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Evan and Katelyn
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Y’all have been sending us viral resin hacks for years and it’s finally time to test them! Go to buyraycon.com/evanandkatelyn and use code HOLIDAY to get 15% off your Raycon order! Brought to you by Raycon. Check out the tools we used below! 👇
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- Looking back, would we do any life hacks differently?
- Why Katelyn chose the life hacks that she did
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4 Haz 2023




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Evan and Katelyn
Evan and Katelyn Yıl önce
Want to see what resin projects are like without jump cuts? Watch us work in real time in this video: trvid.com/video/video-B56uCCbzQg8.html
moggy_jr 5150
moggy_jr 5150 Yıl önce
Gracie Yıl önce
Love you! Thank you for posting on my birthday.
Willow clarity
Willow clarity Yıl önce
Lisa Flowers
Lisa Flowers Yıl önce
My guess is Resin Christmas Ornaments!
Bibi Yıl önce
I will defenetly be there
Vegetarian Foodies
...I LOVE how absolutely obvious it was that ALLLL of those fruits were fake, yet they still used a real banana
Zander Quinn
Zander Quinn Yıl önce
Evan and Katelyn could never do a bad craft half-assed. They HAVE to go full send. Totally nothing to do with not realizing it was fake. 🤣
Vegetarian Foodies
@Zander Quinn 😂😂😂😅😅
M4X_ONYT Yıl önce
not to mention the watermelon is the same size as the orange
Vegetarian Foodies
@M4X_ONYT..how - how did that never even occur to me - ? 😅😅 HOW DID I NOT NOTICE THAT!?
M4X_ONYT Yıl önce
@Vegetarian Foodies I didn't notice when I watched it at first but this time I did
Tipcdragon Yıl önce
Just a quick shout out, y'all were the first TRvidrs I ever really started watching, and lemme tell you, the fact that you ADD YOUR OWN SUBTITLES is so amazing and rare. I have some auditory processing issues, and I love y'all so much for ensuring that your videos have correct (and HILARIOUS) captions makes my day.
hunterroseisidk Yıl önce
im deaf and i made a similar comment a few weeks ago!! most of the time i have such a lacking experience because of bad subtitles, they are awesome
Cupcake Menace
Cupcake Menace Yıl önce
Captions help me keep up with dialogue and listen better so I tend to turn them on. I always appreciate a channel who makes sure they have good captions
charlotte moo
charlotte moo Yıl önce
i have adhd and their captions help me so much :))
Mr.K Yıl önce
And subtitles in various languages.
Taylor Britt
Taylor Britt Yıl önce
I have and and an auditory processing disorder so yeah creator-added captions are a very rare blessing
Nikki Yıl önce
The edit of Evan's brain reconnecting while he assessed the wall banana actually made me cry laughing... 🤣
KyuuketsukiKun 9 aylar önce
That was an accurate depiction of the male psyche
rambbler 8 aylar önce
@KyuuketsukiKun as well as mine.
Hessed3712 7 aylar önce
LuigiPOW demo
LuigiPOW demo 4 aylar önce
Looking at Katelyn's face, you can tell she could feel the edit.
Yolotzin Yıl önce
I like how they absolutely hated the banana at first but slowly they gained an emotional connection with it lol
Remus Black
Remus Black Yıl önce
OK I have known Evan‘s mom for approximately a minute and I love her! 😊just “noooooooo” and the talking over “you’re wrong” absolutely iconic 😂 the way Evan’s Parents were talking was adorable.
Samantha Jade
Samantha Jade 23 gün önce
That is one thing I love about older people, my grandparents only use a landline to call (Grandpa has a cell but only for his nature walks and it's a flip phone). They hardly use the speaker phone option and so you can just hear the both of them yelling over the other so they can both talk at the same time! Evans' parents really made me remember the little things like that.
Noelani Camara
Noelani Camara Yıl önce
Katelyn: *puts resin chip earrings on* No one: Me: oh my god! She reminds me of the best friend from wizards of waverly place and all the weird outfits she would wear yet look fabulous in!!!!
