aylar önce
No one gets left behind, Semper Fi. Brought tears to my eyes reading the go fund me ... God bless you kid.
Chris Firth
Chris Firth 4 aylar önce
I watch all your videos, Heavy D, but this one was absolutely amazing! You changed that woman's life and her families life forever. I literally had goosebumps seeing that plane being airlifted with the dramatic music playing. Keep on making a difference guys, you inspire so many people with these unbelievable videos!
Jeff Bowtell
Jeff Bowtell 6 aylar önce
You guys are inspirational and everything that I whole heartedly desire to replicate. As a former Vet of the Australian Army, I also accomplished my pilots lic with a dream to buy an ex Army helicopter so I could support other Vet’s and charities alike with the same goals you share. I just wish I was in position to make it happen. I would love to visit you guys. The Black Hawk is the holy grail of aviation dreams and you made is happen, outstanding. Safe flying and hope to cross paths sooner than later. Sincere appreciation for the material you share. I salute you.
Mark Cargile
Mark Cargile 7 aylar önce
God bless every one of you for stepping in and making this happen for this family. You’re all amazing humans. R.I.P. Wayne.
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