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26 Kas 2021




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South Main Auto Repair LLC
Glad to hear the click on the schrader valve lol. Oh future reference GM vent valves will not open under pressure from the smoke machine. Test it out sometime on a known good you'll see what I mean. On GM if you have the system under full pressure of the smoke machine it will not open... Vacuum it will work fine though. Anyhow might help you out in the future 👍
Michael Orzolick
Michael Orzolick 2 gün önce
@Douglas Vines my car had low evapo leak and engine light was on and my buddy told me to put vasoline on the gas cap gasket and after driving my car for three weeks the engine light went out and my car passed New York State Auto Inspection last year. Now with big snowstorm my car is stuck in my garage I have deep snow ❄️ & ice 🧊 three feet deep and I can’t shovel it and my car is due now for NY Inspection this month My medical conditions prevent me from shoveling
Brad Henshaw
Brad Henshaw 2 gün önce
Beat me to it. 100% the valve replaced works the same way
Oscar Cortez
Oscar Cortez 15 gün önce
i elimate vent valve while testing, nd always replace whenever doing evap work with purge solenoid, has happened to me once, fuel tank filled with the charcoal from vapor canister because customer always overfilled the fuel tank.
RELLIKPIR 24 gün önce
Question is did it fix it? Love your channel. Me and my Dad have watched you off and on for years. We are in the Rustless belt. I see a crusty car I just Nope the hell out.
Jacob Krause
Jacob Krause 25 gün önce
Watching this video reminded me instantly of 'the classic Avoca-Smoka'.
Justin W.
Justin W. Aylar önce
??? I'm so confused... Who in their infinite wisdom decides "yes erase the code so I can take it to the shop and have them diagnose it" is a great idea.... Whatttt????
Roger Laurel
Roger Laurel 27 gün önce
@Wayne Essar Your comment: My mechanic erases codes Subject: Customer has codes erased to hide performance history from mechanic he is paying & wants service free! The point: Who should choose to erase codes be a proper action? Always the mechanic!
Wayne Essar
Wayne Essar 27 gün önce
@Roger Laurel I don't see what that has to do with my comment?
Roger Laurel
Roger Laurel 27 gün önce
@Wayne Essar That is the mechanic's decision of what is best. He is the guy who is on the hook to make the correct repair. If the repair is not satisfactory, then he must fix it at either his cost or little additional cost to cover what he did not cover in the first round. The mechanic understands if that historical data is worth retaining for his own troubleshooting. When the customer clears the codes or has the codes cleared, the customer is not being helpful to the solution of his own problem! Now, the situation is different & the gnashing teeth, guns & blades come out in our revenge! The fun has just begun for now we have the customer in our mercy! Which is NONE! When we know that the customer did this to hide something or wants something more than he asked & paid for. That is when we bend them over, drop our pants & slip that enormous mechanics red headed, throbbing box end wrench deep into the darkest places of their bleeding wallet! They will need to mortgage their house to pay off those bills! AND we write codes in hidden places of the undercarriage to let the other shops become wise what is going on. We like those kinds of customers! Since all the other shops around here treat jerks like that, identically as we do, with the profit margins on these types of sales, we get together once every 6 weeks & have an afternoon barbecue & cold beers at the vehicle owner's expense!
Wayne Essar
Wayne Essar 28 gün önce
@Roger Laurel My very good independent mechanic would erase all the codes if many of them were legacy issues, especially on European cars and get his clients to drive them for a day and return. I have no need to make a choice like that.
Roger Laurel
Roger Laurel 28 gün önce
@Wayne Essar Let the service mechanic make that decision, not the customer! If the customer does have the codes cleared, all labor rates are tripled! That is how I run my shop! I don't have many "I know what is best!" type customers ever return! And the other shops around were getting my unloaded problems. Now, all shops around me do exactly what I do for customer, "I know it all & what is best!"
ronald miller
ronald miller Aylar önce
Love how great of a diagnostic mechanic you are sir. Thorough as well as honest! The best mechanic I've seen
Tzisorey Tigerwuf
Tzisorey Tigerwuf 21 gün önce
"Just because it's new, doesn't mean it's good" The entire reason warranties exist.
Lance Miller
Lance Miller Aylar önce
You could definitely hear a difference in the audible sound of the off and on of that valve
Alan Bradford
Alan Bradford Aylar önce
"Click" (or is that an achieved torque setting?) 😉
Stephen Rogers
Stephen Rogers Aylar önce
Good morning Raymond, it's interesting how some people can fire a parts Canon and still not get the job done right without the proper test equipment! BROTHER 👍
harold reyes
harold reyes Aylar önce
Ray DID JUST THAT, and is STILL GUESSING as he "GETS THIS THING OUT OF HERE AND OUT OF MY SHOP" (his know-it-all Customer put down POLICY). And STILL GUESSING (till 'dumb' customer drives it for a month or so with no problem or CEL on). Ray STILL NEEDS BETTER PEOPLE/CUSTOMER attitude. (or they will not come in).
