Replacing the mounts on a bulldozer blade

Andrew Camarata
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Working on a 1988 Cat D4c bulldozer, replacing all the blade mounts (weld on).
Video welding blade last time: trvid.com/video/video-1uA6QAQq_dU.html
Lower mount auction listing: www.ebay.com/itm/184905276249
Hardware auction listing: www.ebay.com/itm/184905286622
Frame mount auction listing: www.ebay.com/itm/184905290357
Levi the dog memorial plates: www.ebay.com/itm/184905540733

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25 Haz 2021




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Sometimes I think if only I had a welder I could do everything Andrew does....10 minutes later when I finish laughing at myself for such a foolish idea I click to watch his next video.
spottedquolloz Aylar önce
You can get a inverter welder for 140 dollars au then it takes a week and you are there.
k Aylar önce
I have three, they make great dust collectors.
J J Aylar önce
Andrew likes young wenches from the Renaissance fair
Bryan Cherry
Bryan Cherry Aylar önce
Shoot. Any 12 year old could do it with 20 years of experience.
Glitch in the Matrix
Glitch in the Matrix 2 aylar önce
@James Marcum welding is as easy as falling off a bike. Weldung like a professional is the tricky part. Getting your welds to look uniform and more importantly strong. You should be able to tear through the metal before the weld gives up.
Gary McAuley
Gary McAuley 6 aylar önce
Totally Enjoyed that rebuild! You showed a great deal of patience and perseverance with those strip bolts and seized lower anchor bolt, nice job! Be Safe, Cheers🍻🇨🇦
Sébastien Bonnet
Sébastien Bonnet 6 aylar önce
Hello Andrew, your video are fantastic ! I noticed in at least two previous videos while installing antenna on windshield that you 're avoiding black zones. As far as I know, you should, on contrary, install them behind the black places. They are black to avoid sun heat but waves can go through while transparent places are blocking waves since they are coated with some metallic material (also for heat barrier - light is a wave). Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and your heart.
Howling Beats
Howling Beats 3 aylar önce
It's so satisfying seeing you fix and replace everything, even paint it, and do it quite properly as well. Extremely entertaining videos Andrew.
Bailey Kincaid
Bailey Kincaid 4 aylar önce
Good video. I admire your work ethic. On the blade though I liked the trick with the bolt to bend it back inward. You should of used that trick 4 more times one for each corner of the plate you welded on. That would give it more support and it would allow it to be easily secured during welding.
promary72 7 aylar önce
Andrew's persistence is inspiring. He doesn't quit just because the job get tough. Let us all follow his lead.
MR Bobby Kebobby
MR Bobby Kebobby 4 aylar önce
yup and he aint talking shit about others work .
Henry Morrey
Henry Morrey 7 aylar önce
Lead to what? Half ass fix horrible run down equipment?!? No thanks
Mike Znel
Mike Znel 7 aylar önce
It's sad you're even saying that... There is alot more people that are like this guy than you know about. It's unfortunate that the cry babies are the ones that get all the attention...
Silverghini 7 aylar önce
Let us follow his lead? Or just marvel at his persistence and pay someone else to do it for us 😂
browse deweb
browse deweb 7 aylar önce
Andrew Camarata - A man who never gives up
Bruce Boschek
Bruce Boschek 6 aylar önce
What a lot of heavy work. Great job. Enjoyed the video and learned a lot. I was glad to see that you turned around to make sure your dog was not behind you when backing up. He (or she) is pretty careful. Thanks for the excellent movie.
Xaltotun Great
Xaltotun Great 5 aylar önce
This was a ginormous amount of work! It must have taken you 2 weeks to get his done. Cutting off and rewelding what was already welded! That was impressive. Great video!
