Rematch Vs Friga Was INSANE!! 5v5 Basketball At The Park !

nick briz
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Probably the most insane park run I have ever been a part of in my life! I appreciate all the support and cant explain how much it means to me.
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24 Eki 2021




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Miles Smith
Miles Smith 12 saatler önce
Wow......that's all I can say......
rodri-PRO Gün önce
carlos come on u better be on the bench
DeJuan DePeralta
DeJuan DePeralta 3 gün önce
How did they win y’all had 16 they had 14 in da second game nick
Neighton Bell
Neighton Bell 5 gün önce
Carlos was like damn good shit. I give you that one
louegie pequero
louegie pequero 7 gün önce
What is hacking man?
2toneT 8 gün önce
7:20 nick looked so corny tryna act tough because as soon as everyone else stepped in he was backing up like crazy lmao stand yo ground if you a real demon😂
Rocketdog 6020
Rocketdog 6020 9 gün önce
Mk look just like nick in this
Kaleb Coffey
Kaleb Coffey 9 gün önce
It’s the best when nic has 25 people in between him and whoever he’s running his mouth to😂😂😂
Christopher Chin
Christopher Chin 9 gün önce
Magic is straight trash Man's got a million dollar move with a ten cent shot.
Kaimen Starr
Kaimen Starr 10 gün önce
that right there is why you stfu when they a shooter lmao in yo mouth
Bobby Carter
Bobby Carter 10 gün önce
That “hezi” dude carry every time he get the ball that isn’t a hezi that’s fucking carry
music Man
music Man 10 gün önce
music Man
music Man 10 gün önce
the way he called that crossover
Malachi Soriano
Malachi Soriano 11 gün önce
Bro was this shit in atx if so i should of went
Prince Of The North
Prince Of The North 12 gün önce
Cops in the background when nick try’s to get hard: “alright bois here we go, he’s going in”
Nick was getting crossed by the fat dude
Dylan Metzgar
Dylan Metzgar 12 gün önce
Why's no one talking about how Nick stuck up for Carlos? That's family right there
Ja1en.r6 12 gün önce
Carlos plays D like he has glass knees
Jay Smooth
Jay Smooth 13 gün önce
Im lost ya ain’t win 2 nd game ?
Shay Beasley
Shay Beasley 14 gün önce
Boy it was like 3 ( Nicks ) on the court 😩😩😩, I was bout confused as hell lmfaooo 😂😂💀🤣🤣😂😅….. my boys looked alike lol
FNMightyYT 15 gün önce
MK the goat
Chris Tover
Chris Tover 15 gün önce
Friga is better then nick
Jack Ogrady
Jack Ogrady 16 gün önce
Damn ain’t take long no Chris take a loss whaaaaat
Jack Ogrady
Jack Ogrady 16 gün önce
Hope y’all get waxed
Mae Saul
Mae Saul 16 gün önce
Chauncy now why would you go and fw hezi🤣🤣 straight 🤡
Whispyishh 18 gün önce
I can’t lie Nick my man had you on ice but it ain’t nothing if he can’t make a shot
Houston Car Channel
Houston Car Channel 18 gün önce
The camera man saying a cross over is coming in 3 2 1 the Carlos proceeds to get crossed tf over
FFutile_ 19 gün önce
Man went from badass to asslick
Savybass 19 gün önce
bruh nick just weird
No 20 gün önce
Nice to see CarryGod doing his thing
Star Dazing
Star Dazing 20 gün önce
Damn first time seeing Chauncey got sauced lmao that guy was an absolute baller
Nathan T
Nathan T 20 gün önce
That short black guy carries every play…
G.Nelly 20 gün önce
“Hezi God” more like Carry God. Come on bruh… he’s got handles but his hands under the ball so much
Alexander Lifesworth
Alexander Lifesworth 21 gün önce
Anybody can have a crazy hezi when you carry like that
Richard Samuel
Richard Samuel 22 gün önce
Magic 0-17 why do u call him magic hes soo trash u need to call him brick city instead
Richard Samuel
Richard Samuel 22 gün önce
Magic is soo bad
Redwood On The Beat
Redwood On The Beat 23 gün önce
yo nick would you ever bring the team to the UK to ball?
Jawon Woods
Jawon Woods 23 gün önce
its so hard to see but hezi do be carrying tf out the rock
Downeyadam22 23 gün önce
pause at 5:44. Nick shouldnt be worried about that guy grabbing his arm... dude had both arms wrapped around him with both hands on his crotch looked like the scene from titanic
ur are so ed
ur are so ed 23 gün önce
5:02 nick bruh 😭
eric 24 gün önce
the lost shot 😮‍💨
kidfrankie54 25 gün önce
Nick so quick to throw his teammates under the bus. "I didn't call it, it was him. Boo him."
Kamarion Brackens
Kamarion Brackens 26 gün önce
Imagine friga picked professor live and had nick surprised
Frank 26 gün önce
2:43 carry. No wonder he blew right by him. He literally puts his hand under the ball and runs with it.
Howdy 26 gün önce
I love how nick fucks the scores up to make it look like he beats everybody
Mario Briones
Mario Briones 26 gün önce
You should play with tjass but don’t set him up.
TROLL KING 27 gün önce
Nick attacks and fucking backs off fast af. And tries to attack again when he is being held back. That’s a sign of pussiness.
