rerolling 400 skin shards

Matty Love Gaming
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rerolling 400 skin shards into skin permanents, nearly completing a full skin collection

unlocking around 150 skins

league of legends reroll video

rerolling legendary, epic and normal skin shards into random skin permanents

getting bonus hextech chest drops from rerolling shards




7 Ağu 2022




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Matty Love Gaming
Matty Love Gaming Aylar önce
A fair bit of copium in this video Socials: twitter.com/MattyLoveGaming
Hugh Bona-party
Hugh Bona-party Aylar önce
Also. When I did mine I missed one skin. Huntress sivir is not part of the drop loot table, and is purchased in a bundle, if you don't already have it.
PumKing -X-
PumKing -X- Aylar önce
You wanted a mythic badly! Safe to say tho, we'll get a video where 50% of the skins will be mythics which is gonna be fun to watch!
KrakenX Aylar önce
Hey Matty, if you are comfortable revealing it, I think it would be really interesting to know how much money you have spent on your LoL account. Thank you for the constant updates, and skin content :)
Bad Loops
Bad Loops Aylar önce
I maxed out on 5k euros
Icyx Aylar önce
@kozacki kanał oh thats pretty nice!
kozacki kanał
kozacki kanał Aylar önce
Guys there is a little tip for getting more RP. When you buy rp, let say on my examplr I live in UK, but I play on eune. When I buy RP I dont buy them on £ currency only I change it to polish PLN and I pay by paypal for it. So instead of getting 2880 rp (something like that) for £20 I get 3500 for £18.79
Icyx Aylar önce
@Chogurt Thanks alot! :)
Chogurt Aylar önce
@Icyx he doesn't always mention in all videos but if i remember correctly it's called Hextech store
:D Aylar önce
I am so invested in you finishing the skin collection
Ancient Aylar önce
my man is getting every skin i‘ve ever dreamt of 🗿
FunkyDwarf Aylar önce
I hope riot sees this and finally releases the pve mode
f.dyer0528 Aylar önce
because mans couldve bought a fucking house with the money he spent on this lmao.
Charlett Aylar önce
@MIMINOSEC So you can get bored of it permanently lets gooo
MIMINOSEC Aylar önce
Forgot about pve we need nexus blitz as a permanent game mode
Hungrosa Aylar önce
how is this relevant?
Marianna Papikyan
Marianna Papikyan Aylar önce
You'll have mythic train when you'll have all other tier skins and it'll be really fun to watch! Also Star Guardian skin luck is insane, out of 200 possible skins you got nearly all Star Guardian skins
Undarkenedrose Aylar önce
So happy to hear you love playing kindred! They are such a unique champion.. beautiful story, design, voice.. love them! 🥰 more people should play them
Marcello863 Aylar önce
Note: even if you reroll legendary skin shards, you won’t get higher chances to get a mythic skin
SneakyFox 27 gün önce
When i reroll like certain skins for example 3 legendary i get a legendary and 3 epics i get an epic Buti think if u reroll 3 legacy u get like 90% chance to get a legacy skin like championship, IG or even Halloween skins
Ashreen Aylar önce
@Skulliton I am pretty sure getting mythic skin is same percentage no matter how many skins is left till you get to owning all of them. Once you get to own all of them you will probably get mythic every reroll since it is only thing left in the pool.
İlgim Mina ABAT
İlgim Mina ABAT Aylar önce
yeah i rerolled 3 975 skins and got a ultimate kda seraphind
Marcello863 Aylar önce
@Skulliton yes, that’s also true :)
MakisKan[YT] Aylar önce
I think he was memeing you know ? He was saying it was a bug so it was mostly memeing
Emily Aylar önce
Rerolling skins can be so much fun. The other day I got Spiritblossom Ahri, Odyssey Kayn and Nightbringer Soraka all in a row
EOL Aylar önce
Can't wait for the final episode of skin rerolling.
RUL3R Aylar önce
In case you didn't know Matty, turn on low spec mode in the client, it speeds up rerolling and things by removing all of the fancy flair and animations.
SingingKarine Aylar önce
Fun fact with the mythic essence update you can only get mythic skin after unlocking all other champions available in the reroll pool. Also right now for example you cannot get prestige star guardian ekko/syndra until the shop event ends and ashen pantheon until he leaves mythic store
Wolter Fox
Wolter Fox Aylar önce
I can't believe that you're missing a mythic skin with 1279 skins. incredible
Caitlyn's Cafe
Caitlyn's Cafe Aylar önce
This is crazy. I been watching your re-roll vids but didn't realize how fast you reached 1k Skins. Thats bonkers to me.
uncle tristvan
uncle tristvan Aylar önce