Kevin Mic
Kevin Mic 5 aylar önce
My heart was in my mouth when he had the dozer chained to the base of the container, was full sure all was coming down, Great energy behind this man as these machines require lot of physical work with technical expertise and every day is a school day. Also have to complement the camera work, it was brilliant, it was like being on site, I was reaching for my safety glasses while watching the tv.
nik xohs
nik xohs 3 gün önce
idiot way to do this job. small chisel and a hummer, and slow slow it comes out.vibration is better than brute force
jennifer smith
jennifer smith 5 aylar önce
hello kevin how are you doing
James Gettemy
James Gettemy 6 aylar önce
Hey Andrew. Love your videos. I think I have watched most. I am going to tell you something you may have heard before. I was a welder for about 45 years. The last 20 have been harder than the first 25 because my back took a lot of wear and tear. Now I am retired, but I have now herniated discs and can hardly move. I see the things you are doing and that is what I used to do. You are a credit to the human society. I know you will not stop what you are doing. Make sure you save up for medical expenses, I can guarantee it that when you hit 40, you will need the medical money. Another thing, when you are tapping in a bearing, always press or tap the race that is against the holding surface. For example, when you were putting in the bearings in the hub for the water pump in the tractor, you were pushing on the inner race. What will happen is the ball bearing retainers in the bearing could become bent. You should have a driver that will push on the outer race. Similarly, when you are driving a bearing on a shaft, you would then push on the inner race. I hope that makes sense.
jennifer smith
jennifer smith 5 aylar önce
hello james how are you doing
Dave Melton
Dave Melton 7 aylar önce
I love that he doesn’t feel pressured to put out content like so many you tubers. You can tell there are weeks invested into this video. I appreciated that. I appreciate that his videos are longer than most. He’s busy. He works hard. I’m tuned in…watching this hour:40 video a second time now. Andrew is a mans man. Keep ripping dude!!! We love it
Julia Townsend
Julia Townsend 3 aylar önce
And woman ......
Arwyn Roberts
Arwyn Roberts 4 aylar önce
Hi Andrew When removing broken bolts try welding a washer on first then the nut to the washer love your vids Great work
Bluesky9 Aylar önce
Clever use of the bolt to flatten the panel back down. Always amazed at the bold steps Andrew uses with such good results.
gmansplit Aylar önce
Bold steps? Surely you mean bolt steps.
Daniel Meyer
Daniel Meyer 6 aylar önce
Need to prep parts for welding by grinding off all paint and rust. At ground clamp connection as well. Also a good idea to bevel thick pieces as to get better weld contact for the entire thickness.
Al Aylar önce
Along with your other subscribers, I have been watching you for years now and I can only wonder how many thousands of dollars you have saved by doing all your own repair and fabrication. It's a key to your success. Regards, Al
Jim McCormick
Jim McCormick 7 aylar önce
When you mentioned the pressure washer going out, and the well pump going out, I realized that this was from earlier this spring (the trees were alot emptier too). THIS was a LOT of work. both is the blade, and the video. Thanks for sharing!
Hey Babe
Hey Babe 7 aylar önce
Good eyes and ears well done .
Ian Williamson
Ian Williamson 5 aylar önce
You are truly inspirational, all that hard work and patience paid off, well done.
Jerry M
Jerry M Aylar önce
Shelf life for high-pressure hoses is 20 yrs. I assisted in replacing all hydraulic hoses onboard a Tichcondaroga Class Cruiser. Later helped Command understand the importance of Navy Supply rotating their stock so hoses had no less than 15 years service life once installed on a ship.
Black wolf
Black wolf 16 gün önce
That is amazing shows just how powerful those things are and how well-made they are to fight with a pin that hard and to break that many chains
Tracy Keenan
Tracy Keenan 2 aylar önce
I love watching you fixing your equipment especially when you give it a new coat of paint it looks brand new
Deplorable Libertarian
It’s beyond me how Andrew never cusses…..ever, he just doesn’t do it. There have been plenty of times he runs into an ‘aw $h!t’ situation, and anyone else would let it go. You will never see Andrew being more iconic than when he took a chainsaw to the dash of that white truck, in order to make that radio fit. This dude is a legend.
John Doe
John Doe 6 aylar önce
It's called editing you simp!
CerebralAilment 6 aylar önce
Talked with him a bunch I ask the same thing - he says it happens from time to time, but for the most part he just doesn't. I think he tries to stay positive even when he's frustrated. Seems to work pretty good for him.
Olav Bjørneset
Olav Bjørneset 6 aylar önce
So great that the screwups reminds after editing..! 👍 😉
Rick C-117
Rick C-117 7 aylar önce
B Harmon
B Harmon 7 aylar önce
@Percy Faith 👍👍👍
Steve Montoya
Steve Montoya Gün önce
I think you should keep 6 cylinder. Love the new seat they did a great job!
