Remember When McDonald's Tried to Make a Movie?

Drew Gooden
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24 May 2019

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Ari Akravi
Ari Akravi 2 aylar önce
In the original cut (which was only released in Japan), Eric was shot by the police instead of being injured by the explosion, and the dad alien literally rips the bullet out of him. In the international release, they rerecorded the audio of Michael saying "He's gone?" but he's clearly saying the original line of "He's dead?" (and they did such a poor job of it, you can still hear the original line under the rerecorded version), and "He's dead, mom, he's dead" became "They can't help him". I wish I were joking.
Salazar Art Nation
Salazar Art Nation 21 gün önce
Did you watch Phelous's reviews on this movie?
David Mackay
David Mackay 28 gün önce
I really wanna see this lmao
ncjudah Aylar önce
I am your neighbors kids I will be contacting my lawyers
Dave G
Dave G Aylar önce
Then the Bukkake
Albien Alm Rudolf
Albien Alm Rudolf 13 saatler önce
Woop Woop
Woop Woop Gün önce
Why did I think Drew’s last name was Goodman?
Bella and Leia
Bella and Leia Gün önce
maybe the move was a metaphor about how we should except the illegal aliens
Bella and Leia
Bella and Leia Gün önce
can you please go on the H3 podcast
NotA Robot
NotA Robot Gün önce
When you talk about a McDonald’s movie while wearing a Pepsi shirt
Maddie B.
Maddie B. Gün önce
I was drinking a Pepsi while watching this
Grant Webb
Grant Webb 2 gün önce
*Makes a video about a McDonalds and Coke advert* *Wears a Pepsi sweatshirt*
Carmella DeGregorio
Carmella DeGregorio 2 gün önce
I love the slight shade by shirt
Random Guy
Random Guy 2 gün önce
Was the fact that he's wearing a Pepsi shirt when the movie is also based around coke intentional?
JonesOfBorg 2 gün önce
Drew has a Highlighting Harry pen in the lower right hand corner of the shot at 19:21. www.amazon.com/Highlighter-Harry-Pen-Duster-Red/dp/B01L9M2KYQ?th=1
nico orangecat
nico orangecat 2 gün önce
I prefer pepsi
Kenadee 2 gün önce
I didn’t know this was a McDonald’s movie🤧 and it was my favorite movie
Gacha Gurl
Gacha Gurl 2 gün önce
Dannyyyyy... Why are you posting on an account called "Drew Gooden" yeah cuz your totally a guy named "drew"
Cody Hickenbottom
Cody Hickenbottom 2 gün önce
I'm a little late to this, but after seeing that cliff seen for the hundredth time, i just realized they had to write that in afterwards, cause the kid wasn't supposed to be disabled originally. He was a just a real disabled kid that auditioned for this role, and their first thought is "let's kill him".
fish man
fish man 3 gün önce
Pretty nice
Supreme Dalex
Supreme Dalex 3 gün önce
Wait, teddy bears don’t move around and make sounds? I have to talk to my 6’ teddy bear, John, about the things he has been doing now...
Dana Schaffner
Dana Schaffner 4 gün önce
My elementary school French teacher made our class watch this movie every year.
Marium Khalid
Marium Khalid 4 gün önce
What kind of psychopath-
Pichu Gamer527
Pichu Gamer527 4 gün önce
I still can't believe they somehow convinced _Alan Silvestri_ to score this movie.
xd Mistyy
xd Mistyy 4 gün önce
im so sad... the closest tour to me is about 7.5 hours :((((
Sobita Bharthi
Sobita Bharthi 4 gün önce
*Me and my alien from area 51 like*
dumb thicc wizard
dumb thicc wizard 4 gün önce
You 90s kids really missed out on the McDonald's experience Also we had Teddy Ruxpin, fucker
dumb thicc wizard
dumb thicc wizard 4 gün önce
I think he's cute Drew's cute too Lol
Ronni Lyon
Ronni Lyon 4 gün önce
i knew about the wheelchair scene because of paul rudd being an idiot on conan
Wolf Glitter
Wolf Glitter 4 gün önce
nice pepsi shirt
Miriam Doval
Miriam Doval 5 gün önce
I watched the entire movie on mystery science theater 3000
xverenicex x
xverenicex x 5 gün önce
I just found this movie on my TV and I'm scared
Kourt Wolf
Kourt Wolf 5 gün önce
Maria 5 gün önce
“ This slimy little alien that looks like a ball sack with arms and legs “ 🤣🤣
Squeakie Meister
Squeakie Meister 5 gün önce
Drew Gooden Drew Goode Drew Goo Drew G Drew Dre Dr D Da Dan Dann Danny Danny G Danny Go Danny Gon Danny Gonz Danny Gonza Danny Gonzal Danny Gonzale Danny Gonzalez
Polly 5 gün önce
Coming to NYC on 9/11 that’s alpha
Weneveve Royale
Weneveve Royale 6 gün önce
Can you do a review on the movie trollz/trolland (the name changed because of copyright reasons) it is honestly the worst movie in the universe, not kidding. The teacher put it on in fourth grade and oh my god it’s bad
Izzy O’Brien
Izzy O’Brien 6 gün önce
6:11 is like that scene in endgame when steve is looking through the window, inches from peggy’s face, and she doesn’t notice
Chelsea .p
Chelsea .p 6 gün önce
Mac and Me is actually an amazing film and a classic from my childhood
Mad Lad Lib
Mad Lad Lib 6 gün önce
This video boring as fuck... Still watched it all tho
Oh Boy
Oh Boy 6 gün önce
18:44 I was going to comment on the Pepsi shirt being used to counteract the coke advertising in the movie.