Rob Peabo
Rob Peabo Aylar önce
The fist one had a sort of weak double click when it operated open whereas the one you installed Ray had a much longer and more positive sounding click. I would have loved to see the smoker was back on & we saw smoke coming out the newer one for visual confirmation. It is bazaar that he was angry considering he did not want a diagnostic performed the first time,, he provided the part and asked it be installed. And due to his actions the second time round he has the codes deleted at another shop. What a winner. He sounds like the type of person that you would rather not do any more work for.
John Guilfoyle
John Guilfoyle 23 gün önce
@John H People should continue to learn. Without correction, they cannot. I had a teacher in Tech College write a Mnemonic on the blackboard for remembering resistor code colors. After class, I asked him if he had ever been a man to take a drink. He told me that he had never partaken of alcohol and asked me why. He was in his sixties and had been teaching electronics and this Mnemonic device and he had been misspelling Vodka as votka his whole teaching career.
Orgborg Aylar önce
I love being able to tell problem customers to never come back
Burton Holmes
Burton Holmes Aylar önce
I ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY WILL NOT INSTALL CUSTOMER SUPPLIED PARTS!!! Because they are always the cheapest, poorest quality part that could be found. In no other line of work is the adage "You get what you pay for" more true than auto parts. And having the codes cleared right before bringing it in....just makes my job more difficult and TIME CONSUMING. MY TIME IS VALUABLE AND I CHARGE ACCORDINGLY.
Rob Peabo
Rob Peabo Aylar önce
@Rags722 I can't fire a customer - they would complain higher up the chain, that usually means senior management, the local government member, the Minister etc etc. Maybe on my last day LOL. You guys that can tell a customer that their custom is no longer wanted are so very lucky in some cases. Though I wouldn't give up my job for anything, even the crappy customers.
Vraeryn, Da Dragon
Vraeryn, Da Dragon Aylar önce
@Brad Tetrault That doesn't excuse pulling nonsense like this. If you're that worried about getting a bad mechanic don't go to one.
Ruthless Mindset
Ruthless Mindset Aylar önce
Hi Ray. Just a thought. Since the moral of this repair was “New isn’t necessarily good “. I know the purge solenoid clicked louder on your installed part. Wouldn’t it have been a good idea to smoke test it as well?? Since you had it hooked up anyway??
Daniel Luplow
Daniel Luplow Aylar önce
He did test it. The smoke test was good for quickly identifying the source of leaks. After he replaced the part he says the solenoid click is much louder and he can hear that it (the vent itself) is working. Gases escaping through vents make sound and it was loud enough that he could hear it. Once he knew where the problem was he didn't need the smoke to verify the replacement part was working correctly.
Marc Mercier
Marc Mercier Aylar önce
@Penny Tull Not sure what you're replying to, but I'm guessing it's the "bring your own steak to a steakhouse". He refused any parts you brought to him. I ran into that myself. I have a thing for Mevotech parts. Had GREAT luck with them. I was busy and asked my alignment guy if he'd pop 'em in (ball joints and tie rod ends). Absolutely refused. Guy down the road "Yup, sure... but I'm booked out". That was over 4 months ago. I guess I should put them in and bring it to the alignment parts nazi guy. If he wasn't so good at it, I'd give him the two finger UK salute because it p'd me off so much.
Penny Tull
Penny Tull Aylar önce
@Marc Mercier 40% savings ordering parts. Maker stands up for warranty. Saves a bunch on OEM parts. (Still expensive) Yes we have to wait on them to come in the mail. Salvage Yards are not too shabby, either. Some REALLY big ones now, with inventory listed on computer already pulled.
Sick Lad
Sick Lad Aylar önce
@Paper Tiger You could repair just about anything without a scantool, its just gonna take twice as long and cost you even more....
John Gillespie
John Gillespie Aylar önce
No. There are better ways to test the purge valve.
Jose rocha
Jose rocha Aylar önce
When a customer goes cheap , pay twice 😂 Have a great weekend everyone and a great day of course ! 👍
John Manchester
John Manchester 26 gün önce
I’m one of the pay twice crowd.
Craig Roop
Craig Roop Aylar önce
"all customers bring happiness! Some when they arrive, some when they depart"
Michael Carter
Michael Carter Aylar önce
@Solkre We are at 2.89 here and I keep reminding folks that about 20 years ago it was up to over 4 in Houston almost 5 if my memory is correct. We aren't even close to the highest it's been. Though I got a feeling we will see the highest numbers soon.
