Rep. Hakeem Jeffries touts passage of 45-day stopgap measure 

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Democratic Leader Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, D - N.Y., touted the passage of the 45-day stopgap measure and added that over the weeks ahead lawmakers are going to have to work together to "avoid another government shutdown drama."
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29 Eyl 2023




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I want to see Hakeem Jeffries and Pete Buttigieg run together on a Democratic ticket. Both are wicked smart and are focused on smart policies that will make America greater! These guys are the next generation.
@markwred Aylar önce
@blkqueen217 Aylar önce
YESSSSSS!!!!!! 💙
They are two of the best. Our country would be run with intelligence and dignity
@Dona-xd4go Aylar önce
I agree.
@saynotocensorship Aylar önce
@RuthJacobs-vs3zm Aylar önce
Jeffries you are a good man. May God bless and keep you.
@jarhead4801 Aylar önce
Well said Mr. Jeffries. Keep shining that light on those MAGA folks.
@user-ug3hb1nn2c Aylar önce
It’s quite entertaining when they do and they bring receipts. Lol
@angietodd1374 Aylar önce
Thank you guys for caring about us!!!
@saynotocensorship Aylar önce
@maryhjort7318 Aylar önce
Its good to hear Jeffries speaking to the need to anticipate continuing repuglican obstructions to progress, the rule of law and the needs of the American people.
@johnfranklin6316 Aylar önce
Major fan, Speaker Jeffries is going to be a great Speaker!
@oldauntzibby4395 Aylar önce
He's already the true speaker of the house
@bullcrap1971 Aylar önce
@@oldauntzibby4395 Whatever makes you sleep better 🤣
@TheFlyguywill Aylar önce
I like Hakeem Jeffries, good work. Anybody notice how he talks with his hands almost like an Italian? 😁
@WeeWeeJumbo Aylar önce
if you give him an eyepatch then he’s basically Sagat from Street Fighter
@WeeWeeJumbo Aylar önce
@sundariann9161 Aylar önce
@davediamond9436 Aylar önce
you go straight for the jugular... no messing around 😁
@daveharvey5764 Aylar önce
Point them out
@JeffBriner-fv6jg Aylar önce
So if I'm a maga traitor. Then how many immigrants are you housing in your home. Now let's have a direct answer let's not steer from the question that was asked as a Democrat always does. And the question again once more how many immigrants are you housing in your home. And I will ask the same question to any Democrat who stands for the policies that this president has made.
@daveharvey5764 Aylar önce
@@JeffBriner-fv6jg democrats already answered you. Martha’s Vineyard…
@greg11786 Aylar önce
@irismckay6472 Aylar önce
Proud of my Dem Brothers and Sisters keeping our government going despite the childish behavior of the republican House.
@markzylstra2947 Aylar önce
Your democrat Jamaal Bowman literally pulled a fire alarm to delay the vote. Seems pretty childish.
@andrewfiles4184 Aylar önce
@@markzylstra2947if that’s so, he should be punished. We Democrats actually believe in fair play, playing by the rules, rule of law and Democracy.. We have no problem with correcting miss behavior.
@maxpower6765 Aylar önce
Well said ✌🏼
@DP_e-que Aylar önce
Thank you Jeffries for the way you put the republican party in check and letting the people know who is responsible for all this chaos. Thank you again
@sandrabonifay115 Aylar önce
Amen 🙏
@urbandesert381 Aylar önce
There was no way McCarthy was going to pass the bill without Dem help to avoid a shutdown because members of his party were against him, and McCarthy will need Dem support to keep his job.
@tcharles2466 Aylar önce
I agree - and I posted a similar comment yesterday on MSNBC. Personally, I'd rather have McCarthy (even though I STRONGLY disagree with him on almost every issue) as House Speaker rather than 'Speaker Gaetz', 'Speaker Taylor-Green', 'Speaker Boebert', 'Speaker Gosar', 'Speaker Jordan' - and the list goes on ....!