Rachel a
Rachel a Yıl önce
I was actually thinking of her too! Like oh quirky Disney best friend 😂😂❤️
hanna burke
hanna burke Yıl önce
Oh yeah harper
LM 10 aylar önce
i think you’re talking about the icon that is harper
Emmett Howell
Emmett Howell 10 aylar önce
Harper was an absolute queen and fashion icon. My very odd fashion sense and outfits are partially inspired by her maximalist outfits, my favorite was he dress made of mini sharpies. I just remembered the episode where I think the dad transforms into shakira and dances down the stairs
Da1TruArtistPup 9 aylar önce
Pepsin Yıl önce
I love the way Evan’s mom and dad were talking over each other 😭
Emily Swanky
Emily Swanky Yıl önce
It explains a lot 😂😂
Tylociraptor Yıl önce
His tendency to finish sentences in his brain instead of out loud....
M water_moon
M water_moon Yıl önce
I love the 5 mins later like 4 and 5 times. I just spent over 2 hours on a call with my mom yesterday to help her with 1 small question-- that was answered in about 10 minutes tops.
Atomic Yıl önce
so relatable 😂
David Plass
David Plass Yıl önce
And how much Evan sounds like his dad!
Koki Rat
Koki Rat Yıl önce
the pringle close up had me shocked, Katelyn can pull off any look and look beautiful
LordUnderstatement 11 aylar önce
I keep having to remind myself that Katelyn is not this tiny little girl, but that Evan is just freaking huge!
Kriss Coss
Kriss Coss Yıl önce
Speaking of good resin content, y’all could try to do a 3D painting when you pore thin layers of resin in a bowl and then paint on each layer. I saw a really cool mini koi pond art piece in this style.
JustAFurryWithInternet 10 aylar önce
You would need REALLLLLY thin layers.
ItsShayASMR 4 aylar önce
OOOOOH to add to this idea you could do a bob ross painting this way where each layer is the closer parts of the painting
Robert Gotschall
Robert Gotschall Yıl önce
I remember poking holes in both ends and blowing out the egg, then painting it. It was purely decorative. We usually used hard-boiled eggs for that though, but ate them. Egg juice is also called albumin. It forms the white part of a fried egg. Many people only eat the albumin due to dietary considerations, it is high in protein but low in cholesterol.
KeaveMind 8 aylar önce
How do you blow out a hard boiled egg out of the shell???
Dancing Animals
Dancing Animals 6 aylar önce
@KeaveMind I second that question
Hamish Douglas
Hamish Douglas Yıl önce
does Katelyn really edit these videos by herself? the production is fantastic! subscribed 😌
Max Packer
Max Packer Yıl önce
Video suggestion: I love this concept and was fun to watch but I also had an idea. You could do two of each hack - one where you follow the instructions EXACTLY as it's shown on the "hack" video with no deviation - so for example with the eggs: No washing out shell, no silicon spray etc. . . And then a second one where you try and make it work as best you can with all your crafting knowledge. Then do a comparison. Xx
Evan and Katelyn
Evan and Katelyn Yıl önce
Ooh that would be fun to try sometime!
Good idea!
Natasha Slocum
Natasha Slocum Yıl önce
I like that idea! Would make for a cool video!
Nikka Geers
Nikka Geers Yıl önce
I thought that is what you were going to do in this video
Trisarahtops Yıl önce
Like they did with the toast coasters! :D
Kayse Stidham
Kayse Stidham Yıl önce
I can’t be the only one who almost choked when Katelyn said “which banana” before she pulled out that bag of bananas.
Cheese Is Here (LIVE)
I love that they’re willing to break the charger but not the mold 😂 this is the first video I’ve seen of y’all but I’ll definitely now watch more hahaha fun time
SleepyEbbie 11 aylar önce
I’m always so surprised knowing people wouldn’t hollow out the eggs on Easter. My family would do that so we could make confetti eggs and smash it over each others heads when we found them
Harley Yıl önce
fun fact: hollowing eggs by blowing the contents out like you described is traditional in many cultures, and has been for a very long time. the confetti-filled egg you described sounds like a cascaron, which likely came from Mexico. the same method is sometimes used for pisanki, or "Polish Easter eggs", which date back to at least the 13th century. bit of a misnomer, as they are more generally Slavic than specifically Polish. there's a wonderful children's book featuring pisanki called Rechenka's Eggs that I highly recommend
Coronastern Yıl önce
Me .. having blown eggs out on eastern in my childhood several time ... I'm dying hearing the parents and seeing Katelyns reaction. This is pure gold!