WastedTalent Aylar önce
Learned that lesson with eBay and Amazon parts for my XJ. I do my own work ans changed an IAC 3 times in one month with $7 Amazon and eBay ones (the original died after 20 years). Ended up biting the bullet for a Mopar IAC and 2 years later, no problems. I should've listened to the forum posts saying to only use Mopar parts for anything electrical. Now, I only buy Mopar or OEM replacements for everything. No more cheap Chinese parts for me.
Jose rocha
Jose rocha Aylar önce
@Nicholas R 😂😂😂👌
GT500 Aylar önce
You hit the nail on the head about not even being able to buy quality parts any more... it's either cheap junk or expensive junk thanks to the great corporate CEO's that outsource everything to the cheapest bidder
MonkeyJedi99 Aylar önce
@The Eccentric Hobbyist True. Cheaply cloning is another big problem. - I am old enough to remember when 'Made in Japan' had the same stigma as 'Made in China' has today.
The Eccentric Hobbyist
@MonkeyJedi99 I see that comment about Chinese goods. “They’re all made in the same factory.” Like Snap On is made right next to Gear Wrench, etc. because one model looks so similar. Yet small mold lines or shapes are slightly different. That means completely different molds. Still such guys will argue. The devil is in the details. I know it happens with piddly, cheap junk but engineers spec things and blueprints can be read by other engineers and tool and die makers. There are many foundries and shops not all with the same goods. Not quit so simple. Most all parts have the same outer spec so they look “the same” but there’s more to it. Tires would be a good example.
MonkeyJedi99 Aylar önce
Too often the cheap junk and the expensive junk are made in the same place with different graphics stamped on then put in a different box.
The Eccentric Hobbyist
@Gary Owen We, the consumers, are also to blame in a big way. As evidenced on this channel all the time, we cheap out and look for the cheapest alternative in most every aspect of life. To all: The free market responds to demand. Be the change you want to see. Start creating demand for better products rather than just demanding better products. It’s always easy to blame greed, big business, etc. Remember that next time you buy from Harbor Freight, etc. You are telling all corporations that you prefer the cheaper alternatives. Can’t have it both ways.
Chromodynamix Aylar önce
@david rosario The bail out was a fusion of both parties...
Brian P
Brian P Aylar önce
Customer is always angry, they're always happy to rub somebody's mistake in their face but hate when it happens to them
Michigan Motorsports
When I send parts back I write "BAD" on them with a paint pen so if they ship it out again it'll save a tech some grief.
Handlez Aylar önce
You're cool.
John N
John N Aylar önce
I've been caught parroting your "Click!" and telephone alerts regularly now, to the tune of ~80% accuracy. Great content! As always I learned something.
Dee Jensen
Dee Jensen Aylar önce
Always learning by watching you work. You are a great teacher, with a world of knowledge about car repair. Thanks and have a great day.
Unknown 3 gün önce
Imagine resetting the check engine light and trouble codes on the way to the mechanics shop to fix your vehicles issues. Yikes.
Chris Ryan
Chris Ryan Aylar önce
Love your videos Ray. As a GMC dealer tech that deals with evap issues on GMs every single day, i want to chime in on this one. I like to start with evap systems by performing a purge/seal with the scan tool engine running. That can often give you a good indication whether you’ve got a system that just won’t hold vacuum, a vent solenoid that isn’t closing, massive leak, fuel tank pressure sensor that’s lying, etc, just gives a quick preliminary of what the system is doing before breaking out the smoke machine or anything like that. Now the second thing i want to mention, on GM vent valves, turning them “on” energizes the solenoid and CLOSES the valve. So I’m a little confused on why you’re expecting there to be smoke coming out when you turn it on? Unless i was just misunderstanding. Turning the valve off should open it and allow smoke to escape.
ABC CDE Aylar önce
Is it true that smoke doesn't open valve on GMs?
Steve G
Steve G Aylar önce
Thanks for the quick explanation on the EVAP..... Not of all us are mechanics in here and appreciate the lessons! A month ago I didn't even know how to swap a battery until I found your channel!
Andrew Navarro
Andrew Navarro Aylar önce
His explanation of the EVAP system is wrong. That valve he replaced only lets fresh air into the tank to prevent a vacuum when the fuel level goes down. There is another line that connects to a charcoal canister that collects vapors from the fuel evaporating. when the charcoal gets saturated another valve opens and lets the engines vacuum suck out the vapors and burn them through the engine. This mechanic doesn't fully know his stuff, or he REALLY dumbed down his explanation. I don't think the repair he made was the correct one.
Anthony W.
Anthony W. Aylar önce
Gotta love when they clear the code and all the history, then come to you expecting you to work miracles just because you're the mechanic.
Fred Aylar önce
Watched like 50 of your videos then realized I wasn’t subbed. I don’t even like working on cars but I love how informative you are. Hope to see you reach 1mil subs
Jerrod York
Jerrod York Aylar önce
After changing out my Evap canister on an Envoy, I learned to never overfill my gas again. All that extra clicking bought me some back time on the cold driveway lol.