@KingBrandonm Aylar önce
​@@tcharles2466All he'd need to do is just meet us in the middle and we'd help him keep his job. But he doesn't seem to understand this
@karynajabrail5035 Aylar önce
The Republicans most belong in JAIL already
@greg11786 Aylar önce
for what? your hurt leftist feelings?
@markzylstra2947 Aylar önce
Same with Bowman who pulled the fire alarm to delay the vote.
@frankvaslo3180 Aylar önce
When they work together ..... and isolate the extreme MAGA members .... the GOP and Dems can get things done. It should be a lesson learned.
@robertortiz6749 Aylar önce
Good point
@tomcassidy2525 Aylar önce
Democratic Leader Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, D - N.Y ....... has a lot of class
@BlueTeamRedTeam Aylar önce
Amazing he’s not crying. He loves to cry for the camera
@grandmak. Aylar önce
huh ? @@BlueTeamRedTeam
@tomcassidy2525 Aylar önce
@@BlueTeamRedTeam this is why he has class ... he would never lower himself to your level
Thank you
Thank you, president Biden, for removing the trump stench and the DA that charge trump, and the republican that will testify against trump, great to see the adults are still in charge.
@earnesttbass8107 Aylar önce
Removing the Trump stench😅😅 look at the polls Skippy😢 hilarious you think any of these 91 indictments will stick enough to put Trump in jail😅 get ready for another National breakdown from the left when Trump skates right into the presidency😅
@mikekelley2877 Aylar önce
​@@earnesttbass8107you seem to forget that he won't be president ever again. Nice try.
@ChristineJSmith16 Aylar önce
Good job, Rep. Jeffries. He's like a conductor with the Obama hand gestures.
@sundariann9161 Aylar önce
WELL SAID Representative JEFFRIES!
@douglasreagan4979 Aylar önce
He sounds drunk.
@b.t.2795 Aylar önce
​@@douglasreagan4979 That's Giuliani and you grandma. Happy Hour already or are you having a McConnell moment grandma? 😳
@jtrain9926 Aylar önce
​@@douglasreagan4979you're using emojis
@plpams8332 Aylar önce
Jeffries is going to be a great speaker. He has the dems united and working for the people.
@naomineal1785 Aylar önce
I absolutely agree.
@bcfortenberry Aylar önce
Solid politics from the Democrats.
@foxmccloud7055 Aylar önce
Attention Kevin McCarthy, Matt Gaetz, and Marjorie Taylor Greene just called, and they want to have a word with you.
@politicsbtch Aylar önce
I know. So proud of them. 🇺🇲
@douglasreagan4979 Aylar önce
Robert L. Peters and his son thank you for your blind loyalty. 🐑
@@douglasreagan4979Amazingly astute analysis. Harvard ?
Can you imagine how much more would've gotten done if Leader Jeffries was speaker of the house?
@mike7721 Aylar önce
How soon you forget...Nothing gets done in congress..No matter what party is in charge.
@SwiftJustice Aylar önce
​@@mike7721Because Repuglycrabs always stand in the way no matter who's in power.
@mike7721 Aylar önce
@@SwiftJustice Both parties...The tax payers in America need the Common Sense Party...
@Sylvio-pc6rx Aylar önce
@swift both parties and even a independent party should work together this is the USA not USDA(united states democrats america or USRA these people need to service the American people not their parties,corporations,billionaires or lobbyists.
@mike7721 Aylar önce
@@Sylvio-pc6rx I agree 💯💯
@tcharles2466 Aylar önce
Minority Leader, Hakeem Jeffries - you are a true and worthy successor to Emerita Speaker, the great, Nancy Pelosi! I can't wait to see you actually 'holding' that Speaker's gavel!
It's called Telling the Absolute Truth.
@kathrinekerns8398 Aylar önce
Thank you For putting America first. Thank you Hakeem Jefferies. America is strong and will remain strong with a good budget. Helping Veterans, Headstart, Wic, etc. Is a good thing. I hope now we can begin to heal and keep moving forward and get the MAGA crazies out of Congress. 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲God bless America.
@sandrabonifay115 Aylar önce
Amen 🙏 🇺🇸💙
@The6thelement9413 Aylar önce
Thank you Rep Hakeem Jeffries.