Oh Boy
Oh Boy 6 gün önce
I think I saw this when I was twelve and thought it was the real ET movie. Feels bad man.
andrea 6 gün önce
“Does your bear moooovee?” 😂😂
Caitlin Kelly
Caitlin Kelly 6 gün önce
funniest video I have ever seen
Alyssa_ _ravert
Alyssa_ _ravert 7 gün önce
This is me when I get my area 51 alien.
SpOopDiCat 7 gün önce
anyone see this video and immediately think of Paul Rudd on Conan O'Brien? xD
sophia arthur
sophia arthur 7 gün önce
omg don’t you hate it when one of the the neighbourhood kids breaks into your house and drinks your soda !!!
hannah 8 gün önce
Eric was tryna get some alien titty
Rylee Galvin
Rylee Galvin 8 gün önce
You guys know those videos that looks strangely like dobby that no one can explain? It’s actually Mac and they used real aliens for this movie
Duh 8 gün önce
I’ve been in my wheelchair for a while and am pretty good at navigating my way around, but there is no way in hell I could decorate a whole living room and outrun a fucking car
lillykate freeman
lillykate freeman 8 gün önce
happy kat girl
happy kat girl 9 gün önce
I thought his joke about subtle unrelated product placement was in reference to his Pepsi shirt. Right Mr. Square?
V 18633
V 18633 9 gün önce
Area 51 raid has started
Min Yoongi
Min Yoongi 9 gün önce
6:53 God I thought he was wearing a cowboy hat but it's just his head
Violetta Leukhina
Violetta Leukhina 9 gün önce
I JUST realised that I watched this move when I was like 7 and throughout my life thought that it was E.T. wow
Janice Roque
Janice Roque 9 gün önce
Hey Drew, which kinda coke are you promoting here
SoakedCarSeat 9 gün önce
Nobody: Area 51 aliens:
Music_Is Therapy
Music_Is Therapy 9 gün önce
Eww I remember this creepy ass movie!
Gemma León
Gemma León 9 gün önce
U look like number 5 from umbrella academy
Max Lorge
Max Lorge 9 gün önce
Robert Knudson was an American sound engineer. He won three Academy Awards for Best Sound and was nominated for seven more in the same category. Copied from google. How dare you shit on this CINEMA LEGEND!???????!!?
Anonymous Puntato
Anonymous Puntato 10 gün önce
Eric: *is in wheelchair* Eric's family: *proceeds to assume Eric was the one to bring trees and stuff into the house overnight by himself*
Sean McAdams
Sean McAdams 10 gün önce
You need to watch the mst3k episode of this
Fandemon 10 gün önce
Man, I could really go for a coke right now
elena hynes
elena hynes 10 gün önce
this reminds me of the tiktok about lil yeet
Randomacc Xx
Randomacc Xx 10 gün önce
I hoped all the aliens died in the cave
X Gen
X Gen 10 gün önce
Mac is actually a human kid. He's the result of what a kid would look like if it ate nothing but McDonalds. _This comment is brought to you by Pepsi._
Ethan Pendleton
Ethan Pendleton 10 gün önce
How is the guy from the wheelchair driving
nadeen naqaweh
nadeen naqaweh 10 gün önce
The ironic part of this video is that Drew is watching a movie where they advertise Coca-Cola everywhere, but Drew himself is wearing a Pepsi shirt 😂
Haige Gee
Haige Gee 11 gün önce
"Slimy alien that looks like a ballsack with arms and legs..." 😂😂😂
ANaturalDisaster 11 gün önce
Holy shit Buzz Knudson is a real person. Apparently he’s actual name Robert Knudson and he’s a sound engineer oh my god
Chloe Crafts
Chloe Crafts 11 gün önce
Happy Helicopter
Happy Helicopter 11 gün önce
Anyone notice he’s wearing a Pepsi shirt??
SpaceCatCan't 11 gün önce
_All rise for the U.S anthem_ **This fuckin movie blasts through speakers**
MythicalJo 11 gün önce
is the shirt a product placement joke i love it
Aiber Lane
Aiber Lane 11 gün önce
Why did they wait six years to rip off E.T? Wouldn't it make more sense to rip off a movie with continuous sequels throughout the 80's like Indiana Jones or Ghostbusters?
Patrick Dwyer
Patrick Dwyer 12 gün önce
I love how Drew was wearing a pepsi shirts while watching a movie sponsored by Coke
Joy Cloud
Joy Cloud 12 gün önce
Don’t bother coming to England
riverscuomeme [Audrey/Nikki]
i get more incentive to watch your videos just because the ads are literally the best things ive ever seen
MrGoandrush 13 gün önce
Drew, you will enjoy Turkish ET too: trvid.com/video/video-z0U-M9W4nKw.html I would love to see your reaction on this fantastic turkish remake:)
Nitara Pavick
Nitara Pavick 13 gün önce
THis is one big advertisement for meth.
mothman fanclub
mothman fanclub 13 gün önce
my brother has the same pepsi shirt and one of the sleeves is visibly longer sksksk
Grace O’Neill
Grace O’Neill 13 gün önce
Olivia Wilson
Olivia Wilson 14 gün önce
Tbh kinda want a Big Mac now
Gabe's Backyard
Gabe's Backyard 14 gün önce
This movie is hilarious, I wouldn't pay to watch it, but I would watch it
Gabe's Backyard
Gabe's Backyard 14 gün önce
So coke can is pronounced as cocaine? Interesting
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