Eef Neleman
Eef Neleman Aylar önce
Getting cars in that the codes have been cleared from are the worst. Finally, most salvage and AA people seem to understand that we need codes to work with, so they either don't clear them or give us a print of the codes they found. Unfortunately, our factory diagnostic tool reads loads more codes that will also have been erased. For non-mechanic people reading this: codes and diagnostic tools are not magic, they are not the be all, end all of our existence and when a mechanic doesn't know how to interpret the codes or fails to see the connection between various codes, they're no help at all. A skilled and experienced mechanic needs the codes, because he can then interpret them and they will most likely set him on the right path to resolve the problem. Not always, but most of the time.
Stewart Thompson
Stewart Thompson 17 gün önce
“Getting cars in that the codes have been cleared from are the worst.” Sorry sir, but I think you’ll find that German sausages are wurst. 🤣😂 Don’t forget to remember not to forget to have yourself a great day! 😂🤣
Michael Carter
Michael Carter Aylar önce
@Bryan Burns a lot of times they do it to hide something. Like tuners that delete certain things to get around normal stock system.
LoneStarStinger Aylar önce
Good to know 👍
Gail Taylor
Gail Taylor Aylar önce
@Bryan Burns Nope. Getting info out of customers is like pulling teeth. They refuse to just tell the truth like saying, my brother-in-law changed the radio and now the battery keeps going dead and it stalls at stop signs. Started right after. They refuse to see the correlation. Look at the money saved by having him screw up the car!
Bryan Burns
Bryan Burns Aylar önce
@Gail Taylor LOL. I couldn't figure out why someone would have the codes erased before bringing are car in for diagnosis. At first I thought you were joking...
Marc Lemery
Marc Lemery Aylar önce
If I was in your area, I'd get you to do all my work. You are probably the most patient and positive mechanic I've ever heard speak. Most would be cursing this guy for doing what he did and then being upset. I'd side with the disgruntled mechanic but good on you for your attitude!!
Dan D
Dan D Aylar önce
If a person brings purchases parts and brings to shop to install, they need to understand their is no warrantee on parts labor, or diagnostic, also no complaining if their parts don't fix problem.
Simon Legros
Simon Legros Aylar önce
@JVerz not that rare shop will return part in the wrong box all the time Most of the time 2 different part may fit the vehicle so to save time they buy the 2 part and return the unused one but put it in the wrong box and the next customer get the wrong part even if the box said it the correct one I know someone who work in a part store and it happen all the time
Slayer John
Slayer John Aylar önce
@JVerz The store I bought the U-joint from only had two, but called another store and had them deliver it to the shop, as it was a place they delivered too. Since the vehicle in question was a 4WD truck and the rear driveshaft was the piece needing the joints, the shop just used the 4WD to kick it out, do one car while we waited on parts delivery. No extra fees involved other then the labor.
JVerz Aylar önce
@Slayer John ugh that's the worst. It's rare, but getting the wrong part in the box is another reason to not take parts the customer brings in. Whenever that happened to me, the store would get a replacement in an hour so you don't even have to un-rack the car. But, when the customer does it your options are: re-assemble and let him drive it out and MAYBE get a diagnostic fee out of it; leave it in the bay and charge rent; or un-rack it, push it out, and then bring it back in after a couple days of the customer ordering another one online. I'd say you have the option of ordering the correct one from the store.. but I've never had a customer take that route.
Rod Zimmerman
Rod Zimmerman Aylar önce
That works fine until the light comes back on. Some of them then want you to partner with their bad decisions.
WastedTalent Aylar önce
@Handlez Went right over his head.
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan Aylar önce
There's an electronics repair guy in New York - Louis Rossman - who ends his videos with "That's it for today, and as always, I hope you learned something." - This applies equally well to your videos.
P chuk
P chuk Aylar önce
Been following Louis R through his new store move and (The Floor)
James Bird
James Bird Aylar önce
@Sam Holdsworth I figured you watched Lewis. Still want to help inform those who don't know him. Right to repair in all industries is really important for our future
Sam Holdsworth
Sam Holdsworth Aylar önce
I was jk I love Louis
James Bird
James Bird Aylar önce
Louis is the most vocal right to repair advocate for electronics. Automobiles are actually right to repair items. Amazing that a complex item such as a car can be fixed by the dealer, an independent or even you at home. But be able to fix your iphone, heck no. You could take money out of the hands of apple. Even their new program is riddled with loop holes.
Sam Holdsworth
Sam Holdsworth Aylar önce
Bro who is Louis Rossman I don't know that man
Jimmy, Making it work
One thing we mechanics all have in common, the less money a customer wants to spend, the more trouble they will be. If they’re in a big rush, on top of their discount desires, their expectations are even higher. Next thing they’re on TRvid saying they got ripped off.