the next ten skins will most likely be the ten from the store assuming you have all the legacy ones (maybe you are lucky and hit a mythic before you hit all ten), then each roll will get you a mythic skin guaranteed (if there arent any legacy ones left of course) - ive been there and its an insane view though. you wont be able to get star guardian taliah right now iirc since all sells of that skin go towards a social fund. similar like the EDG Skinline that rewarded EDG directly which isnt yet in the reroll pool but should be there soonish. maybe some months from now (a little look into my collection revealed that i own 354 legacy skins so it will most likely need 29 more skinrerolls until you are going to hit mythics)
Azure Blackbird
Azure Blackbird Aylar önce
I got Red Riding Annie from my roll and though I won't use it I like seeing the really old skins. Just to remind us how far skins have come.
technicalleon Aylar önce
I used to follow another guy who completed his skin collection. Getting Mythics is super low so you'll most likely get them once you own all the other skins from lower tiers. Also, rerolling Legendary skins don't increase your chance of getting mythics so you're better off disenchanting them for orange essence. Hope you complete your collection soon!
Snow Bird
Snow Bird Aylar önce
@D4RK COSMIC JHIN thats a good point i never thought of that
Tbh the chance u get a skin shard of an unowned skin is so little when having nearly all skins, you will never need that OE because u will never have New skin shards, better reroll the legendarys
Bright Fox
Bright Fox Aylar önce
Man I think you should contact Riot Support and get your legendary skin shards back, weird bug you had there.
sheagaming Aylar önce
Fun fact: on my first reroll on skin shard I got Elementalist Lux
파니 Aylar önce
I'm glad you added the tracker along the way! I think it's a good addition!
Aaron Aylar önce
This is exactly how it was before they made you wait to roll event prestiges until after the event was over, never rolling them until you own everything. Yet they made it out as if they were doing a huge favor to pass buyers lol.
Dmitriy TheVigilante
Riot disabled possibility to get mythic from reroll after they reworked loot/craft system (mythic essence patch notes)
TinyCandleMan Aylar önce
Can't wait for him to roll the best Mythic skin, Vancouver Amumu.
OkeyDokeyYo Aylar önce
Today from chest I've got captain mf so I could reroll three common skins. From that it dropped chest and old saint zilean, from another chest DJ sona and ANOTHER chest. Star guardian ahri and chest. At the end I've got cool lee sin emote
MMG 78
MMG 78 Aylar önce
Yo matty when you max out the skins collection you can get 1 extra free rare akin from the pax series in case you didn't know. All u got to do is ask the riot support for it , seen it on older videos I'm at 1k skins atm and hoping for pax tf when I max out
GEFALT 25 gün önce
Watching you while crying inside can't afford anything of it, hoping for a good kat skin literally all i want.
Bright Fox
Bright Fox Aylar önce
400, more than the amount of skins I have total. 🗿
RDaniel Aylar önce
watching this i want to reroll, so i rerolled only one time, and i got Eternum Nocturne. (i dont have nocturne lol)
Simo Aylar önce
I got too hyped. I don’t think I can wait any longer
Best El
Best El Aylar önce
Literally the first re roll is my dream skin
krisito Aylar önce
Yea i want this skin too 😭
nicolaa Aylar önce
Matty just wants mythic skins😩 Riot give him already
Rip Lil peep
Rip Lil peep Aylar önce
The skins rarity in the reroll dont effect the outcome of the rerolled skin
DucaDoc Aylar önce
Hello matty, I want to ask you what method did you use to get most of your skins ? And want to say love your channel, day one fan!
DucaDoc Aylar önce
@morose yeah of course but was it spent on orbs or buying skins directly… etc
morose Aylar önce
he used a shit ton of money is my guess
alch34 Aylar önce
I actually didn't know you could get chests from rerolling skin shards, good to know
alch34 Aylar önce
@Jenzu I don't buy chests and I rarely reroll the free skin shards i get, so I rly had no idea
Jenzu Aylar önce
have u not been rerolling at all ? thats an old thing
SCP-031 Aylar önce
Wow I am suprised that you wanted to spend so much money on a company like riot… they did not even fix their client. It’s been like HoW mAnY yEaRs RiOt?
Jester Aylar önce
Matty event rewards and leveling rewards are still broken for most people, do you think this will ever get fixed and will we at least get some compensation for all that?
shadysaar Aylar önce
I didnt even knew you could get a mythic skin from rerolling. Maybe the chance is 0.05% and it might be higher once u got all the skins in league 🤔 u would prolly get a mythic skin for sure once u have the all the skin collections
MyChemicalEmi Aylar önce
great video, as always. love you
Hussein Hisham
Hussein Hisham Aylar önce
Meanwhile me getting Dr Mundo and Anivia skins lol
Danilo Obradovic
Danilo Obradovic Aylar önce