@titimact9044 Aylar önce
Thank you congressman Jeffries.
@s.i.l.l.y Aylar önce
Finally, a voice of reason
Thank YOU America ❤
@johnh8917 Aylar önce
This is the man who should be house speaker!
@incognito3620 Aylar önce
45 days is not enough but it’s a start. This has to stop and never happen again …Ever! Republican the power is your hands. DO. NOT re-elect these fools. Wake up. This is nor your fathers Republican Party anymore.
@jwiese100 Aylar önce
He's gonna be a heck of a speaker
@louisedumais6496 Aylar önce
the people are tired of this nonsense, vote these people out, vote for whoever primaries them and if the only choice is blue than hold your noses and do that it's the only to get the message across that enough is enough
@rebeccadieter6131 Aylar önce
Hakeem Jeffries should have been Speaker in the first place
@ChaCha-pj5ht Aylar önce
More Politicians period that work for the people that vote them in
@karynajabrail5035 Aylar önce
❤ Hakeem. Thank You!!!!
@garypomfret706 Aylar önce
He always makes such good sense.
@amypham9627 Aylar önce
Solid rep. Hakeem Jefferies. Thank you.
@wisenfunny Aylar önce
Thank you Dem. Jeffries!!! That’s why we vote 💙 & will win again❣️👍 Vote 💙💙& live Free & keep Democracy❣️💙🦋💙🦋💙🦋💙🦋
@helenguinooban Aylar önce
Jeffries know how to govern. I wish everybody in congress do their job for the people that' s why they are elcted. The people are watching they know now whom they should vote in 2024 election.
@user-ry8wg5nq5x Aylar önce
we are with you sir
@TheChonaman Aylar önce
Long before Mr. Jeffries became House leader I (along with many others) saw that this man was made of "the right stuff." He continues to impress me. Sad to say, Kevin McCarthy continues to depress me. Not the right stuff. A sad punching bag for anti-democratic bozos.
@saynotocensorship Aylar önce
@reneekad Aylar önce
I will pray for her.
@lindascott9731 Aylar önce
Thank God for wisdom intelligence and integrity
@helenguinooban Aylar önce
Jeffries intelligent amd articulate.
@ronowens1524 Aylar önce
See what a Speaker should look and sound like!
45 days. Ok. What's in this Bill? For the record, shutting down the US Government is stupid. For the record, as sick as I am of American politics, these shenanigans are why I'll never vote GOP, and hold my nose and vote Democratic.
@LadyAtheOnly Aylar önce
@Mark_L40 Aylar önce
Make sure one of ya’ll take a few minutes to explain to Rep. Jamaal Bowman how a fire alarm works.
@gdroege44 Aylar önce
What makes him think in November the GOP won’t pick another line item at the last minute and repeat the same process? It’s all a game to play hide the harm.
@kjpcgaming9296 Aylar önce
I like Jeffries - he could put his hands somewhere else hahahaa. This whole situation kind of reminds me that there were a small group of Republicans that voted against the articles of war against Hitler In December of 1941. The entire country was against war - as it should be, but there was this huge push to be Isolationist. We have to have a balance between helping, defending and supporting our allies and protecting the US against the extremists within while still maintaining that this government is BY the people - FOR the people. We aren't here to support large corporations receiving benefits from our tax dollars and we have to stop doing that.
@richbl1690 Aylar önce
Jeffries next speaker of the house!
@bellabella9181 Aylar önce
Hakeem Jeffries has got the Democrats working as a tight team. The messaging is good but needs to be louder. Jamie Raskin & AOC on oversight have drilled the dems on that committee. Nudge Nadler off the Judiciary and put somebody younger in his place. I love that he’s promoting all the younger members.
@facts_matter_3000 Aylar önce
Aligned with Russian military strategy, Trump aimed to withdraw the US from NATO. In response, the amendment to the fiscal 2024 National Defense Authorization Act will not allow a president to withdraw from NATO without congressional approval, requiring two-thirds of senators to vote for withdrawal.
@robin31165 Aylar önce
👏👏👏 I call that PROGRESS!