Stevie Rea
Stevie Rea Aylar önce
Have a great day Ray and thanks for all your informative, educational and entertaining content. You have a very unique channel in that you don’t promote or advertise any product. Such a great channel you have. Keep doing what you do and it will continue to grow and be successful. Best wishes and greetings from Belfast, Northern Ireland
John H
John H Aylar önce
Actually he DOES promote/advertise the "Angry Pliers', see the video info text above. Nothing wrong with that, fella gotta make a living.
Rho Main
Rho Main Aylar önce
Good stuff man! Had the same issue with a new out the box alternator that stopped working shortly after install. Got a replacement of the same brand and it has been working fine after a whole year of use.
Ron Jacoby
Ron Jacoby Aylar önce
I agree with comment from South Main Auto Repair LLC. I've been fooled by that valve not opening when there is pressure from the smoke tester in the system. However, it appeared that Ray did not really have a tight seal where the smoke machine connected to the test port so I wonder how much pressure there was in they system.
Matt Erwin
Matt Erwin Aylar önce
Working in a dealership service department myself, these types of customers definitely do exist, and they're the ones that kill your fix first visit records and can make up a good portion of bad surveys. Fun times.
D J Aylar önce
You inspired me to film my first video today. A quick track change on our excavator at work. It didn't turn out very well, it was just a phone set down watching me work, but it was a lot of fun doing it.
Richard Grant
Richard Grant Aylar önce
Ray - the best one handed mechanic in America!
XTZ 1223
XTZ 1223 Aylar önce
Thx for the real world work. The other guys just talk through the diagnosis/ repair process. This is a whole new game Spot on point Thx for your videos ✌️
Smartitude Aylar önce
Love the straight to the point no silliness no fake drama style. Thank you making the effort to film this.
Ahndeux Aylar önce
It sounds like the key to a successful repair job is to reset all the error codes before you take the car to the shop. I will add that to my list of things I learned today.
Alexander Gaver
Alexander Gaver Aylar önce
considering the check engine light was (as far as we know from this video) caused by a faulty part that was installed by your shop, did they end up having to pay twice?
Dale Humes
Dale Humes Aylar önce
I so enjoy watching your diagnostic process. You are an extreme professional!
Rick Alger
Rick Alger Aylar önce
I love that smoke machine but when I found out it cost $1000 I almost croaked 🤐
Securi-T Aylar önce
Do it right, do it once! Cheap parts are cheap for a reason. Low quality components and poor quality control means you 've got, in my experience, about a 20% chance of having to replace the part again. At least this purge valve is easy. Imagine if it was a fuel pump that you had to drop the tank to get to or an alternator that's buried (Looking at you, VW...) and takes several hours to R&R.
Securi-T 11 gün önce
@Randy Stoffel or buy a European car where they include an access panel...
Randy Stoffel
Randy Stoffel 11 gün önce
that is why ill never own a transverse mounted engine car and why i cut an access hole in the trunk of my mustang- $11 fuel pump and 20 min r&r
Ajay White
Ajay White Aylar önce
Just remember when doing electronic repairs letting the smoke 💨 out of components is bad
100SteveB Aylar önce
For peace of mind I would have left the smoke machine hooked up to visually verify that the new part was indeed working. I know your old fingers felt a much more positive action going on, but it would of been good to get a visual confirmation of seeing the old smoke escape. But just unbelievable how some people behave - stopping at the parts store and getting them to erase the DTC's right before coming to you. You just can't make that stuff up! At the very least he should have got the parts store to give him a record of the code or codes they found. I do hope you politely pointed out to him the error of their ways!
LoneStarStinger Aylar önce
Im so glad I found this channel! This year Ive had more free time than I knew what to do with and discovered a love for cars…. *I must learn alls the things*
Phil S
Phil S Aylar önce
I wish(and I'm sure you do too) people would just let me do the inspection,and tracking down of problems and not make things harder by second guessing,or letting three other people mess with a vehicle they own! It's so irritating!!
Victor Taylor
Victor Taylor Aylar önce
I can verify broken new parts for you. I worked on a repair floor at General Motors for 30 years replacing brand new broken parts.
dustcommander100 Aylar önce
That sure was a rusty driveshaft! Other than that, the underside looked pretty good.....
ChuckYouFarley Aylar önce
You could see on the hose going to the vent valve before and after you took the hose off that it wasnt on correctly. The hose wasnt fastened properly. Probably a good vent canaster but the hose wasnt attached correctly
Jason Waltman
Jason Waltman Aylar önce
No story that starts with "customer was in a hurry" ever ended well.