I just wanna say that rerolling legendary skins sadly doesnt give mythic skins, its completely random skins, just like rerolling 3 epic skins lol
NicoBico Aylar önce
hey man almost got all the skins!!!!! Goodluck and may we see the counter reach max!!!!!
Soupy Aylar önce
rerolling 400 skins when we cant get 1 key fragment 😩
Goon 19 gün önce
Damn I must be lucky asf I’ve rerolled 5 mythic skins and I’m only lvl 41 with like $10 spent total
Shiro Yuki
Shiro Yuki Aylar önce
You know im happy you got at least one jhin skin, which was skin 49 total skin 1202, somwhat fitting theres a four in it, I woulda been very upset as a jhin main if you didnt even get a single one of his skins with a way to make 4 in it somewhere- also you didnt even get any mythic essence either, rip mate.
Anh Truong
Anh Truong Aylar önce
"I'm about 100 away from finishing the collection." Bro, there is no finish. That's the point. This account is worth over $20,000, enough to buy a nice car. But he don't own the account, Riot does. And at any time they can ban that account for any reason they want and that account goes down the drain.
Antonio De Luca
Antonio De Luca Aylar önce
How much is the return in ad sense for his video? 4 to 5 k in ad revenue possibly and get bonus shit from sponsors... He got 100 bags from the event because he sponsored the service that cheat the game.
András Tóth
András Tóth Aylar önce
What will you pick when you've done the collection from Riot?
Psychotic Percy
Psychotic Percy Aylar önce
I love how we both have the IRL tab for friends lol
TrickStxRz 2 gün önce
I cant wait for you to get all the skins!!
Solf.J.Kimblee Aylar önce
Re rolls Rare:31 Epic:90 Legendary:4
Klausish Aylar önce
Starting with SG Akali is a feels good ngl
Eduard Filimon
Eduard Filimon Aylar önce
My mans got first try the skin im deaming of,every night! SG akali
Sarah ET
Sarah ET Aylar önce
It should be the case that if you own all the skins, you can get the unobtainable skins If you spent that much money, you deserve it
Chogurt Aylar önce
It already exists -- you can open a ticket once you have them all and Riot will give u a list of the skins to choose from which are so rare, maybe even goes back to 2009
Veta Aylar önce
This guy has 0 emotions in his voice,i guess that comes from playing league daily
Jenzu Aylar önce
well when u have everything its not even fun to obtain skins anymore lol , even if collecting everything makes u own every single skin and be able to flex or play with whatever skin u want , but u lose that joy when u get a legendary skin that u dont own or u always wanted
MIMINOSEC Aylar önce
You are rerolling 400 skins meanwhile me who is struggling to get at least 1 chest from playing the game
Chris Cheng
Chris Cheng Aylar önce
How long have you been saving these shards for?
DeathAtNoon12 Aylar önce
are you gonna ask riot for a vaulted skin after you complete the collection
WiseManDark Gaming
WiseManDark Gaming 6 gün önce
Im a big fan of singed were you able to obtain Riot singed? and did you get him in a lucky re roll?
Mangaka in Progress
This goes to show how low % is the drop chance of mythics skins.
Bora Aylar önce
I've been trying to obtain skins on PBE for sometime now. I got to 1010 skins today. My live account has around 500 and I don't think that will increase soon. Free RP is so much better to satisfy my need to loot and reroll etc.
Scarab76 Aylar önce
Now I KNOW I didn't see you reroll a Hillbilly Gragas shard. Absolute waste of the best skin in the game.
Alex P
Alex P Aylar önce
pretty sure the quality of input skins has no impact on the result. I rerolled ONLY cheap skins and got quite a lot epics and legendaries.
LuminusStarChild Aylar önce
I am up to only having 3 old old skins in my shop and i am only rerolling hextechs skins now
when the legendary and epic costumes are finished, now all the glorious costumes and prestige series start to come out, I want to watch this matty
Eckpu Aylar önce
based name
Robyn Highart
Robyn Highart Aylar önce
Dang you picked up most of the new event skins
Angry Boss
Angry Boss Aylar önce
Matty: I fear no man... But that thing... It scares me *See how much you spent on RP site*
Malin Zoe
Malin Zoe Aylar önce
Could you show the skin shop at the end of these videos? Like scroll through it quickly, so we can see what skins you are still missing. And you didnt get a single of the new eclipse skins, did you buy them when they came out?
Matty Love Gaming
Matty Love Gaming Aylar önce
You can see it in the last 5 seconds of the video, only 11 skins in the shop
Nils Freitag
Nils Freitag Aylar önce
Gotta love Nunu & William xD
Night Shade
Night Shade Aylar önce
5:50 Subterranean Willis! I play Willis too
Icyx Aylar önce
Peepee Graves? :'D Now we know what he's doing in the Pool.. xD I'll always call him like that now!