Did anyone notice the fact that Congress was going to still ‘be paid’ during the ‘shutdown’⁉️😓! And or about the ‘Average’ worth of senators? It is in the millions on a salary of 194,000 PLUS other innumerable PPERKS? It is like saying ‘go to Congress, get rich’ 😳
@reneekad Aylar önce
They seem to realize that they are in a bunch of trouble legally and the more oughtbshown in these ppl publicly the more others will see how bad it’s heen since 2013. However they are referring to my kid now and I am not impressed with inaction by those who helped to objectify us. Preferably someone in her community will distinguish her behavior from that culture. Given how my things were adopted and how poorly I’ve been treated, I can’t do it for them. To be hugest. Pretty bad!
@Orlando2022 Aylar önce
Thank you!!!
@firstlast-xs2dn Aylar önce
Kevin is the second person in the line of succession in the USA,the greatest power on the planet. Kevin has been treated like garbage by the maga people .Kevin, come on ;you are a man; You should demand respect from the maga people or put maga out of commission for good 😊
Let Speaker Jeffries finish out Speaker McCarthy's term 😅
Both sides keep plugging the hole in the boat with a band-aid.
@carlberg7503 Aylar önce
Jeffries needs to take a course in public speaking.
@cynthiagereb3554 Aylar önce
Jeffrey for speaker 😊
@rickfryrear5463 Aylar önce
I am impressed by his clear and confident handling of press questions, but I think someone needs to retrain him from his trite and constant overuse of hand gestures.
@Paul-lm5gv Aylar önce
*This guy made me do something I never thought I would do - miss Nancy Pelosi!*
@errickjones4995 Aylar önce
How can we be proud when we'll be right back here in 45 days
@josephsonora3787 Aylar önce
Congratulations GOP & Honorable Speaker McCarthy! We The People voted the Adults to take over the House this past midterm! ❤
@didiask8798 Aylar önce
I hope he becomes speaker
@politicsbtch Aylar önce
Me too.
@douglasreagan4979 Aylar önce
He has a hard time speaking.
@b.t.2795 Aylar önce
@@douglasreagan4979 Trump couldn't remember which Bush he ran against in 2016 for the nomination grandma.
@douglasreagan4979 Aylar önce
@@b.t.2795 Lol...I know, they are so unmemorable! "Wheres Jackie?"
@four4eyes Aylar önce
We've seen more juvenile hijinx this year compared to ... well compared to ever . On a less serious note, I wonder if Mr. Jeffries started with the hand gestures after seeing Pulp Fiction...I went thru a couple years of it after watching that movie myself 😮 ( Vincent emphasized his speaking with his hands )
@judyshallstrom415 Aylar önce
Set a schedule and make everyone stick to it. Set the consequence of assumed agreement for missed deadlines. These cult members, gaetz, green, bobert, gosar, jordon, etc. are acting like beginners and obviously need some training.
@user-ry8wg5nq5x Aylar önce
be strong
@timp3035 Aylar önce
Imagine Pulling a Fire Alarm to disrupt an official proceeding in Congress! Some from Jan 6th defendants were changed and Jailed under the same Statute. Well let's see what happens with Congressman Bowman!
@brucecampbell4528 Aylar önce
Msdnc at it's best.
Great messaging Hakeem!
Rep. Hakeem Jefries is The Truth.
@frankpeter9145 Aylar önce
He has restored my faith in democracy.
@RandalSterling Aylar önce
This is how you own the opponents.
@Schism-_ Aylar önce
​@@douglasreagan4979McCarthy can't tie his own shoes, because he has no spine.
@raymondsmith4401 Aylar önce
So now we have to go through all this again in 45 days ?
@kirkmason7079 Aylar önce
Rep. Hakeen Jeffries can be more effective in his speeches with less hand movements.
@user-iv7or9jy7d Aylar önce
The nxt Speaker of The House!
@hargrovema63 Aylar önce
So in 45 days, we will be back to square one with a whole new set of demands from the hostage takers.
@bobevans9955 Aylar önce
Scroll through the comments the Democrats think they won nobody won.
it'll be ok. They can just pull the fire alarm again.