Unknown 3 gün önce
Buying peace of junk mass produced parts is how the shop management keep prices as low as possible to the customers. When I worked at a shop out of high school we offered piece of crap cheap parts or a not so piece of crap expensive parts if available (which some parts did fail as well).
CAYMAN987 Aylar önce
Congrats ray. You taught the customer to erase the codes because that got his car fixed.
De Niro
De Niro Aylar önce
Hi Ray, you are a great teacher. Thank you!🙏🙏🙏
Steve B
Steve B Aylar önce
"I feel your pain" in dealing with people, i've been a cab driver for 26 years
R Sam
R Sam Aylar önce
@Steve B 😂
Hatebreeder 99
Hatebreeder 99 Aylar önce
@Steve B well you did mention cab driver/taxi driver
Steve B
Steve B Aylar önce
@Hatebreeder 99 Are you talking to me ?
Hatebreeder 99
Hatebreeder 99 Aylar önce
Do you ever get Travis Bickle vibes?
Kurt Sõderberg
Kurt Sõderberg Aylar önce
A barb in the backseat charge 200 bucks, Stupids 5 bucks extra.
Louis Harris
Louis Harris Aylar önce
I love it when customers clear codes before bringing it to me. I'm so busy I tell them to drive it and when the light comes back to not reset it and come see me.
Elliott Garner II
Let me guess... "Standard" vent valve solenoid part.
skipjenn Aylar önce
We dealt with this on our trailblazer. Ended up being a crack on the gas filler neck and then it was part of a recall after we paid for the repair. Great channel !
Rusty The Raver
Rusty The Raver Aylar önce
My machine shop would mark up labor 20% when you brought your own parts. I thought that was a good policy, so i followed suit.
Jules Anderson
Jules Anderson Aylar önce
I wish we had some conscientious techies in UK like you Sir. There's very few good ones about even in main agents. I set up a Rover 75 Specialist shop in 2005 (the same year MGR went bust) because no one could fix a simple electrical fault. I've never looked back and have a 6 week waiting list !!
Patrick G.
Patrick G. Aylar önce
When you commanded the valve off on the "old one" you could hear it drop and bounce, with the new one installed you could hear it actually move up and down, seems like an internal seal was defective on the "old one"
D Evan Taylor
D Evan Taylor Aylar önce
Man, you just can't catch a break! Dude has the codes cleared & 'then'' expects you to diagnose ~ "Sheeeeesh!"
NO PJ'S Aylar önce
Interesting to watch and learn.. thank you for this lesson...take care 😊👍
Barry Rudge
Barry Rudge Aylar önce
You should be able to claim the extra labour time removing and replacing the defective part with the cost being met by the makers then perhaps the manufacturer would take more diligence in their quality control when its hitting them in the pocket.
P Pumpkin
P Pumpkin Aylar önce
When a customer brings in a part and doesn't want the problem diagnosed, why don't you send him away? Or have him sign a disclaimer knowing it won't solve a problem. It's very weird that you have so many customers like that. Where I live in Connecticut, good mechanics have lots of business and don't need head ache customers.
YouTube Bullshit
YouTube Bullshit 28 gün önce
He’s right, all emission pieces are “pieces of junk” 😂👍🏼
Darth Vader
Darth Vader Aylar önce
Always use original GM evap parts only on GM's. Same thing happened to me. Bought a purge solenoid from Autozone, lasted 2 weeks. Replaced with AC Delco 3 years ago still working fine.
L.P. Reyna
L.P. Reyna Aylar önce
If every car repairman was as honest as you the world would be a better place!
J. Matt Clinch
J. Matt Clinch Aylar önce
It really sucks when you fix the problem, then have to fix the exact same problem again. I hope he gets a refund on the faulty part. Good job brotha!!!
shadymaint1 Aylar önce
Could have run a service bay test on the EVAP system to verify proper operation.
Big Rob0918
Big Rob0918 Aylar önce
Anyone who's been in this industry long enough can tell you that el cheapo parts don't cut it. If it's a labor intensive job, splurge on good quality brand parts or you will be doing it over. I'm saying this from experience.
hydorah Aylar önce
With customers like that, it's likely you're so used to dealing with loads of bloody tools. Does really stupid things and gets angry at everyone else for the consequences. These people are a disease in the modern world, But still their $$$ is as good as anyone else's when they are customers
George of the Jungle
I have communicated to TRvid that I approve of your work good sir.
Lou Bakker
Lou Bakker Aylar önce
I am surprised you took the smoke machine away before mounting the new valve. Audible test ok Smoke test better.
Natgas F
Natgas F Aylar önce
He could have driven it for a half hour and see if CEL light came back on and charged the dummy customer who had it cleared for the time.
RV Shadow
RV Shadow Aylar önce
@deak niles You could save a lot of time and frustration by having a reputable shop do a diagnostics and come back with a definitive answer.