Musaib Hussaini
Musaib Hussaini 27 gün önce
sad he called it a rematch itwas the magic show
matthew matusz
matthew matusz 27 gün önce
Lost the first game cause y’all didn’t get Carlos going
fore shadow
fore shadow 27 gün önce
So both teams won a game
Just A Guy Who Gives ah ____
Jaheim Desir
Jaheim Desir 28 gün önce
Homie with them chains shooting like the perfect jump shot
Angelo jan
Angelo jan 28 gün önce
This the best run so far
Frederick Nimer
Frederick Nimer 29 gün önce
Nick you wasn’t clamping him up he just couldn’t hit a shot
Fernandø Vazquez
Fernandø Vazquez 29 gün önce
nick let me play you 1v1
Hasani Dalton-el
Hasani Dalton-el 29 gün önce
Nick briz and them had 16 dovanty had 14
rami assad
rami assad 29 gün önce
honestly.. 10/10 video lol
Mariama Kane
Mariama Kane Aylar önce
7:56 Carlos was actually playing some good defense on hezi.
Flight Aylar önce
5:10 respect
SAGE Aylar önce
5:01 IM DEAD😭
BlueRed Trill
BlueRed Trill Aylar önce
2:55 that slap of the ball was disrespectful!!
JP The Great
JP The Great Aylar önce
Carry god smh out bad af
Damian Rivera
Damian Rivera Aylar önce
The game is up to 15 for the 2nd game and nicks team got 16. Someone explain
Typachisama Aylar önce
Robert Wheeler
Robert Wheeler Aylar önce
start problems and rely on ur boys to hold you back nicks squad acts like they're about it when they're not
XR_Fall XR
XR_Fall XR Aylar önce
Chauncy and Nick getting humbled made my year
Madyx Mack
Madyx Mack Aylar önce
Can’t do anything without Chris lol😹
Fmjayy Aylar önce
So y’all not gonna call that carry 😭😭😭😭
Lorentz Thomas
Lorentz Thomas Aylar önce
hezi smacked the dog sh outta that ball 2:55
Josh Oropeza
Josh Oropeza Aylar önce
Nicks trash talk has gone waaaaay down hill lmao
850 Jojo
850 Jojo Aylar önce
No big dude to protect him anymore
makaveli bien hoa
makaveli bien hoa Aylar önce
Yo chauncey got his ass handed by hezi
makaveli bien hoa
makaveli bien hoa Aylar önce
I love the fucking crowd bruh mfs make it so tough 😂😂😂
Dark Dark
Dark Dark Aylar önce
Respect on this one
Talen-Doe Aylar önce
That cross over timing was perfectttt
etan4784 Aylar önce
Hezi carry the ball like he is a damn RB. My man cannot dribble without it.
Miguel Green
Miguel Green Aylar önce
Hezi made Chauncey look like a beginner 😆
Rylee Hunsaker
Rylee Hunsaker Aylar önce
Dont' defend this dude. Nick still a walking L. Trash can of a human and his morals.
Rylee Hunsaker
Rylee Hunsaker Aylar önce
and people got this dude on cam saying the N word. But he still got a channel.
Broadstreet Bully
Broadstreet Bully Aylar önce
I know it’s street ball but hezi need to stop with the hot sauce moves that dude lifts the ball for multiple seconds in between dribbles of course your gonna jump when he’s carrying like that
Paul Saunders
Paul Saunders Aylar önce
He gonna receive hate like that a lot
Austin Taylor
Austin Taylor Aylar önce
Bruh 🤦🏾‍♂️ Chauncey and Nick so ass 😂😂😂😂😂
Devon Aylar önce
chauncy officially hezi’s son
LUKAIN Aylar önce
Looks like the views are dropping 🤔
That'sTech Aylar önce
This is a very underrated video. A lot of known TRvidrs in here playing good basketball with good vibes. Glad that other drama is in the past. Just some good basketball content.
sweevo 4pf
sweevo 4pf Aylar önce
nah but in 5:02 how tf nick predict that
Scott Daloisio
Scott Daloisio Aylar önce
Nick brought out his squad and a pro hooper and lost to friga that’s wild
zora on keys
zora on keys Aylar önce
5:06 he made a 3 litterally thats it all carlos did was move his feet cause hes guarding him\
Ty Aylar önce
So u telling nobody talking bout dude I. The brown shirt?
Cody Bynum
Cody Bynum Aylar önce
Nick is crap
MrCmonster13 Aylar önce
bro. carlos is still trash lol
Yasir C
Yasir C Aylar önce
They gotta adjust need to have permanent new guy
SaucyySam _
SaucyySam _ Aylar önce
Bro that crowd hates you lmao what the fuck
MC 215
MC 215 Aylar önce
Chauncey needs the ball more
Steph Boyarthree
Steph Boyarthree Aylar önce
Bruh what’s wrong with the audio this shit is trash to listen to
13bozoe Aylar önce
Without Chris and that fake shit these bums been taking Ls I hope they come to Arlington
King Crossover23
King Crossover23 Aylar önce
Friga nasty …. 🔥🔥
Kimbo Aylar önce
I find watching overweight people dribble themselves to death very entertaining.
MikeFromThe631 Aylar önce
that man matt is buns bro got clamped
Kristopher M. Satchell
Korneillisien Begay
Yo i didnt know juice world was good at basketball
MURDA Aylar önce
no one is watching nick anymore and its amazing
Darth Thanos
Darth Thanos Aylar önce
I'm sleeeeeeeeep LOL
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