@derekholdt9707 Aylar önce
Excellent messaging. There's no way the Democrats don't come out ahead here.
@hillarymacadam424 Aylar önce
Security, loving kindness, Truth, Freedom and Justice Support, Grace and merry for the innocent and Saints of Yeshua world wide. Make sure of these things
@josephsonora3787 Aylar önce
I like Presidents who aren't geriatric and don't bring their Cocaine stash to the WH. That is what I'll keep in mind at the voting booth in 2024!
@facts_matter_3000 Aylar önce
1960, sixty-three years ago, that's the first and last time a Republican president had a balanced budget. Dwight D. Eisenhower. The average annual budget deficit under Republican presidents since 1960 is $378 billion, or 3.4% of GDP. The total cumulative budget deficit under Republican presidents since 1960 is $10.5 trillion, or 47% of the national debt.
@sheilaboston7051 Aylar önce
And if the tax rates for the rich had remained the same over those years, no way would the deficit be what it is now. The Republicans' only reason for living is to reduce taxes for billionaires and corporations.
@sundariann9161 Aylar önce
VOTE BLUE!! 💙💙💙💙
The pro-putin caucus indeed. I'm so thankful to see the truth laid bare by this man here.
@NDARYBC Aylar önce
Everytime,quick as possible,TAKE CLAIMS OF ALL THE GOOD THINGS DONE FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE"S...make it known...
@michelemunro5456 Aylar önce
Hakeem Jefferies or Jamie Raskin should be the presidential candidate both have a better chance. Look at what happened with Hillary.....c'mon.... the strongest and best need to be firm, educated, strong articulate voice....an assurance of a better outcome. Biden can advise....it's too messy now. Both Biden and the big orange turd need to step aside.
Won't it be great for the country if Leader Jeffries find a real centrist GOP the Dems can support as the House Speaker? It should be the end for the Magats!
@1Kent Aylar önce
45 that's not a coincidence.
@1369jsj Aylar önce
Nancy, I’m sure it is very proud of the way Hakeem Jeffries holds himself in the face of Maga extremist 🇺🇸 vote blue save our democracy🇺🇸
why was your guy pulling fire alarms to try and halt the democratic process?
@Johnny-Ringo Aylar önce
​​@@jiujitsuislife9072He was locked out and needed to get in to vote, he thought by pulling the fire alarm it would unlock the door.
@holy7152 Aylar önce
Like pulling the fire alarm, tring to stop Congress is not extream!
@maryw.4247 Aylar önce
Thanks to the Democrats. We will get the money for Ukraine. Great speech Jefferies.
@b9bot148 Aylar önce
Thank you Democrats and Hakeem Jeffries for taking down the MAGA GOP.
@tomcassidy2525 Aylar önce
magaflake shutdown for stable genius
@douglasreagan4979 Aylar önce
Robert L. Peters thanks you for your blind support.
@feffygracie Aylar önce
Jamal Bowman must face the same insurrection charges as Jan 6 defendants. He did exactly what they did. He did not accidentally pull that alarm. He's in big trouble.
@byronmist2563 Aylar önce
Mccarthy went for the delay of game. Make no mistake, in 45 days he is gonna go for the shutdown.
@debraspence560 Aylar önce
Just saw the picture of Jamal Bowman pulling the fire alarm. I'm so ashamed of him. This is something I would expect of a Republican. I think this may be illegal and if it is he should at least face a fine.
@jameserb6757 Aylar önce
But it never is a Republican. You have been bamboozled.
@Schism-_ Aylar önce
He was locked out and pulled it thinking it would unlocked the door. Chill out, you probably thought J6 was an ordinary tourist visit.
@Klako-ls6yt Aylar önce
It is illegal. In DC, a false fire alarm is punishable from a fine to six months in prison. Imo, Bowman should get the 6 months in prison if found guilty. Politicians should be held to the highest standard possible, so if he did intentionally and knowingly trigger a false fire alarm he should get the maximum penalty possible.
@Confucius_Spirit Aylar önce
I feel better that on the Republican side there is common sense people still left..