RV Shadow
RV Shadow Aylar önce
@Lou Bakker He shouldn't do any deep research or anything at all for that matter, he should send them away until the light comes back on so there is documentation and proper diagnostics not just throw a smoke test at it.
deak niles
deak niles Aylar önce
I have been fighting this same code for a year now. I had a fuel pump go out on my 04 envoy same thing as this trailblazer. At the same time I replaced the filler neck it was rusting out. The new neck and old gas cap didn't fit so I had to get a different one. I can never tell if it seals right. I even built my own smoke tester. I didn't plug it in at the port I used the filler neck. The thought was the problem would be a loose connection when the fuel pump was replaced. When I smoked it it was leaking around that purge valve. But I had no way to command it on or off. I replaced the solenoid in the front and valve in the rear. Given the age of those parts and the price of them I just decided to do both. And they were delco parts after doing all that guess what the error code came back a few days later. It's not driven every day so it can take some time for it to come back. I have a new reader now that will actually read evap data. I have the data I just don't know what spec is. So frustrating my hunch is the gas cap. I see now how to use that front port. That might be the next move. I will foil tape the gas cap to the filler to see if I get a code before smoking it again.
Lou Bakker
Lou Bakker Aylar önce
@RV Shadow Yeah, I remember the guy. With mrs O.
Michael mobil auto diagnostics and auto repair
Hey Ray 👋 I've notice when the evap system is pressurized the vent valve stays stuck closed until some of the pressure is bled out hope the customer does not return.
Alex Maynes
Alex Maynes Aylar önce
I like that you described what the EVAP system does but it does more than just serve the purpose of reducing pollution into the atmosphere.
The Kingstonian
The Kingstonian Aylar önce
I just had to deal with the dreaded evap code on my cobalt. I threw the parts cannon at it and got it fixed. Luckily it was still cheaper that taking it to the shop or buying a smoke machine. Chevy evap parts are cheap, even the quality aftermarket stuff.
Ron Chappel
Ron Chappel 12 gün önce
@Gregory King Very interesting.Thanks,I'm going right now to check those out
WastedTalent Aylar önce
@The Kingstonian I bought one made from an ammo can on ebay for around $60 a couple of years ago. It paid for itself on the first use.
The Kingstonian
The Kingstonian Aylar önce
@Gregory King thanks for the info, I’ll look into that next time I get those pesky evap codes.
Gregory King
Gregory King Aylar önce
I built a 12v smoke machine from Lowe's plumbing parts and some other minor what-nots for about $25 and an hour of my time. All that's needed after building and using it is some baby oil and a small compressor. Even a 12v emergency roadside compressor will work fine. There's vids on TRvid on how to build one. They're super easy but irreplaceable as a diagnostic tool...especially on older Rust Belt buggies like my '03 Dakota.
Wiggert Meinster
Wiggert Meinster Aylar önce
That is why, in my shop, we NEVER fit parts supplied by client. If they insist getting their own cheap junk parts, they can try another shop.
Shadowofchaos 89
Shadowofchaos 89 Aylar önce
That is why parts have warranties. Sometimes new things fail. You stay safe!
Aladár Mézga
Aladár Mézga Aylar önce
I'm wondering if a test drive could have brought some codes back? Would it have done nothing or was it not test driven due to the customer being problematic? You found the problem regardless so definitely good job Ray!
RV Shadow
RV Shadow Aylar önce
@m ph exactly otherwise it will come back to bite them when the light comes back on for something unrelated to what he fixed.
m ph
m ph Aylar önce
The customer put a wrench in the diagnosis. Who knows what the code was? I would have sent him packing until the code reset
Aladár Mézga
Aladár Mézga Aylar önce
@Nicholas Miles oh, I see. Thank you good sir!
Nicholas Miles
Nicholas Miles Aylar önce
No. Computer only re-tests Evap under certain conditions (eg within certain temperatures) and only after the car has been off for 8 hours. So it will likely take a few days for the code to re-appear if it's not fixed.
Av8tore71 Aylar önce
Sure is nice to see a very clean underbody wow looks almost like it just rolled off the assembly line
Kelly Herald
Kelly Herald Aylar önce
Ray, I noticed that the old-new solenoid had a sound of a checkball bouncing when you commanded it off. The new-new solenoid didn't have that sound which is good. Also, notice to customers -- DON'T CLEAR YOUR CODES BEFORE TAKING YOUR VEHICLE TO A MECHANIC!!!!!