Dave Smith
Dave Smith 5 aylar önce
I have found that scarfing tips (vs regular cutting torch tips) work REALLY well when cutting free existing brackets. They let you follow and blow away the weld metal really well while leaving the base metal. They are very controllable.
jennifer smith
jennifer smith 5 aylar önce
hello dave how are you doing
Cervan 5 aylar önce
i always found that a weak impact gun worked perfectly for removing nuts welded to bolts to remove them. Something about the impact blows slowly working it loose.
googlemustdie Aylar önce
I have that same battery charger, love it. We just fixed the blade on our d7e. Really appreciate all your videos and your sharing.
Robert Machin
Robert Machin 7 aylar önce
That was an epic struggle….I would have cried and walked away swearing like a trooper! You’re determination and ability are equally matched.
Pepper Mint
Pepper Mint 7 aylar önce
When he came back with that cable after the chain broke I knew it was all out war!!!! 🤣
You Sad
You Sad 7 aylar önce
I said to myself earlier that he’s really good at editing. No mf’s, gd’s, shits,bitchs or throwing of tools.
Veni Avdeyev
Veni Avdeyev 3 aylar önce
I love your dedication! Great job! Sucks that you broke a bunch of chains but you finished it right! Love it bud!
David Berry
David Berry 5 aylar önce
I got the biggest kick out of watching that long-suffering Lab of yours! Your welding skills are exemplary. I watched for the whole hour and forty minutes! Great video!
jennifer smith
jennifer smith 5 aylar önce
hello david how are you doing
Paul Bennett
Paul Bennett 2 aylar önce
Glad to see you take the time to repaint those major parts. It do make a diff. Avoid skin cancer and WEAR GLOVES when welding!
Classic RolePlaying Gamer
Knowing what you're doing and being able to fix you're own machines is an amazing skill to have. He can easily make all the money back with the machine he just fixed. I'm amazed by how people can do things like this
Dave Fontes
Dave Fontes 7 aylar önce
Just a thought from someone who has many years of experience on dirt machines, not to mention D-4C's. I never see you apply any grease, or never seize on pins and bolts when you are assembling parts. It may be a long time before you get back into those parts, but it would be a whole lot easier if you apply something when reassembling parts. With a port-a-power ram you can push off of the rear track frame support to push the eyebolt for the dozer arm out. Also some heat to the front axle and some penetrating oil would have helped remove the eyebolt. Next item, you should check to see if that machine has an updated cross shaft for the ring gear. Early D4C's had the ring gear riveted to the cross shaft, and the rivets WILL break. The update is a new cross shaft with bolts to mount the gear. If you need to update your machine, you can tear it down to the point of removing the steering clutches. After that, you need to call Cat for them to use special hydraulic pullers to remove the flanges for the steering clutches. You may as well change the brake bands to while you have it apart. Passing on what I have learned.
brandon young
brandon young Aylar önce
Not much spray when disassembling either..not bashing him at all.. personally before I even start a job pressing bushings and old bolts everything gets hit with some PB and then again throughout the process. The each their own I just think it helps.
Henry Morrey
Henry Morrey 6 aylar önce
@OceanofMaya lol… everything you say, which probably takes you at least an hour to sit and google the fanciest version of words you use to make yourself seem so intelligent means absolutely NOTHING when you #genius yourself at the end of your pathetic little retort… to be honest that’s the saddest thing I’ve ever seen. Just because you paid to take an IQ test that was a click bait ad that you clicked on guaranteeing that it would prove your a genius actually doesn’t. It’s quite sad to see socially awkward people like you who brag like that thinking it’s impressive to people…. Get a job, google on how to do a routine hygiene regiment as an adult should, take classes on how to have normal conversations like an adult. You do that and maybe one day you might get a gf ya little guy. There’s always hope to change your life around slugger!