Elisabeth Ruwald
Elisabeth Ruwald Yıl önce
Thank you editor Katelyn, for putting in the temperatures of the horror egg in celsius as well - really made it a lot easier and interesting for us scandinavians to follow.
gorillaau Yıl önce
Most of the world appreciates the on screen conversion. Fahrenheit would have been egg scratching if we needed to convert the temperatures. Sorry, couldn't help the pun.
Rosan Klieverik
Rosan Klieverik Yıl önce
Much appreciation from the Dutch as well
KB Yıl önce
Pretty much every country, except the US, Belize, The Bahamas, Cayman Islands and Palau appreciate the conversion.
Natalie E
Natalie E Yıl önce
Canadians thanks them as well haha
Edward McIntyre
Edward McIntyre Yıl önce
@Natalie E indeed. Eh.
Cayleigh Wolfbane
The egg thing can be done with alcohol inks and after you peel the shell off, use a Dremel to carve cool designs into it and use a large drill bit to hollow it out abit and you have a nightlight! (I use the night lights from dollar tree, the more hollow the better the staind glass effect)
Emily Richardson
Emily Richardson Yıl önce
Katelyn's editing always gives me the giggles. I love your guys' content. Xx
_Fainted_ 5 aylar önce
You should totally get a 3D Resin printer!
DragonCat Entertainment
First time watching, honestly the dynamic between you two is amazing, had to subscribe. Keep going you funky little resin crafters :>
Brianne Murphy
Brianne Murphy 11 aylar önce
I recommend getting some silicone tipped tools (I got mine in a pack with some other clay shaping tools) for spreading out UV resin. They eventually get brittle and start to rip, but only if you actually cure the resin on them. If you wipe it off with some alcohol, they might last longer. Also a silicone brush (like for cooking) is great for epoxy, but is too big for the UV resin scale. It's possible you guys already know this, but I am sharing anyway because I happened to stumble upon the clay tools for resin. The metal tools also work, but they are small.
Zakk Benson
Zakk Benson Yıl önce
I’ve definitely painted hollow eggs, just for what it’s worth. Definitely a little weird, but made for a unique, cute craft. And the holes in both sides of the eggs and blow technique is definitely how it worked lol.
CuteKittyGaming Yıl önce
you painted eggs?
Evan and Katelyn
Evan and Katelyn Yıl önce
honestly hollow eggs make more sense than hardboiled since you can keep them for longer :P
Luluannabell Yıl önce
yes, hollowing out eggs by blowing the yolk out is a totally valid and a completely normal thing during easter where I live (Germany)
Piro Yıl önce
Same. Its really not that hard lol
Zakk Benson
Zakk Benson Yıl önce
@Evan and Katelyn my resin and gaming heroes responded to me?! What a Friday this is turning out to be! I hope you two have a wonderful weekend! 😁
Addy 6 aylar önce
This was the first video of yours that I watched, now I'm completely obsessed with your channel! TYSM for everything you do
honey comb
honey comb 6 aylar önce
19:41, The moisture levels in lipstick really depends on the ingredients, and the finish. Glossier the finish, the wetter it'll be and the same goes for matte lipstick, just in the opposite way. Ingredients determine how soft it'll be; your lipstick doesn't seem all that glossy, so it (most likely) isn't all that wet. My source is Safiya Nygard, thank you for coming to my TED talk.
Disturbing 6 aylar önce
poking holes in both ends and blowing out the egg(and than covering the hollow shells with an intristic ornament) is considered a traditional way to make a long lasting Easter decoration in my country. Was nice to hear that you`ve done it too
germfall Yıl önce
You know... I wanna see you guys try to make "gingerbread" houses out of resin. They sell molds online for bakers.
andy hughes
andy hughes 8 aylar önce
Love the casual content. Seems so natural. Thank you 😁
Lilynetto Yıl önce
I love how kaitlyn adds the loading moments to Evan or the subtitles for joob in her editing, makes me giggle every time
Michael Evans
Michael Evans 6 aylar önce
Katelyn is a treasure! I very much enjoy your content.
Mizumii Yıl önce
I think my favorite bit of this was that on Day 5 of the banana at the end, she's wearing the potato chip earrings xD I love this!!!
Mandrake 4 aylar önce
17:26 these edits make me laugh so hard. I love that you not only keep these moments in but make them extra funny and endearing.