Sicktrickintuner Aylar önce
I wonder if you checked if the vent valve functions when the engine is running and pulling a tank vacuum
Ferdinan Henry
Ferdinan Henry Aylar önce
you're a good man mr Ray , i'm not a mechanic and some of the car I never see in my country,but I spent hours..n...hours almost every night to watch you're video...really good content..hope you become famous and still be humble and patient may God bless you and u're family
Tim Whit
Tim Whit Aylar önce
In my 35 years of doing mechanics you wouldn't believe how many brand new parts were faulty. The worst was ford starters. Even got one Ford starter that was Made in Mexico and had a passed test sticker on it that was wired backwards at the solenoid.
nitrous07me Aylar önce
I’d be careful about pulling that shader port off the evap system you could actually cause a leak
Faith Adams
Faith Adams Aylar önce
Hah! You should make a video on repairing a faulty *customer!*
James Bronson
James Bronson Aylar önce
I wish I could have a mechanic that works just like you near by.
Paul King
Paul King Aylar önce
More awesome diagnosis and repair well done dude.
Scrap2Gold Aylar önce
I remember awhile ago just spraying carb cleaner like a mad man looking for a change in idle haha I’m sure that was as dangerous as it gets
RV Shadow
RV Shadow Aylar önce
I would have sent the customer home and told him to come back when the light was back on to have better direction than just a hunch. Hopefully that valve was the only thing wrong otherwise he will be back again. Get codes, do diagnostics, fix issues, clear codes, do a drive cycle to verify.
AaronTownsend TV
AaronTownsend TV Aylar önce
Me too. wouldn't have wasted my time.
Nigel Nevison
Nigel Nevison Aylar önce
Would it not of been a good idea to confirm positively the actions of the new valve with the smoke machine as proof the new new valve was working to standard.
Scott Spencer
Scott Spencer Aylar önce
So what's the reaction from these people when you fix their car after they threw the parts cannon at it?
gabe giguere
gabe giguere Aylar önce
Love your vids brother. And i personally like the audible torque click spec verification tool
tfitz44 Aylar önce
I had to replace that vent valve on my old 2010 GMC Sierra. Apparently, there was a bulletin about that part. I was constantly having issues with trying to put fuel in and the fuel pump would always shut off like the tank was full. I don’t know why GM never did a recall for the vent valve issue. But at least I had the truck scanned and found out what the issue was before buying parts.
CiscoLadder Aylar önce
🔰🇺🇸 Stupid P0049 code…I’m pretty sure this is the exact same issue I’m having and have had with my 2008 Pontiac G8GT. In the summer, I have to wait for the gas tank to bleed off through the filler, otherwise the tank won’t fill and it’ll spray liquid gasoline back at me. - I replaced the evap canister and solenoid but the code keeps reappearing, so I’m thinking I gotta go for the tank sensor. It’s a pain too, since I gotta drop the rear cradle.
J T Aylar önce
New does not always mean good! Many many moons ago I did a head job on my car. I bought a brand new thermostat. Can you guess what didn't open. I was playing with timing and adjusting the carb. And didn't pay attention to the upper radiator hose. And cracked my cylinder head once again. Huge lesson learned
Curtis Euga
Curtis Euga Aylar önce
The customer being mad at the mechanic over parts being junk, is like a patron at a restaurant giving the waiter crap for the cook messing up. But in the end, the customers are too blind to understand either picture
kyzercube _
kyzercube _ Aylar önce
My first real diag job as an auto technician was a BMV speed sensor. Installed and same code came back. It was a very embarrassing moment until the lead mechanic rechecked my work the next day and discovered that I had indeed correctly diag'd the vehicle and the aftermarket POS speed sensor that I got was DOA.
George Semel
George Semel Aylar önce
I think I look more forward to your imitation of a phone ring than the actual repair.
Kolossal Koffee
Kolossal Koffee Aylar önce
I’m all for saving money by sourcing your own parts, but you always have a pro mechanic at least confirm with a diagnostic.
kenabi Aylar önce
for some things, you just don't cheap out (e.g. avoid chinesium). it doesn't prevent issues, but it certainly helps most of the time.
Jaxson Hugh
Jaxson Hugh Aylar önce
Back when I started in the field the small shop I worked at would not take jobs that the customer just wanted us to install parts without actually diagnosing the issue. The owner would tell them to find a backyard mechanic to do that kind of work LOL
Pontificus Vascillious
"it's a faulty valve ... time to get a new one" it IS a new one ... and that's the state of the INFERIOR aftermarket part biz the sellers KNOW exactly how MANY of each category of their defective parts will NEVER work in any car ... from the DATA from last week, last month, last quarter, last year ... (from what they sold ... what was returned ... and why) the thing they DON'T know is exactly WHICH ones (which boxes) have the good ones and which have the BAD ones ... and that's where the most SKILLED (and likely expensive) person in the chain (the mechanic) distinguishes the good from the bad ... just like the QC person should have done at the FACTORY ... if only they HAD a qc person ... at the factory ...
Ian Roscoe
Ian Roscoe Aylar önce
"He had the codes cleared before he arrived", it must be so annoying to have to deal with such moronic customers!
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