OceanofMaya 6 aylar önce
@Henry Morrey You're perseverative (go Google it). The hashtag, just to spell it out for you, was sarcasm directed at you - clearly you're not a genius. Hopefully you understand that now. So, what 3 words, from the section you were referring to did I misuse. You stated that I did so it should be relatively easy for you to point out/indicate which three words you are referring. Pretty simple... #genius
Henry Morrey
Henry Morrey 6 aylar önce
@OceanofMaya lol, that fact that was your ending hashtag, #genius?? The greatest mind to ever grace earth said “people who boast about their IQ are losers” - Stephen Hawking
OceanofMaya 6 aylar önce
@Henry Morrey What 3 words did I use incorrectly? You said I used 3 words incorrectly - which 3 words? Unlike you, I'm not intimidated by words - neither their usage or someone else using them. In the circles I navigate we judge men by criteria not related to their word choice but I can understand your fragile nature and your 'karen' vibe here so all is forgiven...your fear of words. 'Karen' aside - which 3 words? It's also ironic you criticize my word choice(s) but then you suggest I "go back to preschool"? Do you understand the conflict in those statements? (prolly not broh) - my my what a fool. Unfortunately, for you, indeed it would seem, I am smarter than you but I never judge a man based on his level of education, I never assume education equates to 'smarts', and I never deride someone who can't use the words it seems you're afraid of. You have a very odd sense of honor and code if that's how you size-up a person. Very odd indeed. Your childish digression aside: My position remains the same, the one you seem so insistent on arguing with using the same old paucity (I added that just to get to ya you snowflake lol) of thought. And your 'my friends are mechanics' thing LOL so what - you didn't even read a word I said..oh wait, you did...you just focused on your insecurities. I figured you'd resort to ad hominem as you continued to repeat yourself. I'm content knowing that in real-life people don't do what you argue they should. That kinda sorta matters #genius.
Vladimir Trump
Vladimir Trump 5 aylar önce
sometimes, I got envy in this mans' place. . too far from angry neighbors to hear Loud machine tools operating. Same goes with his tools and capability to alter/revise anything he wants. Hope I will achieve same set-up someday!. Great videos Andrew!
Neutral Mind
Neutral Mind 8 gün önce
Please do more repairs on your equipment it’s very informative this is a great video
TheOldaz1 Aylar önce
Nice job, hope you went back over all the fasteners after trying it out. I've found if you melt some candlewax into the rusty threads while they're hot, then let it cool, the bolts will usually come free. Sounds crazy, but I've had a lot of success with it.
gobudman 4 aylar önce
When an Andrew video drops and the title has “repairing” in it and it’s a 30+ min vid, you know you’re in for a treat. Great work mate💪
Military Museum
Military Museum 7 aylar önce
I knew this was coming! This little CAT has been a key player from the beginning. She’s taken on allot and still has allot to give.
1ST General
1ST General 7 aylar önce
Tore that larger track loader a new a🤬ss
Mike Cody
Mike Cody Aylar önce
Hi Andrew. Have you ever thought about getting an IBC tote or a water tank to run the pressure washer off of instead of your well? Maybe you could collect rain water from the roof to fill them. Just a thought. Great vids man, keep them rollin.
Clint The Great
Clint The Great 19 saatler önce
@J J not if he added a small electric pump to boost the pressure to the washer.
J J Aylar önce
Bad idea
Ted Triche
Ted Triche Aylar önce
Six months later, I still think you are one talented guy. You are not afraid of repairing anything. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing.
Lloyd Bob
Lloyd Bob 5 aylar önce
So glad that Cody had all these ideas, I’m sure it will all line up perfectly.👍👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Rodolfo Plasencia
Rodolfo Plasencia Aylar önce
Great vid! Thank you! If possible, wear a face shield when grinding and safety glasses under them, in case a piece of blade cuts the face shield you'll always have at least the eye protection, meanwhile those metal flying hot and cutting objects goes every direction and you don't want them to find your eyes unexpectedly, they can get in your eyes if you're only wearing eyeglasses only. Take care! Min. -1:18:16.
Keano de Kreek
Keano de Kreek 7 aylar önce
These are the best type of videos Andrew puts out. He fixes one thing, breaks another thing, sees something else wrong breaks it also and then fixes it. By the end of the video he did a complete overhaul of the machine 🤣
Gabe O'Nan
Gabe O'Nan 6 aylar önce
Hope you are doing well Andrew and get some more videos up soon! I enjoy watching them
Brian Elliot
Brian Elliot 2 aylar önce
What a monumental job! Amazing to watch.
Wayne wang
Wayne wang 6 aylar önce
You are a great mechanic with tremendous amounts of patience!
jennifer smith
jennifer smith 5 aylar önce
hello wayne how are you doing
Lawrence Pevitts
Lawrence Pevitts 2 aylar önce
I can remember when your D4 was one of the biggest machines in your fleet. Now it looks so small compared to the new machines you've bought. I still like the D4 though.