Ray Lopez
Ray Lopez 8 aylar önce
I really love the chip earrings! I feel like you can make anything out of earrings and I’m so here for it lol. You wearing them and posing in the chip earrings really reminded me of Piper from Wizards of Waverly Place. She would rock those if she hasn’t already lol.
myutoobvids Yıl önce
Hilarious! Your edits make me laugh. I always love that you capture the real reactions between the two of you. And honestly I prefer seeing the mistakes. It's more like my realistic experiences with resin. lol
goldeelocz Yıl önce
Katelyn's editing is phenomenal, her comedic timing is so perfect 😂😂
Oglokoog Yıl önce
slave No. 4028
slave No. 4028 Yıl önce
IKR!! Also I really appreciate how she still does all (?) the editing herself? Like, most youtubers at this stage of success would've outsourced it all, but I guess despite the gaming channel maybe she still does it all herself I believe
goldeelocz Yıl önce
@Nothing Special then watch something else.
slave No. 4028
slave No. 4028 Yıl önce
@Nothing Special so they both are cringe? Because imo they both have the same kind of goofy, wholesome, (maybe also cringe if that's how people feel?) personality.. And I guess that's exactly what people are drawn to
slave No. 4028
slave No. 4028 Yıl önce
Katelyn, I keep noticing the tiny differences in your hairstyles, but this one I really love, mainly the part is really flattering here, abd the subtle bangs to the side. Loving your hair in this vid (even more than usually of course, it's always beautiful!)
Katie Ponder
Katie Ponder 3 aylar önce
Evan might have been remembering something he saw on TV as a child. There was a show called Reading Rainbow with LeVar Burton. In one episode from 1992, he showed us a book called Rechenka’s Eggs by Patricia Polacco. The book had great illustrations of a woman decorating eggs. She cleaned them out by making a hole at each end and blowing. I was almost 7 when it aired. We taped it and I saw it a bunch of times. That’s how I remember and why I thought of it while watching this.
EccentriCat 8 aylar önce
I had much fun watching you two. I think you might have had some fun yourselves. Thanks for the good times. I also really enjoyed the 'tension' music during the egg resin heating stage. Masterful.
SikkSoToo[602] Yıl önce
I have very little interest in resin casting but you two might have the best chemistry on all of TRvid. Subbed.
CDeathlonger Yıl önce
First video I've seen of you guys. And now I'm hooked. Looks like the next week will be unproductive 😂😂 you guys are pretty funny
Lizzy T
Lizzy T Yıl önce
You can actually eat eggs after the expiration date. They generally keep quite well. The main thing is that you test them by dropping them gently into a container of cold water. Make sure it has enough water for them to sink to the bottom and be more than completely covered, like covered by several inches. if it sinks and touches the bottom and stays there, then it is safe to eat. If it floats, then it is not. That is what I have been taught. Of course do your own research. I am not advising that people eat eggs past the expiration date, more stating that it can be done and isn't necessarily as gross as Even and Katlyn thought.
Tob Yıl önce
Since Americans keep eggs in the fridge they can last months. 6 months might be pushing it tho 😅
rdizzy1 Yıl önce
@Tob Yeah, I've eaten eggs that were in the fridge for 3 months, and they were totally fine.
Dude Yıl önce
@Tob American eggs have to be refrigerated because they are washed, which makes it easier for bacteria to get into the egg. In Europe we don't wash the eggs, which is why they don't have to be refrigerated. Most people do it anyways and our eggs are safe to eat long after the best before date. I use the same method as Lizzy, if the egg stands up it goes into a cake, if it floats it goes into the bin.
Dynamite Lamb
Dynamite Lamb Yıl önce
I am a farmer ish, at the very least I live on a farm and I can confirm with that. Also eggs are generally already like 2-3 weeks old by the time they hit the store shelves.
The Deep End
The Deep End Yıl önce
This trick works and I do it all the time, also, you can determine roughly how long they will last just by checking the angle of the egg in the water. If it's laying on its side it's fresh, while standing upright (with the pointy end down), it's getting close to expiring. Also, eggs may last longer depending on how the eggs were rinsed before packaging. In the US it's common to brush the eggs as well as just rinsing with water. Brushing the eggs however removes a thin layer of the egg shell, which opens up small pores, which in turn gives the eggs shorter shelf life and are more prone to bacteria getting in. Eggs like these should always be kept cool. In Europe, most eggs are only rinsed with water, and don't necessarily need to be stored in a fridge (although, this is not uncommon either).