lebash Aylar önce
I think you can’t get mythic skins via re roll at the moment
Eleanor Mattock
Eleanor Mattock Aylar önce
been waiting for this lol 💞 cheers
Muftitok Aylar önce
The Store doesn't have enough Copium in stock because you huffed so much of it in this video, mythics are extremly rare and rigged. I pulled a single mythic since they came out and it wasnt event a good one, the Heca one.
Eduardo Nascimento
Eduardo Nascimento Aylar önce
Does victorious, championship and conqueror skins comes from the box?
Artifex Aylar önce
could you explain what the most effective method to go about unlocking all the skins like skin shard disenchanting/ rerolling etc.?
Nevas Komaeda
Nevas Komaeda Aylar önce
@Jenzu If you actually use the permanent shards, you can't get them again. If you don't use the permanent shards, then yes, you can absolutely get a skin you already "own" because you don't own it yet, you only have the shard and for some reason you haven't used it = it's not yours yet.
Jenzu Aylar önce
@Xayah you cant get skins out of the reroll poll what u on about lmao , i defo got some skins that i already own from rerolls
Xayah Aylar önce
Buy passes, they give a fair bit of OE + you can buy adittional Orbs Unlock
Matty Love Gaming
Matty Love Gaming Aylar önce
Buy all the cheap ones on sale in the weekly store, that and mystery gift yourself random skins
ButterxxNuggetz Aylar önce
if youre gonna unlock all skins then you shouldnt be rerolling or disenchanting
ENDER Aylar önce
are mythic skins not rerollable now? it started giving me permanent skins that I already own after I only collected 30/89 of it
Katerina Aylar önce
Finally :) been waiting for this
SamanFeral Aylar önce
hi matty if you own all skins riot will give you one of the old skins like pax tf by your choice you have to send a ticket after getting all available skins. gl
Breezy Aylar önce
Whats Happens when you finish the collection ? Are you start doing it on a new account i loves theses videos but i understand it cost a lot of money too
b Aylar önce
Wtf I just spent 5 bucks on star guasian akali and you got it by rerolling skin XD
Bertone OPC
Bertone OPC Aylar önce
Weekly , it would be nice to give giveaways skins to your subscribers
E. BB Aylar önce
Any word on compensation tokens for the client being buggy this weekend?
Gumball Aylar önce
The last rerolls were just you on denial 😭😭 I hate riot..
Kob Aylar önce
Which akin will you take when you reach 100%
ComfyKing Aylar önce
if anyone listening to the music, it makes a ah sound after each skin. Then kinda stops, kinda cool if you think about it!!!
Mole Tek
Mole Tek Aylar önce
buddy if u REROLL CANT found a possessed skin xD if u have yet all the mitic cant found in reroll too just in the orb or chest
Hugh Bona-party
Hugh Bona-party Aylar önce
For me I got all hextech last
Tanuky Aylar önce
when u got snow moon kayn i was so jeleos because i can't get it and if i buy it it has a higher price :(
Cheems15 Aylar önce
A few years later my step dad died and he gave me all of his money now time to uy every skin
Paige Spencer
Paige Spencer Aylar önce
Ah yes my favorite jungler nunu and William
Angry Boss
Angry Boss Aylar önce
Matty you can no longer get mythic skins from rerolls :( patch that introduced the new mythic shop and new reward for mythic chests and skin capsuls
pvtmatchsticks Aylar önce
@D4RK COSMIC JHIN I am pretty sure that you can re-roll all mythic skins after 3 months of their release.
Only for prestige skins I believe, you can only get the old gemstone skins but never prestige skins
pvtmatchsticks Aylar önce
Wrong! Riot was going to do this but backed out after Community outrage.
Roserub Aylar önce
getting really close to the prestige pool :p
pvtmatchsticks Aylar önce
Matty you overtook me. I’m still at 1228. I’ll have to try and catch up.
GodOfSuicide Aylar önce
the real question is can u get star guardian taliyah after this event?
GodOfSuicide Aylar önce
@Jenzu i have all the skins aswel but i cant re-roll star guardian taliyah because its for the esports event
Jenzu Aylar önce
u should get it during theevent as well , if u havea ll the skins ure more likely to unlock the new ones with rerolls i know someone who owns all the skins and he literally just rerolls when new skins come out
sky. Aylar önce
nunu and willump🚫 nunu and william✔
Hai W
Hai W Aylar önce
i love how it sounds like ur saying nunu and william😭😭😭😭
Gyro Zeppeli
Gyro Zeppeli Aylar önce
He is
irub Aylar önce
reeolling skins is the best thing about skin shards
Luigi Shion
Luigi Shion Aylar önce
“TPA nunu and william”
Leakovich Aylar önce
broo we are same level and you have that much skins hoow hahaha
RealOneDose Aylar önce
Whole lotta skins u got
Some Guy From Google
did he just call willump 'william'?
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