Brian Johnston
Brian Johnston 7 aylar önce
The one thing you get with Andrew, is everything, mistakes and all. It makes for good watching
Autigers2013 Aylar önce
I dont think we really understand what Andrew goes thru to bring the entertaining and informative videos to us!
Darron Shirley
Darron Shirley Aylar önce
I'm very happy to see you paint everything and take care like you do of your equipment nice work
Anthony Barron
Anthony Barron 24 gün önce
Andrew that's a darn good press you have there I like it hahaha. I've been around them most my life cause all my Dads brother's was machinist and welders having there own businesses even Dad so I grew up around all this stuff but I love watching you cause you do so much interesting things and of course your Castel i think it's great 👍
Fernando Leandro
Fernando Leandro 4 aylar önce
Exelente trabajo amigo solo te recomiendo enfriar los tornillos con agua para q no se rompan y al principio afloja poco a poco hacia adelante y a hacia atrás poniéndole poquita hagua hasta que saques todo el tornillo
Bobby Mac
Bobby Mac 5 aylar önce
Cant believe that counter weight broke like that ! Nice tight blade. Nice work .
Barry Thompson
Barry Thompson 2 gün önce
great work, with the steel cutting skilsaw you want to set it like your cutting plywood, with half the tooth going through the metal. it changes the upcut angle and will triple the life of the blade
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata 2 gün önce
It works way better fully plunged.
Mr O
Mr O 26 gün önce
It's funny how I can't get myself to watch a new show without picking up my phone and scrolling but I can sit through 1 hour 40 mins of Andrew fixing his machines!
Jack B
Jack B 5 aylar önce
Very hard job ,patiently performed. Congrats. 👌
Christian Olsen
Christian Olsen 7 aylar önce
Gotta givee Andrew credit. He gets it done. He’s like a one man repair team.
TheBibliofilus 7 aylar önce
The only bane is weird hydraulic cylinders and Bobcat hydraulics...
Barbara Steed
Barbara Steed 7 aylar önce
Get that anti cease
JacksonGuitarsPlayer 7 aylar önce
Dude it’s just HIM. One man business. It’s incredible how Andrew can do everything he does by himself. Watch some of his other videos he does have friends who help him out if he needs it
Lars Grimstad
Lars Grimstad 7 aylar önce
More like a one man heavy machinery deconstructor. CAT should hire him to breakproof shit.
1ST General
1ST General 7 aylar önce
One man wrecking crew that repairs things in the end mostly lab approved
Neil Hartup
Neil Hartup 2 aylar önce
Very clever construction, well impressed!
Samuel Lancaster
Samuel Lancaster 5 aylar önce
It's nice to have the tools you need to get things done
robert henthorne
robert henthorne Aylar önce
Andrew is amazing! Talk about a never-say-die attitude. Great video!
Charles Graz
Charles Graz Aylar önce
Wonderful work and beautiful the final test. Bravo congratulations 🎉..
blakebodaciousFTW 7 aylar önce
One thing I love about Andrews videos. It’s never just a few things being fixed. It starts off with something small but then he ends up rebuilding whatever he’s working on.
zak simmons
zak simmons 7 aylar önce
Except his trucks, he hates those damn things 😂
Andy Jones
Andy Jones Aylar önce
Great idea on sucking the back plate back! Can you drill some 1/2 holes in the new back plate to weld the middle of the plate to the center support?
SCOTT WAYNE SR 6 aylar önce
Good job! Very nice shop. I have a D9 stuck close to a pond > almost a yr now. Broke many cables. Pulled down an oak tree but I'll get it out. Skeeda
Kapaa'z 7 gün önce
When removing broken bolts, I've found it best to weld a washer 1st, then weld a nut to the washer.
Hamish Ford
Hamish Ford 5 aylar önce
Dude, your coping skills are legendary, if those bolts kept breaking on me I'd flip my lid completely. Way to go bro.
Warni Wonogiri90
Warni Wonogiri90 3 aylar önce
Warni Wonogiri90
Warni Wonogiri90 3 aylar önce
Warni Wonogiri90
Warni Wonogiri90 3 aylar önce
Pop plllllpplpplll pm lll L1
Bob Fotoples
Bob Fotoples 7 aylar önce
These are the videos I enjoy. The teardown and replace parts videos, and you never cease to amaze me Andrew with your ability to fix EVERYTHING! What I wouldn't give for ¼ of your expertise.