Rachel Wright
Rachel Wright Yıl önce
I wonder how cool it would be to have a junk food mobile for your kitchen. Like using the foods Katelyn mentioned... chips, gummies etc.
Spotty Q. Duck
Spotty Q. Duck Yıl önce
The expression on Evan’s face when he sees the chip being dipped into the resin.😆
rivvitt Yıl önce
evan n katelyn are the types of parents that if you ask them for help on a project they make it by themselves and 10x as produced as it has to be and i’m living for it
tickety boo
tickety boo 8 aylar önce
rivvitt Yes I like that French and Saunders sketch too. How about citing your sources though...
Moomyverse Yıl önce
Katelyn had really fun editing this video xD I love it
Pamela Thomas
Pamela Thomas 11 aylar önce
This wasn’t to see if the hacks work…it’s about how E and K can make it crazy difficult. 😂 🤣 thank you for the laughs.
Just_an_Observer Yıl önce
Pure egg related disgust and horror, I love it. And Katelyn's anger at the resin egg and it's egg juice is truly a highlight
Liz Newton
Liz Newton Yıl önce
The way he hyped her and those cute chip earrings up is adorable and wholesome
Cameron Mueller-Harder
This is the first time I've ever subscribed to a channel after watching only one video... they're just so engaging and cute! Excited to have found y'all!!!
Hailey MacIsaac
Hailey MacIsaac 11 aylar önce
I have very similar hair to her and I would love to know what products she uses!
Heather H
Heather H 6 gün önce
Just curious but does your resin get hot so fast because it's the boat resin? I have a number of different kinds of resin but they are for artists and it never seems to get hot. You two are so funny and also super crafty. Loving binging your channel on this long weekend.
Rasyid Png
Rasyid Png Yıl önce
I suddenly love this channel, they're looks like just having fun rather than making content
Joe Anderson
Joe Anderson 3 aylar önce
I would definitely watch a resin earring video. Sour patch kids could be cute.
Stephani Moss
Stephani Moss Yıl önce
Me: Katelyn with an egg and ice pick kind of looks like an old school lobotomy. Katelyn: I'm scrambling brains, here.
Evan and Katelyn
Evan and Katelyn Yıl önce
haha it was pretty gruesome doing it with that in mind!
Ellie Yıl önce
E&K are getting less and less family friendly by the day and I love the descent into madness
Bully Yıl önce
That ad was everything lol 😂 I've never laughed so hard at an ad before. You guys are awesome!
。˚⭑ hailsofc!! ɞ
I loved this video so much, and I thought with the chip earrings, you could do different colored resin
Rina Redfield
Rina Redfield Yıl önce
i am curious if the resin that you buy from like Wish would act differently than the nice resin that you guys are using. Also, for gummy bear earrings recommend using a gummy bear mold instead of actual gummies
Julia Thee Jawn
Julia Thee Jawn 8 aylar önce
The earrings remind me of something Harper from Wizards of Waverly Place would rock with her themed outfits. She had hits like the marker dress and rubber duck ensemble!
Jessica Jones
Jessica Jones Yıl önce
You guys should most definitely make crazy resin-coated earrings on a live stream. That would be so fun!
Emma Yıl önce
Yes! This would be the best!!
Jessica Jones
Jessica Jones Yıl önce
@Emma honestly resin-coated anything with E&K would be awesome. They’re just so fun to watch 😁
Evan and Katelyn
Evan and Katelyn Yıl önce
we would love to! gotta add that to the craft stream ideas
Zülal Yıl önce
Ye thin pours of colorful resin dangley and whatnot
littledergon Yıl önce
Yes! Coloured pigments please!
BlackMoonRoze Yıl önce
honestly the lipstick is my fav... and I have lipsticks that I have owned for like over 15 years, some of them ooze some oil but most of them remain perfectly intact so that should work cos lipstick doesn't change by time (the ones that ooze oil usually are oily from day one and if you keep them a month befre the project you'll definitly know if they will change or not) ...plastic banana for a summer residence kitchen is actually also cute fun little decore for a kitchen wall :D
Once again, loved it. You guys are hilarious. Lol
StreuPfeffer Yıl önce
For the Earring idea, you can even "pole mount" the gummybears to the long streight part and then resin them over, easy to hold while your flashing it.