Having to deal with this kind of hardware daily I cannot stress enough how important it is to spray down whatever bolt you're taking off with penetrating oil not WD40 Even doing that the night before
Thedudeabides803 6 aylar önce
Never seen anyone take anything more to the max in a single video. 👍
Omar Reyes Osuna
Omar Reyes Osuna 26 gün önce
Tremendo trabajo Andrew, mis respetos!
Syed Nazim
Syed Nazim 2 aylar önce
I must say you did an amazing job and that to single handedly. Really impressed with your work. How long it took you to complete the job. Your beautiful lab must be half mechanic watching you all the time at work.
Robert Cullen
Robert Cullen 7 aylar önce
Welding that bolt in to crank down the plate was genius. I love the thinking outside of box and solving problems.
fabio lento
fabio lento 6 aylar önce
Que beleza de serviço parabéns
Pétur Steinn Gíslason
you really should put heavy duty grease on all contact surfaces, it makes everything better. keep up the good work
Martin Kennard
Martin Kennard 2 aylar önce
I love the long video. Popcorn and a soda time. Your learning by doing and getting a bit of frustration. That is all part of it. I enjoy seeing a young fella's talents increasing. Yes, no paint on welds. The gas by products get in the weld.
aguedo florence, jr jalin
very patient working alone with big repairs. very professional and innovative. keep up bro.
Rick C-117
Rick C-117 7 aylar önce
Of all the machines of Andrew’s through the years I think this D4 is one of the best. So sturdy and so useful.
kdw75 2 aylar önce
I have watched Andrew for several years and I would always be asking myself why he didn't do something another way which would have been the easier more sensible way, but then I realized that he just plows ahead and gets it done and he works so hard and fast that even if his haste makes some waste, he has already fixed it. I on the other hand, would be there still trying to figure out the most practical way to do something. This guys perseverance and can do attitude is amazing.
John Fleming
John Fleming Aylar önce
I 100% agree that Andrew is a genius when it comes to mechanical planning and getting a job done on the long videos keep them coming Andrew
cookiesandkarim 10 gün önce
Wow that was satisfying to watch! Especially the part where you got to use it. Good work man 😎
MindWalkN 3 aylar önce
Andrew ... Could you shoot expanding spray foam into those cavities, to prevent dirt building up and corroding your hydro lines ? after spraying a touch of oil to keep the foam from binding to the surfaces ?
jstar1000 10 gün önce
Damn bro, epic lots of work. I keep thinking I want to do this shit but then I think of how much equipment you have to have, how young you need to be and all that is entailed and I just smile knowing I can do this vicariously through you in the comfort of my home office computer. Thank you for that my friend!
warren michael
warren michael 7 aylar önce
Did we just witness Andrew tearing the rear of a huge dozer apart with a smaller dozer trying to get a stuck pin free? LOL I was waiting to see the entire shed and container come crashing down! Holy hell this kid is awesome....haha
Padderick Peak
Padderick Peak 7 aylar önce
@john dowe beat me to it lol
Gregg B
Gregg B 7 aylar önce
Wheeeew...! Andrew sir, approximately how many hours on this maintenance session...? Great video, thank you.
john dowe
john dowe 7 aylar önce
@Mike Znel it cant be stuck if its liquid i always say
G-Man 5959
G-Man 5959 7 aylar önce
That was the counterweight for the loader. I think if he cracked the housing, hydraulic fluid would have run out. One hell of a pull.
Mike Znel
Mike Znel 7 aylar önce
If you've ever worked on this stuff, you'd know it's nothing new. Big stuck parts require big heavy strong machines to get them free or moved.
David Roberts
David Roberts 2 aylar önce
Inspirational. I fight my D3G LGP but you do it with more grace
Brett Richards
Brett Richards 3 gün önce
This video was really fun to watch, but just a couple of friendly tips. Clean the surfaces before you weld on them. Flap disk the paint and surface rust off, and you'll get cleaner welds. Also, if you bevel off the 90° angle on the new parts, it gets the weld in there deeper, which is stronger welds. I dig the video though. I learned a couple thing's, like the bolt trick to suck the back of the blade down. Good idea.
Felipe Aguilar
Felipe Aguilar 3 aylar önce
I wish I had half of the skills you do you are amazing
mmroe66 Aylar önce
This was like watching an episode of Wiley Coyote and the Road runner. I was waiting for the ACME dynamite to be used on the eyebolt. Very entertaining. Excellent job.. Keep up the good work. Score: 3 on safety, 8 on ingenuity and 10 on perseverance..
Ronald Heit
Ronald Heit 7 aylar önce
I noticed that when Sparks start flying Cody takes a walk. Smart Pup. Good job Andrew. Taking extremely good care of you equipment including replacing items that have a good chance of failing in the near future while you've already got it apart is good common sense. You're definitely wise beyond your years young man.
jennifer smith
jennifer smith 5 aylar önce
hello ronald how are you doing
Richard Abel
Richard Abel Aylar önce
I like the idea of putting the piece of pipe between front blade and back of blade. A lot of pressure there. You are amazing, excellent work!
Philip Ballman
Philip Ballman 3 aylar önce
I know this is an older video but wanted to mention that you should get an arc air carbon torch for weld separation and removal. I used to have to cut out big welds for heavy repair work. The Arcair was the answer. You run the carbon rod into the root of the weld and then just flow it and blow the old weld out.
Jack DeBlanc
Jack DeBlanc 4 aylar önce
Great video - maybe my favorite one so far ! You wrote the book on determination ! Pulling that eye bolt was something else 🤪‼️
Travis Aylar önce
well.. theirs kinda no other way to get the job done, i need to use it, then u have to fix it
John Stephens
John Stephens 5 aylar önce
Never ever give up! You keep on working Andrew.
Yamahaulin 98
Yamahaulin 98 7 aylar önce
53:20 Stuck bolt Versus Impact 53:40 Stuck bolt Versus Torch 54:30 Stuck bolt Versus Skid Steer 1:01:40 Stuck bolt Versus Track Loader 1:03:38 Stuck bolt Versus Excavator 1:04:30 Stuck bolt Versus Track Loader while tied to shipping container 1:06:08 Stuck bolt Versus Track Loader round 2
Mohammad Behboudi
Mohammad Behboudi 3 aylar önce
I watched the entire process. You did an excellent job. But also, if I may suggest you something, I propose to take a picture from the sensitive are, so at the time of reinstalling back, you don’t commit any mistake, that is what I do. Keep up with your good work.
Andy Jones
Andy Jones Aylar önce
Awesome video and job!! Breathed new life into the old beast!
Joe W. Harris
Joe W. Harris 6 aylar önce
You have got a really great workshop, tools, and equipment that I would love to have. I am extremely jealous of your man stuff. One bit of advice; you use the cutting torch way too much and too soon. JMHO. I did love the video and watched from start to finish.
Dudley Webb, Jr.
Dudley Webb, Jr. 4 aylar önce
Top notch repairs. I want more!!
Peter Johnson
Peter Johnson 7 aylar önce
Bulldozer blade, the movie. And I'll enjoy it more than anything from Hollywood.
Christopher Bullock
Christopher Bullock 5 aylar önce
And he doesn’t have to grovel and apologize to the CCP!
Provincelands Explorer
Certified fresh
The Truth
The Truth 6 aylar önce
I don't know man. Isn't it like the whole friggin bulldozer? Not just the blade?
TruckCamping 7 aylar önce
if only this played in theaters
Jeremy Baldree
Jeremy Baldree 7 aylar önce
Joe Hackett
Joe Hackett 4 aylar önce
Helluva a project! Turned out great! RIP Levi!
Angel Bivins
Angel Bivins 5 aylar önce
I watched this like it was a feature length film, with snacks and drinks, and talking to the screen. Andrew deserves an Oscar, as far as I'm concerned.
Andrea Keeling
Andrea Keeling 5 aylar önce
I love these repair videos!
Paul Saliba
Paul Saliba 6 aylar önce
That was one hell of a maintenance job you did and when it’s hard you don’t give up that easy well done
jennifer smith
jennifer smith 5 aylar önce
hello paul how are you doing
NZ DIRT 7 aylar önce
I could watch Andrew replace hinges on a cupboard door for 2 hours and still be entertained
Scott Miller
Scott Miller 7 aylar önce
Long as he breaks a machine or 2 in the process?
Cape CodBob
Cape CodBob 7 aylar önce
Greatest thing about Andrew is he don't put a spin on anything.And he doesn't always have his mug in the vid like so many that think you are tuning in to look at them.
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