Stephanie Storey
Stephanie Storey Yıl önce
This showed up in my recommended section and I’ve never subscribed to a channel so quickly. I don’t even do resin crafts (although I am fascinated by them), but you guys are hilarious. Can’t wait to binge your entire backlog of videos. 😁
Megan Eberle
Megan Eberle Yıl önce
i can’t lie, i actually love the fruit art haha. i think it’s look cute in a kitchen idk
Rachel Yıl önce
hollowed out easter eggs are a thing!! They're a tradition from Ukraine called pysanky eggs, where you either empty out the shell and dye the emptied shell, or you let the egg dry out without relieving it of it's innards. they're traditionally given as easter gifts to friends and family. definitely cool to check out, it's one of my favorite art forms to do EDIT: Amelia Randich is one of my favorite pysanky artists
Holly Pierce
Holly Pierce Yıl önce
I totally NEED to see you make weird earrings!!!😁✌🏼❤️
Ashy 2.0
Ashy 2.0 Yıl önce
So the lipstick one would be good for someone who has a brand/ color they LOVEEEE lol as long as it's not too moist
Lucille Verton
Lucille Verton Yıl önce
That mum & dad call is SOOO relatable 😂 I call to ask 1 question and you end up at least half an hour on the phone 😂❤
Thairin Khudr
Thairin Khudr Yıl önce
Thank you so much for giving the Celsius conversion for the temperature, you guys are so sweet ^_^
Raferties Lorekeeper
I'd love to see you do the egg one correctly, like for Easter.
Ironn Buterflyy
Ironn Buterflyy Yıl önce
The raycon ad is hilarious! I love how self-aware you present yourself and you guys just knock it out of the part with quality, humor, personality, just everything. Its awesome to see 2 amazing content creators in their prime
Ilakkiya P
Ilakkiya P Yıl önce
Exactly Since the video was 5 minute craft themed, I loved the same 5 minute craft ad style It was hilarious 😂
David Lakubu
David Lakubu Yıl önce
I always skip ads and this is the first that made me feel “Wait, I want to know wha will happen” 😂
Charlotte Giuffre
@Ilakkiya P YESSSS
Dragab 1119
Dragab 1119 10 aylar önce
Fun fact, you don’t need mold release for the egg. I do this hack all the time, and the membrane of the egg allows you to peel off the shell. It’s super cool!!! Tips to make it work: crack the small end to make a flat top, that way you can see what you are doing and will have a flat base for the egg to sit on. Make sure the egg is level when you fill it. shake the egg to get all the air out of the resin. DONT ADD A MAGNET. It breaks the membrane and causes issues since it’s so heavy. I’ve also had it break the shell itself. Don’t use a pressure pot. Idk why but it messes it up for the egg mold. add the glitter in the egg, that way it doesn’t all fall to the bottom. Lastly DONT HEAT IT UP!!!!!!!!!! Just let it set over about 4 days. Trust me. It usually ends badly and makes a bunch of fumes. Hope this helps!!!!
Sheep Undefined
Sheep Undefined 5 aylar önce
What purpose have you for a resin and cooked egg paperweight, that you do this all the time, lmao? Are your shelves just lined with resin eggs, do they fall out of your closet in an avalanche when you open the door? I must know.
You need to make more of these! We all need more judgement in our lives😀
Lily Gray
Lily Gray Yıl önce
We use the two hole method and empty out the eggs sometimes for painting. And then fingernail polish makes a fun texture.
Vienna Lewis
Vienna Lewis Yıl önce
I would love to see baked bean resin crafts.
Fynn 8 aylar önce
I am still amazed by the fact that they sell you "Pour resin around it and cut up a mold" in this craft show as a way to fix a cable when insulation tape exists.
Emily Frampton
Emily Frampton Yıl önce
Evan’s chaos is rubbing off on Katelyn’s editing and I love it!
Cuddly Cow
Cuddly Cow Yıl önce
OMG you guys are the absolute ideal couple I only wish that in the future I could be as happy and fun as you two!!!!!!!!
erem clancy h.
erem clancy h. Yıl önce
Evan: "I kinda wanna make weird earrings now" Every lesbian ever: *immediately subscribes* note: this is a joke, I'm a queer person/lesbian that makes funky earrings out of everyday things (currently working on some earrings made out of novelty erasers)
SpacePrinceAmes Yıl önce
SAME also that's really cool! Do you have a shop?
Simple Simply
Simple Simply Yıl önce
While I can’t wear earrings (no holes) I love all the funky ones I see online.
WHY IS THIS SO TRUE?? I’m a lesbian myself and am allergic to silver so I don’t wear earrings, but I have two lesbian friends that make weird earrings for themselves, one of them even sells them!
Daedalus Young
Daedalus Young Yıl önce
I once made earrings out of electronic components. Is that weird enough?
Fallen Rigel
Fallen Rigel Yıl önce
I felt that in my soul (I’m not a lesbian but I am very much queer and I got my ears pierced specifically to wear funky earrings. I like going to local markets and craft stores to find odd trinkets to make into earrings)
Aussie Python
Aussie Python Yıl önce
It's funny lots of videos I will not watch till the end but you manages to make me stay more than half an hour, I'm subscribing!
Erika Clancy
Erika Clancy Yıl önce
Luna Lovegood would love the potato chip earrings project ... though she'd likely prefer radishes to keep away nargles or something LOL
Y S Yıl önce
now i just want you guys to try recreating daenerys' eggs or making other cool decorative eggs in resin using an ostrich egg as a mold..
Finn Shavocado
Finn Shavocado Yıl önce
Me, as soon as Evan pulled out his phone to call his mom: Oh. Oh no, Evan, you’re stepping into dangerous territory here. Everyone knows you can’t call your mom for quick questions, that’s not how this works! Me, as soon as the ‘five minutes later’ screens start popping up: Yeah, called it. 😂😂😂
Laura Bu
Laura Bu Yıl önce
At least evan's mom actually wants to talk to him though. I call my mom and she always sounds sarcastic.
BlazingFire12 Yıl önce
My moms dead
Tere Fredericks
Tere Fredericks 6 aylar önce
New subscriber who will actually watch your new ones. Love your ability to laugh.
Rayan Yıl önce
This is actually the first video I saw ever(yours)... And then I watched more of your videos.. More... More... And now I know exactly why you are called RESIN EXPERTS 🤣🤣🤣 Luv ur content. Keep on keeping on! Thanks, E & K
artisian mushroom
I love that they always edit the captions and stuff so u can still read everything
DawsClawStudios Yıl önce
the banana one reminds me of what i learned in floriculture, and to preserve flowers in resin you need to dry them or they will rot inside the resin
VaJenna 8 aylar önce
Not gonna lie, I kinda love the banana art (with the fake banana) because it reminds me of one of my favorite The Happy Fits albums
Teresa Durham
Teresa Durham Yıl önce
I'm laughing so hard at the internet connection over Evan's head, his reaction to the craft videos, and "stabbing" Katelyn! 😂💀 She's rocking those earrings though!
one tom
one tom Yıl önce
The earrings give me intense "foul bachelorette frog"-energy though 😅
sokin jon
sokin jon Yıl önce
The parents interrupting each other was hilarious and wholesome.
10gracie30 Yıl önce
Watching two grown adults with a house and a dependent, cry on the floor over a month old banana made me remember why I love this channel
Jenna Kelly
Jenna Kelly Yıl önce
The banana reminds me of when I kept a jar of watered down pva glue made for paper mache for like 6months because it grew some mould and I wanted to see what would happen. It grew a lot of mould and my dad eventually cleaned it out so he could try and recover the jar. Fairly sure it ended up in the trash tho xD
Jessisfruit Yıl önce
So I just recently watched a resin video of someone making an Animal Crossing star fragment light and wanted to suggest it to y'all and see your version and how you would go about making one of the resin star fragments. I'm sure it would be really cute
Jadedhermit Yıl önce
You all are quite entertaining. Thank you.
Panda Person1245
Panda Person1245 Yıl önce
“And we are not dead!” Congrats you have made a great accomplishment!
Mark Petrov
Mark Petrov Yıl önce
If you consider the state of the world rn - that's quite an accomplishment.
Evan and Katelyn
Evan and Katelyn Yıl önce
something to check off the to do list every day!
@Evan and Katelyn indeed :D
Panda Person1245
Panda Person1245 Yıl önce
@Evan and Katelyn gotta feel accomplished somehow!
Adéla Báštiová
In first few moments I was like "Didn't they noticed 5-min used a plastic fruit? You can see the casting line on the banana and the stem is clean and rounded..."
Fernando Martell
Fernando Martell Yıl önce
Watching this video, just make me think how would a Harry Potter's golden egg made by you look like. Specially with the 20th Anniversary, I think it would be amazing.
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